NHL Morning Rumor Mill – June 18, 2014

Latest on Jason Spezza, Evander Kane, Johnny Boychuk and Willie Mitchell,  plus updates on the Maple Leafs and Capitals. 

Will the Jets trade Evander Kane this summer?

Will the Jets trade Evander Kane this summer?

SPORTSNET:  Mark Spector believes the Anaheim Ducks will acquire Jason Spezza instead of Ryan Kesler…An NHL scout can’t believe the Sharks are considering trading Joe Thornton, who Spector believes could be a good fit with the Maple Leafs…He also notes Jets stars Evander Kane and Dustin Byfuglien continue to float in the rumor mill.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ducks have the depth in young talent, prospects and draft picks to win a bidding war for Spezza, provided he’s their intended target…I’ll be very surprised if Thornton agreed to be dealt to the Leafs…Kane and Byfuglien have been rumor fodder for months, but will the Jets trade either guy? 

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports Flames GM Brad Treliving denied a recent report in the Ottawa Sun claiming he’d made a pitch for Jason Spezza. “I haven’t made any such offers. That’s 100% fantasy island. I saw it early Sunday online and had to read it a couple times and had to remind myself ‘oh ya I’m the Flames GM. Interesting.’ ”

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: James Mirtle reports the Leafs still aren’t good enough at center or on defense. “The Leafs appear to be muddling along, stuck somewhere between being in contention or into a rebuild. New president Brendan Shanahan has stated multiple times he doesn’t view this as a tear-down rebuild, but if it’s not that, then what is it?”, asks Mirtle. He suggests they’ll either go young or attempt to kick-start things now like the Dallas Stars did last summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Part of the problem is they’ve saddled themselves with an unwieldy contract for David Clarkson, plus they’ve now got to find players who’ll buy into whatever system coach Randy Carlyle is trying to impose. It’s a mess right now. I expect they’ll try to go the “kick-start” route since they’ve missed the playoffs eight times over the past nine seasons. Another attempted rebuild with youth won’t sit well with the Leafs faithful, who are growing impatient over the club’s poor performance. 

CBC.CA: Mike Brophy considers Jonathan Bernier, Morgan Reilly, Jake Gardiner and James van Reimsdyk as the Maple Leafs only untouchables.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brophy questions if Phil Kessel is willing to pay the price in tough games. Funny, I thought he proved that during last spring’s playoff series against the Bruins. Poor Kessel, he’s led a moribund Leafs team in scoring every year since joining the club, ranks among the top-ten scorers in the league the past three seasons and does it without a true first-line center, and he still gets little respect from Leafs fans and punditry. If the Leafs trade him, they’ll be making a grave mistake, but after decades of almost uninterrupted mismanagement, I’ve come to expect such blunders from them. Wouldn’t surprise me if they dealt away Kessel this summer for a handful of magic beans. 

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS:  Gary Lawless doubts the Jets will move Evander Kane, noting they won’t get a return worthy of parting with the promising 22-year-old, who already has a 30-goal season on his resume.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It will take a significant return to convince the Jets to part with Kane. They can’t just trade him for the sake of making a move. If there is issues with him and the team they must be resolved. Bringing him back for a full season under Paul Maurice seems the wise move. If they want to shake things up, moving Dustin Byfuglien while he still has decent trade value appears the best way to go. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples reports Boston sportscaster Joe Haggerty noted defenseman Johnny Boychuk is an Edmonton native, so shipping him to a Western Canadian club like the Oilers wouldn’t be a bad idea if the Bruins move him to shed salary. Haggerty claims Boychuk loves Edmonton and lives there in the offseason. Staples believed Boychuk would address many of the Oilers blueline issues, but the defenseman has a modified no-trade clause and must agree to be deal to Edmonton.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Boychuk would be a good fit with the Oilers, provided the Bruins are shopping him and he’s willing to go there. 

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Kings veteran defenseman Willie Mitchell hopes to return next season but the 37-year-old’s future with the club remains uncertain. Mitchell’s eligible for UFA status on July 1.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley lists several backup goaltending and defense targets for the Capitals.


  1. Oh boy….here we go with the lets deal Kessel nonsense.

    1 bad contact (Clarkson) can be dealt with, its all the other ones that follow with ths “jump start” thing that will be the Killer Bolland Clarkson Boyle Thornton and the like, they missed the playoffs because they lack tallent and some very questionable coaching. Its not intangibles leadership, veteran presence or will to win time to clear out that front office before they set the club back another 5 years. Building a club around a coach who is basically a deadman walking is just a brutal plan. What happens when they fire Randy in the middle of the season and theyjust traded away assets for guys that buy in to his flawed system? What a joke they are getting to be.

    • I agree Shtick. But you guys have at least 2 pretty bad contracts. One with Phaneuf and the other with Clarkson.

      • I don’t think the Phaneuf contract would be considered a “bad contract” in most hockey circles. If you’re a Leafs fan and you understand the situation surrounding Phaneuf (Capitain of a prominent team in a city that has turned on him) then this is an unfortunate situation for the team and player given the term, but Phaneuf is still a good hockey player. If Phaneuf weren’t the captain of the Leafs, and the fans hadn’t turned on him, I think his deal would be considered fair given what he brings to the table. The problem is that he doesn’t fit the role that he’s been given. I don’t think Nonis would/will have any trouble moving Phaneuf for a decent return – but I think Nonis would like to get fair market value for him, and there is/will be a market for Phaneuf (Oilers to name one team)

        • This is perfect for the Toronto Maple Leafs …

          To Florida : Phaneuf and 8th pick and $500k in retained salary

          To Toronto: Brian Campbell and 1st round pick

          Toronto gets a solid mentor for Reilly , Gardiner, Ekblad if picking etc in Campbell..

          Florida gets their top Defenseman and 8th is still a decent pick.

          Campbell is a excellent puck possession defenseman!

          • hahaha….you made my day….

        • Ummm if you think there are some Dion Haters out there now, wait till you meet the Campbell haters when he shows up and doesnt come with in 5 feet of hitting anyone and constantly gets pushed out of the way in the D zone. This really doesnt solve anything for the Leafs short term except picking up the pick. If they held some of Dions salary that makes Campbell a 7.5 mill cap hit….no thankyou

        • dion will be back. all speculation. he will be back

      • Honestly I dont consider it a bad contract would I say a little over paid? Yes, most captains are given a little more but if you look at the hit it maybe under 10% of the cap in its first year and will only drop from there. Look around the league next year 7 mill for Dion is pretty close maybe a mill over. There are alot of pretty knowledgeable guys around that would agree. Not that it means much I’m starting to doubt Dion makes it to training camp as a Leaf.

      • I think Gleason’s contract is worse than Phaneuf’s. Going by the rumours, Phaneuf has trade value. If they keep him though, he’s still a top pair d-man. With Gleason being a bottom pair d-man (and if Clarkson continues to be a bottom six forward), it’s more difficult to justify the cap hit(s).

        • Gleason is a big problem agreed, buy him out 4.5 mill for 6 or 7 d man ridiculious.

          • It’s a step up from Liles (when he was demoted to the Marlies), but I really wish we still had a C.B.O. We just removed all buyouts from our cap if I’m not mistaken, and I’d hate to put one back. Probably no other way around it though.

          • He’s $4M not $4.5

    • How do they deal with Clarkson!??

      • His (Clarkson) Salary is 5.5, 7 and 7 million next year. He is suited as a bottom 6 based on what he brings..

      • give clarkson a chance. he will be back too.

    • I doubt they bring in players to suit Randy as much as they bring in players to suit Brendan, which are probably similar players. Kessel is a star and I shutter to think of what he would do if he had a quality centre.
      They paid about 1.5 million to much for Clarkson-all that being said the Oilers offered more and I still think he will find his way.
      I dont want Bolland at any price, a tad overated and dare I say injury prone.
      Just my opinion but I dont think Shanahan is a Kadri fan…just my opinion…

      • It’s been a rash of bad contracts and buyouts by Nonis that have gotten the Leafs where they are now. Case in point using an amnesty buyout on Komiserik when he only had one year left on his contract while Lyles had three left at the time. Poor cap management by Nonis 24/7

      • what makes you say that shanny is not a kadri fan? how on earth would you know such a thing? speculation

    • the joke is actually you because you won’t tell what team is your team

      • Huh? Me? Pretty sure most know I follow the Leafs probably the most or closest but I like several teams.

        • stop cutting them up all the time then what are you 10 years old

          • LOL!

    • How about this.

      Joe Thornton and Patty Marleau for Kessel, Kadri and Orr

      • WTF? That is just awful.

  2. The idea of Leafs committing to a total rebuild is really out there. All they have to do is beef up there defense. They already have a bunch of big contracts under their belt. They finally made the playoffs after so long. turning the whole ship over now seems to be a horrible idea. They’ll do good next season. If they can land Fayne + another defenseman and quality 3rd liner or two they will be fine.

    Boychuck to Oilers seems like a great idea. What would Oilers give up?

    Mitchell supposedly wants a 2 year deal. I wouldn’t do that unless he will accept a bonus laden contract.

    Evander isn’t going anywhere IMO. At least not until after the new season starts.

    Spezza will probably end up with Anaheim and Kesler or Thornton with the Blues. Spezza I think will cost less also.

    • Thornton isn’t going anywhere. Let alone to a Western Conference rival that’s one good player away from being a Cup contender.

    • All Leafs problems will be solved by Fayne and another unnamed defenseman? You may want to visit a hospital in the near future, it seems you’ve suffered a severe head injury.

  3. Ottawa Sens fans would like to officially appologize to Flames GM Brad Treliving and Flames fans in general. Mr. Treliving, in the future, when you read any kind of rumor in the Ottawa Sun make sure you check the source of the article. Usually there isn’t one. It’s just a Garriochian Howler. That would be a Bruce Garrioch rumor. This guy should be recruited by the National Inquirer for his fabricating truth stretching abilities.

    • LOL. I think if we did some digging we’d find that many of the scribes on the Leafs’ Beat are graduates of the same journalistic program to which Mr. Garrioch is an alumnus.It must be all about readership and getting “the scoop” on the other papers in town. These guys must ask themselves “What would I do if I were GM of the Leafs?” before they write their hard hitting, fact based columns. I mean seriously, guys, where do they come up with this stuff? It’s gotten to the point where the more ridiculous or outrageous a rumor is, the more ink it gets. My mother always told me, “don’t believe everything you read”. Words to live by, my friends!

  4. Rangers should Buyout Brad Richards and Trade for Joe Thornton, he is best friends with Nash and they tore it up for Canada when they played together. Lund only has 2-3 years left of being elite and the Rangers window is still open. Thornton-Nash-St. Louis line would be deadly and I believe help the Rangers get back to the cup next year.

    Wings should sign Orpik, he will be cheaper then Niskanen and provides a similar player to what Brad Stuart was. Wings need a top 4 dman and unless they overpay for someone like Stralman or Niskanen I believe Orpik is a good fit.

    the O’reilly thing is out of control, the guy is a Primdonnakov(remmeber that commercial)? He is not a loyal team player and is asking for ridiculous money. He has a ton of value on the trade market right now. The Avs can resign Stasny and trade O’reilly for a top 4 dman. Would the leafs trade something like Lupul and Phaneuf for O’Reilly and Mcginn or hejda? or something along those lines? Could help both teams

    • Does Thornton have a great track record for team success in the post season? That will assist Nash? Unless opposing goalies continue to get hurt before or during the post season next year I doubt the Rangers return to the finals. Anything is possible, but they are not the best team in the conference. They deserve credit for going to the finals, but everything broke in their favor this year.

      • @ Joe Nardone……ahhhh there it is, Every NY win comes with a disclaimer. LOL…..It was mentioned the other day, I believe the only 2 or 3 teams have more playoff series wins than NY in the last few years…..but hey what do numbers have to do with anything….lmao

    • As Much as I like the Idea of Thornton / Nash / St. Louis (or Kreider) I don’t want to see it. NY has gone from one of the younger teams in the league to trading for older stars….Nash (not saying Nash is old…but he is heading there), St. Louis and giving away Anisimov, Dubinsky three # 1 draft picks etc. It looks a lot like the Neil Smith formula that drove NY into the ground for about a decade.
      The cost of Thornton would start with a Hagelin, Zuccarello, Brassard or Kreider…..No thank you. Ny is obviously trying to build around young, fast, players….. I don’t see how Thornton fits into that plan.

      • yes buy you also gave away Amonte and Weight and wound up winning the cup with those moves. Your telling me if you trade away some youth but win the cup it’s not worth it? Not saying Thornton will win the cup for you, but it is a step in the right direction. When you have a window of opportunity you go for it. Rangers have plenty of youth and depth to trade away some assets to secure a chance for the cup.

        My best friend is a Ranger fan and he said after they won the cup in 94 they sucked for a decade and he hated that, but it was well worth winning the cup.

        • It wasn’t so much about winning the cup,Or leading up to the cup….Amonte, Weight aside it was the fallout the following years….Zubov, Kovalev Savard,Draft picks etc, etc. etc. NY isn’t a million miles away, (as much as some would think), I don’t think Thornton puts them over the top to be honest.

          • The only reason I believe he puts you over the top is because your only issue is you couldn’t score goals. Thornton to me makes Nash and St. Louis do just that. Teams will have to focus on that line heavily freeing up the Stepans/Kreiders of the world as well.

            Thornton is an assist machine and Nash more then anyone wold benefit. I believe you could get him for JT miller, Dylan Mclrith and someone comparable to haglin plus a draft pick. That really will not be setting you back in the prospect/youth movement phase. Essentially your giving up parts that won’t fit in your system now anyway and replacing richards with Thornton.

          • I’m not sure god could cure Nash in NY….I just don’t see a future for him there. Mcllrath is a career Ahl’er,… JT Miller I’m on the fence with, Hagelin I wouldn’t be willing to part with. I think the better option today for NY, Buy out Richards, trade Nash and wait and see the fallout of Stastny / ROR situation. Sorry, I’ve seen WAY too many stars fade heavily in NY. And the more I think about 94 and the following years….I’m not sure Matteau, Noonan Tikkanen, Nedved etc, looks better than Weight, Amonte, Kovalev, Zubov, Savard. The Rangers basically sold what could have been a dynasty type team, for a bunch of aging 3rd and 4th liners….

          • I totally Agree with what your saying, i’ve lived in NY for 20+ years and know when stars come to ny they basically die. I just think Thornton is not a 3rd liner in this case he is a pure #1 center who will help nash more then you think. I said something comparable to Hagelin not exactly him.

            I wouldn’t trade Nash, this was his worst year offensively and still led your team in goals. He does so many other things great and his trade value isn’t even close to getting anything useful. he is 29 and a pure top line power forward.

            I don’t think you get ROR unless you are willing to give up quite a bit more then you are willing too. Plus he is demanding ridiculous money. stasny is also injury prone and is not a #1 center, he is a 2 at best. don’t think 7+ million a year for a #2 injury prone center is worth it in my opinion

          • I think Stepan will be fine at #1, He basically played #1 all playoffs and half the season. Brassard at #2. (Or Stastny / ROR) and slide Brassard to #3, Moore to #4. I agree Thornton is a true #1, I’d never say different. I’m just not sure he fits the mold of the speedy type players NY is trying to build around. I’d definitely be willing to part with Girard i+ as a start to acquire ROR. And Girardi is exactly what the Avs need imo.

          • Stastny seems like a perfect replacement for Richards. And it would only cost money to get him.

          • Girardi + is what you would have to give up for sure. They might like Staal more however, I am not sure. Staal would have to sign a contract extension though if that’s the case. I am not sure what your + would be at this point but Girardi or Staal is a good start to get OR

          • Personally I think there are some better younger options available for the Rangers that could help keep the window open a while longer than Thornton, Leafs seem intent on giving Kadri away Berglund seems to maybe be available same as Brayden Schenn. I agree with NYR stick to the young club built with speed there are better options than Thornton.

  5. Kings have a tough decision to make. Keep Mitchell or Greene … or both … or neither. I can see Greene returning but I think Mitchell won’t be resigned and they’ll bring up another young D man like Campbell or McNabb.
    They need to resign King, Vey & McNabb so, that could leave Greene & Mitchell no room. Plus, if they’re really high on Gaborik coming back they’ll need to make room. I just hope they don’t break the bank for him at the expense of someone like Richards.

  6. Spectors the best!
    “Wouldn’t surprise me if they dealt away Kessel this summer for a handful of magic beans.”

  7. I want Eberle or Kane in Boston
    Would offer up Marchand with a package of Choice of Subban or Koko and another’s prospect or pick like Bartkowski or Maquaid.

    • If not Marchand than Boychuk.

    • Eberle + Gagner for Marchand + Boychuk. If Eberle is going to be part of it Boychuck will have to come the other way. Oilers already have a one or two young goaltender prospects in the system. Also if Green, from LA, goes to UFA as an Oilers fan i would prefer Green over McQuaid.

      This trade gives Boston what they need, speed and offence and give Edmonton some nastiness and top 2 defence man.

      • Sounds like a fair trade but Boston couldn’t take on that much salary.
        How about something like Boychuk,Koko,Morrow and our first.
        That’s a lot to give I think. I think maybe too much.

        • Marchand Boychuck and Bruins 1st for Eberle and Oilers 1st and 3rd. Oilers get some grit Bruins gain cap space and a slight improvement in scoring and move up in the draft. Makes sense for both

  8. “Another attempted rebuild with youth won’t sit well with the Leafs faithful.”
    I love how Leaf fans wont sit well with a rebuild.
    However Leaf fans will sit well with missing the playoffs 7 out of 8 years. They will sit well with trading away 1st round picks and prospects such as Rask for whatever they tried to acheive at the end of the Sundin era.
    I’m sure if you took a poll of Leaf fans and said, we are going to draft a no. 1 center and a couple of high end players, Leaf fans would say do it. This doesn’t even mean unloading Kessel. We finished bottom 10 4 out 5 years with him. If you kept JVR,Kessel,Rielly,Gardiner,Kadri,Bozak,Bernier and said goodbye to all the UFAs on this team (and didn’t sign anyone of importance), moved out Phaneuf (if you can move up the draft) and replaced those players with Marlies, I’m sure this team would finish in the desired rebuild position.

    • It doesn’t even have to be a full rebuild right now. There are no free agents out there that are a fit for the leafs this year. Take a step back this year. Unload a contract like phanuef or lupul. If they don’t feel like they will be around when the team is actually competitive better to unload this year while they can. If the top pick can be had get it. But like you said stop trading guys like kadri and gardiner and build with young guys with potential like brown, Leivo, granberg, Percy and Finn. Is the 8th pick going to work out. Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t. But the top 3 looks like a legit guy to build with.

      • It’a been mentioned in posts on here more than once, but I have firmly come to believe that the Leafs are indeed haunted by the ghost of Harold Ballard. I don’t know if the spirit of Pal Hal hijacks the body of the GM or president, or what, but like Lyle said, the Leafs have endured “decades of almost uninterrupted mismanagement”. IMO, if the Leafs are interested in Joe Thornton, they should go out and draft and properly develop one of their own.

      • Good point. I was hoping they did that 2 years ago. It is easier said then done based on so many business factors. I think they will try what you suggested 1st then if that fails, they fill up some roster spots and just go the norm,

        If any, the next 2-3 years is the time for leafs to bomb, add 2 more solid picks, let prospects develop, which lets the current core players more time to grow as a team – leafs are a young team.
        Lots of rumors this year, Here’s one I would like to suggest: steve stamkos signs as UFA with Toronto in 2 years.

    • Speaking as one of the long-suffering Leaf faithful, I would really like to see Toronto commit to giving their prospects a chance to play. If that’s a re-build, so be it.
      The Marlies have several young forwards who deserve the opportunity to sink or swim with the big club. If the ultimate goal is to compete with the best, the Kings and the Hawks, the Leafs need to be able to play four lines, not three or less as they did this past year, and they have the young players to do it.
      What’s the point of drafting and developing solid prospects if you never use them?

    • not sure that you’re plan would work. doubtful

  9. I still dont believe Anaheim will opt for Spezza over Kesler, when the asking price is about the same, Kesler hits more, is a former Selke winner, and is willing to win at all costs…and he’ll get you around 50/60 points
    which is in line with second line center expectations. Why would they want a soft player who doesnt hit much
    if at all? Yes he can score, but thats about all you’ll get with Spezza. If Anaheim doesnt trade for Kesler, it’ll
    be another 2nd round/conference final and out. C’mon GMJB, pull the darn trigger (disclaimer: I am a Nucks
    fan and really want Perrault/Etem/Anaheims 10th or 24th overall)

    • I honestly dont think the Ducks want to give up Etem. I surely dont. Smith-Pelly is untouchable in my opinion. I would be happy if they got Kesler for Perreault, Palmieri/Noesen, and the 10th/24th pick If not, Stand pat and force the Canucks hand and make them get far less for Kesler.

  10. @Buffbry,
    If you were the GM of SJ, would you trade Jumbo Joe, who is a point per game career player, for the likes of JT Miller,McIirth and a comparable player as Hagelin. That is 1 NHL winger, and 2 players who may never play in the NHL.
    This isn’t NHL14 where trades like that happen. If Thorton is traded, expect Kreider,Brassard,Zucarrello or even Stepan to be part of a package. You don’t get a player like Thorton without giving up quality.

    • @troy you do when your GM is handcuffed with his salary and comes out saying we are rebuilding for tomorrow. Stepan and Kreider are going nowhere, I doubt they trade Zucc or Brassard either. They want to rebuild for the future and JT Miller comes in as your 3rd line center this season, A hagelin type is a top 6 forward and Mcilrith is a younger Stuart when he hits the nhl. It’s not as far fetched as you think. The rangers traded a bunch of nothings(at least they were nothing in NY) and got Nash. NMC, High Salary, Gm dealing from a position of weakness I fully believe that gets a deal done

    • The short list of NY untouchables…Kreider, Mcdonagh, Stepan….But I’d have to disagree that Anisimov and Dubinsky were nothings in NY. The Blue Jackets stole that deal.

  11. I think a deal around Dion and ROR would work for both teams, I’m not saying that’s all that would be in a deal but 1 for 1 is pretty fair. Avs looking for top 4dman and Leafs need #1/2 center. If ROR is looking for 6-6.5mil that’s almost even money they would be looking at down the road.

    • An issue I see with that is timing. Phaneufs no trade kicks in after June 30 and ROR is able to receive offer sheets until July 5. Which I don’t think the leafs would be willing to trade assets and then have some team come in and offer sheet him which would either screw their cap or have the. Left with a few picks.

      • The Leafs would likely sign ROR immediately after that trade would be completed – and I’m willing to bet they’d give him his 6MM. If you’re ROR, you’re going to sign that offer – and if some team came in above and beyond 6MM (assuming Toronto wouldn’t pay him more) then the Leafs would receive solid compensation for that in the form of picks.

        • It’s nice to assume the leafs or whoever is aquiring ROR wouldn’t have trouble signing him but facts show for some reason Colorado is. As for the compensation it isn’t that great. I believe for a 6 mill cap hit it’s only a 1st, 2nd and 3rd

        • I believe its 6.5 to qualify him, and I am not so sure he wouldnt want more. It would have to involve more than Dion for dure if the Avs are taking him to Arbitration it would lead one to believe they font have much interest ina long term deal of 6 mill or more which is exactly what Dion has. Im thinking it would be more along the lines of…
          Phanuef @5.5 mill (so holding 1.5 mill for 7 years lol) the first round pick and probably Brown or Finn to get the conversation started at least.

    • This is perfect for the Toronto Maple Leafs …

      To Florida : Phaneuf and 8th pick and $500k in retained salary

      To Toronto: Brian Campbell and 1st round pick

      Toronto gets a solid mentor for Reilly , Gardiner etc in Campbell

      Florida gets their top Defenseman and 8th is still a descent pick.

      • Decent pick.. Sorry!

        • again…hahaha….

      • Perfect it is not. Cambell < Phaneuf but his cap hit is more for the next 2 seasons. Not to mention that he would have to approve a trade to TO. Yes Leafs get the first pick but now there saddled with Phaneufs $500K for 7 years as well as Cambell's for the next 2. Making Cambells cap hit essentially $7.642 for a 35 year old. Leafs can't keep killing themselves with dead cap space. We just got out of the Tucker and Armstrong hits.

  12. I can sympathize with Maple Loaves fans, remembering 5000 or so other die hards at the old Civic Arena in Pittsburgh but for the life of me can’t understand how Jets fans can tolerate GM Chevaldayoff )sp) … this guy makes Craig (Stand Pat) Patrick look like Trader Joe … how can this guy not shake up that team??? Sorry, but a full year of Paul Maurice won’t make that big a difference … guy should be run out of Winnipeg on a rail …

  13. So where do all these rumors come from ? Most seem like last years that didn’t work out. Aren’t General Managers in all sports some of the biggest liars in the world ? Yep we want Crosby when all the while they want the fourth line checker off the Panthers. Why would they leak anything and let the world know what they are going after, it just drives up the price.

  14. Kesler is better than Spezza.

    • A lot of people on this and other (lesser 😉 ) forums are clearly underestimating how good Jason Spezza is. The past few seasons Kesler’s has enjoyed a much better supporting cast so its not really comparing apples to apples. The latter part of this past season when Michalek and Spezza were finally healthy, along with the addition of Hemsky at the trade deadline, he showed once again has a lot to offer when given suitable line mates. I have no doubt that whatever team he ends up on will be improved with his presence. As a Sen’s fan I will be sad to see him leave however after 11 years of being with one team, great community guy, always manned up and faced the media no matter what, he has every right to want to go elsewhere and get a fresh start.

      • Both players are still very good but have different games. Personally I would take Kesler over Spezza in a second line role.

  15. Kessel is getting the Sundin treatment, all because he’s not Tie Dummy.

    You have to love our fanbase….

  16. Still a crazy idea but I think a good trading partner for the Leafs would be The flyers. From the Leafs. Kadri and (Franson or Gardiner) and a mid round pick plus maybe some cash From the Flyers. The Schenn brothers. We get a young big body forward and an ok D man that knows our system. The flyers get a forward that is speedy and has some grit and is a season player. But the main part of this trade for the flyers is a young dman that will have a better chance to grow with a good team around them. Like I said crazy idea but this would help both teams.

    • Why the F@#$ would the Leafs want flat footed Luke back. He was run out of town because his foot speed is brutal. Luke would never want to come back to Toronto and I’m sure his brother has heard all the horror stories from Luke. NO THANKS.

    • You may remember Luke’s time in TO didn’t go very well. Brayden hasn’t shown anywhere near the potential everyone thought he had so at this point Kadri > BSchenn, Franson > LSchenn or Gardiner >>> LSchenn and you also want a pick going from TOR -> Philly? Just brutal IMO.

  17. I really dont see the Bruins moving Boychuk ,He plays key minutes and great hitter a hell of a shot and a cheap cap hit.If the bruins move anyone it will be Mcquaid and Kelly.maybe even Greg Campbell.

  18. Ranzier, Spezza is NOT a two way center, unlike Kesler, yes he may be better offensively but thats it. Its not about underestimating Spezza, but what qualities the ducks are looking for, and all I have read is they need
    a two way center. Kesler is a warrior and when he is on his game is capable of carrying his team (see 2011
    playoffs vs. Nashville). I have never seen that from Spezza. If Kesler goes to the Ducks, they are THE team
    to beat in the west, even more so than the Kings. If the Ducks can bring back the same supporting cast as
    they did last year,there is no reason they wont win the cup.

  19. Ducksfan93, they will have to give to get, and that means giving up either Etem, Theodore or DSP plus a guy like Perrault, and the 10th pick. You honestly think a GM like Benning will accept a lesser amount? Kesler is
    a known quantity, a warrior, and will give his all to his team. The guy flat out hates to lose. Why do you think
    so many teams want a guy like Kesler?

  20. It’s not that Kessel isn’t a great player, it’s just he doesn’t play the corners and he usually plants himself on the defenceive blueline waiting for a pass with two opposing players in front of him. His defenceive game bits just like Sundin’s game did.

  21. Ive never seen any Boychuk rumours posted anywhere and wonder why this site says he may be traded.im definitely not disagreeing as you would no more than me .but trading a hard hitting good dman whos cap hit is only 3.3 mill would be silly.why not trade Chris Kelly and Adam Mcquaid , who you didnt even miss last year and won the presidents trophy and you have rookies who can fill those spots.It might be harder to get Mcquaid and Kelly traded but if you just take a draft pick or two it might be easier.

    • You’re kidding, right? Boychuk’s name has frequently been mentioned as a possible trade candidate by the Bruins as a cost-cutting measure. It’s not because they want to, but because they lack cap space. As for trading Kelly and McQuaid, they’ll be difficult to move because they’re coming off serious injuries. I’m sure Chiarelli would prefer to move either guy, but it’s Boychuk who’ll attract the most interest.