NHL Morning Rumor Mill – June 25, 2014

Updates on Ryan Callahan, Marian Gaborik, Paul Stastny, Thomas Vanek, Joe Thornton, Patrick Sharp, Dave Bolland, Vincent Lecavalier and more.

Lightning reportedly close to re-signing Ryan Callahan.

Lightning reportedly close to re-signing Ryan Callahan.

TAMPA TRIBUNE: Erik Erlendsson reports the Lightning are believed closing in on a new contract for pending UFA winger Ryan Callahan. It’s rumored the deal could be five years and worth $5.5 million annually.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s considerably less than the six years and $39 million he reportedly sought from the New York Rangers earlier this season, which led to his being dealt to the Lightning at the trade deadline. It’s still an overpayment but then Callahan, like almost all the top potential UFAs, will receive more than their true worth via free agency. 

TSN.CA: Pierre LeBrun reports the Los Angeles Kings are closing in on a new contract with Marian Gaborik. A deal could be announced within the next 48 hours.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s rumored Gaborik was offered a three-year, $15 million contract. We’ll find out soon enough if that’s what he actually gets.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports Paul Stastny intends to test the upcoming UFA market, but will circle back to the Avalanche to give them the opportunity to sign him. It’s believed the Avs offers Stastny a multi-year deal worth between $5 – $6 million. The Minnesota Wild reportedly have “significant interest” in Stastny.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Avs won’t go over $6 million annually, they’ll likely lose Stastny to free agency, where he’ll receive offers worth more than that.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports Thomas Vanek’s agent wouldn’t rule out his client inking a shorter-term contract as a free agent. Russo speculates the Minnesota Wild could offer Vanek a one-to-three year deal in order to pursue a top defenseman, like Pittsburgh’s Matt Niskanen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Russo points out, the Vanek camp will learn between now and July 1 which teams are interested in him. The NHL’s interview period for free agents opens today and runs to the end of the month. 

SAN JOSE MERCURY-NEWS: David Pollak reports Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau have shown no intention of waiving their respective movement clauses.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like all the chatter earlier this month of one or both being moved was much ado about nothing. 

SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos believes Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Sharp is a possible trade chip as the club seeks a second-line center…Chris Johnston reports the Toronto Maple Leafs and pending UFA Nikolai Kulemin appear ready to part ways. It also appears Dave Bolland will depart via free agency. He wants to stay in Toronto but not at a hometown discount. Bolland and his agent will get a good idea which clubs are interested in him during the free-agent interview period. Lines of communication will remain open with the Leafs. Johnston also claims talks between the Leafs and RFA defenseman Jake Gardiner have begun.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sharp has a modified no-trade clause which limits where the Blackhawks could shop him, if indeed he’s on the market at all…Kulemin’s a goner for sure, but Bolland might re-sign with the Leafs if he doesn’t get much interest from rival clubs during the interview period. 

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger reports Bolland will join pending UFAs Mike Cammalleri, Brad Richards, Jarome Iginla and Thomas Vanek in availing themselves of this interview period to gauge potential interest from rival clubs.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi reports Flyers GM Ron Hextall is still trying to clear some cap space, which could mean Vincent Lecavalier may be moved if he agrees to a trade.


  1. Does anyone think Sharp could be a salary cap dump? I think they will purse Kesler and Spezza but if they miss out on them then could they shop him.

    Reunite with Bolland?
    Trade with Flyers for Lecavalier?
    Trade with Pens for Sutter( RFA) and d prospect?
    Trade with Sharks for Thornton?

    • Lecavalier would make them worse.

      Suter would be a good one. But straight up for Sharp I doubt it happens. The Pens don’t really need to add salary at this point.

      Thornton would just make their salary cap go higher.

    • Thorton and Marleau are not going anywhere. However, I think the Sharks might consider a Couture for Sharp trade. The Sharks are too heavy with centers and need some scrapy wingers with the ability to score. Couture has a good upside, but he’s not real big. Pavelski may also get traded, but I think he might fetch a big d-man instead, or perhaps could be bait for the #1 overall pick….

  2. Can’t believe the Leafs traded all those pics for 23 games of Bolland. Wish they’d re sign him

    • Let all the UFAs walk buy out or some how get rid of Gleason and there is almost 30 mill in cap room, with Marlies to fill some spots leaves clse to 20-25 mill for 5 or 6 spots. Its much better than a guy who misses months at a time for 5 mill per.

      • If you can I’d just send Gleason to the AHL. Or is that not a loud?

        • It’s allowed, but they’d still be charged with a $3.075 M cap hit.

    • I hate the lost value as well, but I wouldn’t sign him primarily for that reason. I think the Leafs making the playoffs in the lockout shortened season may have made Nonis overestimate the team, which led him to bring in guys with playoff success like Bolland and Clarkson. I like Bolland, but if he stays, he’ll likely be making 2nd line money and I don’t see him staying in that role for the long haul.

  3. God will someone other than the Leafs please overpay Bolland alteady.

    • Yup. I agree with Shanahan that Bolland is the type of player a team needs to win, but he just seems to make more sense for a contender. Right player, wrong time for the Leafs.

  4. I would love the Ducks to get Stasny instead of trading away their Pick/s and players for Kesler. The cap hit might be a little more, but he has the offense and is a decent faceoff man. Then you can keep those picks and Get Kapanen with the 10th. Then if you need something at the deadline, you still have those 22 year old prospects to dangle for what is need for a cup run.

    • I find it scary how both the Ducks+Kings look good for the next 5 years with best players signed and a good amount of young players and prospects. I do see how the Ducks want that 2nd line center NOW as the Avs are also joining the group of stacked Western Conf teams

  5. ALL quiet on the western front! I hope this draft brings tons of trades and improvements to all the not so good teams. I hope parity starts to actually mean just that. The Salary cap was supposed to bring parity to ALL NHL teams but it couldn’t be further from the truth. I wish owners will make wise decisions in the next 2 weeks…….like precious metals, buy low and sell high. Too many players getting way over spot price. Don’t buy 4 litters of milk when it expires in 2 days, all you will get is the runs trying to use it all up. Happy draft and fee agency boys.

  6. Callahan signing in Tampa for less than wanted from NYR makes sense since Florida has no state income tax and NewYork state is brutal for taxes

    • I think Spector summed it up perfect, “considerably less than what he wanted in NY, but still an overpayment” I also agree that he probably would get the same or more on the open market.

    • NHL and NBA need to do something about the tax difference in Fla.
      Otherwise everyone will want to go there. Cap hit should be adjusted to tax difference.

      • The government wouldn’t allow that.

  7. Cally signed for 5.8 a year which to me is about 1.3 a year of overpayment for his production. He has value with his leadership and defense but not 5.8, 4.5 is about right. I know that everyone over pays these days but still. I like that TB bought out Malone to resign Cally though.

    I don’t get the knock on Vanek thing, dude is a consistant 25-35 goal scorer and on a better team is a 30-40 goal scorer. Everyone’s so down on him because of 5 or 6 games they are crazy. Detroit needs a top 6 forward and if he is going to come cheap because everyone is low balling him or scared to take him on I hope Det gets him for like 5 years at 6 a year.

    • As someone who lives in Quebec and watches the habs 80-90 times a year, Vanek is not worth the money media outlets and fan forums alike are reporting he will recieve. In the regular season ( when he is motivated) he can put up a tremendous amount of points, but when the intensity is really ramped up, he either disappears or becomes a defensive liability. 5-6 million a season is what he should get, but he will get something in the 7 million range.
      Agree with all about Bolland.
      If we can get him at the 4 million/5 year range sign him up. Anything more, include his rights in any potential deals to increase the return.

      • his rights no longer have any value, silly.

      • You get this all through the 35 games he played for the Habs?

    • I don’t see him getting more than 5 mil he produces but does not back check at all. Not a player you want if you want to win in the playoffs.

  8. would like to see NYR go after bolland

    • Mee too.

      • Hey Shticky would you want Bolland back if he signs a reasonable contact? Something like 4-5 years for $3-$3.5 million?

        • Honestly it wouldnt happen and no, I dont want Bozak and Bolland as centers at nearly 8 mill, Id rather use a young guy like Holland, and save the money for Stastny or trade for a top line guy, no sense locking up Bolland.

  9. Rumour of the Flyers trading for the #1 pick continues. How about overpaying for the pick and packaging Vinny to Florida. Florida has cap space- and Vinny would probably accept a trade back to florida. Flyers take Ekblad and create space to acquire a winger.

    • And just where are these rumours?

      Please provide more than just rumours continue.

      I doubt the Flyers give up what is needed for first overall in the draft.

      It would cost too much.

      • Sam Cosentino on the FAN 590.

        • So a Toronto area radio talk show is the source…lol

          Don’t bet on it.

          • Ad Darren Dreger

    • With Schenn signed I don’t see the deal going down. Unless Cotourier is a part of a deal also Morin. What pick do the Flyers have? Florida GM has constantly said he isn’t trading down beneath the #6 pick. I believe anyone in the top 10 has a chance but it will have to be a pretty big ransom to get it.

  10. Sharp isn’t going anywhere. Stan Bowman made that clear today.