NHL Morning Rumor Mill – July 11, 2013.

The latest on the Flyers, Bruins, Devils, Penguins and Capitals, plus an update on Jaromir Jagr.

Could the Flyers shop Braydon Coburn?

Could the Flyers shop Braydon Coburn?

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports Flyers GM Paul Holmgren remains unsure if he’ll re-sign veteran winger Simon Gagne as the club has limited cap space. Seravalli speculates Holmgren doesn’t want to sign Gagne without clearing cap space first as it’ll hurt his leverage on the trade market. One option could be to move Braydon Coburn, though that’s something Holmgren seems reluctant to do. They could also put Andrej Meszaros on LTIR along with Chris Pronger if he’s not healthy enough to play.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers were keen to land Coburn during the draft weekend but talks fell through. It remains to be seen if Coburn will be moved, but there’s a feeling Holmgren isn’t done making moves this summer.

BOSTON GLOBE: In the wake of the Bruins re-signing goaltender Tuukka Rask to an eight-year, $56 million contract, they are above the cap ceiling. Fluto Shinzawa suggests they could free up cap space by making a trade, though they can also place Marc Savard on LTIR.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Tom Gulitti reports the Devils signing Marek Zidlicky gives the club seven defensemen (Zidlicky, Andy Greene, Adam Larsson, Bryce Salvador, Anton Volchenkov, Mark Fayne and Peter Harrold) under contract for next season, leaving little room for one of their younger blueliners to crack the lineup. GM Lou Lamoriello “strongly hinted” he could try to move another defenseman before the start of the season to make room. Lamoriello also said there haven’t been any significant talks with Adam Henrique apart from his one-year qualifying offer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Having re-sign Zidlicky and Harrold, they won’t be dealt. I don’t see Greene or Larsson being shopped. Salvador, Volchenkov or Fayne could be trade candidates, though the expensive contracts of Salvadore and Volchenkov would be tough to move. 

TRIBLIVECOM: Rob Rossi reports the Penguins “have not aggressively explored trades of defensemen Matt Niskanen or Brooks Orpik”. Both are in the final year of their contracts and GM Ray Shero hasn’t rule out making a trade to free up cap space. Orpik also has a limited no-trade clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given Orpik’s value as a shutdown defenseman to the Penguins, Niskanen could be the one who gets shopped.

CSNWASHINGTON: Chuck Gormley reports the Capitals now have around $5.7 million in cap space after re-signing Karl Alzner. Gormley believes they’ll have around $3.7 million remaining once they re-sign forward Marcus Johansson. GM George McPhee said he’s not interested in what remains on the free agent market, but said it would “be nice to try and get one more big-name guy in there.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McPhee will likely keep an eye on the trade market but it doesn’t sound as though he’ll rush out to find a deal.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski cited a report from the blog “Canes Country” which cited Jaromir Jagr’s agent confirming the Carolina Hurricanes are on his client’s radar.


  1. Seems like jagrs agent is using the media to help negotiate a deal. He goes to one city and says they have interest while a day before Jagr wants to play for the Canadiens. Just drumming up interest and contract price.

    • At least theoretically. I totally agree that’s what the agent is doing – but I feel like the teams are seeing through it pretty clearly.

      I’m feeling like Jagr will need to sign a 1-year, $2M deal somewhere… or not be in the NHL next year.

      • As long as Buffalo doesn’t sign him, I’m cool with wherever else he signs.

        • @ Steve

          I think Jagr would be a great mentor to some of these younger guys in Buffalo. It’d be an honor to have him in the Blue and Gold.

  2. I do not believe Flyers will trade Coburn just to sign Gagne, Gagne is a fan favorite and all but Flyers need d-men. Going into season with 7 capable d-men is kind of important especially when Streit and Timonen are over 35 years old..

    I think Flyers can send B.Schenn to AHL to get under the cap. Schenn is waiver exempt so teams cannot claim him.

    • B.Schenn will play in the NHL

      • No argument from me. I said.. that I think that he can be assigned to AHL so that Flyers can get under the cap BECAUSE he is waiver exempt and can go back down and up.

    • Cant bury contracts in the minors, his cap hit still would count I believe.

      • Not to burry..
        I disagree but I could be wrong here because I am not 100%

        • A bit complicated… but here it is

          When a player signs his first contract, he’s exempt from waivers for a certain period, the length of which depends on his age when he signed, and whether he is a skater or a goalie.

          In general:

          •The rules are different for goalies and skaters (i.e. goalies compared to skaters) who sign at ages 18-22.
          •Goalies who sign at 18-22 get an extra year of exemption, compared to skaters.
          •Goalies who sign at 18-22 get fewer games played of exemption, compared to skaters.
          •The rules are the same for goalies and skaters who sign at age 23+.

      • According to Capgeek.com B. Schenn is still on his two-way entry level contract, so he could be sent to the minors and it would not count against the cap. However, Rob is probably right in saying that it won’t happen even though it could.

        • We cannot bring him back once Pronge rgoes on LTIR? He does not have pass through waivers. Am i reading it right?

      • How come you didn’t know that Mr. fat fingers, I thought you knew everything their was to know about hockey

        • Never claimed too know everything about hockey and didnt claim to know if Schenn was on a 2 way or not I didnt think he was, thats why I said I believe. What I did claim was that pompous people like your self look like an ass hat complaining about spelling on a thread on a hockey blog.

          • lol good ol’ shticky always in the middle of a fight.


          • not trying to diss you at all though shticky.

            good day.

            looking forward to leafs vs sabres games lol have a feeling you guys gonna be blowing us out.

          • @ Jes nah they are always good games, and besides maybe once this year the Leafs cant seem to buy a win in Buffalo

          • cheapest ticket in town is spending gas money to buffalo, nice dinner, front row tickets, and gas money back to TO.

          • And unlike Lupul I dont mind spending time in Buffalo

          • Ya I have never been. I want to go one of these days and watch my team at HOME but I live in British Columbia and everybody here’s well a Leafs or Canucks fans so can’t really find anyone who’d want to go to a teams away game.

    • Maybe the Coburn to Edmonton deal isn’t dead yet. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Hemsky,Gagner & Smid or Nick Schultz have all been linked to Philly & St.Louis in the past couple of days. Even after the Perron deal.

      • Coburn has been linked to Edmonton since the draft. I could definitely see Coburn in Oiler colors if the money makes sense. Maybe next years 1st round pick plus Smid.

        • Smid plus a first. Are you quite serious. Smid is probably one of their most reliable defenders why would they do that. You also want to give a first, Gm’s are lothe to give away first rounders unless they are receiving something special in return. I don’t rate Coburn as worthy enough to give up a first.

          • I agree. I don’t see the Oilers’ moving Smid, also they signed Ference which lessens the imminent need for a dman. I also I find it unlikely that they move Coburn, their best defensive dman, when defence has been an issue; this is unless the Flyers are given a deal they cannot refuse. The Flyers have both Timonen and Mezaros big contracts coming off the books next season (if they aren’t resigned) and will need some quality D. Also remember Pronger’s contract will go on long term IR so nearly 5mill come off the cap making them cap compliant.

            Gagne returning makes no sense unless he plays he practically the minimum. He does not fit in a checking 3rd line role and he is not an improvement to the teams top 6 of Giroux, Hartnell, Lecavalier, Voracek, Simmonds, Schenn. I don’t know how you justify taking top 6 minutes from the kids who are growing or the established high paid allstars.

        • I see Jagr waiting to sign with the Flyers. he will wait until the first day of the season when the Flyers can put ronger on LTIR and free up enough to sign him.
          If they re-sign Gagne, can I get a discount on my season tickets?

      • I honestly do not see what the big deal is with getting rid of Coburn. Isn’t he basically there best defenseman? And isn’t the defensive side of things the problem for the Flyers this past season.

    • Trade Coburn to Tampa Bay for Adam Erne + Sustr or Koekkoek, and a 2nd round pick. Then sign Ian White and Gagne.

  3. I am a regular on Canes Country, and they later came out reporting that the Hurricanes said Jagr WAS NOT the mysterious free agent Rutherford was speaking of. Speculation now is turning to Morrow or Hainsey.

    • I’d say Grabovski, I’d say the Canes are waiting for Grabovski’s wedding celebrations to blow over, and maybe the honeymoon.

      • how long does he need to celebrate?

        • @ Rob – 1) He gets a guaranteed cheque in the mail every year for the next 8 years whether he plays or not, 2) He’ll sign a pretty decent contract with whatever team wants a 50-60 point 2nd line forward, 3) He doesn’t have to play for the Leafs in a system that he doesn’t fit into anymore, or for a coach who wouldn’t use him in key situations.

          I’d say he’s got plenty to celebrate, so he can take all the time he wants. :)

  4. Is there a market for Salvador or Volchenkov?

    • i remember when Volchenkov used to be the shot-blocker.. but this past season he was tied for 121. Smid was top 10.

      • If you remember that you remeber Komisarek up there too… :)

  5. I heard all this “Devils will move a defenseman” propaganda last year… Lou did not make a move, and those guys were stuck in the minors with Larsson being a healthy scratch several games this year.

    I think he WANTS to move Volchenkov, but he’ll be stuck moving Fayne, which is too bad, because Fayne is a good core defenseman to have at depth. I don’t think they should have even considered signing Zidlicky considering how bad a year he had on the power play. Only a handful of teams have a less effective PP quarterback.

    • Maybe Toronto will take one of the NJ D-Men off their hands.

    • I believe Zidlicky got extended for another year yesterday. Like you I am not sure why because he isn’t the player they were hoping him to be.

      • I remember a few years ago he was slick pp quarterback on one the expansions teams. Haven’t seen him play in a while did he lose a step?

        • More than one step, and his defensive abilities are average at best. Just my opinion formed from the games I have seen.

    • I could see Volchenkov going to NYI. The Islanders are only just above the cap floor and could use another experienced D-man on their roster. If he is traded cheap they could get a D of Visnovsky, Volchenkov, Hamonic, Reinhart, Carkner, Strait, DeHaan. Would certainly be a nicer looking blueline than last year. With the addition of Clutterbuck on the forward lines as well as Strome & Nelson likely to challenge for spots the Islanders could be a much improved club.

  6. Teams with cap space are sitting pretty right now with 3 or 4 teams up against the cap wall. They will be able to use their space for leverage against these teams. Unfortunately Nonis has not left the Leafs as one of these teams with space by signing Clarkson and Bozak to inflated deals..

    • Very true a team with 20 million in cap space could suck up a bunch of veteran free agents and trade for a bunch more. Would be nice to have space. I’m a bruins fan and feel with Rask and Bergeron extension coming we will have little room left to build a constant contender.

      • Rask signing is a huge part of that. That kid is awesome.

        • Rask is unproven and now over paid. This contract will really hurt the team and probably already has.

          • Rask is good but ie he 7M good?
            He benefited a lot from the system.
            Kid makes more then Chara.

            Why did we have a lock out? No idea………..

          • Unproven? Come on now.
            The guy was solid throughout the season and in the playoffs. Yes it was a shortened season, but I don’t think it’s fair to call him unproven… unstable, yes. He wears his emotions on his sleeve which some teams could learn to manipulate, but that’s about it.

          • I can see where you are coming from because his body of work in the NHL isn’t all that large. But most if not all GM’s in the league would have done a contract very similar because Rask has the skill and athleticism needed to be a number 1 goalie. His stats would not be as impressive on less defensive minded teams but they would still be pretty good. Thanks alot JFJ.

          • Unproven? Come on he was basically the reason they got out of the first round and made it to the finals. All kidding aside about the leafs collapse but the only reason Boston was up 3 games to 1 was rask. He kept Boston in the games a lot of the time with unreal saves.

    • I don’t feel like bozak is an inflated deal by much; maybe $200k. Clarkson is to high by about a million. I don’t think Tor would be able to get a player from a “team” over the cap even with that million since the “team” will be moving a larger contract, probably.

      • Lol I doubt its even a million dollars worth of inflated contracts (in terms of length of term there is some inflation but) and looking at whats available around the league as potential moves to shed salary even if you could afford it its not like they are all star type players, If they were of such importance would teams be willing to move them a just to get under the cap? you dont think the players they are keeping are of more regard then the ones they are trying to ship out? They are scraps that could be picked up from these teams. Jagr is still a decent enough hockey player but is forever a rental and not a long-term solution as are many of the ufas that are left aswell.

      • reminds me of the comment someone made yesterday about how this post had nothing to do with the Leafs, but the comments turned that around. LOL

        time will tell on how Nonis fared with these contracts. my guess is that the Leafs are a significantly better team than when they were in May. With some cap space to ensure they can keep their RFAs… I think “on paper” Nonis is in great shape.

    • I don’t understand how anyone could feel Raask is unproven. Hasn’t won a cup yet, but that can’t be the minimum requirement for proven. The guy was one of the best in the league, even when behind Thomas.

      Chiarili is smart, knows what he’s doing, and I expect the Bruins to be a force again for years to come.

      • If we’re gonna argue that Rask is unproven, then we’d have to argue that Luongo, Lundqvist and Miller are unproven as well. After all, they’re only medalists in the Olympics. Zero Stanley Cup championships among them. Hey, what’s that shiny thing on Tuukka Rask’s finger? Oh …

        • How can Luo, miller and lundqvist are proven goalies. Proven #1 starts for a period of time (seasons). 2 more years and Rask as a starter and I would consider Rask a proven started and his performance could be evaluated based on that. Goalies can have 2 good seasons and be done. I’m not saying he wont be worth 7 mil but at this point he isn’t even close to being worth 7m. $5.5 is a proven good starting goalie in the league; $7 is proven elite goalie.

          • Agreed

    • Its really annoying hearing people complain about inflated deals. We all know that players go to free agency get overpaid beyond what they are worth due to the many teams bidding. If you want to take a chance you need to overpay for players even though contracts will look bad a few years later.

      Look at every contract the Yankees have ever signed lol.

      • Baseball has not cap. Makes your example irrelevant.

        • Lol not really it dosent make his example any less relevent, he is not speaking of salary cap sports, he is speaking of unrestricted free agents in sports dosent matter what team or sport it is ufas always get overpaid want me to use MLS as an example??? You have said this exact same thing yourself. Apparently its a fine arguement for Flyers fans to use when defending their big contracts just not for anyone else or any other sport that dosent have a salary cap?

          • I must have missed the part where Nitro was defending a big, inflated contract that the Flyers have on their books. His statement that a baseball reference was irrelevant is true, since there is no hard cap and MLB team revenues make an NHL team’s financial bottom line look like your monthly allowance.

        • NITRO …………your irrelevant ! TROLL

  7. Guess Jersey just found some more cap room Kovalchuk retired. The guy was a beast when he came into the league and was one of the most classy guys to play in the NHL.

    • thats wild eh, 30 years with 80 million left on his contract and just shuts er down.

      • Sure is maybe he just figures its time to go home and play out his career there. Im sure the money he left behind here is nothing to what he will make in the K if he goes that route.

        • Say 10 more years at 10 mill at least all tax free money in the KHL and helping the Devils out who have money problems of their own.

    • Classy guys in the NHL?? Pass what your smoking bud, this a punk move by a punk player that is going to set the Devils back years considering they dont have their first round pick this year.

      • Do some reading about this guy before you call him a punk, maybe take a look at some of the charity work he has done or read about him when he was with the Thrashers and how he treated the Snyders after their son passed away, you my friend are ignorant.

        • Sometimes there is more to a hockey player then hockey and judging him because of the team he played on dosent have a draft pick is stupid, and dont for a minute think that the guy who owns the Devils (you know the guy who has money trouble and owes Kovi 70 million bucks) is terribly broke up over not having to pay him..

        • Oh its all knowing Shticky, He is a punk he ducked out on his contract cause he can make more money plain a simple. You can do a 1000s great things and never be a great man, you pull one punk move and your a punk for life.

          • How many people get good jobs in the Alberta oil fields oil rigs or civilian jobs rebuilding Afghanistan teaching in Asia etc that sign contracts and go work for a year or so then realize its not for them and want to be closer to home and their family so they quit and move home, this makes them all punks and takes away any good they have done in their whole life? Ya that makes a tone of sense. It sucks if you are a Jersey fan for sure but it dosent make him a bad guy thats life. Kovalchuk didnt make them give up their draft pick thats something that Jersey chose to do, and again much as it sucks to be a Jersey fan zIm sure the owner will lose no sleep over having to pay another 77 million dollars to Kovi if he dosent have to, slso say Kovalchuk stays and milks it for a couple more years before he quits and goes home the Recapture penalty on his contract would put the Devils in a worse spot then they are in now, A wise man once said dont hate the playa hate the game, the Devils knew what they were getting in yo when they signed the dumb ass contract and it came back and bit them

    • i’m not going to agree that he’s made a classy move, but I will argue that this is a GOOD thing for the Devils.

      • A good thing for a team that was worst in the league in offense last year with Kovalchuk? Now they lose 25% of their offense off the top. And they get no first round pick.

        Yeah… that’s good all right. Good for the Penguins, Rangers, Blue Jackets, Flyers, Capitals, Islanders, etc…

        • don’t forget they also lost Clarkson

  8. Kovolchuk retires

    I wrote a long post last year for anyone who cared to read about Kovolchuk being brought over to the KHL and Medvedev courting him and NATURALLY I got roasted and called names to the point of idiocy by posters here who continuously bash me!!!

    I also wrote that Russians would slip in the draft because of the KHL factor among many other ideas that I expressed about this situation and just for the record it appears that has come to fruition ! I am not trying to be an ass here but people need to realize that all these things talked about here are valid and stop being ass heads and l;eave people alone and let them post in peace !!!


      I AM A QUICK STUDY when less said is more!~

    • It is impossible to do that when every time you get something right, or something resembling accurate you come back with one of these posts. Congrats, you wrote what most educated hockey fans know, that the rise of the KHL is an attractive place for Russian players. They can play at home, in the 2nd best league in the world and make ludicrous amounts of non-taxable money.

      This fact isn’t actually a shock to most people. Is Kovi retiring out of nowhere without any real true hints at doing it at this point in the year a shock? Absolutely, so if you called that good on you. If you want people to stop ‘roasting’ you as you so claim people do then perhaps you should stop with posts like these where you seem to love to come off that you are better than everyone else. I’ve watched you spend a good amount of time over the past few years destroying people for their posts as well, so a bit of practice what you preach should be in order.

      But again congrats, you managed to post something accurate on what bloggers and prudents have been discussing since the rise of the KHL.

  9. @ JJB

    My post here isn’t for the fact that I TOLD YOU SO ….I am not like that !!

    My post here is defense of my beliefs that are usually based on just as many facts that anyone else has on this posting site ! So I dont need to be sworn at for posting a comment of what the actual daily blog is and expanding on it ….CAPICHE

    It is the sole fact that I tried to write something worth whole on the day that wasn’t the so called OBVIOUS or Leaf talk or at the time Luongo while it was being beaten with a stick …at the time it was a very valid topic about Radulov and the fact Medvedev courted Kovolchuck and I received terrible flack and swearing in others posts directed at me where I was the biggest idiot in the world for even talking about the possibilities and teh fact it was a real discussion …..that’s my posts real discussions ……yeah Kesel was no good to trade for Erikson but Seguin was Bryzgalov wasnt going to be bought out he was having a great year …and so on don’t you see my point is that most of my posts at the timne of discussion are what is meant to be not what the VOTERS have to say about here on this sight I post what I believe with a business, economic, social and political influence not what people want to hear ….but what is most obvious of the outcome !

    This post is that I am sick and tired of the BS that people recieve here for actually talking about thing

    • Discussion with you only counts when someone agrees with you, when anyone disagrees with you, you either think they are bashing you or roasting you. Not too mention you used to be the most terrible offender on this site for calling peoples ideas stupid and preaching about what was going to happen. Everything got so much better when you were gone for a while, you came back and went right to war with the other posters on this site. You are hands down the only person who has the capability of getting me actually angry.

      I’m done commenting on your self-righteous posts that are all about feeding your own ego and finding a way to brag to the world. You never went on about Bryz being bought out, you went on about Bryz being traded to Calgary or something like that … whatever man, most peeps see you for what you are so I’ll just leave it at that.

  10. Question? Can a player (who signs his contract under 35) retire and if the team he had the contract with says “okay retire and we fine with that”; can that player then sign another contract with another NHL team or just another league? Is there any rule in stopping him signing in the NHL?
    Also can Kovi play one season in KHL and then return to the NHL as a free agent or is there anything stopping that? (I’m sure this won’t happen but I’m just wondering)

  11. Its funny how so many people are blaming Kovi for the team not getting a first rounder this year. That was a penalty because the team tried to pull a fast one. The Devils did it to themselves. Kovi also gave the team ample notice about how he was feeling and they did not react accordingly. The Devils also decided it was better to keep the 29th overall pick a couple years ago instead of losing it and keeping the better picks to come from a declining team. Lou has some work to do that is for sure.

    • I would say that the League has more work to do right now than Lamoriello. They have to research what the most viable market is to move the Devils to! All Uncle Lou has to do is either look for a new job or a nice retirement community.

      • Lol!