NHL Morning Rumor Mill – November 15, 2013.

Updates on the Oilers, Lightning, Predators and Capitals,  plus the latest on Evander Kane and Marian Gaborik.

EDMONTON SUN/EDMONTON JOURNAL:  Oilers GM Craig MacTavish won’t be moving his core of young players, won’t be firing coach Dallas Eakins and won’t make any short-term deals which won’t help his club over the long term. He could, however, shop his first round pick in next year’s draft in hopes of landing an experienced, skilled defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So, no trade of Nail Yakupov, Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall, Sam Gagner, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Justin Schultz. You can bet Ales Hemsky will be shopped but he certainly won’t land a skilled defenseman. Perhaps if they package him with that first round pick it might be an enticement, but Hemsky’s $5 million salary and lack of production would still be a deterrent. 

Evander Kane's name has popped up in recent trade speculation.

Evander Kane’s name has popped up in recent trade speculation.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: A recent rumored out of Montreal suggests the Jets ship Evander Kane to the Montreal Canadiens for Max Pacioretty, while one out of Vancouver claims the Canucks might want to package some prospects for Kane.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Don’t forget the free unicorn the Jets will also include in any deal for Kane if you act now! Hurry while supplies last! Meanwhile, in the real world, Kane isn’t available. Moving on…

SPORTSNET.CA: Ryan Dixon recently suggested Calgary’s Mike Cammalleri, Columbus’ Marian Gaborik and Montreal’s Daniel Desharnais as trade options for the Tampa Bay Lightning if they end up struggling without injured superstar Steven Stamkos.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Habs would love to move Desharnais but his lack of production (one point in 17 games) and $3.5 million per season salary kills his trade value. Cammalleri or Gaborik might be better choices but their respective clubs probably won’t move them until close to the trade deadline, by which point Stamkos is expected to return. Still, if their playoffs hopes are in jeopardy by that point, they could look at either guy.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH’s Aaron Portzline took to Twitter to report the following on Marian Gaborik: “Barring a dramatic change, I see no chance #CBJ even attempt to re-sign Marian Gaborik, will look to move him at trade deadline or sooner.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With a salary of $7.5 million, I’d say the trade deadline, unless the Jackets are willing to pick up some of his remaining salary.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper reports Nashville Predators GM David Poile could consider a roster move via trade to bolster his struggling club, but the health of goalie Pekka Rinne remains a wild card right now. Poile indicated if Rinne, currently recuperating from a bacterial infection in his surgically repaired hip, can return within a month he’s willing to wait for his return. If not, Poile could consider other options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pierre LeBrun recently reported the Predators were linked to Jonas Hiller of the Anaheim Ducks, but also noted Poile will await the results of Rinne’s MRI by the end of the month. I still have doubts the Ducks would move Hiller, as he’s the only goalie they have with playoff experience, but I also acknowledge if they got an offer too good to pass up (I’m guessing a defenseman not named Shea Weber, Seth Jones or Kevin Klein if it’s coming from the Predators), they could trade him. 

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley responded to some readers’ questions about possible moves by the Capitals, saying he’d like to see them pursue Flyers defenseman Braydon Coburn. He also doesn’t see much of a trade market for oft-injured Capitals Mike Green, and rules out a swap of Michal Neuvirth for Oilers winger Nail Yakupov.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger recently took to Twitter to reports the following on the Canucks: “Vancouver Canucks have\had interest in Marty Reasoner, however, told Reasoner is reconsidering his playing future.”


  1. Losing big and stock piling draft picks worked out for Chicago and Pittsburgh. The Oilers need to make some trades as it is not working out for them. they are overloaded with skilled undersized forwards it is beyond stubborn to not trade picks+players for a real keeper and defense. how long can the fans wait?

    2007 1st Round Gagner @#6 not to mention they had #15+22
    2008 1st Round Eberle @#22
    2009 1st Round Svensson@ #10
    2010 1st Round Hall @ #1
    2011 1st Round Nugent-Hopkins @ #1 plus #19
    2012 1st Round Yakupov @#1

  2. I wouldn’t be so quick to say Kane isn’t going anywhere. I have a feeling he’s not easy to love. And quite frankly as good as he is, I wouldn’t be overly interested in paying too much for a guy like that.

  3. here are some trade scenarios

    Suggested trade would be :
    R N H
    2nd rounder 2013


    Blake Wheeler

    Klefbum will pair nicely longer term with Trouba
    Jets centers will be Sheifle , RNH to build around !

    Oilers get stronger , bigger , much faster and add a little better veteran age

    2nd trade would be Justin Shultz , Yakupov


    Ryan Johansen and Jack Johnson

    3rd trade scenario …would be Hemsky and a 1st rounder for Tyler Myers & Luke Adam

    • So they post that they are not touching their core of young players and the first thing you respond with is lets trade RNH, Klefbom, Yakupov, and Schultz? Not to mention that first trade scenario alone adds about $9,000,000 to pay roll and cap hit … add in the 2nd trade you add another $4,000,000 ish and Buffalo would laugh out the other deal they aren’t trading for Hemsky let alone Hemsky for Adam at this point.

      I’d certainly agree that the Oilers should use their number one pick to target a defenseman and Myers would be a good target. But your overblown need to get beef in the Oilers top 6 is pretty much outrageous. Both Hall & Eberle have decent size and will fill out in the next few years … RNH will also fill out. The project to add ONE big winger should fall behind the need to improve defense, goaltending, and forward depth. Preferably without adding $13,000,000 in salary and cap hit.

      • LOL! Dont forget the unicorns Lyle mentioned…

      • Ummm, Hemsky and the likely 1st overall pick for Myres and Adam….pretty sure Buff would love that deal!

        • Those 3 trade scenarios are pretty fair whether they happen or not. People just love ripping into trade suggestions because its so easy to do.

    • BC, all trades heavily favor Edmonton. imo

      • I agree, and the nearly 15 mill in salary they pick up even after trading 6 of their top players and prospects in those trades would be a pretty good indicator of that…

  4. Love your unicorn comment. We have’t heard–not yet at least–how the Leafs will send two lower level roster players (e.g., Fraser and McLaren) and a 2nd to the Jets for Kane.

    • I believe BC covered that type of comment on his Oilers deal.

    • As a leaf fan, I’m not sure I would do that deal…. Fraser is crazy underrated!

      • *sacastically*

        • oops *sarcastically* I mean!

    • @Dabroons

      I know man give it some time it’ll happen sooner than later.

  5. I feel for the Oilers and their fans as they surely want to get back into playoff hockey and stop being the butt of the jokes in the hockey world. However they have been patient this long and there is no reason to not keep that patience going a bit longer. This would be my wishlist scenario as an Oilers fan now.

    1. Trade your 1st round pick and target an NHL level defenseman. A couple that they could target that might be available at some point this season: Mark Giordano (CGY), Tyler Myers (BUF), Nikita Nikitin (CBS), Dustin Byfuflien (WPG), Zach Bogasian (WPG), Dmitry Kulikov (FLA).

    2. Move Ales Hemsky but keep your expectations low and try and target a bigger 5th/6th defenseman and maybe a late round pick as the trade and try and improve your depth on defense that way.

    3. Dip into the UFA pool or off season trade market for a goalie as there might be some options this Summer. Ward, Hiller, Anderson, Andersen, Reimer, Khubodin, Halak, and Miller are all intriguing discussions.

    4. Unless Orpik or Giaradri are somehow able to walk UFA … stay away from the UFA defenseman market and look from within the young guys to add to whomever you add with your 1st (plus pieces)

    5. Only after all of that is complete, start addressing your forward depth, Steve Ott and Vernon Fiddler are good choices on the UFA market next year in my opinion. However finding that big top 6 forward can be a long term project after you’ve fixed your defense and goaltending and are competing in the playoffs again.

    • Re Goalies available, The story out of Buffalo is that Miller listed every Canadian team on his no trade list. It was indicated that passing through customs to go see his wife was a major concern. So, if this is true, there is no way he is going to Edmonton no matter how much they offer him.
      Sorry Oil fans.

    • I like the reasonable-ness of this post, JJB. A nice change from some of the other “homer” trade propositions on here. Nice one!

  6. Who cares about the Oilers! They have had PLENTY of high draft picks and STILL cant win. McTavish is an idiot and wasn’t a very good player. Not trading Yakapov is rediculous.

    • Not that his abilities as a player have absolutely anything to do with his management skills, but McT was a leader and nice depth center as a player.

      I would say the people in Edmonton care about the Oilers as do the fans of most NHL teams who think they could be possible trade partners.

      • MacT is a good GM. Made some good moves. That whole thing about not trading one of his young guns is probably just him taking pressure off his players. He’d easily take a Coburn for Yakupov trade IMO.

        • Coming from the kid who thinks the Canes should sell the farm to pick up Miller and buy out Ward….lol seems reasonable.

  7. Shouldn’t Mac.t be saying he will do anything to make his team better. Lead by example, what ever it takes . The oilers have. Had potential for years, but its not coming true. Paper doesn’t make a good team. Don’t know why Eakins is safe his team won’t score, won’t backcheck, won’t compete. Wait now that sounds like a Mact speech I guess we know why he’s safe

  8. The I want, want, want Oilers are not going to go nowhere; until they finally wake up and realize you have to give to get. They are in there own little world over there.

  9. Re: OIlers
    1) At this stage Oilers would need to win about 2/3’s of remaining points this year to get to 95
    which in past (full seasons) has been a rough bench mark to make playoffs in west.
    2) Since that is not likely to happen, the next decision that needs to be made is, do you want
    Craig MacT to be making long term decisions / trades / etc or should he be the FIRST to go ?
    3) Where does Lowe fit in all this ? Is he just an innocent bystander or is he the one really
    making the decisions and if so he needs to go also.
    4) They need to get a GM who treats the players as assets and not as our boys ( family).
    They need a guy like Chiarelli @ Boston. His big trade was Kessel for the draft picks and the
    one everyone remembers is Seguin, Chiarelli could have dug his heels in and said, he’s
    my boy from my big trade, we won a cup with him, he has great potential, etc, etc, etc.
    He didn’t, he thought he could help the Bruins by trading Seguin and he did.
    Once a GM falls in love with his kids, they are frozen into making any type of logical decision.
    There comes a time when you have to put emotional attachment aside.

  10. U cant blame mactavish , he has been gm for 4 months. Tambo was gm for 8 years. Pretty sure its difficult to turn around a team in 1 season .

    And yes lowe should be fired. Him and the assistant coaches that the head coach cant choose

  11. I can see the Preds making a move for goalie, perhaps the scenario is Hiller to Nashville and Miller to Anaheim – both players are going to be UFAs at the end of the season, but we all know that Miller would be thrilled to play in Anaheim and be willing to give a Hometown Discount.

    I guess in my mind – why wouldn’t Anaheim deal directly with the Sabres – a Miller/Adam for HIller/Etem/Draft pick (depending on Miller resigning) would work.

    • That deal is interesting, but I think the brakes are on for all trades with Buffalo until the new GM is in place.

      • I know the Sabres are moving on hiring a GM as quickly as possible and will probably have someone in place in the next few days. Interestingly, one of the first calls to action for both Patty Lafontaine and Ted Nolan was their plan to talk to Miller and ascertain what Miller wants to do. So, I think the ball is in Miller’s court – and regardless of who becomes GM, if Miller wants to leave and the opportunity presents itself – I can see it getting done.

  12. MacT could trade 2014+2015 1-2-3round picks with all the young talent he already has. needs shore it up or whats the point

    • no shot in hell he trades the 2015 first rounder.

      • If they do fire them all…

  13. I really like Dallas Eakins but he is skating on very thin ice. Hope, for his sake, that Edmonton picks it up.

  14. I see hometown boy Phaneuf being a good fit in Edmonton but it would cost more then that 1st round pick but now with Buffalo under new management it will end up a first over all. Just spit balling here but Gagner and the 1st for Phaneuf and Kulemin. This way they get a veteran Russian with class to mentor Yaks and their stud defenseman. Toronto gets cap relief and a center and high draft picks. I say both teams benefit and I think if Phaneuf doesn’t resign in Toronto he will sign in Edmonton as a UFA.

    • Phaneuf will be resigned by Christmas at the latest Im betting.

    • And then who takes over for Phaneuf with the Leafs? Phaneuf isn’t going anywhere and shouldn’t go anywhere and the Oilers would certainly be happy to have him if he did.

  15. Roman Josi for Hiller? That might be a deal that makes sense for both sides.

    • Craig, I think the team with the most urgent need to get a goalie is Nashville. So, I can see a Hiller for Josi trade, with Anaheim then doing a trade for Miller perhaps Miller/Adam for Palmieri/Etem and a draft pick (with Bflo taking back some salary and based on Miller resigning).

  16. I dont think the Oilers trade Yakupov, Gagner, Eberle and Klefbom to get Johanson, Kane, Bogosian and Johnson back oh and who else RNH? That is one team that just got gutted. Realistically the Oilers are loaded at right wing, they have Hemsky, Eberle and Yakupov. Hemsky is the easiest one to let go because of his pending UFA status and thus will become a rental player at the deadline. Guys like Hemmer get sold high at 2:45 pm trade deadline day from teams needing an extra scoring punch. Hemsky could net the Oilers a 1st rounder.

    Now onto the more meatier stuff, the right side isnt a bug concern for the Oilers with Yakupov ready to explode. Eberle is thought of as the odd guy out as soon as Yak gets his act together. Gagner and his broken jaw came at the right time for Arcobello who has surprised and has been a nice surprise for Edmonton. Again there are teams out there who like Gagner, a team like the Leafs who are looking for help down the middle have inquired about Gagner. It would take a serious player like Weber to pry Eberle from Edmonton.