NHL Morning Rumor Mill – June 26, 2014

Latest on Jason Spezza, Joe Thornton, Evander Kane, Patrick Sharp and more. 

Patrick Sharp's agent strongly denies his client is being shopped by the Blackhawks.

Patrick Sharp’s agent strongly denies his client is being shopped by the Blackhawks.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE/CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Patrick Sharp’s agent, Rick Curran, issued a strong denial yesterday to recent trade rumors about his client. He called the rumors “complete fabrications”, adding he received assurances several days ago from Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman there was no truth to the rumors Sharp was available. Curran singled out Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos for criticism. “When the Sportsnet guy, Nick Kypreos, erroneously made a statement and everyone went crazy, I called Stan again. I asked, ‘Has anything changed?’ He said, ‘absolutely not.’ He’s full of [expletive].”

Curran added,”“Stan Bowman said he’s the last guy that would be traded… As far as I’m concerned, the whole thing’s a fabrication from a puke out of Toronto trying to make headlines, an absolutely, completely irresponsible report, based on absolutely nothing other than his own whim or fancy.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So you’re saying your client won’t be traded? 

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie reports the Jason Spezza trade talk has picked up, with the Senators believed talking to three Western Conference clubs (Anaheim and St. Louis believed among them) and one “mystery” Eastern Conference club. Four clubs on Spezza’s “no-trade” list included Eastern teams Florida, Carolina, Columbus, and the New York Islanders. The Senators hope to get a first-round pick in this year’s draft as part of the return for Spezza…Darren Dreger reports the Oilers seek a defenseman and a center. Their first-round pick (third overall) is “very much in play” while Sam Gagner remains a possible trade candidate…McKenzie claims Joe Thornton as of now has no intention of waiving his no-movement clause…Dreger claims Vancouver’s Ryan Kesler has a six-team trade list, two of which – the Ducks and Blackhawks – are believed to have the most interest. Dreger believes those two clubs feel they’re the only two teams in the running, hence the reason the offers for Kesler haven’t been that good so far. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It appears Spezza is more likely to be dealt by the opening round of the upcoming draft than Kesler. Toronto and Montreal aren’t on Spezza’s “no-trade” list but that’s only because he knows the Senators won’t ship him to either club. That leaves Boston, Buffalo, Detroit, NY Rangers, New Jersey Devils, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh,  Tampa Bay and Washington among the clubs who could be the “mystery team” interested in Spezza. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch claims “as many as five teams – including St. Louis, Anaheim, Phoenix, Nashville and Florida” have contacted the Senators about Spezza. The Senators hope to get a first-round pick as part of the return, as they dealt away this year’s pick to Anaheim last summer in the Bobby Ryan deal.  Garrioch also wondered if all the recent trade talk will lead to action when the curtain opens on the opening round of the upcoming NHL Draft… Panthers GM Dale Tallon continues to entertain offers for the first overall pick but hasn’t yet set an asking price…The Jets aren’t shopping winger Evander Kane ($5.25 million annual cap hit) but are listening to offers. Garrioch wonders if he could be a good fit with the Bruins… The Blues have interest in Paul Stastny, Jason Spezza and Ryan Kesler…The Blackhawks also have interest in Kesler ($5 million annual salary) but must determine if they can afford to part with a player, prospect and first-round pick…Garrioch speculates Sharks GM Doug Wilson could try to pressure Joe Thornton into waiving his no-movement clause by getting three- or four-teams involved and lets Thornton choose one…The Flyers could try to move up in the draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Predators and Panthers are on Spezza’s “no-trade” list but it doesn’t hurt for those clubs to make inquiries…It’ll take a significant offer to pry Kane away from the Jets. The Bruins (with only $3.7 million in cap space and facing a $4.5 million cap penalty) aren’t a fit without shedding considerable cap space…The Blackhawks ($4.6 million in cap space) must do either a dollar-for-dollar swap to land Kesler, request the Canucks pick up part of his salary or shed dollars elsewhere…I get the sense Thornton has no intention of succumbing to any pressure by the Sharks to move him.


  1. Nice to see Curran tell it how it is regarding Kypreos

    • yup, Kypreos is a dough head, the worst guy on sportsnet. He’s the Paul McGuire of Sportsnet!!

      • “As far as I’m concerned, the whole thing’s a fabrication from a puke out of Toronto trying to make headlines…”

        Could be the best quote of the summer lol.

        • agreed he is the TPSH of kuklaskorner

          • Paul McGuire? Do you mean Pierre? Who’s the dough head?

      • You mean Pierre McGuire.

      • Kypreos is the Eklund of hockey talk.

      • It’s Pierre! Not Paul

  2. Let’s not forget that Boston shipped out a guy with a bit of a cocky attitude. Doubt they would be interested in Kane for that reason.

    • They employ Lucic, do you really think the Bruins care about cocky attitudes?

      • Lucic isn’t cocky at all. I haven’t heard anything about him being a bad team mate

        • Lucic was nothing but cocky and mouth vs Montreal

  3. does anyone think if the blues sign Stasny and the ducks trade for Spezza that the Kesler thing will take a long time to get figured out? If that scenerio happens it’s essentially setting up Kesler to the hawks, but i’m sure the hawks won’t give up Saad or TT as part of the return. If they won’t and the canucks are stuck with him, do you think he plays for the Canucks or stages a hold out? Just curious on anyone’s opinion

    • Kesler can’t hold out, as he is under contract, although it has been done, but very rarely.

      If the Blues sign Stastny, then they won’t have to give up any assets for Kesler or Spezza. They could then trade to upgrade their top 4 on defense.

      LOL at the comments about Kypreos.

    • Well Benning has some big shoes to fill if he wants to muck this trade up as bad as Gillis could, I think it will take awhile to get it figured out no matter what the others do, personally I think Kesler is behind Spezza and Stastny interms of quality and probably easiest to move,Stasny is just $, Spezza is not going back so for sure I would think they would get sorted out first. I think Kesler might be (just maybe) in Van at the start of the season.

      • in terms of overall quality, i think kesler is ahead of statsny and spezza. When you take into account defensive coverage, his two way game, he does everything. He may not have as high as an offensive ceiling as the other two, but hes not that far off, he did score 40 goals once. When hes healthy he is a game breaker, he was a beast against nashville and pretty much won the series for the canucks during that run. Problem is, he rarely is healthy for a full season.

        • Stastny is actually pretty good defensively aswell. To each their own tho I guess. Kesler wont cost the dollars the other 2 would.

  4. Ummm just 1 thing…. “Stan Bowman said he’s the last guy that would be traded…” Really?? On a team with Toews Kane Hossa Keith… do I believe Sharp is going anywhere? no….Do I believe Shsrps agent about how it all went down?….no

    • I was just about to say the same thing Shtick.

      • those were my thoughts too. Sharp is definitely expendable on that stacked team. Maybe his name was floated around as a possible return for Kesler?

        • What about something involving Hossa and Kesler

  5. Seems 99% of rumours are fabricated and based on dreams. It’s becoming a joke really. Unless it’s straight from the mouth of a GM, It is fodder. I mean, Isn’t Eklund embarrassed by now? The tweets I read makes me wonder if they were written by a 21 year old socialite chick who thinks hockey is a key to open pawn shop doors. I guess it’s entertainment for fans but guys like Garrioch and Eklund really have no connections that have credibility whatsoever. Even I can say…
    “heard E Kane and Buffy to Toronto for Kadri, Gardiner and Torontos 1st.
    So easy.

    • Kadri, Remier and Toronto’s 1st……..deal now

  6. I’m not sure how Kypreos doesn’t get fired for that.

    Edmonton has centers, so if anything they need to *upgrade* that position. Rangers will be in need of a center too. Spezza is possible, but it would mean Staal has to go.

    • With the very likely departure of Stralman , I can’t see the Rangers trading Staal anywhere. If they move anyone it will more than likely be a forward. I don’t think NY is ready to watch Allen / McIlrath or Moore / Klein anchor the 2nd pairing.

      • Staal’s value will never be higher again. John Moore has developed well. I’d prefer Stralman over Staal. Finding a 3rd pair left hand shot easier than a 2nd pairing right hander. Stralman/Moore is not a bad 2nd pair.
        Obviously the Rangers cannot lose both Staal and Stralman.

        Dan Boyle is borderline 2nd pairing defensively but they need that QB

        Moore/Stralman vs Staal/Boyle
        Moore or ?/Klein

        Spezza/StLouis/Hagelin line would be …..

        • John Moore has developed well, But I still take Staal over both Moore and Stralman (injury riddled and all) all day. If Gomez was never traded Staal is still a 1st pairing guy with Girardi. I don’t see Moore or Stralman as a 1-2 guy. And without Staal, I’m not even sure I like Stralman as a solid 3-4 guy. I’ve seen Moore/Stralman on the ice at the same time, It isn’t something I’d like to watch 82+ time a year.

          • Moore has been more physical than I had expected.
            I still believe Staal leaves next season to skate with brother(s).
            I’d love Eric coming over and resigning Marc but those odds…

          • The main concern with Moore is , he doesn’t kill penalties…..literally ever. I can’t see Staal going to Carolina, I don’t think Eric will be in Carolina much past next year, So I doubt Marc has any strong desire to play there.

          • I still see Marc and Eric together soon

  7. BTW, Is Chicago a little too defensive here. I mean, rumours get thrown around daily…hundreds of times. Why react buy name calling. Calling someone a Puke is harsh in my books. Guy must be from Hamilton as I know “puke” gets used a lot there.

    • Agreed. It seems stupid to get this upset by fabricated rumors. Getting irrate and blowing up to the media only makes you look like an irrational lunatic that doesn’t understand how the game is played.

      • makes me think maybe they were considering a trade and are upset Sharp now wonders if he was on the block.

        • you could be right, regardless, if they plan on giving Kane and Toews 10 million a year they’re going to have to get rid of someone.

  8. Blues do not need to upgrade their top 4 D. They have the best group in the NHL. Pietrangelo, Shattenkirk, Boumeester etc. These no trade contracts are a joke and will be obsolete at some point. I believe LA does not have a single one.

  9. I think the Eastern mystery team for Spezza is Rangers or Penguins

    I cannot wait to hear Kypreos response to Currans rant on Hockey Central today.

  10. The eastern team could be Buffalo. They have a pretty good pick to wave I front of the Sens. Bryan’s nephew is now the G.M there and thus a easy phone call to make to explore options. If it is not buffalo it won’t be another team in the north east. Leaves us with Philly, NYR, Tampa, and perhaps the Centre Washington wants for Ovie. Lol in my humble fabricated opinion generated by puking out info from deep within. Wonder if I can have kypreos’s job.

    • Tampa is pretty stacked at center, I don’t see them pursuing Spezza.

    • I don’t think the Washington idea is trade rumor puke. They’d be dumb to not at least check the price. The Caps have long needed a second center, but they have to balance it this year with a backup goalie and a defense upgrade. The cap space is there for all three, but as a Caps fan I no longer get worked up about these things until something happens. I’d just be happy for them to get off the carousel of 2nd line centers, goalies, and coaches that’s been spinning away for years.

  11. That is a lot of $$$$ tied up in centers if Pittsburgh pursues Spezza. They should concentrate more on the goal tending and defense that has killed them the last couple of years.

  12. Sportsnet, ladies and gentlemen! That’s who the NHL decided to give the tv contract to… these B TV classless idiots…

    • Bravo! My sentiments, exactly.

  13. NJ’s not going after Spezza. They have nothing the Sens want.

    I think Detroit, NYR, and Philadelphia are the three most realistic of the list.

  14. Spezza to Pittsburgh allows them to have Malkin play with Sid full time.


    did you guys see both Kane and Toews asking for 12 million a year???? WHAT THE FFFFFFF.

    If i’m bowman and that is true and they won’t budge from that number, i’m trading Kane right now for a billion pieces

    • You know what would be HILARIOUS? Signing both Kane and Toews for MAX dollars and max years and trade away everything else. 8 years of not even coming close to making the playoffs.

      • To be honest the projected cap for this year is 70 and next year expected be at least 75 and go up fast from there. Signing both of them to 12 mil a year isn’t bad if you think about it. So let’s say they are getting 6.3 against the cap this year apiece and then next year at 10 on the cap apiece. That’s an increase of 8 mil going forward. The cap will rise to 75 in the new contract years making them minus 3 in terms to cap increase to salary increase. That’s bad right? Not really considering the following cap will reach 80 mil following one year of those contracts. Plus 2 and so on.

  16. Why would a player want to stay where he is not wanted ,jumbo Joe can control his fate .But also why did they give him a new deal and Marleau if they wanted them out.makes gm look like an idiot.

    • Why would a player stay where he is not wanted ?
      Nice Weather
      No pressure from media / fans
      Wife says hell no I’m not shoveling snow at 6am to get the kids to school
      having to Move, buying new house, changing school for the kids

      Same reasons you or I may have a job we don’t like or employers don’t like having us there.

      • Wife shoveling snow at 6am????? That is not the reality of a professional hockey wife.

        • I guess it sort of depends upon how much hubby is making and if she is in a hurry to get somewhere

        • Exactly, that’s the mistresses job.

  17. Sports media in general has become a bit of a joke over the last few years. Now that we all have cell phones and are junior reporters in our own rights (tweeting this and blogging that) the REAL reporters have to do something to compete for the “scoop”

    I think they act like Las Vegas now. They look to generate action on both sides of the story. Then they pump up the side that appears to be gaining traction. Spezza isn’t worth half of what’s been reportedly offered for him. And the Sens will fall way short of replacing his numbers with whatever they get in return. The most sensible thing to do is actually keep him. Strange though, that idea just isn’t very sexy to sports media in Ottawa who practically ran him out of town.

  18. Old Vinny and his $4.5M contract is looking like a pretty good pick up right about now after hearing what Kane and Toews are asking. Lol

    • Really??? I still think Id take Toews 26 years old 2 cups probably one of the all around best players in the game over Vinny 35 year old 4.4 mill 3rd or 4th liner, but hey thats just me.

      • Okay you take Kane and Toews for $24 million and we will all stand by and watch you try and fill out the rest of your line up with anything of quality.

        • And you take 34 yo Vinny quality and try and win a cup. 2 years the cap is 75 mill at least, they will figure it out wouldnt surprise me if both signed for 10 or 11. Right now they make 12 together rest of the team= 52 mill of a 70-71mill cap, so say combined they mske 20 mill that leaves 55 mill to work with or 3 mill more than they have tied up in 17 guys now, Cap goes way up…so does salaries for top end guys. Trade an aging player (say Hossa) or 2 and there is lots of room.

          • Sid and Malkins deals 8.75 and 9.5 mill started this year with a 63 mill, cap, they have 1 cup.

            Toews and Kane 2 cups 12 million more in cap space…they will get paid 10-11 mill easy its around 2 mill more each with 12 more mill in space easy enough, Getzlaf and Perry same thing. Ridiculious to think they would get less with a higher cap.

  19. The Blues just signed Berglund to a 3 year extension so you can probably take him out of a possible return for Spezza or maybe take them out of the running all together. Looks more like they might try and sign Stastny because he did say he was testing to see what’s out there in FA… aka what do the Blues have to offer me? maybe lol

    • Eh bought up 2 years of free agency, never know could make him a more attractive asset in a deal.