NHL Morning Rumor Mill – June 17, 2013.

The latest on the Flames, Avalanche, Blue Jackets and Red Wings.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reacted to a recent report by CBC’s Elliotte Friedman claiming the Calgary Flames offer of their three first round picks to the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for the first overall pick. Dater claims he’s heard there’s no way the Avs would accept a trade which would take them out of the top three selections in this year’s draft. He also believes another reason the Avs rejected the deal was their unhappiness with the Flames for signing Ryan O’Reilly to an offer sheet in February.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: All good reasons to reject the Flames offer.

Will the Blue Jackets re-sign Sergei Bobrovsky?

Will the Blue Jackets re-sign Sergei Bobrovsky?

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Michael Arace reports Blue Jackets president of hockey operations John Davidson remains confident about re-signing goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky to a new contract. Bobrovsky’s agent Paul Theofanous will be in Columbus this week.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Arace pointed out, Theofanous has a lot of leverage. Bobrovsky’s a restricted free agent coming off a Vezina-winning season who is also entertaining a big offer from a KHL team and could be a tempting target for an offer sheet if he’s still unsigned by July 5.

MLIVE.COM: Brendan Savage noted Elliotte Friedman’s Saturday report naming the Red Wings among three teams with interest in Florida Panthers center Stephen Weiss. If Valtteri Filppula departs via free agency, Savage suggests Weiss could center the Wings second line.


  1. Weiss would be a great fit in Detroit.

    • Perfect fit really, and the people in Detroit are wonderful and there are sooo many sights to see….please sign in Detroit Mr. Weiss you will love this there!

    • Why?

      • He is being sarcastic. He doesn’t want Weiss in a Leaf uniform so any interest from any team gets Shticky excited. I have to agree. Weird the two of us have been agreeing lately.

      • Toronto fans who don’t want him lol

        • Toronto fans would rather have Bozak apparently..is there another center who wants to play in toronto..maybe Olli

    • Wings, sure. But NO MORE than 3 mill TOPS. Maybe 2.5

      • well his numbers compare to GRABEY AT 5.5
        AND THEY are much better then bozo who leafs offered 4.5

        so it makes sense he signs with det for 2.5

        • Ummm can’t see him taking an almost 50% pay cut but ok….

  2. Over paying Bobrovsky based on one season is insane. Let him go to the KHL

    • Stranger things have happened. Scott Gomez scoring a goal, for example …

    • Not really based on one season tho he played pretty well in Philly all things considered, he was young and it was going to take some time to adjust as it always does but There is 0 patients. In Philly it seems and they ran him out of town way to early, now do I think it’s wise to give him 5 mill for some long term deal absolutely not, maybethey could offer him some kind of short term bridge deal like ROR and Subban got, with the chance to prove he is the real deal against the best compition in the world, if he does the big payday comes in 2-3years something like 3.75 for 2 or 3 years same kind of deal Rask got little extra for the Vezzna.

      • right on

        • “There is 0 patients.” Actually they had quite a few patients last year, Pronger, Meszaros, Hartnell all were patients at one point during the year.

  3. I am really hoping for the sake of the Jackets that Bobs isn’t just a flash in the pan and that they take the right steps to ensure they don’t screw up like they did with Mason. The Columbus Blue Jackets have just been that team I’ve watched and got excited for but they next quite get it going, they deserve a couple good years of playoff hockey. There is really so much talent in that group, Anisimov, Gaborik, Umberger, Johnson, Wiz, Bobs … and some solid prospects, Jenner, Johansen, and Murray.

    • Yas, Mason and Leclaire both come to mind. Hope BOBROVSKY is for real.

  4. Why did the avalanche management even open their mouths and suggest they may trade the pick when obviously they really don’t want too. They don’t want to move out of the top three selections, well nobody is going to make that move when the top three players are all certain to be pretty good players. They might want a certain guy but the price just wouldn’t be worth it just to move up one or two spots.
    I understand the flames wanting to get the first pick as that player may turn out to be a super-star. However, since they are so shallow in talent in their system I think it would be prudent to draft three damn good prospects in a deep pool of players instead. I can imagine the faces of the avalanche management team when Feaster called them to make the offer, it must have taken some kind of will not to use a two word expletive. Don’t worry Feaster, half way through next season the avalanche will take your first ++ for O’Reilly.
    I think Bobrovsky re-signs with the Blue Jackets, IMO. He is a star in the best league in the world, who in the right mind would throw that away. But hey, he’s Russian so who knows, lol.
    Both Weiss and Filppula have had up and down years, way down for Weiss. If I had the choice as a GM I believe I would take Filppula just because he would bring good habits with him from the Detroit system. Although Weiss is a centre and has been a good player for the panthers I would be a little concerned about his health going forward.

    • Col said something because they are stupid, just like agreeing to the O’Reilly contract. They could have had the 6th pick. But both those teams have made a lot of bad decisions recently. Calgary waiting to long on Iginal and Kipper. Col traded way to much for Varlamov, traded Shattenkirk and Stewart away, and agreeing to O’Reilly.

      • dont have a problen with them saying they would be 0pen to the right deal
        you never know what gm is drunk on a certain day
        if the islanders offer Taveres and hamonic for Stasny/pick and eric

        you make that deal

    • As a GM, you always leave your window open because you never know what unbelieveable deal can come your way.

      The Flames deal was poor… if, however, the Flames had a top 5 pick, then it would have gotten much better. I doubt Colorado would have ever taken it anyway; Seth Jones is exactly what the doctor ordered.

  5. If Edmonton is serious about trading their first rounder this year (7th over all) then the Leafs should take a run at it using their first over all, Scrivens and ????

    If they could secure the 7th pick I’m sure they could offer a trade to Tampa to swap first over all picks (3rd swap for 7th) and take that monster LeCavalier contract off their hands on an amnesty buyout. LeCavalier is owed $45M so an amnesty buyout will still cost them $30M. His current cap hit is over $7.7M for 7 more years until 2020.

    To Oilers – Leafs 21st pick overall + Scrivens + ??? (fill in the blank)
    To Tampa – Oilers original 7th pick over all
    To Leafs – Tampa’s 3rd pick over all + LeCavalier (to be bought out on amnesty deal $30M cost to Leafs)

    Tampa re-signs LeCavalier to a new contract at 1/3rd his old salary contract ($15M for 7 years to make him whole once again) new cap hit $2.14M/year (down from $7.7M/year)

    This would be strictly the business part of hockey for Tampa relieving their cap issues for the next seven years

    • I believe Tampa can’t re-sign Lecavalier for at least a year if they buy him out. I may be wrong but what you suggest is a type of cap violation.

      • and i believe he is suggesting that toronto buys him out so he can resign in tbay

    • zero chance that ever happens, but its always fun to dream

    • That better be a hell of a player going to Edmonton. And why scrivens? He looks like he will be a career back up (NHL) or starter (AHL). And I can’t stand Edmonton but they really would be getting screwed on this deal. They have an okay goalie. They need defence. If they can’t trade for a de man they will probably pick Nurse.

      • Eakins loves Scrivvy for one and he could push Dubnyk at some point the Oil will need atleast a backup and MacT has said he would like a younger guy to fight it out with Duby for some competition for the starter role Scrivens does kind of fit the bill, now does Toronto have the assets or I should say are they willing to give up the assets to make a deal like this happen I’m not so sure, I figure at least the Oilers would want a guy like Gardner or Franson and maybe a guy like Kuli to help out in a defensive role.

    • Wow…Leaf fans never cease to amaze.

      You are not getting the 3rd pick overall for Scrivens plus their pick.

      Why would Edmonton want Scrivens? who couldn’t hack it in TO?

      Tampa is not trading the 3rd overall for the Leafs buying out Vinnie. Nothing illegal with what you suggested, but the league has already warned about cap circumvention.

      How about Kamaserek and your 1st for Seth Jones?

      Sounds reasonable to a Leaf fan, right?

      • Once again sir your Leaf hate makes you sound like a moron, I realize reading could be difficult but he did say Scrivens plus the pick and another piece now I am not saying that deal is great or would happen but what if that last unspecified peice was a part of the young core that the Leafs had assembled say Franson or Gardner or Riley…hell say JVR or Kadri you don’t think that may get the Oilers considering? The deal he was suggesting was along way from Komisarek but idiots like you immediately assume soon as a Leaf fan offers a trade proposal it is involving the ridiculous…grow up

        • “hell say JVR or Kadri you don’t think that may get the Oilers considering?”

          No. No I don’t think Edmonton would listen.

          The Avs turned down 3 first round picks for the #1.

          Tampa is not trading the 3rd overall for a Vinnie buyout plus the 5th pick. It is just not happening, even in Leaf world.

          I don’t hate the Leafs…just their over bearing, obnoxious fans.

          • You mean obnoxious like a guy who dosent read or listen to anything anybody has to say, never presents any of his own idea or perspective and just comes on to post threads about how stupid other people are and call them obnoxious? You mean obnoxious like that? Why not give us another great one liner about Komisarek they never get old…

          • “Shticky says:
            June 18, 2013 at 5:27 pm
            You mean obnoxious like a guy who dosent read or listen to anything anybody has to say, never presents any of his own idea or perspective and just comes on to post threads about how stupid other people are and call them obnoxious? You mean obnoxious like that? Why not give us another great one liner about Komisarek they never get old…”

            I do read, and all I see is bs posted by Leaf fans who think their 3rd line crap is worth top picks.

            Here’s one for Komo: Komo to the KHL for a vodka.
            or how about Komo to the Canucks for Sedins and Schneider.

            No wait..Komo to the Panthers for the next 10 draft picks.

            You lot all post trades on here like it is going down, but in the real world, none of it makes sense unless you are wearing rose colored glasses.

            How about real happenings?

            The story about Bobs? Will he sign, will he go?

            Will Richards get bought out?

            Jones or Mckinnon?

            But we get Leaf BS that only benefits the Leafs.

            Hey..how about Paneuf to Tampa for Stamkos..that way Vinnie can play with his friend when the leafs don’t buy out Vinnie.

            Awe..we’re in a good mood….We’ll give you St.Louis for Komo…wow what a defense we will have in Tampa.

            Just saying.

          • Thing is its always you “just sayin”…”just sayin”stuff that no one else said “just sayin” stuff you make up in you’re own empty head because you think you know what you’re talking about, which you don’t. You sit there complaining about all us leaf fans “just sayin” we are making up the ridiculous (which in some cases I’ll admit it’s true) but for the most part its obnoxious people like your self “just sayin” all the ridiculous stuff to begin with. Case in point about 3 of your moronic posts here today that don’t do anything accept point out stupid proposals that only you have brought up so wouldn’t that make you the idiot?….so as I was “just sayin” why don’t you make up yet another dumb-ass trade proposal about Komisarek probably your 4 that or 5th this past week it’s always funny and hardly ever gets old.

      • BeerGoggles wrote “To Oilers – Leafs 21st pick overall + Scrivens + ??? (fill in the blank)….. and not “To Oilers – Leafs 21st pick overall + Scrivens”!

        • what if i trade you Richards for grabovski and your 1st ?

          • Hmmm I’ll say no only due to the ridiculous of the deal he got tho otherwise that would be golden…lol how bout instead we trade you Grabo for a signed stick from the King?

        • Thanks for clarifying what I said.

          I think there would be a good chance Tampa would trade their 3rd over all for the 7th over all if the Leafs throw away $30M on Vinny and the Bolts get to resign him for the $15M that got left on the table especially knowing Tampa knocks $5M+ off their cap for the next 7 years and Vinny is still happy cause he still gets exactly what he was getting. Total cap circumvention but it’s totally legal.

          The question is what would it take to pry the Oilers 7th over all pick away. All it would take is Rielly (last years 5th over all). Seems totally reasonable.

          • can you imagine Mr Nonis going to board and saying ..by the way I need 30 million dollars to get the Tampa pick..and no we will not recoup even the interest on the 30 million for at least 10 years and by that time the pick will have ufa and gone to the rangers

          • Apparently he already has and they said ok do what you got to do or else there wouldn’t be any talk of it and judging by my cell Internet and phone bills I’d say they can probably afford it. :-)

          • It will all depend on what Leiweke says.

          • you really are too much.

            Tampa is not throwing away an asset like the 3rd overall for a trade of Vinnie for a buyout.

            It just isn’t going to happen.

            Do you ever read your ideas? Hear how ridiculous you sound?

            Here, I can do it to…
            Kadri, Kommo and Torontos first for the rights to Tim Thomas. They then trade Tom Thomas to Vancouver straight across for Luongo.

            Days later, the Leafs then trade Luongo and next years first, and a first in 2038 to Florida for Upshaw and Fleischmann, plus their first in 2025.

            Come on man…these rumors that Leaf fans throw out there are beyond the realm of reality.

      • Patrick loves Kommi but would probably want Scrivs///right beerguy

      • @Shticky….

        I actually do know what I am on about. The” rumors” you refer to here are just mindless bs that I made up on the spot, to show how ridiculous the Leaf fans are with their rumors.

        Last I checked, this was a hockey rumor board, not Maple Leaf rumors.

        I have as much right as you to post here.

        I didn’t name names, call names or anything, just gave my 2 cents on the rumors you and your buddies are making up, and spouting off like it is going to happen.

        Looking back over the last year, you yourself has had Getzlaf, Malkin, Luongo and others going to Toronto, and giving up cast offs as equal value.

        Just how old are you anyways? I have been coming here since at least 1999….that’s a long time. I rarely post because flamers like yourself will run it down, or tell me how incorrect I am on hockey related issues.

        I did play junior..until I had my face broken by a brick wall, and the concussion and side effects pushed me out of hockey all together.

        I just think you need to read your own rumors, and tell me just how much you really think it is going to happen.

        I currently coach peewee level kids, and it is the highlight of my days.

        I am a trained coach certified by hockey Canada. Tell me..what is your level of training?

        I am sorry you don’t agree with me, but the truth is…your rumors are made up bull sh*t.

        That is the truth.

        • You sir are truly delusional……no one said you have no right to be here, again something made up in your own empty head along with the suggestion that I have ever thought or expressed that the Leafs would be aquiring anything like Getlaf, Malkin or anything along those lines. I too played til junior, and have coached but that was years before you needed to be certified by hockey Canada (not that that matters as this is no job interview )…yes you are delusional and if it pains you so much what me and my “buddies” say and since no one is asking for you your opinion, just move on to something on this blog that you want to read or what not, instead of being an ass to others that are not discussing anything with you anyway…

          Say hi to Peter Puck I’m sure you must speak with him often.

          • How am I delusional?

            Because I call BS on a made up rumor by a Leafs fan?

            You stated I don’t know what I am talking about, but I have continuously shown you that you are wrong.

            Your “attack” for my response to an obviously one sided rumor is what has started this whole issue.

            Maybe I am confusing you with Beergoggles, but the rumors are just as far fetched.

            You have irked my, lad, and I will post here now just to get under your skin..lol

    • Carolina is willing to deal there pick They want a top 3 D..where could the leafs get one quick

    • its the carolina pick that is out there

      unfortunately they want a top 3 D and Toronto dosent have one

      so give us a deal for a d then the carolina deal

      • Hey how about the Sabres trading Meyers, Stafford and their #38 for Carolina’s #5.

        • Buffalo won’t trade Meyer, let alone him + Stafford and their #8 for Carolina’s #5 pick. If they were ever to include all of those assets via a trade, they’d get more for that elsewhere.

  6. Has anyone heard anything about the canucks lately with Luo, or coaching. They were the 1st team out of the playoffs and still don’t have a coach.

    • Tortz for irony factor.

    • there is a lot of interesting items on Van list

      trade Elder too much money on backend and he is only one without nt
      would sedin boys play for Tort
      time for Kessler to take charge of this team
      no secondary scorers
      need to move up in draft now have nothing as forwards on the horizon

        I coached him 2 years as an atom…great as a kid

  7. Ridiculous trade talk about the Oilers picking up TO waste. MacT isn’t an idiot.

    • Your right the 7 pick this year wouldn’t be worth the 5 pick last year the 21 pick a goalie whose numbers are similar to your starter and a big defensive forward that provides some depth that your team needs. Only a baffoon would make that deal.

    • its the way leaf fans walk;;upside down all the way

      • LOL what? Are you high?? I have yet to make any sense of anything you say….

        • actually i am intrigued that you were able to assemble a sensible offer but who is the big defensive forward..
          why would the leafs give up Morgan and a 1 pick for for nurse or center

          • Kuli is regarded as a pretty solid 2 way forward…again not saying I would do this deal but to scoff at it and say the leafs couldn’t put together an offer to get the 7 pick is more dumb then most Leaf fans proposals.

          • Agreed. No sense in trying to explain it to them. Anyone who can’t figure out Rielly (5th over all last year) isn’t better then this years 7th overall has no clue. Especially considering he is now a year older and a year ahead of where this years 7th rounder will be. He got great experience playing in this years AHL playoffs. Why would the Oilers want a top rated puck moving Dman ready to step into the NHL this fall or next instead of waiting for who knows what at this years 7th pick.


          • Oh ya forgot to mention a small fact. He was coached by Eakins in last years playoffs so he just might know the kid.

          • Because we desperately need a number 1 center easiest or best way to get one is probably to draft one and there are three that look like they will be Dandy in McKinnon Barkov and Monahan there maybe one or 2 available around our spot. Personally I think Fredrik Gauthier would fit the bill a little bit down the road, but the 3or 4 that maybe available in the top 10 all look like they a very close to being NHL ready where the 2or 3 available near the 20 pick will be a little bit more of a project that will require at least a year or 2 in the AHL

    • I agree, why would the Oilers want Scrivens ? Yan Danis is better than Scrivens. Overvalued.

      • Denise has been around for how long now? And I doubt ever had a save % over 900. In his NHL career Scrivens has numbers very simmilar to Dubnyk, plus he took your new coach to the Calder cup finals and has a great relationship with Eakins. I really would not be the least bit surprised to see the Leafs and Oilers make a deal (not this one necessarily) and Scrivens moving to the Oilers for what who knows but The Leafs have pretty decent depth at goal with Sparks Oduya Rynass and now McIntyre. Scrivens will be moved 1 for 1 or part of a package deal and the Oilers makes alot of sense.

        • I haven’t heard MacT say he wants a young goalie to push Dubnyk. He wants a goalie younger than Khabby which is pretty much anyone. Oilers have young potentially good goalies in their system – Olivier Roy and Tyler Bunz. They are more likely to go after a UFA like Theodore or Emery and not give up assets in a trade. Also, if the 7th pick will get you Vinny + 3rd overall, why wouldn’t the Oilers do it themselves? Oilers have a Billionaire owner too.

          • In the end of season talk to season ticket holders he made it pretty clear about what he thinks of the Oilers and the goaltending situation there is an article on it in a thing called the copper and gold. Plus I am not just saying it as a Leaf fan I like the oilers and their talent and the direction they are heading getting rid of Tambelini hiring Eakins, and Mac while maybe not being everyone’s first choice as GM has been around the game an awful long time and learned from some great hockey people. I think he will make some good decisions and I could see him picking up Scrivens as one of them.

          • Duh copper and blue I mean….lol

        • Check your stats..

          Danis years over 900 save percentage:
          2005-2006: Montreal: 908 S%
          2008-2009: Islanders: 910 S%
          2009-2010: Devils: 923 S%

          So he has put up seasons above 900. Granted he only played 49 games over those years.

          The point is that Scrivens is not seen as any kind of improvement over what they already have, and they don’t need to give up anything to stay at that level.

          I think the Leafs have some great young players. JVR and Kadri are a great starting point. The issue is that Leaf fans seem to think they can take a third liner, and get first line material from it. I am not trying to be a dick, but some of the trades offered out there from Leaf fans are so one sided, they are just unbelievable.

          To get any of the top 8 picks is going to cost a lot. More than some will pay. A proven NHL player is only the starting point. The only real movement I would expect, unless someone sells the farm, is something like Carolina’s pick going to a team like Edmonton for the 7th and a player. If Carolina is targeting a player at the projected 7-12 range, they might take a 3-4 dman and the 7th pick, or something like that. Not these rumours of multiple teams pulling off huge trades, with one team trading top 10 picks twice in a week.

          • Okay so he has played 49 games over 7 years and has never stuck in the NHL including on the Islanders think there maybe a reason for that??….Scrivens has played almost that many NHL games over the past 2 seasons and has better numbers yet he is no improvement? Do you even read you’re own comments?

          • Of those 7 seasons he has 4 with above 900sv%….

            Listen I or no one else said Scrivens was going to get the 7 pick, could the leafs put together a package of the 21 pick and a couple players or a player, prospect and a pick that might be enough to move up? I think they could most who are not anti leaf would probably agree.

            Also if there was one teams who financial would be able to aquire a player or 2 who were buyout candidates with big deals such as Vinny or Ricky D it would probably the most financial successful. Team in the league.. Would they do it? maybe maybe not, but if they did the price would be very high like your first pick high. we are talking millions of dollars and a couple owners who are not exactly in the position to fix their own problems or there would have been no discussion of it to begin with. I understand that people might not like the idea or the terms of what these deals incur, but again the last player who was essentially bought to relieve an owner of some financial burden was the best player to ever play the game and the price was 100million dollars if the best to ever play was sold for 100million what does 30 mill get ya?

          • @Shitcky

            Not going to argue the merits of Jan Danis.

            You said, quote” And I doubt ever had a save % over 900.”

            I proved he did and multiple ones at that. Would I want him on my team? No, but I don’t want Schrivens either. The point is, for Edmonton to move that pick..it is going to take a lot.

            Does Toronto have enough to trade for it? Yes. Every team does. But does it hurt the team to move certain players? Does it cause a weakness elsewhere? Creating a problem to solve another one doesn’t make any sense. But does it make sense for both sides? I don’t consider Schrivens or Riemer to be an upgrade over Dubnyk. Besides, the Leafs had a good year this year, and they should try and add a few pieces, and not try to blow it up for a pick.

            Think about it:

            You are willing to trade: Schrivens, 2013 first, ++(JVR?), plus 30 million for a draft pick. A guy who could be the next Daigle.

            The deal has to make sense for both sides. The Oiler’s aren’t going to give the pick away, and they are not just going to trade it because Toronto wants it. They are going to trade for organizational needs, like a stud dman, checking center, while sticking to the team core. I just don’t see a trade going down between the Leafs and the Oilers.

            I am also not here to fight or argue with you.

            I commented on Beergoggles post.
            Yes, I responded saying Scrivens and a pick, but if you were making this deal, it would take at least JVR plus, on top of Schrivens and the pick. How much do you want to gut your team for a draft pick?

            You turned this into a pi$$ing contest by jumping to insults right away.

            By the way..Scrivens last 2 years:
            Year GP W L GA GAA SP
            2011-12 12 4 5 35 3.13 .903
            2012-13 20 7 9 46 2.69 .915

            He had a better % in SP and GAA, but he still is having a losing record for each season.I just don’t see anything special here.

          • I said doubt I didn’t say for sure 100% there is no way Denis has…., sorry I don’t keep my Yan Denis hockey card handy but I was right Scrivens has better numbers I also said in that same post that you mention that I’m not sure that a trade would involve the Oilers pick maybe there could be a 1 for 1 trade (in otherwords involving different pieces) or a package deal in some otherway get a hold of your self and stop twisting what others say around. Scrivens has proved to be a very reliable back up that could challenge for a starting job took your new coach to the Calder cup finals so there is probably a good relationship ship there, Scrivens would be a fit for the Oilers needs The Leafs have lots of Goalies and may still be looking at another, If the price was right for both teams I could see Scrivens being an Oiler next year what is ridiculous or so hard to understand about that?

          • Scrivens is not a good fit for the Oilers..not when talking about the 7th overall pick.

            A second rounder..maybe..but not the pick you are wanting.

            I am not an Oilers fan..in fact I cheer for a team in the East. I have watched the Leafs play quite a bit this year, and Scrivens did nothing to impress.

            I don’t have hockey cards, I use this real neat tool called the internet. It helps when seeking facts before spouting thoughts.

            What is wrong with you? You have been on the attack since I laughed at the trade proposal. You can’t make it through a post without throwing insults or calling names…you are telling me off because I don’t agree with the package that was proposed? I am just backing up my reasons, which then is resulting in more insults or name calling from you. I value players differently than you. That doesn’t make me dumb, stupid or anything else, just that I have a different point of view than you.

            Post of yours like the one up the page telling me to go away..why? Because my opinion differs from yours? I was responding to a post, on a public website. I have not gotten demeaning, insulting or anything towards you.

            By the way..you also stated in one of your posts that this is not a job interview…really? Thanks for clearing that up.

            You had questioned my knowledge of the game. I was responding with my history.

            Think about it for a minute. It’ll come to you.

            I am curious..
            “the last player who was essentially bought to relieve an owner of some financial burden was the best player to ever play the game and the price was 100million dollars if the best to ever play was sold for 100million what does 30 mill get ya?”

            Who was sold for 100 million?

          • Hey I can admit when I’m wrong and looking back its twice that I did it I thought the deal was Ten million (Iwrote it because sometimes the tablet or me using the tablet I’m not sure which is twitchy) plus 4 first round picks turns out you’re right it was 15 mill, you got me it’s been 25 years and my memory isn’t what it used to be, but really dosent this really just kind of make more of a point of what I am saying? That for a giant pay out or to pick up a guy like Vinny or Ricky Ds contract and to buy it out the price is going to be high like atleast your first round pick nhigh. Also before you go saying no one would do that blah blah blah, why would it even be discussed and Charlie Wang was pretty up front in mentioning if that was an option out there he would, look at it.

  8. How about Calgary trades the number 6 pick to Columbus for their three first rounders?

    • Imagine, lol every third or 4th pick….the Calgary Flames are proud to select…. And having to see uncle Feaster that much? gah that would be a very long draft day lol

      • Agreed but boy it would be smart. They would have to add a bit more going either way but if Columbus want Giordano added to the mix and, assuming Bob resigns, Columbus throws in dansk maybe a deal can be found. Now I don’t trust feaster to move a couch but he has to recognize that they need as many prospects out of this draft as they can. To me no one short of Brodie and the swiss kid is untradable. Giordano is great but is he willing to stay for the rebuild? Wouldn’t it be better to move him for prospects/picks to expedite the rebuild? Dear god I would love to see Calgary and up with 5 first round picks lol

  9. Flames fan here..@Shticky Feaster wouldn’t be able to make it to the podium five times if that trade happened lol (he’d probably send Conroy up for 4 of 5picks) but that’s the first time I’ve herd that suggestion Matty(trade with Columbus). In a “deep” draft I wonder if that wouldn’t help stock the cupboards. #6 pick probably won’t be that much better than 7-22? They will have a pick in top three next year and maybe year after anyway. Interesting suggestion, cheers

  10. Columbus has a better team than most people are willing to give them credit for. now that their goaltending issues seem to have sorted themselves out their defense is starting to get some recognition (Tyutin & Nikatin seem to be as good a pairing as you’ll find anywhere) and their depth allowed them to move Methot for Foligno this year. up front they gave up some depth to get Gaborik but his $7.5 million contract is up after this season so they will have Cap room next year to make some acquisitions. after narrowly missing the playoffs they will be able to add some talent in the draft but have enough depth in the organization to move that pick should the right deal come along. when you look at the St. Louis team that Davidson built you can see the possibility of the same thing happening in Columbus.

  11. Agreed but boy it would be smart. They would have to add a bit more going either way but if Columbus want Giordano added to the mix and, assuming Bob resigns, Columbus throws in dansk maybe a deal can be found. Now I don’t trust feaster to move a couch but he has to recognize that they need as many prospects out of this draft as they can. To me no one short of Brodie and the swiss kid is untradable. Giordano is great but is he willing to stay for the rebuild? Wouldn’t it be better to move him for prospects/picks to expedite the rebuild? Dear god I would love to see Calgary and up with 5 first round picks lol