NHL Morning Rumor Mill – June 13, 2013.

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Does the addition of Mark Streit spell buyout for Daniel Briere?

Does the addition of Mark Streit spell buyout for Daniel Briere?

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports if the Flyers re-sign the recently-acquired Mark Streit to a big-money deal (he’s believed seeking as much as $5.5 million per season on a three-year deal), it would “all but confirm” the club intends to buy out forward Daniel Briere and possibly goalie Ilya Bryzgalov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Considering their limited cap space and need to bolster their defense, I’d say a compliance buyout of Briere or Bryzgalov is a certainty. One of those two, perhaps both, will be cleared from the Flyers cap space in the coming weeks.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Josh Yohe reports Pittsburgh Penguins GM Ray Shero said he won’t get rid of goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury, voicing his support for the netminder and suggesting Fleury’s struggles may be personal. Fleury agent maintained his client wants to remain with the Penguins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So, no trade or compliance buyout for Fleury, at least not for this coming season. If Fleury doesn’t improve next season, however, Shero’s patience could come to an end. Shero also said Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang, who both are eligible to become unrestricted free agents next summer, won’t be going anywhere. 

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports Buffalo Sabres director of amateur scouting Kevin Devine said his club has contacted the Colorado Avalanche to express interest in the first overall pick. Dater wrote “immediate speculation” on one deal “goes like this:  goalie Ryan Miller, center Mikhail Grigorenko, a defensive prospect and the No. 8 pick to the Avs for the first pick.” He believes the Avs should reject such an offer, citing Miller’s age, salary and UFA status next summer, and doesn’t consider Grigorenko in the same class as Nathan MacKinnon.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t know where Dater got that “immediate speculation” from, as I doubt that’s what’s been offered by the Sabres, if they’ve made a serious pitch at all. Still, I agree with Dater  such a package offer from the Sabres wouldn’t be worthy of parting with the first overall pick.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James noted the lack of quality defensemen in this summer’s UFA market, suggesting if the Detroit Red Wings wish to upgrade their defense, they’ll have to go the trade route. It could, however, prove costly. “The Wings have an excess of forwards, but in order to trade for a high-end guy — like Phoenix’s Keith Yandle, for example — it’s going to cost talented young players or blue-chip prospects or a mix of both”, writes St. James.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Concur. To get quality, you’ve gotta part with quality, and if the Coyotes shop Yandle, they won’t just give him away, contrary to the wild speculation of internet armchair GMs.

NEWSOBSERVER’s Chip Alexander reports goalie Dan Ellis “said he and Canes are “talking back and forth.” Indicated no offer on table, calling it “holding pattern.” Wants to come back.”


  1. Is it just me or does anyone else think the Sabres held on to Ryan Miller way too long? Another team that waited too long, too loyal…. The age of a player staying with one team is long gone, and is reserved for truly truly special players like Yzerman, Sakic…….Millers fetches a middling prospect and a draft pick…..
    Has there been anymore this Dipietro and Strome for Komisarek Liles?

    • Dipietro and Strome for Komi and Liles … it isn’t going to happen.

    • Why the hell would the Islanders trade one of their best prsopects in Strome for two guys that are completely USELESS and that NO team would trade for???

      Please Leafs fans just stop it with this moronic trade proposal. Dipietro will be bought out and Strome will get a chance to crack the Islanders lineup next year. For the Leafs Komi and Liles will be either bought out by them or play for them, as NO team will trade for either, End of story.


  2. Mark Streit 3 years a 5.5 million at age 35…? Thats insane…

    • That’s typical bonehead Paul Holmgren …

  3. Not bad if it is only 3 years deal. It’s better then trading B.Schenn or Couturier.

  4. The rumoured Buffalo deal for the #1 pick is an awful lot to turn down. I’m sure if said deal was on the table they could ask for something else instead of the defensive and Grigorenko. Also MacKinnon might go #2 so may as well talk to Florida as well.

    • nitroglycerin101

      something tells me they trade Couturier anyway- zero patience…They look foolish for giving up on bobrovsky and could have dealt just one of Richards or Carter (probably the latter). Ditto for JVR for Schenn …why

      • 1st of all Couturier was not traded and probably will not be traded at this point.

        Flyers won Richards and Carter trades regardless of what you think.

        They traded JVR for uprising L.Schenn one of the best hitters/shot blockers in the game. Schenn is a monster and Flyers know how to draft/develop forwards. Ask any Flyers fans opinion about B.Schenn.
        With Bobrovsky, Flyers suck with anything that has to do with goaltending. I am not even going to try to sugarcoat it.

        • How did the Flyers win the Richards deal???? typical delusional Flyers fan. Simmonds and Schenn are one dimensional players who don’t even know where their endzone is, while Richards can play in ALL three zones, being great both offensively and defensively while being able to play the PP1 and PK1 and one of the best leaders in the game.

          Funny you still think the Flyers won both trades, lets recap. With Carter and Richards the Flyers make it to within 2 games of winning the cup. In the two years without them they make it to round 2 and then miss the playoffs and are BRUTAL. Meanwhile LA WINS the Stanley Cup and makes it to the final four this year, which neither would have been accomplished without Carter and Richards.

          • How? Simmonds is a beast that will score 20-25 goals on regular basis, he scored 28 last year and 15 in 45 games this year. He is a power forward every team wants, excellent skater, decent hands, decent on D. B.Schenn averaged .3 PPG in his 1st year and this season he is at .55 PPG. Schenn progressed nicely.

            PWhen LA won SC M.Richards and Jeff Carter were secondary players behind Quick, Kopirar, Brown and Doughty. Did both contribute? Absolutely but both did not lead and were NOT the best players on the ice.

            Not to mention that Flyers got 2nd round pick that they used to trade for Grossmann.

            In terms of points Voracek, L.Schenn, Simmonds and Couturier completely outplayed both Carter and Richards. Offensively, defensively, PP or PK. Consider how young these 4 players are and how much potential they still have… Any GM would probably do this deal 9 out of 10 times. Ad Flyers added Grossmann on top of it.

        • I respectfully disagree, Luke Schenn’s ceiling is a Rob Scuderi type (and he isnt there yet!). Will give you Brayden Schenn is a good player- my point was you didnt need to trade both- you were one year removed from a final with that “terrible” leadership..

          As for Couturier..I would NOT deal him…but like I said with the Flyers- you just never know

          • Look.. It’s a matter of opinion. Scuderi did not start his NHL career until he was 24-25. Luke Schenn has 5 seasons under his belt and he is not event 24. At 23 he hits 6’4 225lbs LeCavalier and Vinnie goes down.

        • Seems crazy to me that noone has suggested trying to pry marty biron from the rangers, i would give him a run over bryz, nabokov and fleury

        • Flyers may have won the Carter deal, but as for the Richards trade, who has a cup ring? Not Paul Holmgren.

    • What? Alot to turn down? For the first pick this year….no its not even close a pretty short conversation there I’m sure.

      • I’m sure it won’t be any longer of a conversation in Florida can’t see any of the top 3 interested in trading away a franchise type player for Miller’s contract a rookie and another pick, plus all 3 teams will be patient with the Goaltenders they have there won’t be that great of an interested in Miller for 1 year, what happens if he walks as a ufa? You just traded McKinnon for Gregorenko and the 8 pick….no thanks

      • Just curious, in your mind what would it take to trade the first overall pick? And dont go with the future franchise player argument cause you could take Jones and then watch for 2-4 years as the Crosbys and Ovi’s skate around him. Lets keep in mind these are 18 yr old kids, they arent gonna rattle the league like the 2 above players mentioned. It took Tavarse a few years to get where he is at, Taylor Hall is just coming in form years latter, RNH had a ruff year last year, Stamkos had a god awful first half of his rookie year and took gaint steps the next year but had MST with him and stood at the top of the faceoff circle ripping one timers. Yakopov only played 48 games so the books still out but he didnt tear it up.

        If your going to get 4 assets for that one pick that could change your entire team. If your the AVS and you see buffalo is willing to part with a package like that and you wanted to trade that pick you could negotiate and move some pieces around.

        There is no way a team that is trading up into those spots this year are going to give you next years first rounder knowing full well they are going to be a lottery team next season having gutted their team to draft first overall this year.

        If Colorado was truly interested in trading that pick the Buffalo offer cant be that far off. Miller is probably the only thing that needs to change. If they threw in Tyler Myers instead of Miller that gets it done IMO if the Avs were gonna take Jones.

        I was just working with the Buffalo offer as a starting point but I think 4 solid assets of young up and coming players plus a draft is exactly what they would be looking for.

        • If I am the avs with the first pick this year, I am squeezing who ever calls… With Buff along it would probably involve Myers could sub him out for Vanek if I knew I could learn lock him up for a couple more years or get him extended some how, but most likely the 8 pick, Myers (to make up for not getting Jones) Armia and Foligno. I know it’s steep but this would be the least I’d be looking at just to talk about it, if I am the Avs I really really want Jones so the price is going to be high Gregorenko wouldn’t be an option cause right now The Avs are pretty deep at center.

          • Grigorenko had 30 goals and 54 pts in 33 games with Patrick Roy’s Quebec Remparts…he is Buffalo’s best prospect and a guy who could have gone first overall just last year…add a top defensive prospect like Pysyk (a former 1st rounder) or McNabb and the 8th pick. Then if they could get Myers instead of Miller, that would be a go for me. What more would you expect?

          • OMG no one would pay that much. Honestly man you need to study the game of hockey before you post your ridiculous trade ideas. Darcy may be an idiot but even he wouldn’t give all that up. That basically disables us even more on the offensive end. Foligno ya he can be thrown in but Armia? cStudy up before you post next time….

        • The only nitwits that would think that a team would be willing to part with a #1, 2 or 3 pick would be leaf fans. #1 to toronto for Komi, liles and a 2nd, or some idiotic deal like that

          • Seriously man you look as dumb as the people you complain about posting something like that.

          • lol…your comment just made every Leaf fan look a little smarter,,

    • I don’t see the Avs doing a trade for Miller – more realistically I can see Nashville trading their #4 for Vanek and maybe one of our youngsters. In my mind Vanek has more value than Miller for a couple of reasons – there is no restriction on where he could be traded and he is a scorer. Miller on the other hand wants to go west and I don’t think anyone can really say whether he has lost a step, if his age is a factor or whether he has just been stuck on a crappy team. One minute he is brilliant and the next minute he lets in a soft goal – although I could see him having better stats if he played for a team like San Jose.

      • @ Steve that’s a little better but again I’d want to have some idea that Vanek may sign an extension…

        • Vanek and Miller would have to sign extensions before trading away a high draft pick. Can’t see either trade happening. Buf has to decide if they are going to rebuild (picks and prospects) or retool (nhl players). They could go either way with what they have.

        • What I look at is the fact that Vanek really hasn’t stated a region or team he wants to play for – just one that is in the playoffs. Nashville actually has the D and the goalie – they just need more scoring and Vanek and one of our youngsters would fill that bill. You could probably do a Vanek, Stafford and Catenacci or do a Vanek, Stafford and #38 (or if need be, change to #16).

    • I think a lot of people are missing the discussion around the defensive prospect as well.

      Miller, Grigorenko, McCabe/McNabb/Pysyk, #8 overall? If you are targeting MacKinnon maybe the better offer is to the Panthers and why wouldn’t you take that? Add a top 2 center, a top four defenseman, a #1 goalie to mentor Markstrom on shorter term, and still maintain a top 10 pick in a deeper draft? I barely see a reason for the Aves to turn it down (providing one of those D are the prospects and preferably McNabb or Pysyk)

      • I think buf should keep all their young players and picks. Just trade Miller for a pick or prospect and start the rebuild. Same for Vanek. Maybe Erhoff too.

        • I’m just saying if the Sabres are willing to move 4 A-level pieces (whether its picks/players/prospects) in the mind of Colorado/Florida they need to listen.

          • I rather have better known commodities in the form of semi-developed prospects that have faced NHL competition. You never know when a top pick is going to be a bust or just be an all-star (Kovalchuk) not a franchise changer (Stamkos)

          • I agree

          • Really Kovalchuck just an all star? I’m not sure if you are new and don’t remember him with the Thrashers or the first 10 years of his careeer but he scored 30 as a rookie won the scoring title in his 3rd year I think it was he played with no one really but Heatly for a couple years ( no stranger Louis no Lecalvier) he was a beast and most definitely a franchise type guy I would still take him over that ridiculous proposal of the over priced UFA goalie and a pick and a prospect Seeing there are 30 teams in the league you could probably make the argument he is a top 30 player thus still a franchise type player

          • Dang auto correct St. Louis not stranger Louis…lol

      • Why would I trade McNabb, Grigorenko or Pysyk along with the #8 just to get a #1 or 2? Panthers will be able to sign Luongo once he is bought out by Vancouver and I’m sure he’ll sign at a reasonable price and they would still maintain their #2 pick. Sabres have a #8 and 16 – it is more realistic to deal Vanek and a pick or young asset for the #4. I can see the possibility of Bflo getting #7 from Edmonton for Miller but they would also have to give a youngster or a couple of draft picks to go along with it.

    • WGR 550 commented that they spectulated it would be the 8th pick, a young prospect d-man or two or one and a goalie, not named Miller. They want young guys and they have 3 centers already.

      • Send em Tyler Myers he has looked lost the last two years.

  5. Malkin was resigned by the pens US$76-million, eight-year contract extension Thursday

    • 9.5 mill/season cap hit

      • Not to shabby since Malkin was already making $8.7mill he gave Pittsburgh a pretty good deal there since he could have hit the open market for way more then that.

  6. Would briere be of any interest to Edmonton? Would be a reduced salary probably a 2 year deal. Could help the young players. Still a great big game player.
    If bryzgalov is bought out he’s going back to Russia.

    • As much as I am a fan of Briere, I am not sure the Oilers would be keen on him. He has silenced the critics in relation to his size but Edmonton already ices a group of smurf sized players. I think that the focus is to get bigger and tougher to play against. No slam against Briere as he brings it every game and then cranks it for the important games. Could be great leadership for the youngsters however With Nuge and Gagner as the diminutive forwards on the team I feel they need to go bigger.

      • Totally agree, the leadership factor is more what I was leaning towards. Maybe a similar team like Ottawa, Florida or even Montreal (again smaller forwards though)

  7. If I was the Sabres GM I’d hold onto the #8. I’d like to offer Nashville Vanek, 16th overall, two 2nd rounders, and Stafford for the 4th and Blum or Ellis. Then Buffalo flips the 4th overall, Miller, McCabe or McNabb, and Grigorenko to Colorado for the 1st overall. Buffalo then drafts Mackinnon with the 1st and drafts Nichuskin or Nurse with the 8th overall. So to round it all out…

    To Buffalo
    1st overall(Nathan Mackinnon)
    Ellis or Blum
    Keep the 8th

    To Colorado
    McCabe or McNabb
    4th overall

    To Nashville
    16th Overall
    Two 2nd rounders from Buffalo

    • Hmmm interesting

    • Too much

      • It is a lot,but how different is from the above suggestions people are making to get the number one?

        Miller and Vanek plus the 8th plus a D man plus a trip to Europe paid for by Pegula, plus a new arena….bloody hell it’s crazy.

        If the Av’s really want all that, tell them to stuff it and trade out these guys and get other (lower) 1st round picks.

  8. heard Leafs and TB talking Leafs trade picks and 2nd liners for 3rd and Vinny

    • I just read the same thing

      “heard a rumor out of Canada on Monday (very good source) that the Leafs have offered two mid-level roster players and a package of draft picks for Tampa Bay’s 3rd selection overall and Vincent LeCavalier, who would then be bought out.”

      and would the roster players be…one would be either Komisarek, Liles or Grabovski and to answer the previous guys who wonder why teams give players or picks for garbage- its because owners cant pay the salaries….not hard to comprehend..

    • Do the leafs not have enough players to buy out on their own without trading for more.

      • Probably why Komisarek, Liles would be part of the deal, probably Komisarek since he has only one year left. Tampa would probably play him.

        • Not that this is a trade that is for sure going to happen or even one that has been talked about but we are going to hear more and more rumurslike this and the depetro one linked to teams like TO and NYR even philly becasue of their deep pockets

      • Well really you could sit on Komisarek at 4 mill for 1 year and send Lyles or Grabo the other way if TB had in interest in either of them I think just because Lyles didn’t play much for Randy (Franson and Gardner were same type options) and has a bit of an overpaid contract he is still a guy who could probably play in the top six and pp especially on a team that really dosent have much of an option for a puck moving D. Then buy out Komisarek and Vinny or just buy out Grabo bury Komi for a year play Vinny who even with the bad contract is still better then Grabovski or Bozak for the top 6 and is with Lyles and Garbo gone not a huge hit for this year possibly buy him out next summer if it dosent work out…I’d love this move.probably won’t work out tho :-(

    • yzerman should retire or step down if he traded that third overall (drouin) and one overpaid bum in lecalvier for two overpaid bums in komisarik and liles and a few draft picks? I’m sorry but thats a lil too far fetched no? draft picks are always nice but TO is nowhere near the top of the draft order to even make TB think about this trade. I’m sorry but that “rumor” is beyond retarded. Tampa already has a plethora of defensemen that are overpaid and underachieving they don’t need to add two more. TB is getting older with St. Louis and Lecalvier in there 30’s they’ll need another star to take the ranks with Stamkos. NO WAY IN HELL THAT GOES DOWN!!!

      • Not sure why its so hard to believe- these teams operate well below the salary cap just to stay afloat financially….ridding yourself of a long term mega deal and 7.5 mill in cap space is enormous. One one hand its hard to believe the leafs eat 40 million just to pick up Drouin? Its not Sidney Crosby they are acquiring, on the other hand is selling a prospect like Drouin or Jones or Mackinnon not worth it for 40 million? Not retarded at all- Gretzky was “sold” for far less..and why would Yzerman lose his job- dont you think the owner would mandate it….this isnt Toronto the Flyers or the Rangers these teams do not have the financial where with all to maintain these deals..
        Also the deal would include one of the Leafs salary dumps like Komisarek who would probably just play inTBAY for the year..so they would still have one more left should they choose to use it….

        Are these Leafs silly to pay 30-40 million for Drouin or are the Lightning silly to not accept 30-40 million for a prospect (even he becomes a 80 point player!) you tell me….

        • It’s so hard to believe because of the source.
          I went looking for this rumor and I found it. Right where I expected it to be….
          The only thing different is this poster didn’t drop an e3 or e4 on it….but same place. Now that makes it even harder to believe.

          • Its not so much the rumor being true as the idea of things like this happen period. Tampa doesnt sell out every game they arent at the top of the league as far as revenue goes with one of the games top stars. I would be completely shocked if tampa themselves bought out Vinny, the only way this happens is in a scenario like that. Not saying they would trade the 3rd overall but something along those lines. Vinny would never have to go to TO, could all be done while he is at the beach.

          • John Jaeckel isnt Eklund he is pretty credible and just heard Loiselle echoing theory on tsn 1050

        • Bang on, I would imagine you will see some of these lower earning teams over this draft and next that will be willing to trade top end talent to avoid going bankrupt. The comparison of selling the 3rd for $40mill is as accurate as it will get.

          • I would go as far as to say it will happen- not necessarily this trade but the Isles, Lightning Panthers>? (Campbell)…..there are plenty of candidates. I dont even think the Leafs care about Komisarek- they will just keep him for one more year why waste a buyout (unless they make the team take him back

        • My money is on it wouldn’t be Drouin but Bakarov they would take or Monahan.

          • It is a lot,but how different is from the above suggestions people are making to get the number one?

            Miller and Vanek plus the 8th plus a D man plus a trip to Europe paid for by Pegula, plus a new arena….bloody hell it’s crazy.

            If the Av’s really want all that, tell them to stuff it and trade out these guys and get other (lower) 1st round picks.

  9. @HayesTSN: Claude Loiselle just told us that the Leafs have the ability to use both buyouts and are looking into acquiring another teams contract.

    • Tom Lewikie and Dave Nonis are going to make some noise this summer, not saying it will be for the better, but my money is on them doing something flashy, much different then Burke in the sense that they will spend the money give out a ridiculous long term contract or bend a rule or two to their advantage…they will let everyone know there is a new way of doing business in to. Try to change the image of the Leafs which may not be a bad idea after the past decade or so…lol

    • Wow Shocking. Ok, I rescind my previous derisive comment.

      • LOL Which one? The one ya posted twice or??? Sorry man I just got lost for a bit. insert smart remark here….

  10. To be honest here. Whoever trades their pick in the top 10 is an idiot. There are superstars written all over no less then five players with superstar/star quality in the rest. Not to mention there are nhl players all the way through the third round in this draft and possible I pact players.

  11. When was the last time a team dealt the #1 pick before drafting a player? I know about Lindros and Berard but thats different than trading the pick. I don’t understand why people think they would do it and why for such rediculous packages. To get a #1 you’d have to give up a Malkin or Lunquist or Kane, and no team is going to do that unless they under contract and want out.

  12. Colorado isn’t interested in just good NHL pieces to add to a burgeoning team. The Avs are looking for very specific exact pieces to put the team in the next echelon of greatness. In case some of you haven’t been paying attention to Colorado and their early off-season moves, and listened to the videos of the Avs legends talk about their vision heading forward, This is a brand new era in Colorado with Sakic, Roy, and Foote speaking about their initial blueprint for the new Avs . The feeling around the team is that their vision is to take this team back to where it began-The Stratosphere. This isn’t Just an attempt to recapture old greatness, it is going to be a progression from that team. You just have to look the two legends and understand who they are as people to begin to understand that what is happening in Colorado is something special and different than other teams in the league. Our new team and philosophy is being hammered out, not by people who run things, but by people who are taking their heritage into their own hands, again, to lead where they themselves have been led and on to greater success than they. Will it work? We’ll see. but I have faith in this brand new Avs chapter.

    So you see, the Avs aren’t looking for what works. They are looking for new members of the team ideal. They don’t want a good goaltender, or a good forward, or a good dman, or a good bargain, or the players everyone else thinks are worth it. They are in a position right now to be picky and choosy and discerning with who they want to add. They will be meticulous I can bet you that! They will be very specific with what they do from here. Colorado’s first overall pick is priceless to them, the only thing that might even have them thinking otherwise is something, well, priceless. That’s what their value is on this pick. To everybody else it is worth slightly less.

    And in case you missed it, the Avs open to trading this pick has been pretty much regarded as “If you show us what Philly gave us for Lindros, that’s the “value” were talking about. If you need our franchise pick, we need you to supplement what that pick means to us. We don’t want to trade it, but if you want to…

    P.S. No Team worth their salt is ever gonna make you feel like you ever got a deal trading for their most coveted pieces.

    Think of it not like a steak for a different steak, but a steak for water. What is more valuable? They are both invaluable depending on what you “need” more.
    Adam Foote on the Denver Post blog talks on the radio about what this ideal team might look like and what we want to do,

    • The Avs success was catapulted by two very stupid trades made to Philadelphia (a total looting of their team) and Montreal (for Roy).

      Avs may be on the cusp of “some good years”, but I wouldn’t expect the kind of success they had in the late 90s, early 2000s, unless their GM steps it up. A fifth and sixth d-man, maybe a first pairing guy with offensive capability which might well be Jones, but not yet, and getting rid of the liabilities on their roster (like D. Jones) would be a good start.

  13. I listened to the TSN interview and Loiselle confirmed they had the ability to buy out another teams bad contract, however I do not recall him saying they were seeking one out. If the Leafs were to trade down I agree with Schticky, I think they are after Monahan. If they somehow managed to get Tampa’s third pick overall, I believe they would do it to get him. I also think they might try to trade with Edmonton to get down to 7th as well. Dallas Eakins knows who the best Leaf prospects are( in additon to 21st pick) , especially defensemen and wingers, and that is a more pressing need for the Oilers than another skilled centre. A team like the Oilers need to add other pieces to surround the kids if they want to start to hit the playoffs again. Eakins has a 4 year deal, but he won’t last 4 years if they do not at least make the playoffs in the next two.

  14. phaneuf for detroits first and frk? I would love it. wont happen with detroit back in the east

  15. Please leaf fans no Dion the coward trades nobody will give up much for this guy

    to deal with the Avs they want a franchise D,,hmmm wonder what position Jones plays
    Leafs should try and deal Grabo for vinny ..he would be a number 1 center for them but would tampa make the deal to save a few bucks
    Ryan Kessler and top 3 d for 2pick and Gudbranson