NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Monday, February 11, 2013.

A look at some of the notable rumors at the NHL’s quarter-mark, plus the latest on Jay Pandolfo.

Could Jaromir Jagr be dealt later this season?

Could Jaromir Jagr be dealt later this season?

TORONTO STAR: Mark Zwolinski listed several rumors among 25 trends which have emerged at the NHL’s quarter-season mark, as well as potential issues for some teams which could result in trades. Among them: The Toronto Maple Leafs lack of a number one center, the Ottawa Senators are expected to make a trade to fill in for the injured Jason Spezza, the Dallas Stars may deal their veterans, Robert Luongo is likely to stay with the Canucks rather than be dealt, and rumors will heat up on pending UFAs Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Jarome Iginla and Stephen Weiss (but the Ducks have looked good this season with Getzlaf and Perry).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see how much the lack of a first line center affects the Leafs this season, and if it pushes management into the trade market for help. The Sens will remain patient for now, but if they continue to struggle in Spezza’s absence, they could go shopping for help. The Stars won’t move their veterans unless they’re out of the playoff race by the trade deadline. It’s quite possible Luongo finishes this season with the Cnaucks. If the Ducks are in the playoff race by the trade deadline, Getzlaf and Perry won’t be dealt, regardless of their contract statuses. Iginla and Weiss could be available if their respective clubs are out of the playoff chase by the deadline, but it’s not a certainty.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty reports free agent left wing Jay Pandolfo, who’s currently on a PTO contract with the Bruins, traveled with the club on its recent road trip, which could be an indicator he’ll get a full contract for the remainder of the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been reported the Bruins want to add more depth on left wing, which is where Pandolfo could fit. He’d be an affordable signing, and having clear Tim Thomas’ $5 million cap hit from their books, would leave enough room to add more depth later in the season if required.


  1. No one is making any significant trades now. Too early. I still think a Luongo trade is more likely to happen rather than not, though. I’m not sure that I’ve seen a pro player demand a trade and in a full year does not get traded. Granted he could not have been traded during the lockout, but what ever happened to that “potential” deal in place that Gillis mentioned last month and that it was an “unexpected player”?

    I guess the guy was talking BS and playing the media jolly.

    • He never “demanded” a trade. He said he wouldn’t stand in the way of a trade if that was best for the team, knowing the writing was on the wall and Schneids was the guy moving forward. Remember how long the Rick Nash saga dragged on. Even in the further past, with Pavel Bure in Van. These things take time with star players. You don’t just give them away for a draft pick. How about Bernier in L.A? he demanded a trade long ago and isnt even an established player. Should they trade him just because he “asked” for a trade. He’s an asset that the club wants some some return to help the team or want him to stay for goalie depth. It’s the team’s decision not the player.

      Especially with Lou’s contract, there are a lot of barriers to this trade. As a Canucks fan, I would rather have MG hold out for a great return rather than get rid of him just to trade him. It only makes sense.

      • I agree with you about Luongo never requesting a trade. He is a team guy and said he would do whatever is best for the team.
        On the subject of Roberto, I have been doing a bit of thinking on His contract and feel that there is a posdibility thatbit could actually be a blessing in disguise to a team rather than a millstone. Whoever gets him will be getting one of the top netminders in the NHL not only now but quite possibly for five or six years to come and at a cap hit of $5.3 million. While that can seem a bit steep now, although there are a few netminders with larger cap hits though none longer, I imagine in five years it will be about midline for what elite goalies will be asking for. What makes me think that Luongo’s contract could be a good one for a team is the person who was a neighbor of Roberto’s as well as his “idol” and friend, and that is New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Broduer. Brodeur is giving the Devils great goaltending right now at the ripe old age of 40 (he will turn 41 in May) and there is no real reason to believe that Luongo at 33 will not be capable of doing the same. Luongo has tried to emulate Brodeur and as long as he can stay in good shape and injury free there is a good chance that he can have the same level of productivity as well as longevity enjoyed by his friend. 
        Another advantage for whichever team gets Luongo is that while the cap hit stays the same throughout his contract in 2018/19 his actual paycheck drops to $3.382 million followed the next year by another decrease to $1.618 and then down to $1.0 million for the final two years. 
        I am not predicting but rather speculating that because of their friendly rivalry Roberto would like to have the same type of career as Martin and if possible enjoy playing at an elite level until he is at least forty or older. 

  2. Good luck trying to find a number one center available at the deadline. This isn’t even a topic of conversation because there isn’t one unless the Ducks suddenly fall out of the playoff race and judging by their torrid start I don’t see that happening.

  3. I can’t remember who said it on this site the other day, but I totally agree: I just don’t believe the Ducks would go past the deadline with *neither* Getzlaf or Perry signed. If they lost both for nothing, it could cripple the franchise for years (especially with Selanne almost certainly retiring, too… finally!).

    I imagine they’ll sign one/both, but if they haven’t signed *either* by the deadline, they’ll ship one of them out, regardless of their position in the standings.

    • I think it was me. I said offer them contracts if they can’t be resigned trade them for a nice prospects and picks package. Cannot lose them for nothing.
      Anaheim should find a way to sign both now.

  4. I think that the Canucks are in a pretty good situation. Two goalies who are playing quite well, with the vet leading the way. If Luongo keeps playing the way he is there is absolutely no reason to trade him at this juncture. Schneider deserves a shot at being the number 1 so Canucks management have a huge decision to make this coming summer. Quite conceivably they decide to keep both which would make Schneider understandably upset but if he wishes to remain a Canuck then he will have to ride out his time just like Rask did in Boston.
    As for the Ducks they do not need to be in any rush to sign Getzlaf or Perry, especially during the season. If negotiations do not go well then the Ducks could trade whomever does not want to sign very easily during or after the amateur draft. Teams would be lining up to acquire these guys as they are both very good players. The Ducks obviously would like to retain both but if by chance they lose both to free agency you can expect rumours of Ryan wanting out again also. With both Getzlafand Perry gone and Selanne retiring the Ducks would be in serious trouble and would have to start a re-build. Trading both of these guys is an option for Anaheim if they feel the club they have now is not going to contend in the next couple of years. The re-build would get a major boost with young prospects and several first round picks. This years draft is suppose to be one of those rare drafts where the top 40 picks are considered top notch. No GM wants to start over but sometimes patience rebuilding pays off.

  5. I hear that about every draft year.

    Predictions? Who gets Jones? Who gets McKinnon? Who gets Drouin?

    I’ll make guesses:
    Jones – NY Islanders
    McKinnon – Columbus
    Drouin – Colorado

  6. Having watched a few CBJ games this year, I have to say that they look pretty good. They’re a young team, they play with an edge, and have a few good weapons. They could actually have a few good pieces in place and if they could add an impact player via the draft like a McKinnon or someone who can possibly step right in, they could be in the playoff conversation by next season.

    Mason coming back around would go a long way as well.

  7. I think Nonis will keep his ears open and look to see if maybe Weiss could be available closer to the deadline, and depending on the cost he could make a play. Getzlaf is obviously the dream but we’ll have to see how that situation shakes down.

    Other than that, I could see Nonis sticking with Bozak-Grabovski-Kadri-McClement down the middle, and rolling 4 lines. It seems to be working okay, so I don’t know that the Leafs need to make a move out of desperation for a centre of some kind.

  8. Another guy no one is really talking about with regards to centres is Mike Ribeiro. He’s a UFA at the end of the season and if the Capitals are not in the playoff picture at the deadline he could be shopped for sure.