NHL Morning Rumor Mill – March 25, 2014

Latest on P.K. Subban, Ryan Miller, Eric Staal, Jeff Skinner, Marek Zidlicky, Dmitry Kulikov and more.

Could Jeff Skinner hit the trade block this summer?

Could Jeff Skinner hit the trade block this summer?

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports Montreal’s P.K. Subban and St. Louis’ Ryan Miller intend to wait until the end of this season to worry about new contracts. Subban is a restricted free agent while Miller is unrestricted…Friedman has his doubts the Hurricanes part ways with Eric Staal. Two players who could be moved, however, are Cam Ward and Jeff Skinner. Of the pair, Ward has a no-trade clause. Friedman claims the Hurricanes gauged Skinner’s trade value last summer but weren’t serious about moving him then.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As it appears Ron Francis will be taking over as Hurricanes GM this summer, he’ll have some serious decisions to make. You can read more on my take about the Hurricanes in my latest THN.com column

NJ.COM: Randy Miller recently reported Devils defenseman Marek Zidlicky faces an uncertain future. He’s an unrestricted free agent and his first choice is to re-sign with the Devils. However, they have promising young defensemen like Eric Gelina, Adam Larsson and Jon Merrill ready to move up.

MIAMI HERALD’s George Richards recently reported the following on Twitter regarding Panthers defenseman Dmitry Kulikov:”#FlaPanthers AGM Mike Santos says no negotiations started with D Dmitry Kulikov, denies any offer on the table.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s in response to a recent report in the Ottawa Sun claiming the Panthers offered Kulikov a four-year, $20 million deal.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika recently speculated the Stars would be willing to part with Alex Goligoski, Trevor Daley or even Brenden Dillon if the return brings the club the defenseman they need (one with a right-handed shot).


  1. 30 thoughts…Lupul is the one to go for a more stout defensive presence. Makes most sense imo hes proven goal scorer, the contract isnt horrible and with the amount of money goining out it would allow a proven D man who makes or is paid like a 3-4 type money come back in return. Throw in an rfa like Franson Reimer and/or a pick and Bobs your uncle. A guy to play in the top 4 is a desperate need…still.

    • Ah dang itI read Friedmans work and thought I was in Canadian corner apologize for being off topic….

  2. Miller does nothing until he sees what Hiller does. If he wants to be out west with wife, Anaheim is best shot.
    If Hiller resigns with Ducks Miller will quickly resign with St Louis, if Hiller heads to Calgary or elsewhere,
    then watch, Miller ends up Anaheim.

    Thinking odds are

    Hiller 70% Anaheim
    10% Calgary
    10% St Louis ( if St Louis realizes on July 1 Miller won’t resign)
    10% Elsewhere

    Miller 80% St Louis ( 90% if Hiller resigns in Anaheim)
    15% Anaheim
    5% elsewhere ( where the most money is honey)

  3. From a Ducks fan perspective do you really want to tie up that much money (assuming Miller will be atleast 6-6.5 mill) long term on a goalie?

    • Shticky
      If I were the Ducks GM, I would have TRADED Hiller at the trade deadline and kept Fasth.
      Last summer Ducks were trying to trade Hiller and keep Fasth and then boom Fasth gets injured and Hiller has a career year but that is all water under the bridge. Andersen has been great as a backup BUT is he ready to take the 60 game a season load ? Gibson has played well in AHL but he he ready to be backup ?
      My guess is with Hiller is that they don’t mind OVERPAYING him for 2 years but do not want to have a contract go beyond that. The question is with Miller, is the real reason for all this drama with him because he DOES want to be closer to his wife or is he
      using it as an excuse to get his last big payday ? My guess is Ducks will sign Hiller
      for 2 years at a big payday or 3 years at at a home town discount with the first two years having the big amounts. This gives Andersen and Gibson more time to develop
      and if there is a 3rd year in a Hiller contract at a reduced price then he would be a
      trade option. If Hiller walks away then Ducks would find out just how serious Miller is
      in being close to his wife, would Miller settle for 12 million over two years or does he
      hold out for a King Henry deal. Sorry, Honey but the Islanders offered me a King Henry contract and even though I love you, I love the money more ?
      If both Hiller and Miller reject Duck offers, Ducks will sign a vet to play 30 games and take a shot with Andersen as starter. Hello Ray Emery ? Tim Thomas ?

      • IMO Miller would sign with the Ducks – giving them a home town discount if they were to make him an offer – they are a contender and they are closer to the wife. While I could see that happening, I still see Miller resigning with St. Louis as I think he is a better fit for them chemistry wise, St. Louis is a hub so he really isn’t too far from the wife and I think they are a stronger contender than Anaheim.

        I don’t see money being a determing factor where Miller signs beause he’s made plenty over the years and the wifey has a nice salary. Miller wants two things – to win a SC and be close to the wife – he doesn’t really have the time (careerwise) to go through a rebuid – so he’ll go to a team that offers him the best chance to do both and that looks like St. Lou.

        • Steve
          If big issue is seeing the wife, St Louis is only slightly better than Buffalo.
          Flight is what 3-4 hours, plus time at airports, could only spend a night home and then has to go back, Because of the LA Kings, would be in LA area 2-3 times a year with the Blues, but don’t see St Louis as the answer. Now if winning the cup is #1, then yes St Louis is the best option. Don’t ya just feel sorry for the tough decisions the rich and famous have to make ?

    • Shticky why always with the hate for Miller? He’s 33 years of age. He could easily do what Brodeur has done and play at a high level until he’s 40. Now don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not saying he is Brodeur but I am saying he’s got all the talent to be a workhorse into the late thirties at least. But all in all if Miller was available the same time Hiller is, I’d take Miller. Hiller suddenly has a good season when his contract is up. We’ve seen many players do this before

      • Honestly its not a hate of Miller Its more about the quality of the other goalies in some of these destinations. The Ducks have now 3 very good goalies even with the trade of Fasth, The Blues are a great team and obviously thought Miller was an up grade but Allen is going to be very good Elliot has played well and Hallak has been pretty good too even since the trade. (actually has better numbers with the Caps than Miller has with the Blues) Miller is a very good goaliie, I am just not sure he is as big a difference maker as some seem to think he is and for the money its going to cost to sign him and the term that is going to have to be involved I am not sure he is worth it for some teams, others I could see Min. NYI and a few others If I was them Id back up the brinks truck to Millers door and open the vault, he is exactly what some teams need, not so much for the others is all.

        • Halak with the Caps past 5 games is .934 3 w 2 ot losses 12 goals against
          Miller With The Blues. Past 5 …… Is .895 3 W 2 L 12 goals against. This is all I am getting at, no hate.

  4. A few thoughts:

    I don’t think Dallas is sending Brenden Dillon anywhere unless they receive a far better vet in return…he at times, is there best defender, and I have trouble with “needing a left handed shot” as enough reason to play
    Let’s Make a Deal…that is all another sportwriter with poor visual skills.
    Be careful Ronnie Francis, because the other GMs will have no problem attempting to fleece you in any sell -offs. Wouldn’t teams be leerry to give equal return on the oft-time concussed and under sized Skinner?

    • I agree with Dillon, it’d have to be a major upgrade with the valuable right shot the Stars need. It’s not going to be easy to pry a #1 defenseman away, will cost Goligoski and then some for Nill.