NHL Morning Rumor Mill – July 2, 2014

A look at which notable players remain in the UFA market, plus the latest on the Bruins, Red Wings, Maple Leafs, Blackhawks, Stars and Wild. 

Radim Vrbata is among the few notable free agents still available.

Radim Vrbata is among the few notable free agents still available.

BOSTON HERALD: The pickings are slim following the frenzy of free-agent signings yesterday. Among the notables still available are Radim Vrbata, Dany Heatley, Mike Ribeiro, David Legwand, Mikhail Grabovski, Ville Leino, Nikolai Kulemin, Steve Ott, Olli Jokinen and Martin Brodeur.

BOSTON GLOBE/CSNNE.COM: Fluto Shinzawa examines the Bruins options as they deal with losing Jarome Iginla to free agency. One could be finding a top-nine forward via trade, suggesting Johnny Boychuk ($3.36 million) as a possible trade chip. Joe Haggerty, however, reports the Bruins weren’t comfortable dumping salary by moving a player like Boychuk, Brad Marchand or Chris Kelly to free up room to re-sign Iginla.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Depending upon how much it costs to re-sign RFAs like Reilly Smith and Torey Krug, the Bruins could face having to shed some salary before the season starts in October. 


DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports the Red Wings, having failed to land a right-handed defenseman via free agency, could turn to the trade market to address that need. Kulfan suggests Buffalo’s Tyler Myers, Winnipeg’s Dustin Byfuglien and Edmonton’s Jeff Petry could be available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Petry would be a more affordable trade target than Myers or Byfuglien. 

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports James Reimer’s trade request might not be fulfilled. GM Dave Nonis said if the right deal can’t be found he expects Reimer to be in training camp come September.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The trade market for goalies was soft prior to the start of free agency. It’s not much better now.  Reimer could indeed remain a Leaf heading into next season.

CSNCHICAGO.COM: Tracey Myers reports the Blackhawks signing of Brad Richards pushes the club above the $69 million salary cap by over $2.2 million. GM Stan Bowman told Myers he had “some ideas in what we’re going to do. That will play itself out over the summer as we prepare for training camp. We’ve got an idea and we’ll certainly make it work.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That could involve trading either Johnny Oduya ($3.375 million) or Nick Leddy ($2.7 million).

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika, noting Stars GM Jim Nill’s claim he likes his team’s defense, could still subtract veteran blueliner Sergei Gonchar.

TWINCITIES.COM: Chad Graff reports Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher still seeks a defenseman to round out his group.

EDMONTON SUN: Oilers GM Craig MacTavish still needs to add a center and intends to keep up the search to find one.


  1. Myers isn’t available anymore. With Ehrhoff gone Myers stays put.

    • With all the moves Tim made yesterday, I’d say that anything is possible and no player is a sure lock to stay. It’s all about Buffalo getting better and competitive, and if that means moving Myers, they’ll do it.

      • I have to agree. No one is safe on this team. Obviously they needed major changes and that’s what they got.

      • Thunder, I have to agree with you. I’m not sold on Myers and he’s gonna be under the gun to improve even more this year. I could see Murray picking up MdZ as a project – left handed shot, and we’ve seen what he can do.

        I’m a little surprised that Ott hasn’t signed with anyone and I wonder if Bflo went after him. I like Ott, but I think Gionta brings a bit more “respect” and legitamacy to our quest for leadership and mentoring. Essentially, Ott is seen as an agitator while Gionta has the skill.

        Essentially we just need to get Ennis in the fold and Ted needs to get his staff in place.

        • I’m surprised Ott hasn’t been pickup up yet either, I think he would go back to Buffalo if they asked him.

          Vrbata and Legwand are still available, one of those guys could be a good fit, allthough I hear the Wild are pursuing Legwand.

          Buffalo is moving in the right direction under Tim, I guess I’m not to keen on the goaltending, kind of like my Wild!

          • No thanks to anymore signings. We are good as is.

      • Those moves were simply made to reach the cap floor. We had to spend $20 million this offseason to reach the floor and he did just that. Myers also has a cap hit of $5.5 million. So someone big would have to be coming back in that trade with a high salary.

        Who else would have given Gionta and Meszaros a $4+ million a year contract? Only team I can think of is Florida. We were #1 on both Moulson and McCormick ‘s destination list.

        Murray isn’t making this a competitive team for today. He is making it a competitive team for tomorrow. More specifically for the 2015-2016 season. We are still all geared up for McDavid or Eichel next year. And I’m sure Murray feels the same way.

  2. with the leafs having about 16 million to sign 8 players I think lupul needs to be traded fo a solid dman # 3 or 4 about 3.5 million in cap space if there is a fit right handed shot . that frees up some cash then we have 18 million.
    sign ott and vrbata mclemement and gardiner brodie. try get those 5 for under 12 million on short term contracts, leaves you 5 million to sign 3 players in which we can get from marlies Holland levio ect. or hopefully another Raymond steal out there. let franson walk or trade his rights he didn’t prove anything to leafs this year.

  3. does everyone remember when Kenny Holland sucks and has been awful for the past 3-4 years.

    Remember when the guy thinks it’s 1997 when everyone wants to come to the team no matter what?

    Remember when they guy is so gun shy about making any deals that he has to scramble with his tail between his legs and makes the dumbest lateral moves in the history of earth?

    Remember when the Red Wings playoff streak will probably end now

    Remember when fans don’t even care about the streak anymore because 1st round exits are not worth it

    Remember when we have the assets to make a legitimate trade IE Tatar,Jurco,50 billion other prospects

    Remember when almost every wings fan is starting to hate on this guy more and more every year?

    Remember when he didn’t want to trade a 1st round pick for Bouwmeester(top 2 on a top team in the NHL) and then consequently gives up a 1st for Quincey?

    Remember when he didn’t address the 2 areas of need yesterday and resigned a guy who no longer fit in the clubs plans AND gave him a raise and did it for 2 years?

    sorry for the rant, i literally could go on for 50 more lines, I am just so fed up with his ego and thinking he can do no wrong. He did way more wrong things in the recent 4 years then right. If he was on any other team he would probably be gone or at least on the Hot seat right now. We let Nill go to Dallas who in 13 months acquired 2 #1 centers. We let Yzerman go who looks like a freaking genius more times then not. Time to promote him like the Flyers did with Holmgrom and move some new blood in. If this team doesn’t acquire the 1-2 things they need Babcock is as good as gone. That is all

    • Buffbry
      I will make you feel better by telling you to close your eyes and imagine you are a Leaf fan for just a few seconds. That should be all it takes

      • leafs 24/7

        I’m sure it has to be frustrating in your shoes too, but for way different reasons. While our developmental system is pretty good, we cannot fill the needs that we have, and Holland is content every year going with lateral moves to just keep “the streak” alive. I understand we haven’t won in 5 years is a lot different then you now winning in 40+. I think Shanahan will somewhat help your team on the correct course, i’m just afraid with the parody of the NHL, and with Holland no longer having Yzerman/Nill and others to have help with things we will just stay the course for a long time, just sneaking in the playoffs. What is he going to do in 3 years when Datsyuk is gone and Zetterberg is older then dirt?

        Last thing I understand Niskanen was overpaid, but that is the way of the NHL right now. Our #1 need the thing we needed the most was him, or a comparable player to him. Next year the cap will be 75 mill, Det will have around 24 million after resigning all of it’s players. The caps gave him 7 years at 40, why didn’t the wings come ontop for 7 years at 45. I understand that is overpayment, but it is what is needed. Do you really think that 5 million spread over 7 years makes a difference? Holland refuses to part with any prospects for anything, so the trade route is gone. We could have had Erhoff, or Myers by now but he didn’t want to part with particular players. If you don’t want to part with prospects, and don’t want to pay market value or a little above we will never improve the team. It’s 2014 Niskanen just got a contract that is almost equal value to Lemieux in 1990, it’s not 1995 anymore, time to wake up and doing the right thing

        • Guess you are hoping for a last place finish this year for a shot at McDavid to start the Stevie Y era all over again. You would still need a Lidstrom though. lol

          • Detroit won’t be last. Far off from that. They will be in the top 10 in the conference. They haven’t missed playoffs for how long now? No way they miss playoffs in a weak East.

        • My man…calm yourself. Holland has kept this team competitive for close to 2 decades. No other GM in the league can claim the same. True Holland has always had a good staff that has moved on, but Yzerman only worked for the team for a few years and nothing Nill has done so far in Dallas has proven successful. He traded away Loui Erikkson, and prospects Joe Morrow, Reily Smith, and Matt Fraser for Seguin. That trade may look good now, but down the road those 3 prospects alone are looking a lot better than Seguin. If Holland traded away Fillipula, Abdelkator, Nyquist, and Smith a few years back for Seguin we’d be shouting for his head today. And consider the prospects he let walk like Brunner, Leino, and (even though he wasn’t a prospect)….Fedorov because their contract demands were too high. They all left Detroit and tanked. True he’s a bit stingy with the prospects when it comes to trades, and he holds on to some really bland mediocre veterans like Bertuzzi, Cleary, Samuellson, and Quincey (who was actually a prospect they put on waivers for salary cap reasons and went on to put up 30+ pts and quarterback power play units, and lead defense times for LA and CO for a few seasons) but as someone above noted….he isn’t playing craps with the team like they do in Toronto and Philadelphia. He’s keeping the team steady until youth develops. Over paying for the players you suggested, like Niskanen is foolish. I’d bet every bit of Niskanen’s contract that in two years the Caps end up trading or waiving him in some way to alleviate themselves of his contract because he’s going to turn out to be a 2nd pairing Dman making top tier money. And Holland did offer more money to Boyle and Ehroff with more length on the contract, they just chose to sign else where. (which happens every year, but we just don’t have a big name to dry our tears with this year)

          Last season I thought Holland made some decent signings. Alfredsson and Weiss were smart moves. Weiss didn’t pan out….yet, but if he can get healthy this season he is a very solid two way center that is seriously under rated that can easily put up 50 pts on this current Wings team. He could make Holland look like a genius this year for signing him and keeping him. And despite wanting that right handed D-man myself, we may be surprised with the maturity of the current group. Kronwall and Eriksson are solid. Dekyser is poised to have a break out season. Personally I wish they’d ditch Smith, but he was starting to improve as the year went on last year and could pan out to be a solid 2 way defender. That leaves Lashoff and Kindl as weaker links, but they’ve got Ouellet, and Marchenko with a lot of talent in the minors, and I was really impressed with Sproul the little he played this year. I think he’s going to end up being their anchor in the very near future. Maturity is the problem, not talent. So why ditch on these or other prospects for maturity right now when maturity right now turns into old and slow in a few years, right when these guys are all hitting their prime?

          Sure I’m annoyed Holland isn’t bringing in the big names like he used to, but Detroit isn’t the big name that it used to be. We’re a middle of the road team in a bad city where not even the residents want to live. Veterans aren’t looking to spend their last few years on an outside shot in a miserable city. Not until the team proves they’re more than just an outside shot. Two years ago against Chicago they showed enough to convince Alfredsson and Weiss. Last year was a wash because of all the injuries, but the wash gave our prospects some experience, we didn’t lose any key players, and with the way the east looks this upcoming season we’re still a top contender in the east and with a much deeper draft next season and a better free agent pool, and a projected higher salary cap next year….Holland may end up looking like a genius for being the chump this year.

  4. Nothing on Brian Murray who during his press conference said the team was close to a deal for a premier forward? Sad feeling that might be an overused word and that forward maybe Vinny Lacavieller.

    • I can see the Flyers retaining $1.5M and dealing Vinny to Ottawa. #1 PP time and playing with Booby Ryan-he can be productive.

      • No he cant, not sure if anyone has noticed but the Lightning got a lot better when he was gone (theres reasons for that) and the Flyers got a whole bunch better when he was hurt and had less ice time when he got back. Again look st Vinnys 5vs5 advstats he is a tire fire of a posession player. His points are all on the pp and when he is not on the power play he is hemmed in the D zone. Too slow to play with good players and no good defensively to play another role.

  5. All I have to say is the cap era sucks! It has made free agency pretty boring and has taught NOBODY anything along the lines of fiscal responsibility. 5 year deals that teams regret 20 minutes later, 6-7-8 year deals teams know a player will never live up to, cellar teams remaining in the cellar and stockpiling picks along the way….on and on.

    • Really?? I don’t see that happening at all. I saw only one long contract.
      Buffalo improved so did Florida and Edmonton, Calgary took a step forward. Dallas is in the mix now. The Blues went for it and won.

      Are you upset your Rangers have been quiet so far?

      • No not at all. The Rangers didn’t really have many options due to cap restraints, but really biggest needs for them are from within anyway (RFA’s)…………………But as far as the teams you mentioned getting “better”……here is how I replied to that same comment on yesterdays link…………………….Did they become better teams yesterday? Miller in Vancouver looks identical to Lou in Vancouver. Florida went on this kind of spending spree 2-3 years ago. Ultimately had zero results. Their best signing was Bolland, yet at the same time their worst signing because of the $$$ and terms. + Mitchell, a couple of back up goalies, Jokinen, Shawn Thornton (4th liner) ? Edmonton Fayne signing was solid, Pouliot 5 years at 4 per….for a 3rd liner? And I’m not so sure Pouliot will be a solid 3rd liner in Edmonton… Buffalo, Moulson…..wasn’t he just there? Gionta, small aging forward and Gorges plays 3-4 d-man minutes and will be good for the younger d-guys. But not going to make a huge difference.

        Teams I think got better yesterday/ over the last week. Dallas, Tampa

    • Agreed. There is no flipping way that Benoit Pouliot is worth $4 million per season for the next five years. I’m sorry. Thomas Vanek, the poster boy for underachieving, is not worth $6.5 mil per season.

      As for the Rangers, their hands were tied. With Brian Boyle, it wasn’t about money – he wants a larger role, but I don’t think he’s earned it. He’s a fourth, maybe a third-liner at best. Benoit Pouliot, I covered above. Anton Stralman, I would have liked to have seen him stay, but again, he wanted more money and longer term than what the Rangers were willing to give him. Do I think Sather should have tried to match what the Lightning were giving him? Probably. But he couldn’t.

      With Dan Boyle, the word is he’s a “weapon” on the Power Play, but I’ve heard that about so many players over the past ten years that I’ll believe it when I see it. Our PP is ABYSMAL and needs to be fixed yesterday.

      • Ronnie, The Rangers did get much better on the PP last year than under Torts flawed system. NY was deep in the Fayne hunt, but I think chose Boyle over Fayne because they lost Richards on the point for the PP. NY would have been hard pressed to keep Boyle or Stralman considering the tax / cost of living differences between NY and Florida.

    • I think it’s somewhere in between. This year teams seemed to show a lot more restraint that last year. There were way more deals that I thought were really solid signings than in the past. Still some bad ones, there always will be, but there was some good value out there this year.

      J. Jokinen – 4 years at 4M
      Ehrhoff – 1 Year 4M
      Fayne – 4 years, 3.5M
      Stastny – 4 years, 7M
      Vanek – 3 years, 6.5M
      Brad Richards – 1 year, 2M

      There was only one deal over 5 years, and for the most part not many teams really screwed themselves. I mean Buffalo and Florida needed to spend to get to the floor, and will be filling in gaps with ELC players, so they did overpsend a bit, but they needed to as bottom feeders, and they could afford to. Outside of Washington, i don’t think anybody completed screwed themselves this year. Washington was a trainwreck. They basically said “Hey you know what would turn our team around defensively, let’s take two second pairing guys from a team who’s biggest weakness is poor defense, and give them a combined 11.25 million a year on long term contracts, that oughta do it”

      • This year may look better on paper, but that has a lot to do with who could spend. NY, Toronto, Philly, Pittsburgh, Chicago, LA, were a little too cash strapped to really dive in the UFA pool. But those that didn’t dive in, are struggling with the years previous they couldn’t show any restraint.

    • funny I was just thinking the same thing yesterday. I dont recall to many deals that were over 3 years in term. It seems worse in recovery time, if your team is in a bad situation and needs to change/rebuild
      I still remember when gary bettman and his new nhl were starting out and at the time chris chelios said something along the lines of “bettman should watch his back” and then bettman hired bodyguards the next day – hahaha priceless

    • Only bad contract that was as bad as you are describing was Orpik’s and Bolland… Otherwise the rest were all reasonable.

      • Pouliot bad deal, Niskanen terrible deal, Miller confusing / dysfunctional deal, Stralman….we’ll see deal, Gionta bad deal, but Floor deal….

        • I thought Edmonton came out pretty sweet. They don’t need to go and recruit any star power. They have it in all that skilled youth. What Edmonton Ned’s is hard working veterans to show the youth how to compete and allow them to take the lead. Some solid D aquisitions. Nice draft pick. Roll players added to the mix. Some young blood still moving up the chrts like Nurse. The West is so so tough but for a team like Edmonton where no one wants to go for whatever reason the Oilers seem to be doing it right.

          • Agreed Jeff Noel. But I think they are missing that 2nd line center especially with Gagner now gone. I don’t think Draisaitl will be ready for the upcoming season.

        • – Pouliot deal was alright. He’s basically in that Ott class.
          – Niskanen deal money wise was a great deal. However the length is to long.
          – Miller deal was good. I don’t see how it’s confusing. They needed a good starting net minder and they got the best one on the market in Miller. At basically the going rate of a big name goalie and they scored big on the length of the contract. 3 years? Surprised he didn’t get 5-6 years.
          – Stralman deal was right on the money as well. Guy was unbelievable last year, you should know that more then anyone else on here. $4.5 mill for a guy in his late 20’s playing unbelievable hockey is pretty good. I would have just offered a 3-4 year contract but what’s an extra year.
          – Gionta deal was bad but as you said already it was a cap floor contract.

          • Pouliot….. 36 career pts season….. alright at 4 per for 5 years???????????????? He is a 3rd liner….without Zuzzarello… you think he hits 36 points? I don’t and nobody in their right mind does… Miller is Lou all over again their career stats are identical…… What i said was “dysfunctional” …. why bother trading Lou (and Schneider) at a cheaper cap hit… longer yes, but cheaper, for the same exact guy…) Stralman, A guy that not signed by NY was KHL bound or worse…… and paired with Staal…… (a 1-2 guy on most teams) … Not paired with a #1-2 guy…we will see!!!!

  6. ” EDMONTON SUN: Oilers GM Craig MacTavish still needs to add a center and intends to keep up the search to find one. ”

    needs a centre MacTavish needs a lot more than a centre…..good luck with the search

    • I guess that’s why he traded Gagner away….

      • MacT stated that Ganger wasn’t going to stay at center if they hadn’t traded him. He would have been a 3rd line winger.

    • Not really they are looking good for next season.

  7. Not to harp on the blue and white but seriously does anyone out there (besides Shticky) think this roster is improved over last year if not worse?

    • They didn’t do a whole lot so I don’t think they’ve improved. It will be great to hopefully see some marlies up next year but, to me, the core was the issue. They did nothing to fix their problems.

      • You hit the nail on the head. Bring some Marlies up to the big club and I think people will be amazed at how hard they work and how coachable they are.The fourth line could be all Marlies and a couple of defencemen deserve a shot as well.To me, in the cap era, the answer for a lot of teams, including the Leafs, is to use prospects that have paid their dues.

        • Just seems like utter Panic by Nonis after watching him sign a 37 year old D man for a 3 year term and spending crazy money and term on a 3rd/4th line guy who can’t score or feed a pass if his life depended on it.

          • Id rather miss the playoffs with a younger team and get a decent pick than, finnish 8 from the bottom with a team thst spent over the cap.
            Polak >Gleason mill less
            Robidas 3 mill >than Gunnar at 4
            Komarov at 2.9 >Kuli at 3mill +
            Holland at 1mill>than Bolland at 3.75
            Frattin at 800k>Damigo at 1 mill

            Yes I think they are better, if not better is the cap space and hopefully the pick.

          • Srry gunnar was 3 keying error, Robidas is a better d man than Gunnar.

          • Now if we could only get rid of Franson and Lupul and bring up Granberg and Levio, maybe find find a bit of depth…Id really like where its going.

          • Shticky lets make a deal you don’t post any responses under my postings and I will refrain from posting under yours.
            You used all your greater then and less then signs the wrong way much like your thinking.
            Second off you can’t compare player to player you have to compare the players involved in trades and buyouts as a whole
            Robidas + Polak + Gunnars salary retention + Gleasons buyout cap hit + Frattin = $8.1M
            Gunnar + Gleason + D’Amigo= $8.1M
            The Cap space is still the same on actual trades and buyouts.

            To only compare salaries and not what Bolland brings to the table over Holland is ridiculous. They are two totally different players who bring totally different skills
            With that mind set you would be comparing Phaneufs salary to Reilly’s.

          • Youre really are a tool…. greater and less signs backwards lol Im not pointing out who makes more money, Ill slow it dow for ya again, there money ball

            Polak makes a mill and a half less than Gleason and is a better player hence
            Polak>Gleason savings is about a mill
            Robidas is just plain old better than Gunnar same price
            Holland at 1 million for a 3 c is better than Bolland at 3.75 nvm he now makes 5.5 so
            Fringe thrid fourth liner Fratin 800k is better than fringe fourth liner D’amigo at a mill so
            Fratin >Damigo
            All in all you just essentially filled the spots of the guys you let walk with pretty comparable players if not better players and saved around 4 mill off the cap. Jeezus

          • Shticky is totally right on those moves 24/7. I don’t like agreeing with Shticky but the Leafs have improved. You guys are lucky not to have overpaid for injury riddled Bolland.

          • Once again Shticky you are a compete joke. Polak was traded for Gunnar not Gleason. Your Cap dollar comparisons make no sense comparing Polak’s salary to Gleason’s. Either compare the player that was traded for the player you received ie Gunnars salary to Polak or compare all the transactions you did to what you would have had (non UFA’s). Shticky you need a crash course in a beginners math course.

            Jes I was referring to his post that the Leafs improved Cap wise on the trades and buyouts not because they didn’t over pay for Bolland since they had no intention of signing him for that price ever.

    • I like the Komarov signing, but Nonis overpaid a little bit. $2.5 would have been ok IMO.
      The Robidas signing????? A one year deal would have been worth the risk. But 3 years? Could be most of the time on LTIR….
      What I also don’t understand was the Gleason trade. Would have rather bought out Liles. The Canes traded only for Liles to get rid of Gleason.
      Polak for Gunnarsson? Looking forward how that pans out….
      Hope they trade Franson and thank god they did not sign Bolland, Kulemin and Raymond for what they got (or even more)!
      If they resign Gardiner there is one open spot on defense, who should be filled out with a Marlies player (Granberg, Holzer…. whoever impresses most in training camp)!
      Will be also interesting who will be signed / traded to fill out the other spots on forward!

      • And yes I am keeping in mind there is plenty of time for them to screw this up by signing Ott or Legwand to a bigger deal but right now I dont hate where this is going.

  8. Mac T is trying to better his club, but they should have gone this way two or three years ago imo. They put too much on the shoulders of the kids, and didnt balance out the roster with vets to take some of the heat off of the likes of RNH, Eberle, Hall etc. I’m a Canucks fan and I want rivalries, games that are fun to watch when you have two teams that dislike each other.

  9. So Ottawa is worse July 1st then June 30th.
    Leafs worse July 1st then June 30th.
    I should have known better then to watch the top free agents sign with American based NHL teams. I mean, I’ve been preaching it for years Canadian teams are forever a farm system for the American teams. Canadian teams got nothing of value higher then a 3-4 line forward and a 3-4 defence. They ONLY got a couple decent goalies because there was no market on the US teams for high priced goalies.
    But seriously, when are the Canadian teams (and I say this in the voice and words of Jeremy Roenick) gonna “WAKE UP”. They must know whats going on. I can see it. My buddies can see it. What a joke we have become north of the border.
    Fans of Canadian teams (and I include myself) are nothing but suckers. Were not gonna win a cup ever. We keep pouring our money, keeping the USA teams afloat (extremely ironic) into our favourite teams and it’s all for not. Maybe a fluke run in the playoffs but I am sorry, thats all we will ever get. Bettman must go to bed at night tucked in to his America flag comforter, with his head on his American flag pillow case in his Bald eagle pyjamas with the biggest smile on his face.

    • I don’t think 7 Canadian teams are keeping 23 American teams afloat. There are plenty of strong American markets, NY, Philly, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Pittsburgh, LA, etc. The top 10 grossing Hockey market include 7 in the US and 3 in Canada. I think that American teams play a big hand in keeping the Florida, Tampa, Nashville, Buffalo, and Columbus teams afloat.

      • NYR4LIFE-I know Buffalo falls into the revenue sharing part but their fan base/ticket sales are close to sell outs every game. You cannot compare the Sabres to the other markets you mentioned.

      • NYR4LIFE-I know Buffalo falls into the revenue sharing part but their fan base/ticket sales are close to sell outs every game. You cannot compare the Sabres to the other markets you mentioned. I’m pretty sure that they could survive w/o what ever Rev sharing they get.

      • I didn’t say keeping ALL American teams afloat, but on an average, like we make up 22% of the number of teams but our teams account for 30++ % of NHL revenue.

        • Are we talking “gate revenue” or overall revenue? TV deals, sponsorships (American vs Canadian) merchandising etc? Do you have a link that provide the 30% broken down?

          • And honestly show me what % of Canadian teams revenues do Winnipeg Calgary and Ottawa account for…lol bet you financially they dont account for much more if any league revenue than some of those American teams you are complaining about.

      • @Chelly07,
        While they may sell out every game, they operate in the Red as far as operations go….As many US sports franchises do, including the almighty NY Yankees.

        • I honestly dont think Toronto is worse, and if they are the draft pick next year will be worth it. Looking at the roster the way it sits now tho, I think with a move or 2 they could be much better than some are giving them credit for and a whole lot better than last year. Still way way too early in the off season to say a team that finnished 8th last is worse.

          • the 4 bottom teams in revenue or worth or whatever are all american teams.

        • NYR4LIFE – Curious as to what website you can find this info on? I’d love to see how all the NHL teams compare.

          • The one BCflamesfan above is a good start, Forbes. But I believe that is only taking “gate revenue” into consideration. It does not consider local, national TV deals, merchandising or revenue sharing income into the numbers.

        • I mean the 14 bottom teams

          • You are reading the list incorrectly, you are reading “net worth”….click on the right side at the top where it shows “operating income” and sort by that. 11 of the US teams operate in the red, the rest are in the black. But again this is based off of gate revenue. NJ’s (in the Red) revenue $78 million, While the Sens, and Jets made $83 and $79, million and operated under 7% in the black.

            I have to ask. If we took the 11 teams operating in the red,(gate revenue) and shoved them into Canada, do you think they would perform better or worse?

          • I think in bigger cities they would perform better. Hamilton, Quebec City.

          • Bigger city like Hamilton???? Hamiltons population is 500 k Columbus is almost twice the size. Ottawa has almost 1 million people quite a bit more in their market which is 4 hrs away from Toronto. How much revenue do they generate? How much do you think a team in Hamilton does competing with the Leafs about an hour down the road after the first year? There maybe 1 (or 2 if Toronto got a second team) city left in Canada that could posdibly (just maybe) support a team Hamilton is not it. Quebec city Ill give you now name 10 more cities that have a population closer to a mill.

  10. Still surprised Leafs did not trade Reimers rights to Winnipeg. Could have at least got a pick. Reimer wants out, and no team benefits from discontent. I know they will not give him away but its time for both to move on. Obviously the Leafs are trying to drive up his trade value once they have him under contract. Thought they would have replaced him with McIntyre but he has landed in Carolina. Good luck to him!

  11. @ DChamp – Agree the situation sucks but not all is tied to Bettman. 1. Taxes in Canada kill players playing in Canada. 2. Media kills players playing in Canada. Neither have anything to do with Bettman. Its a vicious circle. You do not win without good players. Good players do not want to come to your team unless you are a contender. Don Cherry slams the Leafs for not having enough Canadian players. See points 1 and 2. How come he never slams a guy like Dave Bolland for jumping to Florida for 10% more money than the Leafs offered. Good Mimico Kid? Greedy Mimico Kid. The Canadian players have little loyalty when they cannot see past the dollar signs.

    • Well, I think the NHL should implement rules to help with the tax problems. Say, allowing for Canadian teams salary cap to be higher in accordance with the taxes and exchange on the US dollar. I mean, we have a league that runs from 2 countries, and the US teams, due to different government and different economic power, has a huge advantage over Canadian teams. How is that fair for us? It’s like mixing the olympics and special olympics…..one party has a big advantage. It is a vicious cycle, BUT it needs to be turned around.

      • I have to disagree on all parts here. All 30 teams are paid in US currency meaning all things are equal, as far as the taxes go check out this link for the breakdown……….http://www.forbes.com/sites/kurtbadenhausen/2013/10/01/u-s-tax-changes-level-the-playing-field-for-canadian-nhl-teams/

        Not to mention that in 09-10 the Canadian dollar was actually stronger than the US dollar, Not that it matters because as I stated above the NHL is entirely based on US currency. But if it did matter, is it going flip the other way if the Canadian dollar is stronger than the US? This could change many times a year.

        There are a lot of US cities that have larger tax problems than others. LA. NY, Chicago etc Not to mention some of the highest living expenses in North America. Does that get taken into consideration?

        What about strength of competition in many US markets. The NFL, NBA, NCAA and to a lesser extent MLB all interfere with NHL revenue in the US. Where as Canada has nowhere near that kind of competition.

        I don’t think that it is as tilted as many make it out to be.

  12. I agree, but it is complicated. Its not just tax bases different between US and Canada. Its the four Hockey Market Provinces in Canada and the however many Hockey Market States in the US , all with different rates. Frustrating, Yes!

  13. There is a huge rumor running a muck on the internet having P. Sharp and Leddy going to Ottawa for their 2015 1rst round pick, Lazar and Greening. Perhaps more pieces involved on both sides. This rumor needs to be squashed hard. I like the idea getting Sharp and Leddy as Ottawa needs help on the back end as well as up front. But giving up a 1rst round and Lazar who is one of the top prospects league wide is ridiculous. Ottawa has many of prospects and Murray stating in his press conference a team is looking into a prospect he offered up for a trade leads me to believe its not Lazar. He is pretty well known I don’t think any team will spend to much time figuring him out. What you all think?

    • that will be giving Chicago Conner McDavid. Chicago are not dumb, they know where Ottawa is going to finish.

  14. I think alot of Canadadian teams need to build a wiining team to make players wanna go there.Top free agents wanna go where they have a chance at winning.I also think they look at who is running a team and see how teams treat players example Reimer and Phaneuf .The leafs sign Dion then wanna trade him Reimer helps leafs to playoffs and then they tell him go sit on the pine,and them listening to Kessel saying Bozak is a number one center.then they buy out Gleason and sign Robidas ,mangement looks dumb in my opinion.Edmonton and Calgary are in a spot where they have to overpay till they start winning.Vancouver can still draw because of the Sedins and now new management.Winnipeg needs new management and trades.Toronto could have easily gone after Stastny he woulda helped them but they woulda had to loosen the wallets and given him more term or an extra million per year.If the Canadian teams got into the playoffs consistently players will go there.

  15. The Hawks are $2.2M over? Hey Kris Versteeg, who happens to suck, just happens to be a $2.2M cap hit. Weird.

    • lol…