NHL Morning Rumor Mill – March 3, 2014

With the NHL trade deadline only two days away, here’s the latest on Thomas Vanek, Marian Gaborik, Christian Ehrhoff, Andrew MacDonald, Chris Stewart and more.

Could Christian Ehrhoff be the next Sabre to be dealt?

Could Christian Ehrhoff be the next Sabre to be dealt?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the big question in the wake of the St. Louis Blues acquisition of Ryan Miller is what the Blues’ Western Conference rivals – Anaheim, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Jose – will do. He wonders if the Kings pursue Thomas Vanek or Matt Moulson, if the Ducks pursue Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers,  if the Sharks might pursue Christian Ehrhoff and if the Blackhawks add either David Legwand or Ilya Bryzgalov…Matheson also noted the Nashville Predators aren’t shopping Shea Weber…He suspects the Oilers are on Christian Ehrhoff’s “do not trade” list, suggesting the Sharks, Flyers and Avalanche are better bets. He suggests the Flyers could “give” the Sabres Sean Couturier while the Avalanche could offer P.A. Parenteau…Matheson speculates the Oilers could trade Ales Hemsky to the Coyotes…He wonders if the Sharks could have interest in Ryan Smyth…He claims the Bruins are seriously looking at “Oilers’ Nick Schultz, the Philadelphia Flyers’ Andrej Meszaros, the New York Islanders’ Andrew MacDonald and the Senators’ Chris Phillips.”…Matheson doubts the Blue Jackets trade Marian Gaborik at the deadline…He wonders if it’s possible for the Red Wings to acquired Rangers’ captain Ryan Callahan…Matheson doubts Devils GM Lou Lamoriello trades Martin Brodeur…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It will be interesting to see what moves, if any, the Blues’ rivals make leading up to deadline day. The Kings could pursue Vanek or Moulson. I doubt the Ducks will pay what will surely be a high asking price for Myers. I don’t believe the Sharks or Blackhawks have any significant moves planned…The Flyers might have interest in Ehrhoff but they’re not parting with Couturier, while Alex Tanguay’s season-ending hip injury probably means Parenteau isn’t going anywhere…Bruins will certainly acquire a defenseman by the deadline. Schultz could be an affordable option…Gaborik could indeed stay in Columbus for the rest of the season…The Red Wings won’t acquire Callahan via trade. They might, however, pursue him if he becomes a UFA this summer… I think it’s ultimately up to Lamoriello if Brodeur gets dealt. Brodeur claims he hasn’t requested a trade but seems to be waiting for Lamoriello to approach him about it.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports it’s possible Jaroslav Halak and Chris Stewart might not be with the Buffalo Sabres for long. There’s speculation the Minnesota Wild are interested in Halak while the Ottawa Senators could be pursuing Stewart.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s rare that a player is traded to another club within a week of being acquired via trade.  Still, one can’t rule out the possibility.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators owner Eugene Melnyk claims his club is a buyer, “definitely not a seller”. It’s believed the Senators still have interest in Chris Stewart.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi reports time is running out for Flyers GM Paul Holmgren to upgrade his defense. “Winnipeg’s Dustin Byfuglien, the Islanders’ Andrew MacDonald, Buffalo’s Christian Ehrhoff, and Dallas’ Trevor Daley are among the defensemen reportedly available”, writes Carchidi.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets are challenging for a playoff spot in the Western Conference so they’re not trading Byfuglien now. The Stars are also jockeying for a playoff berth so I doubt they trade Daley. MacDonald and Ehrhoff are definitely available but the asking prices could be steep.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports the recent setback in Adam McQuaid’s recovery from a hip/groin injury could force GM Peter Chiarelli’s hand in his search for a defenseman.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Stars defenseman Stephane Robidas (broken leg) hasn’t played since November but there’s speculation teams could be interested in him.


  1. I think either Robidas or Daley are Leafs by Weds. Thats the only type move (besides moving some ufas out for little to nothing) I can see the Leafs making (unless they get a ridiculous offer for someone).

    • Maybe something like Robidas (ufa) and a second or third for Gardiner or Franson

      • Terrible trade.

        • Didnt say its a great one, just one I kinda see happening. Randy and Dave will want a more Defensive option playing somewhere in that group that doesnt cost an arm and a leg. Daley would be the better option but would cost the Leafs more than 1 of those 2.

      • Why would Stars trade Daley when they are sitting in 8th? Makes 0 sense.

    • Really, I don’t see either of the. As the type of d they need, you already have gunnerson, franson, Reilly, Gardiner even phaneuf as the more offensive minded d. No need to waste assets on a lateral move. I’d rather see them go with what they have to gain experience and see how they preform. Unless there is a deal for a top and I mean true top pair guy do nothing.

  2. Paul Holmgren would be crazy to trade Couturier. He should be listed as untouchable unless it’s a trade that involves someone named Shea Weber which we all know that ship has sailed.

    • Hmm not sure what about Kessler? More for the right now as opposed to the future. Personally not sure it makes sense but it seems like a Homer move.

      • I’ll say this one more time… Couturier is going nowhere. If / when the Flyers make a deal, it’ll be Brayden Schenn who is involved. And that deal will be consummated prior to the NHL draft.

      • I see your point but given age, injury history and potential, I’d rather Couturier. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Kesler’s game and so do the Flyers but is the risk/reward factor worth it?

        • No! Kelser is a good player, but Couturier is already good player whose offensive game is still growing.

          Not to get off topic, but I seem to think Philly could target Anaheim defenseman Sami Vatanen. He is reportedly available and played heavy minutes for team Finland in Sochi. I have to believe Timonen knows this player well and could be endorsing his countryman. I am surprised Sam Carchidi hasn’t made this connection.

          • the way the flyers have come together i do not see homer trading away anything from the current roster and disrupting the team chemistry…picking up a d-man like macdonald for picks and/or futures, maybe…. but they must keep mez..he is more valuable to them for a playoff stretch than a 3rd rd pick…is emery healthy enuff to back up or do they offer up for maybe halak??

          • @ Frenchy: Meszaros has to stay! You are right. He has really come on and looks like the player we loved 2 years ago. I’m wondering now if they’d consider resigning him.

          • There’s a risk with Halak…..first off you’d have to pony up a nice pick to get him (he’s set of UFA in June) and then you need to pony up some $ to keep him….so what’s the sense of trading away a pick to get a backup goalie only for him to walk at years end? He’s a starting goalie somewhere in the league and the Flyers already have one of those.
            Meszaros will likely go nowhere but in June I doubt he’ll be wearing Orange. The Flyers are committed to their defense….good or bad. I say they are still pretenders however you have to give credit for their offense….it’s been pretty good. But it’s no secret they need to upgrade the blueline in a big way. Trading for Ryan Kelser doesn’t fix that. Seems how everybody is looking for d-men, any trade will come at a high cost. If it were me, I’d ride the roster through to the end of the season and make adjustments over the summer.

      • I would not trade Couturier straight up for Kesler. Coots is way to valuable top the Flyers.

        Couturier plays the second most minutes of the Flyers forwards…he is not going to be traded for a classless, injury prone, overrated Kesler.

        Not happening.

    • No joke, makes you wonder if Matheson is Eklund with a ridiculous suggestion like that. I’d give them Downie for Erhoff.

  3. Any ideas as what it’ll take to grab Nick Shultz? It’s too bad McQuad had a setback, was looking forward to rolling out another experienced d-man

    • 3rd round pick would do it for sure.

    • Unless there are more teams interested, he may garner a second rounder.

  4. I have always wanted Myers on the Ducks, but the question is, what do the Sabres want for Myers? If they want Palmieri and something else for him, why not go and get him. The bad thing is, I think it would take Palmieri, Vatanen and lets say the Ducks 1st rounder. That is pretty steep. In reality, the Ducks would then have to ship out Bryan Allen or Sbisa. We have desired a big right handed shooting D-Man for a long while now. He would be a nice D-Pairing with a Sbisa or Lindholm (once Souray returned next season). But i dont think the Ducks will do anything. I think they will add a fourth line type guy. Maybe take a run at a scoring winger like Moulson. But I dont think they will give up the farm for one guy.

    • The Sabres would like to improve their depth on the wings; however, they will greatly consider upgrading some centers.

      If Chris Stewart is traded again, the Sabres would need a right wing. Kyle Palmieri or Jakob Silfverberg would be good options.

      If the Sabres really wanted to upgrade at center, Cogliano would be good. For now, Grigorenko and Girgensons should develop nicely to be the Sabres’ two top centers.

    • Is Vatanen really on the block as reported over the weekend? I like this player. He reminds me of a young Kimmo Timonen.

    • Re: Souray
      I do believe Souray has played his last game as a Duck and maybe as an NHL player.
      Look at his age / and production / injury history. That ship has sailed. There are
      now at least 5 D-men ahead of him on the depth chart.

    • Might take Gibson..

      • Gibson saw would be a fine option for both teams. The only other goalie prospect worth building a trade around is fucale. Gibson is more ready to play obviously. With St. Louis adding miller is the west what are the odds of Anaheim making a bigger deal with buffalo. Say
        Myers and moulson for
        Ottawas first, Gibson, noenson and a salary dump?

        • I wouldnt give up ottawas first in that deal. That is a WAY too much to give up. Especially if Gibson is in the deal. I would say Moulson and Myers for Ducks 1st, Rackel/smith-Pelly, Sbisa and Fasth.
          Only reason I give up Fasth is I have a feeling if the ducks dont won the cup with hiller, they will sign Miller to a 2-3 yr deal at the end of the season. (just a thought)

  5. If the Sabres are trading any defensemen, Henrik Tallinder and Alexander Sulzer would be the first to go. Both players are unrestricted free agents at the end of the season. They will not require much return going back to Buffalo to be rental players for Stanley Cup contending teams. Christian Ehrhoff and Tyler Myers are good defensemen with hefty contracts to move and the Sabres would want a handsome return for them.

    As far as newly acquired Sabres right wing Chris Stewart and goaltender Jaroslav Halak, it will be interesting to see if they remain with the team or traded again to other teams. Halak will not start against Dallas. He is also the best goaltender available with Miller traded and off the market. Halak could go to Minnesota or Washington. Stewart will play against Dallas. He has been linked to Ottawa.

    Switching over to the Devils, they are contending for the last Eastern Conference wild card berth for the playoffs. Schnieder had a bad game against San José yesterday. Brodeur could be traded, but he would like to finish his career as a Devil. Still being close in playoff contention, I will not be surprised if he stays.

  6. Damnit Melnyk! ‘We’re definitely buyers’. Please get a reality check. As a Sens fan, don’t make a rental trade when the odds of getting in the playoffs are stacked against you. It’s better to sell off a couple UFA’s (Michalek, Philips) and get at least one roster player back and fill the rest from within to see what this team can do. If the Sens can get Stewart then I’m all for it because he’s got term on an affordable contract BUT THAT’S IT lol. I still say trade Michalek because it seems like he won’t be back next year and the Sens have terrible history of letting players walk for nothing. Hoffman looks good up in the big club right now just sayin. Man he’s fast.

    I think the Western conference teams are going to make big splashed in the rental market after the Blues deal. Chicago probably won’t do anything major, but LA, SJ, Anaheim, Minn. I feel the trade winds spurring… well hopefully lol. Also, Toronto should get a defenseman. Not rocket science to figure that one out but I figure I could beat the horse a few more times.

    • Splashes*

    • @scotty…cant see them resigning him, i think they are just happy to see him playing well again and contributing…they will need the cap/roster space at the draft for any moves they will be making…how about someone named hal gill back to boston for say a 5th rd pick instead…..puckhead….good points on halak but philly needs insurance behind mason..does emery give this or do they rely on cal heeter?
      Also you need as much depth as possible because …KNOCK ON WOOD…philly has not really been bitten by the injury bug yet so that needs to be taken into account….any other ideas for a flyers trade???

      • Might as well keep Gill. Why not? If Grossmann or Schenn was injured, he’d be a decent replacement.

        I agree with your thoughts on Mez. He’ll walk away in free agency. I think his injury history scares Philly.

        I like Vatanen with Anaheim. MacDonald is a nice player, but the Isles want a 1st round pick for him. As far as goalies go, I believe former NHLer Yan Danisis with them in the AHL. If he’s healthy, he could be a decent backup. I like Justin Peters in Carolina too and the ‘Canes are carrying 3 goalies right now.

  7. I don’t see the Miller trade prompting the Kings or Ducks to make a trade that they were not otherwise already planning.

    The Kings are returning basically the same team that won the cup two years ago. They’ve knocked St. Louis out of the playoffs for the last two years in a row.

    As for the Kings making a trade, I think they will, but only if the price is right. They really don’t need to do anything. So there isn’t a need to overpay. Also with a few rare exceptions (like Jeff Carter), the Kings have a history of trading for playoff rentals only to have them turn into pumpkins and not score. Then they walk at the end of hte year and go somewhere else. This dates all the way back to the Kings trading Alexei Zhitnik for Grant Fuhr.

    • I think this is spot on. Kings came out of the break hot and that mostly likely means that any deal they make will be a long term deal rather than a rental unless the rental is real cheap. Don’t really see the Ducks / SJ / Hawks / Pitts making the expensive deals.
      More likely bubble teams will be paying the high prices trying to get into the playoffs.
      One exception is Minnesota. I can see them making a big trade if it solves their goalie problem long term but it would be expensive as either Backstrom or Harding would have to go back in trade and with their contracts some one has to pay for it in players / money etc.

      • I still see something like Ehrhoff, Grigorenko and a conditional pick going to CO for ROR and McGinn. CO needs a vet D-man and Ehrhoff plays 25 minutes a game and would help CO’s D. Grigorenko has been coached by Roy, so Patrick knows what he’s getting and I’m sure he would fit in with CO’s youth.

        • I still see dead people……but that isn’t as crazy as that trade.

        • As a Sabres fan, I would love that trade!

        • cool, so peter holland, franson and unconditional first to colorado for Ror and mcginn? We’ll throw in kulemin too

  8. How is Edmonton’s 1st not in play? Must be frustrating to be an Oilers fan

    • Agreed, this is the time where Edmonton should be the strongest team to pitch for players they need (#1 Goalie, Dman/men).

      • Edmonton adding a still-in-their prime Kesler or Callahan+ a solid top1-2 defenseman used to winning would change the entire direction of the franchise….

    • Why would they trade it right now? Play-off bound teams aren’t trading the kind of players the Oilers need. They aren’t going to trade for a pending UFA since they have no chance of making the play-offs. If they trade the pick it will be at the draft. If they have a shot at drafting Ekblad they will likely keep the pick because they probably won’t get a better Dman in a trade.

  9. Halak and Adam to MN for Granlund or Coyle. MN needs to shore up their Goaltending situation and Adam might flourish under MN.

    • Doesn’t work. Puts Minnesota in a real bind. They either have to let Halak walk as a UFA or sign him and then have Harding / Backstrom / Halak / Kuemper to deal with over the summer. Assuming Kuemper is backup next year (he has earned it) Backstrom or Harding have to be part of any deal bringing in a goalie.

      • Including backstrom would make sense salary wise but not sure if buffalo would take him. Perhaps if it gets them what they want they might have no choice…

    • @Steve, NF way on that trade! Coyle and Granlund are part of our future not trade chips. We need a goaltender but not that bad. I would make that trade if it were Heatley and Backstrom instead.

    • Hell, if they are looking for more than a rental at goalie and Granlund is “available” Why not ship him to the Ducks for Fasth or Anderson. Grandlund and Teemu were great together In Sochi.

    • MN could pick up Bryz from the Oilers for a draft pick. He is a UFA at year end.

  10. Waivers today: Kobasew (PIT), McLaren (TOR), Larsen (EDM), Dubnyk (NSH).

    • Somebody is going to steal maclaren, and its going to break my heart.
      If Philly is even considering trying b.schenn, if I were nonis I’m picking up the phone and offering
      To toronto: b.schenn, 2015 1st round pick
      To Philly: Kadri , 2015 1st round pick, and 3rd round pick
      The picks could be 2015 or 2016. Let the haters begin

      • Sorry I forgot to add holzer or blacker to the equation

        • Just to clarify
          To toronto: b.schenn and a first round pick
          To Philly: Kadri, holzer or blacker and a first round pick, and a 4th round pick ( I know I changed this pick)

          • Except that Blacker now belongs to the Ducks

          • Bah I forgot when we sent him packing lol

          • As a ducks fan, what would it take toronto to get smith-pelly?

          • Would like to keep Smith-Pelly, expect him full time in Anaheim next year along with Etem & Rakell.

          • Kadri is of no use to the Flyers. There is no room for him there, and he is not a Flyers type player.

            I don’t see Schenn being moved at all….but if he is..it will be part of a deal for a true top 2 dman.

            Sorry…no interest here for that package from Toronto. Not to mention, you don’t even have all the assets you offer.

          • Don’t the leafs have 2 forth round picks? One from Calgary and one from Phoenix ?

  11. Espn is reporting that Callahan’s camp has lowered the demand from 7 years to 6. LOL. Way to meet in the middle! See ya Callahan.

  12. I can see the Ducks going after a D-man…they would probably give up Sbisa, a 1st and maybe Palmieri for Ehrhoff or Myers.

    • Keep Ehroff not at any price. Myers, maybe

      • i wouldnt give that up for Erhoff. Another LD we dont need. Now, i would give that up for Myers in a heart beat… As long as its the Ducks 1st…

    • If I’m the Sabres I would nix that plan immediately.

  13. Update:

    – Scrivens signs a 2 year extension, at $2.3M per
    – Brodeur’s equipment not in locker room, and is his decision to be traded
    – Dubnyk, McLaren, Kobasew and Larsen placed on waivers
    – Moulson not at Sabres practice
    – Hossa out 2-3 weeks with an upper body injury

  14. Has anybody watched Philip Larson? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play but his stats aren’t bad for a young d-man. I’m trying to think whose going to steal him, and which NHL team might make a run for dubnyk. Goalies are hot commodities this year, and for 1.5m cold be a nice backup goalie, for a team looking to add depth at the position. Me thinks some trades are coming over the next 24hrs

    • No offense AllHTL’s, but Dubnyk sucks, period, he doesn’t belong in the NHL, but you are probably right, some desparate team might pick him up, as much as I hate to say it, maybe the Wild. Yikes….

    • Quite an astute prediction. Haha!

    • I saw him play with Oilers against the Canucks earlier this season. I was focused on him for a while because of the same reasons of you. What I took away from the game was that Larson was weak, slight, bullied by stronger guys, played on the perimeter but he sure could pass the puck.

  15. Screw giving Ottawa Stewart…if they want Mouson fine bc I doubt he signs there next year but Stewart has term on his contract so I would give Nolan a year to work with him and if all doesn’t work out then move him at next years dead line. Stewart is young, a 25-30 goal big, tough power forward who might get a different work ethic with Nolan working with him.

  16. I am hoping if the Bruins make any moves it’s a hockey move not a rental they just don’t work. Getting Jagr as a rental was a bust an I think if they played soderburg from the start of the playoffs they would of won it all last year. Maybe go after Myers from buffalo

  17. What do you guys think the leafs could get, realistically for Lupal, kulimen etc? I’m not advocating a fire sake but I’m all for moving out guys and bringing up the kids. They will be first round fodder regardless. I’d rather see them add young pieces and bring up their kids. All this talk of moulson getting a first rounder plus makes me think the leafs should see if teams will maybe overpay a bit for a guy
    Ike Lupal. We won’t get a first line centre unless we draft one at this point.

    • not much kulemin is nothing more than a 3rd or 4th liner and lupul has potential but is very brittle teams won’t much a 3rd or 4th round pick for kulemin if your lucky and a decnet mid level prospect for lupul or a 5-6th defencman

    • Realistically, I think you could get an STD from Lupul.

    • Lupul to the Ducks for a 4th rounder.

  18. Nothing the leafs have outside of Reilly and Bernier is going to get them much by themselves. They have to do a package deal if they want to get the top pair d man or big scoring center. With all the big names out there now there is probably more names available that we haven’t heard of. Could happen but unless it is a true top pair or big center I wouldn’t make a move just to make a move.

  19. This is the most exciting time of year but like every year we hear alot of talk and little significant action. Same will happen during the next 2 days. Dreger this Dreger that (what a moron) then Mackenzie (donut boy) saying stuff. Teams will just tinger with there lineups, no big move, just 3rd line guys for minimal prospects and draft picks. if something does happen, i’ll be truely shocked. As a leaf fan, i would love to see Callahan, Moulson, etc addes for THE most traded guy in leaf history, yes GARDINER, but who in there right mind would want him, defense is just horrible. i hope trades happen that have been talked about but it won’t. these media guys who make all this stuff up are full of ———–, just look at the ufa’s and that where there making up this sh———–. i wish we would only hear true stuff. Happy deaDLINE.

  20. Why isn’t Kulimen traded yet.
    Dredger said he was a goner.
    Hope Nonis doesn’t think he’s worth a first or seconded rounder.

  21. I wonder if Byfuglien went to Chevy and asked him to explore a trade if they couldn’t fit him in on D? I could certainly see the Flyers being interested in Buff and I could see the Jets being interested in some of the flyers young forwards to replace buff on wing.