NHL Morning Rumor Mill – July 4, 2013.

With the start of the NHL Free Agency Period only a day away, here’s the latest on Stephen Weiss, Nathan Horton, Daniel Briere, Tim Thomas & more.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports the Senators hope to re-sign Daniel Alfredsson, who is getting calls from several clubs interested in signing him…LA Kings are still trying to re-sign defenseman Rob Scuderi, who is also getting some calls from other clubs…the Bruins and Patrice Bergeron are closing in on a contract extension which could be worth between $52-$54 million…Three teams have contacted Tim Thomas’ agent to express interest…It’s believed Nathan Horton has met with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Red Wings could pursue Stephen Weiss.

Red Wings could pursue Stephen Weiss.

DETROIT FREE PRESS/MLIVE.COM: Helene St. James reports the Red Wings are interested in Florida Panthers center Stephen Weiss, plus they continue negotiations with Daniel Cleary and Damien Brunner. Ansar Khan reports the Wings have had “exploratory talks” with Weiss, Mike Ribeiro, Matt Cullen, Andrew Ference and Marek Zidlicky. They’re not prepared to make big offers for David Clarkson and Nathan Horton, but have some interest in Jarome Iginla.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wings biggest need is for a second line center so I expect they’ll pursue Weiss and Ribeiro. They could use another experienced blueliner but I doubt they overpay for Ference or Zidlicky.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports former Bruins winger Nathan Horton was in Columbus yesterday to meet with Blue Jackets officials and tour their arena.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Considering Horton’s injury history and rumored asking price of six years, $36 million, if I were a GM, I’d think very carefully about this potential investment. Actually, if I were an NHL GM, I wouldn’t pursue Horton for his reported asking price. He’s undeniably talented, but his injury history scares me.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports Matt Cullen has fielded calls from several teams but hasn’t ruled out re-signing with the Wild. Russo also suggests the Wild could replace bought-out blueliner Tom Gilbert with former Canucks defenseman Keith Ballard, himself recently bought out of his contract.  Other targets could include “Andrew Ference, Rob Scuderi, bought-out Mike Komisarek and Michal Rozsival.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I know the Wild really want to re-sign Cullen so I wouldn’t rule out his staying in Minnesota. They could use another experienced blueliner but they’re also pressed for cap space. It could come down to choosing between re-signing Cullen or pursuing a veteran defenseman.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports the Bruins are searching for depth at right wing. Among their targets is Ottawa’s Daniel Alfredsson. There’s also talk of bringing back Jaromir Jagr. Jarome Iginla and Daniel Briere could also be options. They could also consider more affordable options like “Michael Ryder, Valtteri Filppula, Damien Brunner, Pierre-Marc Bouchard, Brad Boyes, Ryane Clowe and Brenden Morrow”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins have limited cap space and must re-sign Tuukka Rask. Ultimately, they could end up going with considerably cheaper options on right wing.

THE TENNESSEAN:  Josh Cooper reports the Nashville Predators seek scoring in this summer’s free agent market. Among their targets could be Daniel Briere, Mike Ribeiro, Nathan Horton, Viktor Stalberg and Ryane Clowe.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Predators are reportedly on Briere’s short list so there’s a good chance they could land him. The Devils and Canadiens are also reportedly on that list. Speaking of Briere…

NJ.COM: The Devils, Canadiens and Buffalo Sabres are reportedly pursuing Daniel Briere.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Those clubs have the advantage of being reasonably close to Briere’s off-season home in Philadelphia, where his sons live during the season.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Five centers the Stars could target for summer trades include Colorado’s Paul Stastny, Boston’s Tyler Seguin, Philadelphia’s Brayden Schenn or Sean Couturier, and Edmonton’ Sam Gagner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Apparently, none of those players are available, so the Stars will have to look elsewhere.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater doesn’t expect the Avalanche to be big players in this summer’s UFA market. If they do go fishing in the UFA pond, it could be for affordable defensemen like Toni Lydman, Douglas Murray, Rob Scuderi, Michal Rozsival, Jordan Leopold, Marc-Andre Bergeron and Ian White.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Leopold was recently re-signed by the St. Louis Blues.

TBO.COM: Erik Erlendsson speculates if the Lightning dip into the UFA pool, it could be for an affordable forward.

WASHINGTON POST: John Feinstein believes the Capitals need more depth, but this summer isn’t the right one for them to make a splash via free agency.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz doesn’t expect the San Jose Sharks to add to their roster this summer via free agency.

POST-GAZETTE.COM: It seems increasingly unlikely Matt Cooke will return with the Penguins.


  1. Shero has something up his sleeve, not sure where he is getting all of this $ but one has to trust him … no loss in Cooke, he played like a boy scout after that reprimand he took after his cheap shots … Pens need to get bigger on the 3rd & 4th lines … Matt Hendricks? Eric Nystrom? Jamal Mayers?

  2. Horton wants too much and he lacks the will to play in a real hockey market.
    So who wants an injury risk overpay for a guy that just wants to coast?

    Bruins should forget about Jagr, he’s slower than molasses.
    You’d need a sun dial to time him.
    Better to sign cheaper a option like Clowe or Boyes or spend cash on Iggy.

    I’d be wary of signing 36 year old Cullen.
    Yes, he played well last season but it was only a 48 game season.
    Could he stay healthy and maintain that point pace next season and play a full tilt of games?

    Tampa needs a number 2 center, they’ll be going for the UFA leftovers or
    Perhaps make a trade.

    • Where does this come from? Horton was one of the most important players in the playoffs (the most important time of the year), who led the entire league in +/-. Not by a bit, but by a bunch. +/- is typically a team or subjective stat.. untill someone comes along and absolutely crushes it. Horton is a serious clutch player who also performs very well when it counts the most.

      The only hit you could have against him is his injury history.. but then you could also point to his ability to rebound from injury..

      Expect someone to sign him to big money, and get rewarded for it too.

  3. Doug mcclean said this morning clarkson is looking for a 7 year 5.2 mill deal.. I hope that’s his starting point not his ending point.. That is rediculous for a guy who until the last 2 years hasn’t put up much in points. I’d stay away until his price drops. Same with horton, bozak, weiss, and filpulla. Weaker ufa list and the gms will still over spend.
    I hope leafs let the craziness settle and gms that over spend need to dump salary to make some trades.

    • Agreed. Clarkson at half a point a game player is not worth more than $3.5M in my books.

      Wait for next July, the UFAs are drastically better.

      • You can’t always look at ppg, you also look at what a player brings to the table. Clarkson is a huge pest that can also put the puck in the net and fight. This is a plus for the style of play the Leafs need and are looking to bring.

        • sounds like expensive sandpaper.

      • Most of those UFA’s next year will be resigned. This year looked ok till their teams resigned most of the better ones. It is like this every year – only the waste remains.

        • Of course, minus all the compliance buyout UFA’s. I was just referring to regular UFA’s with naturally expired contracts. :)

  4. Not a whole lot available in free agency that can make a huge impact. I’d venture to say that the best guys available are depth players. I think Filpula (assuming Detroit doesn’t resign him) is the best guy available at a reasonable price. Weiss can be good, but is very incosistent. Horton and Clarkson want too much money for what they bring to the table. All of the d-men available are 4-6th guys. I would sign Jagr in a heartbeat at 2-2.5M.

    Don’t overspend…. these are the guys who’s contracts will be anchors down the road.

    • “I would sign Jagr in a heartbeat at 2-2.5M.”

      LOL! A guy that scored no goals in all of the playoffs this year and is slow? Good thing you’re no GM.

      • Did you watch what Jagr did on the ice with and without the puck? Good thing your not a hockey fan. And this is coming from a hawks fan.

        • one playoffs he didn’t show up. the guys old. he’s not gonna be a leader in points and goals all his life even if his name is jaromir jagr. he still puts up decent numbers in the regular season. just disappeared this one playoff for whatever reason. Jagr is most def worth $2-$3 million a year. And if you think otherwise you either just plain hate the guy or just don’t know hockey. The guy does everything up and down the rink plus puts up points. Those kind of players don’t grow on trees

      • Jagr is definitely worth $2-2.5 million in my opinion. Great without the puck.

        • Agreed 2 mill is a steal for Jagr if someone got him between 2-2.5 they are doing good playing in the top 9 probably top 6 For 2 mill how could you complain about that?

  5. Don’t forget to add Bozak and his eight year demands to your list. He has to be the most over priced over rated UFA at 8yrs just under $5M. What a joke. He doesn’t take the body, he’s scared to go in the corners, he refuses to stand in front to deflect pucks, he misses sooo many good chances set up by Kessel and JVR (even a blind squirrel finds a nut every so often). His only claim to fame is his faceoff percentage which actually sucked against the very capable Bruins centers and his backchecking which I might add is questionable because I see him float back quite often. Please, please someone take this guy so I don’t have to read how the Leafs signed him to a six year deal over the next few days. IF Nonis signs this guy to anything more then a three yr $3.5M contract I will hang up my Leaf jersey for good and start cheering for a different team. No Joke…

    • How can anyone disagree here? The difference between Grabo and this guy is that Grabo wants to win and fights for ice time, whereas Bozak reminds me more of Hollywood.

      • Here here.

        Not to hate on Bozak but it’s the truth and I am simply valuing him as an average 2nd liner or decent third liner. $3.5M for 3 years. Imagine paying Bozak $5M and paying Bolland 3.4M to play our second and third lines. Where will all the other money come from to pay actual guys who have the talent in this cap world? This is not the pre-cap era where we can pay who ever, what ever, and get away with it.

    • 100% right—except I would let him walk—-crap player—he is like todd gill and allan bester of yester year—-junk—1.5 was too much—ship has sailed

      • alan bester… amazing reference

  6. @beergoggles how you like the buyout of grabo news lol..

    • Hate to say I told you so but…lol

      • I have to admit I am surprised they bought him out but I am not surprised he is gone. I figured they would be able to trade him and yes it would be for little to no value, but would save the buy out. Anyway frees up cap space for others, I hope to hell it’s not for any of the ufa centers right now as I hate the reported salary demands. Hopefully it’s a trade of some kind.
        Should be an interesting weekend…..

        • LOL!! The only way to get rid of him was to buy him out. The writing was on the wall for some time with this. I ‘am not even a Laugh fan. LOL!!

          • some were under the impression that he might get another chance to play in the top 2 lines there Mark…

      • X2

      • Shticky says:
        July 4, 2013 at 4:25 pm
        Hate to say I told you so but…lol


    • I’m shocked. I am humbled and happy all at the same time. I eat my words.

      NOW if they use this cash to sign Boz a second line center to some stupid five year deal for $4.5M I say management is just plain stupid.

      • @ BEER GOGGLES

        I discussed this with you last week and stated that Grabo would be bought out…to make space for UFAs signing ……Phanuef will be the next to go VIA trade ….this team will be greatly improved and dismantled at the same time …..they have no choice there is way too many very high quality players available …

        Id say the Leafs will land Weise Horton Ferrence and Clarkson and trade Dion as well !

        • Quik note on Bozak

          Kessel effecting Bozak deal …may not resign with Leafs if Bozak moves on !!!

          Ive been posting for a year now that Dallas would be a great trading partner with the leafs and they are front runners for Bozak if he goes UFA might see a deal here involving others !!

          also thinking Leafs have a huge deal in pl;ace to get Evander Kane and talks about a blockbuster in Colorado

          • Where are you hearing about a blockbuster in Colorado? Are you one of Eklund’s so called ‘sources’? lol

        • i don’t you’re right.. .I love Ferrence and Horton. They should be targeted heavily, and make sure to spend wisely with Clarkson.

          • Looking like Horton going to Columbus ( high probability ) or possibly Nashville

        • Dear Lord!?

        • It’s not that I didn’t want Grabo bought out or that I wouldn’t have bought him out if I was GM I just thought MLSE was to cheap to do so. Don’t get me wrong they are still cheap just not as much as I thought. They could have bought out Liles instead of Komi and really free’d up space for the future or even better used one of the two compliance buyouts to buyout a huge contract for a guy on another team that couldn’t afford to do so. Anyways water under the bridge the Grabo buyout is good enough for now. Hopefully they can move Liles and his entire contract so it won’t matter.

      • Hmm Im thinking thats probably next…lol and as much as I think thats an over payment I like it better then paying Roy Weiss Ribero or the likes of them 5 mill plus

  7. According to Darren Dreger @ TSN, Dallas also interested in Tyler Bozak. Bozak also played jr hockey with McGinn. TSN’s Jonas Seigel made this analysis below of Bozak versus Mikhail Grabovski. Based on these numbers, I would let Bozak walk, and let Grabovski have a serious try at first line centre, not just a game or two. He makes room for wingers and deserves to get as full a look as Bozak did.

    No question Grabovski struggled in 2013. And yet, his numbers don’t differ significantly from Bozak in far less ice-time & defensive role.Bozak: 18 even-strength points in 722 mins. Grabovski: 13 in 664. Bozak: 12 goals. Grabovski: 9. Bozak: 52.6% FO. Grabovski: 50.6%.Bozak played 187 more minutes than Grabovski, including 55 more on the power-play.Also doesn’t factor in difference in linemates. Grabovski played with McClement, Kulemin, MacArthur, Frattin. Bozak with Kessel, JVR.

  8. Just heard Leafs have bought out Grabovski 12:11 ET LOL So much for the analysis!

    • Wow, maybe Nonis decided to buyout Grabovski, for the purpose of giving Bozak his (Grabovski) old contract dollars of $5.5M per…or giving Bozak $5M per.

      • Nope Grabos money goes to Clarkson probably long term

        • Not so fast confident one. There are many teams in play for him…

          • Yep but I dont recall him ever saying that he wore senator pjs as as kid, but I do fecall him saying he loved Wendal Clark and he has always wanted to play in TO. And now thete is another Mimco Ont native in the line up, Im not sure I would pay him what he is going to get or the term he is going to get ( it has all the smells of long term bad deal) but Im almost sure Clarkson will be a Leaf,

  9. I heard that Briere has accepted an offer with the Canadiens. Contract is for 2 years for $8 million, Cap hit of $4 million a year.

    • Where did you hear this?

    • do you have a link?

  10. Leafs will buy out Grabbo today and will sign a free agent for sure.
    bozak still wants at least 5 yrs/5 mil and leafs offered less years and salary.
    nonis also has trade offers to consider for tomorrow.

  11. The Grabo buyout only makes sense !

    • According to CapGeek, Grabovski is boughtout!

      • great move by leafs. i see clarkson a leaf by the end of the week. maybe even weiss or statsny.

  12. With the prices of what the players are trying or going to fetch, this’ll be another year where the Leafs don’t get anyone of significance. I can see our Regular Season roster looking like:


    • Well, maybe the roster will look like (with Grabovski being boughtout):


      • Bolland is not a top line C. Are you hoping this, or have you heard this somewhere?

        • When all is said and done there will be no room for Colbourne and there never really was …not NHL material !

        • Bolland is not top line C, but I am thinking the Leafs don’t get a top line legit 1C. Bolland put up good points on Chicago’s 3rd nd 4th line, I imagine he can produce well on our 1st line. 2 years ago he put up 30 goals. On the top line, I think he’ll take some pressure off of Kessel and Lupul.

          • Bolland is not to be #1 Center and was never the intention ….

            there is a bigger cake baking right now ……Nonis is pushing hard on trade fronts …Leafs will not look like the same team AT ALL …..Nonis recreating the team and its needs …

          • Hope your right buddy

          • keep in mind that he got those points not playing against the best. he’s small. i bet they keep him on 3rd line and PK unit.

          • bolland has never scored thirty , not even close his best is nineteen . he has only topped forty points once five years ago . multiple concussions and chronic back problems have completely changed the way he plays . lifelong hawks fan

  13. Boston has some options. Ok on d but need to replace Horton. Moving Seguin to top line wing in Hortons spot is a good move. Jagr on Bergerons line worked ok and he improved our power play. Just not sure how much he’s looking for. I think Iginla is a better choice younger but may cost more. Knowing Chiarelli he will grab a guy no one expects.

  14. I don’t think Fillpula should be on the list of a more “affordable options” than Briere, Horton and Clarkson. Doesn’t the guy want like $5 Million a year? That’s definitely not a more affordable option.

  15. I see Grabo landing in Anaheim as the eventual replacement for Koivu. Failing that I could see Edmonton or Calgary have a really good look at him. Paid way too much in last contract, but really got screwed by coaching. He was a Carlyle player but Carlyle just did not know it. What other 5’11” forward goes head to chest with Chara, gets roughed up and comes back to score the game winning goal? Bozie? Naw.

    • Thought about Anaheim with the Burke connection but I think they will sign Koivu and Selanne for one more year. Calgary is my pick. Grabo isn’t a bad player just not worth the contract that he had. Think he gets 3.5 or so per year.

    • Grabovsky

      I see Grabovsky going to the Capitals to play with OVIE since they are not resigning Ribiero …this is a perfect fit for both all around !!

      • I hear they are in the mix as well. Dallas was but are now out obviously Boston ? lol.

        • i doubt boston, they don’t need any centers even with the trade of seguin.

          but how about that trade eh? huge…

    • 2nd line in Calgary

  16. I can only assume Philly will now sign Grabo for five years five million. Lol

    • LOL

    • Nonis coiuld not trade Grabovsky but Edmon had no problems unloading 55 year old Horcroff?

  17. Patrik Elias has signed a three-year extension with the New Jersey Devils, worth $16.5 million.

  18. Clarkson seems like Jeff O’Neil all over again for the Leafs, buyer beware!

    • Amen!

      • LOL

    • I agree here. I’d rather try and trade for Bobby Ryan and give him the $5M

  19. I am suprised Grabo was bought out.. didn’t think the Leafs needed to get rid of him in that fashion.
    And now they are desperately thin at Centre. There must be a trade in the works, or the team will finish in the bottom 5.

    • No offence but …Leafs finishing in bottom 5 has been happening with Grabo on the team they need to open cap space for UFA signings .

    • i don’t necessarily disagree about Grabo, but I would submit that they have too many C. Bolland 3rd line, Kadri 2nd or 1st, and Bozak/Grabo in this psuedosphere where hopefully both go and 1 comes back.

      • Nonis is going to trade Kessel with Bozak and get a Legit number one center out of that deal and then sign UFA wingers as there is plenty !

        • Why would any team trade for Bozak, when they know he is going to Free Agency on Friday? Unless Toronto can re-sign him before then.

          • Exactly
            Hes going to sign and trade and package him with Kessel to sweeten the deal ….thats how!

          • LMAO, no, just stop!

          • I am hearing Kessel has stated …to be resigning long term in T- O is based around Bozak ….this now gives Nonis a green light to explore this trade and a team will take Bozak with the better deal along with Kessel ..this is how they will get the # 1 Center than sign VERY HIGH QUALITY UFAs for wingers whom ther eis plenty and can easily fill Kessels role and deepen the team and spread around more money on multiple players

          • Could be… You never know

          • I want this

  20. The Leafs buying out Grabovski is a precursor to another move. They would not buy him out unless they have at Least a verbal agreement with Bozak, Wiess, or another center. You don’t buy out a player of Grabovski’s ability without covering your ass. I have a feeling they have come to terms with Bozak and we will probably hear about it later today!!!

    • unfortunately, you’re probably right. I don’t see how anyone could put Bozak ahead of Grabo… especially at $5M, but I’m not the GM.

      • Testify brother…

    • If it was Bozak they would have announced the signing already, has to be a plyaer from another team.

  21. I would like to thank Brian Burke for The position the Leafs find themselves in tomorrow (24 million in cap space second most). He didn’t always make the right decisions, but he foresaw this buyout era coming and set the Leafs up great for it. Nonis may win the Leafs the cup but Burke must be given just as much credit for fixing this team!!!!!

      • Yes let’s thanks brian for signing our 3 previous buy outs and leaving us with j m liles who is another player people are wanting bought out… Great job brian

        • @ JRD18

          # 1) At the time Leafs needed a Center none available Grabo had to be signed

          # 2 ) Komisarek at the time was the best D man on the UFA list

          # 3) Liles was a good pick up but bad resigning …..agree there !!!

          #4) Burke did the right all the buyouts around the league are all long term heavy $$$ deals Burke refused to sign …most of hwihc are now talked about compliance buy outs around the League AKA Richards and so on !

          • I agree with some stuff here but at the end of the day Burke wouldn’t sign the long term deals which those same deals were just amnestied out anyways. So all his yelling and screaming about those deals made no difference.


    If Kessel is the key to resigning Bozak and they want to continue to play together Id look to make a trade !

    With the arrival of McKinnon and signing of Orielly the Avs have 3 #1 Center men and need defense help …Id say a very good trade for both teams would be :




    • Your “POTENTIAL LEAF TRADE”, is that yours that you made, or an actual potential trade that is now being rumored?

      • What do you think Leaf fan !

        • LOL!! That’s all I got…

          • Hey Mark how about Seguin for Erikson ….LOL

            yeah you saw that one coming I am sure eh!!!

        • you’re on crack leafer!

    • Doubt Av’s want Phaneuf a pending UFA and Bozak another over paid center. They already have Stastny filling that overpaid slot.

      • Bozak will fill in for Stastny when they trade him or let him go to UFA next year , Kessel would be fantastic with Landeskog , McKinnon or Rielly , Johnso has not worked well in Colorado , Phaneuf would be upgrade at same money , all these needs are needed by the AVS as they are top heavy down the middle and can take care of wholes with one trade where they can stand to loose a bit ! They wont miss Downey or Johnson but Leafs would get # 1 Center fill in wings via free agency and bring in a sloid D man who plays ROUGHLY the same minutes ..Downey is toughness Leafs need on the wings as they have NONE!!!

        • I only issue is Bozak’s salary demands. Why would the Av’s get right back into the same crap after the Stastny over valued deal. Boz will be the same.

    • Sweet baby jesus what is that….

      • Awful just awful…so Kessel for Duchene straight up you think really? Top 10 guy for 2 years now in the NHL for a center, Bozak for a plug, and a top 10 in scoring for D a 25 min a night guy… for a D man many would call a bust. I dont understand how these things can even remotely be considered as anything but delusion if Nonis did this he would be fired possibly get his house burned down and no one would give him a job again.

        • No, Shticky, That would be the end of Joe and Patrick in Denver. We would most certainly burn our own beloved legends at the stake for such awfulness. Again, you leaf fans refuse to see that your entire roster is filled with crap that no one wants or needs. You’re whole garbage bin of talent reeks of broke-down over-valued players. Colorado is young, new, shiny, talented. Colorado could have only bare bones and we would still turn our nose up at anything leafs fans had to offer. You’re team stinks leafers! You guys always get yourselves worked up over trades and FA possibilities and it makes me feel bad. It’s like watching orphans at Christmas time. Like a wet puppy, you leafers don’t understand how repulsive you can be.

          But the good news is that you now have a GM that looks like he knows what he’s doing. Love the Bolland pick up. As long as you follow his example and he doesn’t follow yours, you leafers may just have brighter days ahead!

          But, Colorado still doesn’t want anything you have. Next time you covet an Av, just walk away, You will never get diamonds for dirt no matter how warped your leaf vision is. Why don’t you try and build a winner through the draft like successful teams do? That way you can covet your own players instead of drooling all over everyone elses.

          I still love ya leaf fans. I know you can’t help it. Hockey just does something to a leaf fan!

          • Ya ya ya youre right Johnson is a blessing and Downie…what a player! Again get a grip man ya we know youre an Avs fan and you despise all leaf proposals but trust me when I say 2 of those guys that play in Col would be lucky to be involved in any kind of a trade involving a top line guy, Leaf or not.

          • I believe Steve Downie can be a 20-25 goal scorer, a la Clarkson build if he keeps his head straight. Not even going to comment on this trade proposal. No way it happens, doesn’t make sense for the Avs.

            Speaking of which, anyone else like the looks of their potential 12 forwards?

            P.A. Parenteau – Matt Duchene – Ryan O`Reilly
            Gabriel Landeskog – Paul Stastny – Alex Tanguay
            Steve Downie – Nathan MacKinnon – Jamie McGinn
            Cody McLeod – John Mitchell – Patrick Bordeleau

            Would be nice to see this organization get back on track. With Elliot, Barrie poised to take a step forward on D, possibly get more out of Erik Johnson. They have Duncan Siemens who should be a player in the next few years… Obviously some holes in the lineup but I think things should be on the up and up in Denver moving forward.

          • I love how people throw around this term “build through the draft” like they know something about that. Just because Chicago and Pittsburgh won cups doing it this way (tanking), doesn’t mean it works for everyone. 2 teams out of 30 found success this way.

            By “through the draft” I’m assuming you mean the 1st round, and high first round. Otherwise, that statement means nothing as EVERYONE drafts players.

            LA/BOS did not build their teams that way. DET/NJ always never do it this way. I would gather a tally to know what team (or teams) have won the most amount of cups in the past 25 years (spoiler alert: it’s DET/NJ), and understand how they build a team. (Datsyuk/Lidstrom/Zetterburg all non 1st rounders) Then recommend that approach. Don’t just use some garbage you picked-up from TV. TV isn’t right all the time.

  23. Grabovski’s agent on the buyout:

    “I’ve been with this kid from the beginning of his pro career and I know what he can do,” Greenstin said Friday. “He’s a fighter, OK? I believe they made a mistake.”

    • Its really simple ….the Leafs need cap room as they want to go hard on UFAs that are very high quality …Grab was a back up plan at the time because there was no real good center at the time he was signed ….he was the brides mate and always will be !

      I like him but the Leafs will be a better team & a Stanley cup contender in 48 hours

      • what what? contender? Colorado deal? Tell me Clarkson isn’t the answer.

  24. I am thinking the Sens are going to resign Alfie at around $5 million for the year and they are going to back off the high priced free agents, I think they target Stalberg or Clowe to bring in some size, scoring touch, and PK ability at an affordable price.

    • Clowe is too slow, but I see a return of Stalberg!

      • Sens … not Leafs lol. Return of Stalberg to Ontario though, yes. 😉

        • I was thinking that too. I have a feeling he will be cheap. Hope he has no hard feelings.

        • The Sens biggest signing will be a re-signing of Alfredsson

  25. I though about Grabo to Washington too, but discounted it because he is not a number one centre either, but if they are willing to settle for him it would be fun to watch him and Ovechkin play together.

    • Hes a better addition than Ribeiro and lower cost faster skater better play maker and body checker

      • Backchecking stop trying to convince people to take Grabo the puck hog. Now that he’s not a Leaf anymore you don’t have to sell him to anyone anymore. LOL LOL

    • Grabo will go to Detroit, He wants to play along with Datsyuk again, His future wife is from Windsor Ontario Canada across from Detroit. and he wants to play close to home. As they will be living there and Detroit just makes far to much sense.

      • No shit I live in Windsor and have a $4M house for sale. Do you think Grabo will buy it cause no one else in this shit town can afford it. lol

  26. Dreger reporting Dallas and Boston close on a deal for Seguin for Eriksson … I’d assume Boston would be sending more the way of Dallas as Eriksson is far more proven. However this would be a solid swap for both teams.

    • JJB Good trade love Erickson as you well know as Ive been posting for a Leaf trade involving Kessel for this player for a year now!

      However it will have to be a bit more from Dallas Seguin is a former #2 pick and a Stanley Cup winner …unless Boston just wants to unload whcih it seems they do !

      Straight up it may be !!

      • Yes a three way deal with the Leafs I can see. Don’t know what Dallas would want for Seguin if they even want to move him.

  27. For those who were wondering, I am aware of the Bruins-Stars trades in the works involving Seguin and Eriksson. Once the deal is officially confirmed I’ll post the details in my news section, along with my analysis. Lots going on and I want to be sure of the details before commenting on it. I will say this in advance, if this deal goes through, it’s a significant deal by both teams, though I’m surprised the Bruins are giving up on Seguin so soon. Could come back to haunt them. We’ll see…

  28. @ JJB

    Dregger TWEET……….. Multiple pieces

    Huge trade in the works. Boston and Dallas close on a deal sending Tyler Seguin to Stars for Loui Eriksson. Other parts involved as well.
    2:00 PM – 4 Jul 2013

    • JUST a shout out to all who post here ….

      any deal is possible for any player …its always a matter of money and needs don’t forget that ! Once again players are pawns …you can not post here by looking at the names on the backs because of the emotions involved you have to look at the number on the jersey and that is it…..there will be more trades just like this so keep an open mind as needs out weigh reason sometimes!

      • amen to that!!!

    • Bob Mckenzie reporting 5 player deal Dallas – Boston draft picks and players

      • Bob hasn’t had the lead on a deal all week it’s Dregger again. I think Bob has been floating around in his swimming pool getting some sun all this week. LOL

    • Seguin for Eriksson sounds like a win for Dallas. Loui Eriksson is a good player who should play well in Boston but, let’s face it, he’s no Phil Kessel! LOL LOL

      • Actually Erikson is a better all around player very talented !!

        Worth Seguin thats saying a lot !

      • LOL

  29. I wish Chia would end this love affair with Ottawa. Please don’t go after Alfie stick to cheaper youth Jagr has shown his better days are behind him. How is it Boston is up against the cap but a team like the Pens just keep signing players to big contracts and they never seen to be running out of cap space?

  30. Nonis must have pushed hard for Seguin too. I think he’d love to have Seguin and Kadri fighting for that top spot. Doubt the B’s want him going to the Leafs though after this years 7 gamer. Nonis would have to get him from Dallas now.

    • Something big cooking with NONIS to let go of Grabo !!!

      They need top line Centers !!!!

      • I know right. but really with whats out there, who is all that better?? unless hes going to make a bigger trade and needed the cap space, if he (Nonis gets a legit #1 center, the leafs would actually be solid up the middle with the like of kadri bolland, and mcclement all ready there

    • I thought nonis would push hard to get him as well, would really end the debate as to who won the deal. there most be something significant coming back with loui, I just cant see the other pieces being minor, with seguin going the other way.

      • Or we could have a huge let down and find out they signed Bozak. lol

        • If they give bozak something like 4.5 on 5 year deal im going to be so pissed. I would rather give the kids a chance and wait a year for a true #1 center

        • Prepare for let down Dallas just came off the list of Bozak destinations…lol it Weiss or Bozak and I dont like either option…between the pair Id choose Ballsack just cause he is hurt less and Im betting thats the way it goes down Bozak 5 years 22 mill

          • @ Shticky

            I really think there is a trade to be had with the AVS and the LEAFS for Duchene ….AVS now have McKinnon , ORielly, Stastny thats four #1 Centers …..AVS need a scoring winger and a defensman who eats minutes and plays physical …..Leafs have had a Hiostory tied to Stastny in the past rumours but if the deal is sweetened which now it almost has to be I think Duchene can be had with Sakic and Roy at the helm …Kessel should be in thsi deal and can be replaced another trade or in this years UFA market as its most heavy on the quality wingers !

          • Backchecking could have something here with the Av’s. They could use Gunnar and we have Rielly to offer up. Maybe they would part with Duchene?

          • With McKinnon in the mix now …he will eventually take over Duchene position anyways …..then Orielly then Stastny whom will be either traded or let go as a Ufa to bring in a low cost prospect for the fourth line !

          • People are getting carried away the avs will not trade Duchene possibly Stasny I could see but that too would be a leap I doubt Riley or Gunnarson would be part of it…we will end up with the Boz ,Grabo wll go to Calgary taking away 1 more of the Boz destinations…lol

      • @ Beer GOGGLES

        What I want to know is ??????

        What bothers me is the fact Dallas was in the same situation as the Leafs ——

        NO # 1 Center !!

        The difference is they found a way to get 2 now…..They have perhaps the best Russian draft picks this year Nischukin ….and possibly one of the top picks last year Faksa and now they land Seguin …WOW!

        all we have going is Bozak right now . LMAO

        • I agree with you completely, we had needed a number one sinceee o ya sundin lol so why not trade for one, pull off a major trade, nonis keeps saying no one is untouchable yet, we have no number #1, burke same thing. make a big trade happen.. bet we end up with the sedin sisters lol

        • True, but they have no depth in their prospect pool, we had 5 years to build that pool, and we can’t go tampering with that!

  31. looks like seguin and peverley for eriksson and joe morrow, R smith, and matt fraser

  32. and button from boston 7 player trade

    • The Bruins traded Tyler Seguin, Rich Peverley and Ryan Button to the Stars in exchange for Loui Eriksson, Joe Morrow, Reilly Smith, and Matt Fraser.

  33. What a GREAT hockey trade …….very good for both teams !!!

    Iam wandering if Chiarelli sent off Seguin to leave a spot open for Alferdson …as Boston has now lost 2 Centers

    • Nonis needs to look at the Seguin deal and realize the only way hes getting a #1 Center is VIA a trade like this ….a multi player deal and its gonna cost Kessel and or Gardiner . for multiple needs for the Leafs

      .Ive been hammering this home for over a year now ………has to be done !!!!!

      • You have been trying to dump kessel for a year and I will say again that is a stupid idea.
        how would they replace a guy that was a top 10 scorer the last 2 seasons and is improving his 2 way game as well.
        You also keep trying to trade Gardner which is dumb.
        Avs are not moving Duchshene,that is a fantasy team trade.
        Same goes for Phaneuf who was very good in games he was not run into the ground with far too many minutes vs top lines.
        If they trade him who takes the minutes?
        If Dallas and Avs players are so good and better then the Leafs you want to dump why were they not up there in the standings.

        • Unfortunately its may be the only way to spread around money and get a legit # 1 Center …sorry !

          Its not about DUMPING ….ITS ABOUT NEEDS!!!!!

          • Reilly (last years 5th over all) is a big trading chip and we still could move Gunnar and either this years first rounder or next years. Pretty decent package to land a legit #1

          • I still would rather see a trade for Ryan and get his 30 goal seasons and $5M salary then sign Clarkson for north of that figure. I realize the package will be significant but what a difference having Ryan and JVR wing one line with Kessel and Lupul winging the other line. I know, I know we need a solid D man and a #1 center more…

          • @ BEER GOGGLES

            Love Ryan …however we don’t need another finesse winger we need a gritty 20 + goal scorer who makes a difference and get tough and causes turn overs in the corners in the offensive zone ..Clarkson is a rare breed Id take him for positional needs right now instead !

          • A number 1 center like we had when Sundin was here and he had no one to play with you mean? That worked well maybe we could get a number 1 center and a grest plsyer like Jonas Hoglund was because all you need is a number 1 center and they will make the whole team great! We should trade the whole top line and Dion and get a center this makes sense right?

        • @ TOP RIGHT CORNER

          Nothing is fantasy right now !!! Any and all trades are legit !!!

          once again teams need to movbe money and repoise themselves positionaly …..this is why!!!

          How si trading Kessel and Pieces for a number 1 Cneter a dump its not its a NEED!!!

          AVS NEED a scoring winger ……to play with the 3 #1 Centers it makes perfect sense not sure where your at …but there is no other team in the League that has a legit FOUR #1 Centers ….it really makes sense …AVS will have to pay them all at some point they cant do that !! Iam not worried about replacing Phaneufs minutes thats for sure……they need to spread around those minutes any ways and give bigger roles to more players !

          • IF they can land Ference he’s good for 22min per game and so is Franson and Gardiner which leaves and either Gunnar or Phaneuf taking the spot at twenty two min, Liles and Fraser would rounding out the six Dmen. So I’d say either Gunnar or Phaneuf would be expendable.

        • Kessel is going no where


    • Highly unlikely that Alfredsson will be leaving Ottawa. Probably just Chiarelli playing mischief and trying push the Senators to ante up.

      • Phaneuf will be traded as soon as we sign the Free Agents they want !

        • What good is trading away a top 10 scorer and really good looking dman to get a top centre?
          The centre if he is good should be a 30 goal 80 point guy which kessel already is without tossing in a possible future star prospect.
          Last year you wanted gone Kessel/Phanuef/Reimer/Gardner and Kadri.
          Remember you were always down on Kadri calling him nothing more than an AHL player and that kessel would do nothing in the shortened season and Reimer was a bum.
          You were all for giving anything for Luongo and his death contract.
          If we dumped all the guys you wanted traded we would have gotten a top 3 pick for sure and also be set back 5 more years.

          My old buddy beergoggles was the same trying to figure out any way possible how to dump Kessel and Kadri before last season started.

          With the hate going on I have to think both you guys got dumped by females that had names that started with K and they left you scarred.

          • Actually your right about the female K thing ….LMAO

            I love Kadri and I loved the Kessel deal …

            First OFF I never said anything of the sort about Kadri ….as a matter of fact I wanted him to play since his first training camp .however he has gotten better!

            Just an FYI Seguin was voted in the top 10 best Centers in the league and he went for Erickson so don’t tell me about trades …..Leafs need a Center thats where the NHL is right now ..YOU NEED A LEGIT #1 Center if thats what it takes than yes …if it can be done another way than GREAT!!! But if its all you have to get it done than you have to do it instead of resigning for more money …SORRY !

          • I still want Kessel gone. I only had Kadri on the trade block because Wilson was ruining him and never plaing him. I was desperate but all that changed when my name “FireWilson” was finally enacted by his over loyal bff Burke. Topright my friend the whole story needs to be told next time not just parts.


    • $4M per year for Briere. I can’t imagine what Clarkson, Horton and Weiss will get… Yikes

      • Leverage remember…the market is full of centers right now Grabo is another.Clarkson and Horton will get huge bucks Weiss Ribero and Bozak will be looking for a while if they think they are getting anymore then 4.5. Vinny signed for 4.5 Danny 4 Dallas just got their no 1 in Seguin some one will snap Grabo up for 3.5-3.75 leaving these guys to try and slit each others throats for jobs, Bozaks agent is probably groveling to Dave as we speak…22 mill 5 years is the deal for any of the centers left.

    • Briere to the Habs.. Looks like he won’t be booed anymore but rather cheered

  35. Another great move today at a reasonable price …good on the HABS this makes them better and Brier has always scored big goals at big times !! Good cap hit and gives speed and finesse down the middle and improves the power play !

    • Plus a Quebec native

  36. Its really starting to feel as if the Seguin deal was a precursor to bringing in Daniel Alfredson ….no way you give up Seguin on that deal and don’t have another Center of quality in your sights as they are the prize possession as far as positions go right now ……just doesn’t make sense unless Chiarelli knows something in that regard that we don’t…no adding up !

    • Seguin has been playing wing because the bruins did not think he could handle centre.
      Plus seguin was immature and is a know party animal and not just booze.
      If he wakes up and settles down he may turn out but he could also end up like many and end up a bit of a bust.
      Looking at his contract and salary if he goes downhill it will hurt bad.

      Backcheck your memory is foggy as you were very big on dealing kadri and other pieces for luongo.
      I even remember you saying you being a goalie yourself this is a deal they must do to make the playoffs and reimer was a bum.

      Since I was completely opposite to almost everything you and Beergoggles wanted to do I know who said what.

      • @ Top Right Corner
        NOT TRUE!!!
        Never include Kadri in any trade talks with Luongo ….

      • @TOPRIGHT
        I have said trade Kessel and Bozak since last year along with fire Wilson. I don’t like the buddy, buddy stuff and the fact they both play a soft game. Kessel has skill Bozak has very little. I said Kessel is better suited for a contender which the Leafs are not so it was to early to have a 35 goal soft perimeter player when there are so many other basic holes to fill. Bozak would have been a forth liner on a team like Chicago behind Bolland so he is far from a number one center even on the Leafs. I still stand by my thoughts on those two. Not sure I ripped on anyone else since I have loved Lupul since day one and was ecstatic when I heard the JVR trade was in the works along with the Franson trade. I was outspoken about the Grabo and Liles contract extensions and I still think what they have done to Reimer is total crap. I thought a marlie should have been given a shot over Komorov (looks like that would have been a better move now that he split over greed) and I have always said do not move Gardiner. Maybe I should change my tag name to Don Cherry except he has made to many dumb political comments that I disagree with. LOL

  37. If Nonis signs Ribiero and Bozak and gives Grabovsky the BOOT I will be “F en …PISSED !!!!!!

    • Leafs have no interest in Riberio.
      They are going hard after Clarkson and Scuderi.

      • I hope your right !!! Not what Iam hearing !!

        On a side note TOP RIGHT CORNER …I would love to keep Kessel to play with a number one Center …Id really like the Leafs to go after Charlie Coyle he will be less money than Weis or the rest of them and will come VIA trade for a propect defender instead where Minni needs some help …Blacker and piece , Percy and piece or Gardiner straight up …Young big guy would blend in perfect with youth of Leafs …

        • I wish you would stop giving away gardiner,
          if he is traded the return will be big and not just another young guy.

          briere is 5′ 9″ and 170 lbs so that means the hags just got a lot bigger,lol.

      • HDYK? YDK!

    • Why would he sign both? Dude you make 0 sense think about it for a second I know you get all excited around deal days but the majority of what you say is dreaming to say the least there has been 1 pretty big trade to day and some UFAs got deals, you make it sound as if everyone is switching teams and it makes them all contenders for the cup. Im not so sure Danny pushes the Habs over the top, Dallas still has a tone of work to do to even make the playoffs in the west (Seguin is a good start) but they gave up some very nice affordable pieces to get him and on and on and on. The Leafs were a playoff team they are not going to send away 30 goal guys packaged with sign and trade centers along with 25 mins a night D men 1st round picks and top prospects to land a number 1 center…get a hold of yourself take a breath and think about it before you start spouting off

      • With Bozak and his good buddy Kessel having the same agents I have to think that Nonis is playing all the angles about what happens if they do or do not sign Boz.

        If kessel says he will sign for less and stay long term if they overpay Boz I can live with that.
        But if they sign Boz and Phil leaves that will suck bigtime.

        • Im not so sure Bozak is as big apart of it as every one thinks, Dion will be moved for more money for Phil. If he has a good year he will make more here then anywhere else max type deal, he has done everything thats been asked of him if his back checking and D game continue to develop and he puts up another 30 or more they wont let him get away I doubt. It would probably be easier if Nozak was here sure but I dont think it is an absolute thing that Bozak if he leaves means Kessel will too.

          • This is why the buddy buddy thing always becomes a problem eventually. Even if Bozak stays and somehow the Leafs find a number one center then what? Is Phil the thrill going to get his panties in a bunch because he’s not playing with his bff? If Bozak stays then what? He’s going to be the Leaf number one center for as long as Kessel is here.
            I agree with Backchecking package the sisters and get them out of here. To much drama.

          • You mean like Carter and Richards, Kane and Toews, Perry and Getzlaff, or the countless number of other NHL guys that.play with friends as most of em have played together or against one another at some level of hockey their whole lives? Hope we dont get Clarkson I hear him and Bolland know one another and they are from the same town…now theres bound to be drama there….lol

          • I figured you would take the buddy buddy thing out of context. When a guy sulks cause he isn’t paired with his bff on a line even though his buddy doesn’t have the skill and won’t sign an extension unless his buddy gets a massive undeserved raise it’s time to ship them both out.

  38. Nobody will sign with Buffalo as long as Darcy Regier remains as GM. His reputation around hockey for being too patient and slow to act over the years has brought the recent results of his team. Likewise, his penchant for overvalueing his players has caused some of his peers- Brian Burke for one, to claim that Regier speaks ” a different language” when dealing with other GM’s. Players take note of this and will stay away from an organization run like the Sabres.

    • HORCOFF TO DALLAS …………Draft picks

      Dallas Stars in one day have improved there team !!!

      Horcoff brings leadership and is one of the best two way players and specialty team players in the league and will help round out the team ….good move by Nill also ….You have to make a mark …..just because Horcoff gets bad press becasue his tenure is up in Edmonton does not mean this is a guy who is done by any means he is a great role player with excellent leadership qualities ,,……just not a fit in OIL country …
      Dallas not done yet !!

      Seguin future star, play down the middle
      Peverly is a great veteran with skill and plays a 200 foot game and penalty kill

      • Sure did! WoW The Horcoff sweepstakes are over I dont know why we are even going to play a season next year…The stars got Horcoff and a guy who got 7 points in the playoffs WoW!!! They are primed for a cup run! Do you not see how rediculious you look?

        • ARE YOU OK !!!!

          I would like for you to name me a team in the NHL that has 4 lines deep and a fricken STAR at each position on each line ….NEVER did I say anything of the sorts …BUT Dallas improved there team and became deeper than you think …yopur comments show how imature you really are !!

          Horcoff is a GREAT 3rd line Center plays all types of minutes GREAT special teams guy …A true leader on and off the ice ..has been to a cup finals and is a true NHL legit professional who comes with a great bag of experience and genuine knowledge of the game that he can bring to a room and management that is trying to bridge a gap in a mini rebuild ….before you shoot your mouth off …try looking at the BIG PICTURE instead of always bringing up the obvious which we all ready know …and come to expect !!
          This is a great move for Dallas needs a very trustworthy piece of the puzzle to win …hate to tell you how ridiculous you sound all alone over there ….

          Sometimes you have good things to say but you should stick to just saying good things if you want to have any respect from fellow readers !

          Your showing your age !!

          • You spam the place up with updates that anyone who has tsn knows and spin it like you you reporting it from the locker room you dont provide any reasonable opinion and pretend you are some kind of insider,.. And you tell me to act my age?? really??

          • @Shticky +1






  39. Freeing up space for Shea Weber. E5

  40. Avs really are the only team I can think of where a trade for a poss # 1 centre makes sense. Was trying to come up with other teams,
    Philly- maybe but doubt it
    Sj – no
    St louis – maybe
    Phx – wouldn’t mind hanzal but don’t know if you count him as a #1
    Minny – they do need to dump salary but doubt it

    Honestly maybe they go into the season with kadri, bolland, colborne, mcclement and just add size to the wing and a top d man??

      • Agree about the AVS

        Except for the way you have the lines !!
        Nonis top priority is a #1 Center Colborne is not Leaf Material and Grabo or Bozak would be better fits so he is not in the mix IMO …there is still a lot going on and there will be some significant moves in the very near future by Nonis !!
        Nonis IMO has a deal in place ….but is waiting to see if he can use plan “A” first and thats trying not to have to give up a roster quality player and prospect ….that is PLAN “B” and why he has waited until this time of yer to decide …there was nt this amount of talent avaialable around the league during the season ….but anyone can be had right now for the right deal ….he is waiting to see what his best deal is with or without giving up a top end player …but in the end he will realize that its going to take a Seguin type deal to get it done and it will cost multiple players on both sides ……its ALWAYS you have to give up something to get something …its a golden rule of value !!

        • Careful Backchecking. Topright is cutting and pasting everything for future reference. He now has it in print that you are a Colborne hater. If Joe turns it around this year he will be all over you…LOL

          • LMAO …. no problem

            My copy and pastes were Kessel for Erickson and Bryzgalov woud not be a Flyer at years end since last summer ….so I wished the Leafs landed Erickson but Chiarelli is a better GM than Nonis and has bigger balls and gave away a great talent to add professionalism and skill to his team and got GREAT prospects too …in Rielly Smith who is said to be the best player (CENTER ) in the NCAA and should be a star ……

            Not a Colborne hater …Iam a realist from a business & talent perspective!
            Colborne is not NHL material Ive seen him play many times this past year

  41. OMG I just read Grabo is getting married tomorrow. Talk about a mad house the guy gets bought out today is getting married tomorrow the same day he becomes a UFA with teams in a rush to know if he’s interested in playing for them. Grabo’s head will be spinning. His poor wife on her wedding day. lol

  42. Its not all bad for Grado. He gets a new contract and gets a guaranteed $2.78mil from the leafs for the next 8 years. I think he signs a 3 year 11 mil deal soon. There will be a ton of interest in his services.
    Hate to see him go but a move that had to be made.

    I really hope Bozak is shipped out and weiss is brought in. He is not the dream number 1 center but still a huge upgrade to Bozak.

    • Grabovski will be paid $1,791,667 for another 8 years, not $2.78M

  43. @ Shticky
    So if Bolland is so good why not give Kadri a chance with the number one role, Bolland a chance with the number two center spot, McClement can easily do the number three center position and a Marlie can do the 5min per game number four center position. Then take that extra money go sign Ference and trade for Ryan (for the top 4 wing spot with Lupul, Kessel and JVR). Grab another tough grinder for the third line wing and you are set.

    • Cause McClement is a fourth liner and Kadri cant win a draw, not to mention he is not great in is own end…. give him time he may be the guy but because a guy plays good in his first full time role in a 40 game season Im not ready to anoint him as a number 1 center yet plus Kadri on 2 spreads out some of the offence. Bolland will get a chance at 2 if they run into injuries or Kadri has a setback

      • We need 1 rugged winger thats it to play on 2, 4th line has lots of knuckle draggers dont need any more… we do need a center and D. Bolland has some sand paper to his game no need to over do it with aggressive play and draw a tone of penalties

    • Plus if you go in to the year with your centers as Kadri Bolland McClement and say Colborne what happens if someone gets hurt? Awfully thin with that line up.

      • What about kadri, bolland, gordon. Mcclement.
        Also I hope the leafs stay the hell away from clarkson if dreger is reporting 7 years at 6 mill now