NHL Morning Rumor Mill – June 19, 2013.

The latest on Kris Letang, Daniel Briere, Jonathan Bernier, Bobby Ryan, the Avalanche’s plans with the first overall pick, the Senators trade plans and much more.

Flyers, Leafs, Islanders interested in Jonathan Bernier.

Flyers, Leafs, Islanders interested in Jonathan Bernier.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun report a source says Pittsburgh Penguins GM Ray Shero is set to meet agent Kent Hughes, who represents defenseman Kris Letang, today in Boston. Hughes lives in Boston and Shero is attending the NHL GMs meeting in that city. LeBrun speculates Shero could shop Letang if the blueliner rejects the Penguins offer. LeBrun doubts Letang signs for less than $7 million per season…A source told LeBrun Philadelphia Flyers GM Paul Holmgren informed Daniel Briere last week the veteran forward would be bought out, but Flyers management remains uncertain over buying out Ilya Bryzgalov…In the wake of the Red Wings re-signing Pavel Datsyuk, it remains uncertain if they’ll re-sign Valtteri Filppula…The Flyers are believed among five teams are believed to have serious interest in LA Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier…Henrik Lundqvist’s agent is expected to meet with Rangers management next week to talk contract extension…Contract talks are ongoing between the Kings and pending UFA blueliner Rob Scuderi…Carolina Hurricanes backup Dan Ellis intends to test the UFA market.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Rob Rossi speculates over Letang’s future with the Penguins, doubting they’ll pay him more than $6 million per season, and suggesting Shero won’t waste time making a decision over Letang’s future. He feels the blueliner could ultimately be dealt, as Penguins coaches and management don’t consider him their best defenseman. Rossi also believes Letang’s desire for a no-movement clause is another reason his fate could be sealed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Up until I read Rossi’s piece, I felt Letang was certain to be re-signed by the Penguins. I’m not that certain anymore. If he’s willing to accept a “hometown discount”, a deal could get done. Otherwise, with the draft weekend fast approaching, and Shero’s previous history of moving out a notable player unwilling to accept a lesser offer (Jordan Staal), Letang could indeed end up on the move by the end of next weekend. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Shero begins fielding inquiries during or immediately following today’s NHL GMs meeting. If they ship out Letang, however, they will be left with a big hole to fill on their blueline. I realize they’ve got some promising young defensemen, but they would miss Letang’s offensive contributions, which could push them into the trade or free agent market for an affordable replacement.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports Colorado Avalanche executive vice president of hockey operations Joe Sakic said the club is leaning toward selecting one of the top three forwards in this year’s draft (Nathan MacKinnon, Jonathan Drouin or Alexander Barkov) rather than defenseman Seth Jones. Sakic said the club feels the chance to select one of those three forwards is too good to pass up.  Dater subsequently wondered if Sakic was bluffing, cautioning the Avs passing over Jones could blow up in their faces.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A major swerve by the Avalanche. They need a promising young blueliner like Jones, who learned his hockey while growing up in Denver and admired Sakic as a kid. Indeed, he seems a perfect fit. I understand how attractive MacKinnon, Drouin and Barkov are, but passing over Jones could be a big mistake. If they do pick one of those forwards, I’m assuming they have a plan in place to address their defensive needs via trade and/or free agency.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports the Flyers intend to buy out Danny Briere, while GM Paul Holmgren “strongly denied” a report claiming Ilya Bryzgalov would not. Panaccio also reported a Kings sources claimed the Flyers had contacted them about goalie Jonathan Bernier, though they didn’t get the impression the Flyers were done with Bryzgalov. Panaccio believes Holmgren could offer up winger Matt Read for Bernier, but the Kings would likely want Jakub Voracek. Panaccio also reported two sources claim the Anaheim Ducks are quietly shopping forward Bobby Ryan and the Flyers are among those with interest. One trade scenario had the Flyers sending defenseman Braydon Coburn and the 11th overall pick to the Ducks for Ryan.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Holmgren is starting to become a less crazy version of Mike Milbury. OK, the Briere buyout is understandable, especially since they’ve signed Mark Streit, as they need to clear cap space. Interest in Bernier is also understandable, and if they could get a deal in place before or during the buyout period, it’s bye-bye Bryzgalov. Pursuing Ryan? And offering up Coburn as part of the return? Yikes! Unless Holmgren’s working on a deal in which he’d move one of his better young forwards (Voracek?) for Bernier and another good young forward (Read? Couturier? Schenn?) for another good defenseman, parting with Coburn for Ryan makes no sense. It remains to be seen if anything comes of these trade rumors, but it certainly ensures the Flyers will once again make the week leading up to the draft an interesting one.

TORONTO SUN/NEWSDAY/TVASPORTS: The Toronto Maple Leafs and Philadelphia Flyers are believed among the front-runners for Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier, while the NY Islanders are also believed in the hunt. Bernier, meanwhile, acknowledged he could be dealt in the coming weeks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The expectation is Bernier should be dealt by draft day on June 30th at the latest. It’s possible he could be traded in the days leading up to the draft. The Islanders could certainly use him, while the Flyers could have more attractive trade pieces (see above) to offer. I know the Leafs have long been interested in Bernier, but given how well James Reimer performed this season, I’m not sure how strong that interest is now, especially when their priority is finding a first-line center. Bringing in Bernier would certainly improve their goaltending depth, and perhaps lead to  Reimer becoming trade bait down the road, but I don’t believe goaltending is a need which has to be addressed now.

OTTAWA SUN/OTTAWA CITIZEN: Senators GM Bryan Murray will be seeking trade partners during today’s NHL GM meeting in Boston in hopes of landing a top-six forward and moving up in the draft. He’d be willing to move one of his prospects in a package offer to move up from 17th overall in the draft, but won’t move that pick to land a scoring forward. Murray could target teams looking to shed salary to become cap compliant.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports Sabres owner Terry Pegula expressed concern about his club being able to re-sign Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek, who will become unrestricted free agents next summer. Ultimately the players could have the final say in re-signing with the Sabres.


  1. Here we go again with Toronto as one of the “front runners” for another player…

    In any case, TO doesn’t need Bernier (a player who hasn’t proven himself yet) as Reimer is just fine as a #1 goalie.

    If I’m a GM, I’m staying away from Bernier if the asking price is as high as it’s been reported. That’s ridiculous.

    • It’s just more posturing by a team to bump up trade values. Leafs don’t need Bernier so it doesn’t make sense. The kings are trying to increase his perceived value by adding names of teams interested who aren’t. Same goes for Toronto leaking their interest in lousy UFA centermen. They are just trying to get Bozak down in price.

      99% of these rumours never come true and are leaked by teams with other motives.

      • Bernier would be an upgrade

      • Need and want are 2 completely different things my friend, If you can afford a car and have some money in the bank, you need a vehicle do you buy the Pinto or the car you want?

        • I’ll bet my life savingsthe Leafs don’t get Bernier.Brad Richards or Daniel Briere are a more realistictarget.

  2. I know this is far fetched here, but what about Bobby Ryan for Letang straight up. I know that they would have a “Puck moving D-Man” in return. But the Ducks have been in need of a Right Shot D-Man for a number of years now. They would have to move Bryan Allen or something else to get a little more cap space to sign a winger or two…

    • Sooooo Pegula is concerned about resigning Miller and Vanek – I don’t know why – they made their positions known when Pommer was traded. While I would like to see Vanek stay and he is a consistent scorer – he still hasn’t lived up to being a leader. Vanek’s maturity and his confidence has been shielded over the years by Lindy – Vanek tends to wear his emotion on his sleeve and a missed opportunity can affect the rest of his game. At this point in his career – he should be a leader, a mentor to our youngsters – I just haven’t seen it.

      Miller on the other hand has made it clear – he wants to go West -closer to wife. I commend his loyalty to his core, but his core wasn’t getting the job done for him. When it was time to make changes, Miller showed his leadership by whining and questioning decisions made by management. I say – get the best that we can for him and let him go. Miller should give Darcy his list of teams he doesn’t want to go to and let Darcy do his thing.

      • How would you know if Vanek is being a leader? Are you in the locker room? Not trying to be obnoxious, but how you arrived at such a definitive conclusion is beyond me.
        And Miller “wants” to go west? Where has he said that? I understand the logic behind that, but I don’t recall an interview where he has publically stated that. It is just a fan assumption because his wife is an actress, not a fact that I know of. In any event, he’ll go where ever the Sabres can get the most for him (minus the 7 teams on his no trade list of course), and that most likely won’t be that far west as all the California teams are set in goal. I could care less where Miller wants to go.

        • Whoa Chris, hold on a second.
          Millers desires have come out in various interviews. He told WGR radio he would like to be closer to his wife. (pretty much a no brainer there)
          Vanek has said publicly that he doesn’t want to be part of a long rebuild and would prefer to leave. If Vanek was a leader he would have been given the C when they traded Pommer or even before Pommer got it. Many reporters have indicated that Vanek is a moody streaky player. It has been his M O his whole career.

          It sounds to me like you don’t really follow the Sabres. IMHO

          • Total hogwash. You are just perpetuating mindless fan assumptions, which is essentially my point. Just because Vanek didn’t get the C isn’t evidence he is a leader. Why the heck does he have an “A” then? “Many reporters”? Care to give a concrete example? If by “moody”, you mean that Vanek actually cares whether they win or lose, then yes. A guy who gets cross-checked 100 times a game in front of the net, seems to be setting a pretty example to me. I guess you don’t actually watch the games, eh? Thus your belief in “many reporters”.

            Just because Miller mentioned that he wouldn’t mind being near his wife, doesn’t necessarily mean that (a) he only wants to be traded to a west coast team, and more importantly (b) we’ll satisfy his request. Of course he wouldn’t mind living closer to his wife, but that is a pretty large jump in assuming that will guide his career decisions. Ryan Miller isn’t Wayne Gretzky, and possesses very little power in dictating where he ultimately is going next year.

    • As a Pens fan, I have actually been contemplating this type of deal. However, the Pens would need to clear some cap space as well. Assuming Teemu and Koivu are not coming back for Anaheim, I would propose Letang and Jussi Jokinen for Ryan and a 1st or 2nd. Both teams win with young players at positions of need. The Pens get a draft pick to replace the ones lost at the deadline and the Ducks get their d-man and a versatile forward

      • @ Chris

        Firstly, I missed 4 games this year. I watched every other game.
        I was impressed at how many times after the initial burst of points by the leading three, Hodg, Van and Pommer, that Vanek failed to stretch to get a pass or even take a stride or two to get to the puck. Then he was so excited to get to the bench on a change. It has become know that many people see him as lazy, Source: Bleacher report, July 11, 2012.
        There is no question that Vanek is a good player, but to idolize him because of it and think him untouchable is another. Not to mention that he was always in Ruff’s doghouse. The two guys seemed to hate each other. Maybe that is why he didn’t get the C, but I don’t think so. Vanek was benched in 2006-2007 playoffs as another source. We won’t even talk about the twitter account dedicated to his lazy play.

        In terms of Miller, I assume you are aware that he sold his condo in Buffalo and hasn’t been looking for a new place to live. To me that is telling of his desire to leave town. Plus his contract states he can declare 8 teams he will not go to. Not much of being able to decide your own fate, but its better than a kick in the a$$.

        And if I recall correctly, The Great One had zero options in terms of refusing trades. He was sold to pay debts of the Oilers. Nothing more.

  3. Bernier for Voracek, is this real life? I wonder what NYI and Leafs are offering for Bernier. Voracek is arguable top 7-10 RW’s in the game after this short season. Consider his excellent contract, his very young age, no injury history of ANY kind, defensive awareness, playoff production and Voraceks value is through the roof. No Bernier for Voracek is a no go. Bernier for M.Read seems like a decent deal.

    I would love Bobby Ryan, any team would love to have him but he is not what Flyers need. Hopefully Ryan comes home in 2 years.

    • If by home you mean New Jersey then I can’t agree with you more! Bobby Ryan as a Devil would be perfect indeed!

    • Man if LA can get Voracek out of the deal there is no worry of the Leafs losing Frattin I doubt lol at that point you fire Homer…

  4. I still think Letang will resign with Pittsburgh, the team has a very bright future and are going to be contenders for quite a while.
    Look for Ottawa to sign buy outs to bolster their top 6 (Briere, Malone, or MaCarthur)
    I agree with Spector on the Bernier front that Toronto is not as interested as NYI and PHI, nor should they be. Goaltending (although not perfect) is not the biggest concern at the moment. Besides, it seems LA is asking too much for the young goalie.
    I like the idea of Toronto picking up some grit (Clarkson or Bickell) that elusive #1 Centre will be hard to find, but please, PLEASE stay away from Weiss & Briere! I think I’d rather go with Kadri or Grabo as #1 instead of those 2…

    • Ehh I’m torn about Bernier.Do I think Reimer is a number 1? Yah I guess pretty sure at any rate but not that much more sure then I am Scrivens would be a decent starter,
      Bernier I am sure is going to be better then either of the other 2 but how much better is yet to be seen. If Frattin is the key to the deal I would be okay with it along as there is a guy that is UFA that is an upgrade to take his spot on the 2nd/3rd line (say Clarkson…lol) I’d be Ok with that along as it didn’t get to be a bidding war with first round picks or other ridiculous assets being involved say Frattin and a second and/or a middle of the pack type prospect for Bernier I would do

      • Bringing in a young guy who is supposed to supplant Reimer will make a mess of the situation. Leafs need a Vet who can come in to calm the team if Reim’s ever gets spooked like Vokoun did this year. Bernier makes no sense…

        Leafs need a stud on D and another tough scoring winger ala Horton to go along side Lupul and JVR. That would make Kessel and his UFA status (next summer) expendable and could be offered up in a trade for that stud D man they need so badly. Yes we also need a Center but I’d rather go after another McClement type guy for the third or forth line who is also good in the faceoff dot and stick with Kadri and Grabo to see if they improve.

        Leafs have a lot of holes.

        • As I said if you are going out and getting a tough scoring winger like you suggested at that point Frattin is expendable. It makes no sense to play Frattin on the fourth line there are other options available, if you could get Bernier for Frattin and a second you do that deal and see maybe if you could flip Scrivens or something else for another second…Only if you can get someone who is an upgrade to Frattin tho, and I am starting to get the feeling that is coming, they will back up a dump truck full of money and way overpay for Clarkson is what I see happening,therefore your top 6 is set (minus a number 1 center lol) you could go something like Colborne hamilton and Kuli as your third and the thug patrol as the fourth, or if by some miracle they find a number 1 center and decide to hang on to Grabo they can have the most expensive 3 rd line. Right winger in the league lol

          • And again I say until you know 100% that Kessel is not coming back trading him is a huge mistake even for your big stud D man. Part of the reason for the Leafs success this year was the fact that there is balanced scoring over 2 lines and it was way harder to match up with all the speed pick you poison cover Kessel or cover Kadri notice when 1 was hot the other was slumping and kinda went back or forth unlike 2 years ago when Phil would slump it pretty much meant the Leafs lose? I don’t think we want to go back to limiting our options offensively and I’m not sold that if you take Phil away there is going to be another consistent 30 goal plus guy in the, one up the way it sits now

          • Your points are valid I just think the biggest issue is a Stud D man. Sometimes you have to give up a boat load to get a boat load. It seems that it would be easier to replace most of Kessels scoring (not all) with a Horton type player, while adding some toughness then it would be to go out and find a stud for the D with nothing to offer. I would not give up JVR or Lupul after watching them in the playoffs. We need to add another one of two of these $5M wingers ala Horton, Ryan, Clarkson (possibly).

            I wonder if the ducks would do a deal Ryan for Rielly + Frattinl? I like that Ryan is signed for another 2 years at $5.1. Puts him in with Lupul and JVR money and takes the pressure off having to resign Kessel to big money.

          • I think your aiming tonight when you think big physical D sure a guy like Weber would be nice but if getting that type d man ( again I mean type not the actual guy for the anti leaf folks lol) means you sacrifice a guy like Kessel you are cutting off your nose to spite your face…there are more affordable guys around that can be traded for look at the Kings picking up Regher worked out alright, a guy like Scuderri could be available and I think he could work out alright same as Anton Babchuck, Mark Fistrict and these are just some UFAs that I could see as a improvement over a guy like Kostka or Lyles possibly even Gunnarson My point is we don’t need to sell the farm for a big shut down D the Predators have 1 of the best goalies in the League and Weber but didn’t make the playoffs

        • Kessel is the last player I would say is expendable… If people actually watched his play the last 2 years instead of going off his rookie reputation they would see he has become a complete player and someone worth building around. The guy is an extremely udnerrated playmaker and still has his scoring touch. Hes never going to win a selke but hes hardly a liability anymore… there were a ton of instances when kessel was first forward back. As much as a centre is needed thats not going to happen this offseason. We will lose bozak so we need to replace his face off ability with a boyd gordon or someone along those lines, and hopefully bring in someone like clarkson… but that is in no way a reason to let kessel go

          • I just look at our two cup finalists this year. Boston with Chara and Seidenberg and Chicago with Seabrook and Keith and wonder who do we have that’s even close? Phaneuf and Gunnar… LOL

            Doesn’t look like we have anything in the near future that will be a combo like these guys either.

            I think Nonis needs to pull a rabbit out of hat to improve this club significantly on the back end over the next two years. Like I said you can’t get something big without giving up something big. You have to ask yourself what’s harder to get in the UFA market, a 30-35 goal fringe winger or a Stud D man.

    • People seem to have forgotten about Clowe. He is in the same category as Clarkson and Bickell. I would love if the Leafs could some how get both Clowe and Clarkson and plug 1 on each of the top 2 lines. There is only a chance of that if they do not resign Bozak and go with Kadri/Bozak/JVR as their 2 top centres.

      • I haven’t, Clowe had a terrible year (and not a very good year last year) will want alot of money and was invisible in playoffs….I remember Clowe just fine he is not the player he used to be.

      • Clowe should come cheap but probably won’t even after his disasterous year and playoff.

      • Clowe is not in the same category as Clarkson and Bickell. Not even close. 3rd liner at best. He is on the decline hard and fast.

        • Bickell is a 3rd liner at best as well… Hes this years fernando pisani

          • Clowe looks like he is past his prime and is riding off into the sunset.
            Bickell appears to be doing well based on the guys around him too.
            Looks like only Clarkson is worth going after.

            ** I’m a Sabres fan, but I wonder why the Leaf fans are so eager to dump their best player in Kessel? To me this makes no sense at all. I thought they needed to add guys to help Kessel not rebuild by trading half of the scoring.

  5. As enticing as it is to have Bobby Ryan, if Shero deals Letang it will be for young players and draft picks … Shero gave up a lot of picks for going all-in this year and needs to restock the shelves … plus, i am sick of hearing about these young up and coming d-men, it’s time to work them into the rotation … but that seems to be unlikely since Bylsma scratched Despres & Bortuzzo for practically the entire playoffs … I would not resign Murray, he can’t skate and disappeared physically in the Boston series, dump Martin if I could and trade Niskanen as well … Orpik, Engelland, Despres, and Bortuzzo should be in the mix … but it won’t matter unless Shero brings in more size & toughness … Boston is the blueprint, they are difficult to play against, the Pens are much too soft …

    • Sick of hearing about them? Maata and Pouliot are 18 and 19 respectively and were just drafted last year. Harrington was drafted in the 2nd round the year before that and needs some AHL time. Dumolin, who you just traded for last year could be ready to challenge.

      What I am getting at is that 3 of the 4 top defensive prospects for the Penguins have only been in their system for 48 played NHL games … not even a full year. Hard to be sick of hearing of them and their is certainly no reason to start rushing these young guys who need to develop properly.

    • Pit has a great group of young de. They just need to take their time with them and let them develop. Detroit does it that way and they are always in the playoffs and have top teams. There are a lot of teams that would love to have the de prospects that pit does.

  6. Bryan Murray is a quietly crafty General Manager and has a ton of assets right now and I think could end up making a pretty big splash leading up to and on draft day. I’d love to see the Sens get in on Bobby Ryan, but I have a feeling regardless of Conference rivalries, Thomas Vanek maybe on the Sens radar.

    • Ottawa does make a lot of sense for those 2 scoring wingers for Spezza. I wonder if the Sens look at reuniting Heatley and Spezza, if Heatley is bought out and apologizes for the way things ended.

      The Sens might want to let their wingers grow into roles with Spezza alternatively

      • After the way Heatley departed Ottawa there’s no way he’s coming back unless its in another uniform. Not sure what he has left anyways. I think B. Murray may trade for a scoring winger plus try and sign a compliance buy-out as well (Briere or similar?) to fill in the offensive gaps. The team surely has concerns about the current state of Michalek’s knees as well as Alfredsson’s possible/eventual retirement so it’s prudent of them to actively be looking this summer.

  7. There has been no talk of the Oilers looking for a Goalie in the draft a lot of people seem to think Zack F.
    IS A FRANCHISE goalie the oilers are a little weak here is this a stretch.

    • I can’t see ed picking a goalie with the 7th pick. I think Nurse (D). I could see Cal using one of their late picks (22 or 28) on Fucale. Maybe even Clb (27) or Wash (23). IMO Edmonton’s goal is okay, not great. Better team defence would really help him and with the new head coach it might happen… but probably not.

    • Oilers won’t take a goalie at #7. Too many good skaters available. If they do grab a goalie it would likely be in the second round with Jarry (Oil Kings) or Comrie. They both could end up being better than Furcale.

  8. I know the importance of Letang in the penguin line-up, but in order to sign other guys it may be necessary to move him. If they do trade Letang there will be several teams willing to pony-up. It actually may prove to be beneficial in regards to what they get in return. Strong defensive defensemen should be a priority and perhaps an upgrade in goal but that can be addressed via free agency. It should be obvious by now to penguin management that an offensive only team with mediocre defense and shaky goaltending just doesn’t cut it in the playoffs.
    Acquiring Bernier would definitely make the decision to buy out Bryzgalov much easier. It would be a big gamble but worth it IMO. It all depends on what the asking price is. Then again Bryzgalov could make the decision for them and sign in the KHL. The kings would love to see that as it would almost force Holmgren to make a deal especially since goalies in the free agency market will be to expensive for a team needing to shed salary.
    If I were Reimer I would be asking myself what in the hell do I have to do to get some respect from management. I put up some decent numbers and appear to be getting better all the time. Why would they acquire Bernier. He certainly won’t be accepting the backup roll and neither will I.
    Sakic is just trying to stir the pot a little and see what transpires. This draft is building up to be the most interesting in quite some time and since it occurs all in one day this time around it could turn out to be a very exciting.
    Instead of concentrating on Bernier the leafs should be focused on finding that #1 centerman and moving up in the draft.

  9. I’m torn on the Bernier/Reimer situation. One hand you have a goalie in Reimer that has proven he is a number 1. On the other you may have a superstar goalie in Bernier and in sports isn’t it the objective to constantly improve. If management sees Bernier as an upgrade over Reimer then go get him. Yes the ideal addition would be number 1 centre and dman. But a situation comes up you take advantage of it.

    • If you say Bernier may be a superstar then by that evaluation, Reimer must be a mega superstar considering Reimer has better numbers than Bernier, played more games, faced more shots, etc, etc. FYI Reimer was posting a .920 on the PK which was the same save percentage that Price posted even strength.

      As for Letang, if he does get moved it would take a solid d coming back, preferably a PMD, a young good player under the age of 24 and perhaps a pick.

      I like that Sakic is showing he wasn’t only a smart player but also a smart hockey exec. By saying they won’t pick jones with thier first only opens the doors for the number 2, 3, 4 or whoever come in to trade up. I mean if the #2 picking team isn’t going to pick your guy first why not see if the third or whoever doesn’t have jones as their pick to trade up and by doing so Sakic can have his cake and eat it too by picking up a couple more assets.

      Homer is a homer.

      • Reimer would not be a #1 or given the opportunity on any other team. Sure he improved from last year, but he still has fatal flaws. Lacks confidence (despite having a hot wife :p), awful glove, and gives up tons of rebounds (which self inflates his save percentage). Hence numbers are only numbers.

        As a Leafs fan I don’t know that would invest a lot to get Bernier, but I would definitely get a 1b goalie like Emery just in case Reimer poops the bed. Honestly I would like the Leafs to give Scrivens who is very Cujo like a chance but that is unlikely.

        • Talk about rebound control. Have you watched Scriven play?

          • See this is kinda the problem I have with them both why I am not 100% sure on either of them I agree that Rimers stats are a little bit exaggerated because of this rebound issue he has but most of all its a confidence and consistency, when Reimer (or Scrivens for that matter) is on their game they look great but it’s the games that they don’t and the streaks of going back and forth between them and the periods of mediocrity and if and when a soft goal goes in its even worse (game 7 comes to mind a couple of those were soft and it started to spin out of control from there) I think this is what would worry Dave and Randy both. It maybe time to bring in a guy to truly challenge Rimer and change the dynamic a guy (like Bernier) who will be very confident to start the year, who has good numbers played well all year and will think the job is his for the taking, let James think it’s sink or swim time see how he does truly battling for the role, which I don’t think was his mind set while Burkie was around, pep talking him all the time. 1 way or another a starter will emerge. 84 games this year and if you can improve your goaltending at a fairly low price you do it, priority or not Bernier will improve the goaltending Reimer plays better and more consistent or Bernier takes his job simple as that

      • Yes I say may be a super star, a highly touted 1st round drafting who hasn’t been given his chance yet. Kinda like Schneider was considered a few years back. Don’t go all crazy and put words in my mouth by saying Reimer is a mega superstar. He’s a starter. He has been given more games in a stretch to prove himself Bernier has not. I wouldn’t give up just anything to get him but if the price is right you should always look at upgrading.

        • Exactly this

          • Ok, confusion again…

            Reimer had a Save % of .924 during the season, 33 games and .923 in the playoffs.
            Bernier was .922 on a better team….and only played 14 games

            How is this an upgrade???

          • While I understand the Leafs desire to upgrade at every position, I don’t believe they need to chase Bernier. Reimer was one of the reasons the Leafs made the playoffs and came ohsoclose to eliminating the Bruins. He’s going to get better in time. Bringing in Bernier, no matter how Nonis would spin it, would be seen as a lack of confidence in Reimer. I believe this would create a problem the Leafs don’t need. Put the focus on landing a quality center.

          • Look at the shots Rimer is facing…how many are quality scoring chances? Teams shoot pretty. Much as they cross the red line on Rimer because of his poor handling of the puck and many of the shots Rimer faces are almost meant as a pass because of his rebound control issues and the fact he can’t catch a puck. I like Rimer but let’s not read to much into a 1 percent difference in save percentage Bernier has played behind an MVP type goalie and this year looked very good for a pretty long stretch while Quick found his game, would I pay a first round pick to get Bernier no but if it’s for spare parts (again assuming the will upgrade on wing) Frattin and Scrivens or Fratin and a second done deal you can never have enough good goaltending especially. In an 84 game season

          • I can’t say I agree with ya on this one Lyle. I don’t see it as a shot against Rimer anymore then trying to convince Kipper to come in. Nonis has already shown his cards I think he is not sold on Rimer Scrivens as 1 and 2 or 1a 1 b how ever you want to put it of course he is not going to come out publicly and say it, but I think if this rumor is true it shows where Dave stands on Rimer. Also this is pro sports and a mad market if trades and the business. Side of sport “shake” Rimers confidence ( it hasn’t proven to be the case) he should probably not be playing hockey in toronto, and yes he was one of the reasons that the Leafs came back against the Bruins but with 90 seconds left let’s a shake goal in then what happened?

  10. If sakic is serious about take anyone of the three forwards then he would be stupid not to trade the top pick and move down in the draft. Even top 4 gives him one of these 3 guys. There are a pile of teams that would give up a lot to draft Jones with top pick. But Sakic is full of it and will take Jones.

  11. Since we’re making stuff up…how about Fowler & Ryan for Letang & Neal? At least that seems to be a bit more equitable. And for leafs’ fans, a tree way deal where Toronto gets all for for Bozak, Komisarek, JM Liles, & Gardiner (since apparently no team can do without him…)

  12. 1. If the Pens move Letang, it’s for a good young defenseman that can move the puck as well as a 1st round pick or a good prospect–I’m guessing they’ll want the prospect. I could see the Oilers and Canucks with strong interest, as well as the Sharks and possibly the Stars.

    2. I agree with you, Lyle, that Colorado might be passing up someone who has a chance to be the best d-man in the NHL come his prime. But they’re in a win-win… if they draft MacKinnon, they’re getting someone who’s going to be as good as Johnathan Toews. This also opens up the scenario where they trade their first overall to NASHVILLE for a piece from Nashville as well as a fourth so that Nashville ensures they get MacKinnon (Ryan Ellis?). Colorado seems high on Barkov, Drouin, and MacKinnon; chances are one of them will be available at 4.

    3. Bernier might go to Minnesota of all places, especially if they let Backstrom walk. If not, I could see him going to Florida or Long Island.

    • Vancouver won’t pay a high salary to Letang. If he won’t take a discount to stay in pit then he definitely won’t in Vancouver.
      The dal and pit have a great trade history but Dallas now has a new GM and I think he will build through the draft.
      NJ need a top D bad but pits demand might be to high for them.

      • Pittsburgh won’t trade Letang within their division unless they think Letang sucks.

  13. Why not trade Letang to Colorado or Florida for the first or second pick in the draft and pick Jones? That way they get younger but keep that offensive defence man without having to rebuild.

  14. I am still on the “Letang re-signs with the Pens, with a hometown discount” train.

    The difference in the Jordan Staal situation is that Staal was likely using his contract demands as leverage to be traded somewhere he could be a Top 2 centre (and maybe even to go to Carolina specifically).

    Letang, like most players, is probably comfortable where he is and would stay, all other things being equal. He may even take a discount to do so.

    Why not? He’d be in line for a perennial shot at the Cup, he’d rack up the points as opposing teams have too many Pens weapons to deal with, and he’d remain a Top 2 pairing. That’s probably worth giving up a little salary for. (J. Staal, on the other hand, had the incentive of moving up the depth chart on a new team)

    I think it’s more about whether Shero can make $6.25M/yr work under the cap. My money is on “yes”.

    • Yeah… good luck with 6.25.

      Shero lol… the most overrated GM in hockey… wth…

      • Letang is not worth more than 6.25m. Karrlson makes 6.5m. 7 m for Doughty. Both are better than Letang.

        • Agreed. And players are going to be in for salary shocks with the cap going down. I think Letang makes $6.25M from the Pens, $6.67M from another team more desperate to have him.

          • If Letang wants to stay a Pen he should take 6

        • LOL……..I’d take Letang or Karlsson over Drew Doughty any day of the week folks. DD is way over rated, and (DL)over paid him in LA. He ruined what good top D guys should really get(4.5 5.5maybe), which is less, for team cap help. Greed helps no team or cap. Anyone wanna trade D? Voynov blew DD out of the water and he just got 4.16m a season for 6 years, now thats cap care and the right kinda contract and a non greedy premadonnakov player I like. DD hasnt done dick in the playoffs. He was a minus-7 for 18 games, and had 5 points. Regher was a -8. EUH! Sad that GM’s/Owners aprrove these lame contracts screwing the rest of the team to stay intact each year with cap space issues on over priced D. Pitt does not want to let Letang go trust me. Any team would take him, and prolly OVER pay him DD style(stupid), if they have big cap room. Letang needs to be reasonable for Shero to keep him. I will take Letang over DD anyday.

        • Both Karrlson & Doughty signed their deals as a restricted free Agents. Letang will become be unrestricted free agents which means teams will bid for his services. Huge difference.

  15. bernier for vorecek makes no sense. panaccio is smoking something or being played as a fool. i’m a bernier supporter and think whoever gets him is getting a very good number one guy but the fact is he’s still unproven. while vorecek is hardly a proven vet, his nhl path seems pretty clear and i don’t see holmgren moving him him an green asset like bernier. the kings will move bernier at or before the draft but it will likely be for a pick and/or prospect, something with the same uncertainty as bernier.

    and let’s not overlook that the kings cap space is shrinking. i’m not sure they have the room to take on 4+ million a season for the next 3 years.

  16. Wonder if the Oilers could land Letang? Thoughts?

    • It all depends on the extension i would guess, they arent going to give up that much if he walks in a year. Pit would probably want on of the 4 (Hall,Ebs,Nuge,Yak) plus more. The price for him is going to be high and his numbers will go down when he isnt passing to Crosby and Malkin.

      • I hope Ed wouldn’t give one of the top young guys. I could see the 7th pick overall, Paajarvi, Klefbom, and another prospect (Musil / Pitlick / Teubert / who ever). No I’m not a Edmonton fan. Not taking much salary back would help Pit resign some of their other UFAs and Paajarvi would probably excel with pit.

  17. I think Letang could shoot himself in the foot if he demands more than Shero is willing to pony up! It’s quite possible that he winds up in a hockey hinterland with no Crosby, no Malkin, and no Neal, where points won’t be as easy to come by, and his lack of defensive acumem will be completely exposed.

  18. The only way I see Leafs being involved with Bernier is in a trade to get a higher draft pick. The Kings do not have a first round draft pick (Columbus has it) which would be 27th overall so that’s why they are so adamant about getting a first round pick in return. I cannot see any team giving up a first round pick in a supposedly deep draft for an unproven goalie, good as he is believed to be. However 3 teams have multiple picks. Calgary 6, 22 and 28, Columbus 14, 19 and 27, Buffalo 8 and 16. Of those 3 I see Calgary being the best candidate. Columbus seems content with what they have, so possibly Buffalo gives up a pick if Miller does not resign. But I do not think Miller wants to be a backup for Quick, and I believe he has to approve his destination. Calgary has Kipper indicating he will retire soon, possibly before the start of the next season. Calgary has a number of picks to return, and Bernier is more NHL proven than their other backup goalies. The mark against them is they are a western conference team. So unless its part of a bigger package, if Toronto or most any other team trades for Bernier I only see it as a chip to flip for a higher draft pick. The only other viable partner I see for LA is perhaps the Islanders.

    • LA wont take Miller back, if they could afford that salary on a back up they would qualify Bernier and go with that in the mean time.

    • The only problem with your plan… Ducks and Calgary will be in the same division in 2013-14. Huge blow to your theory. Would YOU trade young goalie prospect like THAT within the same division? I doubt it. You ship him East NYI, Devils, Tor or Philly .

      • Agree with Nitro no way he stays in the west

  19. I would love for the Isles to land Ryan and slide him next to JT. The Ducks have cap problems so maybe we could be a perfect fit. The rangers gave up a 3rd and 4th line player, A good prospect and the 29th pick in the draft for Nash. Not bad for one of the top wingers in the game.

    • Different scenario: Nash wanted out, Bobby did not ask to be traded. Not to mention huge difference in cap hit and very similar number. Not saying Ryan is better but pointing out that Nash contract is 7.8M a year vs 5.1 for Ryan.

    • Doesn’t Ryan want to go to Philly?

      • No, that is just rumors.

      • I am sure he does but he did not ask to be traded.

    • Why trade Ryan, just trade Fasth for someone like Enroth and re-sign Enroth for something like $1.25M per year for 5 years. Fasth makes$2.9M, that woud shore up $1.65M. That’ll take their cap availability to $10.24M. Anaheim isn’t in a bad cap situation, they’ll be and are perfectly fine.

    • The Ducks have $8 mil in Cap spcae, They arent hurting there. Bobby has never asked for a trade and loves it in SoCal. But as a pro athelete, you get tired of all the BS rumors and enough is enough. However, If the Ducks traded him, they would want a either a top 4 D man and a 1st or 2nd rounder or a top young winger, top prospect D man and a 1st/2nd rouner. I honestly think the Ducks will trade Byran Allen for a 6th rounder to free up $3.5 mil in space and Humpuis or Vatanen will slide into that spot. Possibly even resigning Ben Lovejoy.

  20. That goes without saying, I was just making the case for rationalizing a trade from the teams with multiple draft pick scenarios.

    Edmonton is another great fit for Bernier, but again, if LA will not trade directly with a WC team it makes it tough. Sad though because I do not think the Kings would fear Edmonton or Calgary, with or without Bernier, for quite some time.

    • Not that I am disagreeing with you, but I’ve always disagreed with the “no trading in the division” school of thought, and now even more with the “no trading in the conference”.

      GMs make deals because they think they get the better of the trade. That shouldn’t make a difference if it’s in the conference. In fact, if you think you win the deal, you *should* do it inside the conference, as it would weaken a rival – whether over the short-, medium- or long-haul.

    • Bernier would be a great it in Edmonton. There he can be a #1, he is young and Edmonton is a young team. Maybe a 3 way trade?

      To Edmonton: Bernier + Liles + Lewis
      To Los Angeles: Frattin + Scrivens + Paajarvi
      To Toronto: Dubnyk + Richardson + Klefbom

      • Umm not sure that Frattin Liles and Scrivens gets you Klefbom and Dubnyk by themselves alone Richardson basically it works out that the oilers are trading a starter for a backup and a first round prospect drafted 2 years ago for a buyout candidate yah that deal would need somework

        • Man the more I look at it the worse it gets…it’s a car wreck that I can’t take my eyes off …….poor Edmonton lol

          • lol, yeah, the more I look at it, the more it get worst as well! how about?:

            To Edmonton: Bernier + Colborne + Toffoli
            To Los Angeles: Frattin + Scrivens + Lander
            To Toronto: Paajarvi + Richardson + Klefbom

            Toronto trades a former 1st rounder (Colborne) for another former 1st Rounder (Paajarvi), trades former 1st rounder (Bernier) for another former 1st rounder (Klefbom), and trades a young talented Frattin for a gritty grinder in Richardson.

            Edmonton gets a likely better tender in Bernier, but just in case for gaining experience, Dubnyk can easily back his learning. Edmonton also gets (as mentione above) a big centerman in Colborne and grit from Lewis that the team lacks.

            Los Angeles gets a great young talent in Frattin who would fit great on their 3rd line, and if need-be (injury) can step into the 2nd line. They aslo get a legit backup in adding Scrivens, and then pretty much exchange similar players (Toffoli/Lander).

          • Agreed. Saved me some typing there.

  21. I though that i respected you spector, but now it’s appearent you don’t see or watch how the Penguins work. If Letang does get moved there are two things to remember. First Shero will get a pot of gold out of it, one way or another the trade will upgrade the current roster and future. Second the pens will not and don’t have to dive into the free agency or via trade to get a d-man. There are answers within this team. With five of the best prospects in defense in pittsburgh’s minor league roster that have to get their chance one day sooner or later, plus Depris which needs more playing time. The pens don’t need to do anything but make sure they have a good balance of offense and defense while staying close to but under the cap.

  22. Letang will end up going to a team that can afford him and can give up depth. That in mind, what about:

    To Vancouver: Letang
    To Pittsburgh: Edler + Raymond + 2nd Rounder
    To Montreal: Letang
    To Pittsburgh: Subban + Eller
    To Anaheim: Letang
    To Pittsburgh: B.Ryan + Lindholm
    To Edmonton: Letang
    To Pittsburgh: Paajarvi + Klefbom + 1st Rounder

    • Poor Montreal…they got hit too

      • Let’s see a Norris winner plus a top 6 forward for a Norris runner-up. Great deal for Pittsburgh!

        • Maybe cause he is french Montreal would overpay?

    • Vancouver wont give a de player that much money. NO DEAL
      Montreal is not that stupid. NO DEAL ( I think Eller is hurt still also)
      Anaheim deal could do it but I think Edmonton deal helps Pit with cap space to resign UFAs. (might need another prospect from Edmonton). The 7th overall would get a really good prospect in this years draft.

    • No freakin way we trade Hampus Lindholm or Sami Vatanen…Bobby Ryan and Luca Sbisa would make a good trade for Letang.

      • DuckFan, no way you do that trade either. Pit would be eating $4+ mil in cap and Sbisa is coming into his own. i wouldnt Trade Lindholm or Vatanen either, but Bobby and Bryan Allen and a 3rd rounder for Jokinen and Letang would keep the number slightly in favor of the Ducks, So that still wouldnt do it.

  23. here we again wind bag murry blowing smoke again ” we will move up in the draft”

  24. This is going to be a great offseason. It’s going to be fun to see what everyone does! I don’t want B. Murray to trade any young guys lol but if it’s going to help land a good scorer and/or move up in the draft then I’m all for it. So trade senarios?

    To Dallas: Prince, Conacher, Wiercioch, 17th overall
    To Ottawa: Loui Ericsson and 10th overall.

    To Edmonton: Wiercioch, Gryba, 17th overall, 3rd rounder
    To Ottawa: Hemsky, 7th overall

    I love the Dallas trade, I think it’s fair they get 4 good young players with Conacher being nhl ready and Wiercioch made his case when Karlsson was injured. Sens get a sniper to grow his already good numbers on a below average team. Hemsky is a risk because of injury but it’s more for the 7th overall. Might be enough to get Monahan? If not flip it to Carolina with an additional pick for the 5th overall. I wouldn’t mind the Sens drafting Gauthier though. He’ll take a little bit to develop but the sens don’t need him right away. He’s huge, will only get bigger which is scary, has one of the best defensive games for a forward in the draft and has good puck skills. Any othe suggestions?

    • If Ottawa would ever go after Eriksson, Dallas would probably ask for Spezza in that trade.

      • Well obviously this would be a trade to keep Spezza seeing that the point in bringing him in is to play with Spezza. Maybe replace Prince with another roster player? It’s out there I know and I don’t think Dallas is shopping Eriksson but it would be awesome if that happened. Dallas wants to get younger and 4 prospects with at least 3 of them playing in the NHL is a decent return. Hell I’d even add something to that.

        • Maybe if it involved:

          To Ottawa: Ericksson
          To Dallas: Silfverberg + Turris + 17th Overall

  25. @ Loopers Troopers

    I believe Brad Richardson is a UFA, so he will not be part of any trade. He is a Belleville Boy, would probably welcome an offer to sign with Ottawa, if passed over in LA.

    • @ Murph

      That is such bull (where a UFA will sign), just because someone is from a specific area/town/city, doesn’t mean they’ll sign with that coinsiding team! There are MANY players that are from Toronto for example, that won’t play in Toronto, because they spend their Summer-off at home and don’t want to be there 365 per-say. Same scenario for those from other places.

  26. Re: Bobby Ryan
    Just to let everyone know, Bobby Ryan owes a 6500 FT 5 -bedroom home next to a golf course
    in plain view of the Grand Teton mountains in Victor, Idaho. In other words he ain’t that home
    sick for Jersey / Philly. Also, forget Letang coming to Anaheim, TOO EXPENSIVE and Murray is
    still bugged about getting screwed in the Kuntz / Whitney deal. Pittsburgh’s D-men have great stats
    but they disappear when they leave Pitts, ( ask Dallas about Goligoski, another disappearing act).
    Lastly, you really think that Shero will trade Letang and end up having Paul Martin as his best go to
    guy. Look for Letang to sign for 6 or 6.25 million but for 5-7 years. Little less money and a few
    more years. He wants to stay unless he can take Sid the Kid with him if he moves on.