NHL Morning Rumor Mill – October 7, 2013.

Flyers poor start generating trade rumors linking them to the Calgary Flames, more “Vanek-to-Minnesota” speculation, the latest on the Penguins goaltending and more.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi reports the struggling (0-3) Flyers could face a shake-up if their performance doesn’t soon improve. He wonders how patient GM Paul Holmgren will be with coach Peter Laviolette, who is coming off a season in which the Flyers missed the playoffs for only the second time in 18 years.

Flyers interested in Curtis Glencross?

Flyers interested in Curtis Glencross?

Frank Seravalli, however, reports the Flyers have been linked to Calgary Flames winger Curtis Glencross, claiming the Flames are “desperate” for a blueliner to play alongside captain Mark Giordano. The Flyers reportedly dispatched scouts to watch the Flames recent games. Seravalli also speculated the Flyers could have interest in young Flames forward Sven Baertschi, while TSN’s Darren Dreger recently claimed the Flyers had interest in some of the Anaheim Ducks young forwards. Seravalli claims at this point a trade doesn’t appear imminent but it’s not out of the question Holmgren might shake up the dressing room.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Right now the Flames are off to a better-than-expected start (1-0-2) so they’re probably in no rush to make a deal right now. Glencross also has a full NMC and might be unwilling to waive it. The Flames might be unwilling to part with him right now unless he demands a trade.  Despite Baertschi’s recent public scolding by Brian Burke, I don’t think they’re ready to part ways with the kid. They’re rebuilding for the long haul now, so I doubt they’re interested in “quick-fix” moves.

The Ducks, meanwhile, are reportedly seeking a defenseman and have depth in young forwards to draw from as trade bait, so they seem a better fit.

If a trade can’t be made to turn things around, Laviolette could take the fall.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the overall feeling around the league is Buffalo Sabres winger Thomas Vanek will end up with the Minnesota Wild at season’s end, and could take a pay cut to do so. Among the factors which could lure him to Minnesota is Vanek’s friend and former Sabres teammate Jason Pominville recently signed a five-year contract extension with the Wild…The strong play of Penguins rookie blueliner Olli Maata could make Simon Despres trade bait. Despres was recently demoted to the minors…With Sheldon Souray and Luca Sbisa sidelined, the Anaheim Ducks need a defenseman. The Penguins could dangle Despres, the Toronto Maple Leafs have John-Michael Liles available and the Flyers could offer up Andrej Meszaros…Matheson expects the Penguins will eventually acquire a veteran backup, suggesting Mathieu Garon as a possibility.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I noted yesterday, Vanek also has strong ties to Minnesota, having played his college hockey there, his wife is a Minnesotan and he lives in the state in the off-season. If the cap increases significantly next season, the Wild would have room to sign him, but it remains to be seen if they’re actually willing to invest in another expensive forward. He does seems like a perfect fit there…The Ducks currently have less than $1.3 million in cap space, so they can’t take on Meszaros ($4 million) unless the Flyers agree to take back a significant salary in return. Same goes for Liles ($3.875 million) and the Leafs.  Liles also has a limited NTC. Despres ($840K) would be the perfect fit cap-wise, provided the Pens are willing to move him…As for the Penguins seeking an experienced goalie, that won’t happen right away, as they intend to give inexperienced Jeff Zatkoff an opportunity to prove him capable of handling the role of backup.

CORRECTION: Yesterday, I stated Washington’s Martin Erat has two years remaining on his contract and was being paid $5.5 million in actual salary for this season. In fact, he has one more season remaining after this one and his salary for this season is $3.75 million. The average cap hit, however, remains $4.5 million. My thanks to everyone who pointed out this error to me.


  1. I love the Flyers panicking 3 games in!

    • Sure its only 3 games so far this year but last year wasnt great either could be time for a change somewhere be it a trade or a coaching change, not sure Id call it a panicking as much as Id call it a realization that something is not working. Dont want to get off to a 1-5-1 start or something along those lines with the realignment could make it a very uphill battle to get in to the playoffs.

    • Throw in last year, the preseaon this year, and the players inabilty to buy into Lavy’s system, I would rather see Lavy go.

      And take Homer with him.

      We need new blood, not Bully retreads.

  2. And there you have it. Lavy just fired.

    • Homer has to be on his last leg too dont ya think?

      • I do. With Hextall coming home this past summer, Homer is on a short leash.

        I see the Lavy firing as a panic move by Homer, and hopefully Hextall is gm before Christmas.

      • Agree Shticky …Homer should have been released when they bohght out Bryzgalov …now hes going to do something drastic to change the team for his incumbent !

        • Breezy was Snider’s idea.

  3. As per my post yesterday that Holmgren and Lavvy were in BIG trouble …so it seems today as per the firing to change things up a bit !!

    Holmgren has sacrificed star players such as Richards and Carter for a small rebuild of sorts in Schenn and Simmonds …Voracek and he overpaid for multiple goalies …he now has 2 back ups.
    Hes also the highest cap spender !!

    Hes in a desperate spot and needs goal production right now….needs defense and needs a goalie …in other words a blockbuster is on the horizon for Homer to save his ass right now !!

    He needs a Goalie ( still )
    D man
    and some better offensive output !

    He will have to give up a significant piece to make a change !!
    Voracek , Cotourier or B> Schenn

    Minnesota doesn’t have to worry about signing Vanek next year or this year at the deadline as Danny Heatly is a UFA and will free up $7 million next year that Vanek can slide in on with no problem !

    • I think a coaching change would go a long way in Philly. This will be his 5th year there. Its not a new thing for coaches to go stale. He is a good coach and will show up else where.

      I have liked the Carter and Richards trades for the young players they brought into the fold I wouldn’t look to move them yet.

      • Replacing Carter and Richards was a crap shoot and a jerk reaction and was probably headed by the guy who just go Fired in Laviolette with his dry Island scenario…..where is he now ???

        Bad trade …you cant replace the leadership and quality of players those guys are with Schenn and Simmonds sorry !!

        • agreed. i dont disiike the players they got back in the deals, i just think when they made those deals, they shouldve scraped the team and rebuilt.

    • And that is why I can see a Heatly/Coyle or Granlund swap for Vanek/McNabb or draft pick. The main pieces being Coyle or Granlund and Heatly being a salary dump. What Bflo needs is a player that is gonna step up and take Ownership of the team – we have the leaders for the future – we just need someone to “step up” and mentor our youth. I think Morrison could have been that piece, evidently Darcy didn’t think we needed it. Rolston thinks Vanek will step up – I don’t see it. Vanek wants to ride shotgun, not drive the car.

      Bflo has some really good assets – Darcy needs to get a Captain for his ship.

      • If you throw in Vanek AND McNabb, I’d like to see Granlund AND Coyle, and knowing Darcy, a high pick as well!

  4. Spector posted Laviolette has been fired. He deserves a nice long vacation. I hear Tahiti is a magical place lol.

    • I think Jamaica might be the release he might be looking for ..LOL

    • I’ve heard a few agents loved it there…..

      The Flyers are in a lot of trouble, I think Glencross would help out the team (like he’d help out any teams) but I doubt he wants to move because his strong ties in the area. They need to shake things up big time though.

      As for the Flames, I think they’ve done well in the 3 games they’ve played but give it time, the wheels will fall off soon enough and just about every “vet” is going to end up on another team. Soon it’ll be “playing bad for Ekblad” in Calgary!

      • LOL …Glenacross is the new Norris trophy winner all of sudden in Philly …please did anyone see his give away on the tying goal last night in Calgary to give Van the eventual winner !!

        Glencross would just be another BIG bandaid in that room !!

        My as well just go Bruno Gervais and keep it in house at that point !

        • Norris trophy?!?…. GlenX is a forward BeeTeeDubs

        • Glencross is a forward (…… !!!!!!!!! ……!!!!!!)

          So tired of your mindless posts.

          • I would like to see you identify a player at Glencross’ 2.5 cap hit, who is a perennial 20 goal threat with a solid all around game. Keep in mind that he’s playing with the NHL’s worst offense.

            I’m not supporting a trade one way or another – Just raising light to a player that, in your words would be a “big bandaid”. Glencross is underrated and undervalued for what he brings to the game.

            He’s a player that any team would love. Realistically he’s a third liner on most squads with the ability to put up some offense, @ 2.5 he’s an absolute beaut.

            Again “backchecking”, it’s always a pleasure reading your comments.

  5. Holmgren’s after forwards when his big problem area is D. Go figure.

  6. When does the GM in Philly start taking some of the responsibility?

    He has brought in 2 backup goalies.. not a starting goalie…

    He traded off some of the teams best players in Richards, Carter, JVR. I know cap space is an issue.. but how about bringing up your young cheaper players from the AHL to fill your lineup.. instead of every year trying to change over your team. It seems that’s what’s happening in Philly.

    If the Wild bring in Vanek.. he would be replacing Heatley who probably will be gone. In the fast pace of the NHL he can’t keep up…

    • Hey Sandy bang on !

  7. I call BS on the GlenX to Philly rumour here. Calgary could pry Liles away from TML for nothing… heck we could even get an asset out of eating his salary. If calgary adds a D expect them to go that route before they part with GlenX. Calgary will promote a prospect before they trade an important piece like GlenX… we neex some vets for the rebuild and i doubt philly would part with one of their young D. From the Philly perspective they need to upgrade D and goaltending… they have plenty of talented forwards that can do what Glencross does….

    • Lets not get carried away…Liles of course is available but if Nonis was willing to give up an “asset” to get rid of him it would be done by now. If Liles was to go it would be done for very little return or perhaps holding a mill in salary but I doubt he gets moved with a prospect or a second round pick for a third round pick or anything of that nature. MLSE isnt overly desperate to get rid of him yet, and there are otherways to include him in a deal to balance out salary etc. Or just wait and buy him out in the offseason instead of making him cost more than he already does by throwing in more assets to get rid of him.

  8. What was Burke doing in TO on Saturday? Is Dion going west?

    • He has prior committments… charity work…

  9. Goaltending hasn’t been the issue so far this year. The teams inability to score 5 on 5, as evidenced last season, this preseason and the obvious 0-3 start with 3 goals scored for isn’t going to cut it.

    The players are in need of a new structure and system. They’ve become too predictable over the last 2-3 years. I’m certainly not panicking 3 games into the season. There is plenty of time to right the ship. A coaching change could be just what this group needed.

    As for Holmgren… Coburn for Zhitnik. Trading the Preds their own first rounder back in exchange for the rights of Hartnell and Timonen. He’s made some brilliant moves.

    I was never a fan of the Bryz signing, which was basically mandated by ownership.
    The Carter and Richards trades were tough to see, but bringing in Schenn, Voracek and Couturier in the process, the trade could still work in Philly’s favor.

    Every GM is going to make a blunder. Whether it be a trade, a pick or a signing.
    I support Holmgren because he’s willing to take that risk to better his club. That being said, I believe the writing is on the wall, bringing in Hextall as assistant GM – He’ll be taking over the reigns at some point.

    • I wouldnt have thought Philly would be after GlenX… of course i am not a Philly fan… I agree he could help any team… what is your offer to Calgary Rickler? just for fun…

      • Me either to be honest. I can see how he’d be an attractive option though.
        Prior to the season Philly was looking for a winger a la Dan Cleary to play on the third line with Coots.

        It’s hard to put a value on Glencross… I believe he’s signed for next season as well? IF the flames were to move him I’m sure they’d be able to get a beneficial return.

        The Flames have actually looked good this year – In terms of what they have to work with. Young, hard working team. I’m wondering where Cammelleri ends up, you have to think he’ll be getting dealt at the deadline.

        • Yeah they have looked ok… I think Flames fans will be fine with the rebuild if they get to watch exciting hockey and a team that works hard… I would think Cammalleri, Stajan, Butler and a few more are traded at the deadline… Hoping we can resign Stempniak.