NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Monday, February 25, 2013.

The latest on Jarome Iginla, Stephen Weiss, Jose Theodore, Ales Hemsky, John-Michael Liles and Viktor Stalberg.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio wondered if Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster might finally put team captain Jarome Iginla on the trade block, speculating the Flyers and Bruins might have interest in the Flames winger. Panaccio feels the bidding could soon start for Iginla if the Flames fail to gain ground in the standings in the coming weeks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That decision could come by mid-March. As long as the Flames remain in striking distance of a playoff berth (they’re currently only two points out of eighth overall), Iginla won’t be going anywhere unless he requests a trade.

Could Jose Theodore be dealt in the near future?

Could Jose Theodore be dealt in the near future?

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov reports trade rumors are swirling over the struggling Florida Panthers. He suggests perhaps a change of scenery (Detroit? Ottawa?) might be good for pending UFA center Stephen Weiss, whose sub-par performance this season is confounding the club’s higher-ups.

The Panthers calling up Jacob Markstrom leaves Jose Theodore and his expiring contract as a possible trade candidate. Fialkov noted the Boston Bruins aren’t deep in goal beyond Tuukka Rask. He also speculates Panthers GM Dale Tallon is growing frustrated with his defense, especially the play of Filip Kuba and Brian Campbell.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Panthers are running out of time to turn things around. If they haven’t improved in another couple of weeks, expect the sell-off of veterans to begin, and that could include Weiss if Tallon gets a good offer for him.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples concurred with a recent fan poll suggesting the Oilers trade winger Ales Hemsky. He feels Hemsky, despite his $5 million per season contract and leaky defensive play, could be of interest to clubs seeking offensive depth. Staples points out the Oilers are in need of a tough, two-way center or winger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hemsky’s poor defensive play could also work against him on the trade market, and with the salary cap declining for next season, there might not be much of a market for his salary. It’s still possible he could be traded, just saying it won’t be easy, and they might not get a great return.

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger reports Maple Leafs defenseman John-Michael Liles isn’t complaining about being a healthy scratch, nor does he want a trade. Liles acknowledged the difficulty of not playing, but said he had to deal with it “like a pro”.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Chris Kuc reports Blackhawks winger Viktor Stalberg acknowledged the uncertainty his UFA status brings to his future, but maintains his focus is on the present and winning with the Blackhawks. GM Stan Bowman said he’s currently not in negotiations with Stalberg or his other free agents, but admitted he’s pleased with Stalberg’s performance.


  1. With Florida lacking defensive play, Weiss not producing and Theodore being the odd goalie out, and that Toronto/Florida don’t play each other often, they could or should be trading partners. Here is my horrible arm-chair GM’ing on a 3 way trade:

    To Toronto: Weiss + Theodore + Hemsky
    To Florida: Liles + Whitney + Khabibulin + Paajarvi
    To Edmonton: Bozak + Scrivens + Shore + Kulemin

    • Pretty creative trade idea…now I dare you to put together something plausible, something that might might happen before pigs fly.

    • Just curious, what’s the cap hit for the trade?

    • So basically Florida gets screwed big time, I doubt Edmonton trade Hemsky that too. To summarize: another dumb trade proposal by Leafs fan.

    • So…

      Toronto gets a very good center, a solid back-up, and a very skilled winger.
      Edmonton gets a depth center, a pretty good young goalie, a an excellent prospect who is playing very well, and a decent depth player.

      Florida gets a scratched d-man on a decline. Another scratched d-man on a decline. An about to retire goalie, and a questionable former first rounder.


      • Toronto gets a hope that Weiss is a top center and an offensive winger in Hemsky who lacks defense. Theodore is the odd man out, like Liles and Whitney are in Toronto and Edmonton. Florida gets two good dmen, who just need a change of scenery and minutes to play. Sure Bulin is close to retirement, but he can help Markstrom all the while he helps put up wins for Florida. I’d like to see Paajarvi play with Huberdeau, as both are very young and can feed off one-another. Edmonton gets a very good backup goaltender for Dubnyk, a good faceoff man for the PP and 3rd line in Bozak, Shore is a hopeful at being a decent player…and is young, like the Oilers. Kulemin will help with his good 2-way play and like others, likely just needs a change of scenery.

        • Liles was never really any good (ask anybody who watched the Ave’s for years – points don’t make you a good d-man) and Whitney hasn’t been any good since the injuries 2 or 3 years ago.

          It’s not a change of scenery, Liles is bad. I know you’re a Leaf fan and it’s hard for you to understand that, but Liles is not a good NHL player and his contract is an absolute albatross that no team wants to get stuck with and that the Leafs, along with Komisarek, may end up buying out this summer to rid them of Burke’s stupid mistake (while Liles was injured with a concussion)

          That trade proposal is absolutely laughable (Leaf-able?) and shows a major case of Homerism. Florida gets screwed in that deal and shocking, the Leafs get far and away the best of it. HOMER.

          • Having a bad day? Or are ya always this pleasant?….either way look up the meaning of albatross, while I’ll admit Liles is no superstar if you compare what he does to other D around the league, its not that far out of whack and term wise its pretty short. You make it seem like he has some kinda Ovi or Dipetro deal. Perhaps a habs fan with some pent up issues with bad contracts?

      • I just can’t see why Florida would not do this deal. Come on man, they get Liles!!! On any other team, he would win the Norris hands down.

        Toronto basically trades Bozak for Weiss, bad move for Toronto. Sure Weiss is a 60 point big center that everyone is looking for BUT Bozak has much cooler name.

        Kulemin for Hemsky, again bad for Toronto. Sure Hemsky is a much better player BUT if Kulemin starts playing much better and starts scoring points at a Crosby pace…

        Theodore for Scrivens is also bad for Toronto. Some will say that Theodore won a Hart and a Vezina in the same year but that was a while back. Scrivens will win many Harts and Vezinas in the futur so I just can’t see it being a good trade for Toronto.

        LeafsAdvocate, do you really know what you are talking about or are you just being retarded?

    • This trade solves nothing. It’s like shuffling a deck of cards.

    • You have no idea about hocley.

  2. To Florida fans if your hockey club is not making it: What would it cost to get someone like Smithson to the Flyers. Would 5th-6th round pick work? Flyers need faceoffs. I doubt B.Schenn or Couturier improve and become 50% on faceoffs players by the end of the year and Giroux can not do it all.

    • Probably a 5th. But, i don’t see any reason why the Panthers would trade a solid 4th liner. He’s probably a safe bet to stay.

      • Well if Florida is not making playoffs and Bjugstad is about to be ready, Huberdeau looks freaking awesome, Shore does not look too bad either. They have Kopecky, Goc, Matthias and Fleischmann. Maybe Tallon will keep Weiss.

        Also, what if tallono after O’Reilly?

        Still do not see the reason? Plus Homer and Tallon traded before in the past and it worked out for both clubs.

    • B Schenn won’t make it to the playoffs unless he starts being a little more respectful to other players health and well being. But he’ll get schooled eventually.

      Smithson for a 5-6 would be a steal, but Tallon is not that stupid.

  3. Would liles be a fit in detriot? They would know him well and have decent cap space. Detroit is a team where veteran players seem to excel.

    • I think Detroit would be a great spot for Liles problem would be addressing a need with what they would be willing to pay for him…I think the best way to move Liles would either be as a part of a package with a prospect and/or retain a bit of his salary he is a top 6 (possibly a 3-4 on some teams see Philly and their awful blueline) guy who can move the puck that a lot of teams would have some interest in if the price was right…just doesn’t really fit with the style the leafs want to play especially once Gardner returns.

  4. Frustration is building up in Florida with Weiss not playing well, at all. I don’t understand what is going on with him. I’ve never seen him play like this.

    I think that Colorado is still an option because of the Ryan O’Reilly ordeal. Maybe Columbus wants to keep changing with a new GM and JD in the organization. Obviously nothing to do with Weiss though. Buffalo and Calgary could also be trade partners.

    Tallon is not afraid to pull the trigger, as he showed early last season by trading Booth.

  5. Man I would love to get Viktor Stalberg back on the Leafs. He is very fast. Bozak and Stalberg has good chemistry together and Stalberg has a big body. He could screen the goalies. I think nonis should offer a lower pick like a 6th or 7th or resign him in the summer if the hawks do not.

    • Big body…yes, fast…yes, hands of stone…yes, get in front of the net…nope, another parameter player who is a little soft is not something the leafs should be looking at

  6. Leddy to Colorado
    Stalberg and Kruger to Florida
    Saad to Dallas
    O’Reilly to Islanders
    Neiderrater to Colorado
    Weiss, Visnovsky and Jagr to Chicago
    Chicago wins the cup!

    • I’m sure Colorado and Dallas would only be to happy to help the hawks win the cup….they would probably just cut out the middle man and ask the hawks what they want and give it to them

    • lol Neiderreiter and Leddy for O’Reilly? Hi, here’s a horribly failing prospect and an unproven d-man for a potential #1 center.

      Chicago also doesn’t win the cup with that… they screw a working line-up.

      • Leddy has played well the last couple of seasons. He is still young and has good potential.

  7. Everybody seem to say the same ting about jvr that he was soft and would not got to the net now watch him play and tell me the same thing. If stalberg is available at a higher round pick 3 and up I’d live to see him in a leafs jersey on a line with frattin and kadri

    • LW C RW
      JVR Bozak Kessel
      Stalberg Grabovski Kulemin (Frattin)
      MacAurther Kadri Komarov
      Brown Colborne McLaren (Orr)
      Phaneuf Kostka
      Franson Holzer
      Gradner Fraser

      I would see what it would cost to try and get Hiller from the Ducks. Would not pay that much maybe some players like Gunnarsson and Kulemin and one the the goalie in the minors hopefully. I will admit one thing Brian Burke did stock our system pretty good with young help. Now to transition them to the NHL.

      • Liles is obsolete now.

        • So is Komi

          • Sorry it would be Frattin 1st then Kulemin as a sub. I would rather trade Kulemin altogether

      • Where Lupul? Or did ya trade him too

        • I did. Total forgot him

          • And McClement…..and Colborne isn’t ready for the bigs yet and would not be of much help as a forth line center so your trade isn’t really addressing any issues (creating more actually)…most notably a center man with size for the first or second line (or a vet goalie which I’m not so sure is as big a need as everyone thinks…) wait till the off season go after a ufa trade some of the spare parts if you can for what ever you can get in the way of young talent or free cap space….

      • Would be awesome to grab hiller but I doubt the ducks part with him I know he’s kinda lost his job to vast or fast lol but he still unproven as a full season starter. Okay I know I will get slack for this but if we are going the hiller route what about miller??? Buffalo needs a change and they made a huge mistake getting rid of ruff and I think miller does not want to be there anymore could u imagine miller in a leafs jersey but do we have the assets ???

        • Not unless you’re dealing first round picks…A road I can’t see Nonis going down after watching Burkie getting crucified for it.

    • To compare Stalberg and JVR is a bit of a stretch…and we’ve seen him in a leafs jersey before…it wasn’t very pretty

    • Well, I never thought that about JVR, I just thought with Hartnell, Schenn, Feditenko and JVR’s previous injuries that Philly thought he was expendable and that they could strengthen up their D with a trade. Worked for Toronto as JVR is playing up to expectation of what they were looking for. I never doubted JVR could be a power forward and I think as he grows his confidence, he will also bring leadership to Toronto. That was one good trade.

  8. Haven’t you leaf fans figured this out already. NOBODY wants tyler bozak so stop trying to include him in every trade idea you have! Also I notice every trade ideas you have its always for the 3 best players avaiable. Give it a rest. Weiss, hemsky, theodore etc

    • If you think Weiss Hemski and Theodore are the best 3players available perhaps you need a rest..lol

      • Bozak leads both Hemski and Weiss in just about every state and no I wouldn’t trade him for a back up aging goalie either…again most leaf haters are worse than the homers who propose some of these ridiculous trades to begin with.

      • Out of the 11 players in retards so called proposal, TML gets the 3 best.
        You really should give the rest of us a break from your Daly stupid trade proposals.Or at least do it on some TML board where I’m sure you would find some like-minded people

        • Ya know we aren’t all that bad right? Lol honestly I can’t figure out why we would want any of ’em seriously a lazy center that goes weeks with out showing up an aging back up goalie and a guy who has absolutely zero defensive ability playing for Randy Carlisle. Hmm sounds good where do we sign…smh

          • And quit bagging on Bozak ok, ok he is not the poster boy of a number 1 center but it’s not his fault he is on a team full of 3rd and 4th. Line center men really 57% faceoff guy 11 or 12 points filling in the best he can really….

        • How’s Gillis working out for ya? 10 mill in goalies per year for the next oh forever seems reasonable…please Vancouver is just as bad over valuing assets…

  9. Winnipeg could use Hemsky. A decent defenceman could go to Edmonton. Maybe……Postma or Hainsey.

  10. The way they have been playing since the puck dropped on this abbreviated season Chicago seems to be a cup contender. I know that they have not played anyone from the eastern time zone but they still have taken on all comers they are scheduled to play during the regular season so far and put them down one by one. Adding one or two other players is guaranteed to either put them over the top or break up the chemistry they have now. If I were Bowman I would not change one thing until the very last minute, if even then, but still keep my options open on adding a veteran rental. Someone like Ottawa’s Daniel Alfredsson could be an amazing addition, not saying he wants to leave the nation’s capital but just speculating. Even Iggy would be almost guaranteed a long playoff run, possibly all the way to the cup, if he were that rental.

    • If anything, a power forward to stick in front of the net on a power play. You remember how well that worked when they did it with Byfuglien.

      • Byfuglien was the perfect player to put in front of the net and if it wasn’t for him needing a big payday he would still be with the Hawks and they would be a better team for it.

  11. Edmonton’s been trying to trade Hemsky for years. If there’s a name I’m sick of hearing in trade rumours, it’s his.

    • I disagree a little with your statement…Edmonton FANS not the franchise have been trying to trade hemsky for years. I would always giggle at how inflatted his trade value was in the eyes of oiler fans…wouldn’t think they would want to trade for a skilled yet defensive liability who is made of glass.I would often ask and even on this very site how many oiler fans would trade for Hemsky if he were on another team and ya–crickets….probably why they wanted him shipped out so often. He’s off to a great season though, but….wait for it…

  12. Why does Pannachio continue with his constant stupid “wonderings”? If Iginla were available, the Flyers are too cash strapped for him anyway. The Flyers need to stick with the current youth movement, and stay patient. I do think Theodore might be a good back up, considering how poorly Boucher and Leighton have played this year.

  13. So i will do this again since I forgot Lupul. I guess it is a good thing when you forget about a good player on your team.

    Left Wing
    JVR or Lupul (Can swirtch nightly if needed)
    Lupul or JVR (Same)
    Brown or MacAurther ( Either one of these guys can sit in the press box and change out with each other when needed)

    Bozak \
    Grabovski all 3 of these players can rotate with each other any night of the week.
    Kadri /
    Colborne (Needs to get some time in the bigs. Will help his game)
    Steckel or Zigomanis (Better faceoff)

    Right Wing
    Frattin or Kulemin (would rather trade Kulemin with other assets for Hiller or for a bigger center)
    McLaren or Orr (Same as Brown and MacAurther. Either can be swapped out with each other any night of the week.)

    Phaneuf Kostka
    Franson Holzer
    Gradner Fraser

    Komi and Liles are expendable. Liles might have trade value with another player but Komi is going nowhere soon.

    • Stalberg name is there if the Leafs will trade for him since it seems like the hawks might not be interested anymore. Or I would sign him in the summer if he is unsigned.

      • Stalberg is soft…thats not what the leafs need….they have enough hands/skilled players…they should be looking for a Steve Ott kinda player…or Shane Doan…veteran that can smash some people around…and pop in a couple here and there. Leafs have 20 Stalberg type players in their system

        • Shane Doan and Steve Ott will never come to TO. Stalberg is young and might want to come back.

    • LOL….I give up

    • Do you actually think Zigo is still in the Leafs system? Or are you suggesting that Nonis make a trade for another 3rd/4th line forward?

    • did you really list Zigomanis? he hasnt played for the Marlies since last year….just sayin’

      • Burke wasted Zigo. He was awesome at the face off. He is still a member of the Marlies playing or not playing. Still signed by them.

  14. This is crazy talk, everyone knows Calgary is where all over the hill veterans go, geez. If Sutter were still GM, it would be some dumbass trade to the tune of Kipper, 2nd round pick and a prosepct for Theodore and Weiss. Thank god those days are over oh wait never mind. (An FYI for those that dont understand, I am joking)