NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Monday, August 19, 2013.

An update on Jose Theodore, and a suggestion for the Predators to make a trade.

Is Jose Theodore close to signing with the Bruins?

Is Jose Theodore close to signing with the Bruins?

TVA SPORTS: Yvon Pedneault reported yesterday the Boston Bruins were close to signing goaltender Jose Theodore to a one-year contract worth between $880K and $1.2 million. The report also claimed Theodore had passed a physical last Wednesday.

However, TSN’s Bob McKenzie and The Canadian Press’ Stephen Whyno subsequently reported there was “no truth” to the story, with Whyno citing Theodore’s agent Don Meehan denying the report.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Theodore recently claimed his preference was to return with the Florida Panthers, but they appear to have moved on. He also said two NHL clubs expressed interest in him. Pedneault’s report was quite specific on the details of the supposed contract from the Bruins, but Meehan’s denial pretty much douses that speculation. Hopefully, Pedneault or TVA Sports will follow up and provide more information.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: James O’Brien suggests the Nashville Predators may be lacking in quality forwards (specifically scorers) but GM David Poile has covered the “quantity” aspect. O’Brien suggests they should shop a redundant player or two.


  1. Smart move by Bruins. Theo is a quality back up at this point.

  2. Why wouldn’t have the Bruins signed him to begin with? They signed Chad Johnson to be the backup. Perhaps he will be sent down to Providence and provide veteran leadership there.

    I will believe this when it becomes official.

  3. Panthers did not move on. If they can manage to move Clemmensen they will re-sign Theodore.

    • Move Clemmensen to what team?

  4. The Bruins had a fantastic back up and a possible future star in Kuhdobin @ $ 800,000 for 1 year they should have kept him a little longer until he started to come into his own and his trade value increased. He is going to be a very good #1 , one day if he gets a chance.
    Missed opportunity for the Bruins… IMO.
    I realize he would have not played much but he is a budding star !

    As in the Iginla to Boston then to Pittsburgh …its never official until the player puts on the jersey !

    • Khudobin is a good pick-up by the Hurricanes, and yes, Boston should of extended his contract before Free Agency. At $800K, you can’t go wrong with him.

    • I’m pretty sure it was Khubodin’s choice to go to the KHL. He’s get good $ and is going to be a starter there so Boston had no say.
      There are tons of good backup UFAs as I mentioned on Fridays rumor roundup.
      Theodore is most likely at the top of that list

      • Crap, sorry. I don’t know why I thought Khubodin went to the KHL, I must’ve been thinking of someone else. Just ignore today’s stupidity… *groan*

    • If it is between Theodore and Khudobin and you cannot go wrong with Theodore. Right decision by Bruins.

      • Somewhat true, but have you seen Khudobin play, he is pretty darn good, equally as good as Theodore.

        • Can Khudobin teach Rusk how to become a better player with the puck?

  5. James O’Brien understands that OTHER teams don’t want two lesser light for a “quality” player, right?
    Maybe his position can be packaged with another guys so NBC can get a writer who understands reality in the hockey world…

    • lol… so youre saying Buffalo probably wouldnt be interested in Fisher and Colin Wilson for Vanek? Not even if they throw in Craig Smith?

  6. It seems to me Nashville is putting all their hopes in Forsberg making the team and providing offense as well as Stalberg really coming into his own this year and getting back to that 20g scorer mode. The Preds have however proven that they can be a quality team playing a purely defensive style and should rely on that and if the opportunity arises around the trade deadline maybe try and land a good scoring forward then.

    I also believe the Preds might be more confident as with Weber, Josi, Jones, and Eliis. They may have one of the better offensive bluelines in the game and it can help a team with weak forwards if they have a lot of offensive depth on the blueline, providing they don’t sac their defensive play to help the team put up points.

    • Yeah, the Preds have never been big on big/elite scorers. They like to stay at a stance where they have everyone on the team functioning as a team, not relying on 1-3 players to get them into the Playoffs. They’re a ‘built from the net out’ type team.

  7. Maybe the Preds should do a trade with Buffalo for Stafford, maybe a change of scenary and playing for Barry Trotz might help his game. We would take a draft pick.

  8. Six of the Preds starting forwards have one form of a no-trade/movement clause or another, the only players who could be dealt (according to cap geek) are
    and Clune

    Line up everybody…

    • Well, Hornqvist, Gaustad, Nystrom and Stalberg all have modified NTC/NMC’s, so they all have to submit a list of teams they’d accept a trade to. At the same time, none of these teams are/would be lining up to acquire these players…mind you that not one of these players make over $4.5M per. That would be the only thing going for them.

  9. Every team should have a quality backup goalie.

    The way players consistently run goaltenders… there is a good possibility of injuries..

    • Agreed. Although I miss the old days of Hextall and later Belfour who made you pay dearly if you stepped into their crease.

      • Billy Smith…