NHL Morning Rumor Mill – November 27, 2013.

The latest on Max Pacioretty, Evander Kane, Martin Erat, Michael Del Zotto, Mikael Backlund, Jose Theodore and more.

Canadiens getting offers for Max Pacioretty.

Canadiens getting offers for Max Pacioretty.

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie reports Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin isn’t shopping Max Pacioretty but he is getting offers for the winger. It’s the same situation with the Jets and Evander Kane as teams are monitoring Kane’s relationship with Jets coach Claude Noel…Pierre LeBrun reports there is some interest in Washington Capitals winger Martin Erat, mainly because his salary drops to $2.25 million next season. LeBrun claims he’s easier to move than San Jose’s Martin Havlat…Darren Dreger claims the Carolina Hurricanes are among the teams with interest in Flames center Mikael Backlund. The Hurricanes made an offer but the Flames want an age-comparable player as part of the return…LeBrun noted the Hurricanes have Tuomo Ruutu, Jiri Tlusty and Tim Gleason on the trade block, with Gleason sounding the most likely to be moved. He believes if the Hurricanes can move Gleason they could free up cap space to pursue Toronto’s John-Michael Liles. He claims for the Hurricanes to take Liles the Leafs would have to take Ruutu, but the Leafs have no interest in that deal…Dreger reported the Ottawa Senators threw out names like Eric Condra, Colin Greening and Eric Gryba to the NY Rangers for Michael Del Zotto but “the deal is currently not a fit” for the Rangers…Dreger also provided an update on Dion Phaneuf’s contract talks, claiming the Phaneuf camp pitched a seven-eight year deal in the $7 million range. The Maple Leafs are expected to make their counter-offer within a week…Talks between the Nashville Predators and Anaheim Ducks are on hold because of an injury to Viktor Fasth. LeBrun doubts Jonas Hiller will be moved soon… McKenzie reports the Detroit Red Wings are on the verge of re-signing defenseman Jonathan Ericsson to a multi-year extension.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Just because the Canadiens and Jets are listening to offers for Pacioretty and Kane doesn’t mean they’re going to trade them.  A good GM always listens to offers, because you never know when a desperate rival could make one too good to pass up.  Still, the Habs are rumored in the market for a major deal, and it could take a player like Pacioretty to get it done. In the case of Kane and Noel, if it comes down to a choice for the Jets, I think Noel loses. Kane is simply too talented to part with…Erat’s actual salary goes down next season but his cap hit remains $4.5 million. Another concern is his lack of production since the start of last season with both the Caps and his former team, the Predators…The Hurricanes might be unwilling to move an age-comparable player. Still, management could be getting a bit desperate.  The Leafs won’t to move Liles, but they won’t take back equal or greater salary to do so. Gleason’s also sidelined a week with a lower-body injury, which could affect his trade value…Reports out of New York claim the Rangers would want a decent defenseman in return for Del Zotto. What’s being offered by the Senators won’t cut it…Seven-years and around $50 million is what it’ll take to re-sign Phaneuf…With Fasth sidelined, the Ducks aren’t moving Hiller.

TVA SPORTS: reports Canadiens GM Bergervin and his deputies were recently spotted at the Blue Jackets-Maple Leafs game. Louis-Andre Lariviere, meanwhile, recently reported free agent goalie Jose Theodore’s agent said his client currently has no interest in retirement.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bergevin and company could’ve been scouting the Leafs as the Habs play them again this Saturday. Remember, just because a team scouts another doesn’t mean it’s to look for potential trade bait. Then again, the Jackets are struggling and Bergevin is rumored to be seeking a major deal.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley reports Martin Erat’s teammates support his decision to request a trade, praising him as a model teammate.


  1. Habs

    I don’t see any quality trade for Evander Kane with the Canadiens…….Habs just don’t have that impact player it would take to make the move unless you include Subban in the conversation…annnnndd the Jets don’t really need to move Kane for another defenseman as they have Trouba , Bogosian , Byflugen , Enstrom Pardy , Postma Clitsome and Stuart …so not sure what the starting point is here …Kane is the power forward every team needs why would they trade with the Habs …don’t see the deal here ???

    Ottawa …..nice try Murray …I like Greening and would make a deal for him in a mid teired deal but the rest of the Anchors just don’t cut it for Del Zotto ….Iam beginning to thing Murray and Melnyk are shisters LOL

    • I think the Jets should look to move a dman. They have a lot of guys under long term contracts and the return on Byfuglien (don’t see it being Bogosian or Enstrom) could be enticing

    • i think you need to learn to read properly it wasn’t once stated at any point that the habs are trying to trade for kane it was used as a comparison to the situation the jets have with listening to offers. ffs learn to goddamn read

  2. Outside of a deal involving Del Zotto, these rumors appear to be nothing more than high school bathroom fodder.

  3. Lyle: Can you pls provide a little more background about the Habs are rumored to be exploring a major deal. What are they supposed to be addressing? I know the offense has been disappointing but trading MaxPac helps?

    • All I’ve heard in rumor chatter is Bergevin wants to make a major move, but no word on what that is or what players he’d considering moving or pursuing. Considering the decline in their offensive production this season I’m assuming it’s scoring. Unless they get a healthier power forward for Pacioretty I don’t see how moving him helps.

      • Totally agreed, Lyle (see my comment below).

        And do you think the teams that are calling Bergevin are calling to offer the Habs a healthier power forward? Even if the deal was Pacioretty + someone, I would think they are absolutely not. I don’t get this one at all.

      • What he is looking for is a scorer and he wants right winger with gionta leaving the team and bourque not working out habs only have gallegar in the right wing position … Defence is set goalie is set only right wing isn’t set they want to get rid of gionta and pleckanec and bourque for a right winger gionta is a UFA so trade deadline someone will take him – bourque big body that easily could put 20 goals in the net needs a new change plus his cap hit is not that bad – pleckanec cap is high but he does have points … Also they are looking at colombus for gaborik pure goal scorer checking what it would take and Montreal would be willing to give one or two of those names plus a first for gaborik since his salery ain’t cheap

        • 1st rounder is conditional if gaborik signs with the club if not it turns into a 3rd or 4th

          • I dont think they are scouting Columbus for Gaborik seeing how he is injured and not playing. A 3rd or 4th wouldn’t even be close to landing him even if he wasnt signed. If Paul Gastaud can fetch a 1st at the trade deadline, Gaborik would take atleast a 1st and prospect even as a rental.

  4. Why the heck would the Habs trade Pacioretty? What does this team need more than anything: goal-scoring power forwards! They have a solid D and Price is going nowhere. The #1 complaint about them is their size, and he’s their biggest top-6 player by a mile.

    Is Pacioretty the toughest power forward out there? No. But almost any trade they make with him would make the team smaller (no thanks) as well as lose their top sniper.

    Don’t understand this rumour at all.

    • I agree.. Dealing Pacioretty makes zero sense for Habs..

      • sure it does Pacioretty is 6’2 219 lbs. The habs only like players 5’11 or smaller. lol

      • The fact is Pacioretty isn’t much of a ‘Power forward’ (He is being referred to as one often). Great shooter, great scorer, works very hard and heals very quickly. In my personal opinion he is not a power forward however. Maybe the closest thing the habs have, but not there in full. Don’t get me wrong, I love patches. I also watch every habs game and can tell you classifying him as a power forward isn’t totally true.

        • Huge Habs fan, and I’d agree with you, Tdawg. But what the Habs need is a stronger, meaner version of him that scores as many goals. And nobody is giving that up. So why give up the best scorer they have?!

  5. Maybe the Rangers dangling party boy Del Zotto to smaller cities will get him motivated.

  6. Re: Del Zotto
    Am I missing something ? Young, Mobile, Decent Size and in a league that is really short on
    top 4 D-men, I realize he is not there yet, but has the potential and no one seems to want to
    pay anything for him ?

    • His defense isn’t where it needs to be for that money/age/role.

  7. Sooo just to clarify the Canes would take Liles 3.75 mill (1 bad contract) for Gleason 4 mill (injured generally healthy scratch) and Rutuu 4.75 mill( hip surgery nad knee injured in the preseason makes Lupul look durable) hhmmm tough call but no thank you.

    8.75 mill in 2 bad contracts for 1 at 3.75 mill sweet deal. Just buy Liles out.

    • My as well just acquire Jeff Finger ….LOL

      • Gleason is that bad? wow.. wth happen to him?

        • Really at that point it doesnt matter if Gleason isnt all that bad the contracts are terrible and go on for as long as Liles contracts unless there is another bigger piece moving like Bozak kinda thing or the Canes est a big chunk of the contract the Leafs cant fit that cap wise. That just seems like a no brainer to say no.

          • No, he’s not saying JML for Gleason AND Ruutu. The deal would be to trade Gleason to some other team, then offer Ruutu for JML. I tend to believe this version over Healy’s rumour of Gleason for JML. I think there might be other teams interested in Gleason.

            The best option for the Leafs might be trade Liles’ to Carolina and absorb half the salary and cap hit. If you compare a trade with 50% retained salary to a full buy-out, the buy-out results in about $1.1M in cap savings in 2014-15 but has a greater cap hit over the long term (+$0.4M in 2015-16, +$1.2M in 2016-17 and +$1.2M in 2017-18).

            I’m thinking there might be a team looking to shore up they’re defense at the trade deadline who would take Liles at half price.

          • I’m just wondering how the Leafs fans like Clarkson thus far? Is he worth that big contract his way? And also why do the fans want Bozak gone? Isn’t he your guys’ first line centre?

          • His buy out saves 2 mill next year hit would be .79 mil then 15-16 would be just over 2.2. And 2 years of 1 mill… If you hold half his salary the hit is almost 2 mill (1.9) really not saving anything by doing that 1.9 x 3 = 5.7. Over three years (so saves 1 year but costs more against the cap)

            .79 + 2.29 + 1.1 + 1.1 = 5.18 spread over 4 years it dosent make sense to hold half of JML salary imo buy out spreads a smaller cap hit over a longer period of time reducing the hit even further.

          • Lol whoops I see the error there

  8. Washington should trade Erat to Vancouver got Booth. maybe a change in scenery would help both of them

  9. Kings should go after Max Pacioretty offer Prospect Tyler Toffoli and Dwight King
    or Tyler Toffoli and 1st round pick ?????

  10. Not trying to underplay the upside or worth of Evander Kane, but this type situation is what has complicated the Cap era. The kid gets drafted early, plays at an early age and is basically paid as a “on the job” trainee (as opposed to so many of the guys who scratch and claw to get their chances as NHLers), intsead of a bridge contract they make him happy by paying a pretty fat RFA deal instead, for a guy still learning.
    I saw him extensively against the blackhawks and he was still very undisciplined, played with his stick off the ice, and went edgy when the game was out of reach, and contributed to it being out of reach.
    If there are issues with his coach, he is bringing them on.
    But of course there will be a bevy of teams VERY very interested in acquire him, because of what he might be able to become….and that is the ONLY REASON he has been highly paid from the start of his career and probably will continue to be out of skew in terms not being rounded out but being paid like a leader.
    So when the Jets do feel that he has reached the end of the string, there will be loads of teams more than willing to try another way to see if they can get this gifted young man to really be what he can be.

  11. Bill you’re bang on, I’m a Jets season ticket holder and see Kane plenty. He is a fast skater with a decent shot ( when he can put it on net ), but he is really lacking in the hockey IQ department, when he crosses the offensive blueline he’s completely lost, no imagination and no clue what to do. He is young and he has scored 30 goals before so I’m sure he would attract plenty of interest and if the jets can turn Kane into a couple decent young forwards with scoring potential plus prospect and/or pick they should do it, if it makes the team deeper they will be better off.

  12. Kane to Vancouver for Jannik Hansen and Bo Horvat plus a pick or prospect

    • If I were you I wouldn’t be letting Horvat go so quickly, I think he is the real deal…just be pateint and let him develop…

      • I’m a jets fan I want Horvat

  13. Pacioretty , Desharnais , Moen ( 9.85) for Kane , Jokinen (9.75 cap hit )
    Jokinen walks end of year but the Habs part ways with Desharnais contract
    free’s up cap $ for Subban signing
    Bournival’s emergence makes a winger expendable i.e Moen

    • No thanks Fergy…….can’t seeing the jets having interest in Pacioretty at all nor Desharnais and I like Moen but we have Thorburn, Peluso and several physical d-men so we don’t need the toughness that he brings

  14. All the talk about the Habs being the smurfs of the league is false now. NJ now takes over that spot.lol