NHL Morning Rumor Mill – October 23, 2013.

An update on the Panthers, plus the latest on Jordin Tootoo and Simon Gagne.

Trade rumors still dogging the Panthers.

Trade rumors still dogging the Panthers.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports sources “around the league” claim the Florida Panthers are keen to make some moves to re-shape their roster. GM Dale Tallon reportedly won’t wait long to start making some players available, though it’ll be more of a roster retooling than an overhaul.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun didn’t specify which players the Panthers might move. You can read my take on the recent Panthers rumors in my THN.com column.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson notes the Oilers opened up a space on their 50-man roster maximum by shipping Mike Brown earlier this week to San Jose for a draft pick. He’s claims there’s been some discussion about the Oilers pursuing Detroit Red Wings forward Jordin Tootoo, who is believed available. His $1.9 million cap hit for this season and next could be a problem, especially if he’s playing fourth-line minutes. Matheson feels landing Tootoo would be a long shot for the Oilers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given recent injuries to George Parros and Brandon Prust, I wonder if the Montreal Canadiens might consider chasing Tootoo. His salary would be a sticking point, and the Wings can’t afford to take salary back. Still, Tootoo’s energy and grit might make him a good fit in Montreal.

TVASPORTS: Unrestricted free agent Simon Gagne says he still believes he can play in the NHL, but could be forced to consider his future if he’s still unsigned by early November.


  1. Panthers played a heck of a game against the Hawks. Great effort, and you won’t find many teams able to come back from a 2-0 deficit, in the third, against Chicago.

    If the Panthers are to make a move it will be to actually improve the roster and make a playoff push, not sell.

    • Kind of agree which is what I was saying (trying to anyway) the other day when someone compared Florida to Edmonton in terms of rebuild. The Panthers are not far off being a pretty good team and Tallon could make a couple moves to fill holes to maybe get this team there like he has done in the past. I also like how they have drafted in terms of needs instead of consistently taking the highest scoring player available. They have some youth and depth everywhere Gudbranson, Kulikov Robak Petrovic, all the centers and Markstrom in net far different than the way the Oil have 5or 6 top level wingers and Nurse with little else besides Shultz who was a free agent. With a couple moves they might squeek in and surprise some people again.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if the new owners are gearing up to move the Panthers out of Florida. A rebuild would help there case to justify their move to Hartford, Quebec, Portland….etc.

        • The new owner has lived in Florida and is keeping the team here, that is why he bought the team as well. The Panthers lease on the BB&T Center was renewed to 2028.

          Not going anywhere.

      • It was me who mentioned edmonton and florida and I was more saying florida needs to stay away from the edmonton model of just drafting and not building around those high level players. Which seems to be what they are doing and tallon has done in the past. They should not do a fire sale which was referred to a couple of days ago rather continue to add younger complimentary pieces to grow with. Exactly what edmonton isn’t doing.

        • Ahh ok gotcha

    • I keep hearing that the Leafs might be interested in Kulikov. Is there any truth to that? I also understand that he is primarily an offensive d-man which Toronto has an abundance of. So why is it that I keep hearing that Toronto is interested in him?

      • I doubt that there is much truth to that because Toronto does not need him.

        He is more of a two-way d-man and he’s been so-so for now, but had an excellent game against the Hawks and even scored the tying goal. I think he is a contract headache, though, and i also think that Tallon will move him at some point in 2014.

        Leafs don’t need Kulikov. The Flyers could you a solid young d-man that has yet to reach his potential cap, and the Panthers could use some more offensively skilled players up front.

        • lmao

          To Toronto: Kulikov
          To Florida: Blowzak + Gardiner

  2. Not a big Gagne fan, but I think the Flyers could offer him the money that they are paying Rosehill and Hall. They need to go. Through in Newbury and bring up Raffl and McGinn. It’s a start………

    • …throw in….

  3. Agreeing with Spec here, re: Tootoo (I wrote the same thing in the rumours section yesterday). I also wonder if sending down Tinordi – some of the little toughness they have in the lineup these days – means an influx of toughness from somewhere else… possibly Tootoo?

  4. Why would the wings shop tootoo to a division rival? and tootoo a long lived thorn in the wings side on the opposing team? The thought i’m sure is they have to considering they need to shed the salary for returning players to the line up. I overall feel that would be a huge mistake.

    • I may be alone on this, but I’m still of the mindset that teams can’t / shouldn’t worry about trading to teams in their own division anymore.

      Teams play divisional rivals 4-5 times and other conference teams 3 – so they will only play the traded player 1-2 more times per season if they trade in division, as opposed to same conference, different division.

      Again, playoffs aren’t truly divisionally-based anymore, so trading to a divisional rival has little effect.

      That suddenly means teams could only trade to the other conference, reducing potential trade partners by 50%. Think GMs are going to get the best deal when they rule out half their options? (and, in this example, this is for a 4th liner!)

      While I’m sure the Wings would love to send Tootoo back to Nashville, they’d be crazy to rule out Montreal (or Boston, etc) if that was the team that offered them the best deal.

    • lol

      • crap. ignore that stupid lol. it deleted the earlier part of that message. Back to the coffee machine for me!

        • Agree with Paddy. A player will get shipped for the best possible return IMO. A GM wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t do that. I understand not trading like a Spezza to Toronto or something but Tootoo? Guys a nobody. He’ll get under the skin of a player here and there. That’s about all he does.

  5. TOOTOO would be Great in a Montreal Canadiens Jersey! would be sweet! and a GREAT FIT!

  6. Flyers should try to get Miller. Maybe swap Leino for Mezzaros too as both could use a change.

    Any chance Florida would trade Versteeg for Booth (+ maybe a b-level prospect/late pick)? One less year on current contract and $150k less/year.

    • The Flyers don’t need Miller. Mason is playing out of his mind and the Emery looked good in the few games that he played. Goaltending is the only good part of the Flyers game right now.

  7. Hopefully MacT will build the team by addressing needs. Flip one of the high end talent.

  8. I could see Tootoo a fit in Edmonton, the Oilers will have Ben Eager and his contract after the season. His time in Edmonton has been plagued by his lack of physicality and Tootoo is a bottom six forward who can contribute. At $1.9 he doesn’t come at too steep of a price. The Oilers have Omark who had great chemistry with Zetterberg overseas during the lockout.

    What do you think of Edmonton using potentially Taylor Hall as a centerpiece to land a guy like Weber?