NHL Morning Rumor Mill – October 25, 2013.

Should the Predators shop Shea Weber? Will Nail Yakupov be an Oiler after the March 5 trade deadline? Are the Flames holding trade talks? 

Should the Predators shop Shea Weber?

Should the Predators shop Shea Weber?

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Adam Proteau makes the case for the Nashville Predators to trade captain Shea Weber,  believing his $7.8 million annual salary cap hit is an obstacle in building the depth necessary to become a Stanley Cup contender.

Proteau also suggests Weber’s departure could be off-set in the long term by promising Seth Jones. Despite Weber’s expensive salary, Proteau believes there’s never been a better time to shop an all-star defenseman, suggesting the Flyers and Oilers would be among those interested in his services.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Adam makes a good case, but ultimately it’s up to GM David Poile, and there’s no indication he has any intention of trading Weber this season. Perhaps Poile changes his mind, but such a move would occur in the off-season, when the salary cap is expected to significantly increase and more teams will have a willingness to acquire a superstar with a big contract.

SPORTSNET.CA: Responding to a reader’s question over Nail Yakupov’s future with the Oilers, Jeff Marek doubts they’ll give up on the promising winger, while Billy Jaffe believes it’ll depend upon Yakupov’s relationship with coach Dallas Eakins and what they could get in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe the Oilers want to retain Yakupov, but if they hope to either add a top defenseman or goaltender later this season, he’s their best trade chip. He’s on an entry-level contract, and the Oilers are already deep in young forwards.

SPORTNET’S Roger Millions reports the following via Twitter: “#Flames Feaster says discussions on going with teams about possible moves. Evident other clubs covet vets with workable deals.” He added, “Feaster adds US Thanksgiving a likely time frame for players to start moving around league. This likely too early.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Feaster does make moves it’ll likely be to move out players in the final year of their contracts who no longer have a future with the Flames. Mike Cammalleri, Matt Stajan and Lee Stempniak are possibilities.


  1. WEBER FOR YAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yak and….?

      • Yakupov and Hemsky?

        • Lol ya right…

        • hahahaha, Yak and Hemsky, that’s a good one. There will be many suitors for weber, and his contract won’t hurt his trade value at all. Nashville will be asking a lot and they will get every bit of it, especially with the cap going up.

    • probably right

    • Not to mention that if he wanted to shop Weber for depth, he could/should have took the picks from Philly’s offer sheet

  2. It would be crazy for the Preds to deal Weber before he’d given Jones a full season of tutelage.

    Kronwall’s a great defenceman, but is likely so good – at least in part – because of the time he spent learning from Lidstrom. Jones might end up great, but will benefit from more than half a season of playing with Weber!

  3. A little shine has come off Weber with his deal and the subsequent departure of suter who was the defensiev glue in the pairing. Granted , he is big and has one of the fastest hardest shots around but the game is played with quick feet, hands and smarts too.
    I don’t doubtt there is a team out there willing to pony up “soemthing” of a return for him, but I am just not so sure even Yakupov and more is balanced, except FOR the Cap space gained.
    The thing about Yakupov is he has this balzing speed, but he just hasn’t caught up with it yet in terms of execution, it will take some time. The comment about “not liking to back check” may have be a English Language faux pas, but if it wasn’t he isn’t going to get leeway from Edmonton coach stafffs or most NHL coaching staffs…the days of the”let the scorers off the hook in their defensive zone are long gone….

    • Have you ever watched Weber play? He’s a really powerful skater. There’s plenty of guys as big as him, but he can keep up with anyone and makes the simple plays to get out of the zone. Poile would never in a million years trade Weber for someone who said he doesn’t like to backcheck, even if by translational mistake. Josi and Jones are both Suter-types with better first passes, so he has two solid complements on the team. The same cap rise that is making an offseason trade more possible also makes it easier for us to build around him anyway.

      • true

        it’s possible the Predators trade Weber but not likely.

        as a lifelong Flyer fan, if the Flyers get him, I think they win 2-3 Cups over the next 10 years. not the same for Nashville because they’re not as willing to spend money on free agents, not many teams are as willing to spend as the Flyers

        Weber would be to the Flyers what Stevens was to the Devil. i’d give the Predators whatever they wanted from the current Flyer team and their draft picks

        • Jango…no offence man but Weber doesn’t get the Flyers 1 cup let alone 2-3. Weber is awesome but not a miracle worker. The flyers forwards are too inexperienced and one dimensional (even the over rated Giroux). Not to mention their AHL caliber goaltending year in year out.

          • @Canadian King

            I don’t agree with Weber bringing Philly cups.
            I am however interested on your take of the Flyers. It’s easy to throw a team under the bus when things aren’t going well. Especially it’s star players.

            Could you elaborate on all these one dimensional forwards in Philly?
            I’m not so sure I see it that way. You bring up Giroux – Who kills penalties and does just about everything you could want in a star player.

            Flyers are off to a horrendous start – Due in part to team-wide low shooting percentages and defensive zone coverage. The goaltending has actually been a bright spot if you take away Emery’s start in Detroit.

            Things haven’t been going their way yet but I wouldn’t be so quick to count this team out 9 games into the season.

          • agree, Weber wouldn’t do it alone

            but Mason looks like the real deal

            keep Hartnell, Lecavalier, B Schenn, L Schenn, Rinaldo, McGinn, and Mason. trade all the rest. get younger, bigger, faster

            build the team around this core. younger hungrier players with reasonable contracts (a lot of their players are over-rated and over-paid–Giroux is #1 on that list)

            L Schenn and Weber on the top 2 D pairings

            i think that formula wins 2 Cups in the next 10 years

          • what i left out is that getting rid of the over-paid, over-rated players that i list in my other post here, cuts down salary

            fill the roster in with young, big, fast, hungry players

            use the savings in salary to buy 1-2 big free agents which the Flyers have never been afraid to do

            Weber anchors the D for the next 10-15 years

            that’s the formula that wins 2-3 Cups

          • and i agree about Giroux

            way over-rated and way-over-paid

            would you rather have Giroux (5’10, 170) at $8M for 8 years or Weber (6’4 230) at $7.8M for 14 years…..Weber all day….or compare Crosby at $8.7 for 12 years, they don’t even compare. i hate Crosby but he’s head and shoulders better than Giroux

            Giroux is not that good, i’ve watched him since he’s been a Flyer….a solid 2nd line center, no doubt. but it’s insane to pay a small 2nd line center $8M a year who’s had respectable numbers but no 100 point season, career high 28 goals, his numbers have not continued on an upward trajectory, not that fast, and plays a soft game

  4. Feaster Quote
    Evident other clubs covet vets with workable deals.”

    Like wow, we all thought that clubs wanted over paid – long term deals and under achiever type players to use as trade bait. Shocking

    • lol. I also thought they wanted overhyped, underperforming rookies with bad attitudes, but it looks like I was mistaken!

  5. I agree with what a couple of others have said that the Preds should keep Weber to teach Jones I think for a few years. I know Seth Jones looks like a future stud but they might want to wait to make sure he continues to grow into that for a few years before trading Weber.
    Edmonton needs to trade at least 2 of their young guns to improve and Yaks looks like the one they will trade. If Edmonton stays in a holding pattern with their young guns this team has no ways to improve and will be bottom feeders forever.

  6. Nashville shouldn’t trade Weber. He is not an obstacle. This is a guy that you play between 26 and 30 minutes a game. Good luck replacing that.

    So if the Preds trade Weber, they could get three very good players. That is….very good players. Doesn’t necessarily mean that they will make Nashville a better team.

    Yakupov’s value is not worthy of a trade right now. He may end up like Zherdev 2.0. Teams won’t part with a solid player to take a risk on Yakupov.

    I am also very surprised that there are no NYR rumors. Although they are missing three key forwards in Nash, Callahan, and Hagelin….the team looks very out of sync. Could be the month-long road trip.

    The Rangers need to turn it around at home. If not, then i would expect some key trades and possibly involving Girardi, Del Zotto, Zuccarello, Kreider… Boyle.

  7. Nashville would be better off trading Weber soon. Before he`s past his prime and not worth anything near what he`s worth now. Nashville is really far from being a contender, the one thing they DO have, is a future replacement for Shea Weber in Jones. So trade Weber, get a lot back, pick up some more high draft picks and in a few years, actually have a shot. Right now, I think they`re going nowhere fast.

    • Kind of reminds me of Calgary actually…were obviously not near to being a contender, they had a star player who was still putting up lots of points but would not be around by the time they became good enough. Also, with him in the lineup they didn`t finish low enough to pick up top draft picks so they kind of just sat there being a not so great but not horrible team. That`s the worst! Be good or be awful…if they would have traded guys like Kipper and Iginla earlier, they would have gotten a nice return AND they would have been bad enough for a couple years to pick up top draft picks. Then, all of a sudden things would look much different in Calgary. Look at how good Monahan is, there would be a lot more Monahans on this team if Calgary traded Iginla and Kipper while they were worth something and would have picked up high draft picks in the past few drafts years.

      • As a Flames fan I agree with some of what you guys are saying but now isnt the time to move Weber… it would be too reactionary… he is still under 30 and I think he will still have good trade value in a couple of years… better to let him teach Jones and as pointed out by previous posters replacing 25-30 min of ice time is difficult. Not saying Calgary shouldnt have traded Bouwmeester (not much of a fan of his anyway) but our D is feeling that loss in a big way.

        What if Yaks doesnt work out… what if the other assets acquired dont work out? the cap space gained would only be useful for post apex vets in free agency….

        Trading Weber could be a monumental blunder (it could work out too)

        • Further to that look at Philly without Pronger…. Be patient preds fans… you have good prospects and young players… build around whay you have… Weber is in his prime and will have great trade value for years to come.

        • so what you’re saying is that trading Weber could work out or be a big mistake

          interesting take, how did you come up with that

  8. True, Weber would no doubt help Seth Jones. But for a team that isn’t really a contender, $7.8M a year is a lot to pay for a guy just to groom his successor. Weber at 28 is in the prime of his career. his market value will never be higher. for a team with no scoring, and their 2nd best player at 31 and now having a 2nd hip surgery in 6 months, Weber is a luxury the Predators cannot afford

    Flyer fans are calling for Holmgren’s head in Philly right now, and rightfully so. he’s been criticized for failing to land Weber, making 2 players (Schenn and Couturier) un-touchable when those 2 and maybe 2 others could have gotten the deal done. getting Weber might be the only thing that can save Holmgren’s job. The Flyers D is awful. they need a #1 D man and if they don’t land Weber, they’ll probably target Subban next summer.

    the Flyers drafted Sam Morin with their 1st round pick in 2013 (#11 pick). 6’6″ left-handed shot D man in the mold of Pronger. Morin just turned 18. Morin and Seth Jones could grow up together and with 3 other players to the Predators with Morin, they would have a deep team and 2 young 1st round pick D men that in 2 years might be starting alongside each other. could be tempting for the Predators

    Morin…Couturier (Flyer 1st round pick in 2011, #8 pick)….Laughton (Flyer 1st round pick in 2012)….Read (signed for 4 years at $3.6M)….and maybe another 1st rounder…..that package could get the deal done

    • hey jango….are you sure that you dont want to throw in giroux, simmonds, voracek and the first born of every member of the flyers organization???

      • i would throw those guys in

        this Flyer team sucks. i’m a Flyer fan for more than 40 years. this team is old, slow, small, and not physical. other than that they’re great

        too many over-paid and over-rated players

        Giroux…$8M, 8 years….way too much
        Read…$3.6M, 4 years…sucks
        Simmonds…$4M, 6 years
        Vorachek…$4.5, 4 years
        Talbot…$1.8M, 5 years…sucks
        Streit…$5.5M, 4 years

        their record is not anomaly….look, i bleed orange & black back to the early 70s and Bobby Clarke. this team is terrible. they need to start over. Holmgren needs to be fired. these contracts are all his doing. they need to clean house

        • i assume the same Nitro from the Flyer message boards

          for the record, i’m not in any way comparing an 18 year old to Pronger, a Hall-of-Famer. but he’s from the same mold from what i’ve read. same size, lefty, and supposed to be rugged with a mean streak.

          i know–all that and $12.50 gets you a beer at a Flyer game. but the similarity to Pronger in those respects is undeniable. now how Morin turns out, only time will tell. obviously the odds are way against him being the 2nd coming of Pronger. my point is that he wouldn’t be a bad player for the Predators to take a chance on combined with the other players, in order to part with Weber

        • Nitro–

          disagree about Read. another small, soft FW who doesn’t bring much to the table other than slightly better-than-average speed

          benefitted his 1st year (24 g) from a high-scoring team and getting PP time

          last year only 11 g in 48 games. 7 of those 11 g were against non-playoff teams

          he’ll be lucky to get 15 this year. they missed the boat on selling high on Read. worse, they’re locked in to a 4 year deal at $3.6–too much money for this guy. Bickell got $4 for 4 years. who would you rather have–Read or Bickell….you don’t have to answer that

  9. the goalie–Mason

    fill the roster out with young, big, fast players…example–they could have Maxim Lapierre (big, fast, physical) at $1.1 instead of that waste Talbot at $1.8. i know that sounds ridiculous doesn’t it

    with the money they save from dumping all the fat contracts, they target 2-3 free agents…maybe Subban

    so they end up with a solid core of veterans, mostly younger hungry players, and a handful of expensive players

    i know, that sounds ridiculous too…..so ridiculous that the Ducks are one of the best teams and that’s their formula….the King won it all in 2012 with that formula

  10. not to mention that i didn’t compare an 18 year old to Pronger. read my other post. the similarities between the 2 are undeniable. that’s what i said

    • jango,

      At you least you did not mention the Flyers winning cups (plural) like others on this board, but your analysis of Read is completely off base. I have had season tickets since 1970 and I can tell you Read can flat out fly. For you to say his speed slightly better than average means you either don’t attend games in person or have issues with depth perception. They guy is one of the fastest wingers in the NHL. He is a legitimate 20 to 25 goal scorer, can kill penalties, can play all 3 forward positions and they got him for absolutely nothing. He actually is far closer to Brian Rolston than a soft FW who doesn’t bring much to the table other than slightly better-than-average speed as you describe.

      Also to criticize him for having a strong offensive season on a good offensive team and in the same breathe criticize him for a bad offensive season on a poor offensive team is as embarrassing as those moronic Flyers fans who speak of multiple cups.

      • Joe-

        i’m no hockey scout or executive. i’ll leave open the possibility that i could be wrong about Read. but i played for 10 years, through Junior A, and i’ve been a Flyer fan since 72 when i went to my 1st Flyer game at the Spectrum. used to go to the Firebird games every Friday night and they were fun. so i have an informed opinion

        the league is getting younger (Read is not that young, an undrafted rookie at 25–meaning no one else thought anything of him before he was 25, an old rookie by today’s standards), bigger (Read is small), faster (he’s got wheels but even on that break-away against the Ranger, i didn’t see him just burn rubber away from Brassard), and more physical (Read doesn’t hit at all)

        4 years at $3.6 is ridiculous for what he brings

        i said it before here–would you rather have Bickell (4 years, $4) or Read (4 years, $3.6)……Bickell head and shoulders above Read…case in point, Bickell is a 1st line wing on the Stanley Cup champs and for my money should have won the Conn Smythe. Read is a 3rd line wing on maybe the worst team in the league

    • i saw the kid play twice in the preseason and i will say this, he will be in phila next year and will be in their top four in two years. for a guy of that size he can skate and is fearless or even ego driven which this team obviously needs. he also did not have an issue carrying the puck through the neutral zone and even into the other end. if you rated him right now against the flyers dmen i would put him behind gus, grossman and coburn (even though coburn does not look right now in his own end). with schenn regressing, timonen either hurt of just finally getting old and mesz ineffective, morin could have made this team this year. it would have been the right call for the flyers short term, but probably not for the player.

      Pronger or not, he looks very very good and it appears to be a great pick thus far.

      • my other post clarified what i meant. He’s 18. Pronger is a Hall of Famer. but in terms of size and demeanor and style of play, my understanding is that Morin is in the Pronger mold

        Nitro must think i’m a scout. no i haven’t seen him play. i’m basing my opinion on what i’ve read and the few video clips i’ve seen of Morin

        my point was that Morin wouldn’t be a bad risk, with other players, for Weber from the Predators standpoint

  11. Talbot’s a joke. Lapierre would flatten him. bigger and faster. the league is getting bigger and faster and younger by the minute. Talbot is not the direction this team should be going in

  12. look Nitro–

    rather than pulling the typical Philly negative attitude and shooting down everything, why don’t you put some positive ideas about actions you think the Flyers should take

    i put myself at risk and put myself out there by saying what actions i think they should take. it’s a lot easier to do what you’re doing, which is sit back and try to shoot holes in someone else’s ideas. if you think you know better than me, do the thing that people from Philly have a hard time doing–you say what you think they should do. i put out a defined plan on who they should keep, who they should get rid of, and who they should get. i have a plan that i think makes the Flyers better

    up to this point, you haven’t offered anything of substance. be brave. just do it

    • a non-answer to my challenger

      and no. read my posts. unless you’re illiterate, which you might be based on the simple fact that you can’t even spell, i have a lot more substance to my ideas than Matt Read sucks. try again

      if you don’t understand my posts or what i’m challenging you to do, i’m not surprised that you’re stumped

    • that’s 1 reason.. now you’re catching on, sport

    • that’s 1 reason. now you’re catching on, sport

  13. yeah Talbot looks like he plays bigger than a guy who’s 6’2 210.

    Lapierre just got done putting Boyle on a stretcher

    Talbot just got done eating boards with a half-hit from a fellow frog Pouliot, not a tough guy in anyone’s book

    • i’m arguing with an idiot. i’m done with you, moron

  14. you’re the one who’s confused dude

  15. “i do not really care about his size. Talbot plays bigger and better on PK”..:-)))) sounds objective

    “Talbot brings it in the playoffs and Talbot is a better all around player”

    if they’re playing a bunch of Midgets. Talbot sucks. take off your orange & black goggles. and ask the Wizard for a brain. you’re an idiot

    take your stupid talk to some 6 year old you can go toe-to-toe with

    • let’s see…Talbot the playoff magician

      in 11 playoff games with the Flyers, Talbot has all of 4 G and 2 A. and that includes the 6 game series against the Penguins that broke the all-time record for goals in a playoff series

      i’ve made all my points. as i said, put forth a strategy that you think the Flyers should take. i’ve done that. all you do is make negative statements about what you think is wrong my strategy. when i challenged you to put your thoughts on this board about what the Flyers should do, all i hear are crickets chirping

      be a big boy and state an opinion of what actions you think the Flyers should take to move them toward a Cup….so far you’ve offered nothing

      i like Lapierre because he’s bigger all-around and faster and plays a physical game. Talbot is none of those things and he’s not even a scorer. useless

      now put up or shut up

    • your opinion is totally discredited by the pointless statement “i wish Timonen would play better”. you might as well just say “i wish they would win the Stanley Cup”

      Timonen is a joke of a D man. doesn’t hit, doesn’t stop anyone ever at the blue line, and is a turn-over machine….but he is good at poke-checking, skating alongside the puck carrier in the Flyers D zone (look who was skating alongside Kane when he fired the shot that won the Blackhawk their Cup in 2010–yep you guessed it, your hero Timonen–had he plastered Kane into the boards like a D man is supposed to, there would have been no shot and no goal and maybe the Flyers get to Game 7 because from the 10 minute mark of the 3rd period until the end of that Game 6, the Flyers dominated the play)

      oh yeah he’s skilled at icing the puck because of mis-fired passes when we’re on the PP

      for this they pay $6M. Holmgren must have been drinking when he decided to offer that deal. Timonen isn’t worth $2M. he’s awful. they need to bench him and he needs to retire

    • actually you started the name-calling. i’ll gladly debate but you were the one that said i sounded “dumb” for comparing Morin to Pronger when my post shows that obviously i didn’t compare the 2 and wouldn’t. i said “in the Pronger mold”, meaning the similarities between the 2 are un-deniable

      if you want to fire personal attacks, fine, i can play that game

      if you want to discuss the Flyers without getting personal, i’m fine with that too

  16. To Nashville: Vanek
    To Buffalo: Weber

    • never will happen

      the only way they trade Weber is for a number of players that make them deeper. a 1-for-1 doesn’t do that

  17. what does the Stanley Cup run in 2010 have anything to do with now, with respect to Timonen?

    that was 3 1/2 years ago. he was terrible then. he hasn’t gotten any better. they should have dumped him right then and there

    you have me rolling wishing he would play better. he gets worse with every day that goes by

  18. Nitro–

    are we talking about the same Talbot

    “hits like a truck”….maybe a Tonka truck

    154 pts in 514 career games….1 pt about every 3 1/2 games…ok i’m not impressed

  19. cricket cricket

    still waiting to hear what you think the Flyers should do. if you’re the hockey genius, let’s hear your ideas to get the Flyers from where they are now to a Stanley Cup contender

    my ideas are posted right on this message board. you haven’t posted 1 single thing that you think the Flyers should do…typical Philly guy…..armchair QB that knows everything after it happens but when it takes actually putting a plan together proactively, can’t come up with anything

  20. Why don’t the flyers get rid of whatever players they have and rebuild? They are an absolute mess on the back end and totally lack an identity. They keep calling themselves the broad street bullies but what do they have in that regard? Nothing at all. I love that Morin and hagg…love Laughton Simmonds etc but anyone over that 25/26 age they should try to move for picks/prospects. To spitball a little how about this
    Hartnell to Montreal for fucale and a sdcond? Maybe fucale and tenordi for hartnell and read or one of those guys. Something to add to their base.