NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Monday, July 8, 2013.

Possible offer sheet targets, plus the latest on the Red Wings, Lightning, and Devils.

Could Derek Stepan receive an offer sheet?

Could Derek Stepan receive an offer sheet?

THE SPORTING NEWS: Jesse Spector lists the Rangers Derek Stepan, the Maple Leafs Carl Gunnarson, the Red Wings Gustav Nyquist, the Canucks Chris Tanev and the Kings Kyle Clifford as possible offer sheet targets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting list by Spector (no relation), focusing not upon big-name RFAs (as they would be matched), but instead upon second-tier talent on teams squeezed for cap space. Considering how rarely offer sheets are made and how rarely they’re not matched (only once in the last eight years), it remains to be seen if the aforementioned or anyone else gets one this summer.

DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports the Red Wings cannot afford to re-sign UFA forward Daniel Cleary until they’ve shed some salary. Jordin Tootoo, Mikael Samuelsson and Cory Emmerton could become trade candidates.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Damian Cristodero reports the Lightning have eight defensemen under one-way contracts and about $1.7 million in cap space with one or two forward positions to fill. The Lightning would be allowed to exceed the cap next season if needed by placing injured defenseman Mattias Ohlund on LTIR.  GM Steve Yzerman said adding a defenseman would have to come through trade to allow the club to shed salary in the process, but Yzerman said he’s not shopping right now.

NEW YORK POST/NORTHJERSEY.COM: Brett Cyrgalis suggests the money saved by the New Jersey Devils trading defenseman Henrik Tallinder could be used in part to sign Marek Zidlicky, but Tom Gulitti reports Devils GM Lou Lamoriello claimed the move was done to clear a spot for a young defenseman. Still, Lamoriello didn’t rule out re-signing Zidlicky.


  1. Nice article by the Sporting News. I like the all their ideas regarding how helpless or handcuffed teams would be if their players signed up for. It’s a high number for Stepan, but it really seems like the Rangers maybe in a very tough spot by not buying out Brad Richards. It would be sweet karma if someone threw their player a solid amount of cash and stole him for picks. Nice add of how Buffalo could offer sheet anyone really and not be too worried because they have two first rounders next year. Great link Lyle.

    • Two firsts?

      Who did we get another first from?

  2. Offer sheet Gunnar??? Really???? You would have to offer more then $2M for the Leafs not to match which means the offering team would have to give up a first and third rounder for Gunnar. Laughable…

    • Sorry my mistake I was looking at the old compensation. Over $1,682,194 to $3,364,391 is only a 2nd round pick. That I could see but still highly doubt it. I’m sure Leafs would trade Gunnar for a 2nd round pick right now to free up room so why bother with an offer sheet when you can do it amicably.

      • Imagine if Ducks go after Kadri with a offer sheet and I am not talking about 2nd round pick compensation. I am talking about legit 1st round compensation.

        Ducks already have Sens 1st round pick next year. They freed some cap space with Bobby Ryan trade. They have a lot of picks and prospects in their system.

        • Now that Burke is back with the Ducks (even as a scout) he still wields a lot of power I doubt this would ever happen. He was just at Phaneuf’s wedding with Nonis over the weekend. Would be funny to watch though

          • If a team threw an offer sheet at Kadri and Franson at the same time I would imagine the Leafs would have to walk away from one guy. $5M on Kadri and $4M on Franson is $9M. The Leafs only have $10M to sign the remaining 5 players plus they need at least $1M breathing room in case of injury. Although trading Liles would alleviate that problem if they could find a taker to absorb his entire salary.

        • Trying to offer sheet players who play in traditional markets is tough.

          • Even with the extra space from trading Ryan they would not be able to put up an offer Toronto wouldnt match, Even though its going to be toght we havent signed any RFAs yet so in reality we still have some room, what I mean is we would probably sign them in order of priority if we are running short on cash guys like Fraser and Gunnarson are the ones to go not Kadri.

          • The only RFA that would concern me a bit with getting an offer sheet would be Franson with Kadri looking at the type of money he is looking at if someone put up say 4mill for Franson (which is probably only a mill or so more then he is worth if you look at his stats) that would be tough on for the Leafs to match and even tho they would be compensated for him walking the value of Franson to this team kinda outweigh the benefit of the compensation. Guys like Gunnarson are a dime a dozen

  3. Stepan outscored B.Richards or mighty Rick Nash and I think he will ask for a nice contract and he deserves one. After Staal got injured McDonagh is probably NYR’s best d-men. Both players will demand a lot of $ imo. At some point B.Richards will be bought out. This or next season.

    Anyway, after watching THN.. Clarkson was called one of the best if not the best UFA? Is that how Leafs fan think? Guy has one decent year surrounded but Prise, Kovalchuk and Elias and gets 7 year 5.25M year deal at the age of 29? He hits, he fights and he drives the net.. but 5.25 for 7 years?

    • McDonaugh just got 4.7 mill x 6yrs. That deal may be a steal for NYR in 2 years time. Wow.

      • I think it’s a steal. I was expecting at least 5.5M a year. Very decent number. Good job by Sather. He seems to do well with RFA…. UFA’s that kills them

    • Mark Fraser hits and fights and clears the front of the net and Leaf brass is valuing him at $600k for one year on a two way deal. It’s an upside down world Nitro.

      • Nonis & Co. should sit down with Fraser and say “listen, because it was a shortened season, lets do a 1 year, $750K contract and see what you can do in a 82 game season. If you can prove what you are asking, we’ll re-sign you to a longer higher paying contract”.

    • all i half to say is ryan clowe, the market is inflated. the leafs needed this guy bad sometimes you pay a little more. yeah term is long but if the leafs offer him 5-6 years he goes somewhere else. do not forget the guy was offered almost 6 million by other teams.
      Say what you want but I am buying a clarkson jersey

      • plus… if Nonis refused to overpay, he’d be tarred/feathered and labelled unable to make a move when it counts.

        if avoiding to overpay for a UFA is a major rule, you simply don’t sign anyone. Clowe overpaying was brutal though. he’s JUST sand paper… he’s not even a goal scorer.

    • Ya the term is bad but the cost in dollars not so much if you look at what Bickell (who Id rather have) Clowe or Horton got he fits right in about where he is supposed to be its like you yourself have said everybody overpays ufas, its just the cost of doing business. Overpaying a bit in terms of an extra couple years on a deal to me makes a whole bunch more sence then what Ottawa did by giving up multiple first rounders and a top 6 guy to pay a guy the same type of money and no guarantee that he will be there for anymore then a couple years These types of players have almost as much value anymore it seems as 50 60 point guys, very hard to play against.

      • Everyone overpays but players you mentioned were/are multiple 20 goal scorers in the past with exception of Bickell. Clowe can really bring it if he is healthy, same goes for Horton. Clakrson is similar to Hartnell or Backes is another one. All that aside.. THN called him “the best available UFA”.

        • Ya but Clowe hasnt been healthy in years, same as Malone Morrow and others I think that is just pretty much the going rate, you mention how he hasnt had a twenty goal season he was on pace for 30 last year and got 30 the year before, yes he played with some good players but the style he plays probably helped them as much as they helped him he can really open up some ice

          • @Shticky, I suggest you check how many games Clowe has missed in last 4 years

          • And I suggest you look at his decline in production over the past 2 years and tell me he is worth more then Clarkson lol the guy had 3 goals last year ware and tear have caught up with Clowe

          • Even if you go back the past 3 years Clarkson has more goals then Clowe its not even close really Im not going to give Clowe more money because he was better 4 years ago Yes the term is too long for Clarkson but dollar wise he fits in right about where he should and being the only UFA to be around a 30 goal a year guy over the past 2 years anyway and what I think is more important is all the other stuff he brings to a team I could see why someone might call him the best ufa available this year, the crop wasnt that great besides some of the buyouts. All ufas get overpaid in this case the term is the overpayment and I can live with it..lol

    • Funny, you mentioned Clowe’s health.. and this is why I responded that Clowe was THAT injured like you may say. Clowe lost his ice to Logan Couture. That simple.

      His points increased dramatically after he got ice time with NYR.

      • Im not so sure 3 goals and 5 assists in 12 games over 11 points in 28 games constitutes a “dramatic” increase in points but…ok I guess could also be because almost after every trade Ive ever seen hockey or any other sport for that matter a player kind of gets a boost for whatever reason and performs well, from what I saw of Clowe in the playoffs this year with the Rangers he was not even close to the same player Ive seen in previous years with the Sharks in the playoffs. I do agree he used to be a real fun and exciting guy to watch I just think he has lost some of his game, happens to all who play that style of game one reason I said I think Clarksons contract is too long he will burn out quick and Im not sure in 5 years he will be even close to what he is now but thats the name of the game

      • He had a shoulder thing bothering him most this year but still played the majority of games just because you play dosent mean your healthy…

  4. Yzerman has only himself to blame for the cap situation in T-Bay.
    He grossly overpaid for Matt Carle last year and then did the same
    this year with Filpulla.

    Zidlicky played reasonably well for the Devils last year, with 19 points in 48 games,
    11 on the power play. He’ll always be a defensive liability but a smart coach limits
    his even strength ice time. You put him and Kovy on the point with the man advantage
    with Elias, Zajac, and Ryder up front. That’s a decent power play.
    on the third pairing.

    • Zidlicky was 9th in PP time, 18th in points (ie, not pulling his weight), and he only had 1 PP goal. He didn’t play reasonably well, neither 5 on 5 where he got a lot of minor penalties, nor on the power play, where the Devils were 21st. Greene is going to take PP duties this year and is going to be a better player. Larsson may even see PP time, and so might Jon Merrill if they bring him up.

      Zidlicky might be signed because he’s a friend of Elias… but if the Devils are smart, they don’t play him first unit. With Fayne, Volchenkov, Salvador, Larsson, and Greene, Zidlicky really doesn’t fit anywhere in the line-up if they hope to bring up one of Merrill, Urbom, or Gelinas.

    • Is Filpulla better then Weiss?

      • is Filpulla better than Lecav?

        • Rob, now that you put it like that.. LOL.

          A year ago Yzerman threw 5.5M at Carle, this year he threw 5M at Filpulla. Sometimes I just do not know..

        • Filppula isn’t better then Lecavalier in terms of offensive out put, but he is better at the two-way game, team responsibility and playing in all three zones.

        • He’s not better, but the cap space, salary & term for Lecavalier were all worse than Filppula.

          I’m not advocating Filppula’s contract, only saying that if the only choices were A) Cut Vinny & Sign Filppula; or B) Keep Vinny and his contract, Yzerman made the right choice.

          Of course, there was always option C of cut Vinny and NOT sign Filppula to a huge contract…

  5. hey guys not sure if this is way out there but what if a trade between the flyers and leafs.

    to Philly

    gunnerson, kulemin

    to toronto,

    Colburn, talbot

    Philly gets a cheaper d man, plus kulemin

    toronto gets the shutdown d man yes his cap hit, but with talbots only at 1.75 it all equals itself out and

    talbot is signed for 2 more years i beleieve.

    • I could live with that

      • Philly wouldnt tho…only saving about a mill and getting considerably less value in return plus this would mess up the Leafs cap. A deal like this I would think would be along the lines of at least another pick going to Philly or Gunnarson and a second for Coburn kinda thing may work, but I cant see Philly wanting any part of Kuli and again to do something like that the leafs would need to send away some money in another deal.

    • From Flyers pass.. … Flyers give away a lot of playoff experience and toughness with grit. Does not mean Leafs players are soft..

      • Ya I didnt really think that would work either just really couldnt see it working with Kuli and Gunnarson for Coburn and Talbot not so sure Id be in a hurry to pick up Coburn either, not that he is a bad player its just the cap hit I think the leafs could do with out.

        • Coburn was upcoming UFA. Try to sign any UFA d-men to a deal and then maybe we will speak.

          Coburn is on a bad contract? News to me. Please explain.

          • Not a bad contract persay just one the Leafs couldnt really afford at the moment with out moving something of substance at 4.5 even moving Liles out wouldnt be enough so unless we could move out liles and find a home for someone else that the Leafs wont be to keen on moving like a Franson or another player they just picked up like Bolland I cant see a deal like that developing as pointed out got about 11 mill in room with some guys yet to sign lol

          • I realize a pick might half to be involved but the reason ipurpose this trade is in short term it helped out both team. Coburn is the d the leafs are looking for and yes his price tag is a little high, but honestly if people this gunner is signing for 2 mil, i think they are in for a surprise. i might be wrong but i think he is going to get 2.5 plus. so in saying that say he get 3 mil, kule is at i believe 2.5 i could be a little wrong so dont chew my head off. so they are looking at max 5 mil maybe 5.5, they dump cap with coburn who is not a cap dump, and talbot at 1.75 and gain about 1 mil in cap room. plus kuli will be ufa so his money comes off the books and they can sign gunner to a one year deal, and this help a little with the cap hit and still gain 2 valuable players. I know i am rambling i apologise but if leafs included say a 3rd i think it would benefit both teams

          • also forgot to say leafs pick up talkbot who is a cheaper version of kuli and signed for another couple of years and add coburn who is exactly what we need on back end, then if phaneuf still wants his 6.5 mil he walks and we have number one pairing of gardiner and coburn i know its a little out there but this also gives the upcomers a chance put blacker and reilly on the list save cap space for next season.

  6. If the Wings really want to sign Cleary, they could always dangle Alfredsson to the Sens.

  7. Brian Burke is not an offer sheet guy. I know he is not the boss in Anaheim, just a scout, but if he has any influence it would be not to offer sheet anyone. Google Dustin Penner offer sheet.

    As for Mark Fraser, I love this guy too. Even as a number 6 D in the skills department, he is a number one in the clear the net and make you pay for passing the blue line department. He is fearless, and those playing against him know that. I suspect the Leafs knew that they would not have their qualifying offer accepted and that they would not get far negotiating and were hoping for and expecting arbitration to be sought by Frasers agent. He has a history of seeking arbitration ( with New Jersey) Leafs could pay more for him (up to 1.2) which would still be reasonable IMO, but I think the key issue is the 2 way part of the qualifying offer. He earned his keep with the big club last year and never got sent down. So why would he accept a 2 way deal again? Do not blame him. Hope the arbitration is reasonable and that the Leafs accept. Many teams would love to have him.

    • Brian Burke won’t be asked about offer sheet. He will be asked his opinion on Kadri.

      • Exactly this, it wouldnt happen anyway but not because Brian says no his opinion dosent really has no effect on management he scouts the east coast…

        • Very true. If the Ducks were looking to draw up an offer sheet they would only ask Burke about the player ie Kadri because he’s just a scout now. This way they could go in blind with an offer sheet not knowing what Nonis is thinking and how the organization feels about Kadri which is much better then asking Burke his opinion on the subject because it would be a waste of time since he barely knows Nonis and only worked with him for a very short period of his career plus he has probably forgotten how the inner circle of MLSE works and who pulls the strings and who likes or dislikes Kadri or how big certain egos are inside MLSE when it comes to offer sheets. All that info would pretty much be a waste.

        • Again it wouldnt happen anyway but Brian is a scout not GM or assitant Gm scout, scouts the east coast they would ask his opinion on Kadri not his opinion on offer sheets, and who cares about the inner workings of MLSE and who has big egos etc. You think teams send out undercover agents or higher private eyes to get the inside scoop on another teams “egos” and “who pulls the strings” before the make an offer to a ufa aswell? If we are talking about the Ducks Im pretty sure they would probably know about as much if not more about the guy who used to run the Kings and Lakers as Brian and Nonis has been around the league enough that they would have a good enough idea, its an offer sheet not espionage.

          • Beware of Feaster and his network of spies!

  8. If I was any team and had the ability to right now (meaning had enough cap space even if it means the overage of 10 % ) I’d be writing up and offer sheet for petreangelo. Even a team that has deep d prospects your never sure if a guy can be a number 1 and this guy can so take a chance. I hated when stamkos went so long and didn’t get one. Who cares if a gm says I’d match it. What’s he suppose to say. A 7 year at 6.7 would tie up some cap space for st louis and would only cost 1st, 2nd 3rd if I looked that ip right

    • Especially for a team like the Rangers who didn’t buy out Richards. Are you going to match all ridiculous RFA signings on your players? Hardly.

      • and it ends up screwing up the team that’s trying to keep the RFA ie Nashville/Weber case in point. It’s a tough contract to swallow for years to come. If a few teams did it to Toronto, the Rangers, Philly and Boston it might cripple these cash rich teams from going crazy on UFA day driving up prices. Maybe maybe not.

        • Thats a great point for sure,

  9. Elliot and Petriangelo to Buff for Miller, Vanek and a 1st?

    • I’m a buffalo fan and I would do it….st Louis fans would have no part of it. A more reasonable offer would include Ehrhoff or Myers.

      • I merely suggested Vanek and Miller so St.Louis gets their true #1 goalie, and a solid winger incase perron or Oshie have another “off” season. Plus taking Vanek instead of Erhofff allows the Blues to sign Shattenkirk and stay within Cap space range….

  10. The term and conditions of the Ryan McDonagh contract does not even contain a NT clause (as per a TSN reporter). Great job by Sather on this one!

    • It does contain a no movement clause, just in the last 3 years of the deal.

  11. As for RFAs…..teams will do it. Different era now with a hard cap for all teams so you know team X couldn’t match an offer.

    Teams with alot of cap space will be very difficult to pry a star from. The ones vulnerable are teams like STL. They have 2 RFAs and only so much space that they likely can’t match an offer sheet.

    STL only has about $7.5M

    If Team signs Pietrangelo for $8M cap hit, STL may match but they will max out their cap and can’t sign Stewart.

    A team likely can get Stewart on an offer sheet at 2nd round compensation ($3.33M per ) and st Louis is forced to take it. If they match that they will lose Pietr to an offer sheet with only $4M left.

  12. I am happy the Leafs signed Clarkson but never in a million years will he be worth his contract. He fits in well because he plays such a simple game and does things the Leafs require. Doesn’t need the puck/carry the puck, goes to the net and stays there (this is the most valuable part, few players do it and stick with it ala Holmstrom), forechecks hard. In the Leafs top 6 there are very few skilled forecheckers. He would be a good match with Kessel because Kessel is the worst forechecker in the league.

    I am really stunned no team is sending Pietrangelo an offer sheet, he is a definite #1. The Leafs should try to make a trade offer and if that doesn’t happen give Pietrangelo the 7mill he wants and move/buyout Phaneuf for peanuts. Phaneuf and Pietrangelo should take roughly the same salary.

    Blues would have no interest in Miller, unless it for free. They have 3 goalies they like competing to be #1.

    It would be interesting if the Leafs did do a double offer sheet to St Louis for Stewart and Pietrangelo that would put them in a hell of tricky financial situation. I would do it before all the RFAs are signed so you have flexibility to make the needed moves. The only definite outgoing move would have to be Phaneuf and maybe Liles/Kulemin.

    • With what money?

      • A for effort but start pulling that kinda crap with double offer sheets and such, before you have the cap room you are going to be in trouble…Dion or I should say anyone with a 6.5 million dollar contract is going to be hard enough to move with out half the GMs in the league thinking your a douche bag for doing something like that good luck with trying to shed the salary you would need to to accomplish that.

    • I’m pretty certain that once you make an offer sheet, that money is taken from your available cap space.. and the other team has a week to respond.

      The Leafs have $10M available with 18 players signed. They have work yet to do. I doubt any team has the desire to remove $10M in potential cap space for a few weeks, especially considering the social impact offer sheets have – even though I personally feel that they shouldn’t be frowned upon. The other piece is that TOR’s RFAs would then be targeted. If your $10M is tied up with offers and someone tosses Kadri one, how does Toronto respond?

      • Buying out Phaneuf would cost the Leafs a cap hit of $2,833,333 this year and another $1,833,333 next year so I don’t see this as a smart option. I’m sure there is a team that would take his entire contract if they essentially got him for free. I think Nonis is done for now. He will get his RFA’s under contract and MAYBE move out Liles to make room for a cheap UFA left in the bin.

        That’s not to say they shouldn’t look at moving Phaneuf since he’s a pending UFA with a new Hollywood wife waiting for him in the land of creamy dreams. He’s a gonner next summer and the Leafs will get nothing. MAybe they can’t get anything now so they figure no difference might as well keep him for the year?

        • I’m pretty sure that once you’ve made an offer sheet your draft picks which are required for an offer sheet are gone. And therefor you cannot make another. You have to have your own draft picks as well.

        • Exactly BeerGoggles someone would take Phaneuf for nothing. Heck thats how the Leafs got him to begin with. If the Leafs knew they could get Pietrangelo trade Phaneuf for 7th round pick. As long as the other team eats Phaneuf salary Pietrangelo salary would slot in at a similar cap number.

          Forget the whole Stewart thing, I like him but there is no spot in the top 6 for him now (Kessel, Lupul, Bozak, Clarkson, JVR, Kadri)

          • Many teams are fairly close to the cap and even tho Dion is a pretty good player Im not sure they would be lining up to gake his 6.5 mill cap hit without sending something back, Petroangelo seems lie he is going to be a very good D-man but do I want to mess with my cap too much with my cap in coming years by saying ok Ill give him 6.5 (probably a pretty big overpayment for a rfa) Dions money for 5-6 years when Kessel is UFA next year and that might eat in to what I can offer him if we decide to keep him, it could playout that yes you got Petrangelo but it cost you Kessel and Phanuef…no thanks

          • Subban is a 2.8 mill cap hit coming off rfa, Delzoto is 2.9, Josi is 4 but is locked up for a considerable longer time, sending an RFA. D man anywhere near 7 million dollar offersheets is a mistake and a huge overpayment, no matter how you feel about guys on your own team.

  13. Oilers should’ve signed McDonough to $5-5.5m offer sheet. I think that’s 2 1st rders to NYR & a perfect fit. Putting NYR in a tough cap hit position with Stepan & Hagelin still to sign would be poetic justice. Too bad a small market team didn’t capitalize.

  14. I predict a few big players in UFA’s the next 2 years are hamstrung unless big assets r traded. Eg Flyers Canucks Boston Toronto.

    Teams like NYI TB Edmonton Nashville Anaheim Columbus Florida r likely to rise when prospects mature.

  15. Add in Colorado after Stastnys contract expires & they can add D-men the next 2-3 yrs will be very competitive.