NHL Morning Rumor Mill – November 6, 2013.

Check out the latest on a rumored Oilers-Ranger swap, plus updates on Martin Brodeur and Jonas Hiller.

SPORTSNET.CA: Nick Kypreos noted the recent trade speculation linking the Edmonton Oilers and New York Rangers. Citing the Rangers need for offense and the Oilers need for defense, he suggested sophomore winger Nail Yakupov to the Rangers for defenseman Michael Del Zotto, though he wondered if that might be enough for Yakupov, the first overall pick in 2012.  John Shannon believes the Oilers will make some changes, suggesting Ales Hemsky could become trade bait even though his $5 million salary could scare some teams away.

Could the Rangers offer up Chris Kreider for Nail Yakupov?

Could the Rangers offer up Chris Kreider for Nail Yakupov?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples believes the Oilers don’t need a puck-moving defenseman like Del Zotto, and believes the Oilers should move Hemsky rather than Yakupov, though he admitted if there’s a chance to get a good player for the young Russian winger the Oilers should make the move.

Jim Matheson, meanwhile, believes the Rangers would part with winger Chris Kreider if Yakupov were in the mix. However, Matheson believes the Oilers are pitching Hemsky, not Yakupov, noting the Oilers have long liked Del Zotto.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Eric Duhatschek weighed in on the rumors, noting the Oilers can spare a winger or two (Hemsky or Yakupov), while the Rangers have a nucleus of “quietly effective” defensemen, including Del Zotto.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hemsky’s salary ($5 million) means the Oilers either have to take back some salary in order for his contract to fit under the Rangers cap, or the Blueshirts will have to dump salary elsewhere before making this deal. I’m guessing the Rangers would prefer the former. I agree with Staples that the Oilers don’t need another puck-moving defenseman.  Unless the Rangers are willing to move either Dan Girardi or Marc Staal, the Oilers might not have much choice if they’re keen to deal with the Blueshirts but to take on Del Zotto.  The two teams have the pieces to help each other out, they must now try to find the right deal. Perhaps they could do a multi-player deal rather than player-for player, though it could be tricky to make the dollars work at this point in the season.

 NJ.COM: Rich Chere reports long-time Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur didn’t fully rule out the possibility of accepting a trade to another team later in the season if the Devils are out of playoff contention. “I hope it will never happen, but if there is a situation that could be really fun for me and really good for the Devils, why not?”, said Brodeur, adding he’s 99 percent certain he’d say no if approached now to waive his no-trade clause.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports Brodeur said he would never ask GM Lou Lamoriello for a trade, adding he would consider a trade only if it came from Lamoriello.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, Brodeur isn’t completely ruling out a trade, but he won’t seek one and prefers to stick with the Devils and help them make the playoffs.   If Lamoriello offered him a trade to a Cup contender with a good return for the Devils, perhaps Brodeur considers it. In the meantime, he’s not going anywhere, and I still doubt he gets moved by the trade deadline.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Lance Pugmire reports Anaheim Ducks goalie Jonas Hiller doesn’t know if this will be his final season with the club. Hiller’s a UFA next summer and he could be pursued this season by clubs seeking to deal for a goaltender. Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau dismissed the notion the club’s depth in goal makes Hiller expendable.


  1. Kreider all these tools and no toolbox.

  2. Ive been discussing a deal with Kreider to Oilers here for a while now, Id say getting Krieder from the Rangers is a good acquisition ….BUT …. this is not the trade neither of these teams need right now for the pieces involved …..Edmonton at this point is going to get almost nothing of mid level value for Yakuopv, and thats what the mistake is ….Oilers need to make two very bold moves but also need it to be a multi player deal in those two moves ….in one move they need to bolster the back end with a !A D man and in the Other they need a a BIG winger and a goalie ….its going to take more than Yakupov to help this situation …it needs to be bolder with mid level minor league prospects being pieces involved to help a team move out a big piece but also gets reinforcements for a rebuild.

    Id say that Buffalo for the Oilers is a better trade partner….. in one deal sending

    Yakupov & Klefbomb and a second round pick 2013 for Myers, Grigerenko and Luke Adams

    Second trade should be R.N.H …Justin Shultz and Dubnyk to Rangers for Lundqvist Krieder and Girardi

    Rangers will then flip Del Zotto and a Second rounder to the Anahiem Ducks for Jonas Hiller and prospect KENTON HELGESEN

    • Lol why on earth would the rangers make that deal? That deal is horrible, RNH will always be a band aid player, dubnyk sucks why would the rangers trade one of the best goalies in the game for him? Shultz can’t play defence and he is a defenceman. Sorry dude you are dreaming now way that deal would ever ever ever happen.

      • Again wow

    • Back checking
      As a Ducks fan I’d take the Hiller / Del Zotto trade in a NY minute but I don’t
      see Murray trading Hiller at this time. Right now Ducks are doing well and
      no reason to upset the balance there. He knows that end of season and Hiller is
      not signed, he could lose him. He also knows that Miller may also be available
      as a UFA and he wants to come west so no pressure here. I still think because Ducks
      are deep in goal that Fasth will be the guy traded. Reasonable contract length and
      money, no pressure for that team that gets him to sign him, and won’t cost as much as
      Hiller would. If I’m Oilers and if I still believed in Dubnyk I go after Fasth and let Dubnyk and Fasth split the games in a 40/40 or 35/45 fashion. This would take pressure
      off Dubnyk.

      • there is no way I would take that trade for hiller. We dont need another Dman. Vatenen and Lindholm are already goign to fight for playing time now that Sbisa is back in the line up. And when Souray comes back, one of them will be sent down.

    • Those deals are terrible for EDM just terrible
      What is the word on Staal would be go to Carolina or would he resign in EDM

    • You started off so well but then when you made your trade propositions you lost me.

      • Pass that J my way backchecking….

    • It would take justin shultz, RNH, dubnyk and a pick for the Rangers just to even imagine giving lundqvist up, nevermind Kreider and Girardi.
      I can’t even imagine what the value for Justin Shultz is right now. There are better options available like Del Zotto and Gardiner.

      • Agree with MDZ

    • How would this deal be beneficial to the NYR on any level lol.

      Its really annoying that I feel like that I generally post roster movement comments and ideas that analyze a single player (Sorry Phaneuf :p), or the fall-out for both sides of the deal and I rarely get comments. But when unfair deals like the one above which would receive a thumbs down if it were Yahoo create an unjustified dialogue streams.

      I don’t mean to offend anyone and really enjoy visiting and participating on the site. I would just like to see more thoughtful comments and reasoning from the community in two-sided trades and player debates.

      Thanks guys and girls(?)

      • In the last comment I make it sound like I am specifically looking feedback to only my own thoughts, but there are MANY other usual participators who present solid cases and don’t receive deserved responses too.

    • Wow, you do have an imagination. I won’t say why because everyone else will have covered the reasons and dude, the 2013 draft has already occurred.

    • Hey back checking ive got these three magic beans for sale im a die hard oilers fan and as much as I would love that deal even darcy reiger wouldnt make a trade like that

    • Are you kidding me BC?
      In order for your trade proposal to happen, several GM’s would have to join Mayor Rob Ford at one of his crack-parties, all the planets in the solar system would have to align in an exact straight line to the sun. Charlize Theron and Jessica Alba would approach me for manage-a-trois weekend, and I would have to win the lottery in 4 different countries on the same day.

      All kidding aside man, that is a stretch-and-a-half of a scenario but it was entertaining reading it… :)

      • Really Charlize Theron lol.

        • In a heart beat!

          • damn skippy

    • Hey BC – I wouldn’t mind a Myers/Grigerenko/Adam trade for Hemsky/Yakupov/Klefbomb and a 2nd. Heck, I’m sure Buffalo would throw in a Stafford or Kaleta or even a Weber.

    • *second round pick 2014

      Not 2013, as the Entry Draft isn’t till 2014.

    • And you see why people trash you Back checking? Come up with fair offers, then maybe people will stop trashing you

  3. MDZ is not what EDM needs they could use Staal but does he want to stay long term or go to CAR

  4. Rangers don’t need Yakupov. The guy is Zherdev all over again, no thanks. Kreider has showed amazing progress with AV, unlike with Torts who used him as a checking forward.

    Rangers and EDM trading partners? No.

    EDM with the Flyers? Yes.

    • I agree I see EDM & PHI as more likely trade partners.

    • Edmonton and the Flyers?

      They were seen talking at the draft about Coburn.

      I think it is pretty clear Mason is the guy in Philly, so Emery might be available. But is he an upgrade to Dubnyk?

      Emery and Coburn for ?

      Emery and Grossmann for?

      I find it funny that Couturier is always said to be under achieving, yet evrybody seems to include him in a trade. I just don’t see that happening. I would think most of the Flyers team is available, next to few players, like Giroux, Couturier , and Mason, but the rest would and should be available.

      I think it might be time to say Schenn isn’t working in Philly. Take your pick.They have both been a huge disappointment, I fully expected Brayden to be putting in 25-30 goals by now. And I didn’t like the Luke trade even when it was just a rumor.

      • This can add to it:

        From philly.com, at the end of a review of last night’s loss to Carolina:
        . Oilers GM Craig MacTavish and president Kevin Lowe scouted the game. The Oilers are on an East Coast swing and visit Philly on Saturday, but they could also be interested in swinging a deal for one of their young players. Edmonton is buried in the Western Conference after a poor start in a year they were supposed to contend for a playoff spot.

    • Kreider playing well right now but he was barely finishing in the AHL. another college player just missing the mark in the big league. he has size and ok speed. his best asset is under pressure. but he his ceiling is 2nd line wing.

      Why would anyone suggest Rangers trade Henrik? that will never happen. he will resign for 5 years

  5. My head is literally spinning with all the crap people come up with. But in reality, the Ducks are in no position to trade Hiller with Fasth’s injury. And why not wait for the chance to get completly blown away with a trade. If I was Bob Murray, I would wait to fleece the first team that loses their #1 for a significant period of time. I get the rumors flying around though. When it comes to Goalie depth, the Ducks have one of the best if not the best prospect pool there is in the goalie position right now. Would I like Del Zotto on the ducks for Hiller, no. But I would take Callahan for him in a heart beat. I like the way Callahan plays.

    • But that trade will never happen. Lundquist isnt going anywhere any time soon

    • Except one point.
      You can hold Hiller and wait for the possible big trade but since he is a UFA end of season if he gets injured and does not return until after the trade deadline, then you
      get nothing.
      It is the risk you have to take. I still think that when Fasth returns he is the
      one to go, Anderson will be backup. Murray will then try and work a deal with Hiller
      and keep him if he signs, knowing that if he does not sign, Miller might be available as a UFA July 1. I like Callahan but doubt NYR would let him go.
      Don’t think Souray will be here long term and Ducks will need another young D-man
      in the next year or two to replace Allen & Souray. My thinking is past this season.

      • But from a business point, wouldn’t a pairing of Fasth and Anderson be much cheaper than a Hiller and X? Capspace is just a valuable as a good player and if the cheaper option isn’t costing you performance, isn’t that the route to go? It’s a risk either way.

        • I agree with capspace value. Just right now I think it is a timing issue. They need depth in net to remain competitive especially when Fasth (hasn’t put up as solid #s this year) and Andersen (young) as they are. I imagine they will move out a goalie in their organization for value at some point this season, just when things settle down a bit more.

        • Ron it is, but the reality is that teams don’t pay much for goalies.
          Hiller is a harder sell as (a) he is a UFA July 1 and (B) He may ask
          $ 5 or $ 6 million. No one wants to part with assets for that UNLESS
          they have a huge problem that needs to be solved NOW. The Ducks
          problem is that they have a declining asset in Hiller as long as he
          stays unsigned and also they have a log jam in goal in the next few years.
          They do not have a major problem today but Anderson and then Gibson
          will soon start to make noises that they want to be traded rather than
          sit in AHL and Anderson appears ( I said APPEARS) to be ready to take
          the backup role in NHL.

        • People seem to forget Hiller has had his own injury issues in the past, and although a very good goalie when healthy, it’s tough to say he’s better than a Fasth/Andersen combo, which would definitely be cheaper, cheaper by several millions of dollars isn’t costing you performance when it’s allowing you to sign a much need UFA forward to replace a recently retired say Teemu Selanne next year? That point alone makes me agree with the others calling for the Ducks to stand put and wait for the most lucrative offer to come to them. Contingencies aside, look at all Regier got for Vanek, that move alone may have saved his job for another year, and it was all about timing, getting more than that for Vanek was improbable, Hiller’s offer has yet to come, but all in good time.

  6. Rangers just got back two of the best 3 wingers +Kreider finally scoring. If Nash is out long term they could flip MDZ for a veteran wing or Kreider for more flash. Callahan and Henrik in a trade…no chance. Whats next on here-Lupul + Kessel for RND and Eberle?

  7. You know with Phillys loss last night and Holmgren’s statement that he is prepared to listen to all offers – I would like to see Bflo be aggressive and offer up Meyers/Grigorenko/Adam for Giroux/Mezaros. Buffalo could use another leader and perhaps a change of scenery would help both teams.

    • they’ll use Giroux as part of a package to get Weber

      • @Jango27

        I can’t help but question your hockey knowledge. Pretty much all your posts have me shaking my head. I’m sorry but I can’t understand how you can announce “Giroux sucks” one day, the next – package him up for Shea Weber.

        Although Giroux has yet to score this season, he is however creating offense. He’s a catalyst on the PP and a mainstay on the penalty kill. Can he be better? Sure he can, we’ve seen it. To write off a player this early into a season, with his skill set is just ridiculous.

        You claim to be a Flyers fan for 40 years – Seems weird how you’d give up on a team less than 15 games into a season. That, and throw the teams most talented player under the bus.

        There’s no question Philly has been struggling. Last season the team was plagued with injuries – Special teams were still rolling and the Flyers were able to finish the season on a strong note. This season we are seeing the same stagnant 5 on 5 play and the defensive zone collapses have been terrible. On top of this, the special teams that were once a strong point have been mediocre at best.

        The Flyers have an abundance of players under achieving right now that it’s almost a fluke. They have plenty of depth and talent up front and in my opinion need to simplify their game and attack style. Shooting the puck is a start. I can’t foresee this slump taking hold for an entire season.

        Now I’m not saying changes don’t need to happen, there comes a point where you have to address a loosing roster but 15 games into the season and you are shouting trade Giroux? Give me a break.

        • Everyone has interesting perspectives on the Flyers. Despite the fact the team has’t been successful, non-Flyer fans (including myself) seem to think they have a lot of interesting young players with potential and underachieving players. While Jango a Flyer fan thinks they are mostly crap.

          • Personally I think it would be dumb to move Giroux…with his kind of struggling start and last year was ok to good but not terrific, his value wouldnt be as high as he has shown in the past. He is still relatively young and glimpses of brilliance in his past. He would/should still be almost untouchable for Philly and definitely not packaged for anything. if anything he should require a huge package in return and at the moment (and I do mean just st this moment) I dont see that kind of value in him. I think many GMs are cautious and are not going to gamble a very high pick or 2, top roster player and a prime number 1 type at prospect at the very least on Giroux even tho any other year thats the minimum type thing that it would take to even consider the offer.

          • Schenns Couturier and alot of other guys would be available but Giroux when he is going is one of the best players on the planet and still right now a guy you build a team around.

          • I’m a long time Flyers fan and I disagree with Jango. The team isn’t complete crap. Rickler is correct in saying that they have plenty of talent on the roster, but I do think they need to do something to just shake things up. Most of the players on the team are underachieving for some reason. Watching the games, I just see a team that routinely mishandles the puck, cant get out of their own zone ,chases the puck carrier, cant get a shot on net, looses battles along the boards, and telegraph most passes. Every team they play seems to do these basic things like the pros they are. They need to simplify their game, loosen the grip on their sticks, and work on basics.

            To shake things up they could make an equal value trade for anyone not named lecavalier, coturier, read, mason, streit, rinaldo, or giroux.
            I think the downie trade was an attempt at this , but getting injured in game 1 probably dis-railed that try. In lieu of additional trades maybe G needs to give up the captaincy ( note i didn’t say strip him on the C ). might help him take off the self imposed/media pressure.

        • Rickler, I think there are several things going on with Giroux – having a titanium golf club shatter in your hand is not something you get over in a couple of months. I’ve had hand surgery and there are a lot of tendons, nerves, etc that need to heal. So, I’m not so sure he is playing at 100%, secondly I think there is a lot of pressure on him – both from himself and the media – so he may be trying to do it all himself.

          Thing is Philly is such a mess right now, I think Holgren is looking at anything to shake the club up. Might be an opportune time to “steal” Giroux. I would love for Bflo to get him – that is why my scenario is Giroux/Mezaros/draft pick for Myers/Grigorenko/Adam. I don’t think anyone is undervaluing Giroux and he is an asset that has value.

  8. So many sources saying teams want Yakopov but Oliers offering Hemsky. This is Edmonton’s problem if they think people with give them gold for their trash they are going to be bad for a long time. They don’t want to move any kids? Get used to losing Edmonton because the GM that promised BOLD moves is only trying to trade Hemsky which no one wants at his contract. If you find a team who wants him tell them they can Liles and Ranger for free too.

    • Maybe the only way the Oilers move Hemsky is if Yakopov is also included.

    • Glad you aren’t the GM of a team.. you’d give up a player to a bad trade just for the sake of making a trade. I imagine that there are offers for more than just Yak or Hemsky or Liles or Ranger or name the player.. But a GM isn’t going to just give an asset away for the sake of making a move. That’s what waivers are for. Im sure MacT could make a trade tomorrow but it might require taking back something that the team either has too much of or doesn’t need..
      Ill admit I hoped for more, as an oiler fan, after he was able to move Horcoff and get a decent return for Paajarvi (Who I liked)
      Being a GM isn’t an easy gig and people on here think that it is like sitting down to make a trade on the xbox.. Id love to trade Hemsky and Yakopov for Lundquist, Nash and Del Zotto.. news flash it wont happen. Its fun to dream but these trades take time and a win/win development…

      • The point I’m making is Edmonton has the assets to have a good team now but they are going to have to trade a couple of young guys to get their. Any management except the Oilers would have known drafting offensive forwards every year with the top draft picks would not lead to success. I personally think if Edmonton picked 2 of Ganger, RNH, Eberle, Hall, and Yakopov to trade and keep the other they would be able to get great players back in a trade. Edmonton can’t address their needs by waiver pick ups or trading Hemsky. I pretty sure if they traded say Gagner and Yakopov they could get better defence and a better goal and might make the playoffs. They have some great players and assets but the wrong mix of people right now. I understand being a GM is not easy but guess what Craig Mac was hired to the job to fix it. Not proclaim BOLD moves to pick up who? What bold moves has he really made? If I was an Oilers fan I would demand change and I’m not saying getting ripped off in a trade, I mean trade young players for good players that meet your needs. You are right Edmonton doesn’t own a player your pool of players that would get a Nash or Lundquist because they are both stars and the Oliers don’t have ANY stars. Potential stars maybe.

        • so let’s say gagner and yakupov are in play. what do the oilers get?

          • Id consider Reimer and Ashton for Ganger thro in Kulimen to make salary work ….So starter goalie (numbers over three seasons are much much more consistant than Duby with defense thats almost as bad) A top guy in gaa top 5 sv%. This year 2 wingers with size that play physical and a 200 ft game. 1 of them has scored 30 goals and is very good defensively, Eakins played Ashton (who is gritty) a ton on the way to the Calder cup finals and Ashton is super familiar with his systems. Id think about it.

          • This kinda thing I could see as far as the Leafs are concerned but I do realize the Oilers are not exactly deep at center so Gagner might mean a bit more to them than this …just as far as value goes seems like it could meet both teams needs.

  9. I’m not sure who Edmonton could get for Gagner and Yakopov as the best deal would be players who are not in the rumor mill. The point is if the Oilers called around offering a couple of those young players I’m sure they could get a #1 goalie and a pretty good defenseman. I would even shop the 1st round pick even if it ends up high because they have enough young players. The also should be trading 2nd and 3rd round picks for a couple of vets who play great defensively. I guy like McClement type player but the Leafs need him and wouldn’t trade him but a player like him. The problem is not that Edmonton is desperate now but I don’t think continung to rebuild for another 2-3 is going to help. They have the pieces in place to be a good team now with a few major shake up trades.

  10. It seems like all the perfect trades, player for player(s), and what teams actually need and can afford do not match up.

    I see more possibilities in three or four teams coordinating major trades together, to get what they want and need, to fit their various cap scenarios.

    Teams with a lot of cap space seem reluctant to trade high picks or prospects, and teams with no cap space only want to dump salary in exchange, making single team to team transactions difficult.

    I think 3 way deals involving teams needing or having a goalie, forward and defenseman are most likely to happen in my opinion.

    Unrelated, I predict that Tootoo gets claimed off waivers by Florida.

  11. About Dion. He plays a ton of minutes and is relied upon by his team to make it all work. On some nights, he’s worth every nickel but sometimes he’s not. Doesn’t mean that Dion should be tossed under the bus as some of you posters believe. Hey man, its a well known fact that if you want the very best from Dion, limit his ice time to somewhere between 20-22 minutes per game. After that, you the coach, assume all blame as they apply to his on ice activities. He plays against the leagues very best.

    I don’t want to sound like Dion’s fan but it’s irrelevant to me the stats that apply or don’t apply to Dion but rest assured at the end of the day, most teams would prefer to have Dion as a teammate than not and that , in itself speaks volumes.

    Trade him? Don’t think so as you still have to replace him with the like or better. Is he worth what he presently gets? Hey opinions here do vary..but rest assured Nonis and Dion have had a heart to heart chat about this to date so expect Dion to be back in fhe fold . barring the unforeseen of course