NHL Morning Rumor Mill – May 17, 2014

Latest on the Ducks, Bruins, Sharks, Lighting, Avalanche and Oilers. 

Should the Ducks pursue Ryan Miller this summer?

Should the Ducks pursue Ryan Miller this summer?

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance believes the Anaheim Ducks should bolster their depth at center by pursuing either Ottawa’s Jason Spezza or Vancouver’s Ryan Kesler via trade. He also believes they should add a veteran defenseman. As for their goaltending, while John Gibson and Frederik Andersson have promise, they also lack experience, and it sounds like they’ll part ways with pending UFA Jonas Hiller. He notes Ryan Miller would love to play in California. If they prefer an experienced backup, Ray Emery, Justin Peters and former Duck Ilya Bryzgalov could be good options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Ducks would stand a better chance of landing Spezza than Kesler, as the Canucks might be unwilling to ship the latter to a Conference rival. Spezza,of course, would have to agree to be dealt to the Ducks, but I doubt he’d object. Gibson and Andersson appear their future between the pipes. I don’t see Miller as an upgrade. It would make a good story if they brought back Bryzgalov, but that ship has likely sailed. 

BOSTON HERALD/CSNNE.COM: Steve Conroy reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli hopes to improve his club’s speed. He intends to make adjustments to his roster but not a major overhaul. He also noted the NHL is trending away from fighting, which could be bad news for pending UFA Shawn Thornton, who said no matter what happens he will remain part of the Boston community.  Pending UFA forward Jarome Iginla would like to remain a Bruin but wouldn’t elaborate about his contract talks. D.J. Bean believes Iginla will have to accept another one-year, bonus-laden deal to stay with the Bruins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect Chiarelli will make one significant move this summer involving winger Brad Marchand, who had another poor playoff effort. Iginla might be willing to accept a one-year deal with bonuses. Thornton won’t be back. The Bruins have only $9.1 million in projected cap space this summer and must re-sign RFAs Reilly Smith and Torey Krug, re-sign or replace backup Chad Johnson, and decide to bring back Iginla for another season. Iginla’s bonuses for this season will carry over into next season’s payroll, further denting their limited cap space. They’re allowed to spend over the cap by 10 percent during the off-season, and will receive cap relief by placing Marc Savard ($4.027 million) on LTIR, but that won’t leave enough room for the signings Chiarelli wants to make. That means shedding some salary, which is another reason why Marchand could be a trade candidate. They could also try to move Chris Kelly, who has another season at $3 million left on his contract. 

MERCURYNEWS.COM/NBCSPORTS: Defenseman Dan Boyle admits he’s devastated to learn the Sharks won’t be re-signing him. David Pollak took a brief look at what the future could hold for Boyle. He speculates its possible the Sharks could trade his rights to a team which has serious interest in him. Jason Brough speculates the Detroit Red Wings could be one of those clubs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite his age (37), Boyle remains a skilled, respected defenseman. He won’t have much difficulty finding a new contract with another NHL team.

TAMPA BAY TIMES:  Joe Smith recently reported Ryan Callahan’s agent Steven Bartlett admitted the Lightning “made a good case” to re-sign his client. It remains to be seen, however, if Callahan re-signs with the Lightning or tests the UFA market.

DENVER POST’s Adrian Dater recently reported via Twitter there’s  been no contract talks thus far between Paul Stastny and the Colorado Avalanche, but there’s expected to begin soon. Stastny is eligible for UFA status this summer.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples recently speculated if the Oilers might swap first round picks with the New York Islanders if they could also land prospect Griffin Reinhart in return.


  1. I would be open to a 1 year deal cheaper deal full of bonuses for Boyle in Toronto, to replace Gleason if they bought him out (hoping) could teach Rielly a thing or 2.

    • Gleason buyout is going to be costly against the cap. $800K next year, $1.8 the next year, and $1.3 the following 2 years. That ties the hands of mgt for 4 years.

      • Keeping a 6 or 7 D man making 4,.5 mill ties the hands of managment more, with the other buyouts coming off this year wont even notice it. Anywhoo

  2. Reinharts development has really fell off, if he is a piece that gets thrown in in a swap of picks. At one time he was loked at like the n3xt big thing on D could still work out to be a great D man but, there are reasons its a big risk to take defense men that high in the draft.

    • Staples is billing the whole thing off point production. Reinhart has spent so much of this season improving on his already solid defensive game and has tons of time to improve his offense. He will still no doubt in my mind be a top 2 defenseman at the NHL level who is extremely effective in his own end. I think he’ll be one of those guy who don’t blossom offensively until their mid-late twenties.

    • Shticky, Reinhart just won MVP in the WHL finals. I have read nothing but good things about him all year. I have a friend that went to 3 finals games and described Reinhart’s play as amazing. People say he is a man among boys in the WHL and look at the Oil Kings record with and without Reinhart on the ice. I have read nothing but good things about Reinhart until this Edmonton stuff popped up 2 weeks ago. If his development has “really fell off” why does Edmonton want him so bad. Please think when you read material and try to pass it off as your own scouting report. Here is some more advice: please move out of your parent’s basement, get a job and stop playing fantasy GM all day on the message boards.

      • Lol well man among boys could describe a 20 year old who is well over 6 foot and 200 lbs playing kids that are 17 -18 years old for the most part in the whl…Im not saying he isnt good just simply relaying what Ive read he isnt partcularly physical doesnt have great foot speed needs to work on his offense very good defensively…ect. For a guy who was a top 10 pick on a team thats not exactly stacked with great D men to still be playin JR hockey not even in the AHL Im pretty sure you could assume he isnt developing as planed (dosent mean he wont be good but) if they are thinking or the Oilers are thinking of him as the chip needed to move up just 2 spots in a mediocre draft. Not sure if he is your cousin or if your friend and him are dating but I meant no offense. Finnally thanks for your concern but I have properties with appartment buildings, buildings with retail space and Dr.s offices… I do ok, reason Im on here for the most part is I have good people who work for me. Which leaves me with some time on my hands.

        • Maybe he is too young for AHL….Laughton was sent back to juniors this year as well..and he would have benefited more by going to the AHL, but he wasn’t old enough to be allowed in the AHL.

          Maybe same case with Reinhart.

          To be honest Shticky, I hear nothing but great praise for him by the local press in Vancouver.

          Might be more to it than him not being able to make the AHL squad…just like Laughton.

          • I believe you must be 19 to playin the AHL,Reilly stayed with the Leafs because it was decided there was no reason for him to return to jr thought was in March (when he turned 19) they would send him to the Marlies. Reinhart is 20 years old, playing jr hockey of course he looks good. As I said Im not saying he wont be good I dont get to see him play but Id say if there are thoughts of giving him up along with the 5th pick just to move up 2 spots and with some of the things Ive read (eliterospects Dobbers prospects hockeys futures hockey news they all say he is a stud defensively that needs to work on offense speed could be an issue ect) he might not developing at the rate one would hope for a top 10 pick. Im not saying he sucks or anything.

          • Gary, I don’t what the age for the AHL is but Pulock played for Bridgeport after his season ended and Reinhart is older than Pulock so couldn’t have been an issue. I think Bridgeport’s season ended in April while Reinhart was still playing with the Oil Kings until last week.

        • Shticky, I don’t know Griffin Reinhart at all. My problem is more or less that everyone gets their info from the internet and repeats it like it is gospel. Reinhart was drafted in 2012. Less than 2 years ago. You know why he wasn’t in the AHL? Because the Oil Kings won the championship and their season ended AFTER Bridgeport’s season, otherwise had the season ended early for Oil Kings the Islanders he would have given him a look at the NHL level at the end of the year or sent him to Bridgeport or, like Pulock, after the Oil Kings sent the Wheat Kings home. Also Dmen take much longer to develop. Look at Victor Hedman and he is even bigger than Reinhart.

        • Shticky, I don’t always agree with you but you always back up your position when pressed to do so.
          I take it as a challenge when I oppose your views which makes these blogs fun.
          I believe you just schooled Atomic Biscuit.
          Reinhart is progressing and a trade would afford Edmonton one extra year of seasoning for a young draft pick like Reinhart but the Oilers were be better off trading the pick for a young NHL D-man.
          On another unrelated matter, Gilmour recently said at an appearance that he has told Bennett to wear #93 if the Leafs were able to draft him. Do you think the Leafs could/would trade up with Calgary to acquire Bennett? What could it take besides the #8 pick???

          • Lou, I can see why you think I just got schooled because you obviously had no idea why Reinhart wasn’t in the AHL either. If you stop and think about it the trade makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE for the Islanders. Trade up to take another player 2 years younger that has to develop. I could see why the Oilers make that trade but not the Islanders.

      • WOW!!!!!

        Shticky…you have been told my friend

        • LOL! I told ya yesterday Gary I get called alot of things. Here is no different.

    • Not sure where you’re getting your info regarding Reinhart, but like the others commenting I’ve read nothing but good about him- might never be a huge point producer, but he’s looked at as a rock-steady defensive prospect. Just about made the Islanders out of camp last year, and is considered a near-lock to make the big club this coming season. Staples is dreaming if he thinks this deal will happen.

      • Lets look at D men drafted after Reinhart Rielly Trouba Dumba lindholm Ceci Matta… all in the League a few others playing in the American League not 20 years old in JR he was a top 5 pick that I am not sure is developing as quickly as hoped.

        • …..valid point.

          • Or just maybe the Islanders aren’t rushing him so that they don’t make the same mistake that they made with Nino Neiderreiter.

          • An easy way to determine the answer as to whether Reinhart is developing as expected is to just ask yourself a simple question: Why would the Oilers, of all teams, want to acquire a slow footed dman that isn’t as good as expected? The answer is that they wouldn’t.

        • The rules are different because Reinhart plays in the OHL…

      • Biscuit I think you are not really understanding what I am saying, I have nowhere in the above post said he wasnt good or he was a bust, I am saying he is not developing at the rate I think the Islanders were hoping. Its 2 completely different things. If you look at the Islanders they are not exactly a stacked blueline. There are 5 or 6 d men that were drafted after Reinhart in the NHL right now some on some pretty decent teams making an impact you think theyare all getting developed wrong? No of course not, they are just better developed so far to the NHL game. You dont think the Islanders would take a guy that could possibly help the team in the near future over a guy who is 20 years old playing JR. If you compare Reinhart to the other D men drafted after him the same year as him and considering he was a top 5 pick Id say he is developing slowly.

        • Shticky, I understand what you are saying but I just don’t understand what being in the NHL has to do with his development. The Islanders chose to give him a year in juniors. In that year he led his team to a title and was named MVP of the finals. What more could you expect from a captain? I would imagine that the Islanders are quite happy with that.
          Dougie Hamilton went straight to the NHL and in the beginning of his sophomore season he spent most of his time in the press box. Adam Larsson went straight to the NHL and played 65 games in his rookie season. The amount of games played in the NHL has declined each year since and he was sent to Albany. Just because a guy is in the NHL doesn’t mean he is developing faster. What if Reinhart makes the team out of camp and sticks with the team and some of the other players that are currently on NHL rosters get sent back to the AHL? Then who is developing faster. It doesn’t matter where they develop but how they develop. That is my point.
          Additionally, as you can see from some of the other comments, most people have heard nothing but good things about Reinhart. This failure to develop nonsense suddenly began about 2 weeks ago from an Edmonton journalist or two while simultaneously suggesting that he may be traded to Edmonton. It just makes NO SENSE AT ALL.

    • I think you should give Griffin Reinhart another year or two to develop.
      I also believe we expect high draftees to become impact players much too soon. Especially big defensemen like Reinhart will take some time, but, I would gladly have him on my team any time.
      I watched him in the World Juniors in Malmo, Sweden this year and though he only played in three games he impressed me like no other defenseman in the tourney.
      I remember thinking what a find the Islanders have in him.
      He reminded me of Another version of Larry Robinson when he took charge in his own zone and brought the puck up ice with authority.
      The thing with Young defensemen is they constantly battle inconsistency and defense is probably the toughest position to learn in today’s hockey.
      I just look at Dougie Hamilton, who has had some of the same problems, but, he really improved this year and by season’s end perhaps was Boston’s best defenseman.
      He played on first pair with Chara most of the season and met the other team’s top lines in every game.
      I for one is a big fan of Griffin Reinhart

  3. I’m of the complete opposite view that David Staples has. Griffin Reinhart is one of the best defensive prospects playing right now and I don’t believe I would consider moving him in this draft, let alone adding in a pick. Putting up points isn’t what it is all about. Reinhart is physical, breaks up plays, is effective at using his size to force people to perimeters and choking them off at the boards, he can protect the puck well and has a lot of time to develop his offensive side. Reinhart will be a top two pairing d-man in the NHL, with a shutdown role that can put up 30-40 points a season.

    Trading the 5th overall + Reinhart to the Oilers would ONLY benefit the Oilers and wouldn’t do much to help the Islanders. If perhaps the 3rd for Reinhart was offered straight up, the only reason they should consider it is because they could then off load their 5th to Buffalo and ensure they keep next years pick while still landing a prospect this year.

    • I agree, the value of trading with the Oilers can only be seen as an attempt to offload this years pick to Buffalo and still hold a stake in next years more valuable draft options.

      This may also be hinged upon the Isles ability to sign Halak. It’s a double edged sword, if they make the trade and sign Halak and get better this year, they put themselves out of contention for McDavid.

      Conversely, if they don’t make either move or even just the trade they likely aren’t getting any better and they are forced to give up on McDavid.

      The only light I can see is to sign Halak, make the trade and not give up this years pick, use them both, and get better and make next years pick irrelevant.

      Tough task, any chance they could pull it off?

      • In all honesty I think they will manage to sign Halak as the chances are he won’t be getting a starting position elsewhere. But their ability to improve depends on a few things.

        1) Will they see further improvement from their younger forwards
        2) Can Mayfield, Reinhart, or Pelech make the pro’s and bolster their blueline
        3) Can they lure some good players during the UFA period

        The only forwards that played well last year were Tavares, Neilson, and Opokso. They need more from Bailey, Strome, Nelson, and Grabner! They have a weak blueline and nothing going on between the pipes … so the outlook is pretty bleak.

    • If Garth wants to move Reinhart then Ducks should offer the #10 ( Ottawa) pick and the Ducks #1 ( which I think will be the 24th pick) for Reinhart. NYI could then send to Buffalo 2014 #1 and only move down 5 places, keep their 2015 #1 and gain the 24th pick in 2014 draft.

    • I totally agree JJB. Reinhart was projected as a shut down defenseman, not as a high scoring defenseman.

  4. Read a few scouting reports (havent seen him) that suggest his skating is a pretty big issue, some of these bigger d look great playing agsinst teenagers but if their foot speed dosent continue to develop (like L Schenn) they can have some issues taking the next step.

    • I’m not worried about it. He is a little slower then I would like absolutely, but there is time again to work on that and unlike guys like Schenn he uses his reach effectively, doesn’t get caught up ice, and recognizes the weakness.

      • I still believe it takes 4 years to make a good NHL Dman. That’s why I would draft forwards and sign defence. Schenn was abused in his development in TO under Wilson. I think the Oilers would be smart to pick up Boyle at a discount to futher Schultz’s growth

        • Agreed neil I think that is Boyles greatest value is what he could do with a younger d man.

  5. If Spezza goes to Duck’s, there should be something big coming back the other way…….picks and a prospect is not enough. If he stays healthy…this year he was not bad at playing 75 games. Seem’s to have gotten over back problems. On the ducks with Perry and Slaf, he will be a huge asset and a big difference for the Ducks. Lets make what comes to Ottawa a “difference maker” as well.

  6. Ducks

    Don’t panic, forget Spezza, forget Kessler, paid too much and will cost too much too get.
    Ducks are young and will get younger with Selanne, Winnik, Kouvi, Hiller moving on.
    Trade Hiller now for a 4th round pick. He’s leaving July 1. If Caps can get a 4th for Halak, Ducks can get at least a 4th for Hiller. Talk to Brodeur, see if he can be signed as a backup / goalie coach. Plays at most 20 games but will be teaching Gibson & Andersen how to WIN. Who Better. Doubt he wants to move so
    then offer it to Giguere, he has a cup and a playoff MVP, and can still play. If not then try Tim Thomas.

    Offer Sbisa & Palmeiri plus Ducks #2 pick ( 54 over all) Plus Ducks 3rd pick to Flames for Giordano and
    Flames 2nd round pick ( 34 over all). Flames then get a young D-man,, Young Forwarder still get a 2nd round pick but add a 3rd. Duck get the experienced D man then need and then would have 4 of the top 38 picks in Draft #10, #24, #34, #38. If not Matt Greene may be available as UFA and certainly Dan Boyle.

    Forward. need a left wing to go with Getzlaf and Perry. UFA’s to look at are Cammalleri, Moulson, and Michalek.

    Ducks will have 3 forwards knocking on door next year in Etem, Smith Pelly and Rackell.
    Then 2 or 3 more year later. Lots of young forwards in the pipe line.

    • Good ideas.

  7. Trades are like insurance, you can always get insurance, it depends on how much you are willing to pay. I’m sure the Canucks would be willing to trade Kesler to a conference rival if the deal was sweet enough. Try Ottawa’s 1st (10th overall), a prospect and Bonino to get Vancouver’s attention. If the Ducks land either Spezza or Kesler, Bonino drops to 3rd line duty so I imagine he may be part of either deal (Ottawa or Vancouver).

  8. You guys really think giving up a 1st and griffin for 3rd overall is going to happen you snapping each others chain.

  9. While Doug Wilson has come out and said Havlat and Boyle will not be back with the Sharks next year and that Burns will be moved back to D, I tend to agree with Mark Purdy that there are “big changes” in the wind. While names weren’t mentioned, Wilson also said offseason moves would be “more drastic than putting a Band-Aid on it” and that his goal moving ahead for the Sharks is to mold a “harder, younger, more aggressive team that will stay with it.” To me, I see one or two pieces of the core being moved – Thornton, Marleau, Niemi, Pavelski and Stuart. I also see them unloading Kennedy wherever they can – what a disappointment.

    Boyle will end up on his feet – he would be a great mentor for a young D and I wouldn’t be adverse to Buffalo going after him to teach and mentor our young corps. The most likely pieces I see moving is Marleau. Even though he has a NMC, I can see him being moved to let’s say Montreal for someone like Charlie Hudon and a draft pick. Thornton I see staying because the fans really like Joe in SJ and have accepted his playmaking ability versus being a “goal scorer” and physical presence. But I think the big trade piece is Joe Pavelski – although Joe will be 30, he still has 5 years on is contract at $6M a year, he can play multiple positions and just needs an opportunity to become a leader. So I think its gonna get pretty interesting pre-draft.

    • Pavelski will only be traded if the offer is top notch. 40 goal scorer not going that easily.

      Marleau, Stuart, Niemi, Kennedy, Hanan and Torres I think are goners. Of course we already know Boyle and Havlat are on are gone as well.

      I believe they will pursue Ryan Miller this summer.

      Only way I want Boyle on the Sabres is if the price is right and IF we have room on the blueline. Right now we got Myers, Ehrhoff, Ruhwedel, Weber, McBain (Will be resigned), Ristolainen and possibly Zadorov. Ruhwedel, Risto and Zadorov look ready for NHL action. Then theres McCabe who looked pretty good in his NHL debut.

      • Boyle is talking about going to a team to win a Cup. I don’t think he’d be interested in the Sabres…too much like retirement.

  10. I like Boyle, but him being on the west coast don’t see him play. I do think Rielly and Gardiner could learn from a veteran like him. Thats after they send Phaneuf packing.

    • You guys are tied in to Phaneuf for the long run unless you pick up $1.5-$2 million a year for the remainder of his contract.

  11. Big mistake if the Bruins trade a young guy like Marchand if anyone the Bruins should look at moving Chara he is starting to slow down but his stock is high cause he is up for the Norris again an I’m sure a team would over pay

    • He is sooo slow but he`s still very effective. Still has a pretty rich contract and the guy is 37 years old. Unless Boston is willing to take some money back on his contract I don`t see him being traded.

  12. what about Boyle back in Tampa?

    • NO!!!!!!!

  13. Okay, Last week someone said Boston vs. Anaheim in the finals, someone else said “No way Pittsburgh loses 3 in a row, Honestly I can’t remember who said what. But I see a lot of ” Look, I was right when I said”…. can’t someone say once…. ” I was wrong”?

    • Not me, I actually picked LAK in 6 or 7. Have thought all along Ducks are ahead of themselves and need more seasoning. I think we saw that last night but was surprised Boston lost to Montreal. Been watching hockey since 1960, amazed how all Montreal has to do is show up and Boston crumbles. Must be the uniform.

  14. Letang and a 1st to the Oilers for RNH?? Then resign Niskanen 4 yrs $4.85 m per? and bring in Dan Boyle 2 yrs $6 M per? and call up Pouliot. Buy out Fleury and sign Ryan Miller 2 yrs $5.5 M per? Let Jokinin walk even though he’s a solid player. Sign Mason Raymond for $1 m less per season. Don’t resign Stempniak Goc Orpik And with the saved money from these deals and $6 m more?? from the cap raising the Pens should be able to afford all this. Would look like: Thoughts??

    Kunitz. Crosby. Malkin
    Neal. RNH. Dupuis
    Gibbons. Sutter. Raymond
    Vitale. Adams. Bennett

    Boyle. Martin
    Niskanen. Maatta
    Scuderi. Pouliot


    • put down the crack pipe and step away from the keyboard …

  15. @Alforducks: in terms of your Giordano proposal, the Flames are not actively looking to trade Giordano. Put aside how much this guy means to the team on the ice and even just consider that the Flames will be hard pressed to hit the salary floor this year, especially if they are unable to resign Cammelleri. Any team looking to acquire Giordano would have to offer up a kings ransom, not because Gio is the “best” d-man out there but because of how much he is valued by his current team. Only my thoughts of course