NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Monday, March 4, 2013.

The latest on Jarome Iginla, Mike Komisarek, Jason Arnott and more.

Could Iginla become a Penguin?

Could Iginla become a Penguin?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports it is believed the Pittsburgh Penguins have targeted Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla for a trade.  The Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, Dallas Stars and San Jose Sharks could also have interest in Iginla if the Flames decide to shop him. Iginla has a no-movement clause and would have to waive it to facilitate a trade.

CALGARY HERALD: Bruce Arthur of the National Post wonders if the Flames failed attempt to sign Ryan O’Reilly could lead to them finally trading Iginla and Miikka Kipsuoff.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As long as the Flames remain close to playoff contention, their front office (which has shown a stubborn unwillingness to admit this team needs to rebuild) probably won’t move Iginla or Kiprusoff.

TORONTO SUN/TORONTO STAR: Maple Leafs defenseman Mike Komisarek denied a report over the weekend claiming he requested a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even if Komisarek were to request a trade, his $4.5 million salary for next season and his declining performance means the Leafs probably couldn’t find any takers. And no, the NY Islanders wouldn’t be interested just because Komisarek grew up on Long Island. 

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH: Dan O’Neill reports the St. Louis Blues could consider bringing back Jason Arnott to add depth to their injury-ravaged forward lines.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Such a move suggests the asking prices on the trade market remain too expensive for the Blues at this point.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson believes it may be time for Oilers GM Steve Tambellini to make a trade for a “sandpaper” forward, suggesting Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds, LA’s Kyle Clifford or San Jose’s Ryane Clowe as examples of the type the Oilers need…Matheson also wondered if the Penguins might ever move defenseman Kris Letang to add a high-end top-six shooter. Though citing Letang’s value to the Penguins blueline, Matheson also noted he’ll be eligible for UFA status in July 2014…He also noted Red Wings pending UFA Valtteri Filppula reportedly seeks $4.5 million per season, wondered how much New Jersey Devils forward David Clarkson could get on the open market this summer, believes the Maple Leafs are shopping little-used veteran d-man John-Michael Liles, thinks Chicago Blackhawks left wing Bryan Bickell could attract some interest in this summer’s UFA market, and suggests St. Louis Blues forward David Perron may be expendable.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  I don’t see the Flyers parting with Simmonds or the Kings with Clifford. Clowe’s due for UFA status this summer, and his situation could depend on where the Sharks are in the standings by the trade deadline…Forget about the Penguins moving Letang. He’s their best defenseman, and moving him for a forward would leave a huge gap on their blueline…The Wings won’t make any decisions about Filppula until season’s end…I believe the Devils will re-sign Clarkson…Liles contract and limited NTC makes him difficult to move…Bickell should be an affordable re-signing for the Blackhawks…If the Blues decide to shop a forward, I have my doubts it’ll be Perron.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Gary Lawless reports Jets management will have to decisions over which of his pendings UFAs he’ll resign. “Up front, Nik Antropov, Kyle Wellwood and Antti Miettinen are all at the end of their deals. On the blue-line, Ron Hainsey, Grant Clitsome and Derek Meech as well as goalie Al Montoya will be free.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of this group, as Lawless noted, the biggest decision will be over Hainsey. While still very strong defensively, his offensive game has significantly declined. He’s no longer worth $4.5 million per season, but if he’s willing to accept a lesser salary and a reduced role, the Jets could keep him. 


  1. If Filppula wants 4.5/year, either trade him at the deadline or let him walk. That money could be spent far more wisely. No need to act rashly just because Datsyuk might leave after next season.

    • Considering that the cap drops to 60 mill next season this is not the year to become a UFA let alone making these kind of contract demands.

  2. Whoever gave Ron Hainsey 4.5 million deserves to be flogged …

  3. Not to split hairs, but from what I read, Komisarek didn’t actually deny the trade request, he downplayed it. He basically said, “I don’t know where you think you heard that from,” and not “I never said that”. To me, that means he did make the request, he just doesn’t want to talk about it.

    However, nobody wants Komisarek, so it doesn’t really matter anyway.

    • I was going to say who cares if he did or didnt…not going to be able to move it anyway. This story is almost as ridiculous as the situation it self…

  4. Komi will be bought out this summer. But on the otherhand, someone might be looking for NHL experience should they have injuries (long term), and are in playoff contention. But seriously who doesn’t have a minor league player that could easily fill the shoes of Komiserek? Especially after all that blown coverage during his stint with Toronto…and seriously though, that contract is unmovable unless someone is REALLY desperate. Burke thought he knew something that the rest of us didn’t. In hindsite Burke faired no better than the past GMs that signed some players that couldn’t cut it in he blue and white. Komi has turned out to be another one of those “bad decision” free agent signings ie (E. Lindros, J. O’Neil, M. Peca, P. Kubina, J. Allison, M. Renberg, J. Finger). That’s hockey!

    • Really though, Komisarek isn’t that bad of a player, just his contact dollars doesn’t equate to his play/worth. If he was making $1.5M to $2M per, then we all wouldn’t be making this argument. So now with Nonis in the drivers seat, he’ll make sure he doesn’t make the types of poor signings Burke made. As for Komisarek’s future, he’ll be bought out like you said, because that’ll be $2.25M off the books, and some team will pick him up for only $2.25M.

  5. I’m not so sure Clifford might not be made available for the right price. I would have never guessed that Simmonds would be traded, but Clifford made Simmonds expendable. The Kings now have Nolan who is a similar player to Clifford. Nolan could end up making Clifford expendable.

    I don’t personally think the Kings will trade Clifford, but I think there is a possibility with the right offer.

    • i won’t disagree with your statements on simmonds, clifford, and nolan but lombardi moved simmonds because he had to to get the second top center that he coveted. so while clifford could be available for the right price i don’t see what that price would be. the kings could use more help on the blueline to help with the injuries or maybe another top six forward but those are necessities. additionally the kings will feel the cap squeeze this summer and lombardi is likely not looking take on someone with a multi-million dollar contract when clifford should be an affordable resign (although he will get a nice raise).

  6. I think Ottowa would be best served if they dealt Anderson. He is 31, not as great as he appears, Bishop and Lehrner look good and they fit the Sens financial profile better. Anderson could fetch a healthy return. I could see Calgary as a nice landing spot with J-Bo coming back with a 1st round pick pick they were willing to deal for O’Reilly. The Islanders would seem another good fit and if the Sens could land Visnovky and Neideratter that would seem a pretty fair deal.

    • Anderson isn’t good as he appears? Support your claim good sir/mam because since coming to Ottawa he has been out of this world, one of the top in the league and it isn’t like the Sens have always run some tight defensive ship.

      • Also, EJH says he’s not as good as he appears, yet feels he would be worth a return of Bouwmeester and the Flames first rounder.

        • EJR what are you smoking>JBO and a first rounder are you nuts. I would give you JBO for your first rounder with a minor league player in return.The Flames dont need Anderson, we still have Kipper, Ramos, Macdonald, Taylor and Irving, Ottawa needs a guy like JBO with Karlson out and Gonchar who’s at the end of his career.

          • Well let’s not get too carried away the flames might get a first round pick or JBo and his contract but not from a team that has a Norris trophy Dman that is just injured the Sens blue line is banged up for sure but they aren’t that desperate…and a first rounder plus a prospect is pretty unrealistic almost as unrealistic as the Sens trading Anderson

          • And if you are hoping to go anywhere when and if Feaster smartens up and trades a way Kipper to start a rebuild ( the way he sould) you will need a goalie Ramos won’t be the answer that’s for sure and Irving looks questionable too.

    • yeah, he’s not as good as he seems…..but he’s worth a top pairing D man and a 1st rounder???? Calgary doesnt need a goalie, in case you were wondering……oh, and if you were to deal Anderson…the Sens would struggle to make the palyoffs for a long while!!!

  7. yesterday the subject of toughness was needed on particular teams. I suggested someone pick up Brown from TO because he plays good defensively and is as tough as nails. I guess the oilers were reading because they grabbed him for a 4th this morning. Should help protect the young guns.

    • Good call on the Brown trade. Crystal ball or what?

    • I’m surprised they moved him. He’s a good energy player. I guess that “sandpaper forward” for the Oil was brown.

  8. I agree that the Flyers won’t be parting way with Simmonds. He’s a beast for them and he’s only getting better. To think, the Flyers traded 1 Mike Richards for Wayne Simmonds and Brayden Schenn…..so far the trade is a HUGE win for the Flyers….say what you will about Richards’ ring but he didn’t propel them to get it, it was Brown, Kopitar and Quick.
    Does Pittsburgh really need another top 6 forward? They have Crosby, Malkin and Neal…..which is more than most teams have. How are they going to pay all these people, especially since the cap is going down next year. You give Crosby/Malkin 9 million a year each, Neal is at 5 per, Fluery is at 5 and eventually Letang will be at the very least 5. Simple math says they have half of the cap spent on 5 players and yet they need another top 6 forward? There’s a saying: Too many eggs in the one basket.

    • I agree …Im a kings fan and i hated that trade for Richards…Simmonds & Schenn & 2nd round pick for Richards no way…..Johnson & 1st round pick for Carter was good but i think if we can simmonds and Schenn we still would of won the cup!
      Brown Kopiter Williams
      Carter Schenn Simmonds

      • It’s nice to hear a Kings fan acknowledge what I’ve been trying to tell people about the Richards trade (and Carter PHI to CBJ deal) since the Kings won the Cup. Obviously, for the Kings, you can’t really say that they shouldn’t have done the deal; they won the Cup, and what else is there? But I also think its a really think its a uninformed opinion to act as though Richards and Carter were integral parts to that team, Quick, Kopitar, Brown, Doughty (not sure of spelling) were all much bigger pieces to the puzzle for LA. Carter and Richards are complementary pieces, whereas in Philly, they were expected to be the “man.”

        • i don’t think you’ll ever find a kings fan that wasn’t sad to see simmonds and schenn go but giving them up for the Cup was so totally worth it.

          you can say that it was kopitar and brown and quick (and some tremendously lucky health) that pushed the kings to be champs they wouldn’t have been able to do that if they didn’t have secondary threats behind them. opposition teams weren’t able to key on a single line as the kings were getting steady contributions from three lines (and the forth was playing well too). depth -particularly at center is crucial for winning the Cup. the kings had it, the bruins had it, the hawks had it, etc etc etc.

  9. To puckheads comment: You’re correct on the whole “too many eggs in one basket” idea, but you gotta realize. Calargy is stubborn, and Iginla isnt going anywhere unless there is an almost unfair return. With the way Paul Martin has been playing this season, I expect his trade value to rise, and at 5m per. Toss in Tyler Kennedy, and I think the Pens/Flames could have some talks. 7 mil going in both directions, Iginla is certainly closer to the end of his career then the beginning + will probably take pay cut when his contract expires at the end of the season, in order to stay in Pittsburgh.

    To Pit: Iginla (7 mil)
    To Cal: Paul Martin (5 mil) + Tyler Kennedy (2 mil)

    • *snort*

    • joking right? there will be no salray going back if calgary is trading iggy. it’ll be a first and a prospect.

      • Although I am sure the Pens would love this deal getting out from Paul martin would almost be as good as getting Iggy….

    • The Cap is going down next year. The Pens can’t afford Iginla without creating another hole in the lineup.
      I read somewhere that CBJ management was in the CEC last night, and the Pens are targeting Jack Johnson, who IMO will benefit the Pens more than Iginla would. The Penguins’ weakness is clearly on the defensive side of the puck.

      • again…ar you kidding me? do your homework. iginla will be a free agent this year so he could be, in fact a rental player. you know then that a rental player costs significantly less than someone like jack johnson, who would cost far FAR more than a 1st (for iggy). also, johnson is making around 4.5 million per year, who’s to say iginla signs for 7 million again? he certainly isnt worth 7 million anymore but still. while i wouldnt argue that jack johnson is younger, therefore he offers more years to the PENS, i wouldnt say he offers more. he takes more thats for sure

        • My mistake. I thought Iginla had another year to go. I flunk.

  10. Keep going Nonis. Don’t stop at Brown you need to move out the dead wood sitting in the press box too.

    I’m thinking Gunnarsson could be trade bait along with either Kessel or Bozak or all three.

    • Leafs need to make at least 3 more moves by the deadline. They have 2 dmen in the press box who could go but going to be tough finding any takers. They have another forward to move before lupul comes back, my bet would be macarthur. Then gardiner still needs to come up wether they just put some one in the press box or what but those are just to get guys in, not adding anyone.

      • Yes I forgot about MacA.
        Either Kulemin or MacArther will have to be moved before the deadline unless Nonis dangles Frattin in a deal for a number one center which seems unlikely since I can’t think of one that is either available or that would be the right fit. I really like the way the forwards are shaping up. I still think Kessel and Bozak are expendable as a pair in a trade.
        1st: JVR, Lupul, ??
        2nd: Grabovski, Kulemin, Komarov
        3rd: Kadri, Frattin, MacArthur
        4th: McClement, Orr, McLaren,

        • Honestly I would rather see bozak resigned for the 3rd line and move grabo and his rediculous salary.

          • Amen…Bozak is a much better piece to have then Grabovski especially with Grabovski’s contract…package him with a prospect or hold a bit of salary if you have to or this guy is the next Komisarek…get rid of him.

        • Frattin is going nowhere…the only pieces that Nonis will move (if he can) will be with the bigger ticket leafs guys who have 3-5 mill a year contracts making room for the guys on the Marlies and filling the roster in with some UFAs or a possible pick up via trade but soon sooner or later he will want to put his stamp on this team…I think before Nonis does it he will have a good hard look at what he has with some of his younger guys not trading them away….

          • I think the only reason Grabo is not producing is because he has been asked to take the lead on a checking line against the oppositions top lines. I think grabo is more defensively responsible then bozak, shows more heart at times and is definitely more naturally skilled. Bozak has him beat on faceoffs and that’s about it besides Bozak is a UFA do you really want to resign Boz at $3MM per year?

          • Bozak at 3 mill is a much better deal then the Grabovski 5.5 mill cap hit plus you can play him with your top line (tho i wouldnt call him a number 1 center) much better defensively and with draws besides that if you ever did pick up a true no. 1 center you could slide him in at center on any line…they already have smaller fast shifty type players…the 2 million you save getting rid of Grabovski goes a long way when the cap goes down to 60mill and might help paying another true number 1 center or big rugged winger with some skill…

          • I take Bozak and 2millon dollars over Grabovski every day of the week…..

          • 5.5 mill 10 points ya he’s great real heart and soul guy….whatever so long Mikhail don’t let the door hit ya on the way out….

  11. When is that moron Garrioch going to get it through his thick skull that ther Flyers ARE NOT going to go after Iginla; they simply don’t have the cap space. As for Simmonds being traded, dream on Mr. Matheson, after Claude Giroux, Simmonds is our best all around Forward, it isn’t happening. Holmgren would be lynched if he traded Simmonds.

    • As an Oiler fan, I would love them to get Simmonds, but I also realize that it would be rather tough. Would it be any easier to get Hartnell out of Philly?

      • Hartnell is the very definition of Flyers hockey. No chance.

      • Hartnell would be easier than Simmonds I think, but he’s a good leader and loved in the locker room. But, you have a good point, if you dangle a Hall or Eberle, who knows what could happen? What the Flyers need more than anything is a #1 Dman.

    • Don’t think they suggested trading Simmonds, but the Oil getting “a player like” Simmonds. Everyone knows the Flyers aren’t moving him.

      • I agree I wouldn’t move Hartnell or Simmonds. But if the oilers dangled Hall or Eberle or one of the other high picks they got you never know.

  12. Pens going after Iggy with Kunitz, Neal, and Malkin. Come on, they need to make sense.

    Pens biggest need right now is a real goaltender. Fleury isn’t cutting it anymore and man has Vokoun ever been baaaaad.

    • It’s not that Fleury is horrible. He’s just not the right type of goaltender for them. Fleury is good for a team like Detroit (not suggesting he goes to Detroit, Howard is a good fit there). Penguins could really use a high save % goaltender like Luongo or Kipper or Anderson. Fleury is a reliable presence but doesn’t steal games at all.

      • No chance Fluery is going to moved anywhere. The Pens have issues in front of the goaltenders. The defense has been sub-par at late. Tomas Vokoun as a backup has been horrible lately. Out of his late three starts he’s given up 6 goals twice. A product of him given some weak goals up, poor defensive play, and the undisciplined play by the Pens. Yes, getting Iginla would be nice but Calgary would ask for a first round pick and possibly Letang for that deal to go down. There has been talk in Pittsburgh about possibly dealing Letang. To keep Crosby, Malkin, Fluery, Neal, and Letang is a tall order. Its been suggested that Letang will want 7mil. So question becomes do you keep Letang or Malkin. Its a no-brainer, Malkin. Do I think Tanger will be traded, no. See him testing UFA market in 2014 rather than being shipped off

      • Seriously? He has always been a little streaky but when he is on his game he can definitely steal a game….I think the pens are missing some Defence and grit could be why they gotta score so many goals. Sutter is okay but that third line with Stall as the center was a real lock it down type line….

  13. Viktor Stalberg will be the Blackhawk player with the tightrope to walk, not Bickell. Stalberhg and his agent will be faced with the ultimate decision of accepting a lower number from GM Bowman, because he has such a high star Cap, plus he needs to try and keep RFA Leddy happy plus Bickell. If Stalberg’s team decided this is the contract that he has to make a decision for his family and try for big numbers, he will be dealt at some point, more likely at the draft.
    In the past many players like Kyle Turris, Evander Kane, and now Ryan OReilly have been able to garnish deals based more on projection than true developed results, so teams with the Cap space or who are not veteran laden established contenders can AFFORD to roll the dice on paying a Stalberg based on possible results. The Blackhawks cannot, so a lot will be based on whether both sides agree to a reasonable solution that will allow Stalberg to continue his development with apossible contender for many years, IF he is willing to take less..

  14. if i was a calgary fan i would be taking to the streets to demand a complete rebuild on that team. they’ve been on slow downward slide since loosing to the lightning in the finals. sure maybe they could work some magic and get into the playoffs but then what? they are at best first-round fodder. teams play for the Cup, plain and simple. if this team was in phoenix or florida or a struggling franchise then just making the playoffs would be huge but the flames aren’t going anywhere. the fan base will support them if they feel the team is going in the right direction.

    the flames have no chance to win the cup as they are built now. teams around them are only getting better. it’s time. strip this team all the way down. trade everyone over the age of 25 and not named giordano (give him the C) for as many picks and players under 23 as you can. flames management has long since missed the best time to rebuild but this year wouldn’t be so bad. it’s a very deep draft and with the shortened season and so many teams still in the playoff hunt it should make for a big sellers market, especially if you’re offering a top line winger, top pairing d-man, all-star goaltender, and depth scoring like the flames would be.

    get out there flames fans and demand more from you management.

    • What teams around Calgary are getting better? Vancouver is on the decline, Edmonton needs a few more number 1 draft picks to get better, Colorado is floundering, The Wild fail at scoring are are boring.

      • Well the kings won a cup the docks nd blackhawks look pretty good…lol who cares about the division if they ever make the playoffs the rest of the conference look pretty good…Just curious are you related to uncle Feaster?

      • simple. vancouver has better older players and some decent young players. poliers are filled with better younger players than calgary. same with colorado and the wild have better younger and older players. would you like me to continue?

        • everything matty said.

    • I would agree that this year is the year you want to draft as many first rounders as you can get because the pool is deep in the first round however after that it is a crap shoot. The Flames do need to get some draft picks for the future. The Flames could trade these players and get a first round pick back for each. “Iginla, Kipper, JBO, Cammi, Giordano, Glencross” All these players can make a team that much better down the stretch run and into the playoffs. Some you may not get that pick straight up but if you packaged a future pick or another roster player 3/4th liner you will get it. teams like Boston, Pittsburgh, Montreal, Chicago, Anhiem, Carolina, Ottawa could use almost everyone of these guys on their roster. All of their first round picks will be 20-30 in that range, and giving up that pick at a chance to win now where that pick may not even hit the NHL for 3-5yrs is worth it.
      IGGY – Boston, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Anhiem
      Kipper – Carolina, Pittsburgh, Chicago
      JBO – Ottawa, Carolina,New Jersey, Philly, Detroit, Pittsburgh
      Cammi – Ottawa, Carolina, Philly, Detroit, Boston
      Glencross – Pittsburgh, Boston,Carolina, Anhiem, Chicago

      But the Biggest problem for the Flames is do you trade or here it is…make a run. They currently sit 4pts out of a playoff spot with 2 games in hand “or 4th place in the western conference, thats right 4th place in the West”. Kipper has been out of the line up for 14 games of the 20 played and they have done it with below than average AHL goalies. If Kipper makes it back, “sounds like he is close” and if he is healthy, the flames at the end of March are in a playoff spot, do you trade the above listed players for picks and the future or once again you tweek it to make the run.

      • make a run and then what? loose in the first round. and be in an even poorer place next year.

        fire sale!

  15. WOW, Matheson has just showed a huge lack of any knowledge regarding the Pens. It’s quite well-known they allowed Staal to leave before their choosing because they would not go any higher on his offer after his first refusal with the specific reason being having the money to land long-term retention of Kris Letang.

    There are only 3 people on the team or in the systems I guarantee will be Pens their entire career, or in least in the case of the latter 2 their entire prime playing years- Crosby, Malkin & Letang.

    (And the only way the last 2 are ever leaving is- A. They demand it. B. Their in their late 30s to early 40s, well past primes. And C. only for huge money deals with clubs they presumably have personal emotional ties to- in Malkin’s case Magnitogorsk or a Moscow team, and in Letang’s a Quebec-based team. And Crosby will just plain be a Penguin forever. Even if he wants to play until he’s 45, it’ll be for Pittsburgh period.)