NHL Morning Rumor Mill – March 1, 2013.

The latest on Daniel Alfredsson, Jarome Iginla, Corey Perry, Jonathan Bernier and more.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty reports Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson doesn’t see himself being traded to the Boston Bruins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Why would he? The Senators, despite their injuries, remain very much in the thick of the Eastern Conference playoff race, with a 5-0-1 record in their last six games (including last night’s 2-1 OT loss to the Bruins). What reason does he have to bail on the Senators, when he didn’t do it two years ago when management decided to blow up the roster in mid-season and rebuild? Alfredsson’s not going anywhere, and it’s pointless for anyone to mention him as a possible trade target for the Bruins or anyone else.

Will Iginla remain a Flame?

Will Iginla remain a Flame?

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis believes if the Flames successfully signed away center Ryan O’Reilly from the Colorado Avalanche, it would’ve provided Jarome Iginla with an incentive to stay with the club. Francis doesn’t believe this means Iginla won’t stay, but it gives him one less reason not to.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It was a desperate attempt to land a good young player who could’ve given the Flames a possible boost into a playoff berth, thus allowing ownership and management to delude themselves further into believing they can still build a successful roster around their ageing superstars. Hopefully, their inability to sign O’Reilly will finally give those who run the Flames the cold slap of reality they need to finally admit they must rebuild, and it starts by moving their ageing stars for the best return possible.

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox mused over the possibility of the Maple Leafs landing Corey Perry from the Anaheim Ducks, perhaps by offering up Phil Kessel.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cox isn’t basing this on any info he’s gleaned from speaking with either club, so don’t start buying into the “Kessel-for-Perry” rumors which could start popping up as a result. He’s just speculating over what it might take for the Leafs to land Perry if he becomes available via trade. Kessel for Perry doesn’t sound like a bad deal for either club, though the Ducks would find themselves in a year’s time having to pony up big bucks for Kessel next year or risk losing him to free agency. Anyway, we don’t know what the Ducks have in store for Perry, and I still can’t believe they’d actually move him when they’re playing so well this season. We’ll find out in just over a month’s time.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeff Gordon makes the case for why it would make sense for the Blues to trade for Philadelphia’s Daniel Briere, citing his offensive skills, tenacity, affordability of the last two years of his contract in real dollars ($3 million next season, $2 million in 2014-15), and injuries to Andy McDonald and Vladimir Tarasenko.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sound reasons, though if the asking price for Briere is defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk (whom the Flyers reportedly like), then it’s not worth it. This is probably a moot issue anyway, as Briere said he didn’t want to leave Philadelphia and hasn’t been asked to waive his no-movement clause.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Jason Brough ponders if it is time for the LA Kings to shop backup goalie Jonathan Bernier.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I still believe Kings GM Dean Lombardi will wait until this summer to move Bernier, preferring to keep him as Jonathan Quick’s backup for the rest of the season.

USA TODAY’s Kevin Allen reported the following via Twitter: “Look for the Carolina Hurricanes to trade for a veteran defenseman over the next few days.”


  1. I’m dumbfounded as to why the Flames havent rebuilt yet, but Im starting to think it has to do with their ownership not wanting to give up Iginla and Kipper. Their team is going nowhere fast though, and the longer they wait, the less of a return they’re going to get back for their over-the-hill stars.

    • This goes to show you that GMs are largely disconnected from public opinion.

      • Fortunately – as public opinion is largely disconnected from the realities of sound management.

  2. Thank you!! The complete fabrication by media of “alfie leaving” is just dumb. Same as the Briere thing. His kids are in school there, he’s entrenched in the community. Sorry, he aint gettin traded. The goalies are the only interesing trade commodity right now worth discussing.

    • There is alot of that going around (players having their kids in a school where they live).

    • Lyle sums it up best. If the Senator’s were in the same place as Buffalo or N.Y.I. are right now then it might be a story however they’re right in the mix for a playoff spot so why would the team move one of their few offensive threats at this point (assuming he would actually want or agree to a move). I don’t think its beyond the realm of possibility that he continues to play again next season anyways. Due to the teams injuries he’s been required to play top line minutes and take Karlsson’s position at the point for power plays. Take this and his leadership away and the club might as well state ‘we’re tanking it’. Not going to happen. Michalek is supposed to be coming back next week, Anderson too and Jason Spezza may be ready to go in early April. If the team is even close to a playoff spot by the trade deadline there’s absolutely no way Alfredsson’s leaving.

      • Don’t know about Michalek being back next week. He didn’t have a ‘good’ practice yesterday.. so I assume that means a setback in his knee injury… so who knows when he will be back.

        It will be about 6 weeks before Spezza is back.. maybe earlier but not by much. The Sens have to keep on playing defensive hockey and get great goaltending to still be in the playoff mix when Spezza is back.

        But there will be no Cowen or Karlsson this year… and that just sucks.

      • “If the Senator’s were in the same place as N.Y.I.”
        NYI is only 3 points out of playoff spot…

        • Ok, Buffalo and Florida. We’ll see if N.Y.I. are in the mix at the deadline…

    • why would anyone want him alfie my figure skating daughter is better than him

      • Judging by that comment you seem to know more about figure skating than hockey.

        • Bazinga!

  3. Calgary isn’t reserved to trading Kipper or Iginla, they are just hoping for some sort of star to come back their way because they are afaraid that a team of young, quality players, without a marquee name will reslt in an empty arena.

    That’s why they need to trade Iginla and parts to Vancouver for Luongo and parts.

    It would give the flames a marquee keeper 3 years younger, and better, than Kipper, who they could also then move for more young talent (maybe to Chicago in some sort of player/pick package for Stalberg if Crawford is out long term).

    • Are you nuts really think the king of choke is a better net minder wow that’s nutz

    • Trade for luongo and Stalberg??? they need to re-build not a band-aid solution, whats the point getting Lu and his albatross of a contract just to still miss the playoffs every year???

    • Thats a great Hypothetical trade and would probably work if you were playing EA NHL on your xbox. The reason being is that both Vancouver and Calgary are division rivals, heated rivals at that. it makes no sense to trade franchise players from both teams to each other. Additionally with the way Loo isplaying right now, he is not going anywhere until the summertime. And depending on the flames playoff hopes come trade deadline, we could see Iggy traded to a contender, most likely in the East (Pitt or Ott possibly) and potentially resigned in the summer when he is a UFA and more than likely at a discounted rate as well.
      I would also like to add that given how well Chicago is playing, in particular the goaltending from both Emery and Crawford, it is unlikley that they would give up Crawford or Emery, they would more than likely part with Emery before they would Crawford.

    • are you kidding? kipper should go to washinton for forsberg and a pick yes, but to vancouver? are you kidding? not a chance. i can’t see how kipper to vancouver helps either team.

  4. The Flames ownership is definitely the reason they resist a rebuild. They are weary of losing their fan base, and Iggy and Kipper still sell lots of jerseys in the sea of red. In signing O’Reilly they would be trying to do both, make the playoffs (nope) and rebuild with youth. They would gain a young player and finish lower in the draft order making O’Reilly’s value higher than their loss. They would then have to dump some serious salary before the start of next season. In any event, the right decision is what spector said, sell of their aging assets before its too late. Get MacKinnon at all costs.

  5. I already commented two days ago on why I think a Kessel for Perry deal would be good for both clubs but in response to Lyle’s comment about the Ducks finding themselves having to Pony up major cash to keep Kessel next year I would say they have two other choices, they could also trade him at the deadline once again next year or resign to a long term deal this year once a deal is made with the Leafs. Kessels value is way down right now so maybe the Ducks could aquire him then sign him for around $5M. Who knows?

    • I should clarify before Ducks fans jump all over me. I am a Leaf fan first and a Ducks fan second which is why I like the trade. I am only saying it’s a good trade IF the Ducks can’t re-sign Perry and cannot get a young winger that can pot 35+ goals in return for Perry at the deadline from another team,and IF the Leafs can ink Perry to a long term deal as part of the trade and IF there is a chance the Ducks can re-sign Kessel after the trade to a long term reasonable amount of around $5M to $5.5M otherwise no trade should be done.

      • You shouldn’t worry about offending Ducks fans. I know both of them and they’re pretty wimpy. Sorry. I’m a Kings’ fan and I saw the opening and I took it.

        • Yeah it’s well deserved. After all it’s a mickey mouse organization

    • It would take more than $5mil to resign Kessel. If he were to hit free agency he would command around $6.5 to $7 mil per season. To me it dosen’t make any sense for the ducks to trade for Kessel when for around another $1 to $1.5 mil the could resign Perry. The deal itself isn’t a bad idea, & I could see why it would be a good deal from Toronto’s perspective, but I can’t see why the ducks would do the deal when they could probably keep him & Geltzlaf together.

    • Okay, so on a serious note, it would be a big mistake not to trade Perry this year if he won’t sign. By all reports, it sounds like Getzlaf is staying and Perry wants to go play in Canada. If he won’t commit, then the only way they’re going to re-sign him is to win the bidding war in July. Based on what we know about the Ducks management, they’re not going to do this.

      I’m also not sure they need to keep Perry. Obviously the Ducks are better with Perry than without, but they have a lot of young talent that may be ready to take over. Koivu and Selanne don’t have much time left. Souray is 35, he doesn’t have much time left. Cogliano, Lydman, and Hiller are UFAs after 2014.

      The Ducks are looking at a big roster turnover in the next few years. They should trade Perry and get a young player to help them in the long run. They should look at getting a player like Del Zotto or Voynov. I know Voynov wouldn’t happen, but he’s an example of the type of player that they should and could get, probably with some additional picks and prospects.

    • I also wouldn’t trade Perry for Kessel. Perry is probably the better player and they’d only be postponing the inevitable… having to re-sign a big dollar free agent.

      The only way that trade makes sense (and barely) would be if both Selanne and Koivu committed or re-signed for another year and the Ducks figured having Kessel for two years is better than Perry for one year.

      • I agree but with Kessels value being very low right now it is a good time to approach him with a long term deal in the $5.5M range. If he was playing with Getz and not Bozak he would be notching 50 goals.

        • He still had 16 points in 22 games. I doubt I’d call it low. He’s not injured and he still skates like the wind.

  6. question: now that the avalanche are paying o’rielly are & duchene what they are does anyone think that they will use the amnesty buyout on Stastney (if they can’t trade him)? If they can trade him what do you think he is worth?

    • I was just about to say the same thing. Is statsny still a good centre? I haven’t payed much attention to Colorado. What would he’s value be? I know he has been in the rumors the past couple years and at one point I think he was rumored to the leafs.

      • Stastny definitely dropped off. Don’t know if anyone takes on that contract.

  7. I think the O’Reily offer sheet was the start of the rebuild. If they got him and only gave up a 1st and 3rd round pick they could then trade JBO, Iginla and Kipper and still have possibility of 3 first round picks as well as other assets aquired during those trades. Now they still should trade those 3 but will have a possible 4 1st round picks. I think Perry for Kessel and a 2nd round pick or maybe Frason would work. Could always trade Kessel next year if he doesn’t pan out.

    • I like your way of thinking, but I dounbt that the flames would receive anything better than a 2nd round pick for Iggy or Kipper, JBO maybe, but agian unlikely

      • You think a team gearing up to make a run at the cup is going to only offer up a 2nd round pick for Iggy? The same price the Sens paid for Bishop (at the time an AHL goalie)? …I’d bet more like a first (it would be lower first round as it will be a top team looking to push themselves over the top) and a good prospect and if he is available it could be more because NHL Gms will bid it up…Kipper will be the same JBo a second and a prospect with a bit of salary going back the other way….

        • So ya I think hawksforlife is in the right ball park if the flames did it right and blow it up soon enough to tank they could be looking at a top 3or 4 pick plus three or more picks in the first round of a very deep draft plus some pretty good prospects…one problem tho is it would be Feaster and his posse of nominee making the picks….lol

  8. I wonder if Toronto should be concentrating more on Bobby Ryan than Corey Perry. Ryan can play center & that is where the leafs need the most help. Ryan probably wouldn’t cost as much in compensation as Perry.

    • The only reason Toronto needs a big bodied center is because Kessel is so small and doesn’t grind and on a top line it is wise to have at least two big bodies when going up against other teams with big players. If they replaced Kessel with Perry then they can go with a smaller number one center like a Grabovski, Kadri, type which are plentiful.

      • Given that Kadri is nearly a ppg player and a +11 player at 15 awesome minutes of ice time a night, I’d say the Leafs have a pretty damn legit number one center.

        If they wanted a big bodied center to play with Kessel, they’d have to trade for one and then have a deal to trade out Grabovski in place. How many teams do you think are really eager to take on Grabovski’s new untradeable contract for his less than .5 PPG production? Unfortunately, I don’t see the Leafs picking up a center in the near future.

        • Plus I think the fact Ryan. Is locked up for the next few years and his age may make him harder to pry away then a guy who will be looking for way more money (then Ryans 5mill anyway) and can walk away at the end of this year for nothing would make Perry the easier less costly of the 2 to get. Plus perry being a right winger would just take Philadelphia spot…it would be sweet something like JVR Bozak Perry followed up with Frattin Kadri Lupul would be a nice 1-2 punch with some more size centers interchangeable depending on zones for the faceoff and a little more responsible defensively…lol its okay to dream once and a while

          • * Phil’s spot dang auto-correct….

          • Next step would be to try and package or get rid of some other spare parts….Ya Im looking at you. Grabovski ( for a bag of pucks) just get rid of that contract while you can…Kuli Franson and Liles maybe some dumb Gm would bite on Grabovski and a prospect come the deadline….

          • Leaving a third line (defensive shut down type) Kulimen McClement Brown and a you’re head better be on a swivel fourth line of…..wait for it lol
            Orr Komarov McClaren like I said it’s okay to dream once in a while…

  9. The Ducks are near the top of the Western Conference… why would they trade one of their best players and weaken their team. Sure they may get a good return.. but if Perry is not signed to a contract.. it’s a rental only unless his new team can get him signed.. and that’s not a guarantee.

    A signed Perry gets you a lot more than a UFA at season’s end Perry.

    As for the Flames… if they are out of a playoff spot and not likely to get in the top 8.. then start the sell-off. They could get some good picks for some of their players. This is supposed to be a good draft.. so it would make sense to do it now. It’s not an easy thing to do.. but it’s time they realize it is a necessity.

    • The reason you trade him is because he’s not committed to staying (if he’s unsigned by the trade deadline). You absolutely cannot risk losing Perry for nothng. Even a low first round pick and a prospect would be worth it. Remember Perry himself was taken at the end of the 1st round in 2003 (I think he was around 27th overall).

      Even if the Ducks go into the playoffs with the best record in the west, it doesn’t mean anything. Just ask the Vancouver Canucks. The bottom line is that they have a 1 in 16 chance of winning the cup. The odds are better that they’ll get knocked out than win the cup.

      All you need to do is look at the Buffalo Sabres 2006/2007 season. Briere and Drury were both UFAs at the end of the season, but Buffalo was playing well and didn’t trade them at the deadline. Buffalo ended the season with 113 points; tops in the East. They lost in the Eastern Conference Finals and both Briere and Drury walked. In 2007/2008 Buffalo missed the playoffs and has never really been a power since.

  10. If the Ducks keep playing the way they are then the Ducks probably wouldn’t trade Perry. If that happens the possibility of the leafs having both Kessel and Perry is a pretty good. Perry has stated he would like to play close to home which is Ontario. The leafs are going to have plenty of cap room so that wont be an issue. If they feel that having both is not a good fit for some reason then they could trade Kessel for other assets such as a decent number 1 centre.

  11. in any scenario where perry goes to the leafs.. they still need a number one centre!! kadri will not cut it!!

    P.S. you will never get perry so forget it!!

    • Don’t watch much hockey do ya? Hat trick last night 8 goals 21 point 22 games you’re right tnats terrible,etc he should have at least 30 by now he’ll you could do it way better….

  12. Kesselnikov has no value. Leaf fans are dreaming again.

  13. I agree.. he is soft!!

    • Soft player who has scored 30 goals in every season he has been in the nhl accept his rookie year (he got 19) in an off year this year still has 16 points in 22 games I get that he is a bit of a perimeter guy but plenty of great scorers even hall of famers have played a game of skill more then a grind ’em up game…use your head, we get it he is a Leaf and you are not going to say anything decent but if you infact had the slightest clue about anything hockey you might be able to add something to a conversation nstead of leaf bashing every time you open your yap

      • Just to make it easy on you geniuses there are currently 8 guys in the nhl who can say that 30 goals the past 4 years…Cory Perry ain’t one of ’em and he has pretty good center no?

        • Not saying the trade is going to happen or that he iers better than Perry just saying have some perspective…really you just sound kinda dumb when all you do is come here and say leafs sucks its like ya have a bad case of pen!s envy…

    • No value, are you retarded. The guy has only scored more goals than anybody else in the league the past three years. Soft, yes, but being tough isn’t his job now is it. A defensive liability, yes, not as much as he used to be but his job is to score. As for Kadri not cutting it, your probably one of “those guys” that said he wouldn’t even make the NHL. Perhaps if you quit hating the leafs so much and start paying attention and showing your own team some love you wouldn’t come off as such a goof.

      • One final note if you look at superstar goal scorers (guys who make more than 5 mill a year) Kessel is the best bang for the buck each goal works out to be about $79k, Hossa $82k, Pomminville $89k, St. Louis $92213 Henrick Sedin $92424 pretty reasonable all things considered….

  14. And how many players in the past have said, “I don’t want to leave” OR ” I won’t waive my NTC or NMC” until cash is exchanged? Same with Briere. He has his kids he’s raising but that can be taken care of

    • Lots again another moron probably the same one with alt accounts….

  15. Wasn’t Phil Kessel voted the most easily intimidated player in the entire league by an anonymous NHL players poll taken last season by Sports Illustrated? Why would Anaheim trade Perry for him? While I do agree that Perry would look great on the Leafs and add some great characteristics to their top six, this idea is pretty silly to be honest. Players like Perry, who are not fun to play against and also have scoring ability are always going to be worth more than semi-one dimensional scorers who are afraid of being pushed around.

    As for the Flames – you can only attempt to stave off the inevitable before you have to face reality, no matter how inconvenient it may be in the short term. Trade Iginla, Kiprusoff, Glencross, hell, trade anyone you can to begin building a new team. Then again, most of the valued assets in Calgary are all saddled (ha!) with NMC’s and NTC’s.

    Feaster comes across in the media as the type of guy who doesn’t like to admit mistakes or really be reasonable or accountable though, so it’s tough to say just how much Flames fans will have to continue to suffer due to his denial before the rebuild begins in earnest. I think things are going to get a lot worse for the Flames before the plug is finally pulled.

    • Feester needs to go. If he had acquired OReilly he would have to go through waivers because he played in the KHL. The Blue Jackets would have grabbed him and the flames would be out a 1st and a 3rd with nothing to show for it. Lucky for him the Avalanche matched.

  16. shticky you are just as bad as BeerGoggles.. you make a bunch of points then agree with us. So dumb!! The stats you bring up are pointless.. Kadri is not a number one centre no matter how many points he has got(also his points are in a small sample size.. he’s not that good). 8 guys who have scored 30 goals???? what was the point you were trying to make????? and you shouldn’t have henrik sedin on a goal scoring list (he is a passer!!!!!) just another dumb leaf fan overrating his players!!!

    • LOL I’m not agreeing with you. Boy you are a dolt…the point I am making is that there are only 8 guys who have scored 30or more the past 4years in a row yet you some how think he is overrated? Plus he is doing it with out a number 1 center. Then you or the other monkey said he has no value….well with out getting in to a math lesson (cause words and numbers don’t seem to be your strong suit and I can’t draw a picture here) for guys who make over 5 million dollars per year each goal he scores is comes at a cheaper rate because he scores more of them…hence it is a better value…did I dumb it down enough for ya?

      • I am not sure there is a trade to be made between Toronto and the Ducks but it’s definitely not because Phil Kessel has no value I’m pretty sure there are alot of Gms around the league that would love Phil Kessel…you say in one breath Kadri won’t cut it I point out he looks pretty good so far and you say it’s only a small sample but you must agree he looks pretty good so far or you would just say no he dosent thus agreeing with my the opinion. If not then what are you basing your opinion on? Juniors perhaps? can’t be that cause he excelled there, in the Ahl? Didn’t look bad there either had somethings to work on but never looked bad or like he didn’t belong…so basically you should just come out and say you have no idea what you’re talking about

  17. Leaf hater why you always bashing never having anything intelligent to say and what makes it even better you won’t say who you are a fan of or offer any opinions on anything. Seriously leaf hater were ya bullied as a kid and it makes a feel a bit better about your self to come on here and try and tear everyone else down cause if it is I’ll leave ya alone…lol

  18. BeerGoggles is an idiot thats why.. always proposing ridiculous thing.

  19. I’m gonna try to help you out here leafs hater. your first problem is that you don’t look at things from a hockey perspective. here is the dilemma for the ducks;
    1. if they keep corey perry, they risk having him walk in the summer and get nothing back – here you should agree that this is a fact and not great for the ducks.
    2. if they trade perry; they are giving up a major part of their team and lose one of their major scorers – this you have to agree is not great for the ducks either.

    If they are to trade perry for kessel, they get a proven goal scorer in return with a talented guy like getzlaf to pass the puck to him. Kessel is on the books for the future and all of a sudden the ducks dont lose their scoring, can be a force in the playoffs and avoid taking the risk of perry walking.
    Your point is that kessel isn’t a good player. Could you explain why that is? are you saying that because he isn’t a grinder? thats not his role. by the same logic you can say that chara sucks as he only has 8 points in 19 games.
    The trade makes total sense for the ducks and only works for the leafs if perry agrees to a contract extension.
    so yeah, everyone saying that you speak out of your rear while making no hockey sense is correct.

    • The reason I say that Perry for Kessel may not be a trade is because the Ducks could trade Hiller and his 4.5 mill. Contract that is currently sitting on the bench and clear alot of cap room to sign Perry long term…

  20. The Perry for Kessel trade possibility is certainly intriguing for Leafs fans and not that bad from a Ducks perspective as Mdz points out.

    The question I raise is who else would be willing to ante up for a chance at Perry if the Ducks do trade him? I realize that the rumour/news is that Perry wants to come back and play in Ontario but show him the money and that might not be the case. Anywhere in the Eastern conference would be much closer to home than his flight from the West coast. Should be interesting nonetheless…