NHL Morning Rumor Mill – June 24, 2014

The latest on Paul Stastny, Ryan O’Reilly, Matt Niskanen, Daniel Alfredsson, Patrick Marleau and Mike Cammalleri, plus updates on the Blackhawks, Flyers, Devils and Blues. 

Will the Avs re-sign Paul Stastny before July 1?

Will the Avs re-sign Paul Stastny before July 1?

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports Colorado Avalanche coach Patrick Roy says his club remains confident they’ll re-sign pending UFA Paul Stastny and RFA Ryan O’Reilly to long-term contracts. Starting Wednesday, rival teams can speak to the pair, though no actual deals can be made until July 1st if they’re still unsigned by then. Stastny is considered the best player in this summer’s UFA market, while the Avs are taking O’Reilly to salary arbitration.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Confidence? Or wishful thinking? We’ll find out soon enough. 

TRIBLIVE.COM: Josh Yohe reports Pittsburgh Penguins GM Jim Rutherford expects to lose Matt Niskanen and Jussi Jokinen to free agency on July 1, but declined to comment on pending UFA blueliner Brooks Orpik. Rutherford is also willing to trade the Penguins first-round pick (22nd overall) for a player who can help them in the short term. He’s also interested in adding picks, as the Penguins lack second and third round selections in this year’s draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rutherford will be under the gun this offseason to make moves to improve the Penguins next season. It’ll be interesting to see what he has in store. Of course, the fact the Pens haven’t yet found a new head coach is giving rise already to second-guessing about his management. 

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James reports Daniel Alfredsson hopes to return for another NHL season. The Red Wings are keen to re-sign him, though there is some concern over a nagging back ailment which hampered his performance this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect they’ll re-sign Alfredsson to another one-year, bonus-laden deal. 

YAHOO! SPORTS: Nicholas J. Cotsonika reports long-time San Jose Sharks forward Patrick Marleau wants to remain with the club and help them win a Stanley Cup. He said he hasn’t thought about waiving his no-movement clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After all the sound and fury in recent weeks about the Sharks possibly trading Marleau and Joe Thornton, both players have made it clear their intent is to remain in San Jose. That’s dampened down some of the recent trade rumors about the pair. If they aren’t willing to accept a trade there’s little management can do about it. 

CALGARY SUN: Randy Sportak reports the Flames are running out of time to re-sign winger Mike Cammalleri before July 1. GM Brad Treliving offered no update on contract talks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve heard rumors that term, not dollars, is the issue. Seems like the Flames don’t want to invest too long in the 32-year-old Cammalleri, perhaps a three-year deal, while he’s seeking something a little longer. 

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Mark Lazerus reports sources claiming Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman could consider a major move during the upcoming draft weekend.  “With star centers Ryan Kesler (Vancouver), Jason Spezza (Ottawa) and Joe Thornton (San Jose) all on the trading block, and Colorado’s Paul Stastny possibly hitting the free-agent market, Bowman likely would have to give up a major piece of the Hawks’ core — Patrick Sharp’s name has been bandied about — to make such a move”, writes Lazerus.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve heard Sharp’s name kicking around the rumor blogosphere in recent days. He’s got a modified NTC so if the Blackhawks want to move him there could be limited destinations. If they intend to pursue someone like Ryan Kesler they’ll have to give up someone like Sharp to make the dollars fit. 

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi reports Flyers GM Ron Hextall could shop for a replacement on left wing for the recently-traded Scott Hartnell via free agency. Free-agent candidates include Matt Moulson, Mike Cammalleri, Benoit Pouliot, and Mason Raymond – provided the Flyers can find enough cap space”, writes Carchidi, who also notes Hextall will be alert to any trade possibilities this coming weekend. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Expect the Vincent Lecavalier trade rumor mill to keep churning in the coming days. Unless Hextall can shed some salary he has no room to take on a significant addition.

NJ.COM: Randy Miller lists Washington, Minnesota. Pittsburgh, Edmonton and the NY Islanders as possible destinations for Martin Brodeur.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Capitals and Islanders are possibilities. The Wild have a logjam between the pipes while the Oilers are set with Ben Scrivens and Viktor Fasth. Pittsburgh could be an option, depending on what they do with Marc-Andre Fleury. They could even bring Brodeur in to back up Fleury. 

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports the Blues are willing to move their first-round pick (21st overall) for an established forwards.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perhaps that pick will be packaged with a player and prospect for someone like Jason Spezza or Ryan Kesler. 


  1. Ehh I think after the stupid contracts that gms throw out this time of year if any tslk to Stastny on Weds he might start to rethink that whole home town discount thing….I know his agent will.

    • You’re right – it’s the perfect time for him to be a UFA, and I don’t see why he’d take a significant hometown discount to stay with the Avs.
      They’re going to have to make a choice – O’Reilly or Stastny. One would have to imagine that O’Reilly isn’t exactly keen on giving Colorado a discount of any kind, either (offer sheet). Colorado may wind up shooting themselves in the foot on this one.

      • you think a team like the Sabres or Islanders who have a ton of cap space can swoop in with a ridiculous contract like a 7 year 7 mill a year for O’Reilly and if so do you think the Avs would match it?

        You know whats so funny, if the Avs wouldn’t have matched the offer sheet right now O’reilly would be playing for the Blue Jackets and the Avs would have Monohan right now. Remember that blunder by the Feaster bunny? crazy to think about it

        • Interesting. I think the compensation when Calgary tried was a 1st and a 3rd, so I can see why the Avs would match. A contract like you suggested involves multiple 1st rounders, and that’s easier to walk away from. It would force the offering team to improve their team in a hurry so the picks aren’t lottery picks. O’Reilly’s a good, young player, but that’s too steep a price.

  2. Could this be the year Canadian teams start to realize that they have become the butt end of most jokes? A Yahoo article asked about a month ago “Is this rock bottom for Canadian NHL franchises”? I think it is. Deep down, I hope the owners have come to their senses. With the way whiny players are now, its an endless cycle. Free agents only seem to want to sign with contenders. Those with no trade clauses only accept trades to contenders. SO, the good teams will forever be good and the bad teams will forever be bad. it’s getting worse seems any decent player gets the no trade clauses in their contracts……Sure bad teams draft 1-10 at the draft, but they can’t seem to attract quality veterans that are needed. When will this cycle end?

    • The cycle will end when the GM’s stop handing out NTC like candy, or the NHL does something about them in the next CBA. It used to be only the top line players getting the NTC’s, now there are third and fourth liners getting them.

    • it has very little to do with the location and everything to do with winning. the same arguement could be made for florida, nashville, columbus and many others us markets

      when lombardi took over no one wanted to go to los angeles. he had to make mid-level trades (williams, stoll, greene) and overpay for free agents (scuderi) to compliment his young core of players. but he built the team right and now they are not only contenders but champions and free agents are accepting reasonable contracts to resign with them.

      now you’re going to say, “but that’s beautiful california not snowy alberta.” and that’s fair enough but if a player is more concerned with the weather than winning they’re not really the player you want anyways. and it’s not like detroit is some sort of haven yet they had no problem attracting all the best players at less than market value not to long ago; because players knew the organization was committed to winning.

      so if teams, no matter their location, want players they need to be the type of team that players want to go to -winning teams.

      • Bickelton Wigglesworth you have just posted probably the smartest thing Ive ever read in these replies…. bravo sir, nice post!

        • *quickly copies and pastes to clip board for later use*

          • What was the ONE big question Scott Hartnell asked of Columbus? Are you dedicated to winning? Bickles is right, players are looking for places where they are dedicated to winning. Chicago built the team right, L.A built the team right, Columbus is starting to fall into that category. Canadian teams like Vancouver and Calgary have the opportunity to build right and change to that winning culture. Ottawa was on the right track, however a cheap owner blundered everything for them. Montreal if they do well again this year will also likely begin to see that shift.

            People keep saying Canadian teams are screwed … the Eastern teams are for the most part competitive or close. Winnipeg under achieves, Calgary/Vancouver are rebuilding, Edmonton just fails somehow.

          • Imagine Crosby and the gang lining up against the Jackets line now of Hartnell Dubinski Horton….jeezus lol

  3. Just for fun.

    Who do you think is a better fir for the Red Wings, Buff, Bogosion, Erhoff, Niskanen or Boyle. Whoever you pick what do you think it will take to get them?

    part 2, does anyone believe that Toronto will make a big move and trade Dion?
    I bet he has had “Phaneuf” of this trade talk.

    • I’d imagine that Phaneuf does get moved. I think there’s been too much talk regarding Phaneuf this summer for them to bring him back next year and expect the fans and media not to be all over him again. Good d-man, not suited for his role, captaincy and the Toronto market… do it before July 1 for his sake and the team’s

    • Niskanen. A Swedish puck mover. Sound familiar?

      • Niskanen is from Minnesota not Sweden

    • LOL! Start by saying Bogo is the best of what you have listed but if Im the Wings I think Boyle is the best fit, probsbly shorter term and alot of great prospects coming down the road around 4 mill per with out giving up bodies. Phaneuf has a nmc to take care of but yes he may have had enough and is willing to move on…cant blame him. I dont think its a good idea (depending on what they get) or a sure thing but I do think its more likely now than ever. 60/40 the 60 being Dion leaves.

      • His NMC doesn’t kick in until July 1 – they’ve got 6 days to move him wherever they’d like.

        • Unless it was voided in the trade from Calgary the contract he signed there had a limited NTC for the last 2 seasons. You could be right tho.

          • You may be right, but it’s my understanding that once you waive (which he did to come to Toronto) then it’s gone. I could be wrong though

          • Hmmm we need to do some research needed here lol

          • these aren’t the droids you are looking for?

  4. Hey Lyle,
    Question for you – do you know what Phaneuf’s NMC/NTC situation looks like? Full NMC kicks in on July 1 for the new deal, but does he still have an existing NTC/NMC from the existing contract or could the Leafs ship him anywhere they’d like?

    • Kypreos tweeted on may 12 that if the Leafs want to move him before his new contract tjey would need his permission due to the ntc of the contract he signed in Calgary.

      @hockeyshtick if ya want to follow along.

      • Well that’s that then.
        My guess is that he’d probably waive, seeing as it would likely leak out if he said no, which would spell disaster for him in Toronto – deserved or not.
        Let’s send him and #8 pick to Edmonton for #3 pick. Clears a ton of cap space and lands us a solid player at #3. The only issue after that is replacing his minutes, which is easier said than done. Quite a catch-22

  5. Like I’ve said a couple times now. Alfy may sign in Detroit but the family will be back where they belong. Retire #11…..come on home, lets mend some fences.

    • He isn’t going back to Ottawa. So lets shut the door on that

  6. Re; Pittsburgh
    If Rutherford is willing to deal the #22 pick would he take the #38 pick from Ducks + Lovejoy ( he will need a D-man if Orpik walks, Ducks then offer #10, #22, #24 picks to Florida for the #1 ? Maybe a bit pie in the sky but with a little more tweaking ? Or if not Lovejoy, how about Bryan Allen and a 3rd round pick ?

    • D-man if Orpik walks?

      Derrick Pouliot. That is all.

  7. If the Pens want to move their 1st for a player that means they need to take on salary, so why not just re-sign Jokinen or Niskanen and keep the pick?

  8. “Rutherford expects to lose Matt Niskanen and Jussi Jokinen to free agency on July 1, but declined to comment on pending UFA blueliner Brooks Orpik.”
    I expected the Pens let Orpik and Niskanen walk via FA, but Jokinen? Is he commanding that much?
    Orpik got injuryprone and slow, so I wouldn’t resign him. Niskanen will be to expensive and I think he will not get nearly the same points not playing with Sid and Geno on the pp!
    @Aj: It was reported that Domoulin and Maata are out until at least November. So besides Letang, Martin, Scuderi (still hope they can trade him) and Bortuzzo they need some guys to fill in. I think they should resign Depres and Engelland. Maybe Depres can live up to his potential under a new head coach…

    • Pouliot or Dumoulin? Cannot remember who’s out ….