NHL Morning Rumor Mill – July 6, 2013.

The latest on the Flyers, Blues and Capitals heading into Day Two of the NHL UFA market.

Flyers eyeing Alex Pietrangelo.

Flyers eyeing Alex Pietrangelo.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports the Flyers “are monitoring the situation in St. Louis where defenseman Alex Pietroangelo has not yet accepted his RFA qualifying offer sheet.” Panaccio feels it could take a lot to pry him out of St. Louis.

Sarah Baicker, meanwhile, reports the Flyers currently lack the cap space to sign winger Simon Gagne. “We don’t have a lot of space here to maneuver unless we were to make some kind of move”, said GM Paul Holmgren. “That’s something I don’t think any of us around here want to do right now, because we feel comfortable with our team.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As we all know, Holmgren’s comments regarding player moves are to be taken with a grain of salt. Speculation persists Braydon Coburn could be moved to free up cap space, part of which could be used to re-sign Gagne.

As for Pietrangelo, the Flyers certainly can’t afford to send him a big offer sheet, and acquiring him via trade will prove very costly (Coburn plus Sean Couturier or Brayden Schenn is my guess, as the Blues are seeking depth at center). 

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports the Blues failed yesterday to land a quality center via free agency, but GM Doug Armstrong isn’t ruling out acquiring one. Mikhail Grabovski could be an option.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blues also really want to re-sign Pietrangelo, but assuming they can’t and look to move him, the asking price will include a top-six center. Otherwise, Grabovski could indeed be a free agent option, as the market is rather thin now and he’s arguably the best available center now.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley lists Mikhail Grabovski and Derek Roy as options for the Capitals to add a center to play on their top-two forward lines.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With just over $8 million in cap space and RFAs Karl Alzner and Marcus Johansson to re-sign, the Capitals won’t have a lot of money to toss around for a second-line center.


  1. Can someone help me out here? Obviously the cap went down this year. However the NHL touted record numbers after the lockout. Is the cap tied to revenue still? Can we not assume there will be an increase in the cap following 13/14 season, assuming the numbers for the NHL are still good. Are there any forecast for what the cap might be for 14/15?

    • As best that I can tell, NHL owners will lock the players out starting next Tuesday and demand that the players let them redo the agreement cause they don’t have any money (owners). The NHL owners remind me of government, hey tax payer we spent too much and we are deep in debt, please oh please let us tax you more and pay off the debts and we promise never to do it again, ya sure.

      • I hear you !

        I ve been saying that exact same thing !

        I can’t see any owner being happy having to pay players MILLIONs not to play becuase of the buyouts which costs them more than what they would have paid multiple players on a contract for 2 years for some teams …not only that but Bettman and ownership asking for a lower salray cap just after record sales for 3 years has left each team struggling to keep a quality team and there best or most paid players which they probably wanted to retain except for Bryzgalov ……

        Like Ive stated in the past if the cap room was $90 million the owners would slaughter each other to get ther player and pay them what they want instead of letting another team get that guy ….its just the way it is !!!!!

        The cap is to low regardless of what some players are making …its the Owners who advise the GMs who to get and what to pay them so they dont go elsewhere !

      • @ alforducks I don’t think the government asks “the people” if taxes can be raised, they just do it regardless.

        • Actually here in California the suckers here have agreed to tax increases
          via the ballot measure.

    • Bob Mackenzie was on the radio, Team 690, and mentioned over the life of the last CBA the cap went up by 3-4 million a year. He suggested that this factored into the salary asks by the agents. The way I read Paddy’s article did not say the cap was fixed for next year, just the floor….maybe I read it wrong….

      • i think the cap will keep going down because the Canadian dollar is dropping
        and is supposed to keep dropping.the Canadian teams generated almost 50%
        of the total revenue for the league

  2. As a Pens fan, when I hear Paul Holmgren say that he is comfortable with his team my mood instantly becomes brighter …

    • @ Ed And as an Islanders fan so does mine.

  3. What’s up with Philly and gagne, isn’t he well past his prime and injured a whole lot of the time since he went from Philly to TB, then LA then back to Philly and doesn’t Philly still need to add to D with quality rather than subtract and make the problem worse ?

    • If healthy the Flyers D is not too bad. With Grossman, Meszaros and Coburn all missing over 25% of the season last year they got hit pretty bad.

    • Love it. :)

  4. If St. Louis was asking for Coburn plus Sean Couturier for AP I would do that in a heart beat if I was Philly.

  5. As much as I hated the lock-out, I must admit yesterday was like Christmas for hockey fans. I am shocked how many players moved and how fast. That new 48 hour rule where gms can talk to players made a huge difference and made for an exciting day. I am surprised Grabo was not signed yesterday, but with his wedding might not have been talking calls? Was hoping to land scuderi on the leafs but pitts( who seem to work under the same cap as the flyers do) landed one of the bigger ufa dman in the league. Love the Pietrangelo talks, and how philly is in on them lol. even if you moved coburn and did not sign gagner the kind of money you would half to throw his way would still put philly over the cap.

    • It wasn’t Christmas for us Sabre fans. Far from it.

      • Guess you guys were bad last year.

  6. Poor Grabo. Got married yesterday so he missed out on a bidding war for his services and another big pay day. Who knows maybe his agent can get a bidding war going between the blues and Caps. Doubt it.

    Damn bride didn’t take into account getting married on the eve of the UFA market opening. lol

    • She’ll wipe her tears with the 10M buyout money he’s getting for doing nothing.

      • I think it’s closer to $14.5M but maybe you were talking about after tax spending cash. LOL

        • She hit the jackpot regardless of how much it is.

  7. If I’m holmegren pietranglo is the #1 priority right now…preferably the deal is cobun, coutirer and a pick..I think Laughton could grow into the role courtier would leave.

  8. Oil should ask about acquiring Gunnarrson on the Leafs. He had a bad hip injury or something all year. The year prior he played extremely well and carried Phaneuf at times if memory serves correct. I think the injury hampered him this year. The Leafs need to shed some salary to make room for the RFA signings and a possible Rielly entrance. Gunnar can probably be gotten cheap and could fit into the 2/3 position with the Oil.

    • Come on man Gunnarson “carried” Phaneuf while playing injured. …. Lmao really? Man Id like to be doing what ever you do before watchin a Leaf game, pack me a bowl of some of that

      • Dude read the post or we are going to start getting into it again. I said Gunnar carried Phaneuf at times THE PREVIOUS YEAR, not this year while injured. 2011/2012 Gunnar played the best he has ever played and was paired with Phaneuf. Remember Wilson comments about Phaneuf being the best D man in the NHL to start the 2011 before everything went off a cliff. Yes, that year…

    • Trading Gunnarson is not sheding salary he is RFA…

      • Cant see Riley in the nhl this year Randy will want to know he can play D before he is anywhere near the lineup…look at what he put Franson and Gardner thru, you really think he is going to take another puck moving D in on his first year…Riley sees at least a whole American hockey league year, unless they deal Franson or Gardner and that is something I cant see, now Blacker on the other hand should is ready, but he has a very good 2 way game.

      • Thats pretty much how it went ….good call !

        Ryder always produces every where he goes natural goals scorer should will hit 20

        My 2 Cents …( if anyone cares )…not … lol

        Hurricanes grabbed a really good future # 1 Goalie in Kudobin Not sure how many times I ned to say this but there is a trade in place that can very easily fix this sloution and get a vert decent return …I am not namimg names but it almost will seem inevitable and allow Nonis to use the quality players he gets back to fill significant holes and try and go FOUR lines deep instead of having one horse who cant pull the cart as we can all ready see !


      • Ya an RFA that you have to pay approx. $2.5M. What do you think he’s going to be free for the year???? or are you planning on letting him walk for nothing. Wake up

        • Gunnar that is.

          • Could care less really he is a bottom 3 defenceman on most teams its not like its a top line guy or even a second line guy its Gunnarson not Kessel not Phaneuf not Lupul or Kadri its Gunnarson

          • Let him walk and play Blacker in that spot I wouldnt pay Gunnarson 2. Anything a year 2 mill maybe and Id still think of using a Marlie not like it would be anything new to dion to be paired up with an ahl defenceman, only difference now is they are better ahl defencemen Gunnarson is no better then Blacker if anything Blacker is younger cheaper and skates better, find another bottom pairing or cheaper big D Id rather sign Fraser 1-1.5 and let Gunnar walk or trade him for a 3rd round pick who cares

            Phaneuf Blacker
            Franson Bennet
            Gardner Fraser

            In what world would you pay Gunnar anywher near 2.5 3million bucks

          • Ya I agree, leafs have gunner, fraser, franson to sign and I’d expect 1 of them plus Liles to be moved. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Kadri moved in a bigger deal maybe also involving phaneuf.

          • The guy played with a bad hip all year cut him some slack. BTW if Leaf brass is willing to pay Bozo $4.25M for 5 years then that should make Gunnar worth $3.5M for a couple years… That of course is because the Leafs decided throwing money away on over paid players is the play of the day.

          • The hit is 4.2 for 5 years he is getting 2nd line center money I get that you dont like him or whatever but its hardly an overpayment,look at other 2nd centers in the league the numbers they put up and what they get paid its very comparable. thats kinda what kills me, you bitch about paying Bozak 4.2 then your next breath is saying Gunnarson is worth almost 3? And say well Komi and Grabo got this blah blah blah, the leafs over got an overpaid bolland the clarkson deal is bad blah blah blah seriously man you argue just to argue Nonis has been pretty good with the cap, not just here but did a pretty decent job of it in Van aswell. He bougbt out the 2 worst contracts they had that people like you like to point out as well the leafs spend their money stupid so they will probably over pay this guy to because…its not the case anymore Nonis is a pretty cap savy gm. You dont think tbere were other teams out tbere willing to pay more for Clarkson say 6mill hit over 5-6 years or willing to give Bozak 4.5 on 3 year deal or closer to 5 on a one year deal? Use your head these numbers do not just appear out of thin air Nonis has a pretty decent idea of what he is doing, cut Gunnar some slack? Why not cut the new GM dome dlack he seems to be doing a pretty good job so far…unlike Gunnarson

          • Bro open your eyes. Just because other teams bid up Bozak and Clarkson doesn’t make them worth it or doesn’t make it a good signing. Same thing happened with Komi and look how that turned out. Grabo and Liles were bid up in Burke and Nonis’s mind… same result…

  9. With all due respect……..there is about a 1% chance the Blues move Pietrangelo, and if they did, it would take significantly more than Coburn and either Schenn or Couturier. Two of those three would barely get a conversation started.

    • it def get convo started but doubt they’d want to move franchise d-man type like pieterangelo. i’m still baffled on why they acquired j-bo at the deadline.

      • Actually, Pietrangelo was struggling for the first half of the season, trying to do way too much. They couldn’t find the right partner for him and it took a big toll on his play. They got JayBo, paired him with Pietrangelo, and he looked much, much better late in the season and in the playoffs.

    • Agreed. Only way I see AP moving is if they don’t match his offer sheet which I can’t see. Anyone giving up what it would take would hurt their team in the long run.

      • No it wouldn’t ! AP, is a legitimate #1 D-Man, & would greatly improve Philly’s D ! He plays a pretty damn good 2-way game, & moves the puck better than, most of the #1 D-Men in the league ! Anything you would give up for him, would be well worth the price !

        • The package a team would have to give up to get him would leave a hole. Minot saying he wouldn’t make the team better at the d position but if your giving up something of worth your creating a hole to fix one.

  10. He probably wouldn’t gain a lot in a trade, but I wonder if Desharnais might be of interest to one of the Caps or Blues? I’m not sure he would be, but I assume Montreal is looking to unload him.

    Right now they have Briere, Desharnais, Plekanec & Eller a centres for their top 3 lines, and Galchenyuk probably heading to centre at some point in the next couple of years. Pleks is their top penalty killer & faceoff guy, so makes no sense to trade him.

    Desharnais to the Caps for a pick?

    • Not sure anyone would want DD, think we are stuck with him. He gets at most a 3rd. Trading Pleks would be easiest, would leave a huge hole, that maybe we start to fill with the high draft pick we will get for the horrible year we will have.

  11. Winners:
    Ottawa (by far) – That Ryan deal great for both sides, Alfie is old anyway, the Sens will win without him…
    Edmonton – Ference was exactly what they needed.
    Anaheim – Nice grab for Ryan. Silvferburg can potentially pot 30 by himself–one of the league’s best shots. Noesen and the first sweeten the pot.
    Columbus – Horton adds to a well-balanced team, they re-signed Bobrovsky, have Gaborik, etc.
    Phoenix – Needed a center, signed best center available. Win.

    New Jersey – Clowe’s is overpaid two years too long, 1.5M/y too much. Now he’s untradeable, lacks team dynamic, and fits neither on the first, nor the second line (with Ryder) and is going to make a lousy 3rd liner because he’s slow and can’t skate with the league’s best players. This is the franchise’s worst contract and a huge risk with standard reward (he’ll never get 20 in NJ, and he’s injury prone).
    Pittsburgh – Lost Cooke, signed Letang and Malkin too steep, lost Kennedy, probably lose Dupuis… they better have good prospects coming up.
    Detroit – Losing Brunner, Filppula… gaining a 41 year old and a guy with the hips of a 41 year old. Good luck.
    Calgary – They’re in deep trouble next year.

    • Agree on all except Pittsburgh about Malkin and Calgary.

      Malkin’s contract is right in line with other stars in the league. Letang on the other hand shouldn’t be making that much.

      I dunno what people expect from Calgary they are rebuilding, they are not going to spend on 30 some year old free agents. They will be building through the draft for a few years.

      • Calgary was a name I stuffed on there. I saw a lot of notably bad moves… picking up David Jones… ick. They better hope he starts scoring again.

        Montreal getting Briere was hilarious. Maybe they should have thrown the bank at Clowe.

        The Flyers’ goaltending situation should be pretty funny next year and Streit isn’t going to do for them what they think he is.

        The Isles are going to regret going back to Nabokov (why don’t they attempt Thomas?).

        Vancouver really needs to make a move for their fans.

        Setoguchi isn’t going to solve Winnepeg’s problems.

        Buffalo is undergoing an identity crisis and they’re doing still basically nothing…

        • “The Isles are going to regret going back to Nabokov (why don’t they attempt Thomas?).”

          Thomas is a head case and a distraction with his many recent shenanigans but, I do agree the Isles should have addressed their goaltending perhaps via trade.

      • I wasn’t too impressed with this years UFA’s. I would have liked to have seen Bflo sign Briere, but on the whole I think a lot of players were overpaid – Iginla, Clowe, Vinnie etc. I like the fact that Darcy didn’t jump on the frenzy train and the philosophy of getting a player or two that represent more of a “role model/mentor” than just looking to add somebody. If Darcy is looking for a mentor – he might look to Brenden Morrow – I thought he brought more to Pitts than Iginla and he has been a captain and has a good work ethic. Since he is still a UFA, there might not be much interest in him. I also like the fact that we did resign Sulzer – he’s not flashy, but he played consistently and was a pleasant surprise in the Kassian trade.

      • No one is saying that Malkin’s contract is not in line with the rest of the league. The problem is, so are the other 2 guys (Crosby/Letang) leaving you no depth. Your 1st line players will get you to the playoffs, but it is your depth guys (3rd/4th lines) and extra defenseman that win you the Cup. I don’t see the Penguins winning the cup even with the 2 best centers in the league. Look how Boston handled them. Paille,Thornton,Kelly,Campbell,Peverly etc. Pens have none of these. Sorry to say, but you’d be better off dealing Malkin and being able to bolster your depth.

    • I had little issue with the salaries given out, but the length are AWEFUL. The price tag for Clowe is market value but the term will sting soon enough. The Briere signing is so so. Term is spot on and the cost is manageable. After seeing what it took to get other UFAs, Montreal did ok….not great…but ok.

    • You must be a hater of the Red Wings or a Senators fan. Most commentators, announcers, sports writers, etc etc think the Red Wings were the #1 or #2 team on the “winner” list from yesterday. Brunner is a one dimensional player with half an NHL season under his belt and not worth the money he is asking for being that his worth is not proven. Much like former Red Wing “great” Ville Leino, when Brunner signs elsewhere for the money he wants, he more than likely will not duplicate his success from this past season in Detroit. And as for the guy with the “hips of a 41 year old”, again most people seem to think that even if he performs at half the level he did in his prime it will still (along with the addition of Weiss) be a big upgrade for the Red Wings over Brunner and Filppula – a player who has all kinds of potential, but has never fully achieved it. Just imagine if the game is tied in the third period or overtime in the playoffs and your facing the Red Wings power play and the Wings throw Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and Alfredsson on the ice….

      • As a Wings fan, I had mixed feelings about signing Alfredsson at first. I can’t really envision too many scenarios that would end with him extending in Detroit past this season, so he’s basically a rental player. This is just my philosophy, but you can’t really justify that type of signing unless you believe he is a “missing piece” to a serious contender. Without an improvement to their top 4 defensemen, I think the Wings can be a playoff team, but perhaps not a contender, yet.
        On the other hand, even if the Wings fail to resign Cleary, they’ll have too many forwards, so I’m wondering if a plan is already in place to try and aquire another defender via trade. The UFA class for d-men was pretty shallow this year, and the Colaicovo experiment didn’t really turn out as hoped. Perhaps Smith, Tatar, and a pick would get us a defenseman.
        The Weiss signing I’m happy about. Filpulla isn’t worth the money Tampa Bay paid him, although if they do put him on the first line (where he seems to believe he belongs), he can probably put up some better numbers than last year playing with a pure goal scorer like Stamkos. Weiss also plays a two-way game, and he’s more consistent, and if we had to spend 5 million a year on one of those, I’d prefer Weiss. Filpulla spent a lot of time playing wing, Weiss will almost definitely line up as the 2nd line center, allowing Babcock to play Zetterberg and Datsyuk together on a top line. Potentially with Alfredsson on the other side, which would have to be a little intimidating to opposing goalies.

  12. Pieterangelo… tell me 29 other GMs aren’t calling and offering the farm for him.

    • Maybe not the farm, but a few horses anyway.

  13. not a single word bout the Maple Laughs but the idiots in the comment section still continue to bring them up!!!! LMAO

    • They were neither great nor terrible. Clarkson will be worth that in his first three season but he’s a buyout candidate by his 5th. And Bozak is a good move to try to keep Kessel around.

    • LOL

    • And the biggest idiot of all goes to Bob the guy who isnt smart enough to come up with anything more witty to say then the Maple laffs …
      Good one Bob stay up all night thinkin of that or have you had it in your back pocket waiting for just right moment to use it? Funny how even people like yourself will talk about The Leafs and their fans even tho there is no mention of them in the thread…good one very perceptive

      • @shticky Agreed. Bob must of missed the 15 other post by people talking other teams as well. It must be nice to have no other worries but how many times people talk about the leafs.

  14. Where is jagr going to sign????

  15. Was it just me or did Darren Dreger have every single scoop yesterday before anyone else on twitter. I did see him throw the odd bone to McKenzie since he didn’t seem to have anything. He must have felt bad for the guy or something.

    • What about Eklund? Pretty much a whopping 0-for-58 on the first day of free agency.

      • Eklund just spits out speculation on things. The TSN insiders only report on credible things. They are in two different businesses.

  16. I don’t think Ottawa is done making moves , Conacher never really fit in and I see him being moved with someone else for a top 4 d-man

  17. So Derek Roy is signing with the Blues – does Grabovski end up in Washington?
    Hope Mason Raymond ends up with a good situation. He and Nathan Horton have a lot in common and both deserve a chance to shine.
    Many more trades coming, methinks.
    Still like to see Ian White back with the Leafs.

    • White back with the Leafs…Yuk…

    • I think Calgary is a good spot for Grabo there would be lots of opertunity there for him, plus the guy is a beast when it comes to playing former teams so heres hoping he heads west and uncle Feaster gives him a good deal. Lol

  18. Could someone with knowledge of the Flyers roster, tell me what Hartnell, Coburn, &/or Couturier, B. Schenn’s cap hit vs. actual salary being paid is ? Because, if the Blues were going to entertain the idea of a deal involving Pietrangelo, i would think it could be something like this !

    St. Louis Blues : Pietrangelo, Cole, a 2nd, or 3rd round pick, & Perron


    Philadelphia Flyers : Coburn, Hartnell, Couturier or B. Schenn, & a draft pick of some sort to fill out the deal !

    So, let me know how ludicrous of an idea that is !

    • Hartnell $4,750,000 Cap hit ($6,000,000 2013 Salary)
      Coburn $4,500,000 Cap Hit ($5,500,000 2013 Salary)
      Schenn $3,110,000 Cap hit ($810,000 2013 Salary) So lots of bonuses for cap hit
      Couturier $1,375,000 cap hit ($925,000 2013 Salary)

  19. St Louis , has too many centers , not enough cap to sign both Pietrangelo and Stewart and a goalie waiting in to make the jump to the bigs…once he signs. Something big is brewing in StLouis

    • Too many centers? They’re incredibly weak down the middle.

      • Backes , Oshie , Steen , Roy , Berglund all centers . 2 have to play out of position

    • Probably something w/ either Halak, & or Perron !

  20. @chris….to montreal….

  21. Well it’s official Phaneuf married Cuthbert so you can take it to the bank that he will 100% be leaving for the west coast when his contract is up at the end of this year. Leafs will have to move him if they can get something back otherwise they will get nothing because he will not be re-signing here. He’s headed for the bright lights and nice weather to roller blade on the boardwalk with his lady.

  22. WELL, I was right on the money…sort of. The Sabres are not gonna be active at all in free agency, AGAIN. Darcy Regier really does not believe in the FA route for helping his teams and even if he did, he’d end up having to pay the highest prices in hockey to lure players in because, well, let’s be real…it’s Buffalo, and unless you’ve lived there as a player, you have no idea how good it really is. Darcy has already warned fans to expect suffering for the next few years as he tries to rebuild the team once more…but what he doesn’t realize is the less relevant his team becomes, from being a bottom-feeder, the more he’s putting his own hide in jeopardy. His master plan seems to be: let the team bottom out for 2-3 years…acquire the first or second overall picks and try to resurect the Sabres, ala Pittsburgh Penguins style w/ Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr, or more recently… Crosby and Malkin. Ugh….