NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Monday, March 11, 2013.

Another list of potential trade candidates, plus the latest on Jarome Iginla, Jason Arnott and more.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson with his list of top-20 potential UFA players who could be on the move by the NHL trade deadline. Corey Perry, Jarome Iginla, Ryane Clowe, Valtteri Filppula, David Clarkson, Daniel Alfredsson, Mark Streit, Brenden Morrow, Robyn Regehr and Nik Antropov top the list, with Ron Hainsey, Ryan Whitney, Nikolai Khabibulin, Pierre-Marc Bouchard, Matt Cullen, Ian White, Ryan Jones, Jordan Leopold, Ryan O’Byrne and the injured Stephen Weiss rounding out the remainder.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of this list, I don’t see Perry, Filppula, Clarkson, Alfredsson, Bouchard, Cullen or Weiss going anywhere. The rest could move, but of course that’s not a certainty. Injuries and declining play could ensure they remain with their current clubs.

Could the Flames mounting losses force Iginla to accept a trade?

Could the Flames mounting losses force Iginla to accept a trade?

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis believes the Flames mounting losses could make it easier for Jarome Iginla to accept a trade to a Cup contender.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Iginla might not feel comfortable being a playoff rental player. Still, the fact contract talks with the Flames haven’t begun will ensure Iginla’s name remains a fixture in the rumor mill leading up to the April 3 trade deadline.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports the Blues have decided against signing free agent center Jason Arnott.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see if any other NHL teams in need of depth at center take a chance on Arnott before the trade deadline. Earlier in the season, he signed a one-year contract with the NY Rangers, which was subsequently nullified when he failed a team physical. He’s since received medical clearance to play in the NHL.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Damian Cristodero reports Lightning GM Steve Yzerman isn’t planning any quick-fix deals to bolster his struggling club. That doesn’t mean Yzerman isn’t shopping for help, particularly for his blueline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The problem right now is too many buyers and not enough sellers. As more clubs fall by the wayside and become sellers, there could be more affordable options available for the Lightning, but if they keep struggling, those options might not come in time to save their season.


  1. Being from Minnesota, and a big Wild fan, I agree at this point that Cullen likely stays. Bouchard, however, may be playing somewhere else in the next couple weeks…

  2. Iginla to Pitt? Since malkin is out.

    • I think so Pricey. I’ve been saying this for a couple of years now. Message finally got through im thinking… I’d hate to see him go but if it was to any team it would be Pits.

    • With Malkin out, Pitts will still be looking for a cheaper route than Iginla, or even Clowe. I think Pitts will be looking at players like; Morrow or Bozak. At the very most, very most, Bozak or Morrow will fetch a 2nd rounder, something that doesn’t handcuff their future or present.

  3. These Alfie rumors are starting to drive me up the wall … do people just look at UFA status and say yup they are gone? The Sens have so much young talent not even in the NHL, they are sitting 6th OA in the East and are 6-2-2 in their last 10 games, earning them 14 of 20 points. On top of that as stated people are coming back from injury and by the end of this month they will only be missing Karlsson from the line up. The Sens will be buying defensive depth come this deadline and Alfie is going nowhere.

  4. I agree that Iginla might be loathe to be just a playoff rental. However, I think if the Flames keep losing, he might look at a team he thinks he could play for, for the rest of this season AND beyond, and agree to be traded to them, with the idea of signing a contract with that same club in the summer.

  5. Might the Lightning have any interest in Liles, Koamsarek, Gunnerson or Koska? They want defensive help and the Leafs have to make room.

    • I doubt lightning would be interested in any of those 4 but yes they do need help. I. Thinking more along the lines of top pairing d men though. And yes the leafs need to make some room. They have 3 UFA and 1 Rfa d man coming up and still need to get Gardiner in ASAP, he could help a lot with the defensive end scrambles.

  6. calgary needs to ask iggy if they can trade him
    they need a rebuild and he should not be part of it
    they could get some good pieces by trading him

    • Iggy isn’t going anywhere, unless Feester can sacrafice his demands on what they want in return for him. No team is going to give up an arm and a leg for a rental, and a rental of his age.

  7. Enough already Eric Lindros never won the Stanley cup and had a good NHL career he was put in the Hockey hall of fame recently. Jerome Ignila is twice the player Eric was (no offence to Eric had to say it that way). Whether Jerome is moved as a rental or stays in Calgary I feel has no bearing what fans and ultimately HHOF think his place in hockey should be! If winning the Stanley Cup is that important to Jerome so be it trade him, does it mean he is traded he will win ….No!!! Just means as a fan of his NHL and representing Canada feel you did enough for us Jerome you make the choice!

    • Lindros isn’t in the hall of fame.

      • Right, Lindros isn’t but Sunden is. I do not believe Sunden should be, but considering that he is that paves the way for Iginla.

        • Even though Iggy has not won a cup, he has been to the dance as well has won more awards, won two Olympic golds (probably one of the best in clutch games for Canada) and has been the most consistant goal scorer in the last twelve year…first ballot Hall of Famor without question

  8. Alfie is not going anywhere. Wouldn’t he look
    Good on a line with the twins though? Just sayin’

    • I thought that as soon as Karlson got hurt, but the Sens have persevered.

      uhg! the Canucks’ game right now is so ugly. They need to grab Arnott (which I’ve been advocating since the start of the season), 3rd line big body whose been around the block.

      • The fact that they have not grabbed up Arnott makes me wonder what Gillis is thinking.

        • Not too surprising as it seems no team wants to touch him right now

          • Honestly perplexed why Arnott is not back yet- no comparison with other players in the million dollar mark – a steal ;there are guys in the league making 3 mil with 10 goals – really…

  9. Matheson is going to keep beating that Ryan-Whitney-horse until someone finally believes he’s a viable NHL asset and not the waste of a roster spot he is

    • Gawd If only that would help. As an Oiler Fan I wish that some one would fall for it! Maybe Calgary will. They took Staios off our hands!

  10. I could see the Sabres divesting defenseman Jordan Leopold as his contract expires and if the Sabres do not trend upward.

    I do not know if the Sabres would have interest in trading forward Jochen Hecht.

    • I have a feeling that Darcy’s hands are being tied right now by management. I “feels” like he may be done at the end of the season too. He has been in hiding since he fired Lindy.
      BUT, I think they would be willing to trade all three at this point as long as the value is decent and not a yard sale.

      • Darcy Regier could be in uncomforting times.

        Regier should have acquired a playmaking, point producing first line center in the offseason to replace Derek Roy. Lindy Ruff must have informed Regier he did not need one for his system. Guess who is on the outside looking in?

        The Sabres likely know they need to trend upward. Waisting a four-game road trip does not help. The Sabres defense needs to stop playing Ruff’s failed zone defense, and Regier needs to acquire a center. If the Sabres fall out of postseason eligibility before the trade deadline, Regier can remove himself from the organization.

    • What about Stafford to Edmonton? Not to sure who would go the other way, may be Hemsky and/or a prospect defensmen, but Stafford’s size is what is needed on Edmonton.

      • Drew Stafford and Ales Hemsky are similar, but Stafford has age, size and time advantages. I also do not know if the Oilers have any suitable defensemen for the Sabres.

      • Stafford and a 1st Rounder for Hemsky & Paajarvi

  11. Closer this season gets to trade deadline, the more I see teams trading junk and bad contracts.

  12. any body saying the pens will ever trade letang is crazy.you think they will give paul martin 5 mill a year and dump letang,haaa .both malkin and letang want to be in pittsburgh,they will both take a discount to stay. great organization,great owner,great leadership,great cap specialists,great gm spells a chance to win it all every year.

    • You’re delusional to think Malkin won’t want OV money. He will force Pitt to choose him or Letang. If he doesnt get 8-9 mil i’d be surprised.

      • X2, Malkin will want and should get $9M, while Letang will likely fetch $6M.

        Malkin – 8 Years, $9M per = $72M
        Letang – 8 Years, $6M per = $48M

        Pittsburgh won’t be able to get away with $38.7M on 5 players (Crosby $8.7M, Malkin $9M, Letang $6M, Neal $5M, Martin $5M and Fleury $5M). Pitts should trade Malkin and Letang to a team where they can get back a kings ransom:

        To Pittsburgh: Perry + Ryan + Smith-Pelly + 2013 1st Rounder
        To Anaheim: Malkin + Letang

        To Pittsburgh: Pavelski + Couture + 2013 1st Rounder
        To San Jose: Malkin

        (Yes, a typical not-going-to-happen Toronto trade, lol)

        To Pittsburgh: Kessel + Gardiner + Grabovski + 2013 1st Rounder
        To Toronto: Malkin

        • *Edit

          To Toronto: Malkin
          To Pittsburgh: Kessel + Gardiner + Kadri + Grabovski + 2013 1st Rounder

  13. IF Perry is moved there are a lot of teams that would be interested. Detroit would be an interesting landing spot for him. They have the cap room to offer him a max contract and it’s pretty close to home.

    • I could see this happening as a signing in the off-season, if Perry becomes a UFA. I don’t see it as a trade, though, as Anaheim could play Detroit early in the playoffs and wouldn’t want to face Perry.

      If Perry gets traded, much more likely he heads to an Eastern Conference team (this year. Not talking about Detroit’s re-alignment!)

    • I agree, and I think Detroit has pieces that Anaheim would take…:

      To Detroit: Perry
      To Anaheim: Filppula + Franzen + White

  14. OH I GOT ONE..
    To Pitttsburgh- Kessel, Reimer, Komisark

    To Toronto- Crosby, Fleury, Letang

    • We wouldn’t want Fleury so take him and Reimer out of your proposal and you have yourself a deal…lol

    • Still more realistic than some of the ones I see on here 😀

  15. Funny I still see Perry, Alfredsson, Bouchard, Cullen all still getting moved. Perry is so far gone now that Duck fans have been writing him off for weeks. The rest are due to slumping teams and salary cap.

    Nice to see I’m not the only one that has a good laugh about Toronto fans grossly over rating their players.

  16. Sorry Mike, you’re wrong on another count. Lindros had a much better skillset and all around ability than Iginla. Not a knock on Iginla, but if you look at records, Lindros is either 2nd or 3rd all time in PPG , and could fight, and hit like no other guy with skills could, except for Gordie Howe and Cam Neely. Like I said, Iginla does those things too, just not as good as Eric did. Iginla beats him in longevity, but that’s about it.