NHL Morning Rumor Mill – July 10, 2013.

Could the Bruins have another major trade in the works? Could Dustin Penner return to the Oilers? Are the Buffalo Sabres pursuing Jaromir Jagr? 

Could the Bruins shop Brad Marchand?

Could the Bruins shop Brad Marchand?

BOSTON GLOBE’s Kevin Paul Dupont recently tweeted he wouldn’t be surprised to see Brad Marchand and/or Chris Kelly traded. Dupont added he didn’t say the Bruins were shopping either player, only that he wouldn’t be surprised if one or both were dealt.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: On June 26th, Dupoint wrote a column suggesting the possibility of Marchand or Tyler Seguin being moved this summer. Detractors (including me) dismissed it. A week later, Seguin was traded to Dallas. Little wonder, then, Dupont’s recent musings are generating speculation the Bruins might not be done dealing this summer.

The Bruins have around $5.6 million in cap space, and it’s expected Tuukka Rask’s new contract could cost $7 million per season. The Bruins can spend over the cap during the off-season by ten percent but must become cap compliant when next season begins. They can remain over the cap during the season by placing Marc Savard on LTIR but that won’t leave much space to make additional player moves. Moving another salaried player could be in the offing, though it remains to be seen if it’s Marchand and/or Kelly.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples recently mused on the difficulty the Oilers face in landing a top NHL defenseman this summer, and commented on recent speculation suggesting the Oilers could bring back Dustin Penner, doubting such a move takes place.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anything’s possible, but I’ll be very surprised if Penner returns to the Oilers. As for landing a top blueliner, Staples believes the best way is to find a younger defenseman poised for his career to take off,  like the NY Rangers did with Ryan McDonagh. He suggests Dallas Stars hulking blueliner James Oleksiak as a possible trade target.

THE BUFFALO NEWS/THE SABRES OBSERVER: Mike Harrington and Dave Davis reported yesterday Jaromir Jagr’s agent Petr Svoboda denied a report from the Czech Republic claming the Buffalo Sabres were pursuing his client. “No, they did not (contact us),” Svoboda said.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s rumored the Montreal Canadiens, Carolina Hurricanes and Ottawa Senators could have interest in Jagr. Given the Sabres recent commitment to rebuilding with youth and shedding salaries, it would’ve been surprising if they were in the hunt for him. 

**UPDATE**: Merci to Francois Gagnon for reminding me the Habs are no longer in the Jagr sweepstakes.


  1. Did Edmonton already curse Dallas enough by trading them Horcoff? How much more punishment does Dallas want? That organization needs to wake up, though I hope the Seguin deal works out for them.

    • I also figured the Horcoff trade made little sense for the Stars. But then I wondered: maybe he’s there to show some leadership to Seguin and help him smarten up?

      • Horcoff’s salary is less than his cap hit for the remainder of the contract. So its not as bad as everyone is thinking since Dallas is not a cap team.

    • Dallas has/had the money, and they could get; Horton, Lecavalier, Briere or Clarkson. With a fairly young team, they need some veteran leadership. Who knows, Horcoff could work out for them. At the end of the day, Dallas is in a better situation for the next 2-3 years than Edmonton. As Edmonton still needs a goalie, dman and some grit and grind players to make any type of serious splash to make the playoffs, and if the do make the playoffs, they don’t have what was just mentioned, to make any type of post season push.

      • I don’t get the knock on Dubynk. He had a good year on a crappy team

  2. Hmm wonder what it would take to pull Sidenburg or Boychuck out of Bean town either one would look fantastic on the Leaf blue line (many other blue lines as well lol) and with Krug Bartowski and Hamilton ready to step up it would be a quick way to make some room for the Bruins

    • being a leafs fan, playing against Sidenberg, he is really underrated. I would take either of these guys on the leafs in a second but i have a feeling it would cost a pretty penny. Boychuck has some serious wheels, not sure what it would take to land either. and the other problem is boston can not really take cap back.

      • Many of the Bruins established gritty defensive dmen would be great fits on the Leafs but it will never happen. Boston will never trade with the Leafs nor should they (or anyone they face 4-5 times a season). I believe they only traded Kessel because they knew a offer sheet was coming otherwise.

        • Agreed. Why would you suggest Sidenberg could be traded to the Leafs when you went on a huge rant about how Boston would never trade Seguin to the Leafs calling me and BC stupid for even suggesting it. I believe your words were something along the lines of “Chirrelli would be skinned alive or something. Sidenberg a proven top 2 D man???? Really????

          This I have to hear…

          • Just wishful thinking really I also said any other blue line for that matter they need to shed salary and there might be otherways besides using a pretty valuable forward like Marchand when you have the amount of assets on the blue line like they have, plus this isnt as much of a stretch as Seguin after the whole whos better jiberish thats been going on for 3 years, Seguin to the Leafs would be a much harder deal to swing then Boychuck or Sidenberg…

          • Basically it wasnt so much about the Leafs as it was a comment on how they seem deeper on the blue line then forward so why not deal from a position of strength, of course if either of these 2 guys were available many teams would be kicking tires so realistcaly what do you think would a guy like Riley or Gardner (plus obviously) be of interest or with the depth they have would they be looking for secondary scoring more then replacing the d position, an honest question not tryin to pose a lop sided offer.

          • @ BG once again you and or Backchecking made a ridiculous lop sided offer for Seguin for 1 can not remember which one of you it was probably Back Checking either way…for 2 I still say that Nonis nor Chiarelli.would even think of doing that particular deal involving Seguin because what they would look like around the league “ass clowns” was the term I used only because of the previous drama involving Kessel and Seguin there could be nothing good coming with a deal involving Seguin now either Chiarelli looks like he made a mistake or Nonis looks like the Leafs did either way no good press would come with that deal. Thats not saying Boston and Toronto couldnt do other deals just that Seguin to Toronto would never ever happen.

          • Seguin was traded Sidenberg has not been traded to my knowledge so moving Seguin was more of a reality then Sidenberg at this point. Maybe Leafs maybe not. I would think Chirelli couldn’t give a rats ass if he looks like an “ass clown” to certain media as long as he makes a trade that benefits his team in the end. Sidenberg to the Leafs is more of a risk of biting him in the ass then Seguin to the Leafs based on this years playoffs. Chirrelli would do Seguin to the Leafs if he got the return he wanted same as Sidenberg.

            I don’t believe I said Gardiner and Rielly for Seguin.

          • Neither did I it says Riley or Gardner again not to make this about this trade that I started off as a bit more of a Bruins comment but if you start talking about a trade for a top 2 or 3 d man pretty sure the Leafs would be looking at giving 1of those 2 up plus is what I said but least you read ass clown right

        • The oilers could use a guy like Siedenberg and could offer up a prospect like Mirincian and a 2nd or 3rd round pick. This would help MacT out immensely.

          • And that would be Chiarelli’s plan…to help the Oilers by taking back virtually nothing for Seidenberg. Did you see the post above that suggested either Gardiner or Reilly PLUS?

          • You know what is really annoying? People who come on here and talk about players and can’t even spell the guys name properly. Seidenberg, Marincin, Rielly, Gardiner, Chiarelli, what is so flippin hard to sound like you know how to spell. When you yak about somebody and can’t spell the name properly it takes away any credibility you may have had.

        • The leafs and bruins have trade lots .. Rask,Kaberle,Kessle to name a few.

          • Funny, nothing about the Leafs here, and there’s still talk about the Leafs

          • LOL

          • Ya I wasnt trying to make it all about the Leafs srry bout that it as more about the nice position the Bruins find themselves in with loads of depth on the blueline and how it may be easier to make cap room from that strength instead of dealing forwards who fill their roles very well with out as much behind them, not to say they dont have prospects just that the D looks very good for years to come.

    • The logic is sound. Chiarili is not your typical GM and isn’t afraid of inter-divisional deals. Not certain of his relationship w/ Nonis, but I’m going to bet that doesn’t happen – though either would help the Leafs.

    • totally agree. salary dump might have to come from back end. deeper there. seidenburg for gunnerson and a 2nd?

  3. I could see Jagr in Florida as Kovalev joined last year. Jagr is a playoff rental, so whoever signs him is investing in draft picks and prospects.

  4. Also, as for Edmonton looking for a blueliner….. the Panthers have plenty and Kulikov could be a great target, but it’ll come at a price of possibly Gagner.

    • florida doesnt need anymore centres.

      • Gagner could also play Right Wing

        • And he can’t be all that happy with the Oilers offer either as he has filed for salary arbitration

  5. the sad thing with jagr, is its all about the money, I get at his age money should be a factor, but playing for a top 4 contending team should be his priority. He will end up in carolina or some place that will pay him 3.5-4m.

    As for marchand as a leaf fan, I hate the guy, but If i could get him on my team I would. I think his cap hit is 2.5 so if cherelli shops him he will probably get a decent return, plus be able to fit rask’s contract under the cap. but it will most likely be for picks/prospects boston has little room to play with if rask is in the 7 mil mark

    • With Jagr I really don’t think it is about the money at all. If he went back to the KHL he would be a top paid player. He is only in the NHL to be in the playoffs and contend for a cup. Despite the fact Dallas didn’t make the playoffs I expected them to challenge for a spot and the GM was planning on making Jagr a playoff rental anyways

    • Marchand’s cap hit is north of $4M per year now.

      • $4.5M through 2016/17…

  6. I do not believe Brad Marchand will be moved. Bruins are not THAT crazy, are they?

    Good luck to Edmonton and their search for top NHL d-men. It’s going to cost.

    • I agree about Marchand but they are crazy for trading Seguin.
      The oilers just traded Paajarvi and a second to St. Louis for Perron. I guess their search is conjuring up other trades though.

  7. As a Canadiens fan I would love to see Marchand off the Bruins. I can’t believe that moving him would be in their plans though. If he left Boston that would be a huge hole in their offense and their attitude.

    I wonder what took the Canadiens out of the Jagr race? Considering he wants to play there. Maybe Morrow would be a good option to play with Gally and Chuckie?

    • he was non existent in this past post season (4G 9A) with a +4. i think he was more bark than bite.. and Chiarili may have a better return that interests him.

  8. Jagr stock has definitely fallen a little. Last year at times I thought Jagr looked strong on the puck like in the past but he has REALLY gotten slow. He could become a playoff rental again but I doubt the team trading for him gives up nearly as much. I imagine Jagr would want to be on a potential playoff team

  9. Trade Marchand? That’d be crazy of the Bruins to do. I was also shocked by Seguin’s trade, but he was 3rd in their depth chart at centre and had attitude issues, so it at least made *some* sense.

    But trading Marchand? As a Habs fan, I loathe him. But dang if he isn’t a valuable little hockey player (and one who fits into the current B’s system perfectly). I don’t see it happening at all.

  10. Marchand shouldn’t be moved but Kelly I’m ok with he had a terrible year. Maybe they would need to package Kelly with Marchand like they did with Peverley. Boston is slowly blowing up this team just to sign Rask and Iginla who may be slowing. Not loving the moves so far. Think their cup run is gonna end. But I hope not. Like Erikson though.

  11. If someone could grab Jagr and Morrow for their third line combo it would add a nice veteran element to a team. Problem is at what cost cap wise.

    • I think they are both right wingers, but I understand what your saying. But they are both on the decline and probably still want to be paid for past performance. Paying a bit more for their experience is okay if your a mid range team but they should be taking a small discount to be on a cup contender.

      • Sorry you were correct. Morrow is a left so it would be a good 3rd line pairing for a team.

  12. Bs aren’t going to trade Marchand. I understand why they moved Seguin, but Marchand is one of those playoff integrals. I don’t see them moving him.

    • most people understand moving Seguin only after hearing about the off ice stuff.. but nobody really knew all of that before the trade and no one expected the deal.

      i’m not saying they’re moving Marchand, but let’s not pretend that we have all the information available.

      i would say lucic is unavailable, but i would definitely not say marchand is.

      • Lucic is lucky he had the playoff he did or he would have been gone as well.

        • No Im pretty sure Lucic was going no where, it would have hd to be a first round and out kinda thing where many Bruins jobs were at risk and even then Julien would have probably paid for that. Chara Rask Lucic are almost as close to untouchable as you can get from a Bruin point of view I bet.

          • Oops a spelling mistake no credibility here…lol some of us actually have kinda big fingers and use phones with auto correct and auto finish and other such nonsense as that and are not sitting at a pc with a 20′ screen in front of us, I understand the spelling pet peeve really I do but scolding or holding yourself in higher regard because you dont make spelling mistakes on a blog thread? If you have a pretty good idea of what someone means then take it for what its worth, I speak 4 different languages if we were speaking in real life and I miss phrased a word are you not going to take me seriously or do I have less credibility? Get over yourself

          • Nobody is untouchable for the right price folks!

  13. Since when is Rask worth 7 million. He plays on a great defensive team. A 2-3 yr deal worth 5.5 max. (and that’s high in my opinion). Then if the still is really good sign him long term for 7 million if boston feels like it. Even if he’s UFA after the 2-3 year deal it not like there are a bunch of teams that have 7 mil in cap space for a goalie and the teams that do have space don’t hand out contracts for 7 mil. A huge contract like that would really hurt the overall team quickly.

    • Well he did just sign for seven, which tempoarily puts the bruins over the cap. So somebody is going to go.

      • Nobody has to go on the team. They still can put Savard on long term injured list, which will save them over 4mil. That will definitely still have them close to the cap ceiling. I doubt Marchand goes anywhere, but Kelly and a pick or prospect could be considered. With Caron, Soderberg, Spooner, Camper, and the other pieces they got in the Seguin deal, the third line can be filled from within.

  14. The good news for Leaf fans is the icing has now appeared on the Bozak contract. According to capgeek Nonis not only over paid him but also gave him a modified NTC. Therefore they won’t be able to trade him during the season ever. Not sure what the modified is probably has to give a list of teams he will accept in the summer only. Way to tie your hands Nonis.

    Nonis is clearly turning into JFJ during contract negotiations. Who’s next Kuli with a no trade? how about we renegotiate with Orr and give him a NTC.

    • The worst No Trade in the league is Vancouver’s Chris Higgins. Really Stupid Gillis. I’m not a Toronto fan but I thought the Bozak signing was not horrible. Maybe a little high but not by much. Even if he turns out to be the second line center some day (which I’m sure the fans of Toronto are hoping) its still not a horrible contract. Most teams seem to give no trades to there top 2 centers, wingers, demen, and a goalie.

    • Whine about Bozaks 4.2 second line center contract but buying out 3rd line Grabovski at 5.5 was a slap in the face?

    • Already did sign Orr and McClaren and got them to take 2 way deals for less money then they got last year that have no cap hit if they are sent down, got Bozak to take way less then he was asking for, bought out the worst contracts they had….you were saying about Nonis being bad at managing the cap? Give an example please and before you mention Clarkson consider that the oilers offered him close to 6 mill for the same term and Nonis would not go above what Clarkson got 5.25 hence the last minute buy out of Grabo cause for a day or so Nonis thought Clarkson was going to be an Oiler.

    • Bozak isn’t over paid at 4.2 he would be over paid at 5. He would have got 5 or north of that if he was serious about signing with another team. Same as clarkson and his 7 years. Every year people whine about how toronto doesn’t sign free agents well guess what in free agency you have to give something to get something. Nonis gave the LIMITED no trade to get bozak at the 4.2. He gave clarkson the 7 years to get the 5.25.

      • Another players that has not scored 20 goals in his career but got a large contract from the Leafs. However, I do not think he is overpaid, maybe by 500K which is ok, I guess?

        • @ Nitro Who is the other player who has not scored over 20 that Dave Nonis gave a large contract to? In the past you have said that about Clarkson but again last year he was on pace for 30 led his team in goal pp goals and pms, year before he scored 30, you keep saying we are giving out these contracts to guys who havent scored 20 goals, and this is the only case and 1 could argue either of these guys have more important assets then just scoring goals

          • Still didnt answer the question, who are these players. Who dont score 20 gosls getting “big contracts” and yes Clarkson played in the top six just like he will play in the top 6 on the leafs not saying he is going to get 30 but you keep shooting off about these guys who havent scored 20 that the leafs are signing Clarkson.was on pace for almost 30 for the second year in a row and Bozak was on pace for 20 maybe a couple more and the year before he got 18 and missed 10 games Ill even do one better besides McClement name 1 guy in the past 2 who got a big contract who didnt score 20 goals ya cant cause there are no big contracts Grabo was a few years ago but got rid of him few D men Burke should never have signed but again this is all in the past and really Flyers fans shouldnt be talking bad contracts

          • Sure did.. He has one 20 goals season.. Fact!

          • So you answered it wrong??….. What are you getting at? He has a 30 goal season would have had another one if it was a full season, and chances are pretty good Bozak would have had around 20 in a full season so are you saying “FACT!” is you are wrong? Still waiting on the list of high priced contracts for guys that have not scored 20 goals on the leafs, there must be alot of em you bring it up so much so please point out a couple of them.

          • And while on the subject of bad contracts our total cost of buying players out was about 16 mill what was the Flyers?

      • 4.2 is absolutely overpaid for Bozak. On any other team he’s a third liner, at best. If some other GM wanted to pay north of 5M for that, Nonis should have let them.

        • Brandon Dubinsky, TJ Oshie, David Booth, Hornqvist, Voracek, Callahan, Michalek, David Jones, Stafford, Paranteau, and Ladd all make similar to Bozak.

          My preference would be Ladd, but Bozak is not overpaid. Unless you’re argument is everyone is overpaid, to which I would agree.

          • Would you say Matt Stajan is overpaid? They are pretty much the same player. (Stajan @ 3.5)

          • Rob you must be oout of your mind…. you wish Bozak was similar to Michalek, Hornqvist, Voracek, Callahan, Michalek, Oshie or Ladd.

          • How you figure Stajan and Bozak are pretty much the same Player?? Since 2011 2 seasons now Stajan has 40 points Bozak has 75 nearly double the goals and assists is has a better faceoff percentage 52.6 3rd best in the league last year, lisyen Im not saying Bozak is great but he is paid pretty much what he is worth if you look around the league at 2nd line centers people saying he is a third liner could be right if he was playing in Chicago or a couple other places but for the most part he is a second line center who kills penalties is on the ice for every important draw and is one of the leagues best at it….use your head he is nothing like Stajan

          • The way Stajan and Bozak play is highly comparable.
            They both kill penalties, take key draws w/ Bozak besting Stajan on taps.

            It’s not all about stats. I’m comparing them on how they play the game. I’m willing to bet if Stajan was in Bozak’s position playing with premier players he’d put up similar numbers.

            For argument’s sake, let’s take a look at their stats over the past 3 years. Just cause I feel like “using my head”.

            Bozak: 82gp 32pts, 73gp 47pts, 46gp 28pts
            Stajan: 76gp 31pts, 61gp 18pts, 43gp 23pts

            So we have a 35 point difference between the players over the course of 3 years. Could you really make the argument that Stajan wouldn’t be on par with those numbers playing with Kessel and co?
            Call me crazy.

            The way I see it, he’s a good signing at 3, 3.5 MAX.
            You look at some guys he’s above in terms of salary – Pavelski and Oshie are the first to come to mind. (I’ll let you compare the stats) I just don’t buy it as a good deal for the Leafs.

        • Not seeing the face offs again Bozak was tied with Toews for 2nd most won draws last year not seeing Stajan on that list and since its not all about stats why you showing me stats that show Bozak as the better player are kind thats kind of confusing and funny you go back 3 to Bozaks very first full year in the league and he still had better numbers then the guy who was a 5 year vet of the nhl again use your head Bozak at 4.2 mill is not anything like Stajan. Im not a huge fan of Bozak or think he is a great bargin or anything but really man comparing him to Stajan is a stretch, even by your numbers over the past 3 years..

          • I think everyone is really arguing is bozak worth the 4.2 as the 3 rd line centre… No he isn’t. But just like a teams #1 goalie, or top d man, you pay them partily for the minutes and roles they are playing. Unfourtanetly for the leafs he is their number 1a centre man ( depending on Kadri this year) so is he over paid for a 3rd liner you bet… Is he over paid for the role he has been given in toronto … No I don’t think so. Further if you look at his cap hit compared to others signed this year, filpula, Weiss, lecavelier his is lower which means the leafs can still sign there rfa’s.. If bozaks was high I really don’t know if they could of afforded him.

          • Kadri will probably slip this year a little 2nd year jinx and all that crap, that seems to happen to everybody. But his wingers should be more steady so may not notice too much

          • Ya, his faceoffs were awesome in the playoffs this year… Not

    • @BeerGoggles

      No, he can e traded, just has to submit a list of teams he’d be open to being traded to.

      • How big is the list and are there any restrictions on the times of year he can or can’t be dealt?

        • Why so we can deal him and you can whine and complain when he is gone? Similar to a week ago when you were complaining and calling the Leafs cheap because you thought they were not going to use buy outs and they were cheap, and then complained when they bought out Grabovski, Or when you were complaining that the Leafs were not going to do anything and it would be the same team virtually next year, then complained about picking up Bernier complained about Bolland and complained about Clarkson. That why you want to know about his NTC?

    • lol!!! only in Maple Laugh Land. 😉

  15. Kelly could be moved for a draft pick , bring Caron up , Carmarra will likely start in Providence but could be up at some point after some seasoning , physically he can make the jump now. Not sure about Spooner but he may also get a good look. Trading Marchand would be a shame. I look forward to him and Habs Gallagher battling for years to come.

    • Spooner when he played here in Kingston was always fun to watch guy had crazy wheels and was a great play maker but skated head down alot and sometimes would admire his own pass a little too long, when he got hit it was like a train wreck, or a bug hitting a windshield, was always a favorite

      • I have watched Spooner since he was in minor hockey. A few years back the two best 1992 YOB kids from GTA and Eastern Ont were Spooner and Jeff Skinner , they were impressive at a young age

  16. Dallas isn’t going to trade oleksiak. Edmonton can drool all day, they aren’t going to let him go for a price that they’re willing to pay.

  17. If Chiarelli makes Marchand available there will 29 other teams interested … a little pest that can skate and has skill … those guys are getting harder and harder to find …

    • Remember Ken Linseman? The guy was a pioneer in the little ball of hate category, again another favorite…lol

  18. Can’t see the Sens going after Jagr or anybody.

    Melnyk said yesterday, after he lost the right to compete for the new Casino in Ottawa with City Government, he was not going to invest any more $$ into his hockey team.

    So I guess, he wants us to stop spending our hard-earned dollars to support them. Because if he won’t make the team better and more competitive in the division.. he will ‘lose’ his team as the fans will stop financially supporting them..

    • Ottawa is going into the 2013/14 season pretty solid:


      • Close , add MacArthur and Wiercioch , Ceci likely not ready yet and O’Brien is the 14th forward . Condra will be 4th line r.w , he’s one of the primary p.k forwards

  19. Oilers won’t be going after Penner now, News report says they just traded for Perron (STL)

    • To Edmonton: Parron
      To St. Louis: Paajarvi + 2014 2nd Rounder

  20. That’s why everyone hates leaf fans. None of this had to do with Toronto, but that’s what most of the comments are about. Toronto sucks and won’t make the playoffs next year! Enjoy Clarkson for the next 7 years hahaha

    • No one is stopping you from talking about something else but again fantastically funny

    • Agreed

  21. Say what you will about Bozak, he has come a long way from College Hockey. Especially when College Hockey is < CHL or QMJHL. He has put up very average numbers, not $4.2M worth numbers, but he is getting a lot better at faceoffs. At the same time, lets just hope that he proves us all wrong and shows that he is worth $4.2M. Until then, basing past productions into what you think he'll be in the future, is not very bright. Say what you will about Bolland, but he will be our 1C, as he'll earn his way there.


    • Either Fraser or Gunnarson wont be back…my hope its Gunnarson they walk away from but we will see Brennan will probably be in the line up and if they can dump Liles, Blacker Holzer or Granberg will get a shot there.

  22. I know many Buffalo Sabres fans would like the team to sign a quality free agent top six forward. I am not sure how happy the fans would be to sign Jeromir Jagr if he was considered an option.

    The Sabres have two objectives; (1) win later, and (2) win now. The second objective is currently in progress. The Sabres need to get a top six forward for center or right wing.

    • I still would not be surprised to see Vanek and Miller gone before the season starts and if they do get dealt I imagine what comes back will fill some holes nicely, Regier always seems to do well in the trade department compared to his ufa signings, it might be better that way.

    • The fans would be fine if they signed a vet on a short contract like Jagr.

      The concern among many fans is if they trade Vanek and Miller then there isnt much veteran pressense.

      With Jagr it could be arranged–just like how it was in Dallas. He playes 2/3 with the team that signs him then he is traded at the deadline for a 2nd round pick to a cup contending team. Under that circumstance he can better pick which team seems to have the best shot at a cup at the deadline than they do now. If he signs with a bubble team they are trying to get into the playoffs and wouldnt move him. If he signs with a long shot team then he can then better control where he plays for the cup.

      The reason he could go to Carolina is because of Tlusty. He played with him last year in europe during the lockout. I think Carolina is a bubble team this year. Injuries hurt them last year.

  23. Ice – there are those Buffalo fans who are demanding something be done now and then there are those fans who are realistic. We don’t want Darcy to do a deal just to do a deal. Whatever he does has to make sense for the team. While I admire Jagr’s work ethic and he still knows how to use his body and has hockey sense – he looked tired and slow during the playoffs. To me and others, that would be a signing just to do something. If Darcy wants to sign someone, then sign Brunner – he’s reasonably priced, has to be better than Stafford and can find the net. On the other hand, if you want to bring someone in to mentor and lead the team – then perhaps someone like Morrow or Cleary.

    I’ve heard the rumor of the Bruins looking to trade $14.5M for $13.4M. If the Bruins are looking to trade Rask, Kelly and Marchand for Vanek and Miller – it would give me pause if I were Darcy. I notice Tuuka doesn’t have a NTC and the Bruins do need to free up some cap space – swapping out LWs and Goalies would benefit both teams. Don’t know if its true, but it could change the attitude of the team.