NHL Morning Rumor Mill – November 12, 2013.

The latest on Martin Brodeur, P.K. Subban, Nail Yakupov, Luke Schenn, and more.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports he’s never had any conversations about trading Martin Brodeur and wasn’t wasting time discussing the matter…If P.K. Subban seeks a two-year deal taking him up to UFA status in his upcoming contract talks  it could signal his unhappiness with the Habs…The Maple Leafs have an “on again/off again” search for a right-shooting defenseman. At one time they had “poked around” Carolina’s Mike Weaver. The Ottawa Senators are also believed seeking a defensemen. The Stars were also thought in the market until their recent improvement…The Leafs are expected to keep their goalie tandem of Jonathan Bernier and James Reimer intact (barring a significant offer) for the rest of the season. Ditto the Senators with Craig Anderson and Robin Lehner…The Florida Panthers have too many players with unpalatable deals, making it tough for them to trade them. Friedman believes Marcel Goc ($1.7 million) and Shawn Matthias ($1.75 million) could be of interest to other teams…Before the Oilers signed Ilya Bryzgalov they inquired about Anaheim Ducks goalie Jonas Hiller but it’s believed Ducks GM Bob Murray won’t trade within his division…The Flyers trading Wayne Simmonds would be an unexpected move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Brodeur is traded it won’t happen until near the trade deadline and Lamoriello would have to approach the goalie. Doesn’t sound like he’s keen to do that…Lots of speculation about Subban’s relationship with coach Michel Therrien and the blueliner’s reduced ice time earlier in the month. I believe the Habs will offer Subban an eight-year deal, but if he only wants a two-year deal, this could blow up in GM Marc Bergevin’s face…The Ottawa Sun recently speculated the Senators might shop a defenseman…It’ll take a significant offer to pry Reimer out of Toronto or Anderson out of Ottawa…Barring a major turnaround in the Panthers fortunes, I expect their fire sale of veterans begins following the Olympic break…Given Hiller’s playoff experience, I don’t believe the Ducks will trade him this season…I agree the Flyers moving Simmonds would be an unexpected move.

Nail Yakupov's agent unhappy over his client's ice time.

Nail Yakupov’s agent unhappy over his client’s ice time.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance reports Nail Yakupov’s agent, Igor Larionov, is concerned over his client’s limited playing time this season, adding if the Oilers are unhappy with Yakupov, Larionov is open to a trade. Larionov is heading to Edmonton to question Oilers management about Yakupov’s role and to watch a couple of games.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples offers up his take on the situation, believing it would be bad news for the Oilers if Yakupov wants out, as well as reflecting poorly on the young player.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Kukla’s Korner’s George Malik recently noted, Larionov has a reputation for being fiercely loyal toward his clients.  His speaking to the media about Yakupov is an indication of his frustration over his client’s limited ice time this season.  When the Yakupov trade rumors popped up last week, GM Craig MacTavis and coach Dallas Eakins claimed the young winger wasn’t going anywhere. Obviously the Oilers want to retain the kid, but they’ll have to alleviate Larionov’s concerns. We shouldn’t leap to conclusions and assume Larionov will demand a trade.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the Philadelphia Flyers are “vigorously shopping” defenseman Luke Schenn, who’s been a healthy scratch in three games.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If true, the Flyers should find more interest in him than in the oft-injured Andrej Meszaros, but they won’t get as much for him as the Leafs did when they shipped him to Philadelphia for James van Riemsdyk.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH’s Aaron Portzline recently reported the following on Twitter: “Despite chatter, interest from (Vinny)Prospal camp, see no chance #CBJ try to sign him. Plan is to get healthy, let young players figure it out.”


  1. Here’s hoping Larionov will head to Edmonton and slap Yakupov upside the head and tell him to suck it up. Eakins is known as a teacher for young guys and was responsible for helping many Leafs make the jump so if he is sitting him or giving him limited ice time there is definitely a good reason.

    • Actually, Larionov should slap Eakins and MacT upside the head. You don’t keep a 19 year old 1st overall draft pick on the team to be benched or play 4th line minutes. Either play him in the top 6 or send him to the AHL for top line minutes. Or….trade him for help.

      • Well you could have a Rolston who benches all three of his top line players for 1 1/2 periods. At this point I’ll trade you one Eakins for a Rolston.

        • LOL! Steve

        • Can’t understand why Lavi and Dineen are still not coaches with the mess of Buffalo and Edmonton. I’m sorry but with basically 2 rookie teams you don’t hire rookie coaches. In the case of Edmonton, also a rookie GM.

          • Eakins is no more a rookie then Roy plus Col has a pretty young team average age 27.5 years old compared to Edmonton at 26.8 years old and you see Roys record so far.

  2. Dallas Eakins sucks and it puts a smile on my face everytime the Oilers are scored on and they pan the camera to his miserable looking face.

  3. I’d love to see the Isles acquire Luke Schenn. Probably can get him relatively cheap too. They need help on D.

    • Vanek seems unhappy there…We’ll take him.

      • How did you arrive at that conclusion?

        • Vanek is not going to stay in LI – he’s a prima donna. In all honesty, he’ll be going to MN at the end of the season – Heatly’s contract is up and that will give MN cap room. One thing about Vanek, his body language speaks volumes and he wears his emotion on his sleeve. With Vanek he needs a better supporting cast that what the Islanders have.

          • I dunno about that, John Tavares and Okposo are pretty good “supporting cast” in my eyes.
            If he leaves the Isles it’ll be for $, not because he’s unhappy there.
            Having said that, I do agree that he’ll probably end up in MN as he was real close with Pominville when they played together in Buffalo

          • That’s a pretty ignorant comment about Vanek. As someone who knows him you couldn’t be more wrong.

          • Sheep – I don’t think with Vanek its about the money, if so….he would have resigned with Bflo. I believe he wants to go to a team that has the potential to win the cup – now the fact that MN is familiar territory doesn’t hurt. Based on what I have seen over the years, Vanek needs to play on a team that has shared media pressure. In Buffalo he was the “star” and hence comes media and fan pressure as well as leadership responsibilities. Let’s face it……wearing the C and the A were a little too much for Vanek. In LI he is still expected to be the #2 player with Tavares – the vet who is under media pressure and is looked to for leadership. In MN he becomes top 6 as you have Pommer, Parasi, Suter, the media pressure won’t be as intense and it is more of a shared leadership environment because you don’t have a bunch of youngsters. I also think he wife is from the area which also is a big factor. Vanek has been making the big $ for a few years now – so signing for what he’s making now makes sense.

  4. So, I will put out the obvious. Schenn for Liles haha. jk. I am a Leafs fan, but all of this Reimer availability talk is puzzling. I believe he is a good goalie- but whats he really worth. I didnt believe it until I heard Dreger talking about the Leafs not being interested in a Reimer Yakupov deal. the Friedman , etc etc. There is obviously some value there and the Leafs should have explored it. Tandems like this don’t last long before feathers get ruffled. The ship has sailed now with the Oilers but if you could have moved him for something tangible- it should have been done. Even taking a Smid and a high with the Oilers taking Reimer and Liles salary would have really benefitted us down the line. You could have always signed Theodore as a back up

  5. I believe Eakins is probably a better coach than his record shows, however nothing satisfies me more than the misery the Oilers bask in year after year.

    • Flames fan i would guess? How are they dong these days?

      • Lol well instead of having an under performing young team, they ate actually performing to or above expectations….How bout them Oilers?

  6. Just because Luke Schenn was scratched means he is shopped now?

    How credible is Jim Matheson ?

    • Im not so sure its smart to be shopping a guy who is scratched. If they are shopping him wouldnt it make more sense to play him? I think they might be listening to some offers but I imagine Homer phoning around the league and saying “I know we are not a very good hockey team but I have this guy who has been a healthy scratch the past couple games…” isnt exactly going to get the desired response from many GMs.

      • Smart? I think Homer is very inpatient and that makes him dangerous/stupid.

        Grossmann is playing like a best shut down d-men in the league. Seriosuly, what a find Grossmann is.. and Schenn needs to step up his game and play the same way as Grossmann.. Same way Shcenn played last season..

        • Ive watched a few Flyer games this year and thought the same. Grossmann has looked like their best player.

  7. Eakins is a good coach, just hard to change a losing culture in one season. And before you Edmonton fans go crazy, yes, you won cups and had an incredible team, but don’t think that one season will make a difference. If you stick with Eakins for 3-4 years it will work. Hopefully oil fans will realize this before constantly panning him. As for trading Reimer, I would not ship him to the oil. They are one player hurt away from being worse than buffalo.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Give Eakins at least two full seasons to install a winning formula. If he is sitting Yak he has good reasons. I’d imagine it has to do with his defensive assignments but I could be wrong since I haven’t seen many Oiler games so I’m only speculating.

  8. Could the Flyers and Coyotes be a match? Philly wants to deal big to shake things up and the Coyotoes could improve too.

    I could envisage a deal of Yandle to Philly with Luke Schenn and Hartnell going to Phoenix. Adding a capable and physical wing to bolster their scoring depth while adding a young defensive defenseman to their corps would not be a bad move for Phoenix and they would be moving a big salary they apparently want to move for more salary this year but much less long term.

    Philly could really get bold and make a second deal and send Couburn, Matt Read and B. Schenn to Buffalo for Moulson and Stafford.

    • Yes, Flyers should trade B.Schenn , Couburn and Matt Read for soon to be UFA Moulson and Stafford that scored 2 goals thsi season. Makes sense.

      You heel them sh*ts coming.. Love to read them…

      • Matt Read just reupped for 4 years and 14.5 per.

        Coburn is signed until 2015.

        That trade is awful.

        I wouldn’t trade either Schenn for those 2 guys.

        • Drew Stafford is Buffalos version of Bozak

  9. My 2 cents
    Leafs looking for a right handed D-man. Isn’t a right handed D-man sort of rare in NHL ?
    Just thinking quickly, don’t recall a lot of right handed shot d-man. Ducks have, I think, one
    (Lovejoy). Still think that Fasth will be traded and not Hiller. Anderson looks like he is ready
    for Backup roll. Fasth would be a cheaper price and he is signed for a few years at a reasonable
    rate. When and if they trade Fasth they could then sign Hiller or let him walk and if Miller is
    still UFA July 1, go after him.
    Re: Tallon – big trouble, when he arrived in Miami he spent like there was no tomorrow.
    Now he has bloated contracts, bad team and empty seats.

  10. The curse of Luke Schenn. No team with Luke on it has ever made the playoffs. Are the Flyers really this bad and this fast? The Leafs suddenly make the dance? Twilight zone stuff.

    • Yup… All Luke Schenn.

      • Of course it’s not Luke I know, but it is kind of funny. The almost immediate change is crazy. Kind of like the Rangers and Blue Jackets. Last year the Rangers almost missed the playoff and the Jackets almost made it after the Rick Nash trade. I think many would have laughed at that. What saved the Ranger season? A late trade with Columbus, Gaborik for missing depth.

      • Another steal of a deal by Burkie. Schenn for JVR, ah why did MLSE get rid of Burke again? The years are showing that Burke not only didn’t loose a trade but he came out way on top of a lot of them.

        • Well Liles Komi Grabo could be 3 reasons, being a jerk to the media when the team was sold to the 2biggest players in Canadian media could be another… Fishing trips at trade deadline the stupid no trade zone from Dec thru Jan, holding on to Wilson for 3 losing seasons…lol There could have been a few reasons really. I like Burkie too but there is a bit more to being a GM than “winning” a couple trades.

          • I agree I was just being sarcastic. I couldn’t stand his abrasive personality. His trades were awesome but his UFA signings stunk plus the other reasons you mentioned.

        • I, for one, would be happy to have Luke Schenn back. He is still a good prospect who can become a top-4 defenceman, given time and patience. Tyler Myers is in the same boat and he’d be a good addition to a team other than the Sabres. Can’t see that coach lasting much longer.

        • Nonis probably made that trade, as Burke was busy with Gay Pride Parades and going over seas to visit troops. Or going to GM meetings trying to get his hybrid icing instituted.

  11. Just wondering, the Leafs are in need of a physical type of defenseman. I wonder what Philly would want for him. Maybe bringing him back to Toronto might make some sense.

    • No thanks

    • They can have him, if we make this deal:

      To Toronto: L & B Schenn + Courturier
      To Philly: Gardiner + Kadri + D’Amigo + Sparks

      • and what else?

        Liles, right?

        Couturier is not getting traded..especially to Toronto.

        Not interested in any player you have offered here.

        • I dont think its a great deal or anything couldnt see either team wanting to go there but, lets not rip on Gardiner and Kadri, both have played pretty well. From a Leaf perspective why are you giving up Kadri and Gardiner in any deal involving the Schenns? And if, I am Philly Im laughing at the idea of giving up Coturier for D’Amigo and Sparks.

          • *Couturier

  12. I agree with EH, moving Schenn and potentially another player (Read?) makes sense if you can land Yandle. He is the perfect replacement for the aging Timonen as he is a plus skater and excellent on the PP. Yandle has been on and off the trade market for nearly 2 years, and at last check his asking price was way too high.

    Anyone else think acquiring Kulikov from Florida is a possibility? He reminds me of Coburn, who was toiling in Atlanta years ago. Philly got him for an aging Zhitnik and helped Coby mature into a good player (same for past acquisitions of Carle and Meszaros). Nikita Nikitin is available too (I live in Columbus). He was very good last year, but a slow start has him in the press box. He is big, can skate and has a big shot. Point here is Philly loves pursuing struggling players who were 1st round choices. Why not try it again?

    • what is Flyers biggest issue this season? goaltending, defence or offence?

      • Id say coaching and GMing and its been brewing for a while.

        • How can you win when when you score 1.65 goals per game?

      • Surprisingly, it has been the offense. But let’s face it, the defense is an issue. Substract Timonen, Gill (I see both retiring) and Meszaros (expiring contract) and what is left on the blueline? Coburn, Schenn, Streit, Gustafsson and Grossmann. None of these players are 1st paring players. And that presents the team’s biggest problem.

        • Scotty: Biggest problem is goal scoring.. Flyers are #30 in the league in scoring goals believe it or not. I donot know how it is possible by looking at this roster..

          Coburn, Schenn, Streit, Gustafsson and Grossmann is far from bad.

          Remove one blow out game against Washington where Caps scored 7 goals and Flyers GAA is top 5 in the league. That’s right.. Even with that blow out game Flyers are #12 in GAA. So no.. D and goaltending is just fine..

          • Youre right goal scoring is a problem but, I think it might stem from something else if you look at the roster…there is alot of proven offense there Giroux, Voracek Hartnell Lacalvier Striet Simmonds along with young guys who were highly touted who are just kind of along for the ride. Me thinks coaching and managing this team might have something to do with it. Not like 10 guys all forgot how to produce all at the same time.

          • Shticky is right, the goals will come. The talent in the top 6 are proven in that regard. If that foursome on D is good in Nitro’s eyes, than all I can say is you are dead wrong.

          • Then say what you mean.

  13. Floridas’ Huberdeau/Markstrom for Leafs Riemer/Gardner/Kulimun

  14. It makes the most sense to shop the Schenn bros together. With Giroux, Lecalavier, couturier ( who isn’t going anywhere esp with no talbot now). And Scott Laughton coming up next yr. where does Brayden Schenn fit?? A package of both guys who are both top 5 picks, should make a nice package for a nice return

  15. I agree with Spectators notes, Brodeur isn’t going anywhere and I very much doubt Reimer is either. It looks like PK could be a little pissy over the last set of negotiations and could cause some major problems for the Habs. Nonis could be in tough with Fraser, Franson, Reimer and Kadri after playing hard ball with these guys and the non confidence he has shown in Rem’s. I hope not but time will tell.

    Just spit balling here but what about offering up Kadri and say Gardiner for that number one coveted center man? Carlyle doesn’t seem to have total confidence in Kadri and may never have it since he seems to bounce him around from the 2nd center to 3rd then to 4th then injury gets him into the number 1. Maybe it’s time to package him in a trade. With Rielly sitting on the bench (not good for development) it makes Gardiner expendable even though I’d hate to loose him or Kadri but if the Leafs want something good they need to give up something just as good. Non Leaf fans will say these two guys are bums and still won’t get a quality number one center like E Kane, T Hall, M Duchene but I just look to the Seguin deal and beg to differ. It really comes down to the needs of a team and cap space. If a team feels they have two number one centers and lack a puck moving Dman and they figure Kadri will be a solid number two and Gardiner will fill a big hole on the pp then a trade may work for both teams.

    • @Leafs24/7. I agree. But it would have to be a legit no. 1 center. Our best assets: Kadri,Gardiner,Reimer,1st overall pick 2014 either seperate or in a package.
      The only players I don’t want to touch from our core are: JVR,Kessel,Rielly,Bernier.
      Phaneuf if resigned for a good deal can stay.
      Clarkson wont be moved because he just signed here and it would seriously hurt our credibility to sign future UFAs.
      Bolland? Will he resign? Will he take a cheaper contract because he never plays a full year? Or will he be moved to a Cup contender because he is clutch in the playoffs. We could get a great return of missing youth pieces.
      So really there you go. All the rest are available if it makes the Leafs better. Not just a little better but alot.

      • Kurt

        I don’t see Remier going anywhere just yet but Kadri, Gardiner, and this years 1st for sure.
        Tough to see the Av’s making a deal and upsetting the winning attitude. The Oilers need a desperate change and Yak won’t bring back a boat load of what they need in a trade and neither will a smallish Gagner so maybe Hall needs to be dangled?

        • and of course where else would he go than Toronto.

          Believe it or not……..not every player in the nhl wants to play in Toronto.

          • Kid from Kingston probably wouldnt mind….just say’n Edmonton would be dumb to ever consider moving him, never going to happen but just because you hate To. Dosent mean all they got is garbage and no one wants to play there.

        • But you have to take into consideration, that ROR cannot be traded till after the end of February. Stastny is going to be wanting…and likely getting what he is getting now, if not more. Duchene is set to earn $6M, Landeskog is set to earn $5,571,429, ROR, Varlamov and McGinn are set to become a RFA’s, and six others set to be UFA’s.

          The only window to trade ROR, is just before midnight of the last day of trade deadline. Going and is a small window to get something done, unless they have aligned 3-4 teams prior. Not ideal, as most teams are wanting to make a significant splash before then, to battle to be in playoff contention, or cup contenders.

  16. I still see Toronto and Colorado being a trading partner, and Colorado has what Toronto needs, 1C. Colorado can have Duchene 1C, O’Rielly 2C, MacKinnon 3C and Mitchell 4C…then bring in some needed Dmen. They can trade O’Rielly later on and get an even greater asset back. Maybe O’Rielly+ for Miller+.

    To Toronto: Stastny
    To Colorado: Liles + Franson + Ashton + 2014 2nd Rounder

  17. Yakopov’s agent already complaining about his ice time and suggesting other teams would be happy with him doesn’t sound good for Yakopov’s NHL career. What team is going to play a player more minutes when he can’t be trusted away from the the puck? If Edmonton is cutting back his ice time the answer is the KHL. I think this kid is going to be the next Kovalev who had great talent but disappeared most games. I’m pretty sure the number of teams interested in him is dropping fast which is going to mean the Oilers have to trade one of their other youngsters to improve this team. Eller was right this team plays like a Junior A team and if the GM doesn’t act fast they need to fire him and get someone else to do the job. If your BOLD moves include signing Ference who is a 4th d-man on any other team. Trading Smid your best defensive d-man for futures, and signing Bryz? Wow I feel sorry for the city of Edmonton because their management has it’s own crack scandel appartently.

  18. Stastny is a UFA at the end of the season. I could care less about losing Liles and especially Ashton, but Franson and a 2nd rounder for someone who can sign anywhere at the end of this season is too rich. Besides, I would rather include Gardiner in a deal not Franson, as with Reilly we have our puck moving D.
    The Leafs defense are too heavily weighted in the puck moving style of defense and not enough shutdown. Franson while not their best in either is decent at both skill sets.

    • That is why any team going after a player whom is poised to become a UFA, gets permission from his current team, to speak with him. Here the inquiring team, can provide an extended or long term contract if he signs. If Toronto can do with with Stastny, then coughing up Franson, Ashton, Liles and a draft pick, is worth it. With Ashton, being a former 1st round draft pick, we all know Colorado can get his worth out of him and show why he was drafted in the 1st round, 29th overall. He has size, grit and speed, would fit in nice with Colorado.

  19. riighhttt… there are what.. 15 guys who are avg a point per game. Hall being one of them and he’s the one who’ll get dangled? not likely.
    Yakupov isnt going anywhere. Oil season is a bust so let them all play it out. Nobody said ” trade stamkos” when he had 23 in his first 80 ( 79.. sorry) . And nobody in Edmonton is saying trade yakupov. The oilers problems stem much deeper than yakupov struggling or ryan nugent hopkins being on the smaller side.
    K lowe needs to go. Dubnyk is clearly not the guy ( which is why you take a flyer on a guy who was paid 25 Mill to NOT play for a team.. ouch!) . The back end is porous at best ( however Belov has got to be a good surprise turning into a solid 3-4) and of course the 2nd line is more of the same that the 1st line is. Top 6 can’t all be the same type of player.
    If MacT does something brash like deal off an eberle what does it matter what you get in return when the playoffs are OUT. Do things smart, take things slow. NO panic in E-town we’ll all just have to sit at home and count our cash instead of spend it on 8 bean beer at Rexall Place.
    Leafs still need a decent goalie….Not goin anywhere with those 2.

    • Ya the leafs goaltending has been a problem all year…lol

    • Leafs goaltending is not the issue, Five. A lack of defensive help is the issue. Reimer & Bernier are a key reason why the Leafs are where they currently are in the standings.

    • How long are the Oilers going to keep using that excuse? Geez, you have a 22nd overall Eberle, 1st overall RNH, 1st overall Hall, 1st overall Yakupov, 26th overall Perron, 13th overall Hemsky, 17th overall Gordon, College phenom J.Schultz, etc. etc. etc. This is where MacT should get on the phones.

    • I guess you can’t afford cable or something you can’t watch Leafs games or even follow the standing because they Leafs are being out shot every game and winning most of them because of Goaltending. Take it slow? This team has the trade chips to turn this team around pronto but it would take management that has a clue about hockey to make it happen. Edmonton should panic because they are ruining the careers of several young players and they need veteran leadership like yesterday and no Bryz will not help with that.

  20. wtf Yakapov is 19 and scored 17 last year in a shortened season and is going through what almost every sophmore goes through, plus he changed coaches and it will take time. Hell i would trade for him if he is available, Chill out Edmonton. Look at Stamkos struggles for a year and a half when he entered the leaugue.

    • It’s not Edmopnton that needs to chill, It would be the media. Creaters of it all!!!!!!!!

    • You can’t compare Yakupov to Stamkos. Sure they were both drafted at 1st overall, but that is about it. Stamkos has Canadian pedigree and had better and more better players to learn from (St. Louis, Lecavalier & Malone). What if Nail Yakupov becomes the Russian version of Alexander Daigle.