NHL Morning Rumor Mill – November 28, 2013.

The latest on Ryan Miller, Michael Del Zotto, Dmitry Kulikov, Vernon Fiddler, and more.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports Martin Erat making two trade requests within 12 months hurts his value…Dallas Stars center Vernon Fiddler has reconsidered his trade request and GM Jim Nill is believed to have pulled him from the trade market…Friedman wondered if the Anaheim Ducks could be a good fit for Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, believing the Ducks aren’t 100 percent comfortable with Jonas Hiller. Backup Viktor Fasth is hurt and Frederik Andersen might not be ready for a team with “lofty goals”…The Senators spoke to the NY Rangers about defenseman Michael Del Zotto but there wasn’t a trade match to be made…There is some trade interest in Calgary Flames center Mikael Backlund.

Michael Del Zotto could be waiting a while for a trade.

Michael Del Zotto could be waiting a while for a trade.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: Erat’s cap hit ($4.5 million) is also a sticking point, even with his salary declining to $2.25 million next season…Not surprised to see Fiddler’s off the market. Nothing like talking with your coach and GM to sort out your role with the team…Friedman says he’s just engaging in his own speculation regarding Miller to the Ducks. As long as their current goalies are playing well I don’t see the Ducks dealing for Miller, but maybe they pursue him as a free agent next summer?…The Senators are supposedly seeking a top-four defenseman who will make them more responsible in their own zone, so how does Del Zotto address that?…Backlund could be moved before the Flames self-imposed Christmas trade freeze of December 9.

TVA SPORTS: Jean-Francois Chaumont reports Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller wouldn’t be surprised if he changes teams before this season’s trade deadline.  Chaumont writes the 33-year-old Miller no longer has the patience to go through another Sabres rebuild. Miller said he hasn’t requested a trade, but will consider his options by February depending on the direction of the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Miller’s a goner by the trade deadline, it’s just a question of when he’ll be moved and where.

SUNSENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov reports a Florida Panthers source claims the club isn’t actively shopping defenseman Dmitry Kulikov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect Kulikov could also be on the move either before the Olympic trade freeze in February or by the March 5 trade deadline. There’s some talk Kulikov could bolt next summer to a KHL as a free agent, but I think for the right deal with the right team he’ll stay in the NHL. At only 23, he has yet to reach his playing prime and has plenty of potential to become a top-two defenseman.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the Rangers scratching defenseman Michael Del Zotto for the fourth time this season is a clear indicator he doesn’t fit into coach Alain Vigneault’s plans.  Brooks claims Del Zotto remains a Ranger only because the club hasn’t received a decent offer for him yet, and they lack the organizational depth to take on a discount return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Problem is the Rangers aren’t going to get much of a return for Del Zotto right now, even if he does have significant puck-moving and offensive skills. It could take until February until they get a suitable offer.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley reports agent Mark Gandler has requested a trade for his client, Washington Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov. Gandler claims Orlov wants a trade as he has no future with Washington, spending much of his time (for contractual reasons) buried in the minors. His request comes two days after Capitals winger Martin Erat also requested a trade.  Orlov “has a clause in it that states he has the right to play in the Kontinental Hockey League if he is on the Capitals’ roster fewer than 30 days before Jan. 1.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hence the reason the Capitals won’t promote him full-time to their roster. It’s a crappy way to use that clause against him. And Caps fans wonder why Evgeny Kuznetsov is reluctant to leave the KHL and join the Caps. 


  1. WOW …not sure what the Ducks or Freidman are seeing but Hiller has been a PILLAR this year !!
    Miller to Colorado when Varlomov goes to jail !


    Orlov has been up and down…. up and down…. up and down again this year !! The Caps are having a hard time growing talent in the lower portion of the organization …they need to look at that as the OVIE show will not last forever….or much longer …they need to start paying attention to the development side of the organization ….trading Forsberg …Kuznetsov in the KHL and players requesting trades daily is not good !

  2. Hey Spec, I think you are misunderstanding the Orlov clause. There’s no advantage to Caps to keep Orlov in the minors.
    If they bring Orlov up and have him on the Caps’ NHL roster for 11 more days (he has 19 days on the roster already) then Orlov CANNOT go to KHL.
    But by keeping him in minors and on Caps Roster for less than 30 days, the clause kicks in that gives Orlov the right to go to the KHL.
    it is not in Cap’s favor to keep him in minors, it guarantees he can go to KHL if they do.
    You seem to think it’s the other way around. They’re not using the clause against Orlov. If anything, the Caps are using it against themselves.

    • Honest Rob, that’s what they want, for him to go to the KHL so that his contract is off the books as per the new bargaining deal if he goes to russia, his NHL contract doesn’t count against the cap

      • Nowhere in that article does it say that there is a contractual reason for keeping Orlov in the Minors. I just re-read it to be sure.
        Regarding his contract, Orlov’s in the final year of his 3 yr entry level deal.
        His 690K is not his cap hit -in the new CBA, on 2-way contracts like Orlov’s the cap hit is calculated differently so his cap hit is lower.
        Anyway, they could mutually dissolve his contract if eliminating his cap hit were the goal. He wants out and in your theory they don’t want him.

        However, that makes no sense to me because if he goes to KHL (whether through not being on roster for 30 days before Jan 1 or contract being mutually terminated), they will get nothing in return for him.

        He’s an asset, but like Erat, Oates has no use for him. That (and the emergence of other D) are why he’s been buried. 9 points in 10 games in Hershey for a young Dman shows he has talent. I’d be surprised if they let that asset walk, but this is GMGM we are talking about, so who knows..

  3. Still maintain:

    Hemsky, Potter, 2nd for Erat & Orlov

    A young highly touted d-man for the Oilers and maybe a guy who might spark under a change of scenery, if not they have more than enough cap space to hold him for an extra season or more than enough money to buy him out. Capitals get a decent pick, cheap defensive depth, and a shorter contract who might end up clicking with the Caps teams.

    • Love it. Great trade for both

    • Oilers don’t have a second pick…….. Next

    • Two things that the Oilers have lots of are small skilled forwards and defense prospects. They need more size on the top 2 lines and a top paring defenseman. All of their top prospects are defensemen. Unless Orlov is ready to be a top pairing Dman then he would just be joining the log jam with Klefbom, Nurse, Gernat, Musil, etc..

  4. I love Del Zotto but I don’t want to see him land with the Sens unless we aren’t giving up much and he is replacing Weircoch. It isn’t because I don’t think he is valuable but because I believe the Senators have more pressing needs. A bottom pairing shutdown D and some responsible depth forwards (I would have loved to have Fiddler) and possibly another scoring winger, however I would put the winger last on the list.

  5. The Rangers won’t get a good return on Del Zotto if he doesn’t play, and he won’t play if he continues to make bad passes and is generally unaccountable in the defensive zone. Maybe send him to Hartford where he can play offense on easy mode and learn how to play defense under Gernander’s system. Gernander has done good things with the prospects in Hartford. If he can’t turn Del Zotto into a somewhat responsible defender, maybe they can make him a forward.

  6. To Toronton: Berra + Monahan + Cammalleri
    To Calgary: Bernier + Kadri + JML

    • give your head a shake
      bad deal for calgary except bernier

    • I think it would take much more than that to pry Monahan from Calgary and I don’t think Toronto is willing to give up what Calgary would be asking for (top line player and high draft pick)
      Disclaimer: Despite his position I don’t consider Bozak a top-line player.

    • YA RIGHT.Next you gonna tell me that they’re gonna get Erat and Orlov for McClement. Right now you sound like the guy that judges how good players are from how good they play for you on an NHL game. The same day Cammy goes to Toronto is the same day Lecavalier goes to Montreal and the same day Phil Kessel’s is found dead. In other words NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!!

    • Lol wow… Monahan is going to be a pretty good player. Kadri IMO has reached his peak. And Bernier is still flirting with the backup job in TO, so who knows what he will be in the coming years. All together it’d be a horrible trade for Calgary. Def cost you a top level prospect and maybe a top draft pick to get Monahan.

      I thought you Leafs fans wanted Reimer gone and thought Bernier was the next big thing?

    • Seriously? The Flames turned down a Seguin trade to keep that pick that earned them Monahan so I don’t think Kadri will do much for them. Burke was never a fan of Kadri anyway.
      As for Bernier, you will need to explain that one. We finally got some sense of stability and you want to pull another potential “Rask” like deal?
      Cammalleri can be had for a salary dump but that won’t come until the trade deadline.
      Monahan is a prize that Calgary will nurture in their rebuild.

  7. LOL @ LeafsAdvocate
    Monahan is an untouchable in Calgary. Why would the flames want Liles, he has been buried in the minors for how long now? Kadri is ok, but I think Monahan is franchise player caliber, just on an extremely weak team. Cammy for JML maybe if Burke wants to do his old club any favours but again why would the flames want Liles who is still signed for another 3 years? They just picked up Smid and gave up nothing to fill the same hole. Cammy would be a good fit in Toronto that’s for sure but your trade proposal is laughable at best.

    • Bernier is worth Berra and Monahan alone, then Kadri and JML for Cammy. Could always sweeten the deal:

      To Toronto: Berra + Monahan + Cammy
      To Calgary: Kadri + Bernier + JML + Ashton

      • That entire package wouldn’t net Monahan, much less Berra and Cammy. JML has negative trade value, Ashton is worth maybe a 4th round pick, and if Kadri is such a superstar why do you want to trade him? Bernier has been pretty good, but if Feaster made that deal, his desk would be packed before he even hung up.

      • Your beyond nuts if you think Bernier is more than enough to land Bera and Monahan.

        Lol funny guy.

        • How bout they fire Carlyle and get a coach who systems suit the lineup a little better before they deal away any of the assets they have developed over the past few years. The Leafs are aways away from a trade or 2 from being competitive for the duration of the season. This could get very ugly. Never mind the 18 wheeler going off the cliff this has potential to be much worse.

          • Hey Shticky, usually never agree with you but you are right. But as bad as the Leafs are doing I will guarantee you out of all the Canadian teams they’ll make the most noise in the playoffs. They have a solid club. And Nonis is a smart guy. I actually met him when I was in the hospital at not last years draft weekend but year before talked to him about JVR trade. That was total out of the park home run for you guys.

          • Re Shticky,
            Or they could ask the coach what kind of guy he needs for his system, Then make a trade.
            Never mind that would be too logical, just sign the biggest name you can and don’t worry whether he fits the system.

          • BTW that was a +1 to Shticky

          • Shticky, I expected better from you.
            Fire Carlyle and then the next coach has a dislike for some other player. Look at Del Zotto in New York as Carlyle’s Gardner. It happens with every coach.
            I don’t happen to have as much faith in Carlyle as most given his mistakes last year that went unchecked in the media (last minute face offs with best face off guy on bench that resulted in loss etc) but I think it is a tad early to be pulling the plug.
            Despite his shortcomings, he has earned more credit.
            I would like to see him make Gardiner in to a top two D-man and I would like to see him unleash the defence but the only season that counts starts at game 83.

  8. How about this

    Toronto gets: Glencross, Monahan, Ramo
    Calgary gets: Orr, Franson, Reimer

    • How about this. Toronto tries to get every star player that was born in the Toronto area. Could anyone name the last big time signing the Leafs did? And no, David Clarkson isn’t a big time signing

  9. Monahan is not going anywhere

    • +1 or +100.

  10. How about Backlund for Bernier, 2013 & 2014 1st rounders. I like it Leafsadvocate, how ’bout you?

    Monahan will be in Cowtown not Hogtown for a very long time you homer. ..

  11. Aren’t the leaves still paying Darcy Tucker?

  12. Still paying Tucker, Armstrong, Scrivens and Frattin

    • Toronto has no interest in Cammaleri. He wanted to sign with TO in 2009 and Burke said “no thanks”. We don’t have cap space to accommodate him in the short term or to re-sign him in the off season. …

      I wouldn’t give up Kadri for Monahan straight up. Kadri has more experience and is now coming into his own. Monahan at 19 can not be much help to a (hopefully) play-off-bound team.

      Bernier and Reimer are going no-where. They’re worth more to the Leafs as a tandem than they could possibly be worth individually to any other team.

      None of those trades make any sense for either team… We can’t give up Franson without getting a top 4 dman in return… Why am I even wasting my time writing this…

      • LOL!

        • There is zero chance of the Flames moving Monahan, the trades in this thread are the usual laughable Fanboy garbage.

          • 100% agreed