NHL Morning Rumor Mill (Part One) – February 26, 2014

The latest on Ryan Callahan, Dan Girardi, Ryan Miller, Martin St. Louis and Mike Weaver, plus updates on the Red Wings and Coyotes.

Could Jaroslav Halak be part of a three-way trade?

Could Jaroslav Halak be part of a three-way trade?

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie reports multiple teams are interested in Vancouver’s Ryan Kesler and Alex Edler but it remains to be seen if they’re available and if so, what the asking price will be. Both have no-trade clauses…Darren Dreger reports he’s been told it’s 99 percent guaranteed the NY Rangers move Ryan Callahan before the trade deadline. Callahan’s been linked to St. Louis and Tampa Bay. If the Rangers can’t re-sign defenseman Dan Girardi by the deadline he could also be moved…Dreger also reports negotiations between the Maple Leafs and Dave Bolland continue. He apparently seeks $5 million per season. They’ll have to decide if they want to retain him and still hope to re-sign him before this summer. If they do move him it’ll have to be for a player and not draft picks or prospects. They need a top-four defenseman and a top-nine forward. They’re not interested in a rental player…McKenzie claims there’s reports Buffalo is trying to re-sign goalie Ryan Miller but it’s believed their intent is to move him. Same for the NY Islanders with Thomas Vanek and Andrew MacDonald. Dreger claims there’s a rumor about a three-way trade involving the Sabres, Blues and Wild where Jaroslav Halak and Jake Allen would be part of it…McKenzie noted a report of Calgary making a contract offer to Mike Cammalleri but he believes the winger could be shopped by the deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Canucks retain Kesler but could try to move Edler, provided he’s willing to waive his no-trade clause…Sure sounds like Callahan and Girardi could be gone by the trade deadline. If so, it could be a serious blow to the Rangers playoff hopes as I doubt they’ll get returns which bolster their chances…I think the Leafs will hang onto Bolland and try to re-sign him before his eligibility for UFA status in July…Miller, Vanek and MacDonald could be traded by the deadline but given the market there might not be much there in terms of quality returns for those guys…Three-way trades are rare but they can happen. That being said, I don’t see how a three-way trade shipping Miller to St. Louis benefits the Wild. Why would they want Halak when Darcy Kuemper is out-playing him? Experience? Sure, but that isn’t helping Halak right now, while Kuemper has so far saved the Wild’s season… I also believe Cammalleri will move on.

NEW YORK POST: Zach Braziller reports Ryan Callahan says he wants to remain with the Rangers, but says the trade rumors swirling around won’t distract him. It’s believed GM Glen Sather prefers to trade Callahan and teammate Dan Girardi if he can’t get them re-signed before the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Callahan reduces his asking price (believed to be seven years at around $6.75 million per season) he could be playing elsewhere by the March trade deadline.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports Sabres GM Tim Murray said the goal for he and Ryan Miller is to seek a proper trade. Miller’s first choice isn’t to re-sign with the Sabres and Murray isn’t holding contract talks with his pending UFAs. Those include Steve Ott, Matt Moulson and Henrik Tallinder.  Murray claims he’s received considerable interest on Ott.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like a fire sale is coming for the Sabres. How many of those pending UFAs get move, or if others could be dealt, remains to be seen.

TAMPA TRIBUNE: Erik Erlendsson reports Lightning superstar Steven Stamkos isn’t putting much stock into recent trade rumors involving teammate Martin St. Louis.  “They are rumors, but I don’t really know where that stuff comes from,’’ Stamkos said. Lightning coach Jon Cooper said he was more worried about St. Louis not making Canada’s Olympic team than in him being traded.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: St. Louis or GM Steve Yzerman will have to address these rumors if they truly want to put the kibosh on them.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Andrew Irvins reports Florida Panthers defenseman Mike Weaver is aware he could be moved by the trade deadline but is trying not to think about it.

DETROIT NEWS: John Niyo reports Red Wings GM Ken Holland isn’t interested in acquiring an expensive rental player. Niyo suggests a hockey deal which can help the Wings now and in the future, like a top-four defenseman (like Vancouver’s Alex Edler) would make more sense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Wings want Edler it could cost them a young forward like Tomas Tatar or Gustav Nyquist.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan reports GM Don Maloney says there’s nothing imminent on the trade front for the Phoenix Coyotes. Maloney said the club has maxed out their self-imposed budget so any deal would have to be dollar-for-dollar.


  1. I’m hoping the Rangers re-sign Girardi but Callahan is asking for way too much given his injury and production history. He doesn’t have as much influence under AV as he perhaps did when Torts ran the team, they certainly don’t miss him so much when he’s out. Ok the Rangers may not get much immediate help if they trade Callahan but surely this is a new venture for Sather as he’s normally a buyer at the deadline but this is the chance to move someone out to get 2 or 3 good returns which would be maybe 1 player who can join the roster now and good prospect and a high draft pick. All of which would help the Rangers much more in the long term.

  2. What about Edler for Gaborik? Gives the Canucks that scorer they need for Kesler and frees up some money in the future by moving one of their big contracts. Columbus could cerainly use another puck moving D like Edler.

    Callahan to Tampa is juicy! Tampa certainly has enough young talent to throw 2 NHL ready players/prospects ay NY along with a pick.

    • A three team deal I could see based on the rumor is Stewart and Halak going to Minnesota, Allen and a 1st rounder from Minnesota going to Buffalo with Miller to St. Louis. Minn agrees to take on Halak for a vet presence in case Kruemper falters but mainly just to get their hands on Stewart.

      • @EJH, can’t see this deal happening, who ar the Wild going to give up to get BOTH those players? Coyle or Granlund and Heatley? Sounds unlikely but heh, Stewart is an upgrade and so is Halak.

    • No way. No more Europeans to the Canucks. Most successful teams are Canadian star heavy…it’s a fact. Canadian teams fall into this trap of taking these “stars” from the American teams while the American teams take up ALL the good Canadian boys. Don’t fall for it again.

      • BLAME AMERICANS!!!! LOL. Canadian teams seem to do fine drafting Europeans and Americans, not trading for them. This conversation comes up way to often. But really has zero weight behind it.

        • you mean the oilers

          • Id say the Sedins have had some success. Alfredsson is a pretty decent player. The Jets drafted Selanne right? Kyprasoff was a good goalie. Not sure the Pens win 2 cups without Jagar, Kurri on the Oilers Id say was a major piece, The Wings seem to enjoy their Europeans…not sure I agree with that statement lol.

        • Oh, How many Canadian forwards on the olympic team play for a Canadian NHL team? Exactly. American NHL teams ALWAYS get the best Canadian players. Weber, Keith, Doughty and Petri….4 best dmen in the league where do they play? Canadian teams are a joke. Watch them get fleeced this deadline like every other deadline.

          • Sundin Drafted by Quebec, the face of the Leafs for how many years? Alfredsson the face of the Sens for how many years? Sedins, Kesler, Elder in Vancouver? Didn’t the Leafs go out and acquire Kessel? He has no role in anything Toronto does? Why is it the high Canadian % in Ottawa is not paying off with more success?

          • Subban won the Norris where he play? Karlsson won it the year before what team is he on again? Price Seems like a good Canadian boy right? Seriously its an old argument that should just go away.

          • NYR4LIFE…these players do NOT bring cups to their teams. LA…Carter, Richards, Doughty. Chicago….Toews, Keith, Seabrook, Sharp. Boston…Lucic, Marchand, Bergeron. Anaheim…Perry Getzlaf……All vital to their cup wins. Because they are the BEST Canadian players out there.

          • This argument is completely useless. It has been a while since a Canadian team has won a cup at all. But the ones you mention L.a. Dustin Brown, Kopitar, Quick….I think he had a little something to do with the cup….Carter and Richards both played for Philly….How many cups did they win there? I guess you could say the additions of Carter , Richards helped, But they were not the ONLY reason LA won a cup. Next Chicago, Patrik Kane…yeah the same Kane that won the Conn Smythe, I think he had something to contribute. Oduya, Rosival, Hossa? I mean you act like it is a Canadian scoring every meaningful goal, or stopping every meaningful goal…? Look at all the success Detroit had leaning on Europeans over the last 2 decades….This argument is as bad as the “Lazy Russian/European” argument.

          • Lol STFU Dchump. Probably one of the more idiotic things I have heard you say.

      • I am a Canadian- and all i can say is….”seriously”? Most teams are canadian heavy because a majority of the players in the league are Canadian…You dont think Patrick Kane, Malkin, Parise, Kessel, Kesler, Selanne. Sedin are quality players….Canucks were a win away from a cup….

    • @Ejh,
      I can’t see NY trading Callahan anywhere. It would be very un-Sather lie to blow up the roster at the deadline while they are still in the hunt. I honestly think if they can’t bring in a player that helps now, he walks away a free agent this summer.

      • I think most of you are missing his point. I don’t think he ever said that those individual players mentioned aren’t good.
        But look at the last number of Stanley Cup winners and you find about 18 Canadians on each roster.
        Look at the rosters from Canadian-based teams in the last few years. Do any of them have that many Canadians playing for them?

        • Perry and Getzlaff were drafted by a bad Ducks Team Crosby went to a bad Penguins team Towes was drafted by a horrible Hawks team what does any of where they play have to do with it. The best players go to teams that win the draft lottery and none of those teams became champions the moment they drafted a good Canadian. Again who was the Con Smythe winner when the Kings won their cup? Their American Goalie, The Hawks with Kane…where is he from? How bout them Bruins and Thomas winning the Con Smythe your argument is futile if anything you could say over the past few years Americans have been bigger playoff performers than Canadians. Where people play is determined by a draft lottery and GMs trading it has zero to do with nationality. The Leafs have 21 Canadians on their team or 81 % the Sens Oilers Flame are around 65 % The Jets Canadians and Canucks are around 55% all in the top half of the league in terms of numbers of Canadians. On their roster the Hawks are at 42% Canadian roster only 5 teams in the league have fewer Canadians than the Hawks….so much for that theory The Ducks are also a fair ways down there with a roster consiting of 42 % Canadians. There is this thing called the internet where you can research this kind of nonsense.

    • The last thing the Blue Jackets need is another defenseman. Not with the depth of d-men in Springfield. Keep dreaming.

    • Gaborik is old, busted, and on an expiring contract with a $7.5m cap hit (keep in mind the Canucks don’t have much cap space).

      Edler is bigger, healthier, 5 years younger, has 5 years left on his contract at good value ($5m cap hit).

      See what I’m getting at here?

  3. I doubt St. Louis or Yzerman putting the “kibosh” on trade talks would make people like Kypreos or Eklund refrain from making stuff up.

  4. Bye bye Bolland you are worth no where near 5 mill.

    • he’s as worthy of 5 mil as Dion is worth 7. When there is nothing on the market that is comparable, what do you do? they threw that money at Dion cuz they knew there wouldn’t be anyone this summer in free agency to fill the void. If Leafs don’t give Bolland 5 mil someone will.

      • So Bolland plays as the number one player at his position- plays almost half a game- powerplay and shorthanded and despite that has a respectable plus minus…Man there is just no appreciation for Phanuef- remove him from your d corp and see how we fair, remove Bolland…oh yeah we did.. He is a third line centre….holy overhyped…

        • I’m not saying that the Leafs should sign him, but the facts are this: when healthy he’s a 20 goal scorer, a half point per game player, strong on faceoffs, defensively responsbile, a clutch playoff performer, and veteran leadership. I don’t think that is over hyped and some team team will give him 5 for 5.

          • Look at Bollands face off numbers he is an average faceoff guy (and really paying a guy to win faceoffs? this sounds like another contract that many are not real happy about) not terrible but far from good. Played 2/3rds a season with out him pretty well. Did alright with out him last year. Bollands ceiling on the Leafs is a third line player who can fill in in the top 6 he is along way off a 5 million dollar player.

          • Maybe I’m missing something, but Holland is not a 20 goal scorer. He’s never scored 20.

          • Sorry, Bolland. Not used to auto correct on my new phone.

    • $6M for 5 years is what Pavelski and Couture got from the Sharks this year. I know Pav’s plays 3rd line center sometimes, but he should pot 30+ goals this season and Logan is a solid 1B center in the league. IDK if Bolland is worth that kind of money and term… can he carry a team in the playoffs like those guys can?

      • No lol

  5. No way is Bolland worth 5 million, let him walk. He is a third line guy, no way can they trade a rental third line guy for a top 4 d-man. Leafs are smoking something if that is their intent.

    Memo to Bob Murray, Keep Ducks out of this craziness. You have loads of good young hockey players,
    let them develop, don’t trade any of them for a over priced, aging rental. Keep your two #1’s and two #2 in 2014 draft and add to the pipe line. Keep building for the future.

    • Bolland could probably land Crosby in many Leafs fans heads lol.

      • Troll comment of the day again awarded to…..

        • And lets not forget that in your head Richards still plays for the Flyers.

  6. Rumor had Boland’s agents asking 5m per for 5years…… Good luck with that. Enjoy free Agency

    • I am sure the Leafs won’t trade away Bolland during the playoff stretch, but I agree there is no way he resigns at $5 million in Toronto. They would able justify paying him 5 in a 3rd line role while paying Bozak 4 in a first line role.

      Here is a fun algebra question if. If Bolland =5 and Bozak = 4, what does Kadri = ? LOL

      Bolland and Ott should have similar values as FAs.

      • Ott’s better out of the two IMO.

  7. Hate saying it as a Rangers fan, but bye bye captain cally. If he really wanted to be a Ranger, this would be resolved and he would be taking one for the team. He’s not going to get what he’s asking on the market. It’s a shame.

  8. Here’s what could be happening behind the scenes with many Eastern Conference teams – if they aren’t Boston or Pittsburgh, they realize that they have zero chance against whichever team comes out of the West. As a result, perhaps they are actually planning ahead for a change and looking two or three years down the road. If that’s the case, trade deadline day could be spectacular. As a long time fan. I hope it happens.

    • That’s possible. But the playoffs are a huge cash cow for ownership and a reasonably priced rental for going an extra series in the playoffs, even in the eastern conference, is good business. The problem right now is finding reasonably priced rentals.

      I too would like to see some creative, planning-for-the-future trading done before the deadline. Anaheim, Edmonton, Buffalo, Winnipeg, and Pittsburgh are teams that I think really have the assets in both current players, picks, and prospects to make something interesting happen and improve their future without sacrificing their current positions.

      Well, maybe not Pittsburgh, too much uncertainty with injuries. Even with that, they could make a few small, interesting splashes in the trade pool if they think a little unconventionally (i.e. not veteran rentals; think younger, trapped down in the depth chart players).

  9. I would have no problem giving Bolland 5 yrs at $4 mil per. Bozak makes $4.25 mil per and Bozak is alot less injury prone. The only thing Bolland has over Bozak is playoff success. Anyone who thinks that Bolland is worth more than $4 mil per season is the reason why the salaries keep getting inflated. Bolland will get whatever he asks for cause there is always someone out there that will pay. Funny thing is that they are always the same people crying about how other gm’s are throwing money around. Bolland at $4 mil or trade him. The Leafs already had to send Holland back down.

    • So true bud.

  10. Would you rather Bolland at 5 or Clarkson at 5.25? Maybe we can swap one of
    them to Buf for Ott, I wouldn’t mind him on the 3rd line and he is a centre or Winger.

    • Well honestly Id rather none of them but since there is no chance of getting rid of Clarkson, Id say try and deal Bolland if you cant get anything worth while (not an aging third liner) let him walk if he wants anything more than 4 mill.

  11. The best chance of the Rangers winning a Stanley Cup is “FIRING GLEN SATHER”!!!! James Dolan the Rangers owner is so in lover with Sather (Just like Isaiah Thomas with the Knicks for years) and he ends up with losers. The Rangers need Dolan to get lost in his Cablevision business and stay out of professional sports, year after year Dolan voted the “WORSE OWNER IN SPORTS”!!!!!

  12. Tatar or Nyquist for Edler? Not straight up. Given Edlers contract, there would have to be a pick going back to the wings.

    Of course, I’d like to see Quincey to either the Rangers for Giardi or involved in a deal to the Islanders for Macdonald.

  13. Spector – I had a question, do teams have to be salary cap compliant during the playoffs?

  14. new york islander Andrew Macdonald to boston for malcolm subban and pick? what you guys think?