NHL Morning Rumor Mill – May 12, 2014

The Senators and Maple Leafs are reportedly shopping Jason Spezza and Dion Phaneuf, plus the latest on the Penguins, Avalanche, Bruins & Blue Jackets. 

Are the Senators and Leafs shopping Jason Spezza (left) and Dion Phaneuf?

Are the Senators and Leafs shopping Jason Spezza (left) and Dion Phaneuf?

SPORTSNET.CA/OTTAWA SUN/TORONTO SUN/TSN.CA: Nick Kypreos reports independent sources claim the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators are shopping captains Dion Phaneuf and Jason Spezza. Kypreos claims new Leafs president Brendan Shanahan might not be fully on board with Phaneuf going forward. Phaneuf’s new seven-year, $49 million contract kicks in on July 1.

Bruce Garrioch isn’t surprised Spezza’s name is on the market as GM Bryan Murray has been talking to suitors but admitted surprise Phaneuf was out there. Garrioch claims the Senators received offers from the Anaheim Ducks and St. Louis Blues before the trade deadline and he expects they’ll move Spezza before next month’s NHL Draft in Philadelphia.

Mike Zeisberger suspects a “win-now” team will have interest in Spezza, while any club interested in Phaneuf will have to take on an expensive contract which stretches into the next decade.  Zeisberger claims the Leafs fielded calls about Phaneuf this season and believes there’s a market for their captain. Bob McKenzie reports Spezza is very much in play.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Well, this should certainly perk up ye olde rumor mill for the next few weeks. No surprise Spezza’s name is kicking around. Garrioch believes the asking price is a player who can help the Senators now, plus a prospect and a first round pick. As Spezza’s only a year away from unrestricted free agency, a rival club might be unwilling to part with that much unless they can negotiate a contract extension first. I agree that a “win-now” team is more likely to pursue Spezza. As for Phaneuf, the Leafs will probably have to pick up part of his salary on his new contract in order to move him. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the Avalanche still think Alex Tanguay (hip surgery) can be a top-six forward next season, prompting him to wonder if they shop P.A. Parenteau this summer for a defenseman…Matheson also wonders if the Blue Jackets re-sign rising star Ryan Johansen to a two-year bridge deal or a long-term extension…With Carl Soderberg anchoring the Bruins third line, Matheson wonders if Chris Kelly could be shopped this summer. He also speculates Kevan Miller may have taken Adam McQuaid’s spot on the Bruins blueline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Considering the Avs also have to re-sign Ryan O’Reilly and Paul Stastny, moving Parenteau could free up valuable cap space…I’m guessing the Jackets go the bridge contract route with Johansen, as they might prefer to see how well he develops  before investing in an expensive long-term deal. Of course a rival club could throw a spanner in the works by offering him an expensive, lengthy offer sheet…Kelly has two years at $3 million per season on his contract with a full no-trade clause. 

TRIBLIVE.COM: Dejan Kovacevic believes big changes could be afoot for the Pittsburgh Penguins if they once again suffer another early playoff exit. He’s been told ownership is furious over the club’s performance in this year’s playoffs. He believes head coach Dan Bylsma could lose his job and doubts GM Ray Shero emerges unscathed, pointing to a lack of organizational depth. While captain Sidney Crosby won’t be going anywhere, his role in the Penguins struggles this spring can’t be ignored.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Penguins get eliminated by the Rangers, Bylsma’s a goner. They can’t justify keeping him behind the bench. While the draft record isn’t the best, Shero has done a good job stocking the Penguins with talent via trades, plus he’s got a blue chip defenseman in Olli Maatta. He won’t lose his job. Crosby certainly won’t be dealt. 


  1. I think they truly will deal Phaneuf. I also believe they will not retain a penny of salary. He is a good defenceman, this market is a tough one to play in as everyone seems to value other teams players more than their own. I could easily see him being dealt to San Jose or Dallas. Perhaps a Phaneuf Pavelski deal is something that would work for both teams.
    Dont rule out the Oilers.

    • Mill maybe mill and a half at most…still cant really see trading him but maybe. I agree the Toronto market is nuts team needs 2 top 4 d men so may aswell make it 3 now…lol.

      • why, you had him going to Florida for the 1st overall a few days ago … yeah, like that would ever happen …

      • Actually I said they could hold some salary maybe look in to packaging him with the 8th overall for the 1st, but carry on with your miserable drivel.

        • phaneuf in the same trade for the first overall might be the dumbest thing I have heard from a leafs fan!! wake up leaf fans everyone is so sick of your stupidity

          • lol another smart post by jello, dumbest thing I ever heard was you spouting off about how Lyle condones racism on his own site, your views dont mean a whole heck of alot. lol

        • Hey Shticky did he really say that? lol hahaha hilarious. Guess I missed it.

    • Dealing a monster contract like that the Leafs will HAVE TO take a mill or two of his salary for remainder of Dion’s contract. Spezza has what a year left and Phaneuf has like 6 or 7.

      Murray will get a better offer for Spezza from Anaheim or the Blues IMO.

      @ Shticky
      Doubt Panthers trade their pick to move down 7 spots and get Phaneuf. I think the Panthers don’t wanna move below the 5th overall. Unless the offer was unbelievable they wouldn’t take that contract in return. They have Luongo’s already also.

      Tallon is a smart GM. Phaneuf’s contract would put a strangle hold on that team’s cap for awhile, a loooong while.

      • Have you seen what MacDonald signed for? Have you seen what Niskanen is expected to sign for?
        If Phaneuf were a free agent he would get exactly what he signed for.
        Lets also keep in mind he signed a limited no trade deal that kicks in this summer I believe so they may need to move fast.
        Oilers/Sharks/Flyers/Stars/Flames/Ducks would all get in on Phaneuf so lets not think that the Leafs have to eat a dime of that salary to make it happen.

        • Flyers have no intetest in Dion.

          They have 6 guys on d under contract, all for multiple years and high dollar figures.

          They also have 3 stud dmen in the juniors who will be ready in the next few years.

          No place for Dion on the Flyers. No cap room for his cap-hit either

        • You do realize MacDonald had 28 points and Phaneuf had 30 points? MacDonald is one of the best defensive defensemen in the league yet he is still capable of putting up 28+ points. On the other side Phaneuf isn’t very defensively sound. Phaneuf averaged 23 minutes of ice time per game on the other hand MacDonald averages 25 minutes of ice team per game.

          Phaneuf’s cap hit is a very high $7 million per year for the next 6 or 7 years. Also the next two seasons he makes a high $8 million per year in terms of total salary.

          MacDonald’s contract is exactly what he should be making. He’s going to be making a nice $5 mill per year for the next season. His cap hit is also just 5 mill a year.

          As a mater of a fact Phaneuf WOULD NOT get what he signed for on the free agency market. Now that Gillis and Holmgren are gone nobody stupid enough to give that kind of contract out. Nonis just rushed the process with signing Phaneuf. He should have let Phaneuf test the waters.

          Oilers/Sharks//Stars/Flames/Ducks – Sure they’d jump on Phaneuf but not with that price. Your just kidding yourself if you think they’d pay him that much to do what he does. When a guy like MacDonald IMO does more and is much more defensively sound is making $5 million per year for the next 6 years why turn to a guy like Phaneuf who makes $2 mill more then MacDonald and is tied in for 7 years. LEAFS WILL HAVE TO EAT A GOOD CHUNK OF THAT CONTRACT TO MAKE ANY KIND OF DEAL TO WORK FOR PHANEUF.

          • Jes MacDonald is a second pairing D and not sure how much you have seen him 9lay or if you pay any attention to adv Stats but you are really making him out to be more than what he is, hes better than some of the D the Leafs have but calling MacDonald “one of the best Defensive d men in the league” is a joke guy was a huge minus turns the puck over a tonne not very quick, does block alot of shots but so do alot of 5-6 type d men.

    • I think the Oilers were be interested x 10.
      He is what they long for on the back end despite his problems.
      He is a minutes eater which makes his contract acceptable.
      A couple of young players (no we won’t ask for one of the studs) and perhaps a 2nd round pick they lost to LA for Bernier might make it happen.

      • The question to this would be what would Toronto want that the Oilers will be willing to give up. I can not see the Oilers giving up any of their young d men and I can not see the Leafs be willing to take any of the Oilers young forward prospects. The only thing that I can see is Gagner for Phaneuf, but that would leave the Oilers really thin at centre and I think the leafs would be asking for more. Posable Gagner and a package for Phaneuf and Bozak? But hey, as an Oiler fan I just can not picture Phaneuf in a Oiler jersey. I can’t stand the guy.

        • Again Ill say if the Leafs decided to eat 1.5 of Dions contract to sweeten the pot Phaneuf has alot of value toalot of teams at locked up for 5.5 for the next 7 years the return would be good, as others have pointed out MacDonald Niskanen Streit all around the same price for Phaneuf locked long term.

          • I could definitely see the oilers moving there 1st round pick in a deal for dion as they desperately need improve their d core and I can’t see and of the ufa Dmen from this year signing there, and it always looks good to bring in a hometown player, would to be shocked to see the leafs move their 8th pick in a package to Florida for the first either as shanny is probably gonna try and make a big “culture change” statement

          • Streit was signed by Holmgren so comparing that deal is just wrong IMO.

            But ya $5-5.5 mill a year is about all I’d be willing to commit to a guy like Phaneuf, not a penny more.

            Also depends on what you’ll be asking in return. You won’t be getting that 1st overall or Tavares for Phaneuf as some have mentioned on this site.

  2. I used to be a big time Crosby fan (golden goal and all) but after watching the Ranger/Penguin series my opinion of him has dropped significantly. He’s out there slew footing, spearing and cross checking then hiding behind his team mates because he has concussion problems and one knock to the head and he may be out for a long time. What a jerk. Maybe Pittsburg’s performance can be linked to the kind od leadership Crosby has provided.

    • it’s 2014 … PittsburgH has an H on the end of it Einstein … go back to school …

      • Come on Ed – is that all you have to say?

        • Ya most of the time thats the extent of Eds valuable opinions.


    • Not for nothing, but Crosby has been doing that stuff almost since he arrived in Pittsburgh, and his buddies Neal and Malkin have jumped right on board with it.

    • That is what Pittsburgh is lacking – leadership. Sid has a control problem – when things don’t go his way…..he gets frustrated and then starts doing his cheap shots hiding behind his teammates. The key to beating Pitts is to get into Sid’s head and one of these days he’s gonna do something and get pounded. For being so talented – Sid is a cry baby and a petulant child.

      • Can’t say I’m surprised. I mean Gretzky had the same diva syndrome: when he wasn’t loading up on points, he was barking at the refs and hiding behind McSorely. Same thing, different superstar.

        • Chaas,
          That is a really incompetent statement to make. All star players are divas. They all think the rules should be different for them. Its just the way it is. To compare Gretzky to Crosby is just ridiculous. Yes, Gretzky cried to the refs (show me a star player who doesn’t) but he wasn’t out there cheap shotting every player on the ice simply because his team was losing. Crosby has a history if taking cheap shots at opponents when things aren’t going his way.

        • Gretzky never went on tv and said he hated a team.

          Gretzky never speared, dove, slashed, hacked, and acted irreisponsibly with his actions.

          Greztky whined for sure, but never dropped to the low standards that Crosby has resorted to.

          Crosby has been this for years…always against the Flyers. He broke both of Giroux’s wrists a few years ago from slashing in the faceoff circle for gods sake.

          He is incredibly talented, but his actions are an embarrassment to the league.

          • Gretzky never speared, dove, slashed, hacked, and acted irreisponsibly with his actions.

            Are you sure man? That’s a whole lot of games to have not done any of that.

          • Gretzky never broke wrists, had a hissy fit on live tv, speared, dove or any of the immature antics that Crosby does.


            I am positive.

            Ohh and Jes…I don’t need you and your supposed intellect questioning me.

          • Hey Gary why don’t you just shut your mouth? Be a man and answer the friggin question, rather then sit behind your computer write BS. I simply asked you a very clear question and all you do is insult me? Seriously bud grow up. Now people aren’t aloud to question you about your posts your heinous?

            Guaranteed if I went and got all the footage of Gretzky on the ice I’d see at least one of those things that you have said he hasn’t done.

            Supposed intellect? Look who’s talking lol….

        • When did Gretzky ever go into the seventh game of the second series with only 1 goal in the hole playoffs? I grew up watching Gretzky and I can not recall him ever slashing and hacking or chirping at the other players tough guys and go and hide behind McSorely or Semako like Crosby is doing. Please, not even Crosby can be compared to the Great One.

          • When did Gretzky ever have to put up with the on-ice crap that Crosby has? He gives what he gets and oft times his emotions get the better of him, which is the goal of opposing teams and players in trying to get him off his game. Funny thing is, players who regularly employ these dastardly tactics (Lucic, Kesler, Bolland, etc) are hailed as “warriors” for playing with their heart on their collective sleeves, but Crosby is vilified by obvious “Syd haters” for channeling his inner Dougie Gilmour. Check out of the mayhem in the west to get a better grasp of what it takes to win in play-off hockey. These guys are stopping just short of killing each other. There have been three or four suspensions in the western conference post season, while in the east… a fine for squirting water at an opposing player.

          • I’m sure Leaf fans can remember one time he got his stick up while on defense and took the puck and when the length and scored….

            The report on the news is that Mario went to visit Sid after their last game to talk to him about his play and his cheap shots after the whistle.
            Now we will see if Super Mario can turn him around.

          • Definitely no comparison between the two Kev. Well one. That being Gretzky was the very best of his generation and Crosby is the best in his generation.

            Not a Crosby fan. I’d honestly take Tavares over Crosby if we were to mock draft the whole NHL.

    • Yeah Crosby sucks. Lets just trade him. The guy is useless. What has he ever done?
      The thought that a star player is showing emotion and frustration is unacceptable. He simply has to go.
      Lets not invite him for another Team Canada either. Just a brutal hockey player.
      Just one question though “Gored”……did you mean to type “Gord”??? Just saying

      • It’s one thing to be frustrated, it’s another thing to become cheap and dirty as a result of it.

        The “best” player and face of the league needs to grow up, dig down and elevate his game instead of his stick.

        It ‘s frustrating to watch such talent resort to these actions. I have been saying it for years, and coworkers and friends are saying they are seeing it more and more.

        It really cheapens his career.

      • Chrapens his career? Tell us about what a great player Chris Pronger is, how bout Scott Stevens or Shanahn… I think there are quite a few great players that have taken some cheap shots in their career, Gretzky did alot of whining Lemuix aswell who also never had an issue with giving a poke or slash after the whistle. Not like Gordie Howe was the cleanest player on the ice. Give me a break. Flyers fans opinnions of Crosby should be taken with a mountain of salt.

    • Nice to see you’ve fallen victim to the CBC bias. They loved showing Crosby doing the dirty work this year, but forgot to show all the interferance, shoving, free shots, slashing and hooking anytime he didn’t have the puck. The refs were not calling much, so what do you expect him to do?

      BTW leadership can be had in various forms and not scoring a big goal or the like. So unless you were in the backrooms listing to his speeches (or lack I assume), then shut up.

  3. If they do trade Phaneuf, don’t rule out Calgary. Uncle Brian works there now. He will probably pay extra to get him. The big question is, who can the Leafs bring in who is better? More importantly, what team is going to send the Leafs a better defense man than him, what is the cost, and does it create a bigger hole elsewhere?

    • So the Leafs are going to trade the defenceman that Randy Carlyle depends on the most. Is there any logic to management decisions since Shanahan came on board?

    • Calgary fans fell out of love with Phaneuf. No way Burke can bring him back.

  4. If the Pens collapse (yet again) when will Ray Shero be held accountable??? He inherited the team’s core players and has assembled one of the softest playoff teams in recent memory … other than winning the Cup, Bylsma should be gone … he never makes adjustments and is clueless on matchups … his star players have let him down but he is either arrogant or stubborn about his coaching style … I’m a diehard but I’m almost hoping for a loss so we can blow this up … and I don’t want Shero or Bylsma around for the change … can Pascal Dupuis mean that much??? Pens had the perfect coach and let him go because Sid didn’t like his defensive first attitude … Flyers lucked into Steve Mason, hope the Pens can do the same after Fleury leaves … this team is a mess.

    • Ahhh finnaly a decent post, good point with Shero.

      • Shero has done an outstanding job and is one of the most highly respected GMs in the league.
        Look at his deals, right down through the years he has been there. His drafting has been great as well given his position in the draft.
        As for the rest, I am fed up with the need of the powerplay to be so pretty they give up clear shots for the extra pass. That spells arrogance.
        I love Crosby but his sudden reluctance to pass instead of shoot dumbfounds me.
        Fleury must go PERIOD. Trade Letang for young blood. Insert some of their young D in the line up. Bylsma was good for the time but something is wrong when this teams ability and inclination to get dirty in the playoffs is missing AGAIN!
        When the Pens won in 2009 they had a strong 3 and 4 line with Kennedy, Talbot etc. but now they have none of that.
        With Orpik and Niskanen (another great acquisition by Shero) soon to be gone there are going to be changes for sure.

        • ……..my mistake. I meant Crosby’s reluctance to shoot in favour of the pretty pass.
          I will take an ugly goal as much as a pretty one any day of the week. That is what wins playoff games.

    • Bylsma finally put Neil back on the #1 PP last night bumping Martin. Martin & Niskanen were manning the points prior with Crosby, Kunitz & Malkin up but Letang was still sitting in favor of Niskanen last night. Pittsburgh’s power play has been terrible & why Bylsma hasn’t put back together what used to be 1 of the best power plays in the NHL is mind boggling.

      Crosby, Kunitz, Neil, Malkin & Letang.

      Yes missing Dupuis is significant. He did all the dirty work, heavy lifting for the Crosby, Kunitz line but Pittsburgh has enough top & talent that it shouldn’t matter.

      I also don’t like Malkin & Crosby together. It significantly reduces Neil’s contribution not getting to play with Malkin.

      If anyone is to blame for Pittsburgh’s struggles it starts with Bylsma & ends with Crosby.

    • Should be an overhaul if the Pens lose to the Rangers. I’d also trade Fleury and sign either Hiller or Miller or even trade for Andersen of the Ducks. Looks like Gibson is the real deal.

      • Fleury isnt the problem this year. Sure we still have a game left but they wouldnt have made it to game 7 unless Fleury doesnt steal game 2 and 3. Offense has dried up. Crosby 1 goal, Neal 1, Kuntiz 1 in this series. Pens depth sucked and they arent doing anything to discredit that.

        -Fire Bylsma
        – Hire Trotz
        -Trade Neal
        – Let Oprik and Nisky walk.
        -Play the youth.

  5. I’d be shocked if Phaneuf or Spezza brought back a decent return.

    I love when fans talk about how good a player is…but they want to trade him.

    • Spezza will bring back a reasonable return because he only has one year left on that big contract. He’s a 20 goal 60 pt center who can still dominate when he wants too. I’m thinking it will be like an Iginla return to a contender. He’s only 30 years old.
      Maybe the Pen’s can deal Malkin for a huge return and slot Spezza into the second line center role. lol
      Then again I’m allowed to dream of the Leafs and Sen’s swapping Phaneuf for Spezza straight up so we can rid ourselves of Phaneufs albatross contract and get a decent center to mentor Kadri.

      • Waky waky…eggs and backy! spezza for phaneuf….you’re dreaming..but how bout spezza for bonino and a first rounder…sounds fair.

        • Bonino, prospect and a 1st (Ottawa’s first from Ryan trade) for Spezza.

          Something like that?

          • exactly what i was thinking…maybe even get silfverberg back

  6. They just extended Phaneuf. This is a silly rumor started out by morons in the Toronto hockey media. This is unfounded. His contract is a value killer. The only teams that could take on Phaneuf are smaller market teams, like the Panthers, Islanders, and that means that the Leafs really need to eat up a lot of salary.

    It would become an average at best hockey trade and a terrible business deal.

    The AVs should have the money to keep everyone and possibly add a depth veteran d-man to help. If not, i’d love to see Parenteau on the Panthers.

    What the Rangers did has been amazing and impressive. Still, i doubt that the Penguins will lose three in a row in the playoffs.

    Yet, i am also not a fan of, and never was, of Bylsma. A mid-season hire that won a Cup and hasn’t delivered since. Plus, very unimpressive for Team USA.

    • Well said.

      Parenteau would look pretty good in a Panthers jersey.

  7. Phaneuf for Pavelski? I almost spit out my coffee when I read that one.

    • Yeah… I know.. the Sharks would have to throw in something else in there to make it work 😉

      • Add with Pavelski? No.

      • Lol nice Galactus….

  8. If the Leafs have to retain any salary beyond $1M on Phaneuf then there is no point in dealing him unless something significant is coming back. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but Phaneuf is worth $5M (right now) so if the Leafs retained $2M then it would be like they essentially would be paying him $5M going forward. The ONLY way I see it being worth retaining salary is if they get something significant back in a trade.

    So trade Phaneuf for a bag of pucks and do not retain salary
    Or trade Phaneuf for a decent return and retain some salary

    Nonis should be fired immediately if he gets nothing for Phaneuf and has to retain salary. As I have said many times here, Nonis is not the right man for the top job. He is decent at trades and terrible at cap management. Signing Phaneuf mid season in his final year for basically what he would have gotten on the open UFA market made no sense especially after his good start and knowing full well he would be gassed to finish out the year. 90% of the Leaf fans saw Phaneuf’s end of season demise coming when if mattered most so why didn’t Nonis?

    • I actually agree completelyl Leafs 24/7. A lot of folks seem to like to point out that Dion could have gotten that contract elsewhere if the Leafs don’t give it to him. That may well be true but we see bad mistakes in FA all the time. Just because a team might have been willing to give a second pairing D man 7 mill per doesn’t mean they’d be willing to trade away assets to acquire him. It’s a big difference when you are just giving up cash for a guy instead of assets and a big ticket contract.

      The Leafs seem stuck in that they likely won’t get the return they or their fans deem appropriate for a solid but overpaid D man.

      • It’s not that I want to get rid of Dion, it’s that I just don’t see how after not changing any of the upper management and the head coach you can expect the “culture change” they speak of with out getting rid of a couple significant pieces off the roster. If they choose to make this player Dion I am ok with it, I just don’t want any extra cost associated with the trade. No salary taken back. If they can do this then I really don’t care what they get back as it’s like he walked as a ufa.

        • Exactly

          • Thanks but Id rather get somekind of return. A mill or 1.5 is nothing if its a very good young player or picks. Use the left over cap space to build the D or get a center you dont let him walk for nothing or we a screwed worse than we were this year.

          • I get what your saying Shticky eat some salary to get a better package but if your eating money what kind of quality can you actually take on when they are already a cap team year after year…

          • But anyway I dont think they’d have to retain salary if they wanted him gone anyway.. They could get a decent return with out it

          • Eat a mill buy out Gleason and the Leafs have over 30 mill in space, almost half the cap plenty of room With the top line starting goalie a few good prospects all under contract if it wasnt for Nonis and Carlyle Id feel pretty good about it actually but at that point they are a few more years away.
            If Phaneuf gets traded with the UFA D that are available this year its going to be a long year and they may as well strip it down even more than that. Get rid of Lupul too. Just keep hearing they want more vets, so who knows.

    • Very well said Leafs 24/7.

  9. Phaneuf to Rangers for B Richards
    Reimer and pick to Vancouver for Lach and Hamhuis
    Kadri, Gardiner, Bolland to Ottawa for Spezza and Neil then Spezza and Neil to LA or M Richards
    Bozak and Gleason to Edmonton for some young scoring talent

    JRV-B Richards-Kessel
    Lupul-M Richards-Raymond
    Clarkson- McClement- Orr
    McLaren-Holland- Bodie

    • No way do the Rangers take on Phaneuf and his contract. Aside from not needing him, they will be looking to buy out Richards and shed that salary, not to take on another bad contract. Nor are they going to pay him that kind of money (more than Girardi / Mcdonagh) to play the 3-4 d spot.

      • Wow the race for McDavid starts with that lineup…jeezus look at that third line. The whole line had 6 maybe 7 goals last year the second is not much better and Im not sure how but the 4th may be the worse.

    • Brilliant! Specially the part about Reimer and a pick to Vancouver for Lach and Hamhuis. All you have to do is kidnapp Linden’s family to make it work.

    • love how the leafs think other teams will take their garbage at a premium cost…those trades are ridiculous.

      • I hear ya on that one.
        Makes me wonder every time.
        Folks come up with trade proposals with the idea of winning the trade instead of bettering the team. Two vastly different concepts.
        Overpaying like Kadri and Gardner for O’Reilly makes the Leafs a better team but also leaves them open to possibly losing the deal. So what.

    • I think Lack looked better than Reimer so not sure I’d take a first and Reimer just for Lack. No way they Hamhuis for a package like this.

    • Huge over value on Reimer.

      Hamhuis has a ntc, and is from BC and chose BC over Nash/ Philly and Pitts.

      Doubt he comes to Toronto.

    • Seriously man you have got to put that bottle down.
      Kadri and Gardner? Why not just deal them directly to LA for Richards?
      Bozak to Edmonton for what? They already have enough small forwards.
      Reimer and pick to Vancouver for a better goalie and solid D man??? Seriously?
      I don’t want Brad Richards because Brad did not want to play in Toronto before so why would we want him now?
      Phaneuf has more value than that on the open market.

    • I want some of whatever you’re smoking, dude.

      Reimer and a pick for Lack AND Hamhuis? I wouldn’t even make that deal for Lack alone – Reimer sucks AND he’s on an expiring contract, unless you’re offering a 1st along with him. ROFL.

    • Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  10. Why is Kypreos still with sportsnet? Are those exec’s just as concussed as him. Lets trade Kipper for the philly fanatic!
    You’re right that the Toronto media is stirring the pot because there is no sports stories in Toronto other than the Jays losing again!

  11. Okay NYR4Life,

    How’s this:

    Dion Phaneuf and Phil Kessel for Brad Richards, Rick Nash and Martin St. Louis?

    • LOL, no! The Rangers do not want Dion Phaneuf. Rick Nash makes a better defenseman.

      • The Rangers really need a center more than a D-man or winger. Again, I don’t see them paying Dion 7+ per to play 3-4 or 5-6 d-man. I just can’t see it. But if your next suggestion includes Girardi or Mcd going the other way I may throw up.

    • LOL! One of the worst trade proposals I’ve read on this site ever!
      Did it work playing NHL14 on your PS3?

    • Yeah trade a top 5 player for washed up ageing talent.
      Good idea.
      Are you sure you are not JFJ??

      • @ Lou, I agree this is a terrible trade. But Nash is 29 hardly washed up and too young still to be considered aging. But Kessel top 5? Stamkos, Malkin, Crosby, Getzlaf, Giroux, Kane, Toews, Sharp, Tavares, Seguin, etc….Not sure Kessel makes top 5 in the NHL.Sscoring, yes. Overall 5 best in the league may be a slight hyperbole.

        • @NYR4Life, I love that you included Seguin in your list :) Can’t think of a better way to annoy a Leaf fan than suggest that Seguin should be ranked ahead of Kessel. BTW how good has Dougine Hamilton looked on D for Boston? Man would Seguin and Hanilton have helped the Leafs out if those picks hadn’t been traded for Phil.

          • LOL, It really wasn’t meant as a dig.

  12. I can see Dion going to SJS. They have an aging UFA in Boyle and Dion would fit that opening. He will perform better, less pressure.

    What come to TO ? Who knows but SJS need to shake their core a bit. Has to be fairly close in salary. Can they swing a deal for a # 1 center ? Add some parts to a deal but you have to think that Phaneuf, Kadri, Gardiner are all in play. Marleau ? ( Since according to one poster here Pavelski is out )

    If it is Marleau I would want some youth coming back also as Marleau isn’t exactly young.

    Could be an interesting summer…….

    • Marleau has a NMC in his contract, wants for finish career at SJ.

      • Missed that. Thanks. Still think SJS is a good fit.

  13. Dion Phaneuf $7 (2021 UFA)
    Phil Kessel $8 (2022 UFA)

    Rick Nash $7.8 (2019 UFA)
    Brad Richards $6.6 (2020 UFA)
    Martin St. Louis $5.6 (2016 UFA)

    • and St-Louis is 10,000 years old!!

      • Smh…no no no

        • This trade makes little to no sense for either team.

          • Totally agree with you NYR4LIFE!

    • Cocaine is a hell of a drug

    • Martin Klatt you are everywhere today lol.

  14. I’m generally cautious and hate the long contracts for unproven guys, but if I were CBJ I’d sign Johansen long-term. I’d say he’s the real deal.

    And, as a Habs fan, I can see how much more we’re going to have to pay for Subban now than we turned down a couple of years ago, when we signed him to a bridge contract instead! (a move I supported at the time)

    • 9 out of 10 times (in this case aswell) its the smart move imo, not many are going to follow up signing their bridge deals with Norris trophies and seasons like Subban has. He will be worth every penny.

  15. I see all of these guys gone

    Kadri $2.9(2015/16 RFA)—trade him now please, too small—
    Bolland $3.3 (2014/15 UFA)—if he wants $5, let him walk or trade him, he cost us nothing—
    Kulemin $2.8 (2014/15 UFA)—let him walk or trade him, Bodie can do what he does for pennies—-
    Gunnarsson $3.1 (2016/17 UFA)-to soft, can’t clear the net, often has back to play as puck goes in net—
    Franson $2 (2014/15 RFA)—still sulking over last year’s contract negotiations, as a result will never bleed blue and white Dougie Gilmour style, so trade him now please—
    Gardiner .$.875 (2014/15 RFA)—punk with some skating ability, trade him now, while he still has some value—-
    Reimer $1.8 (2014/15 RFA)—sulking, but can you blame him? Can’t control rebounds, trade him to Edmonton, while they are still desperate—-
    Bernier $2.9 (2015/16 RFA)—Nonis’ pet project, he stays—
    Lupul $5.2 (2018/19 UFA)—great player if he can stay healthy, trade him—
    Bozak $4.2 (2018/19 UFA)—too small, but good in shoot out, and has knack for scoring close in, keep him if you can get some other centermen via trades or free agents, otherwise trade him cause he is too small to carry the role of a number one centreman like Darryl Sittler, who still bleeds blue and white during alumni games—
    JVR $4.2 (2018/19 UFA)—needs a talk with Don Cherry bout smiling when your team is losing, maybe he needs to be traded and get more Canadian boys on the team? Maybe he can bleed blue and white, but I think deep down he wishes he would bleed red, white and blue—-
    Clarkson $5.2 (2020 UFA)—like it or not we are stuck with Nonis’ pet project #2. For at least another year, that’s when Lou steps in and says he’ll take ’em back, if we eat some salary. I’m still not convince he is all that bad. He will have this season to redeem himself—
    Kessel $8—not going anywhere as long as he wants to be a Leaf and puts up the numbers—

    Darcy Tucker and Colby Armstrong will finally be off the payroll at the end of this season! That’s 2 million there alone….

    Kessel, JVR, Bozak, and Bernier will stay almost guaranteed.

    Lupul, might go, maybe. Doubt it.
    I like Tim Gleason, but in all reality if no other Leaf defencemen can stepup their physical play, I can’t see his body lasting any longer than a couple of seasons, he’s killing himself for the thankless team right now.

    Gone for sure: Phaneuf, Gardiner, Kadri, Reimer,

    They will probably let Raymond, Ranger and Kulemin walk as UFAs. Maybe trade Kulemin’s rights is more likely.

    Bring back Leo Komarov for Pete’s sake!

  16. I still think Phaneuf for Richards (as the base of the trade) would be good for the Leafs. The Leafs have lacked leadership since they had Gary Roberts…why isn’t his guy on the Leaf’s payroll? And they really screwed up when hey traded Steen and let Sundin walk….Steen was leadership material, and I’m not just saying that because he is excelling in St. Louis. Good for him, he plays a mature game beyond his years. Thomas Steen would have made a good Leaf too! I’m sure Sather and Nonis could work something out by throwing some other players in there to make it happen, and benefit. Leafs lack winning experience, Richards would bring that.

  17. What I have stated is more realistic than the Leafs getting Weber from Nashville. Come on Nonis, Phaneuf for Richards!!!!!!!!!

    • Id burn Nonis house down myself

  18. The Sharks will take Dion. You can have Stuart, Burish and TK or Havlat. No extra charge.

  19. Alot of people are talking about Phaneuf to the Sharks…hmmm Stuart, Burish or Havlat (didn’t he play for Ottawa? once upon a time) let’s look a the numbers

    Havlat $5 (2014/15 UFA age 33)
    Burish $1.8 (2016/17 UFA age 31)
    Stuart $3.6 (2015/16 UFA, age 34)

    Okay, ya I’d do that trade (Havlat & Stuart).

    I’ll listen to any offers. Kessel, JVR, Bernier, Reilly and Bozak are not for sale.

  20. BTW I believe St. Louis will play well into his 40’s he’s in better shape than you think. So what if he’s getting a little older, plays with heart and can score, AND make everybody around him better. Leafs should get him.

  21. So after the trade we have:


    The San Hose trade works well for us.

    Any trade proposals for Gardiner? Anyone?

    • Thank God your not the Leafs GM!

      • Thank god he’s not any team’s GM. Yikes.

        • Wow. No. Over value Phaneuf? Shot, you would be lucky to get Stuart alone. Of course Stuart will not leave SJ. Family reasons. It is why he got traded by the Wings, otherwise he would still be in Detroit.

  22. @Lyle so two days ago you said dion wasnt going anywhere. I laughed when i heard that. Brendan need to make a big change of identity and you will never win with dion and kessel as two top paid players. Maybe kessel with someone else. Then i have to listen to people say we had to sign him cause you plays 25 minutes a game. We were one of the worse defensive teams last year. You dont pay a 4th starter in baseball what you an ace cause you dont have anyone. And how can our defense get worse. Also next year is a gd draft. I think minus dion and a solid top 4 dman our d core would be better. Get rid of lupul kuli raymond keep all younger players. Sign bolland nothing more then 4 million. Longer term less money ex 5 yr 20 mill. Or 7 year 25 million. Name him captain to replace lousey dion that has no common sense when to pinch drop the gloves. It is a joke that you lyle say he is going nowhere when they just brought in a smart guy like shanny. No reason why we have to be a cap team atm. Makes no sense. Lets sign santana to a 5 yr 100 million dollar contract cause we have no one lol. I would be embarrased if i owned a dion jersey

    • “…….dont pay a 4th starter in baseball what you an ace cause (sic) you don’t have anyone”
      Hmmmmmm like a certain Knuckleball pitcher for a certain Toronto baseball team???
      Just saying……

    • I thought the joke was you calling out the site owner for doing exactly what we want him to do. Give us his informed opinion on possible trades.

      BTW, Neon Dion is still a Leaf so, you aren’t right yet.

    • I don’t expect to be right all the time, Michael. But I’ll take my 97 percent accuracy rate. If they move Phanuef, I hope they can find a suitable replacement, either via trade or free agency. Otherwise, if you thought their defense was bad with Dion, it’ll be much worse without him, as there’s no one in their system who can replace his minutes or his offense from the blueline. And if Shanny’s so smart, why did they decide to not only retain Carlyle, but bring him back for two more years? They needed a coaching change and instead fired his assistants. As Steve Dangle aptly put it, the Leafs need a new pair of shoes, but they fired the laces.

      • lol Bolland ya sure he will take a 4 mill per amd what were you saying about dont sign a fourth arm because you got no one else? I’M pretty sure that scenario can be applied to locking up Bolland for 7 years and making him captain.

  23. Kadri, Gardiner, Lupul and Reimer to Winnipeg for Byfuglien, Kane and Pavelec?

    • Nopers wouldn’t happen.

    • ………….perhaps the Leafs should ask for their first round pick and Cap space too???
      Wow Marty, ya gotta give your head a shake

  24. Any takers on Gardiner, seriously now. Who needs a puck mover that might turn out to be okay with the right coach?

  25. In theory Leo Komarov is going to return. Nonis will have the $2 from Armstrong and Tucker’s buyouts available. So with that in mind, and the previous proposed trade:


  26. Komarov, Clarkson, Orr, McLaren and Bodie hitting every game would open it up for Kessel, Lupul, JVR and Havlat. Now to trade Gardiner for a stay at home lunch pail gritty guy. We’ll throw in Reimer for the right offer.

    • Drop Orr and McLaren.
      Too many kids awaiting a chance to spark the Leafs fourth line with some energy while spelling off the first two lines.
      Holland, Ashton, D’Amigo, Smith, Bodie, Komarov will all be instrumental in next years bottom six.

  27. Kadri? Any takers?

    • Don’t go giving the kid away at this age.
      Been giving away youth for too many years.
      Kadri and Gardner for O’Reilly is a deal that makes sense. Yes you overpay but that is what is required to get a young two way centerman who is younger than Kadri.
      ROR’s defensive game in itself make the Leafs a better team.
      Don’t ever forget the Leafs shot against was reflective of a team effort and not just the defense so they need a ROR type of 2nd line center.

  28. Nazem Kadri for Brad Richards?

    • I think you are putting way too much time and thought about trading for Richards considering he will be available to 29 teams via free agency in the summer.

      • Do you really believe he will be bought out this summer?
        I thought he was a great role player…a little expensive, but still good.

    • He could go on to score 20 goals, lead them to the cup, win the Conn Smythe again and he is still on his way out of NY. It’s not about how he does or does not perform, it is about his contract. And If I were a Leafs fan(or any other fan), no way would I want him under his current contract.

      • Agree again!

  29. Not that I put any stock in these Phaneuf trade rumours, but he has, until his new contract kicks in on July 1, a full no movement clause in his current contract, which, I would think, severely limits the number of clubs that the Leafs could do business with. Don’t know if any such clause exists in his new contract, but I would expect there would be something similar in there. However, be that as it may, unless the Leafs are receiving a D-man capable of replacing Phaneuf’s minutes and role, I can’t see Nonis moving him. He’ s a good number three-four defenseman on a good team, but on this team, his flaws are often exposed, when he has to continually log big minutes against the opposition’s top players each and every game. Last time I checked, there were no stud d-men in the Leafs’ pipeline. Some good looking prospects, yes, but no first pairing, shutdown defenders. The UFA market is a wasteland of has-beens and never-weres, so, unless you’re only looking for depth on the blueline, you won’t find Phaneuf’s replacement there. In all likelihood, i fully expect Phaneuf to back patrolling the Leafs’ blueline next year in what should amount to another up and down season for both him and his team.

  30. Wow boring day Martin klatt?

  31. I think NY should try to flip Nash to Florida for the 1st and a prospect or two. Nash would do better out of the limelight, and NY needs to start replenishing some youth.

  32. Lyle-

    Do you think that Spezza might be good for the Red Wings? Good 1- 2 line center and they can move a guy like Tatar and another prospect. Possibly deal them the rights to Legwand.

    • They don’t want to take on that salary, and the Senators definitely don’t want the rights to Legwand.

  33. Well one’s thing is for sure..the likelihood of the Leafs and Senators directly swapping out Spezza for Phaneuf, regardless of extra players involved, are slim and none. Both are intriguing players though so curious to see how this all plays out

  34. Hello Aki Berg! Another Leaf Alumni! yay!

  35. I’m surprised no one is talking about inserting any leaf prospects. Being a team that everyone says they should build from within, no one ever talks about their players. Check out Conner Brown from the Erie Otters. Won the OHL Player of the year and scored a boat load of points. He has to put on a little weight I think but he could be a good threat behind Kessel. Not a leaf fan by any means but I think they have a decent team that never plays to their potential.

    Man it’s turning out to be an interesting offseason. Who stays and who goes will be pretty crazy I think. I don’t want the Sens to trade Spezza but I hope if Bryan pulls a trigger he gets a smart return. I’d like to see the Leafs trade Phaneuf. Never liked his play all that much but he does eat up a lot of minutes. A team like Colorado or Edmonton would like to have that kind of player that can eat minutes. I also think he would benefit from a coach that doesn’t rely on him as much as Carlyle does.