NHL Morning Rumor Mill – June 20, 2014.

The latest on Jason Spezza, Joe Thornton, Ryan Kesler, P.K. Subban, Cody Franson, Paul Stastny, Ryan O’Reilly, David Perron and more. 

Senators receive two serious offers for Jason Spezza.

Senators receive two serious offers for Jason Spezza.

TSN.CA: Pierre LeBrun reports Joe Thornton has yet to tell the Sharks he wants to be moved, as he currently wants to stay in San Jose. The Detroit Red Wings have reportedly inquired into his availability…LeBrun expects things to heat up on the Jason Spezza and Ryan Kesler trade fronts leading up to the first round of the NHL Draft in Philadelphia next Friday. The Ducks have interest in both but the price is high. LeBrun suspects the Senators would love to get back the first round pick they sent the Ducks last year in the Bobby Ryan trade but he doubts they part with that pick…Bob McKenzie believes the Bruins could shop a defenseman for a forward. He doesn’t expect Zdeno Chara or Dougie Hamilton to be moved…It’s possible a rival club could pitch an offer sheet to Montreal’s P.K. Subban if unsigned by July 1 but the Habs will match it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It appears Thornton is unwilling to accept a trade, at least for this year…The Ducks and St. Louis Blues are the likely destinations for either Spezza or Kesler…Johnny Boychuk’s been frequently mentioned as a possible trade candidate for the Bruins…The Habs will certainly match any offer for Subban as they have more than enough cap space to do so. The only concern, however, is allowing negotiations to stretch into July 1, thus allowing an opportunity for a rival club to set the price. 

TSN.CA/OTTAWA SUN/OTTAWA CITIZEN: Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray yesterday claimed he’s received two serious offers for Jason Spezza, though he declined to say which clubs made those offers. It’s believed the front runners are the Anaheim Ducks and St. Louis Blues. Murray’s asking price is said to a player who can help the Senators immediately, a top prospect and a first-round pick. He also said he won’t move Spezza unless he gets an acceptable offer. The Sun’s Bruce Garrioch reports there’s a rumor the Tampa Bay Lightning are also interested, plus Spezza didn’t include Toronto or Montreal on his ten-team “no-trade” list but didn’t bother because he knows he won’t be dealt there. Garrioch also claims the Nashville Predators have called about Spezza, and while they’re on his “no-trade” list, speculates Murray might convince Spezza to change his mind if he got a solid offer from them.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Don’t see Spezza heading to Tampa Bay, as their biggest need is improving their defense this summer, plus they’re deep at center with Steven Stamkos, Valtteri Filppula and Tyler Johnson.  If Spezza is truly keen to leave Ottawa and the Predators were the only club to make a significant offer for him, I believe he would accept a trade to Nashville. 

TSN.CA/SPORTSNET.CA: Darren Dreger reports the Toronto Maple Leafs have received trade offers for RFA defenseman Cody Franson but prefer to re-sign him. Gare Joyce believes it’ll take more than a rumored package offer with Nazem Kadri as the centerpiece to pry the first-overall pick away from the Florida Panthers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see the Leafs moving up into that first overall position. Anything’s possible but it sounds as though the Panthers have set a very high price for that pick. Now, if the first overall pick was Connor McDavid it would be understandable, but that’s not the case. 

ESPN.COM: If the New York Rangers use their remaining compliance buyout on Brad Richards, Craig Custance speculates they could use some of the savings to pursue Paul Stastny, Dan Boyle and Mikhail Grabovski via free agency.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports the Colorado Avalanche hope to re-sign Paul Stastny and Ryan O’Reilly if the price is right.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples makes the case for the Oilers to shop David Perron this summer.

BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports the Sabres need to spend $16 million to reach this summer’s anticipated cap floor of $52 million will factor into potential moves by the club this summer. Adding the qualifying offers to Cory Conacher, Jamie McBain and Chad Ruhwedel cuts that to $12 million with Marcus Foligno and Tyler Ennis left to re-sign. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: They can rectify that with UFA signings, but they must ensure they’re adding players who are going to do more than just help them reach the cap floor. That could mean Christian Ehrhoff and Tyler Myers won’t be available via trade, as moving them means they’ll have to spend more to reach that cap minimum. 


  1. I tweeted to Garrioch this morning and asked him if he will be moving to Seattle or Quebec city to continue reporting on the Sen’s when they move. Not sure if he will will answer that. Man, how bad is this team gonna get before the ball drops? This owner couldn’t run a daycare of 5 children. Anyone notice EVERY year at trade deadline Brian Murray says after not improving the team “were happy with the group we got”. EVERY YEAR. Come on Brian, who are you and Eugene trying to fool? If I were Ottawa fans, stop going to games, the team is moving and why prolong it. WORSE owner in NHL history. YES, As bad as the old Chicago owner.

    • In Ottawa here, all the Sens fans I know wish Murray would be traded right after Spezza. After the teams collapse in 2008 from the cup run, they should have dumped him then. At worst, they should have after 2010. The Penguins dumped Shero who is hands down a better GM this year despite the success he has had which shows their commitment to being the best and firing the rest and I can’t understand why Ottawa doesn’t pick up on the same attitude.

      • Why is Shero hands down a better GM? BM was handcuffed by the worst GM Ottawa has ever had in Muckler. Mucks cleaned out the cupboards, no prospects to back fill as players moved on.

        Shero is better because he chose Crosby and Malkin? Come on, if you don’t have success having 2 of the top 3-5 players in the league you’re doing something wrong. The fact that they’ve only won the cup once since those guys came on board says they haven’t been successful. Until James Neil he hasn’t been able to bring in a winger to play with Sid and even Neil is debatable. Name one deal that Shero has made that makes him hands down a better GM. I’d say the best move he made was Noah Welch for Gary Roberts (not really that big of a move).

        • I’ll give you two

          James Neal, Matt Niskanen for Alex Goglioski
          Jordin Staal for 8th overall pick, Brandon Sutter and Brian Dumoulin

          Shero had a lot to work with, but that isn’t a hallmark of success. Consistently he has shown he is willing to make big moves to either get the best value for the team or bring in the right assets – things I don’t see Murray doing consistently. Add in how Murray seems to dicker on decisions and has the fun of being the last GM in recent memory to have two top end players demand a trade and the “iconic” captain walk out, I can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on down the 417 from me.

          BTW The Roberts deal was great for the development of the team, but I love how you conveniently forget to mention the Hossa trade or the Iginla trade as both gutsy attempts to find “top end” wingers for Sid. Not to mention Kunitz and Dupuis have done very well along side of him (both Shero trades) and have good chemistry. Or even Guerin who was a huge component of the 09 winning team.

          • Ray Shero INHERITED Crosby & Malkin & Fleury & Letang & Orpik, the core … he made a nice deal with Dallas but picked Jordan Staal over Toews and then dealt Staal for a nice return but the Pens haven’t been to the promised land since his departure.

            And while the window is open Shero put together quite possibly the softest NHL team with high aspirations in history … softer than Mr. Whipple’s Charmin toilet paper … and brought back a coach who was so arrogant he didn’t think he needed matchups or in game adjustments to win …

            and what has become of these young defensemen, other than Matta? Other than Pouliot, they all suck …

            I speak for a lot of Pens fans who say good riddance to Mr. Shero …

    • If you’re not a Sens fan then why are you commenting. The team is NOT going to move, sold maybe (I hope) move NO. The Eug was a great owner when he wasn’t in financial trouble, he spent to the cap and never complained, it’s too bad his other businesses have taken such a hit.

      “Anyone notice EVERY year at trade deadline Brian Murray says after not improving the team “were happy with the group we got”. EVERY YEAR.” – DChamp

      Murray doesn’t say that, he says they’re going to try and improve the team if they can. Example this year they said they needed another top 6 forward and we got Hemsky. The Sens are not a legit cup contender right now so mortgaging long term for short term success (possibly) is not what we need to do.

      Stick to commenting about your team (which I suspect is a little down the 401). You know the one where fans put paper bags on their heads. What’s it now 47 years and counting with no end in sight!

      • Melnyk is the problem – not his businesses.
        Melnyk sold his shares in his pharmaceutical company at their low point, and lost nearly a billion dollars in the transaction (this was due to his unwillingness to listen to their board of directors) and he became angry and abruptly sold his shares. Simply put, the man is a baby.
        Now, because he’s made poor financial decisions, he has passed that along to his hockey team. He may have at one point been in good financial standing, but he simply no longer is, and should sell the team before he further damages the reputation of the franchise.

        • TML – Not agreeing or disagreeing that he is a baby – I don’t know the man. All I was saying is he was a great own when he had money, so saying he’s the worst owner in NHL history is untrue. I do agree he needs to sell.

        • I believe that a marriage breakup hit his finances hard as well. Not having the revenue stream of a business investment has made him more reliant on the Sens as his primary income asset. That makes almost any owner pinch the pennies more tightly (not that I haven’t always thought he was an @$$ and a problem owner).

      • I am actually a fan of every Canadian NHL team. I want the cup back in Canada and whichever one of the Northern 7 does that I’ll be delighted. IMO, Ottawa does not have very much to look forward to in the system. What could they possibly Mortgage? With the way this team is managed, it will take 10 years to get competitive. Sen’s fans will not wait that long. Isn’t season ticket holders on the decline? Attendance as well? According to EUG, the team is losing money. SO, I think it will move. Bettman will be right behind that move as well for reason I will not state.

        • No one here has any room to comment on what kind of business man Eug is or is not.
          He built up his fortunes to the point where he could buy the team and keep it there. He must have done something right.

          Calling him a baby because he sold his shares is at least a little incomprehensible. We have zero knowledge about the inner workings of this deal.

          Everyone is 10 ft tall behind the keyboard.

      • no your wrong murray always blows smoke we’ll get him and him and him but never happens buyers beware

    • Funny, last season, they made the play-offs, and even won a series. And now he’s a bad GM?

      • Some of the comments on this string are puzzling to say the least. Ottawa’s a small market NHL team and will never have the resources of a New York or Toronto, teams that routinely blow their brains out. For every team that spends big and succeeds there are plenty that do the same and suck. It’s always easy to use that as an excuse though…

        • talk talk talk everyone wants to leave from ott

  2. Phaneuf to Buffalo for Girgensons and Foligno…sign Boyle, have 2 more young forwards with lots of potential in the system, + free up at least 2-3 million in cap space, and the Sabres are a lot closer to reaching the cap floor. Done deal!!! (I know we will probably never be lucky enough for something like this to happen, but a guy can dream can’t he?)

    • But why would Buffalo do that?

      Dion isn’t worth 2 young forwards at this point with his contract.

      I brought it up yesterday, and Leaf fans dispute it because of when it was signed, etc….

      BUT…Weber makes less than 900k more than Dion.

      And that is why people think he is overpaid. They are nowhere near the same level of player, and I don’t care what is owed or years left..purely looking at cap hit.

      • Weber nearly makes 60 mil more than Dion quit using cap circumventing deals as comparisons with deals signed this year. Weber makes 110 mill, Dion entire 7 year contract is 49 mill Weber makes 14 mill a year Dion makes 8 in real money, quit withthe fantasy land comparisons.

        • Paul Coffey made 2.5 mil so how overpaid is every D man in the league?…its a stupid comparison.

          • I see you’re at it again

        • Your nonsense is a stupid comparison. It’s all about what you have going on year to year. Bottom line is Weber makes $900k more this year so get use to the fact Dion is over paid. You sit on here spewing the fact Dion isn’t over paid but then constantly say the Leafs would have to hold between $1.5M to $2.0M of his salary if he was traded. Why would the Leafs have to hold salary if he wasn’t over paid? Again you twist your facts to suit your latest stupid argument.

          • Weber gets paid 6 million more per year untill 2018/19 at which point he has made more money than Dions entire 7 year contract and still has more years left to pay him at 6 million. You think the money fairy comes to cover the rest? What does 110 million contract look like if its broken down in to 7 years? It 15.7 mill per not 7.85.

          • And Ive said all along that Dion probably is overpaid by maybe a million but Im not using Weber as a comparison tool. You can compare anyone who has signed a deal this year and compsre it to a cap circumventing deal and make it look like an overpayment.

          • Don’t waste your time arguing with Shticky over this – he’s right. Weber makes WAY more money than Phaneuf. At the end of the day, the Leafs could trade Phaneuf and his entire contract – the sticking point is what the return would be, because seemingly the Leafs are not going to give Phaneuf away without a decent return

          • Thank you. Agree 100%

          • To be fair, the Leafs held salary in the Bernier deal. I’d probably prefer taking on a “salary dump” (as they did with Lupul), and hope the change of scenery sparks the player, but if holding salary means receiving a player of higher value in return, I don’t think it’s a deal-breaker by any means.

          • His contract was also a 13 year pact, not a 7 or 8 year contract..so it makes sense that it is double.

        • Frankly I don’t know how Nashville can afford to pay Weber that huge $$ bonuses and not grow their business. @ 16k in avg. attendance at below avg. ticket

          Nashville Predators has been bleeding $$$ for the last 8 years counting!!

          Toronto Maple Leafs should be calling Nashville to acquire in a true hockey trade Weber and their 11th pick for Phaneuf, Kadri and Toronto’s 8th..

          Leafs Promote Holland to 1st/2nd center and call it a great hockey trade for both!!

          Toronto, Montreal and maybe the New York Rangers are the only team that can afford to pay Weber that amount of $$$ and not affect their yearly operating profit..

          Toronto will now get their Captain and their team will now be able to compete for the Holy Grail! Nashville gets significantly better offence and a veteran defender in Phaneuf.

          • If Weber were traded to one of those 3, it would NOT be TOR or MON. It would be NYR all the way. No one wants to play in Canada remember?

          • David Poile is another joke of a GM, no wonder Shero fell from that inept tree … let’s keep drafting d-men, who needs offense and grit?

          • Weber is the missing link to the Leafs success… It may take another couple of years but their Defensive core of Weber, Franson (needs to be re-signed), Rielly, Gardiner, Gleason, Gunnarson, Grannberg, Finn etc…. Future will be GREAT!!

            We don’t need to sign any expensive UFA only to buy out… It’s become a youth movement now and I think the future of earnings will be – should be performance incentives ( like Iginla ) and endorsements.

          • That proposal is not a great hockey trade for Nashville. Not a good trade for Nashville, and not even an ok trade for Nashville.

            That would be a horrible trade for Nashville.

        • What doesmatter here is the cap hit. It does not matter when it was signed or what you feel the deal was.

          The league did not have anissue with the contract.
          So it is a good deal.

          Phaneuf is not worth almost the same coin as Weber and Suter.

          It’s a fact my friend.

          • Well said. At the end of the day you say how much is the cap hit this year on that player? Can the Leafs afford Weber in place of Phaneuf? Absolutely.
            Nothing else matters beyond that.

          • Idiots if the league didnt have an issue with the contract why did it change the rules and lock the players out over those types of contracts?

          • Gary I know we dont see eye to eye on alot of things but when it comes down to Leags24/7 agreeing with ya, you may want to rethink what you are saying..lol

          • Cry Baby

    • Lol hahahahahahahaha not even in your dreams guy lol. Wow thanks for the laughs bud.

      Sabres wouldn’t touch Phaneuf with a ten foot pole. Murray will not bring in a horrible contract like that of Phaneuf’s. We’ve got Zadorov, Pysyk, Ristolainen waiting in the wings. McCabe isn’t to far behind. Plus we already have Ehrhoff and Myers. Makes absolutely little sense from a Sabres perspective. Other then getting ripped off and adding salary. Girgensons is BEAST.

      After we qualify our RFA’s we will have about $12 mill to spend to get to the floor. Ennis will probably take $3-$4.5 of that, Foligno will take about $2. It won’t be hard to reach the cap floor for the Sabres as everyone is thinking. Add a couple of overpriced free agents like Setoguchi and Nikitin (If not signed by the Oilers) and we should be looking good.

      • While I agree with the floor comments I have to say that Tim Murray did admit he would be willing to take a big contract like Dions, but he also said there would have to be an additional bonus 1st round pick coming back.

        SO, the initial trade offer for Dion for Girgs and Foligno is never and I mean never ever going to happen. Even if you pad the deal and throw in the 2014 1st from the Leafs. You might get Stafford in that deal, but not much else. The Sabres are taking the bad contract that is the benefit for the Leafs not the guys going back the other way. Sorry Leaf fans.

        • Sorry, but I think this deal could be a legitimate idea. Erhoff, Myers and Phanuef would give Buffalo 3 solid D men that could allow them to run 3 solid D lines, 2 powerplay units that are shored up on D, and allow Nuevirth and Enroth to have some serious stability in front of them. Teams are built from the back end up, and dropping Phanuef’s minutes into the 18-20 range should help his play. Plus being in the US, and not having the burden of being the captain in the spotlight of Toronto. All add up to Phanuef being a good fit for Buffalo. Girgenson is OK, no better than Kadri, Foligno is going to be a high energy third line player, so really, it’s a fair deal,..

  3. If this was Connor McDavid’s draft year I doubt the Panthers would consider moving the first overall pick, but if they did TO would need to offer something like Kessel/JVR, Phaneuf, Khadri and their first. Speculation yesterday was that Toews, Kane and Subban would each be getting multi-year deals at $9 + million per year. IMO, no team can afford to lose the 1st round draft picks (is it 4?) it would cost to sign Subban

    • First of all the Habs are matching any RFA offer that Subban would receive. But any team would gladly give up its #1 to get PK in the fold.

    • That seems like way too much for trading up a pick. 3 of the teams best players and their first overall pick? That would be one of the worst trades in history.

      • Even just Kessel for it is a bit too much. Why would the Leafs trade a 80+ point guy for not a sure thing

        • no it wouldn’t be macdavid is the next sure thing a franchise player and another crosby type it would cost kessel + like the other poster said leafs fans think kessel is this great player ….and he isn’t he’s a good player an nhl star but not a superstar like leafs fan make him out to be……he’s not even a 40 goal man!

          • your right but everyone back off from the buds for christ sake.
            you all hate em, cause you love em.
            We tend to average upward for Kessel’s goals just like you do leafs 50 year cup drought

  4. RFAs are a lot more prone to offer sheets than teams realize. There are teams licking their chops right now, waiting for some RFAs to become available. They have the contracts already drawn up, I’m sure.

    Subban is not going to get one. It’s safe. But to get four first rounds, remember, the team would have to pay an average salary of over 8M. Montreal will match everything because they’re pretty damn rich, so who cares?

    ROR’s situation is a lot more interesting. Colorado are NOT rich; they’re a budget team. If he gets a high offer thrown his way (oh yeah, he led the league in takeaways last season on top of leading his team in goals and getting a fair amount of points in the process), he’s going to be making the coin. Colorado don’t want to screw their salary structure, but history repeats itself. They MUST sign him at his contract demands or trade him, or they’re going to be signing him to a far more inconvenient contract or losing him for draft picks (and they’re not going to be very good draft picks, 15-30 range), and that’ll set back their organization.

    Teams with RFAs better lock up their guys this summer. There are going to be offer sheets.

    • Oh, by inconvenient contract, I mean front-loaded BS like the Weber situation.

      • start today’s rumors just for fun.

        to CBJ
        ROR and Stefan Elliot

        To COL
        JJ and Dubinsky/Anisimov/Umberger.

        FLAME ON!

        • Lol

        • You are flamed…

          Would never happen…that package is not worth what the AVs would lose.

          • Lol Love it Gary “You are flamed…”

        • PUT THE CRACK PIPE DOWN!!! IF ROR WAS GOING TO COLUMBUS RYAN JOHANSEN IS GOING TO THE AV’S dubinsky would get you p.a. parenteau

    • I agree that ROR maybe the only case where an offer sheet has a small chance of success, with the exception that I think the Avs would probably get some very decent picks indeed. IF you look at the teams that have lots of space or would make the space needed to provide him with an offer that would be unmatched… I dont think ROR makes the Leafs Flames Oilers Islanders or some other teams that maybe desperate enough to put up 7 years 7-7.5 mill plus type deals in to the top half of the league in the draft order.

      • I believe if ROR is going to be a leaf it will be a trade because they don’t have their own second round pick in 2015 which is necessary

        • I got to ask, are you the real Aki Berg?

          • you Petteri belive it

      • ROR is being taken to arbitration.

        The Avs did this to keep the offer sheets away. Noone can offer an offer sheet if they are going to arbitration.

        Smart move by the Avs.

        • Filing for arbitration does not stop offer sheet teams can still give him an offer sheet between July 1st thruJuly 5th. Not saying anyone will but ROR can sign an offersheet if he gets one. Id give ya the link but its probably easier if you would just google these things.

          • I stand corrected. I did not know of the new 5 day window put into the new CBA.

            Either way, he is staying in Colorado.

    • “We’re going to match that,” Sakic said, when asked about a possible offer sheet for the restricted free agent. ….ROR isn’t moving via offer sheet.

      • Hah, that’s what Poile said about Weber.

        That didn’t stop Philly from throwing a huge front-loaded deal at him. Yes, he did match, but that was a kick to the nuts. Other teams will happily throw a wrench in Colorado’s salary structure.

        This is a bluff.

  5. I don’t agree with Thornton not moving this year, or at least not willing to move this year. I full on believe if the Sharks got a trade that they really liked and Thornton had a chance to go to a contender he would waive his NMC. The team can convince him by talking to him and showing him how much he would mean to team, he would feel wanted and most likely move. Especially with the Sharks showing how much they don’t want him on the team. I’m not saying if Nashville came in and did this it would work, but if the NYR or Bruins or someone who is favored to win the cup came in, I believe he would waive his NMC

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Murray first say we probably won’t be getting the deal that we want for Spezza? Now he’s saying their not going to trade him unless the “Right Deal” comes along.

    • Everyone involved in the Ottawa organization has a mental glitch.

    • I wish they would hire me as the new GM here in Ottawa so I can be around all the time. I live 5 mins from the arena and would take a fraction of Murray’s salary. Not guaranteeing the results would be a lot better (although I like to think I could make vast improvements), but at least they’d save some coin which appears to be priority one around here.

      • Aj, I wish you were the GM too….I think sometimes us on the outside looking in know more. I think GM’s grow personally attached to certain players and don’t want to let them go, of expect tool much if they have to let them go because they over value them. Ottawa needs an emotionally detached, non-bias new GM to clean up this spill in aisle 417.

        • Thanks for the vote of confidence!

          The one thing I don’t get is this – teams will do lousy and then fire say a GM (or coach, but I’ll speak to the subject at hand) or someone in management. So the solution then is to hire another person who majority of the time was in management of another club that was also fired or let go because they had the same result……what makes teams think bringing in re-treads is going to solve things??? I often wonder if you brought in someone with a management background, but no experience in the hockey world, if you would automatically end up resulting in failure, or if a fresh experience let’s say will turn things around. It happens all the time in other industry. Maybe a CEO or CFO from Pepsi (obviously does soft drinks) will end up CEO of a manufacturing company. They aren’t hiring him on manufacturing experience, but rather a fresh perspective he can bring – maybe he is a wiz at logistics while with Pepsi and can bring that along. The point here is something Einstein said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

          I know we all armchair QB on trades or whatever, but realistically speaking, could anyone of us here actually do a better job than some or all the GM’s out there? I think we could. And chances are if it wasn’t for some break or luck, most of them would be working somewhere and logging onto this blog at lunch to voice opinion with the rest of us.

          • And we would laugh at them because they know no better then the average joe.

  7. Murray has his back against the wall with Spezza. Spezza is a UFA at the end of next season so his value will continue to drop. If he’s unwilling to sign, he’s basically just a prolonged rental.

    As far as the Ducks, they’d be stupid to give up much in the way of young players or prospects. If the Ducks farm system is as good as everybody is currently claiming, why would you give any part of that up on a player who may not even be willing to re-sign with your team. And if he does re-sign at let’s say $7M per season, they’d be using 1/3 of their cap space on three players (Perry, Getzlaf, and Spezza). That is a recipe for disaster.

    • Spezza to St. Louis for Berglund, Cole and a pick and call it a day. Time for the Sens to move on from that era of their team.

      • Berglund has a major shoulder injury. Why would the Sens want that? He may not even be able to start the season, if he has to have surgery.

        • Because Berglund is 26 and will recover from that injury. The Senators are not in the driver’s seat on this one.

        • Spezza will miss at least 20 per season with his nagging injuries, back spasm, hips…


  8. I think the opposite is going to happen with the RFA’s. People aren’t going to lock them up. Hoping they get an offer and they can walk away. 2, 3, even 4 1st round picks gets you set up for years to come and another chip in the McDavid sweepstakes.

    • Could be a plan in the Avs camp when negotiating with ROR. Along the lines of this is how much we are willing to spend, if you dont like it feel free to sign an offer sheet we will take the picks.

      • or they can just do a sign and trade with ROR, avs probably would want a top 4 dman at this point. Even if a young team wants him they prob will not get him without that D.

        TO FLA Elliot, ROR PAP and their 1st

        to COL 1st overall and Kulikov

        • No, they will not do a sign and trade.

  9. Well thank God that the Edmonton media does not run the Oilers like the Toronto media runs the Leafs. They trade Perron it would be like when they traded Smyth to the Islanders. He is a heart and sole guy.

  10. I can see a David Perron trade to Philly for Brayden Coburn (since his name keeps popping up). Perron is on a reasonable contract and would look good on the wing with #28 and #93.

    • Only if, and that is a big IF, they don’t get Boychuk out of Boston.

    • Actually, I just looked at his numbers. No thank you, not worth Perron. Maybe Gagner and a late round pick, but the Flyers will not agree to that because of Gagner’s contract. I believe the only reason Coburn’s name is out there is because of his contract and the Flyers are trying to dump his cap hit.

      • Coburn isn’t going anywhere! Who is ready to take his minutes? I see either Grossmann or Schenn getting moved. That’d pave the way for Mark Alt to make the team and play alongside MacDonald on the 3rd pairing. Alt has size, skating and puck possession skills. That’s the kind of player who (quietly) upgrades the defense Hextall style.

        • Where there is smoke there is fire. Most of the reliable NHL insiders confirm that there were very serious discussions last year over Colburn.

          • Very true. But that was Paul Holmgren’s fire.

  11. Bruins would hate to see Johnny go as he is a horse on the blue line. I know they have plenty of D-men but in the playoffs you need the experience we seen what happened this year. If he goes to Edmonton they would want this or next yrs first in return. That’s only if Edm signs him long term. If Boston doesn’t sign Iggy then maybe a Right winger and we all know who that would be.

    • Yakupov, not Eberle. Would gladly take Boychuk for Yakupov. Boston cannot take on Eberle’s 6mil cap hit. They are already to close to the cap.

      • Eberle is the guy.
        Forget Iginla.
        Surely would have to give up more assets for this trade.
        Kelly salary dump or buyout.

  12. Word on the street is reporting that Brad Richards has been bought out.

    • I knew this was coming, I gotta say it sucks a little. Another situation where I like the player but hate the deal. I would love to see him back in Tampa, Although doubtful considering Tampa is pretty stacked at center.

      • It’s tough to lose a high profile player that way but I think it’s the best senario for the NYR’s. Now they can sign the players they think will make an impact next season. I’ve heard rumblings of him to NJ?

        • If he is patient he may get a better deal. He should wait out the Spezza situation. I think Nashville, Anaheim, St. Louis should take a look.

      • Would have been better off had they traded Nash or bought him out.

        • I think it was the right decision for the long term. Richards would be a hard sell to trade today with 6 years left on his deal at 34 years old, forget about a trade 3 years down the road. Nash can still can be moved, and it would not surprise me at all if he is dealt this off season.

        • Why buy out a guy you could probably trade and get a decent return? No one would deal for Richards contract. The penalties if he retires are huge for 1 for 2 in 2 or 3 years he will be lucky to be a third line center. Nash desite having an off year still put up over 25 goals in 65 games…buy him out, give your head a shake.

          • It’s Sathers’only play!! No biggie for the club as they went all the way to the end plus it helps when your Team valuation just went up $500 million this year… He still has Cap issue though..

            And you’re right that Rick Nash is still producing and can be traded and or bought out in the next several years!

            New York made more $$$$ than any team in the NHL this year.

          • When people comment asking how Glen Sather “still” able to keep his job!?? First and foremost, he is a Master Tactician/Strategist and knows exactly what he is doing.

            New York Rangers and the Toronto Maple Leafs have complete Monopoly in their market!

            I predict that the Rangers will win the cup next year!

  13. Bruins should offer Subban a huge long term contract.
    If Montreal matches then it will only drive up their cap space.
    If they don’t match we could buyout Chara.
    Subban is a better long term defenseman than Chara.

    • Imagine an offer sheet of 7 yrs, 10 mil. per… Montreal matches that, … Ouch… almost wish someone would do it just to stick it to Montreal…. worst that happens you get PK.

      • AND give up your next 4 first round picks.

    • Chara signed his deal 1 month after the new CBA was in place, He is not eligible for an amnesty buy out. You will have to move his salary in order to clear room for any offer sheet.

    • in other words, Bruins should be douche bags!

    • he’s a better defenceman now than chara is too at this point

  14. Brad Richards just bought out by NYR, free to sign with anyone!! Let the comments fly.
    Brad finished the regular season with 20 G, 31 A, 82 GP, and 5 G, 7 A in This playoffs.

    • Someone already reported on here.

    • Ducks @ 4 million year for 3 years. Better alternative than Spezza and all the money + players he will cost.

  15. any word on Yandle leaving PHX? Would the Bruins go for Yandle for Boychuck and Marchand?

  16. Chara not going anywhere and Bruins not offering a contract to Subban they already have offence from the back. Defence wins cups unless your the old Oilers. Boston needs right wingers and they also need to give Koko or Spooner or Camara or Linblad or Knight a chance to play. There system is loaded with young talent now it’s time to use a couple of them.

    • Agree Obe
      Just would like to make Montreal pay as they said they will match any offer.
      Koko and Spooner are ready.
      What do you think about trying to get Eberle from Edm?

  17. im very interested in seeing what tim murray will do from day one of the draft this year to next years end of free agaency. the sabres are most likely not a playoff team this year and possibly not next year but atleast their in a position to make things happen with their roster . we need to spend 17 mill to get to the cap floor right? but thst doesnt mean were gonna spend all that on our f/a. there are 4 players out there that the sabres should be targeting through the trade market and free agency- 1. patrick sharp of the blackhawks 5 mill cap hit plus hes under contract for i believe 1 more year and the sabres get that veteran they need plus he can be that #1 center if need be. 2- ryan callahan – alot of people might complain about that because hes injured alot but he reminds me of chris drury in some ways . 3- evander kane- a young skilled forward who can bring alot of scoring to a team that needs it more than anything besides goaltending. 4- pekke rinne – yes hes 31 and just coming of surgery and i believe its the same one that tim thomas had before he won the cup in boston. rinne if healthy can def get this team in playoff contention this upcoming year . even though murray might go with enroth and nuvi i would hope he thinks twice about that and calls nashville to see if a deal can get done.