NHL Morning Rumor Mill – March 18, 2013.

The latest on the Maple Leafs, Islanders, Jets and more.

Will the Capitals shop Mike Ribeiro?

Will the Capitals shop Mike Ribeiro?

USA TODAY: Keith Allen looks at ten pending free agents and whether their current teams should trade them or re-sign them.  He believes Jarome Iginla, Ryane Clowe, Brenden Morrow, Mike Ribeiro and Lubomir Visnovsky should be dealt, while Valtteri Filppula, Mark Streit, Ladislav Smid, David Clarkson and Viktor Stalberg should be re-signed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree, though as we’ll see below, Visnovsky isn’t a certainty to be dealt. Note also the players recommended to be dealt are ageing stars in the mid-to-late thirties, while those recommended for re-signing (Streit the sole exception) are in the late-twenties. 

CALGARY SUN: Randy Sportak suggests the trade talks swirling about Jarome Iginla will increase as the April 3 trade deadline nears, but he doubts a trade takes place over the next seven days.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Believe it or not, the Flames remain in striking distance of a playoff berth. If they gain ground in the standings, the Flames could retain Iginla. If they decide to move him, they’ll likely wait until the final days leading up to the deadline, and even then, it’ll depend on where they are in the standings, and Iginla’s willingness to accept a trade.

TORONTO STAR: Mark Zwolinski suggests one way for the Maple Leafs to avoid another late-season swoon could be to make a trade. He reports of rumors the Leafs are interested in adding a center and a top-four defenseman, though he suspects they’ll likely drive for a playoff berth with their current roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs are currently mired in a five game losing skid (0-4-1), and if this continues, it could spur management to make a move.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports the NY Islanders have begun preliminary contract talks with Mark Streit, and could soon begin talks with goalie Evgeni Nabokov and defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky. Staple also reports indications are the Isles would like to re-sign pending UFA winger Brad Boyes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A quick peek at the standings explains why. With the Islanders currently ninth overall and only three points out of a playoff berth, they’re not going into sell mode. If they’re still playoff contenders by April 3, they could become buyers,  not sellers.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Gary Lawless believes the Jets should either give forward Alexander Burmistrov more playing time or use him as a trade chip. Burmistrov has been a healthy scratch over the past four games.


  1. Leafs need a center wow didn’t know that….

  2. You can also add a vetran goalie to his Leaf suggestions.
    He was also talking about going after Ribero. I’d say if the Caps will take Bozak for Ribero then give it a shot but if it costs anymore then that (which it most likely would) then forget it.
    As far as adding a top four D man? Don’t they already have 6 guys that are 3 and 4 Dmen. I think this club needs a number 1 Dman but good luck finding one available especially for the right price. Even if you did you would have to part ways with Dion and that means a new captian which will not happen at this point in the season.

    • Ribeiro is a 65-80 point a year centre, yes aging and a free agent but there is no reason he couldn’t be resigned. How do you come to the conclusion that the Capitals would accept Tyler Bozak and that is all he should be worth? I think it would be smart for the Leafs to pursue Ribeiro as he could help bring them real depth at centre, I do however believe the Leafs should try and move Grabovski in the deal, not sure if the Caps would bite, but Grabovski, Holzer, 3rd (2nd if he resigns) for Ribeiro (which I still don’t believe to actually be ENOUGH, I just think it should be the pitch.)

      In all likely hood if the Leafs want Ribeiro they will end up giving away Bozak, Biggs, draft pick or something of that nature. A season of Ribeiro, Grabovski, Kadri, McClement down the middle wouldn’t hurt and Colborne is in the AHL who should be ready to centre a 3rd line next year.

      At the very end of the day though I believe we will have a very inactive trade deadline. Too many injuries and a shortened season doesn’t show accurately where these teams could be and I think the GM’s know that and will be reluctant to blow things up. There will be more teams looking to make long term solutions then short terms solutions this year, with more deals happening during the summer.

      • I figured the Caps would have a good shot at re-signing Bozak and the Leafs probably wouldn’t be able to re-sign Ribero is all. Besides when I suggested getting Ribero last week 10 guys jumped down my throat saying he’s a bum so I figured if other GM’s feel the same way then maybe he goes much cheaper. I did say it most likely would cost more then Boz in my post. I wouldn’t mind trying him out for the rest of the season though. Maybe MacArthur and Boz for Ribero. lol All UFA’s…

        • Bottom line is Grabovski hasn’t been given a shot. It’s funny how the organization is in love with Bozak how hasn’t got near the talant or grit of Grabo but allows Carlyle to banish Grabo to a checking role while demanding more scoring out of him followed by benching him during a ten round shootout and letting two defencemen have a shot over him. If Carlyle hates Grabo so much then Nonis should move him. Anyone shooting for a cup would be nuts not to pick him up for a cup run. Say what you will about him this year he is still extremely talanted, defensively responsbile, plays much bigger then he actually is, will grid it out in the corners. His only apparent blunder is he doesn’t pass enough. This is stricktly an ego thing at this point just like it was with Kadri and Wilson.

          • Grabo is where he is because he is a smallish center who hasn’t been even close to the player he was when he signed the big contract good face off guy not horrible defensively but way under producing and there is a log jam of the same type center in Toronto…Kadri has impressed so he is number 2 Bozak while not much of an improvement over the past year hasn’t been the disappointment Grabo has been so why should he lose his spot to see if it snaps Grabovski out of a funk…it dosent make sence

          • Bozak doesn’t have near the skill that Grabo does. Everyone says Boz does everything asked of him… Well I guess that means the coach doesn’t ask him to body check or play the body under any circumstance or go in the corners to cycle the puck and get a little dirty from time to time other wise he would be doing those things. Grabo is smaller then Boz and does all these things. Grabo has been asked to be part of a shut down trio and go up against the top lines of other teams because Carlyle knows Kadri’s line and Bozaks line can’t handle the duty. Grabo has been better then those other two lines defensively but has trouble due to his size. Everyone says Kessel is to small to play the boards, take the body or play defensively so he gets a pass but Grabo being around the same size doesn’t get a pass. Do I think Grabo deserves $5.5M? No, and I said so before Burke signed him but I would have paid him $4M. He has heart when he’s not in the dog house being saddled playing with stone hands Kulemin/ Komorov. Give the guy some line mates and let him play in the oppositions end of the ice with some creatively instead of his own end. He will always be defensively responsible anyways.

      • What makes you think Riberio’s trade value is that high lol this isn’t NHL 13 the guy is a UFA and your suggesting giving up three players under contract haha get real. Biggs is one of their top prospects

        • Agreed. If Ribiero is worth so much then why would they be getting rid of him. They would be extending him if we follow your logic.

        • Yes because in the real NHL GM’s never pay high prices for UFA players at all. Plus, Biggs hasn’t really been boasted about since he was drafted. As a guy who watches every Generals home game I can tell you that Biggs has a lot of growth as a player yet, right now has the future of a good 3rd line checker, with some offensive upside.

      • Eeh Ribeiro Grabovski Kadri and McClement? At some point this team has to become more of a Randy Carlisle type team even if it requires some growing pains…what I mean is yes they need a top 2 centerman but it is more then just the guy with the most points it should be a guy with some size who plays somewhat physical…it would make more sense to try and pry a young center like Couturier out of Philly to grow (Oriley would have been a nice fit) with the rest of the younger guys if not then maybe a guy like Backes out of St Louis or Stastney…they will have to be able to win some games in a dirty physical way and you can’t do that with a bunch of center at under 6 ft 165-170 lbs same problem they have run into now for…oh ever
        Trading Bozak plus for Ribeiro just gives you a fancier Bozak minus the prospects you send away its not solving anything…

      • Pretty sure they are grooming Colborne for a more 1 or 2 line guy…not sure it will work out that way but can’t see him centering get the third line….that’s what we pay Grabovski 5.5 mill for :)

      • this is a joke right? one of the worst teamates in the league (hes been run out of every team hes played for) there isnt a player, orr included, whom j would trade for ribero. he is terrible for toronto. we will not get a number 1 center unless we afe willing to part with rielly or/and gardiner. we need to focus on drafting one znd dropping dead weight from out team for picks. are we going to win the stanley cup? anyone think that should be our ffocus. not putting out a team that might make thenplayoffs.

    • Yes same old story for leafs need a #1 centre, top d and goalie.. And the grass is green and the sky is blue. I am not in the goalie boat at the moment, just see what riemer and scrivens do for the rest of the year and then you can figure it out in the off season. As far as the centre if they don’t get one by next year I don’t know what to say. Its getting harder to keep cheering for this team.
      The defence is interesting yes they have a bunch of 3 and 4’s but gardiner is or could be a #2. Rumour yesterday had myers available if that is true leafs need to make a play for him.

      • Myers contract is not all that friendly, the leafs would have to get rid of phaneuf and his contract before they tried making a pitch for Myers as you can have that much money tied up between two Dman

        • Can’t

          • The way Myers has played the last year and a half he wouldn’t even garner Gunnarsson in a trade right now. He has potential yes but where has it gone.

    • ribero has been run out of every place he has played. the leafs should not go after him. i know there is a market for him, which is why his name always pops up. but the leafs should draft a center, no sense in dropping prospects on a number 1 center, due to their costs

  3. I feel like I’m reading the same Flames story year in and year out.

    “They’re not out of it yet” for the weeks coming up to the trade deadline, they’re rising, rising, rising… ohh not enough, they finish 10th and they’ll be picking an okay first rounder or no first rounder at all.

    They’ve stuck themselves in a fine loop.

    • Agree what is Calgary thinking. No way they beat Anaheim or Chicago even if they sneak in. Time to rebuild.

      • Problem is that Feester thinks he will be a hero if the flames make the playoffs. They could conceivably have a great re-build year if they could trade Iginla, Bouwmeester, Cammalleri, Tanguay, etc. The re-build could be off with flying colours if they had three or four first round picks in this years draft. Problem of course is finding the right dance partners.

        • The year Ottawa dealt off Chris Kelly and Mike Fisher is a good example of how a team called a spade a spade. I’ve criticized Murray heavily the first few years as GM, but he’s done a fantastic job rebuilding the club. Feaster could borrow his notes.

          • Well said. I really don’t have much faith in Feaster as a GM, or the Flames as an organization. They need to gut the team, pick up draft picks and work on fixing their scouting/developement department. The longer they wait the worse it’s going to get, these guys aren’t getting any younger.

            Even if they want to keep Iggy like Ottawa did with Alfie, they still need to clean house. I’m not saying they should tank on purpose, but continually drafting between 10th-14th makes it hard to rebuild, especially when they continually dump their picks for players in their 30s.

          • I firmly believe calgary should completely rebuild…gut the team, but neimich (sp?) chuco? im too worried they cant draft

  4. Would it be a good idea for the leafs to get Jean-Sébastien Giguère and Ryan O’Reilly from the avalanches ?

    • Nope. JSG was with the Leafs less than two seasons ago and they let him walk to the Ave’s. Ryan O’Rielly can’t be traded until near the end of Feb next year due to him being matched on an offer sheet.

    • O’Reilly would have fit in well with the leafs, big body center that plays a two way game.
      I dont think hes worth the 6.5 he will be making next year.
      And the avalanche cannot trade him until feb 28th 2014 due to the offer sheet the flames put in.
      vetern goalie would help if the leafs can squeek into the playoffs. but id rather see them go with the 2 young guys they have and see what the goalie market is like this off season

  5. What about Burmistrov and Hainsey for Darren Helm, Ian White and a pick? The Wings get a young guy with loads of talent for Datsyuk to mentor plus a veteran d-man in Hainsey, the Jets get a couple manitoba guys Helm has good speed and would fit in nicely with the jets perhaps with Jokinen and Kane.

    Also saw someone mention a Burmistrov for David Perron type deal.

    • anytime detroit trades for someone I get scared. but I think bermistrov would look great in det

  6. It’s getting boring logging into TSN everyday waiting for a trade to happen and everyday nothing. This salary cap has really made that part of the game boring although I’m sure the players are much happier. Trade deadline day is pretty much a wash now and so to is draft day as far as trades go.

  7. i’ll say it again. paul stastsny. with ror and duschene under contract and the cap dropping, avs will be more than happy to dump that salary. who’s in the market for a centre?

    • If they take some salary back I’m sure we could work something out…lol

    • I’ve been really jumping on the stastny band wagon too. Not sure what it would cost. They wouldn’t want another centre back so scratch grabo. Maybe Kulimen + a young d and a pick. But yes depending on how avs see oreilly situation playing out I could see them wanting to move stastny.

      • Not really jumping on the bandwagon I just think he is the most suited who maybe available (I also like Backes)…I agree they probably don’t need a center but with that contract I can’t see them asking for much either I think if the Leafs brought up Gardner that may make Franson more expendable so say Franson and Percy and a second to start if they would take Grabovski instead of a prospect I would consider giving up a higher pick to get rid of the 20 some million owing on that contract without buying it out…which leaves us buying out Komisarek and some flexibility to consider using the amnesty on someone else (I’d vote for the captain)…

  8. Here we go again with the Leaf fanatics wanting to sell the farm to take a shot at the playoffs. I truly hope they don’t sell the farm for the quick fix of geriatrics. Nabakov, Kipper, and Miller may all be trade bait soon which would help the Leafs more than a center or a D-man. Hell go for Bernier if you want to spend young talent to get a quick fix! The Leafs brass only wants to get into the playoffs to make some extra cash and to appease the Leaf Nuts. They don’t need to go for a huge overhaul which would have to happen if they went for a D-man or center.

    • I’m pretty sure Nonis has learned from the past few regimes…he said he has patients and seems like a pretty sharp guy. I think he goes with what he’s got, maybe a couple minor moves to free up some spots and salary get a look at some of the guys on the Marlies…
      Unless he can make a reasonable deal for a center which would fit the mold of the teams needs not a rental or small flashy guy….wait for the summer then maybe a free agent goalie and or a defenceman possibly Perry….

      • For the first time in a long while they seem to be on the right track no need to rush…it’s been a while since we made the playoffs hopefully that turns around this year but if it dosent not a huge deal most had them pegged around the bottom of the league anyway… they should stick to the blueprint and build with youth not huge contracts or spending the future away to squeek in to the playoffs this year…

  9. lol, here’s another fantasy (not-going-to-ever-happen) armchair GM’ing trade proposal.

    To Toronto: Perry
    To Anaheim: Kessel + 2013 1st Rounder + McKegg

    To Toronto: Statsny
    To Colorado: Grabovski + 2014 1st Rounder + Kostka

    To Toronto: Clowe + Havlat (Salary Dump)
    To San Jose: Holzer + Komisarek + Oiler’s 2014 Conditional Pick

    To Toronto: Clarkson
    To New Jersey: CMac + 2013 3rd Rounder

    To Toronto: Luongo
    To Vancouver: Phaneuf + Reimer

    To Toronto: Voynov + Bernier
    To Los Angeles: Gunnarsson + Franson + Scrivens


    • hahaha

    • To Toronto: Statsny
      To Colorado: Grabovski + 2014 1st Rounder + Kostka

      To Toronto: Roy + Morrow
      To San Jose: Komisarek + CMac + McClement

      To Toronto: Clarkson
      To New Jersey: Kulemin + 2013 2rd Rounder

      To Toronto: Luongo
      To Vancouver: Phaneuf + Reimer + Holzer + Edm’s 2014 Conditional Pick

      To Toronto: Voynov + Bernier
      To Los Angeles: Gunnarsson + Franson + Scrivens

      To Toronto: Havlat (Salary Dump)
      To San Jose: Connolly


  10. as much as I’d like to see a stasny/grabo swap, I just don’t see it happening. Grabo is signed to too big a contract. They are pretty much the same player, but grabo is playing as well as he can and stasny has potential to improve. The Avs lose about a million in salary and that isn’t enough to justify this trade

    • ***BREAKING NEWS***

      The Anaheim Ducks have signed Corey Perry to an eight-year contract extension worth a total of $69 million.

      • I knew he was going to resign, they had the cap space, and c.mon second in the league right now and his days off are spent at a beach lol. I can see ryan being dangled and philly and buffalo desperately trying to get him, think if hes traded its to philly. Okay so lets move on and try to actually get some legit pieces that the leafs MIGHT have a chance at. DAVID CLARKSON as much as i like perry id rather have a clarkson and a clowe then 1 perry. not sure we he sits in negations with new Jersey, but one has to think watching parise leave maybe guys don’t want to play there as much anymore. I know we would half to give a decent package but if we can get him signed hes exactly one of the missing pieces this team has needed for years. Same goes for Clowe, if we could package a trade for him and he resigns, say around 3-4 mil for 4 years he and clarkson make our team so dangerous. still need that number #1 center and say what you want either wait til free agency and go after riberio or id take a shot with statsny. still young and him with kessel could be dangerous, ( If kessel is still on team) id take clarkson over kessel any day…. I am not proofreading its to early sorry lol

    • I personally hate Grabbo but he is one of the few Leafs that is being effective at the forecheck and showing up every night. He should not be moved. Kulemin on the other hand….

      • problem with grabo when he was signed for 3-3.5 everyone loved him, he did everything and under wilson, he was used differently as a scoring guy. Now that he makes 5.5 mil and he is used as a defensive style forward everyone on the trade grabo for pucks because of his contract. Same thing with lou if he was signed at 5.5 for 4 years everyone be all over him, they are good players with bad contracts not there fault they got piles of money (I’d take the deal to) . on the other hand if you could give grabos heart to kessel we would have a franchise player. and yes I agree with you about kuli, last game against the jets was his best of the year, not because he scored he was actually playing offensively. think its time to start getting some tuff power forwards in here. would love to get stewart from blues, clowe form sharks, and clarkson from devils.