NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Monday, March 25, 2013.

A Western Conference trade primer, Mike Ribeiro hopes to remain with the Capitals, other moves by the Penguins and much more (except for the Flames and Sharks, that’s coming in another post).

Is Jaromir Jagr the next Star to be dealt?

Is Jaromir Jagr the next Star to be dealt?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch recently published a Western Conference trade primer, listing Jarome Iginla, Jaromir Jagr, Ryane Clowe, Dan Boyle and Brenden Morrow as the top five trade candidates. He was certainly right about the last one…He doesn’t expect the Ducks to move Bobby Ryan until the summer…Teams are interested in Flames d-man Jay Bouwmeester but only if they “eat” part of his salary…With the exception of their young players, everyone on the Avalanche is available…Despite the Blue Jackets solid play of late, Vinny Prospal, Adrian Aucoin and Derick Brassard could be available…Lots of teams have interest in veteran Stars like Jagr, Derek Roy and Ray Whitney…Oilers’ Ryan Whitney and Sam Gagner are available…The Kings are in “hot pursuit” of Jarome Iginla…The Wild could stand pat…No one knows what the Predators might do…The Coyotes could shop defensive prospects for help at forward…Sharks GM Doug Wilson is “in a total state of panic”, calling around the league for help…The Blues are still shopping for a left-handed defenseman…The Canucks could make a pitch for Washington’s Mike Ribeiro.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Just a few brief notes. First, I’ll touch on the Flames and Sharks in a separate post…The Ducks apparently believe they can carry Ryan’s contract into next season. That’ll depend upon their moves this summer (7 roster spots to fill with less than $11 million in cap space)…Rather than blow up the Avs roster, how about a new coach and GM?…Prospal apparently doesn’t want to move…Jagr and Roy could be next to move if the Stars fail to gain ground in the standings…Ryan Whitney should be dealt. Gagner? I’m not so sure about that…The Kings need veteran depth on their blueline, not another scoring winger…The Wild will probably stand pat…Predators? Your guess is as good as GM David Poile’s…Interesting that Garrioch never mentioned Keith Yandle as a Coyotes trade candidate…Doug Wilson is probably very concerned about the state of his team, but I doubt he’s panicking…Keep an eye on the Blues, I expect they’ll make a move for that left-shooting d-man by April 3…The Canucks could have interest in Ribeiro, but do the Capitals want to part with him? Stay tuned…

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports season-ending injuries to center Chris Kelly and defenseman Adam McQuaid, along with the decline in forward Rich Peverley’s performance, has the Bruins shopping for help. He claims they had interest in Calgary’s Jay Bouwmeester but the asking price was too expensive. He wonders if they might have interest in Edmonton’s Ryan Whitney…Matheson also believes the Oilers should try to acquire Flyers forward Max Talbot if he’s available. He suggests Dallas center Derek Roy might be a good fit for the Blackhawks…He also points out Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle would be attractive to a Cup contender or anyone else. The Kings are seeking a third-pairing defenseman, prompting Matheson to suggest Buffalo’s Robyn Regehr might be a good fit. The Flyers want to move Daniel Briere, but he’s got a no-movement clause and feels he’ll be an amnesty buyout this summer anyway. Blues coach Ken Hitchcock is a Jay Bouwmeester fan, but his salary could be too rich for the Blues. Matheson also wonders if Blues GM Doug Armstrong might try to peddle goalie Brian Elliott to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The injuries to their depth players is why I’m not entirely convinced the Bruins will pursue Iginla. Given Bouwmeester’s salary and the declining salary cap this summer, along with the Flames unwillingness to eat part of his salary, I doubt he’s hopped at the deadline…If the Stars don’t re-sign Roy, he could indeed interest the Blackhawks, as well as the Canucks…Regehr could be just what the Kings seek…I’m not convinced the Flyers really want to part with Briere, who’s been so valuable to them in the playoffs. Even if they fail to make it this season, why not keep him for one more year?…Wouldn’t surprise me if the Blues are trying to find takers for Elliott, but his declining performance isn’t likely to attract much interest.

WASHINGTON TIMES: Stephen Whyno reports pending UFA center Mike Ribeiro would like to re-sign with the Capitals but on his own terms, that being a five-year deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Capitals have almost $49 million invested in 15 players next season, and over $42.7 million in 11 players the season after that. Bye, Mike, thanks for playin’.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Dejan Kovacevic believes the Penguins next move in the trade market is a top-six defenseman, suggesting Phoenix’s Rostislav Klesla (or someone like him) as a possible trade target.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Penguins acquisition of Brenden Morrow yesterday took them out of the Jarome Iginla sweepstakes. I concur with Kovacevic as to the Penguins’ next target being a defenseman, though if they want Klesla, they’ll have to offer up a scoring forward, as that’s what the Coyotes need right now. 


  1. There is NO way that Feaster/Flames get 2 prospects and a draft pick. Maybe a prospect and a 2nd round draft pick. People have to remember, Iginla is merely a rental.

    • Iginla would getmore then morrow did no? And with morrow now gone wouldn’t the price go up for a thin market?

      • The possibility of the flames getting two prospects and a draft pick are quite good. It all depends which team wants him the most. It is more likely though that if the pick is a first then only one highly rated prospect goes. Teams have paid a kings ransom for a rental before but times seem to have changed. If a team does trade for him and re-signs him it won’t be any more than a two year deal, after all he will be 36 this summer.

    • Feaster will get more than a prospect and a second round pick for Iginla…. 1 they will pedel him as not your typical rental, 2 this time of year the price on anyone is going to be steep and it’s Jerome Iginla not Ryan Smyth 3 Contract and salary won’t be an issue and finally He is the best player available in this market I think what will come back to the Flames is probably a younger prospect type player who can play in the NHL right now and a first keeping in mind he will be going to a contender so it will be a later first round pick…If it’s the Bruins something like Caron and their first not saying I would do it but if Feaster does deal him he better get something of value for him or her will be lynched in Calgary

    • Agree high asking price but if he’s willing to sign an extension will be worth it.
      Boston has Horton becoming a Ufa. Iginla can take his spot and cap space.
      Not sure Caron and a first is enough. Maybe a young goalie or Spooner.
      I like Spooner though and wouldn’t move him.

    • If Shero doesn’t get Iginla ……..by making his moves now and playing his hand while being in the IGINLA mix he forces the Hawks Kings and Bruins to spend more to get Iginla if Shero doesn’t !!!

  2. Too bad Shero couldn’t have sent Morrow and a 2nd rounder to the Flames for Iggy … maybe he tried, but typical Jay Feaster over-valuing his old man rental player … Pens overpaid for Brenden Morrow, horrible deal …

    • Quit crying. By june your gonna love the deal. I can’t stand fans that cry just because the team didn’t get the player they wanted. The pens aren’t even done trading.

    • I do not think the Penguins overpaid for Brendan Morrow. The Penguins needed help on depth and the Stars need young defensemen.

  3. Does anyone here think that the Penguines raped the Stars again for a trade ????

    Penguines score a high draft pick and a Captain who plays ALL areas of the rink and gives it every night!!
    I understand that Morrow is in a decline but that trade just seems OFF to me.

    The Stars are in 8th place as of right now and really pushing to make the playoffs with less than 20 games to go and you go out and trade your Captain now for nothing more than a POSSIBLE player that MAY play in the NHL one day SOMEDAY!!!!……..how do you give up on a season like this with the veteran character & talent that the Stars have and just throw away your Captain for not even a player to help out now to even still try to make the playoffs which you currently sit.

    This is another blunder by Nieuwendyke IMO …..Goligsky for Neal Ott for Roy and Morrow for Morrow and move down in the draft …I mean what the heck is that !!!

    THIS IS TERRIBLE IF YOUR A STARS FAN!!!!!!……….make the playoffs first then trade him in the offseason for a player of the sdame ilk as qulaity prospect minor leagurers are a dime a dozen …….
    Don’t give up and trade your long time captain when your in a playoff spot and dont fill a roster spot in the deal …..absolutely stupid !!!!!!!!!!

    • The stars are not going very far in the playoffs that is if they even make the playoffs(even with B. Morrow). Nieuwendyk probably took the best offer he got. You have to remember that they were not going to re-sign Morrow(IMO) because of his age and penchant for getting injured most of the time. The stars are a fairly old team and need an infusion of youth to help re-build. I wouldn’t be surprized if Roy, Whitney, and Jagr are all moved. If they are then good on Nieuwendyk. At least he would have recognized the future needs of the team, not like Feester in Calgary who should have made the moves years ago. The problem is though as you suggest he doesn’t seem to be able to make very good trades.

      • I don’t think Jagr or Whitney will be moved. Roy likely will be moved unless they come to contract terms.

        I agree with everything you said re: Morrow

    • I don’t think it was a bad deal, I think he can be a playmaker and lend some leadership to the group. He might even be energized by the trade and get his second legs. This trade is decent because the Pens didn’t give up too much for him a la what Calgary is looking for for Iginla. On the other hand, I can’t figure out what Joey is doing in Dallas – seems he is giving away the team.

      • Really, you don’t understand why Joe would trade a guy that the team will not resign for a top 100 overall prospect? Even with the 3rd-5th swap, it’s a good deal.

        Morrow was not going to mean the difference in the Cup for the Stars this year. Likely won’t mean the difference in the playoffs either.

  4. i think pitt is going to get both iggy and morrow. no i dont think the stars got hammered in the deal, but i was a bit confused about them getting a third round pick thrown in. in my opinion (gut feeling), i think pitt is going to give a prospect and a first and a third for iggy. i cant see them sitting by, and watching iggy to go eithe rof the other three teams. they have the prospects picks and cap space to eat his salary.

    • It’s a stretch but possible. But that’s way to much to offer for iggy. The price has to come down. Also don’t be surprised if a roster play would go instead of a prospect.

      • And that player will be Jeffrey.

    • Agree its possible why are people saying it closes the door on Iginla.
      Wouldn’t adding him almost guarantee a cup. Go for it now.

  5. I think the pens are gonna go for Clowe before they try Iggy. If I were a stars fan I’d ask to be traded to Pittsburgh

  6. I think Morrow was a brilliant pick up by Pitts, however I do truly believe they won’t shop for more forward help. They want another puck moving guy down low and I think the Pens may go the cheap to acquire route and take a flyer out on Ryan Whitney from the Oilers.

    I really hope the Sens don’t stay pat at the deadline and try and pry Bouwmeester out of Calgary or Regehr out of Buffalo. Spezza, Michalek, and Anderson are all expected to be back by the playoffs but Cowan and Karlsson will still be out and bolstering that defense could give them a solid shot at going deep and both are guys the Sens could use for the next 2-4 seasons.

    I also really question if Phoenix might actually try and use a defensive prospect to grab up a scoring threat this year, if they do it needs to be someone young that they can continue to build their team around and of course that is where Philly comes to mind. If the ‘Yotes are going to move a quality defenseman like Yandle it needs to be in a deal surrounding a quality young center like Couturier or Schenn. I’m not going to pretend to imagine what that type of deal would look like.

    Also … Ave’s are dumb shoulda never matched on O’Reilly.

    • The only thing dumb about Oriley and the Avs deal is its length I think by the time it’s aa said and done the Avs will be wishing the terms were longer Centers like him don’t grow on trees and him going UFA as early as he will and with his age and if he keeps improving he is going to get a big big big raise with his next deal and they will, lose him, I bet most other Gms around the league might not have given him more but for sure would have tried to lock him up longer….

      • With the way contracts and revenues will grow over the next few years and if he keeps improving having your first or second line center man locked up for 5 years at around 5 mill wouldn’t be a bad thing….

    • I can see the Pens doing something to acquire a veteran D-Man and maybe Regehr is the guy. While I realize that Sutter was an important part of the Staal trade, I think maybe getting Regehr and Stafford for Sutter might be doable as I see the Pens having a need for a RW next year. Or perhaps a more equitible trade might be Sekera and Stafford for Sutter. Bflo has the players, youngsters and draft picks to do some creative things – just a question of whether Darcy does something.

      • And i see those that want sutter being greatly upset when he is not moved.

        • Ah……I’m a Bflo fan and I don’t get upset. Anyway, I think the Pens got burnt with Murray – he’s a bruser, but he doesn’t score any goals and he has no speed – always late to the play.

  7. Maybe the leafs and pens can do a trade?? We have defence and they have fire power. Or what about the blues and the leafs we have an abundance of damn and they have good young prospects ? Schwartz, or maybe even a burgland in a bigger deal??

    • Leafs should eye Louie Erikson !!!

      I have been coveting Louie Erikson for a year now on this site and finaly the rumour that he is available is in play !!!!

      Leafs have a KEY WINGER & possible UFA wink wink and Defensive youth on the backend that can make this multi player deal come to fruition …… this would be an amazing pick up and Stars have depth to add if Leafs pony up …..this could really be a great pick up !!! A kessel …Bozak…or ( Grabo) and D man prospect ( Blacker ) could create a deal for
      Erikson… Robidas and Roy gives Stars youth as thats what they need and gives Leafs better strength and veteran leadership in those positions

      • The Stars are not trading Erikson. You’re living in a fantasy.

  8. DOUGLAS MURRAY of San Jose


    as per Pierre Macquire

    Pitt looking to crush Philly and Hawks ……………..Iggy still a possibilty as well !!!!!

  9. 2 2nd round picks for Murray. God I love living in pittsburgh

    • Well looks like Boston is almost going to be forced to do something….the east might be in an arms race, Feaster is probably smiling rubbing his little pudgy hands together….

      • Would those be ….SHTICKY…. pudgy hands ….maybe????

        • Lol

  10. Boston should go after Jagr friend of Krejci’s. put him on the wing Horton is failing.
    Also add a d-man. Iginla too expensive going to La.

  11. Talking about the colarado’s coach and Gm getting fired this offseason? I agree with that as they have alot young talent and failing to be any thing but consistent.

    The oilers need to do the same, that Gm has done nothing to put the right players in place around his 3 first overall picks. I can’t see oilers fans being to happy with the job he’s done so far, they should have let hemsky go when his trade value was there. This team needs Chris Stewart, Ryan clowe kind of players. They have to many small skilled forwards who play soft when it comes push to shove.