NHL Morning Rumor Mill – May 28, 2013.

More New York Rangers speculation, plus the latest on the Avalanche and Oilers.

Henrik Lundqvist non-committal about re-signing with Rangers.

Henrik Lundqvist non-committal about re-signing with Rangers.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS/NEW YORK POST: Pat Leonard reports Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist was non-committal over re-signing with the club when his contract expires next summer, preferring to speak with his agent first. Larry Brooks also noted Lundqvist’s remarks, but believes the Rangers will pay big dollars (suggesting eight years at $80 million) to retain him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lundqvist loves playing and living in New York, but he’ll want assurances management will build a Cup contender around him before committing long term, which I believe he will.

NEW YORK POST/ESPN.COM: Brad Richards acknowledged the possibility of a compliance buyout this summer and admitted he didn’t feel like himself for much of this season, but hopes to return with the Rangers next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As ESPN’s Katie Strang noted, salary cap constraints next season and the “cap advantage recapture rule” could play more of a role in a potential buyout that Richards’ performance this season. 

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater recently reported Nathan MacKinnon’s strong performance in the 2013 Memorial Cup could make things more difficult for the Colorado Avalanche with their first overall selection in this year’s entry draft. It was widely assumed the Avs, in need of blueline depth, would select Portland Winterhawks defenseman Seth Jones, but MacKinnon’s MVP performance has some observers suggesting he’d be a better choice. Dater noted the Avs, with Paul Stastny, Matt Duchene and Ryan O’Reilly, are already deep at center.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I still believe the Avs should select Jones, but if they don’t and select MacKinnon, they’ll have to work out a trade to bring in a skilled puck-moving defenseman. Sure, the automatic assumption is Stastny would be trade bait, but he’s got one year at over $6 million remaining on his contract, is eligible for UFA status next summer, and his stock has declined in recent years. They cannot move O’Reilly until February 28, one year from the date they matched the Calgary Flames offer sheet. And they would be nuts to move Duchene. Yes, MacKinnon could go on to become a superstar, but so could Jones. If they select MacKinnon, they run the risk of becoming the Colorado version of the Edmonton Oilers, top-heavy with young forwards but lacking defensive depth.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Edmonton Oilers GM Craig MacTavish recently claimed he’s actively shopping his first round pick, which is seventh overall in this year’s entry draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A promising goalie, an experience puck-moving defenseman or shutdown blueliner, and a physical scoring center would be of interest for the Oilers.


  1. Without Henrik Lundqvist NYR will not make playoffs. He is going nowhere.

    Would Edmonton be interested in Coburn?

  2. worst move ever to sign a net minder long term dont care who it is
    they have to many up and down years

    • I’d sign lundquvist to 6-8 years no problem. He is so consistent and steals so many games. If he were on the pens, you could gift wrap the cup for them.

    • tyler, Lundqvist is number one goallie in the world. He does not have downs. He may have average game here and there.. You wold know it if you watched hockey.

    • I agree with the others, you can’t get any more consistent than Lundqvist, they call him “The King” for a reason. I’d lock him up for a solid 6-8 years in a heart-beat.

      • While I agree he is probably the best in the league world right now let’s not get too carried away by the end of his contract he will nearly be 33 and with the new CBA and the limits to how much you can front load a contract I am not so sure I’d be giving “The King” a huge contract for 7or 8 years… While he is a great goalie fact is he is still just a goalie and he is no Marty who, ya is playing in to his forties but has also got 3 cups and is the face of the Franchise….

        • 5 maybe 6 years max…..

          • Marty won all those cups by himself? He never had a stacked team that played Defense first? Put Lundqvist on the Devils those years and they would have lost? You can’t use that to compare goaltenders.

          • Ya you can and no he didn’t do it by himself but one might argue that he did it with less talent then the Rangers have had the past couple of years and put the Devils on his back and carried them to the last one with a team that was far less talented then the Rangers this year or last…I realize that is no fault of the King that the stars haven’t played up to potential but facts are facts he is a great goaltender who has never won a cup I wouldn’t be signing him till he is 40- 41 years old for ridiculous amounts of money a 5 or 6 year deal and take it from there a year or two at a time…you certainly can compare goalies what you can’t do is say, ” if he played for this team or that team they would have won for sure…” that is called conjecture or using you imagination…..

  3. NY will resign the King – question is whether it will be 6 or 8 years. I can see locking him in at 8 with a front loaded contract – using him to mentor a younger goalie for the future. NY doesn’t seem to have a problem signing big name players, they seem to have a problem getting the most out of them. How many big name players have been a bust for NY? Sometimes I get the impression that Torts doesn’t like anyone being a bigger star then him or maybe it is just that his schtick doesn’t work with the “stars”. I can see the Rangers letting him go as there are quite a number of qualified coaches available out there.

  4. Richards didn’t feel himself all season = Goodbye Tortorella. NYR will hang on to Richards at least one more season under a new coach in hopes of Richards and Nash finding their old touch.
    Lundqvist is going nowhere, NYR will break the bank resigning him as he is arguably the best goalie int he league.
    As for the Avs and Edm, being a Leaf fan I would be truly disappointed if the Leafs don’t make a pitch for any of their centres in exchange for any of our defense-men (except for Gardiner and Franson).
    They should try and target Gagner for Liles and Gunnarson from Edm or Duchene from Col for Phaneuf and Rynnas (JSG will most likely be retiring soon).

    • FYI Gillies is the Canucks GM not the Oilers or the Avs GM. Try again.

      • Huh? Where did I mention Gillies? Read again.

        • I was referring to that Gillies would be the only GM that would make that trade.

    • As a fellow leafs fan neither of those trades are going to happen. col is not trading duchene, and if and thats a big if they did, they would surely get a lot more then phaneuf and rynnas. and ganger for liles straight up will not happen, leafs would half to either take salary back or add more to it, liles is on the decline and has what 4 years left on contract. I think if the avs and leafs make a deal it would half to be for statsny. hes overpaid and col would be looking to trade him for a solid d man and prospect/picks.

      • Possibly, but for Gagner I said both Liles and Gunnarson, so that would be more of an even trade. Liles may be old but he is still a better puck mover than the current Edm defensemen, Gunnarson is still relatively young so the value is there and Edm can’t resign Gagner so their bargaining strength is diminished a bit.
        As for Col I’m pretty sure Stastny will test the UFA next year, so Nonis won’t bite for trading away a bunch of prospects/picks including a solid D-man for him.
        Col could take another chance on Stastny and gain Phaneuf in my proposal as well as a goalie prospect who only has a few more years before taking a shot at the big team…. there have been worse trades in the past *ahem* Vokoun to Pitt for next to nothing *ahem*

      • Hmm not so sure Ganger would be of interest, another small center isn’t exactly what the doctor ordered if they go after a center I think they would sacrifice a bit of skill for some size…fits Randy’s coaching style a little better…

        • That’s a fair point, but Gagner this year took over the #1 centre spot in Edmonoton with ease. He may not be a big bruiser, but he’s got skill, he’s young, and he can win face-offs.
          Land him and you can let Bozak walk, and keep JVR on the top line who’s a little more physical than Lupul and you have a much more threatening 1st and 2nd line.
          However you are right that Randy would probably want a big bruising centre instead of a playmaker.

  5. I wouldn’t mind seeing 2nd rounder in this years draft, Vanek and Miller to the Oilers for Clefborn, Horcoff (Salary reasons), Yakupov and there 1st in this years draft.

    Only one can wish lol

    • Klefbom (who I think you mean because there is not Clefborn on the Oilers depth chart) or any top young prospect defence men on the Oilers are going to be traded. Also with Miller being an UFA next year and Vanek who struggled last year will not get you both Yak and the first round pick.

      • KevJam, I don’t know what your smoking but Vanek didn’t struggle as he was a 20 goal scorer and had a 40 point season. Maybe you meant he is struggling being part of a rebuild. Both Miller and Vanek will be UFA’s in 2014, but I think Buffalo will get a good return on both. Miller could go to Anaheim, but he also could go to Phoenix – something like Miller for Yandle – although I can see a better trade with Anaheim or even Edmonton.

    • The oilers are not going to give up Yakupov and a first. They might for a great deal but it sure won’t be for Miller and Vanek. Klefblom is going to help the blueline so he’s not going anywhere. Why would the sabres take Horcoff, they are trying to dump big contracts not gain someone they would probably end up buying out. Sorry Jes but you are going to have to dream up something a bit better and more realistic than that.
      If I were Colorado I would take McKinnon even though defense is what they really need. They are not going to be a cup contender soon so the opportunity to get d-men will arise. They should also buy out Stastny. Nobody is going to trade for this guy especially when hes making 6.6 mil next season. He is becoming no better than a third line centre.
      Lundqvist will re-sign, but its really to bad that he won’t decide to try the free agent route. Maybe then the owners will see its time to give Sather and Tortorella the boot. I believe Messier would really make a differance.

    • That is probably the worst deal I’ve ever seen here….ridiculous on so many levels

  6. This year is so perfect draft wise, I certainly don’t think anyone in the top 10 should trade out their pick. Here is how I see it breaking down.

    1. Seth Jones (COL) – They need defense, he has routes there, and will be a superstar. It makes perfect sense.
    2. Nathan MacKinnon (FLA) – A true superstar, they no longer have to worry about Weiss with MacKinnon & Huberdeau as their top two centers
    3. Jonathan Drouin (TB) – Stamkos + Drouin for years to come? Yup!
    4. Alexander Barkov (NAS) – #1 scoring center that this team has been needing … its a lock.
    5. Darnell Nurse (CAR) – Their are a ton of great forwards in Carolina, time to bring in some more defense
    6. Elias Lindholm (CGY) – Smart Swedish center who will be the star Iginla needed a bit too late!
    7. Rasmus Ristolainen (EDM) – The exact reason they don’t need to move their 1st for a D-man!
    8. Valeri Nichuskin (BUF) – Need a new star scoring winger to play with their young centers.
    9. Bob Horvat (NJ) – Speedy center with great hands, just what the Devils ordered
    10. Sean Monahan (DAL) – Skilled center with great size, Dallas can’t complain.

    EDM: Its very likely that they can land Ristolainen or Nurse with the 7th overall, they can reach out to sign a goaltender as their will be lots available this summer. This allows them to just shop Yakupov to obtain someone they might need more right now and become even stronger.

    Teams IMO to watch at the draft with their picks, CBJ, NYI, OTT, & TOR as I think they are the most likely to put their picks in play (really CBJ with three of them).

    • Toronto is not dealing that pick unless it’s part of a package deal to move up in the draft… Nonis won’t be making the same mistakes dealing picks away for quick fiixes the way other Gms of the leafs have, he’s patient and this is still a young team, on top of that this is a very good draft year…if Edmonton was willing to deal their pick away perhaps something could be worked out that way maybe along the lines of a sign and trade with Gunnarson and the leafs first for Edmontons. Only way this would happen tho if the Leafs could find an upgrade at D in some other move….

    • I’m hoping the Sens can find a way to move up in the draft to get Sean Monahan… The odds are not good that will happen… but one can dream..

    • Not a chance Nichuskin goes in the top ten. You have Ristolainen to high, EDM will likely take Zadorov with the 7th pick unless Nurse is still around. Also think you have Horvat a little to high. Domi should go ahead of him. Finally, spellcheck.

  7. If I’m Dave Nonis, and MacTavish has seriously just put his #7 pick on the table — I’d work at the draft to send a combination of Scrivens (or Rynnas), Gunnarsson (or Liles), and maybe even a 2nd rounder to EDM; and use their pick to lock down Sean Monahan — a big, Ontario born & bred, 2-way center with lots of leadership. The Leafs are never going to trade for an established #1 center. Monahan might just be your best bet to draft one of your own — he and Kadri could develop into a really strong 1-2 punch down the middle.


    • Not sure I would do any more then Gunnarson plus the pick, for Edmontons first possibly Rynass I guess or another so so prospect, but I’d be holding on to the next goalie on the depth chart (just in case) and wouldn’t be giving up my second as well, but ya something along those lines was what I was thinking aswell, if you could grab Monahan be nice or from what I’ve seen Fredrick Gauthier out of Rimouski would be another great target 6’5 200 lb center who can skate and hit…

    • Oilers would not make that trade. Scrivens would be a back-up. Gunnarsson has potential but most of the Oilers best prospects are all D men. Liles was a healthy scratch in Toronto and has a big contract so I don’t see much value there. Ideally they need a top 6 forward with size or a top pair D man. The Leaf package has none of that. I don’t think they will trade for a goalie either with so many available in free agency. I see a trade like Oilers 1st + Pajaarvi for Laich + Caps 1st.

      • I wouldn’t go any higher then that, on the Oilers Gunnarson is a top pairing D on most teams he’s a second pairing D when healthy. The oilers while having a couple good D Prospects they are still aways off NHL ready D-men, Gunnarson would give them a proven NHL D still young enough to fit with how the team is built and a swap from the 21st pick to the seventh isn’t that big a jump this year with how deep the draft class is even at 21 there will be great picks available which is another reason I wouldn’t sweeten the deal to much…

        • I agree that there wil be a good player available at pick 21 but that wasn’t part of the proposed trade. If Gunnarson is a second pairing Dman on a half decent team then why would the Oilers target him when they need a real first pairing D? That was the type of mistake Tambellini made thinking guys like Eager and Belanger were better then they really were. McTavish isn’t going to ‘settle’ just to get a body.

          • Well for one I don’t think Gunnarson is just a body he has proven he can play alot of minutes is younger would be affordable could develop in to a top pairing guy pretty easily with some more time ( the Leafs need someone to play with Dion now lol ) he would look good complimenting a young guy like Schultz…like I said before the only way this is even something that the leafs would consider is if they are making a move for an upgrade at D. Via free agency or trade otherwise they hang on to Gunnarson themselves and try and make it work with their group of number 3-4 D-men. The 21 pick and Gunnarson for the 7 pick isn’t far from fair maybe we could throw in a third or some other prospect…

    • i agree, but i’d be moving phaneuf plus for 7th and mps

  8. My prediction is that Calgary will take Sean Monahan a big Canadian center versus a slick swede