NHL Morning Rumor Mill – May 6, 2014

Should the Maple Leafs make a pitch for the first overall pick? Will Thomas Vanek get another lucrative contract? Could changes be coming for the Sharks core? Should the Jets try some “creative shopping”? 

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox recommends the Maple Leafs make a pitch for the first overall pick in this year’s NHL draft. The Florida Panthers hold that pick, and GM Dale Tallon last week said he’s willing to shop it, as they already have enough young talent and are seeking experienced depth this summer. Cox speculates the asking price could include either Jake Gardiner or Nazem Kadri.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While this year’s draft lacks talent projected to become superstars, there’s enough quality prospects which could become NHL stars. It might be worth parting with a player like Gardiner but I wouldn’t move Kadri. Forget about the Panthers tossing in a youngster like Huberdeau, Barkov, Bjugstad or Gudbranson. They might, however, be willing to part with Dmitry Kulikov, who the Leafs reportedly had interest in last fall. Of course, for that deal the Leafs might have to give up something other than Gardiner.  Given the Panthers’ lack of firepower, they could have more interest in Kadri than Gardiner. Bear in mind, the Leafs wouldn’t be the only team interested in that first overall pick so whatever offer they could make might not be enough to land that pick.

Could the Sharks shop Joe Pavelski?

Could the Sharks shop Joe Pavelski?

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz speculates changes could be coming to the San Jose Sharks core this summer following their stunning first-round collapse against the LA Kings. He doubts Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau will be moved, as they’ve recently re-signed three-year deals with no-trade clauses. Kurz considers Logan Couture the future face of the franchise and believes he’s not going anywhere. He doubts 37-year-old defenseman Dan Boyle will be re-signed. He also suggests a goaltending change could be in order, perhaps by shopping starter Antti Niemi (who has a year remaining on his contract), penciling in Alex Stalock as their starter and adding an experienced backup. Possible trade chips could be Joe Pavelski and Brent Burns. Just coming off a 41-goal season, Pavelski’s stock is at a high. His five-year, $30 million contract (with a limited no-trade clause) kicks in this summer. Kurz suggests shopping Burns to an Eastern Conference club. He also speculates GM Doug Wilson could seek a return of a defenseman or a center to anchor the third line.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I would’ve considered Pavelski untouchable, but Kurz makes a good point that his value is probably at its peak for the 28-year-old. If they shop him during the entry draft weekend they could get a good return. Burns is talented and can play defense or wing but his performance can be erratic, which could affect his trade value. If the Sharks intend to shake up their core, moving Pavelski and/or Burns could be their best options.

SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston believes no matter what happens with Thomas Vanek in this year’s playoffs, he’s going to strike it rich again as a free agent this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Be it with Minnesota, Montreal or elsewhere, I concur with Johnston’s take. Vanek may be a streaky scorer but his skills, age (30) and lack of a lengthy injury history will make him among this summer’s top free agent targets. Even if he doesn’t net another $7 million per season deal, I can see him pulling in around $6.5 million per on a five-to-six year deal. For those of you who doubt this, never underestimate the ability of NHL GMs to succumb to auction fever during the opening days of free agency.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Gary Lawless questioned Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff’s decision that Ondrej Pavelec would return next season as the Jets starter, especially after the New York Islanders acquired Jaroslav Halak from the Washingto Capitals for almost nothing. He acknowledged the Jets would have to buy out Pavelec’s contract if they were to make similar move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cheveldayoff seems committed to Pavelec, but it’ll be interesting to see if he brings in another experienced goalie to share the netminding duties. 


  1. Not sure Id move Kadri or Gardiner for a pick, lateral move at best. I could see the 8th pick and somekind of package with a proven player going the otherway if not Tallon can keep the pick. Not sure why the Leafs woulđ think its smart to trade young guys who are cost controlled and you have now develloped for years, just coming into their good years and start all over again with another pick that is probably going to be developing for another year or 2. It doesnt make any sense imo.

    • I know this has already been touched on this week but oh well… In my opinion they should only pursue the 1st overall pick if it gives them the chance to dump salary!!! To get the pick they are going to need to fill an immediate hole given what they will need to give up to obtain the 1st overall. As unlikely as it is, i agree that a Phaneuf or Lupul would need to go the other way to make any sense. And if at all possible leave the 8th pick out of the deal. Add a gardiner and a second etc. Should do whatever it takes to obtain their own pick and get the 1st along with Kulikov. (immediate fill in for Phaneuf). I understand that basically makes this impossible but ive seen crazier pitches/ideas on here before. Phaneuf gardiner kadri and a 2nd for 1st and kuli

      • Dump salary as part of a deal to get the top pick?


    • Hey Shticky what do you think of Marleau on the Leafs? Or are you guys content with Bozak as your #1?

      • Marleau is a winger Jes.

    • what about Lupul, Gardiner and the 8th pick for FLA 1st pick overall a 3rd rd pick?

      • Id conside something more like this Lupul Gardiner and 8 for 1 Fla gets a top 6 guy a dman to replace Kulikov if they deal him and a top 10 pick Toronto gets 5 mill of the cap and a pick…good for both.

  2. Gardiner is good, but worth 1st overall? No. Not strong enough around the net and Bjugstad made him look so much like a rookie when he scored in the last game between the two. Kadri is streaky and i don’t like his attitude. No thanks. Neither are worth a 1st overall and i am not sure what the point would be to trade a young NHL d-man, or forward, for a prospect…..

    I think the team that may be a good trading partner with the Panthers is Winnipeg. Pure speculation, but the Jets have a a couple of players that would interest Tallon and have been rumored to be on the outs in Winnipeg. Byfuglien and Kane.

    The Sharks need a different coach. Trading Pavelski would be insane. Burns not as much.

    • Burns back to Minny for Moulson, straight up. Moulson doesn’t seem to fit in with the Wild.
      Hopefully we sign Vanek this summer and get rid of Cooke and Heatley.

      • Moulson is UFA so he will probably wont be back anyway. Heatley is a UFA too so he will be gone also. Cooke has two more years at 2.5. I doubt anyone takes on that contract. Vanek will replace Heatley. The main problem with the Wild is the defense. Burns is not an answer for defense.

      • Moulson is a UFA. Burns has 3 years at 5.76 left on his contract.

        Signing Vanek and getting rid of Cooke and Heatley would be a great summer for Minnesota. Cooke has 2 years left on his contract; maybe someone will give him what he deserves early next season.

        • Goaltending is THE biggest issue for the Wild, then defense. Cooke is a scumbag and I’m embarrased that he’s on our team. Someone will give Heatley a chance but getting rid of Cooke might be impossible. I could see Moulson signing with any number of teams but I don’t think the Wild will make him an offer.

          • With Heatly dropping off the payroll, its a given that Vanek is going to sign with Minn. I think Snow wanted too much from the Wild for Vanek at the trade deadline and that is why they went with Moulson – thus resulting in Montreal getting Vanek for a song and dance. Moulson hasn’t been used properly in Minn – and I really don’t see him signing with a Western club. I’d like for him to return to Bflo, but I think Columbus could be a good place for him.

          • I see Moulson signing with CBJ, Montreal or Florida

          • @Steve

            No reason to bring in Moulson. Keep offense as is and assure ourselves a Eichel or McDavid. We start signing top free agents now then we are just extending the rebuild process IMO.

    • @ Micki Im pretty sure that it would be Gardiner or Kadri packaged with the 8 and probably some other smaller piece, not 1 for 1 Gardiner for the 1st that is the speculation. ( to me not worth it).. if the thought is to draft Ekblad @ 1 the next 4 or 5 picks possibly more could all be forwards at 8 there will still be a good D man available, the forward quality will fall off quite a bit Tallon would know this which could be a reason he would consider moving down Fla has lots of good forward or center prospects and if he can pick up a piece or 2 and not fall too far back (even if not from the Leafs) instead of drafting the best D available he would get something of need and still get a maybe the second or third best d man available which could still be a very good player down the road.

      • It’d be more of Gardiner, Kadri and the 8th for the 1st.

        One of Kadri or Gardiner along with the 8th won’t be enough for Florida to want to move down 7 spots.

    • Totally agree Mick. I think a Gardiner, Kadri and 8th overall could make the Panthers think about it. But not one + the 8th. The top 5 this year are pretty good compared to 6-12 picks then I think they go down even further after that.

  3. Kyle, I don’t know if I agree on any of even the top prospects in this 2014 crop being more than than second line centres, but if “might/could” happen. I just think that the entire top 3-4 2014 prospects from slot one down would probably would have been selected AFTER 2013’s top four (and maybe even top six). They have plenty of good qualities but it would be foolish to hype them higher since they haven’t really euded as dominant juniors!
    Interesting how Dale Tallon’s innocent fishing remark has caused a feeding frenzy.
    If the leafs were to try and secure #1, I bet the best plan might be to give Florida their #8 slotted pick AND play for the switch by an unload a salary like Clarkson (who in my humble opinion will turn things around, but never to the extent that his his hometown Toronto area fans will EVER get off his back…) and even one Tim Gleason or the soon to be UFA Franson in a trifecta of return to the Panthers.
    (Go to my DraftSite NHL pages and you can learn a bit about the top 250 possibles for 2014.)

    I just have a feeling what Tallon was fishing for was to open dialog with Winnipeg (and his GM buddy there) to get Evander Kane for that pick, or to the Oliers for one of their a bit older and more polished young forwards, but Tallon KNOWS that getting the early goods is usually bring franchise success, so he isn’t open to taking the garbage fanatic fans conjure as “reasonable return in the form of cast-offs” for the honor, publicity and return picking first brings…

    • who is Kyle???

      • Who is edvanimpe and I’m pretty sure Bill meant Lyle.

    • The top 5 in this years draft have a real good chance of being some of the top players in the league. After Dal Colle and Draisaitl at 4 and 5 the skill level starts dropping by a few notches. Top 5 are can be elite status players. The others IMO are hit or miss.

  4. Whatever happens at the draft and July 1st, I just hope on a wing and a prayer, that the Canadian NHL teams do something smart for a change. Even Yahoo had an article stating that the Canadian NHL teams have hit an ALL TIME low. They are terrible. They make dumb decisions, recycled coaches…trade good for not so good and just generally badly mismanage their teams. Is it the fault of us fans who support the teams no matter what? What would happen if fan base and attendance dropped big time in Canada….would owners demand GM’s to make these teams contenders come hell or high water?

    • Geesh u seem stressed.

      • @Jes been stressed for 21 years.

        • Haha icic. I’d like to see a Canadian team do good as well. As long as it’s not Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa;)

  5. I could see Reimer landing in Winnipeg and battling for a job with Pavelic. If nothing else Pavelic gets pushed into playing better or playing himself out of a job. Reimer is hungry, pissed and embarrassed, and would relish the chance to start over in his home province and try to establish himself as a number one.

    The only way I see the Leafs trading to get first overall is if they admit to a complete rebuild. Otherwise they have to give up too much, and they will still find a decent player where they pick. I do not mind them trading up a few spots, but believe trading up to Floridas pick would cost too much.

    • A trade would probably have to consist of a 1st Kadri and Gardiner not just one or the other.

      And no Phaneuf…

      • I doubt the 8th overall pick and a 23 year old player with decent potential and skill would require extra to fetch the 1st overall unproven pick with 0 years of development. That would be giving too much away in my mind as both players are just entering their prime and have shown flashes and most players don’t fully develop till 25ish.

        Perhaps a throw in but not both kadri and gardiner and a 1st, makes no sense.

      • Th

        • Not really sure whats up with my last post but anyway…honestly Jes would you do Hodgson one of Buffalos better D prospects and a top 10 for Ekblad? Ive seen him play quite abit in person if thats the price for the 1 pick (Kadri Gardiner and the 8) Tallon can keep it and draft Ekblad maybe in 2 years when Ekblad is ready for a fulltime NHL job Tallon will still be around to watch him play. Ekblad is no Seth Jones. More like Morgan Rielly which is good but aways off impact. Again the top 4 or 5 this year are not like some prior years, still getting a good player at 8.

          • As a Sabres fan, I would have to say no thanks to the trade proposal. That is a desperate offer that a foolish GM might consider.

            Maybe you should give Garth a call.

          • I’d def do something like 8th overall, Pysyk and CoHo for the 1st. I’d draft Reinhart. We are real deep on defense. Probably take more that’s why not many teams trade that first overall, not many teams to ante up. That package either from Buffalo or Toronto wouldn’t go through IMO. Toronto should target the 3rd overall and Gagner IMO for Kadri and the 8th+

            I have no idea why your guys defense is so bad? They got the guys with talent back there. Probably coaching. Sign Niskanen or Orpik in offseason.

          • Exactly the Man its a foolish offer… a 23 yearold D man with 30 points a 23 year old center with 50 points and a top 10 draft pick for a draft pick is ridculious in this years draft. Tallon can keep the pick for that price. Draft Ekblad or Bennett and in either case they are not putting up 80 points, anytime soon and giving up a top 10 pick on top of that.

  6. The leafs should offer up kadri and gardnier and see what happens.Why not you could resign bolland who is a better center than kadri.he may not have great moves but is more consistent and better in his own end,reminds me of bergeron style from the bruins.I really think kadri is more of a winger great takeoff speed some moves and creativity but will never be first line.And gardnier is an asset but maybe a 5 or 6 dman on depth chart.leafs need some d men that can move bodies out of the way.They got gleason and i thought he played great for them blocked alot of shots could move bodies.if i were them i may look at meszaros ,i think hes a free agent after this season .hes not a number one but could be a great 3 or 4 on depth chart.go get a number one center.thorton marleau or pavalski could be had for right price if san jose makes changes.

    • Eeek keep Gleason and Bolland trade Kadri and Gardiner???? Really?? No thank you kadri and Gardiner may cost 6.5 mill and likely put up 70-80 points give or take, Gleason and Bolland probably wont play 1 full seasonbetween the 2 of them cost around 10 million dollars and would be lucky to put up 50 points between the 2 of them. Terrible idea.

      • Shticky don’t you guys have 3 good centers right now?

        • Got 3 good centers? Lol Ehh wouldnt say that, got 2 good no. 2/3 types in Kadri (is a very good 2) and Bozak (2 most likely a 3 playing on the top line for whatever reason), McClement is a good 4 but its a big stretch to call that 3 good centers right now Holland looked ok but, center is a big need. Trading Kadri is nuts unless its some kind of package with him picks and a prospect kinda thing to bring in a true no.1 guy or a guy who could possibly considered as one. Pavelski could be a thought if the Sharks blow up. Other than that nope. (And Bolland is not one of them.)

          • I think you guys can make a big trade with San Jose. What do you think it’d cost the Leafs to get Pavelski?

            You guys aren’t resigning Bolland right? Seems pretty injury prone.

  7. Leaf fans,
    What are the odds of Toronto re-signing Raymond? Would love to see him on a line with Stepan, / Kreider and or Hagelin. And he seems exactly like a guy AV would love.

    • Im thinking not very high, or I all likelihood he would have already been extended if his demands were not very high. Pretty useful guy if you got some space.

    • AV had Raymond in Vancouver for most of Raymond’s career, and could never really get much out of him next to one good year.

      AV had a lot to do with Raymond not being resigned….I doubt things would be different in NYR.

      • LOL, I forgot he played for AV, but I remember him from Vancouver. I see NY just looking to add more speed for AV’s game. (Not sure if he still has the speed he used to in Vancouver). I don’t know how productive the line I mentioned above would be, but DAMN it would be fast !!! …..

        • Still very fast good on the pk least physical guy on the Leafs which is saying something, good shot perimeter player, 3rd liner who could move up to 2 in a pinch. Depending on salary useful but I doubt you want him playing with a 2nd line on a regular basis.

          • Seems like he would be a good fit in NY. They have a ton of guys with speed already, not sure adding another would be priority #1 but it would be interesting. Probably going to need a a couple of centers to replace Richards, Boyle. Kreider can play all 3 spots, but not sure he could assume #1 or #2 center position. If Mason could come in at under 3 per. I think Sather should take a look.

  8. the sharks need to fire wilson. i know it’s a big thing, and it seems like a “blowing-up” sort of move and maybe the sharks don’t need to be that drastic but it needs to be done. he built a good team, a very good team -at least in the regular season, one that’s been good for some time but he’s failed to make the moves to put this team over the top. great gms with great teams pull the trigger make bold moves and push there teams to win. wilson hasn’t done that. getting rid of heatley and setoguchi while picking up burns were solid but beyond that what has he done to get them over the hump. havlat? niemi? where’s the sharks carter, their neal, their eriksson?

    beyond that resigning thornton and marleau during the season was a huge blunder one further magnified now that the sharks have to consider moving valuable players like pavelski to get the shake up they need. letting thornton and/or marleau walk during the summer could have been change the team needs, and maybe having them play for a contract next season would have lit a fire under them to overcome that “playoff bust” label they both have.

    the sad truth is the sharks are good, even great, but just aren’t winners and it will take a major change in culture if not personnel to make them the type of team that can win in the playoffs and the best way to do that is to give the job to someone other wilson.

    • – Trade Niemi
      – Buyout Havlat
      – A new goalie. Miller?
      – Try to get Kane from the Jets. Offer Pavelski?
      – add Niskanen in the offseason
      – add rugged defensemen
      – bring in Steve Ott or Ryan Callahan

      Still have Cotoure and Thornton as centers.


      • -Miller isnt much better than Niemi. At least Niemi has won a cup. I think you would be insane to trade away a guy who can get you 30-35 wins a year. This was a team collaspe not a goalie.

        -Buying out Havlat isnt really needed since he has one year left. He will probably get hurt be on IR anyway.

        They should buy out Thornton or Marleau. Good players but cant get it done in playoffs and that is proven. Kennedy, Burish, and Torres are all difficult contracts to swallow. All were ghosts in the playoffs and that is when you needed them.

        Niskanen and Mesarzos should be setup to replace Boyle.

        Ott and Callahan will be overpriced for nothing. SJ has the youth and should continue to move that way.

  9. Habs should trade N.Beaulieu – L.Eller – 1st round pick 2014 – M.Bornival
    For Floridas 1st round pick and Kulikov ….

    Then trade 2015 first round pick with Tinordi to Edmonton for N.Yakapuv

    • Panther fans (all three of them) are sure glad you aren’t Florida’s GM … that’s hysterical … are you related to sticky?

      • Panther fans (all three of them) You stole my line! And it’s Shticky, not Sticky, get it straight!

      • Not only stole my line but…..edvanimpe,
        Has to be either back-checking or Jes. The only 2 guys out there that hate me and Shticky equally. And by putting the (insert message here) and the ……. trying to make it look like me posting under a different name…..FAIL! Lyle / Spector I’m more than sure can track Ip addresses. etc.

        • Shut up NYR. Just because a lot people hate u doesn’t mean they are making new accounts lol. Only a loser thinks that way man. Seriously let it go. And I don’t hate u. I had one fight with u over this website not one more. Now Shticky that’s a different story.

          How do we know you and Shticky aren’t the same person? Seem to be attached at the hip these days. All buddy buddy.

          • “Just because a lot people hate u doesn’t mean they are making new accounts lol. Only a loser thinks that way man. Seriously let it go. And I don’t hate u.”………LOL Really, like who? If I can get along with Gary (Flyer fan) Styxincanada) (ISLANDER FAN!) Shticky and most Toronto fans….. I don’t see too many people hating on me other than you and Back-checking. NEXT….. “How do we know you and Shticky aren’t the same person? Seem to be attached at the hip these days. All buddy buddy.”……..Have Spector do an Ip address comparison…..I can’t fake that!!!!. You’ll find we aren’t the same person, But funny you show up 10 minutes after being called out after being absent all day. LOL any more transparent and I’d call you scotch tape!

        • I’m sure he can check the IP Address. And I urge him to so he can finally shut your mouth.

          • The only person here everyone is dying to shut their mouth is YOU!!!! Talk about hated? LOL…. You have no argument?????…. You just make things up!……………..By the way………..”Shut up NYR. Just because a lot people hate u doesn’t mean they are making new accounts lol. Only a loser thinks that way man. Seriously let it go.” You even contradict yourself in this statement….. you can’t even agree with yourself for 1 sentence. LMAO!!! If a lot of people hated me, I guess I wouldn’t be wrong in thinking someone (like you) would pull something like hiding under a different name…. in case you failed to see the contradiction as you do so many other facts here.!

          • Wow!! U must carry a lot of hate around bud. How do u come to the assumption that I hate you? I’ve had one fight with u guy over the draft order. Other then that I’ve been good with you. Like the old saying goes assumptions lead to more assumptions or never assume because your just making an ass out of u and me. Your not important enough or annoying enough to hate, YET. With comments like assuming people make new accounts to disagree with you I’m sure those numbers will rise. Just comment on Shticky posts man don’t start accusing me of something I’m not even doing. Bravo bud!!

            My computer actually just started working correctly. You can ask Spector about that I’ve emailed him 3 times and messaged him once on twitter about not being able to get posts through. I got no reason to hide from you, Shticky or anyone else on these boards.

            It’s more of NYR move. Don’t go that low bud.

            Good day sir…

          • LOL, So your timing is so amazing you show up 10 minutes after being called out? As far as your “I’ve had one fight with u guy over the draft order.”….Please…. you took an inch an ran a mile….. Going off on a tangent, not even taking into consideration 1% of what my main point was to begin with! Putting words in my mouth as well as ANYONE here that doesn’t see thing eye to eye with you……. Meanwhile showing your true homer self by sliding by the Myers for ROR comment by a fellow Buffalo fan…….Amazing, You only see what you want to see!…..Say what you want, I try to be one of the more level headed people here….. I don’t spout off on BS trades that will never happen, Overvaluing NY players, or reading 1% into a story and making 99% assumptions of what they meant. Talk about hate? Is there a more self loathing, full of crap, self absorbed person on here than you? Lets have a vote? LMFAO!!!! If I lose, (and spector will have to check authenticity of e-mails/ ip addresses, Phone numbers , Voice verification etc…. I will NEVER post here again. Will you promise to do the same?

    • @Frank

      Absolutely ridiculous.

      • Hey I have an idea.

        Why don’t both of you grow up and have your fight in personal emails to each other and stop clogging up the threads with your fighting.

        We all know you 3 disagree, but bloody hell why do I have to read it?

        • “We all know you 3 disagree, but bloody hell why do I have to read it?” As Lyle clearly pointed out below, you don’t …..you can simply skip over and ignore it instead of adding to the problem.

          • You are missing the point.

      • @Jes
        Absolute Idiot

  10. As long as Marleau and Thornton have no movement clauses,the Sharks will be in a no win situation.

    • Not true

  11. Voting begins here…..
    Vote to ban me or Jes from ever posting on this site again.

    • I vote you both stop acting like children and more like the adults you profess to be. Seriously, you guys are boring the hell out of me with your petty squabbles. If you guys can’t talk civilly with each other, then just ignore it other.

      • @Jes and NYL, not a single GM or any professional from any NHL/AHL team on planet earth cares what you guys think they should do with their players and draft picks/ trades etc. Both of you make some good points, leave it at that.

    • I think belittling people because they disagree with your thoughts, ideas, etc. is a little over the top. There is a way to tell someone they’re wrong or you disagree with their opinion without turning it into a personal vendetta. If I wanted to be personally attacked for my opinions I’d post on Yahoo sports or blueshirt banter. Not trying to be childish, but in the same breath not looking to be treated like a child either. I hear what you’re saying Lyle. But personal attacks on here by some are a little overboard.

      • Lol Preach!

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        • Case in point^^^^^^^

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          • OMG, SHUT UP!!!

          • Sir, Yes Sir!!!!