NHL Morning Rumor Mill – November 25, 2013.

The latest on Mike Cammalleri, Shawn Matthias, Tuomo Ruutu, Andrew Cogliano and Mark Fistric.

Could the Penguins or Rangers pursue Mike Cammalleri?

Could the Penguins or Rangers pursue Mike Cammalleri?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson note Mike Cammalleri’s former agent Mike Gillis may be GM of the Vancouver Canucks but he expects the Pittsburgh Penguins or New York Rangers could make the biggest push for Cammalleri at the March trade deadline, even though he’ll have $1.25 million remaining on his contract by then…The Edmonton Oilers are interested in Florida Panthers center Shawn Matthias…Matheson believes the Oilers should try to retrieve Andrew Cogliano from the Anaheim Ducks, suggesting he’d make a good speedy third-line winger…The Carolina Hurricanes are shopping Tuomo Ruutu but his injury history and $4.75 million per season salary isn’t attracting much interest…The Ducks won’t be shopping defenseman Mark Fistric now that Luca Sbisa is out with a wrist injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The only way I see Cammalleri moving before the trade deadline is if the Flames agree to pick up half of his $6 million cap hit ($7 million salary), but he’d still remain too expensive to move until much later in the season…Matthias has also been linked to the Canucks and Canadiens…Doubt the Ducks would part with Cogliano…Ruutu’s salary and injury history will keep him in Carolina this season. Don’t see any teams having interest in him. 


  1. Fistric just cant seem to stick…he dosent seem that slow (maybe a little) and hits like a truck, wonder what the issue is, only minus 1 in 6 games played wasnt horrible in Edmonton who had some pretty horrible D last year. Come to toronto let Barb teach him to skate a while lol.

    • The book on Fistric is that his lateral skating isn’t good, and his first three strides aren’t the best. His puck moving skills are lacking, and he will give up chances to go for a big hit. You can coach out the poor decisions on hits, but everything else seems to be set in stone with a player of his age.

      If you pair him with a good puck mover, and keep him calmed down on the hits, he can be effective. But once the puck ends up in his corner, the fire alarm may as well go off.

    • O’Shticky Rules!!!!

    • Still do not get why they traded Smid.
      Also, do not undertsand why they tradde Smid for that type of return.

      • Me either seems kinda counter productive.

  2. Cammaleri is often injured, terrible defensively, and doesn’t provide so much offense that he makes up for his own lapses. The Penguins are 8th overall in offense less Letang who will certainly improve things later when he returns, plus their top 6 are performing well. The Penguins should look to make a depth move for a veteran role player like they did with Guerin during their first cup run … a guy like Steve Ott.

    Rangers need to add defensive security IMO … while the Canuks need to add a big two way forward. A team that could take on Cammy would be someone like the Bruins, Predators … solid defensive teams looking for more offense.

    • Pit isn’t letangless he’s been playing with Pit he just hast scored a point in 5 games and is a minus 8 on the year ….

    • . The Penguins should look to make a depth move for a veteran role player like they did with Guerin during their first cup run … a guy like Steve Ott.

      Ok you mentioned Guerin and you mentioned Ott.. Ok, both are veterans but this is where comparison ends. Apples and oranges after that.

      • *Actually didn’t know Letang was back so that is my bad

        *They are both veterans, with leadership, that play with a physical edge. Yes Guerin is far more talented offensively then Ott will ever be, however they brought him in as a guy to add physical depth … Ott can do that.

        • Ott is a very serviceable player for any playoff bound team.
          Physical, good on the draw and can chip in offensively.

    • The Bruins don’t have room for Cammaleri, roster wise or cap wise. He definitely isnt a fit there. He also doesn’t fit their style of play, ala the piss poor defensive performance

  3. Also: The Oilers should have interest in Shawn Matthias, he is big and has enough potential offensive upside to be a #2 center (more so when surrounded by Oilers talent). If they could pick him up, I think it would allow them to move Gagner and run with Nuge-Matthias-Gordon down the middle moving forward and Gagner would make a good trade chip without giving up their core! Eberle-Nuge-Hall Perron-Matthias-Yakupov … retain some salary and move Hemsky for either bigger forward depth or defensive depth and pair Gagner with their 1st round pick to try and find a top 4 defenseman. Plus open up tons of space long term to throw money at a goalie this off season.

    • I just can’t see the Oilers improving via trade without giving up one of their young players. No one wants Hemsky unless Edmonton takes back another big contract useless player. The Oilers have a hard time signing free agents and besides maybe Winnipeg it is the hardest sell for players. I live in Brandon, MB and personally think Edmonton is nice but NHL players feel different. Oh and Who wants a small center with a broken jaw and minus 9 in 11 games? Gagner will not get much if at all on the trade market. Even when the Leafs were desperate for a center they didn’t want him.

      • Edmonton has a curse on them they been drafting first overall for the longest time and they can not make the playoffs …. They need to rebuild by trading these young guys they do not play well together period … These are players that will be stars when they alone are the attraction not when they are all trying and doing the same thing … Trade 2 of them yakupov and rnh … Keep eberle and hall and you will see more of a winning team and with those players you can get two good Dmen easily …. Yakupov might have to shoot a draft pick in there since he hasn’t proved anything yet …

        • The Oilers don’t have a curse, just bad management. 3 reasons why:
          1. Drafting 1st overall is total luck. It requires no skill to listen to TSN and pick the best players. Take a look:
          2005: Crosby
          2007: Kane
          2008: Stamkos
          2009: Tavares
          2010/11/12: Hall,RNH,Yakupov
          2013: MacKinnon
          Oilers sucked in the wrong years. Good talent but would you replace them with anyone else on the list? Between 2007-2013 the Oilers have had 10 1st rd picks. 3 1st overall.
          2. Poor drafting in later rounds.
          Boston Bruins have one 1st rd pick in their top 6. 36 year old Iginla. Marchand,Bergeron,Ericksson,Lucic,Krejci all 2nd/3rd rd picks.
          3. From MyNHLTradeRumors:
          Oilers GM Craig MacTavish is looking for defenseman to replace Ladislav Smid. “They want to do something but they overrate their players which means the prices are high,” said a league executive.
          Therefore no trades. Other teams are not going to get ripped off.

          • Funny no mention of the 1st pick from 2006…what no draft that year? Oh yeah that’s right St. Louis picked a cant miss stud defenseman…who was that again? See Erik Johnson

            So ya some 1st rounders as well as 1st overall can be busts too and some do not live up to expectations. If anything, the oilers are proving that even with multiple best players in their draft year playing on the same team does not prove to be any successful than not.

            At some point you have to think, is it the players or is it management.

          • @Ron
            No I didn’t mention 2006 because a defenseman went 1st. I have a rule of drafting. In the 1st rd I always take a center. Unless the center talent is so poor then I would look for a defenseman. Wingers last. Who went 3rd in 2006? Toews. Oops. I would have taken Galchenyuk over Yakupov and Seguin over Hall. Down the middle for the Oilers today I would have RNH, Galchenyuk, Seguin and Gagner. Easy to trade one and still be strong. Easy to sign wingers as UFAs. How many 1st line centres become available in the offseason? Good management.

          • Well Edmonton has bad management so change it not a brainiac to know that anyways it’s simple really change management and trade forwards it was rumoured they were always looking for a dman and they trade there best shut down dman that hits and blocks shots they have no sense of direction

    • There is no way in hell Matthias has potential to be 2nd line center. Unless you pair him with Brett Hull on one side and Ovechkin on the other..

      • Disagree, I don’t think he can make the highest end of 2nd line centers, but I think given the proper opportunities and line mates he can excel and be a decent 40-50 point guy.

        • Second line center on some teams perhaps, if there second line center is hurt. Coming from a fan of a team full of second and third line centers (and no first line center) that are all better than Matthias.

  4. What do you guys think it will eventually take to pry Cammalleri as a playoff rental (assuming salary is not a sticking point later in the season)? A 2nd round pick?

  5. I agree Nashville sticks out in my mind as the sorta team that would take him.

    • If Nashville is in the playoff hunt I believe they will be the team as they are starved for offense. I think a 2nd and a later pick or a middling prospect probably with some sort of clause if he resigns or the Preds advance a certain number of rounds or something like that.

  6. it usually take 4 years for a team to rebuild thru the draft and make the playoffs. look at Pitt and Chicago both team sucked for a few years. Edmonton will make the playoffs next year. MAF, Malkin,Crosby,Stall 4 drafts, 4 years then they made the playoffs…

    • Edmonton has been rebuilding for 8 years now, and it took Chicago more than 4 years 98 untill they drafted Towes in 06 then finnished last and drafted Kane first in 07 it was more like a decade. Your theory of rebuilding a team through the draft is slightly inaccurate. Not all first round picks are Crosby, or Malkin, Kane or Towes.

      • How long have the Islanders been around the bottom of the league or Florida Columbus etc there is no “usually” its all about management its either good or bad. When was the last time teams like the Flyers or Wings, Bruins etc (dont miss the playoffs usually) have had to rebuild thru the draft to follow your formula?

        • Since I was a kid growing up in the 80’s I can honestly say i only remember the Bruins doing one ‘rebuild’ through the draft, meaning getting the #1 pick and that was Dumbo Joe. They were so bad that year before and the year the finished last to get the #1 pick. Any why? piss poor management. Bad management in the end of the Sinden years, bad management in the O’connel years. You can definitely tell how management effects a team. Edmonton = Bad management

  7. oilers with interest in cogliano? why did they then get rid of him a few years back. oilers will remain a garbage team until kevin lowe is out.

  8. What does everyone think the flames could get for cammi? Aside from the top five or so this years draft looms like an average draft. That doesn’t mean calgary couldn’t use more firsts/seconds etc.