NHL Morning Rumor Mill – July 18, 2013.

Are the Hurricanes pursuing Brenden Morrow? Should the Oilers trade for Kyle Clifford? Will the Panthers sign any unrestricted free agents? Read on to find out.

Hurricanes pursuing Brenden Morrow?

Hurricanes pursuing Brenden Morrow?

NEWOBSERVER.COM: Luke DeCock reports Brenden Morrow’s agent confirmed they’d spoken with the Carolina Hurricanes earlier this summer and expect to speak with them again. “Meanwhile, doors appear to be closing at other more likely destinations, like Montreal and Detroit”, writes DeCock.

One problem, however, is finding cap space to sign him, for while they have around $5 million cap space, at $59.3 million they’re up against their internal cap. Signing Morrow, or Ron Hainsey (another rumored target) could require moving out a current contract. DeCock believes Morrow would be a better fit for the Hurricanes than Hainsey.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Hurricanes sign either Morrow or Hainsey, it’ll be interesting to see who they could move out to make room for either guy. If it’s Hainsey, they could try to move blueliner Tim Gleason, though DeCock suggests that wouldn’t be much of an improvement.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cites a rumor from The Fourth Period claiming the Los Angeles Kings are shopping forward Kyle Clifford. Staples believes Clifford would be a good addition for the Oilers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen if Clifford is in fact on the market, though given their limited cap space (just over $2.2 million) and with Clifford, Jordan Nolan and Trevor Lewis to re-sign, he could be the odd man out.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cites a recent interview by NHL.com with Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon, who said his club’s plan is to “go with our young guys”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That shoots down recent speculation suggesting the Panthers could be a good fit for Ilya Bryzgalov or Tim Thomas.


  1. Ilya Bryzgalov or Tim Thomas never made sense for the Panthers. Scott Clemmensen is signed and Jacob Markstrom is expected to take the number one spot. If Clemmensen & Markstrom don’t have a good camp then another goalie may be brought in but not likely to be Ilya Bryzgalov or Tim Thomas since Dale Tallon wants to bring the young players up to have good character and Bryzgalov is spacey and Thomas is too political. These two never made much sense for the Panthers.

    • “Thomas is too political”
      How does being “too political” prevent you from playing hockey? The guy has a full trophy case, he’s a winner. I never heard anything about Thomas being a bad teammate either. Tell me, was anything that Tim Thomas said not true? The US gov IS out of control! Go do some reading on the recent NSA, IRS, F&F scandals and drop the politically correct BS.

      Bryz on the other hand has had former teammates rip him after he left Phoenix and Philly. I agree with your spacey assessment. I dont think Bryz will ever play in the NHL again.

      • Ok then Ill say it lol Thomas is a headcase and a distraction that I dont want on my young team, never heard he was a great team mate either did ya? and when he ditched the white house visit I didnt hear too many Bruins coming out and saying it was ok or they thought it was a good decision, they more or less said well thats just Tim being Tim. Ya he was a good goalie there is lots of them around that come with less baggage then Tim Thomas on a vet team where there are other leaders in the room ok maybe then Thomas would be alright, but I wouldnt want him in my locker room if I was Florida.

        • “Ok then Ill say it lol Thomas is a headcase”

          Point taken! haha

        • Exactly, they don’t want the distraction that he would bring to a young team.

    • I will be THRILLED if Brygalov doesn’t get picked up by anyone. Go back and play with Kovalchuk.

  2. I think FLD should go after Grabovski, they have a gapping hole in the middle and asking Budjestad and Barkov to fill it right away may be asking to much. Also I think Car ends up with Jager

    • X2, or go after Mason Raymond, or both!

    • Actually they have no room at center, they have Matthias, Goc, Barkov and Shore. If Panthers need anything it is a scoring right winger.

  3. I hope the team that signs Morrow isn’t going to pay him for pass point production since he has been slipping for the past 5 years. Either a short term deal or a 4 yr at a lower rate. Maybe 2yrs – 3.75m/yr or 4 yr -3m/yr. However with the contracts that Roy and Weiss got I could see Morrow getting 4 yrs at 4.5/yr

    • The crazy signings have passed. I expect a more intelligent contract with Rutherford.

    • Morrow will barely get more than half that.

      • You think so. When why wouldn’t he sign with a contender if he’s going to take that big of a hair cut.

        • Most contenders don’t have enough cap to sign another guy.

          • Morrow = 3-3.5 mill, 2-3years tops, anything longer is crazy for a guy who will be 35 this year and played 1 full season in the past 4 or 5 years IMO.

          • Agreed with Shticky. I think he’ll get 2 yrs at 2.5-2.75M. But personally, I think this year he’d be ok, but by next year he’ll be totally out of gas, riding a lot of pine, and be a salary cap anchor. I wouldn’t sign him to more than 1 year.

    • Instead of signing Morrow for suggested 3.5M I would sign Jagr… Yes, Jagr slowed down in playoffs and yes he old now.. but he is the type of player young players looking up to. Morrow might be faster and more physical but he is no Jagr. Morrow will bring close to nothing..

    • a short term deal is 2 yrs max. He isnt going to get anywhere near the $3M+ deal.

      Teams who are cup favs do not have the space. He may get a better deal from a team like Calgary.

  4. This comment has nothing to do with any teams mentioned in the rumors but I was just wondering what teams you guys think have done the most this off season in a positive way. I like what STL, WIN and ED have done. Improved their teams by bringing in quality players (not going after the stud UFAs). Not saying they are going to win the cap, STL could have a shot after they sign there RFAs.

    • I’m a Kings fan but plan on putting a big bet on St. Louis down in Vegas. They are built to go far in the playoffs.

      • Agreed St. Louis looks really good, Edmonton minor roster improvement but coaching is a huge improvement could squeek in this year tough to say the west seems so strong, and Winnipeg is Winnipeg they just seem like they should be better. Have to see if their stars have good years maybe if not I think they should be looking for a new coach.

        • I dunno, I think Claude has done a heck of a job. I think you give him 82 games before saying enough.

          • I dont think he has done a heck of a job or anything but agree he does deserve this year to see how it goes if they dont make the playoffs be is the first to go tho their roster looks pretty, good goaltending is solid, seems like a very inconsistent group that looks good for stretches and mediocre for long stretches in a very weak division the past 2 seasons, 1 more year or if they stink early you got to fire Noel they cant afford to get in to deep of a hole early in the west, its not like you got a bunch of games vs. The Lightning, Panthers, and Hurricanes.

        • Other than Chicago and St. Louis, the Jets new division is really weak. Nashville, Dallas, Colorado non playoff teams and Minnesota a marginal team at best. Jets should so fine in the new Central or whatever they call it.

          • Nashville will be better, and they also now have to deal with the Kings, Canucks, Ducks and Sharks, Edmonton will be better and so will the Coyotes, the Stars could be also. The west is a far tougher conference then playing in the East where the Jets were not very good, again besides the Caps last half of the season the South East sucked and they still didnt make the playoffs. Off hand they seem better then Calgary thats it, all the rest are a toss up, not to say they are not as good or atleast equal to on paper but if they are inconsistent that will cost them and its the coaches job to make sure they compete at their highest level consistently, if they dont make it or get off to a bad start, Noel should be fired.

      • I might agree with you CK, but I think there is a question with St. Louis’ goalie’s – haven’t gotten them through to the 2nd round. Also, St. Louis needs to resign some of their RFA – Stewart, Patrangelo and Paajarvi. I think they also could use a LW – maybe sign someone like Mason – they do have $12M to play with – just depends on how they want to handle theri RFAs.

    • St. Lou signed Roy who, based on what I have seen, is a selfish player. I think if I were St. Lou I would have signed Wellwood to a 1 year deal – would have saved $3M and an attitude which I can’t see Hitchcock putting up with .

      • It was my understanding that some of the young Blues felt a sense of entitlement, which translated into not enough work off the ice. Supposedly Perron’s trade was not just to improve the team, but as a forewarning to the other young kids on the team. Oshie is supposedly one of the offenders, too, so there’s still work to be done. (Just what I read somewhere, sorry I don’t have the source!)

        I love the Blues lineup – but I loved it last year, too. And I do agree they’re a better team this year. Just need to see whether Hitchcock can motivate them enough. But I absolutely agree that they have Cup-winning talent on there.

  5. Many of the teams considered “contenders” either do not have any cap space, minimal cap space, or not enough even to accommodate a significant UFA obliging them with a haircut. Also many of these teams are already at, over or close to their roster limit. I think a few teams are trying to make some trades in order to fine tune their rosters and bring in some finishing pieces. For example the Pens have – 498K to sign 1 player. They need a trade to clear cap space. I see a D man, Orpik or Niskanen, on the way out, as they are both UFA next year. Hurricanes have 4,885,000 to sign 4 players. If they sign a significant UFA, it won’t leave much for the other 3 roster spots. I think GM’s are waiting for the agents to cool off their asking prices. There are only so many spots left, and lots of UFA and RFA’s available.

  6. Actually if u look at Tuuka Rask and how Boston took their time with him, signing Thomas to mentor Markstrom doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Not that every young goalie is the same but Markstrom might b better being slowly worked in and learning from Stanley Cup winner as opposed to being handed reigns of a bad team.

    • I agree that markstrom is not a number 1 yet. Do like van and bost did with there future starter (minus the gillis screw up). Nice and slow. Full time back up, start 25-30 games. Sign a older proven starter, but I don’t agree with Thomas. A few years ago I would have said yes but I don’t know where his head is anymore. Plus I think Flo is trying to build with top picks and signing Thomas might make them to good for a top pick, but still miss the playoffs.

      • Agreed, Id consider bringing back Jose for another year doing a 60/40 split kind of thing. Even 50/50 you dont want to destroy the kids confidence by giving him the no. 1 job to early on that young of a team, they need another goalie that can play a good number of games Clemenson is not that

        • I would agree on Clemenson but I would stay away from Thomas. I could see a trade for another goalie.

          • I should add Theo was not real good last season and doubt they would bring him back.

          • No need for a great goalie just a goalie to take some pressure off the young guy a couple times a week on back to backs etc. Not much left now for cheap ufa types shouldnt really deal for one.
            Boucher Garon have played that type of role before, Clemenson is an AHL goalie, terrible for any more then a dozen or so games a year.

  7. Lube DeCock…greatest porn name ever!