NHL Morning Rumor Mill – November 8, 2013.

What moves could the Maple Leafs make at center? Are the Panthers planning any significant moves? Could the Senators shop a defenseman? 

If the Oilers won't shop Nail Yakupov, should they instead shop Sam Gagner?

If the Oilers won’t shop Nail Yakupov, should they instead shop Sam Gagner?

SPORTSNET.CA: Jeff Marek and Chris Johnston believe the Maple Leafs will make do with what they have in the short term to deal with the absence of Dave Bolland and Tyler Bozak to injuries.  Marek suggests if the losses pile up Nonis should give the Calgary Flames a call and inquire about former Leaf Matt Stajan, though he’d be difficult to fit into the Leafs limited cap space…Mark Spector believes the Oilers shouldn’t panic but advocates quietly working on “acquiring a top-pairing D-man, some size in the second pairing, and changing the mix upfront.” Marek points out it takes quality to get quality, believing they must move one of their young players to show the others how serious their situation is. He suggests Nail Yakupov or Sam Gagner would fetch good returns. He also suggested shopping their first and second round picks for next season….The Carolina Hurricanes early struggles could put coach Kirk Muller on the hot seat. Johnston doesn’t believe the Staal brothers could be shopped, but pointed out Jeff Skinner’s name was floating around the trade market before his upper body injury…Spector claims ten GMs are keeping tabs on Calgary Flames winger Mike Cammalleri.  He believes the Flames could move pending UFAs Cammalleri and Matt Stajan, but believes Dennis Wideman and his $5.25 million per season contract is unmoveable.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stajan’s $3.5 million cap hit would be a tight squeeze for the Leafs, plus he has a modified no-trade clause and might not be keen to return to Toronto.  Some Leafs fans will suggest offering up John-Michael Liles ($3.875 million per) to the Flames for Stajan, but the latter’s salary would still be a tight fit for the Leafs, especially when Bozak and Bolland return later in the season. Not saying it’s impossible, just difficult to fit within their cap space.

I still believe Yakupov is the best trade bait the Oilers have. Ales Hemsky won’t land what they need.  I understand the Oilers reluctance to move Yakupov, but he’s the only guy they can afford to move. Eberle, Hall, Nugent-Hopkins and Gagner are all under long-term contracts, while Yakupov is in the second year of his entry-level deal.  Trading Gagner isn’t a solution as it weakens them at center. Package Yakupov with a first round pick and see if it can land a top-two defenseman. It takes quality to get quality. Otherwise, the Oilers are going to be in contention for the first overall pick again, which is cold comfort to their fans, who are growing impatient waiting for any sign of real improvement by this team.

If the Hurricanes try to shake things up, they won’t move either of the Staals to do it.  Skinner has considerable talent but also a growing injury history…I believe Cammalleri will be moved by the trade deadline. Stajan and perhaps Lee Stempniak could also be moved.

SPORTSNET (via KUKLA’S KORNER):  Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon appeared on Prime Time Sports to talk about his club’s disappointing performance thus far. Tallon acknowledged his roster still needs work, but said it’ll take time to get those via development from within, free agency next summer or via “astute trades”. He also pointed out limited cap space among a number of teams around the league is affecting the trade market. Tallon also admitted the inquiries he’s currently getting are from clubs trying to pry away his good young players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tallon’s not going to panic, but at the same time, this team needs help. It sounds as though he’s willing to take the hit now and look for improvement in the off-season. I daresay if the Panthers are out of playoff contention near the March 5 trade deadline, a fire sale of veterans will begin.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators, currently carrying eight defensemen, could move one of those blueliners. He cited a league executive claiming “eight-to-10 teams” are seeking defensemen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Right off the bat, forget about the Senators moving Erik Karlsson, Jared Cowen, Chris Phillips or Marc Methot. That leaves Patrick Wiercioch, Joe Corvo, Eric Gryba and Mark Borowiecki. 


  1. Yes the Oil need a D or 2 but Duby is beginning to look like a joke, they have 0 grit in their top 9. Tampa didnt play well and still won easy, they are alot further away from being respectable than the whole idea of just needing a D man or 2. The return for Yakupov (who right now seems a little overvalued by the Oilers and some of their fans) wouldnt be enough to address all these needs. All these young “stars” almost need to be broken up and the team has to be built in a team concept not a group of potential. They are way to used to losing. They have no fight.


      The recipe is wrong and they are too small in the top 9 and in the top 4 D men moving forward !
      Dubnyk just has no confidence left …in between his ears hes a 5 foot 6 goalie not a 6 foot 6 goalie …thats his problem !

      With the other struggling teams out there there should be at least 2 high quality trades that can be had ….however Yakupovs value is dropping by the minute not the game game !!

      You may have to look to RNH and Justin Shultz along with this years 1st rounder and second rounder and a minor leaguer 1A prospect ( Klefbomb ) to get any type of deal done that will vastly improve this club long term …BUT …IMO….. its over at this point !!

      As a side note : As a Leaf fan Iam NOT interested in Matt Stajan …no thank you !!
      Id move JVR to Center first and please bring up Josh Leivo and DO NOT sit Morgan Reilly and play Paul Ranger !!

      • Wow I can’t believe what I’m about to say here I’m in agreement with you two. Hindsight is 20/20 it turns out K Lowe wasn’t running the gm’s office when Tambellini was here. It seems the oilers really are a work in progress. Growing pains I really think the Oilers painted.themselves into a corner here. Now that Eakins has assured Yakupov he is not going any where and Gagner’s has his gentlemens agreement with Mac T. Patience is our only course of action. Unless we are willing to move our 1 draft pick this year or move either Klefbom,J Schultz or Perron.

      • Ok, nothing more than a quick spitball but how about lupal, reimer and phaneuf or franson for yaks. Nurse, a first in this years draft or next plus. Just a spitball. I know it is very Edmonton heavy and while it weakens toronto for this year Itll help in the long run. Maybe plus or minus Gardiner etc. As I said….just a quick idea
        Be gentle

        • matty you hangin’ out with rob ford and sharing his stuff?

      • If Back checking usually agrees with someone, then that isn’t a good sign at all

    • This Edmonton organization has become a joke. This is an NHL team, not a daycare to rush as many undersized, inexperienced, one-dimensional(talented yes) 18 year olds into the top 6 and wonder why they fail, get injured, pushed around and have serious development problems playing against teams icing men and not boys. They are seriously messing up Yakupov, at this point he should be demoted to the AHL where he can play top line minutes and avoid this fiasco and losing culture. These draft picks should have been worked in slowly with some experienced vets. These vets didn’t need to be all-stars (see Boyd Gordon 3 years too late) just solid character players. What is Eberle going to teach Hall? Shultz teach Yakupov? Horrible, but I’m sure Kevin Lowe and his championship rings know more than anyone else in the league. Oh wait, no player wins by himself, it takes a team. Did you forget that important point Kevin? BTW Kevin, being a successful player (thanks for letting Gretzky and Messier win those Cups with you) doesn’t make you a great NHL exec.

      • Maybe Edmonton should trade Yakupov and a draft pick for Grigorenko/Weber/Kaleta – that would give them what they need.

          • I don’t see a goalie as part of that return. So, no, not what they need. Also, none of those players are upgrades over what they already have.

        • I would suggest Yakupov for Ehrhoff.

          • …for Ehrfoff….LMAO

    • Shticky you are 100% right on the Oil as usual

      The Clarkson 3rd line checking role experiment needs to come to an end. Try him with Kessel and Kadri so we have McClement between Lupul and JVR as a second line that is a threat to score. Sticking JVR, Lupul and Kessel on one line leaving Kadri between two checkers is asking for zero second line scoring. It’s temporary but Clarkson needs to show why he was signed for this money.

      It’s early but so much for the free agent signings so far. Bozak/Clarkson $9.45M with 16games played and 7 points combined. Better things to come from these two hopefully. Randy lets see what Clarkson can do with Kessel and Kadri. Hate to loose JVR off the line but the Leafs need second line scoring along with grit on the first line.

      • WHAT does this have to do with the thread about what’s going on with the oilers? Keep that Leafs talk to a thread ABOUT the Leafs..

        • Hate to break to you bud, but this is a Leafs thread as well. There is a story about the Leafs looking into Stajan, put away the hateraide.

          • Did Schticky Mention the leafs? not once in his assessment of the Oilers. therefor this particular thread has nothing to do with the leafs. The overall article has something to do with the leafs however the thread does not. Sadly this site is mainly leafs fans with one perspective however I do enjoy the articles that Lyle puts out so I return. We desperately need more influence from other teams fans.. And until that happens I will continue with the so called Hateraide haha

      • Wow, who saw that coming? David Clarkson not a 1st line winger, ya don’t say…

    • Rumor from the “Scnarped” Hockey app is that the Flyers are in talks with the Oilers for Jordan Eberle.. Not sure the clout that Schnarped has as it is new (despite knowing the guys that started it) but if this is the case all I can say to MacT is “Too Bold” start a little less Bold and move up the bold scale from there Craig!! Hemsky is a 1 on the Bold scale – Eberle is an 8… Start like a Gagner (6) or a Smid (6) .. although I like both of them I think they will bring a decent amount of change.. both have upside!

  2. i just wanna first say i suggested Colbourne and Liles for Stajan long ago and got bashed. Here is a trade proposal that wont happen but would work for both teams, Lupul Gardiner and first for Yandle Max Domi and a third. Leafs swap forward for top d man to play with Phaneuf. Gardiner goes to phoniex to replace void of Yandle with a first for a former first rounder Max domi, Leafs get a third to balance trade out a bit. 1st is top 10 protected

    • Lupul, Seriously? Never!

    • I bet the Leafs are regretting that they let Colborne go? How’s this for a proposal how about the Oilers trade Arcobello and either Labarbera or Bachman and a conditional draft pick for Reimer? I doubt the Leafs or most of their fans would go for it but from the Oilers perspective it would work for us plus give you guys a center a back is up goalie and a draft pick fair value I say.

      • Not too bad of a proposal if its Bachman and say a second…very similar to what they gave up for Bernier.

        • And no, no regrets about Colborne as Nitro said the other day all the tools minus the tool box. Size yet not physical, hands but wont go to the net, hockey IQ yet gives the puck away. Cant say they didnt give him a chance. Colborne is a becoming a bit of a bust, maybe a. Full year and a bigger role with Hartley will turn it around he was not going to get that with Randy in TO.

  3. At some point he Oilers are going to have to consider that trading Yakupov and bringing in some veteran players who can help them win now will create a better environment to develop the remaining players within.
    The ceiling for a player of Yakupov’s potential is undoubtably high- however, trading him might be the only way to help Hall, Eberle, RNH, and the rest reach their own potential too.

  4. NO NO NO! Don’t bring Stajan back! He was lousy the first time, and he’s still lousy. Colton Orr at centre, but don’t bring back Stajan!

    • Lol agreed tho I would consider Liles and a third or something along those lines for Stajan

  5. Re. Garrioch’s column, although certainly not impossible I suspect that the Senator’s will be very reluctant to move Wiercioch, Borowiecki or Gryba at this point. All of them are still developing and continue to show some promise. Of the three probably Wiercioch has struggled the most so far this season however he’s far too young to give up on unless the return was a similar good young player/prospect. Corvo on the other hand is probably the odd man out and likely could be had for very little. For teams looking for a veteran presence on the blue line with proven offensive ability he might be a good choice.

    • Borowiecki looked very good last night (besides his goal even) and besides the own goal thing has looked like he could develop in to a pretty decent bottom pairing guy, Ive only seen him a few times but, with how Ottawas defence has been playing Id be hesitant to be selling off this type of player. Let him develop some more. I agree Corvo should be the one moved.

  6. Fla. Fired Dineen, and LeBrun says Tallon really wants to makes some moves soon.

  7. Want to apologize to those I argued with (this summer) about Meszaros..
    You were right.. He will never regain his form.

  8. Corvo has no value so if the Sens move him they won’t get much in return

    • A roster spot or more minutes for a younger guy to develop and I bet someone with all the teams looking for experienced D would give up a pick for him. He has a very cheap 1 year deal Im sure a third round pick or something of the like could be had for Corvo.

  9. I wonder if the Leafs can ship Clarkson with liles in a package to Edmonton. I shiver at the thought of Clarkson getting 5+ for the next 7 years, Maybe we can take Hemsky of the Oilers hand and let him walk end of the year,
    With the extra cap space the leafs can concentrate on resigning Raymond, Phaneuf, Bolland, Gardiner and Franson.

    • Clarkson (although overpaid) is a sand-paper kind of player.
      Other teams hate playing against him, and although Bolland is similar, I think trading him is not a good move.
      Keep in mind that Phaneuf and Franson are also on their last year, they could get moved too to make cap space room.
      (Here come the cries of “OMG who’s going to replace Phaneuf???”) LOL

  10. Re: Oilers
    First thing oilers must decide on is on what is their goal ? Is it to save the season or is it
    to admit they screwed up and will now work towards next year ? If they decide to try and
    “save” this year then every other team in the league will know they are desperate and
    as each day passes the pressure will be on the oilers. The asking price for what the oilers
    want will be come greater and greater as each day passes. The big risk now is trading away
    a future star for a quick fix that blows up in their face. Never a good idea to trade out of

  11. Hope all you knuckeheads are getting paid for your opinions! It’s laughable to be honest, but I still enjoy all the small talk. Heh……

  12. Nonis will be patient and not panic….yet. He has several options at his disposal including next years 1st round pick. So far this draft isn’t looking to be all that promising anyways so perhaps the 1st, Gardiner, and something else plus for a centre or even a stay at home reliable d-man.
    I do’t think changing the coaching staff in Florida is going to change much. Talon is in panic mode and has transfered the onus from himself onto the outgoing coaches. This might give him another few weeks before the fans etc. start howling again. Then again if it is the beginning of a complete overhaul or re-build then we shall be seeing a bidding war for the services of some of his better(cough, cough) players. Young McDavid(2015) should start looking for a beachfront home. I should think only Huberdeau and Barkov are safe.
    Not sure what to say about the oilers. Eakins is a good coach but lets not forget he is also a rookie in the NHL. Maybe he needs some help from someone who didn’t use to play with the oilers. I was never sold on Dubnyk being a number one in this league either, I am from Edmonton and have being saying so for a couple of years now but have always been shot down and ridiculed. Funny how those who did can’t remember this. Even if the oil do miraculously find a good tender it will be pretty difficult to win about the required 65% of the remaining games to qualify for the playoffs. So now what happens if another GM puts a great proposal on the table and it requires Yakupov to be part of the deal? Does Mac T go back on his word and move him and look like a douche? I can appreciate the team telling him he is part of their future but I think it puts them in a bad situation now. Good luck finding a taker for oft injured Hemsky. Its too bad Hemsky’s salary is so high as I think a change of scenery might make him a better player.
    As for Ottawa, I am not a fan. I think this year senator fans are so far seeing the real senators, as last year was a fluke. Losing Alfredsson the teams leader also hurt, but the main problem is definitely the defense. They need more defensive minded d-men especially a steady veteran to play with Karlsson as he can be a real liability defensively.

    • Problem in Ottawa was letting Carkner walk and bringing in freaking Joe Corvo.

  13. Lyle,

    The biggest need for a lot of teams is a number 1 or 2 shutdown Defenseman.

    In your opinion which teams if any, do you see having an asset (or two) like that that they would be willing to flip and what would they need most positionally in return?

    Iceman1965 – You can weigh in if you like. But be careful, somebody might call you a Knucklehead too.

    Regarding Florida Coaching Staff – They were the sacrificial lambs. Craig Ramsay to HC in Buffalo?

    • Murph: Phoenix Coyotes need more scoring punch. Why not see if Yandle’s available? Maybe Yakupov straight up to Buffalo for Tyler Myers, who I believe simply needs a change of scenery. How about Yakupov to Florida for Kulikov? Why not see if you can pry Marc Staal or Girardi out of the Rangers? Options can be had if MacTavish is willing to make a bold move as he promised.

      • I agree with Lyle, I was discussing the other day a Yakupov for Myers trade as they both likely need a change of scenery and at least Buffalo has the vet talent to mentor Yaks as they grow.

        • I agree aswell

        • Myers needs more than a change of scenery.

  14. Tim Pacaccio is tweeting that Flyers are talking with the Oilers about Eberle. Who is this Tim Pacaccio guy? Is he reliable? I just got this notification from the score app in my phone.

    • Yes… One of the main writers but also a big dope.

      I wonder what we offer for someone like Eberle? I hope it’s Hartnell as a part of package…

      • I don’t really see what the Flyers have that solve the Oilers’ problems, to be honest. Edmonton needs an upgrade in net, and Emery is debatably better than Dubnyk, but a team certainly would trade a superstar for him. So I don’t see a goalie as part of a deal, in which case I don’t think the Oilers would make the trade.

        Top 2 d-man? I don’t think the Flyers have that to give up, either. Sure, Philly has some parts that could improve Edmonton (Simmonds + Coburn + ?), but none of the major changes Edmonton really needs (Top 2 d-man, star goalie)

        Not saying Eberle’s not in play, only that I don’t see how Philly would be the destination for him.

        • Note: In re-reading my post, I wasn’t hinting at Eberle for Emery or anything. Only that the Oilers wouldn’t trade for Emery as even part of a deal, as he’s not a major upgrade. And if it’s not a major upgrade in net, why bother?

  15. I don’t see the Oilers trading Yakupov, a potential 40-50 goal scorer in a “win now” deal with no realistic chance of making the playoffs this season.

    It’s a hard thing for Oilers fans to hear, but other than dealing our UFAs for lesser impact players/picks, we’re going to have to pretty much ride it out until next summer before the roster gets turned over again, hopefully this time with good NHL veteran players instead of AHL players and journeymen. Hopefully some of their quality defenseman prospects will be ready to push some players out and strenghten the mix.

    The one thing they could do now is add a low-value high-upside AHL goalie, since the three goalies they have now are hampering things. They could also move Hemsky for a better defenseman, but they’re not getting a top pairing D for a Hemsky rental.

    • Nevermind making the playoffs this year…how bout next year or the year after, this team is not growing. They need guys who have won (its gotta be killing Ference) before and some sandpaper, goaltending and D. Its not just going to fall out of the sky, and teams are not going to give it up for guys like Hemsky Potter and Labarbera, they need to learn to win not score pretty goals and smile and say the right things for the camera. I agree as most others do Yaks has a tonne of potential but at some point its overkill with skill, they need to make a decision on what skill guys to move to get the pieces to make this team compete, and it might take sacrificing more than one of them to gather all the pieces required to make it so. 1 maybe it serves as a wake up call to some of the others that stay that winning is a business and 2 the pieces that come back help change the culture of the club.

      • It takes time to learn how to compete and win, thats part of the problem the “wait till next summer and we will get some ufas…, or the young D will develop…., or we will have another coach etc etc….” attitudes. Get some players already start to win some games they are not supposed to who cares if they finnish 9th and dont get a top 5 pick they got to start somewhere.

  16. Want to go off the wall a bit here with a trade idea.

    To Phoenix: F Claude Giroux, F Wayne Simmonds
    To Philly: F Antoine Vermette, D Keith Yandle, F Max Domi, 2nd Round Pick

    I think this could really help both teams. Phoenix will gain a number one center and some size on the wing. Philly will get some more vet leadership to mentor Schenn & Couts to become top centers, get a solid young winger prospect, and the number one D they want to build around.

    • As a Leaf fan I never want to see the name Domi on the back of a Flyers uniform…lol but, it dosent seem too lopsided one way or another maybe 2 picks or a protected first evens it out a little more.If the Flyers decided to move on from Giroux (which would be a mistake imo) The Flyers are already having a tough time scoring.

    • This Flyers fan will pass…..

      By the way what leadership are you talking about, are you hinting Vermette?

      Timonen used to be a captain, so was Streit and LeCavalier.. How is that for leadership? Or are you saying Vermette is a better leader? He is undiscovered Mark Messier?

      • Clearly you missed the word MORE in that sentence … … …

        • You right.. I stopped reading the rest of your nonsense.. :)
          What gave me away?

  17. 3rd rounder for Gomez perhaps? Could help the Leafs short term then off to the Marlies!

    • You think that’s worth it? May as well bring up Zigomanis then! LOL

      • 900k in salary easy enough to get rid of when Bolland gets back and tho he dosent score Im thinking he is going to win more draws than jvr. I have a feeling this may go off the rails here for a bit, the way they have played and now instead of a bunch of second and third line centers they have 1 second lne center and 2 4s and a 3winger top line….recipe for a losing streak.

  18. I watch a kid here in Vcr Ryan Stanton, he’s on a 2 way this season and a 1 way next season is paid $550 per and they got him off the waiver wire….Vcr picks 22nd on the Waiver Wire. The kid plays a regular shift defensive defensman is big, skates well, good Hockey Sense and has some meaness in him. How come so many teams passed on the kid when Chicago waived him. It’s a sign of bad management and that’s why teams struggle. Gm’s of bottom 10 teams should be hauling their Pro Scouts over the coals….but won’t because it makes them look stupid to. Whewn you see things like this you start to understand how teams are poor

  19. The oilers need to realize that they need lots of help and that there is no need for so many good young forwards who all essentially do the same thing. The oilers would totally be better off by trading someone like Yakupov since in doing so they would likely reduce their goals against and not really touch their goals for (which is already fine).

    Even if Yakupov was scoring, no matter how many goals the oilers score, the other team scores more so…get two way forwards, defesive Dmen and a goalie!! figure it out!!!! Did anyone really think Dubnyk was a real number 1? Geez….

  20. Liles and Holtzer for Hemski

  21. Sens need a good winger to play with Spezza. They can afford to part with Gryba, Wiercoch or Cowen, all of whom are young and have promise, and therefore valuable. I agree Phillips, Karlsson, and Methot will not be moved. Borowiecki is too inexperienced to fetch a decent price, and Corvo is more valuable as insurance than as a trade chip.

  22. Zigomanis does not play for the Marlies anymore.

    I think the Leafs short term solution needs a chance to see if it works. JVR has played enough centre that with some practice he should be somewhat decent. What he lacks in faceoff skills he compensates with being able to steamroll his opponent in the circle with his size and strength.

    • I stand corrected, apologies.