NHL Morning Rumor Mill – November 7, 2013.

Oilers deny shopping Nail Yakupov, plus the latest on Marian Gaborik, Ryan Whitney and more,

Oilers deny shopping Nail Yakupov.

Oilers deny shopping Nail Yakupov.

EDMONTON SUN/EDMONTON JOURNAL: Oilers GM Craig MacTavish and head coach Dallas Eakins dismissed recent trade rumor regarding young winger Nail Yakupov, declaring the speculation untrue. MacTavish spoke with Yakupov and his agent Igor Larionov after his presence at a recent NY Rangers game sparked trade rumors about the 20-year-old winger. MacTavish and Eakins expressed their faith in Yakupov, who’s struggled this season, and their willingness to remain patient with his development.

NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis reports Rangers coach Alain Vigneault addressed the rumors linking his club to the Oilers, saying he believes his club has enough firepower right now to get the job done.

NHL LIVE (VIA KUKLA’S KORNER): Bob McKenzie also reported on the Oilers refuting the Yakupov trade rumors.  While acknowledging GM MacTavish is shopping around for help, the Oilers don’t intend to move Yakupov. McKenzie claims the Oilers are shopping for help on the blueline and in net, seeking a “good, solid defender”, which might explain why they were checking out the Rangers. He noted the Blueshirts would be hard-pressed to re-sign all their pending free agents, including Michael Del Zotto and Dan Girardi.  McKenzie said the Oilers might be shopping veteran Ales Hemsky but are unwilling to part with their young players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Oilers want to land a top-two defenseman or a true starting goalie, Yakupov would be their best trade chip, but they’re unwilling to part with him or any of their young players. Forget about landing a significant return for Ales Hemsky.  Considering Yakupov’s potential, I don’t blame the Oilers for their desire to keep him.  As for the Rangers, they’ve improved of late, largely because of the return of Carl Hagelin from injury and the recent call-up of Chris Kreider, which could convince GM Glen Sather not to make any hasty moves.

SPORTSNET.CA: Luke Fox cited Hockey Central panelist John Shannon’s take on Marian Gaborik’s contract status with the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Gaborik is due to become an unrestricted free agent next summer, and contract talks with the Jackets have yet to begin.  Shannon believes the Jackets could shop Gaborik at the trade deadline if he’s unwilling to re-sign or if he fails to produce this season.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon sent a GM-wide e-mail about defenseman Ryan Whitney’s availability last week. It’s been reported many of the Panthers veterans are available… Friedman noted 20 teams have $2 million or less in cap space, meaning most trades at this point of the season would have to be almost dollar-for-dollar…He wondered if a club might make a pitch for Penguins defenseman Deryk Engelland and his affordable ($566K) cap hit…


  1. No one wants Hemsky…when will the Oilers finally realize this? It’s getting quite annoying hearing that they are shopping this guy…what’s it been like 3 or 4 yrs that they have been trying to get rid of this guy?

    • Naw there’s always a market for a UFA. This early in the season? No, but come trade deadline teams will be lining up for Hemsky for a playoff run.

      • Riiiight just like in the past, 3-4 years.

        • You must have missed the pending UFA part.. he’ll get dealt for a pick at the deadline.

  2. Canadian media finds it easy to put out rumors on players that they don’t like and tend to overvalue them. Hemsky is a very good player, but not at his contract. Yakupov can be a good player, but when will people admit that it’s Zherdev all over again?

    Edmonton must do something, though. For this team to yet AGAIN pick in the top spots of the first round would be a crime to hockey. If they can’t built a good team after years and years of picking top overall’ers then tough luck then please….suspend them from the first round of drafting.

    Columbus needs to make changes this season. Before trading Gabby i would think that trading Jack Johnson would be more ideal, and i could see the Flyers getting involved.

    I don’t think anyone really cares about Ryan Whitney from the Panthers. A shame, i always liked the guy and was excited to see him get another chance. Kulikov will most likely be a target and a likely player for Tallon to trade and avoid another lengthy contract negotiation.

    As for the Rangers, many free agents coming with Callahan, Zucca, Brassard, Del Zotto, and Lundqvist being the obvious ones to re-sign. Possible players to re-sign are Boyle and Stralman if kept on $2M or less.

    Most likely to go: Girardi, Moore, Pyatt, and possibly Pouliot.

    • Would LOVE to see Gaboik playing alongside Giroux. Recently scratched Luke Schenn, Meszaros and Coutourier for Johnson and Gabby. Sign me up.

      • So a scratch a guy who should be scratched and a guy with 3 assists for Gaborik aannnd Johnson? Backchecking is that you??? The only thiing you should sign up for is help :-p

        • Flyers fan here, we need offense badly, a pure sniper type forward to play with Giroux.. $$ has to work though. Mez is going nowhere, he’s awful for his cap hit. He’ll walk as a UFA in the summer. Gaborik is too old for Philly.. they need to finally decide youth or veteran team, and I think youth is what they should do..

  3. So just how do the oilers think they will land a top two d-man or a starting goalie without giving up any of their top young talent? Hemsky although talented is injury prone and inconsistent and gets 5 mil this year. Just who do they think they will suck in to a trade for that? Whatever the oilers brass are smoking is better than anything I have, where can I get some?

    • Santa bringing them one for christmas apparently is the hope….

    • They are going to have a top five pick in this year’s draft. I can name five teams who would take Hemsky and that draft pick for a top three dman. If I were shopping in New York I wouldn’t be looking at Del Zotto or Girardi. The guy they need is Ryan McDonagh.

      • I would think Ryan McDonagh is untouchable like Henrik.
        Hemsky has to come with that #1 pick for a team to take that salary even if for the last months of the season

  4. Ohh ahhh Slow day… Devils will score a hat trick against Flyers in the last 50 seconds of the game.

    Berube will flip out.

    • Maybe Emery will assault Brodeur to spice things up a bit.

      • Well they did lose by 3…good call! Fire Homer already.

  5. O yes.. Hemsky to Flyers for Meszaros. Let’s get it done.

    • I’d do that.

      • Couldnt really hurt

        • i’d do that too.. what can possibly be worse for either team?

  6. Re: Oilers
    They have too much emotional ties to their #1 draft picks. They have names, they have history,
    they are family, and they are the promised hope for the future. It would kill them from a mental stand
    point if they traded a RNH and he turned out to be a superstar. That leaves left future draft choices
    for them to trade for an asset that can help them now, BUT that is also a problem. Before season started
    a lot of us thought that they would be in the middle of the pack meaning that a #1 draft pick would be in
    the 10-20 pecking order. It looks now like it could be in the top five and we all now how they love
    drafting high. Must be a lot of sleepless nights in the oiler camp. It might come to cleaning house on
    upper management (especially Lowe) and re-start with fresh people who have no emotional attachment to the players and system at hand.

    • I disagree with the sleepless night thing, seems to me management has been sleeping for the better part of the past couple seasons. It has to be frustrating to Oiler fans.

      • Point Well Taken

    • I totally agree, enough of the Oilers “old boys” club… Lowe needs to go!!

    • Agreed management is too attached to these high draft picks and afraid of giving up a player who turns into a super star in the future. The problem is you don’t build a team drafting like Edmonton did and the only thing they can do to fix it it trade a couple of those high draft picks. They still can keep which ever ones they feel are the best but to sit by idlely thinking your defense and goalie issues will be solved by unloading Hemsky is a disaster. They need a new president and GM and make it someone with no ties to edmonton.

  7. Yes it is very frustrating being an Oiler fan!!! Every year is full of high expectations and failure. They should finally realize that you can’t blame the coach every year. These over priced superstars in the making must take the blame. Usually the top six only think about the highlight reel goals and forget about total team defence. Unfortunately, Lars Eller was correct about the Jr A remarks. Too many times we see a great Jr A move broken up by real NHL style defence. Until these players start to act like they are in the NHL, the fans have nothing to look forward to. It is too bad that we have a coach who wants to develop a team defence concept and there are too many players trying to make the highlight reel instead of winning games.But what do I know, I am not an overpriced player and I am responsible for all of my actions.

  8. If the Oilers are interested in Michael Del Zotto, I would accept a bag of pucks but if they are considering moving Yak in that trade, it would be heaven on earth for Ranger fans. Send them Dylan Bust McIlrath as a part of the deal too.