NHL Morning Rumor Mill – November 20, 2013.

The latest on Brayden Schenn, Michael Del Zotto, Alex Steen, Paul Stastny, Mike Cammalleri, Martin Havlat and more.

Is Brayden Schenn on the trade block?

Is Brayden Schenn on the trade block?

TSN.CA: Heading toward next week’s US Thanksgiving, Darren Dreger claims Philadelphia Flyers center Brayden Schenn and New York Rangers defenseman Michael Del Zotto have surfaced in the rumor mill. Dreger claims the Flyers aren’t trying to push out Schenn (they’d prefer to move Luke Schenn) but could consider moving him for the right deal, while five or six teams have inquired about Del Zotto. Pierre LeBrun believes the Ottawa Senators are among those teams, as one of their priorities is landing a puck-moving defenseman. LeBrun also noted the Calgary Flames have “massive cap space” (sitting 27th in payroll this season) which could attract the interest of some cap-strung contenders.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Considering Brayden Schenn’s improved performance this season, the Flyers won’t just give him away. Sure, they’ll field inquiries but unless they get a great offer they won’t move him…Considering the Senators defensive struggles I’m surprised they would seek a puck-moving defenseman.

SPORTSNET.CA (VIA KUKLA’S KORNER):  Chris Johnston noted the St. Louis Blues tried to re-sign Alex Steen over the summer but he preferred to wait until the end of the season to examine his options…Nick Kypreos speculates Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Tim Gleason could be on his way out but he has a couple of seasons left on his contract at $4 million per season.  It’s believed the Hurricanes scouted John-Michael Liles….Johnston claims there’s no truth to rumors the Montreal Canadiens were interested in Colorado’s Paul Stastny…Kypreos also noted the Brayden Schenn rumors but doubts the Flyers are actively shopping him. He claims the Maple Leafs could be among the interested clubs but feels the Leafs would have to include defenseman Jake Gardiner in the deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Steen continues his torrid scoring pace throughout this season the Blues will have to pay big bucks to retain him…Gleason is more of a shutdown defenseman while Liles is a puck-moving blueliner. The Hurricanes could use Liles, but the Leafs probably don’t want to take on Gleason’s contract. If the ‘Canes want Liles, the Leafs won’t want to take back much salary.

NBC SPORTS: Jason Brough also noted LeBrun’s comments about the Flames cap space, as well as TSN’s Craig Button wondering if the Vancouver Canucks might have interest in Flames winger Mike Cammalleri. Brough pointed out Cammalleri’s $6 million cap hit would be tough to move, though the Flames could agree to pick up half of it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks are struggling to score and would probably love to have Cammalleri right about now, but they also have around $2.8 million in cap space. I think they’d also like the Flames to take back a salaried player (hello there, David Booth) plus absorb part of Cammalleri’s contract to make it work.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Bucky Gleason believes the Sabres recent demotion of several of their young players is only the beginning of other moves to come this season for the club. The biggest, of course, will be determining if Ryan Miller still has a future with the Sabres. If not, Gleason believes they should move Miller ASAP or risk his trade value declining, though he acknowledged the difficulty of trading him at this point in the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s just not much of a market for Miller right now. That could change if the Nashville Predators get bad news later this month about Pekka Rinne’s hip injury, but even then the Sabres would have to pick up part of Miller’s salary to make it work.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander reports Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford is considering his options regarding his goaltending. With Cam Ward back in the lineup and Anton Khudobin soon to return, Rutherford will have to figure out what to do with Justin Peters, who played well while Ward and Khudobin were sidelined.  Among the options is carrying three goalies, demote Peters and risk losing him to waivers, or trade a goalie. In the short term, he didn’t rule out sending Khudobin to the minors on a two-week conditioning stint.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect Khudobin will go on a conditioning stint (he doesn’t have to clear waivers to do so) to buy Rutherford some time to find a trade partner for Peters.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz reports San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson compared Martin Havlat’s role with the Sharks to that of Michal Handzus, who had a diminished role with the club and was dealt last season to the Chicago Blackhawks. Havlat’s agent Allan Walsh, meanwhile, took to Twitter noting his client’s no-movement clause and happiness playing in San Jose, adding he hasn’t been approached about a trade.


  1. Flyers are winning games… 2pts away from playoffs with games in hand.. B.Schenn on pace to score 25 G and 53pts. So naturally Flyers want to trade B.Schenn. How the hell will Gardiner help Flyers D?

    All that aside, I will believe almost any rumor with Homer in charge.

    • I really don`t see this as having any momentum….Flyers have allready been burned on the JVR trade if Homer wants to get fired tomorrow than make that trade too!

      This is not in the interest of the Flyers organization. If the Leafs brass send out some guys to take Homer out for drinks and go to a nudey bar and party all night then call at 9:00 asking for B. Schenn ….thats the only way I can see this happening !!

      Packaging BOTH Schenns with be really good value to a Western team, and may be easier for Homer to move them !

      Iam a Leaf fan and this is just ridiculous ……there has to be way better offers than Gardiner for B Schenn on the table ….PLEASE !!

      I have a feeling with Holland in Leaf land Kadri may be packaged with someone else to get a top 2 Defender …just a gut feeling ..Smithson has been lights out on the faceoff dot Bozak is set to return and Rielly has been a healthy scratch to play Gardiner for scouts !! ….Holland was taken 13 draft spots after Kadri in the same draft ..developement of the 2 is interesting !!!

      Khudobin as Ive reported here IMO is a legit number 1 goalie and will have HUGE trade value once he returns IMO …if the Canes look to do so !!

      What a terrible trade the Islanders did for Vanek …breaking up possibly one of the best 1 -2 combos in Moulson and Tavares ..is insane by Snow …chemistry like that is absolute GOLD in the NHL or any league for that matter !!

      Love Vanek he is an elite goal scorer ….but that was the wrong trade for the Islanders.

      How about Havlat …for… Hemsky !

      If the Leafs and Canes are going to do this and the Leafs eat some salary …
      IT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED all ready !! …I mean really what is the waiting game all about here !!!

      • @Back checking: It’s funny you mention that gut feeling about Kadri. I have the same feeling as well. Even without Bolland, when healthy the Leafs will have:
        Bolland has proved he can play 2nd line center.
        Of these players only Holland is waiver exempt.
        Cant see Carlyle getting rid of Smithson he is a faceoff beast.
        The nice thing with Holland is that finally Kadri can worry about being scratched if he is not playing the way he should. I would start Kadri on the 3rd line next game and reward Smith another game between Lupul and Clarkson. Leave it until the magic is gone. Should send a good message to Kadri as well. We could get a legit top 4 right handed D for him though.

        • Agree !! Totally….How about this trade scenario …

          Kadri ,Gardiner Liles for Bogosian and Byfulgen

          Jets trade Kane to Philly for Both Schenns

          Jets would have B Schenn L Schenn ,Kadri ,Gardiner Trouba Shieflie Enstrom moving forward

          Leafs get the top 4 D men they need for power play and
          Phaneuf – Byflugen
          Franson – Bogosian
          Reilly – Fraser

          Leafs Centers …..Bozak – Smith- Holland – Smithson – Bolland

          • OPPPPS
            Forgot Mc Clement

          • Byfuligen sucks, he is worst than Phaneuf. Sure he scores goals, but he is constantly losing the puck, or making brain cramping defensive mistakes.

          • Byfuligen is brutal. No thanks.

          • Kane for bith Schenn’s?



            Absolutely no chance of that happening.

        • Don’t see Leafs moving Kadri. He’s young and still has upside. I think Holland or Smith will head to the Marlies – not sure of their waiver status. December’s schedule is brutal – we’ll know a lot more about the team by the new year.
          Be nice if Kulemin and Clarkson scored a few more goals.
          Kessel should have the flu all the time.

        • Byfuglien worse than Phaneuf lol? Right

      • I would think the Gleason/ Liles deal has more to do with whether or not they are going to resign Phaneuf to some crazy term and salary. The Leafs would be in tough if they paid Phaneuf at $7.5M, Gleason at $4M, Gunnar at $3.1M with pending RFA’s Gardiner and Franson due for another raise and possibly Fraser a UFA if they decide to keep him. Seems like that’s a lot to spend on mediocre D men to cover the back end.

      • Kadri is not going anywhere. Holland was taken 8 spots after him. Decent center, but he is no Kadri. You don’t trade away gifted players like Kadri. Took long enough to get a player like that. IMO.

        • Agreed 100% on the Kadri assessment … He’s developing just fine, has skills and plays with edge. Holland may develop into a good two way player, but he isn’t the same calibre of player Kadri is. Dumping Naz now will not make the team any better.

    • Fingers crossed for another Homer brain fart :-)

      • If the Jets look to trade Kane …

        I can see BOTH Schenns in a broader deal going to the Peg in a deal like that !!!

        Kane and Simmonds on a line with Giroux would be very interesting !!!

        Schenns are from out west and would be absolute Stars in Winnipeg !!

        • Not happening.

          No matter how bad Luke has been this year, that is just not going to happen.

        • Kane just seems like a Flyer, that’d be wicked.

          Also curious when Philly is going to just make whatever the move is that needs to be made to bring their hometown hero home… Bobby Ryan.

    • Hey Nitro what about Franson instead? Not sure it would go that far but cant argue he provides some offense from the back end. Think that would get it done?

      • Franson for B.Schenn? I would not do it but I am not Holmgren.

        Franson for a pick sure or prospect not named Laughton or Morin? Sure. I would do any of those but I doubt Leafs would? Franson is the only right handed d-men is he not?

        • He is, thats why realistically it wouldnt get that far. Also Im not really sure its not an overpayment. I am sure how ever that Gardiner or Franson (who again is top 20 in points for d and second in hits for a d man) are worth much more than a pick and some lower tier type prospects.

          • Problem is Franson is the only D man that constantly gets shots through the bodies and actually hits the net. His shot always creates a rebound or a goal. I’d hate to loose that shot.

          • I agree.. No argument from me… No reason to trade Franson or Gardiner for picks.

            Leafs need #1 center and Flyers need #1 d-men. I do not see how swapping Franson or Gardiner for Schenn will help…

    • Actually they are 6 pts out with two games in hand. And they’d have to leapfrog 4 teams. Don’t forget that the playoff system has changed with the wild cards.

      Face it. They are done.

      • 60 + games left, and they’re done?

        Most definitely not.

        The team has been playing well the last 2 weeks, and have gone from last in conference to not even last in their division.

        They are 2 points behind NYR, and have a game in hand. That puts them 2 points out of 3rd in the Metro, and that also puts them 2 points out of 6th in the conference.

        Rules changed, remember?

        Maybe look at facts first.

        Pittsburgh 21 13 8 0 26 59 48 +11 6-4-0
        Washington 21 12 8 1 25 69 59 +10 7-2-1
        NY Rangers 21 10 11 0 20 43 52 -9 6-4-0
        Carolina 21 8 9 4 20 40 59 -19 4-5-1
        New Jersey 20 7 8 5 19 42 49 -7 6-3-1
        NY Islanders 22 8 11 3 19 63 73 -10 4-6-0
        Philadelphia 20 8 10 2 18 40 50 -10 5-3-2
        Columbus 21 7 11 3 17 52 64 -12 3-5-2

        We are also 4-0-1 in our last 5.

        Hardly out of it

      • They are two points behind the Rangers which woud make them the third seed in division. And they have a game in hand. Look at it again lol

        • I know this is way to early but as a Leafs fan I would want the 3 seed in conference and face someone in metro division. Only team I would want to avoid is Pitsburg, and in our division maybe Det and Boston, any other matchup woud be awesome. Leafs will need a top Dman if they want to make a run, Yandle is my choice, wouldn’t have to sell the farm. But might have to give one of our top 6 forwards, only question is who. But it’s obviousw need to take a load off Phaneuf. Phaneuf is over used and if his minuteswere down to 24 minutesi playoffsit would avoid some mistakes. Phaneuf is underrated in Toronto

      • You mean they are done losing like they did in 1st 10 games.

        • Ill say it the Flyers are making the playoffs baring injuries. They are better than Ott, Nj Car Col Florida Buffalo, the Isles need a goalie and it will be a dog fight between them and the Rangers for the 3 seed in the Met, depending on how Ovi performs I could see them catching Washington too. On paper they are a good team, most of the others around them are not great on paper or the ice.

  2. If the Leafs are truly considering Brayden Schenn (as mentioned during game last night)….this could really mean the beginning of an interesting time. Would the Leafs package a Reimer, Gunnarson and Kadri to land a Shea Weber type. Otherwise why acquire Schenn? They arent moving Bozak and they would want to retain Bolland- Schenn wont play fourth line. I know its a stretch but I dont get the impression Kadri is adored by Leafs brass.

    • I agree I don’t think Carlyle is a fan of Kadri. He is most likely on the block should the right deal for a number one center surface.

      I can see Kadri, Gardiner and this years first rounder packaged for the number one center the Leaf covet. Should this happen and Bozak eventually gets moved to number three spot behind Bolland all the fans will be screaming how over paid Boz is at $4.2M as a third line center.

    • Not smart… A very good goali a number 2 center and a d man who is quietly doing a pretty decent job (tho Im not a huge fan of Gunnar) why blow up a team that is 3rd in the east that just played minus its top 3 centers for nearly 3weeks?
      Bolland and Kadri can play wing. Bolland wont be back till nearly the playoffs anyway and Im doubting he stays in TO. Schenn could play 1 or 2 Kadri play the other Bozak could play 2 or 3 (Randy has been mixing that role around all year with Bolland and Kadri now with Smith and Holland anyway) Holland and Smith goes to the Marlies McClement plays wing Smithson plays 4. Finally they would have center depth, I cant see it happening but it would be a good move imo if they did.

  3. Backchecking….funny just read your post…I agree…what i should I have added was I am not a fan of Kadri…overhyped and will soon want to be overpaid..

  4. I want Yandle and would package Kadri and Gunnerson to get him, but with Phoniex doing gd they might not wanna shake things up at the moment. The salary would be the same. Would that get it done?

    • O absolutely think it would get it done, I just havent seen Yandle enough to know if he is the workhorse D the Leafs would want…I think the two would be an overpayment

      • I like Oliver Ekman Larson better and that would be a good trade !

        Still need a big shut down D man as neither Yandle or Larson are physical

        • ha ha.. OEL is untoucheble..

          • +1 @nitro

            OEL isn’t going anywhere.

    • you serious? why would phx want to get rid of there best defenseman?

      • Why would the Canes trade for Miller and buy out Ward?

        • why not? i’d easily do that. doubt there many takers for ward out there for trade lol guys been horrible since that cup run. and honestly if you can’t see that your out there just like the rest of the laughs fans on this site lol. keep running your moth shticky your always good for a laugh or two.

          • 4 words….Patrick Keleta John Scott.

  5. Before us Leaf fans get all worked up about B Schenn coming to town consider the source is Kypreos so need I say more.
    I cannot see B Schenn coming to Toronto especially after L Schenn was basically run out of town. The conversation could go something like this: L Schenn to his brother “The Leafs ruined my development by throwing me to the wolves on a crap team with crap goaltending as an 18 year old so if you want your development stunted and the fans jumping down your neck then it’s a great place to play”. B Schenn saw what happened to his brother doubt he will have a whole lot of excitement to come to Leaf land (not that he has any choice if traded here). I also can’t see Nonis wanting anything to do with another Schenn after it didn’t work out with Luke. Stranger things have happened though.

  6. I just don’t see Booth being any part of a Cammalleri deal, especially if the Flames have to pick up some of Cammy’s salary – unless the Canucks throw in a pretty high draft pick.

    – good player, playing well
    – Expiring contract, and Flames pay part of it


    – benched player, playing horribly
    – high contract, with another year remaining

    So, including the Flames paying part for Cammy, then Booth would actually end up being more expensive to the Flames than Cammalleri, and for a longer contract!

    Not sure what else the Canucks would have to throw in to convince the Flames of that trade, but it would have to be pretty good!

    • Good points.

      • For Booth, a move to Calgary could possibly be the fresh start needed to revive his career. Calgary isn’t expected to be competitive for the foreseeable future so such a deal wouldn’t hurt their development or cap situation. They could probably get some good prospects or picks for biting the bullet.

        I really think Cammy gets traded somewhere even if its not Vancouver.

        • I’d agree with that, Brandon; no point of keeping Cammy to season’s end. But the Flames will get picks or prospects – and should get even more of them if they take a salary dump in the form of Booth.

          Not saying he’d be a terrible pickup, but as it stands, the Flames would be losing a positive (Cammalleri), while Van would be subtracting a negative (Booth). They’d definitely have to throw in some good sweeteners.

    • no way cgy a rebuilding franchise take on a slumping forward. a forward who has been struggling since he was traded to van. feaster just cannot be that dumb

    • Considering the Burke connection, I’m surprised that there hasn’t been any talk of Gardiner + Kadri to the Flames for Cammalleri and prospects…

  7. To Toronto: B.Schenn + Coburn
    To Philly: Gardiner + Kadri + Franson

    • that’s a terrible deal!!!! Toronto would be overpaying

      • That is not an overpayment, Kadri sucks, Gardiner is garbage and Franson just needs a change of scenery. Trade Kadri and Gardiner while they have high value…for now.

        Extra: Orr

        • The only thing that’s garbage is Ranger.

          • Oh man, that is bad…. Really bad

  8. Alex Steen’s performance this year reminds me of the year UFA Jason Blake scored 40 goals. Good luck to any team that over bids for Steen this summer based on only this years performance. Remember Blake scored 15 the next year on Sundins wing after inking a big contract.

  9. Just a week ago we were complaining about Toronto needed centers and now with Bozak and Kadri ready to come back I think one needs to be traded. I personally would try to trade Bozak as he has failed to play good since signing his contract. I think we could get more value back from trading Bozak and hopehully we could clear some cap space.
    Just spit balling here but what about Gardiner, and Bozak to Philly for the Shenn brothers. Their is only a cap difference of $605K so it might work for both teams.

  10. How about this;

    Shea Weber to Toronto for Kadri/Gardiner/Liles(retain salary)/prospect (if Toronto retains around 1.2mil of Liles salary the cap hits are close to even).

    Having a top pairing of Weber and Phaneuf would be pretty impressive, and there’s plenty of capspace for next year to resign Phaneuf, and others.

    Gone next year: Raymond/Kulemin/Ranger/Frasor = 5.8 mil ( approx)
    Retained Salary off the books next year: = 2.5 mil
    Total = 8.3.mil

    Projected Raises/Resignings;
    Phaneuf + 500k-1mil/ Franson + 2-3mil/ Bolland + 1-2mil/ McClement + 1-1.5mil
    Total = 4.5-7.5 mil

    Project Cap Increase = 7 mil

    The Leafs would still be able to spend at least 7 mil to look at new contracts for players like; Kulemin, Reimer (depending), Frasor (Granberg could make the leap next year), or other options.

    The Lineup would then be as such;

    Orr/Smith-son/McClaren/Devane etc


    If the Leafs wanted a true #1C, that’s another story altogether.

    • 22 million between DIon Weber and Kessel more if you count retained salary from Liles..Cap says hi

    • lol leafs fans

  11. How about every team’s top center or top D-man for Toronto’s cast offs and garbage? ya that’s the ticket….

    There’s a reason your’re willing to part with them, becasue no one else wants them either.

    Shea Weber is not going anywhere. He is THE guy in Nashville. Keith Yandle is not going anywhere, they are a top team in the west and a Cup contenter.

    • How about everyone on the Leafs roster for Bobby Orr lol.

    • thank you goodwood77

  12. I didn’t think it was that ludicrous a proposal, seeing as though Philly could’ve got Weber for Couturier and Schenn last year.

    • Rumoured to have been able to get, problem is they didn’t, for whatever reason. Poor value being a good possability.

      This is all speculative garbage, and really I have to agree with Mutt and Goodwood77 on this one- enough with the pipe dreams.

  13. There must be some good crack up there in Toronto. And all you guys must be smoking it. All those trade proposals are pipe dream. I’m not saying you guys dont have some talent up there but typical fans. Wanting to give away your ” cast offs ” for other teams top players. Keep smoking

    • Ya, I guess there’s no precedent for the Leafs trading cast offs for star players (Except; A bag of pucks for Phaneuf, Beauchemin for Lupul AND Gardiner, JVR for Schenn, A nobody for Franson, and the Bernier for backups trade!) , so, ya, must be the crack.

      • Now you sound silly- Phaneuf was voted one of the most over rated players by a group of his piers. Lupul while playing great for you is hardly a “star” and Gardiners proved nothing. JVR is a great trade, but sometimes that works out and sometimes not. Hindsight is 20/20 and it seems to me Schenn was pretty much a star in Toronto until the trade. Franson coudn’t crack the line-up in Dallas and The Kings needed to do somethings about the log jam in goal. BTW Where is Frattin playing now and how did he get there? Oh right LA with Scrivens for Bernier.

        • Where is Frattin? Oh, right… Averaging 12min a game on the 3rd line, …Franson couldn’t crack the lineup in Dallas because he never played for Dallas, he did play 141 games for Nashville with a fine +25 over two seasons. Lupul, not a star? He was an AllSTAR last year and has almost a point per game average since joining the Leafs (118 points in 129 games). Phaneuf is also an Allstar, and an underrated defender in all areas of the game, and he’s improved his game dramatically. As for Luke Schenn, a star before the JVR trade? Clearly you never watched him in person, only Brian Burke thought he was a star because he could hit people (terrible skater).

        • K this is the second or third most ridiculous post ever… think about it for a second TJ who would you rather have Stajan or Phaneuf? Who cares what the kids in the schoolyard say?

          Lupul not a star? Since his first full season as a Leaf he is top 10 in points per game for Canadian born players at 1.04, the only players from Canada in front of him Spezza, St.Louis, Giroux, Crosby and Stamkos …hmm sounds like a star to me. Nevermind getting Gardiner in the deal.

          Franson never played in Dallas was top 5 in scoring for D last year top 20 so far this year is second in the league for hits, wheres Lebda now? You know the guy the Leafs traded to the Preds for Franson? Talk about sounding silly.

          The Bernier for Scrivens and Frattin trade is one anyone would do, has worked out for both teams.

          Schenn got run out of town Im not sure how you call him a star, but its a pretty good bet who got the better end of that deal. Love the posts from the peeps who dont have a clue about most things hockey so they bag on the Leafs to try and legitimize their limited knowledge.

    • Right on Mutt. I know!! Its everyday with these Leafs fans trade an average player for a top end player. It’s hilarious to watch.

      • Like Miller you mean?

        • lol Miller’s got way more value than half of those cheap shot artists on that team of yours. the guy is still one of the top netminders in the league and your coming along offering Gardiner for a top end defenseman like Yandle? Then another one comes along offering a couple overrated players for the whole Jets defense? It’s priceless really. This site does not give you Laugh fans the justice. All you want something for nothing. lol Again keep running your salami hole Shticky haha your a riot. Your like the O’Doyle guy in Billy Madison.

          “Shticky Rules” lol

  14. THIS JUST IN ……..

    Apparently Nonis has VIDEO of Homer partying with Rob Ford and is threatening Homer if he doesnt trade Gardiner for B Schenn he will give the video to the Toronto Sun ……


    Nothing like a good ole fashion shake down !!


  15. Lets go off the board here and really pound out who is who !!!

    Who would be the TOP 5 under rated 2-3-4 defender in the game today that a team should look at targeting, who is off the radar but a high quality target and can possibly make an impact to a quality team moving forward given the chance in a PROPER TRADE……NOT FANTASY !!!

    some suggestions may be :

    1) Andrew MacDonald – Islander

    2) Brodin – Wild

    3) Trouba – Jets

    4) Myers – Sabres

    5) Nurse – Oilers

    6) Cowen – Sens

    and so on …

    who is a high valued target that has not made a significant impact as of yet

    Whats the concensus

  16. Once again every trade involves the Leafs. Get over it people no one wants your sloppy seconds.

  17. Once again every trade involves the Leafs. Get over it people.

    • I know, it’s hilarious. lol

      Trade ideas that are waaaay out there as well. But whatever, what are you gonna do?

  18. I like camelleri and romo or mcdonald to Washington for neuvirth and fehr

    Could also see snow doing a deal with sather.. Vanek and clutterbuck to Nyr for Kreider, del zotto and Boyle on condition vanes signs with the rangers.

    • thatd be insane. be surprised if islanders give up on vanek. they gave up a lot for him. I’d honestly try and trade him to the wild though.

      • No way NY is giving Kreider away, nor Boyle. Del Zotto could be had but not in a deal like that.

  19. Eberle+ hemsky+ smyth for simmonds+ schenn (both of them)+ mcginn/3rd rounder

    • You can have Smyth for nothing, as long as you don’t talk about eberle any more

    • that’d be a good one. i’d like to see that one happen.

  20. Anyone remember when the Laughs traded Steen and Coliacavo for Stempniak? Funny stuff….

  21. Stastny is going nowhere. He is being utilized properly for the first time in years now that Joe Sacco is gone. If he doesn’t bring in a legit # 1 D the Avalanche needs he’s staying put(and sorry Toronto fans the avs are not taking Phaneuf and your 4th liners for him).

    Saw an interesting proposal about the Avs getting Dany Heatley though. Probably wouldn’t happen but he could be good with a fast team. He was never fast but with guys like Duchene Stastny and Mackinnon providing the speed and carrying the puck up the ice, all he has to do is find the open ice and shoot the puck…exactly what he is known for. Maybe trade Stefan Elliot and a mid round pick since he needs a change in scenery with Barrie, Seimens and Bigras surpasing him on the depth chart. Sound reasonable to anyone else?

    • Dont want Phaneuf but would take Heatly…..lol

      • didn’t say I wouldn’t want Phaneuf…just not for staz. If the leafs would take Elliot and a pick for Phaneuf like i suggested for Heatley then sure. Don’t see that happening though lol. He is worth more than that.