NHL Morning Rumor Mill (Part One) – February 27, 2014

Check out the latest on Ryan Kesler, Martin St. Louis, Ryan Callahan, Thomas Vanek and more.

Does Ryan Kesler want out of Vancouver?

Does Ryan Kesler want out of Vancouver?

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie reports the Vancouver Canucks aren’t aggressively shopping Ryan Kesler (who has a no-trade clause) but believes they’re aggressively listening to offers. He believes the Canucks would want a good young center in return, wondering if the Blue Jackets would part with Ryan Johansen or the Rangers with Derek Stepan to get Kesler. Darren Dreger claims there’s some concern around the league about Kesler’s injury history…Dreger also suggests Martin St-Louis could be moved by the trade deadline, or it could drag on into the off-season. He claims the Lightning reached out to the NY Rangers to explore a trade but there’s currently no fit there. Lightning GM Steve Yzerman won’t just give St-Louis away. McKenzie said he’d be surprised if St-Louis is moved at the deadline….McKenzie reports contract term is the issue in Andrei Markov’s contract talks with the Montreal Canadiens. He wants to stay in Montreal and the Canadiens want to keep him.

SPORTSNET.CA:  TVA Sports’ Louis Jean reported last night Ryan Kesler requested a trade back at the start of the season. Kesler’s agent Kurt Overhardt denied his client sought a trade. Jean believes moving Kesler at the trade deadline would be difficult, suggesting the NHL draft in June would be a better time.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford believes Kesler will be dealt sooner or later, while Tony Gallagher believes a Kesler trade would be the start of an overhaul for the Canucks.

VANCOUVER SUN: Brad Ziemer reports Canucks GM Mike Gillis refuses to address the report claiming Kesler sought a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Canucks were to move Kesler at the trade deadline his current hand injury could affect that effort, as well as the potential return. If Kesler wants out it probably won’t happen until the off-season, when players of his caliber and salary are easier to move. The Blue Jackets won’t part with Johansen, who’s blossoming into a star. Not sure if Kesler would accept being reunited with Alain Vigneault in New York. For now, we have to take Gillis and Overhardt at their word that Kesler didn’t request a trade.

TSN.CA: Martin St-Louis and Lightning GM Steve Yzerman are playing coy addressing recent reports claiming the Bolts captain sought a trade last month after being initially passed over for Team Canada.  Darren Dreger reported the following via Twitter: “Teams may continue to call TBay on St Louis, but, as of now, Lightning are telling teams St Louis is locked on the New York Rangers.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: St-Louis and Yzerman did nothing to silence the speculation over the 38-year-old winger’s future with the Lightning.  It now appears it was Yzerman who reached out to the Rangers and not the other way around, but the Bolts GM won’t accept an offer of Ryan Callahan straight up for his captain. If St-Louis does want out it appears the Rangers are the only club he’s interested in joining. I doubt we’ll see St-Louis moved by the deadline as he remains important to the Lightning’s playoff push. I also doubt this will have a negative effect on the roster’s performance. Still, unless St-Louis says he wants to stay put or Yzerman states he’s not trading his captain this will carry over into the off-season.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Rangers GM Glen Sather remains committed to trading Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi if unable to re-sign the duo by the trade deadline.  Sather offered Callahan straight up to the Lightning for Martin St-Louis but the offer fell through as he’s unwilling to add draft picks or prospects to the deal.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports St. Louis Blues winger Chris Stewart could be part of a deal with the Rangers if they pursue Callahan. Garrioch claims the Senators also have interest in Stewart.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sounds like Girardi’s negotiations are going better than Callahan’s, though it still remains to be seen if an agreement can be reached. While there will certainly be interest in Callahan and Girardi on the trade market, Sather could find it difficult to get the kind of return he wants, which includes first round draft picks. The lowered salary cap for this season won’t make it easy to do deals at this time of year.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple believes the NY Islanders will wait until deadline day to move Thomas Vanek and Andrew MacDonald in hopes of maximizing their trade value. The Islanders have no intention of trading goalie Evgeni Nabokov.

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien cited a report from NY Times’ Chris Botta claiming he’s heard the Isles will seek a first round pick for MacDonald. The Boston Bruins have interest in MacDonald but aren’t willing to part with their first round pick to get him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be very surprised if any teams gives up a first round pick for MacDonald. He’s a good defenseman but he’s not worth that.


  1. Oh gawd no…. cue Kessler to the Leafs lol

    • yup, I start it off lol . kessler to leafs for Kadri, Franson, biggs

      fire away boys

      • Not sure they would want Franson with the blueline thats currently there and Biggs is too green,
        Kadri and a first I think would be at least what would have to happen to get the conversation started lets not forget that Gillis and Nonis dont exactly enjoy dealing with one another.
        Again Im not sure I’d deal Kadri, but Kessler might get Nonis thinking.

        • On second thought, the most reasonable trade offer would be JVR for Kesler.

          Fits both teams needs.

          • Ummm Lyle that post above is someone impersonating me…lol

          • Van Riemsdyk is just coming in to his own, therefore there is no way I would trade him for Kesler.

    • Didn’t Leaf fans use to complain that Burke was more interested in bringing Americans to Leafs than Canadians ?

      • Not me its a stupid way to look at things imo, but ya that genius Don Cherry mentioned it and made a big deal of it.

  2. Maybe Slats can pulloff Brad Richards for Kesler…if only for Torts! ha!

    • Considering how Torts has publicly stated his biggest regret was how he ruined his relationship with Richards last year….i can’t see it happening.

    • Didn’t Torts dislike the guy?

      • No, Torts is probably the primary reason Richards came to NY…..Well that and the ridiculous paycheck.

  3. If Kesler IS traded, it will be for a GOOD young center, a first, and a roster player. Keslers worth to teams looking to get over the play-off hump should not be under estimated. Remember, he pretty much got the
    Canucks past the Predators single handedly the year of their cup run. I would love Anthony Mantha and
    Detroits first, or Ryan Johanssen and a first. If teams want to win thay have players like Kesler on their
    teams, guys that would run through a brick wall to win. Detroit, with Zetterberg injured would stand to be
    the best trade partners IMO.

    • Mantha and Detroits first or Johannsen and a first you have to be kidding me, i would not even trade johanssen straight up let alone a first as well. You must be a Canuck fan and overvaluing your players..get real

      • Like Lyle said there is no way Columbus is going to move Johansen, he is a star in the making. Detroit might give up Mantha but including a first might be a bit much. Kesler is good but he misses just way to many games due to injury.

      • Mantha’s not an NHL Regular and there are no gaurantee’s in drafting anyone regardless of draft order. So not as far fetched as you make it sound. Prospects for a top 6 forward and aruguably one of the better 2 way players in the game IMO. You gotta give to get.

    • Keep Kesler, if you’re serious about wanting RyJo and a first. #1) Doug MacLean hasn’t been the Jackets’ GM for years, so there’s no one in the front office stupid enough to trade RyJo. #2) Kesler isn’t worth RyJo & a first. #3) If Kesler were to come to Columbus, the he’d have to spend most of his time hiding from R.J. Umberger. Either that, or they’d have to pound each other senseless.

    • Patrick you are seriously overrating Kesler. The guy is a total Band-Aid. His offense has gone down since he did that whole show against the Preds. A first and a midlevel prospect is more what you should be aiming for IMO.

  4. Girardi to the Ducks for a 1st:
    Callahan to the psychiatrist to cure his Delusions of Granduer:
    Kesler to the Wings for a 1st or Tatar:
    St. Louis to the Leafs for Kadri and Gardiner or Kulemin: Shticky, I didn’t want to propose that trade but…..lol

    • Girardis value is much greater than the 30th overall draft pick. That isn’t even gonna get a sniff from Sather. Girardi even as a rental is much higher than a late 1st rounder. This guy can play 30 minutes a night, and has a ton of playoff experience.

      • @NYR4LIFE, not trying to start an argument but it’s a trade that could happen if he’s not signed, as far as Sather goes, he called Stevie Y and offered Callahan straight up for St. Louis which inevitably ended in a quick hangup. If Girardi is that valuable to the team they should sign him. IMO.

        • Girardi’s value to NY is tremendous. However that doesn’t mean they would give him away for a 30th-29th first round pick. They know they could easily get a much better return from Boston, Pitts, Washington etc. And actually from all the reports today, it was Stevie Y calling Sather….Not the other way around…. ” It now appears it was Yzerman who reached out to the Rangers and not the other way around, but the Bolts GM won’t accept an offer of Ryan Callahan straight up for his captain.”

          • TB should just keep him then. no way i would give up youth for a 38 yr old

        • Yes they should sign him, but did anybody ever think maybe he wants out of New York, doubtful but just maybe.Theres plenty of time till July 1 but IMO if he and Callahan were so valuable to the team shouldn’t they be signed by now.

        • Sorry Thunder Girardi for a 27th-30th overall pick (Depending on how the season finishes).

          • @Jes, yeah, I didn’t think of that, he’s definitley worth more than a first.

      • Remember, the Ducks also have the Senators 1st this year to trade out.

        • The ducks have a pretty good thing going right now. Not sure bringing anyone else in would benefit them all that much.

    • St. Louis is too old and would never waive to go to To. This one is easy….lol

    • Maybe Girardi for Jakob Silverberg could work

      • Silfverberg ++ maybe

    • Or Callahan to Toronto for Kadri and Gardiner

      • LOL hell no!

        • And your reasons are… Kadri and Gardiner are both young and we could mould them into the type of players NY want to have. Better we get something now for Cally than let him go for nothing. And i believe bringing MSL to Newyork solves nothing,aging small forward no thanks

          • No my reasons are Callahan is not worth it. Toronto has enough grit and leadership of the overpriced variety and as a pure rental he deffinately is not worth Kadri lmo let alone Kadri and Gardiner.

        • Agreed, hell no.

      • @ Sheldon

        So Kesler is not worth Mantha and Detroits first, but then you propose Callahan ( UFA at season end) for Kadri and Gardiner….?

        Confused by your earlier comments about over valuing

    • I think Girardi would fetch a smidge more than that, maybe not tons more but hes as steady as they come… Way too much for MSL, good player but just a backwards move IMO, In regards to the leafs getting him… Girardi would be worth putting more effort into trading for than MSL. And lets be honest, not just as a fan of the Leafs, but just a fan of the game in general, Kesler is 100% what the leafs need whether people like talking about it or not… but too many pieces have to fall into place in regards to Kadri and more importantly, Bolland now. Van knows first hand how effective Bolland can be but like i said, way too many pieces to play out effectively. Detroit makes a ton of sense also

    • As a Ducks fan I’d take Girardi for a first. It won’t happen though, last I heard Rangers and Girardi were only $ 200-$300,000 apart. That’s peanuts in this day in time.
      I’m betting that they come to any agreement by next Monday and he stays in NY.
      Sather would be nuts to lose him over a few hundred thousand $$$$.

  5. How the heck can you be aggressively listening? “AhHH! TELL ME MORE! NOW!”

  6. Andrew Macdonald shouldn’t be worth a first, but someone once gave up a first for Chris Campoli (hello there, Bryan Murray) so it only takes one sucker.

    • MacDonald’s worth a first in a weak draft like this year. But just straight up nothing else added. Somewhere in the 20’s.

  7. How badly can Yzerman screw up?….all he had to do is put his foot down and say I want the defending Art Ross winner on this team- its a non negotiable…and he didnt. After initial team was announced it was even said that injury replacements would be Neal and Giroux…something changed…desperation from Yzerman? In the short time he has been there I dont see what makes him an “elite GM” and one to be considered the best choice to lead a national team. He actually botched the Stamkos negotiation by not getting him past 27…the Lindback trade….OVERRATED and I loved him as a player.
    How do you insult one of your teams best players like that and expect him to be ok with it….

    • Im not sure it was an insult. Particularly the way St. Louis responded with his play after he was picked Im not sure he looked right on the team. The team of guys (gms and coaches) picking that team know a thing or 2. About winning. Most other players didnt take it as being disrespected as not making that team. I am kinda disappointed in St.Louis Ive always liked him as player, never heard anything bad about him, but thats changed now. If you whined about not making team Canada and had a fit and demanded a trade I wouldnt want nothing to do with you on my team.

      • To any other player on any other team- it shouldnt be a slap. However to a guy who just won the scoring title – has been one of the most consistent scorers in the league the past 4 or 5 years AND has just carried your team without Stamkos- it should be. I dont blame St Louis at all..if anyone should know your value its your own GM. Would it really have been a big deal to announce him to the roster ahead of Duchesne or Sharp- he was one of the hottest players in the league. I like your posts Shticky but have to disagree on this one…unwise move by Yzerman..sorry..

        • I dont give a rats ass he won the scoring title Giroux is a great player hear him whine? Subban won the Norris and was the 7 th D hear him complaining about minutes? Its team Canada its an honor to be in the running to be on the team thanks for the opportunity yada yada yada and keep your trap shut. How did the team do who picked the guy who will easily win the scoring title this year do?

          • Sorry I mean the Richard title.

          • No, but Giroux’s team’s owner sure whined for him.

            Subban has nothing to do with this conversation. Subban not getting minutes is a whole different subject.

            It’d be pretty humiliating if your own GM of the team that you have now played for many years knowingly passed on you when this could very well be your last chance at making the Olympic team and players like Kunitz (Basically got picked because of Crosby) get picked for the team. No other player was really in the same boat as St. Louis considering it was his GM who passed on him. So he reserves the right to be angry about that. But everyone has there opinions.

          • Sorry forgot to add that I’d be pissed but I would’ve kept it to myself.

            So in conclusion I do agree with you Shticky to an extent but St. Louis did have a right to be angry with Yzerman more then the other players not selected should’ve been.

      • Schticky….Agreed, everyone is blaming Yzerman but it’s Marty who is acting like a suck. This is team Canada, check your ego at the door. All I heard from people was how Canada was going to lose because St Louis wasn’t chosen but Carter was. Well Carter was one of Canada’s best forwards and St Louis didn’t do a damn thing at the Olympics, and now is screwing Yzie and the Lightning over, as there is no way they get full value for him.

      • Agree 100%

        Pi$$ poor attitude over a tournament.

        Plus he’s the captain..their leader….to demand a trade because a team decision was made to not include him.

        MSL was invisible at the Olympics. He was a wasted spot.

        • I agree with Gary.

        • “MSL was invisible at the Olympics. He was a wasted spot.”

          He wasn’t the only one invisible in the Olympics for Team Canada. Basically the defense and goaltending showed up rest didn’t minus Carter for that one game.

      • Totally agree with you, Shticky (and all you other fellow agree-ers). I love St Louis, but he’s acting like a little B on this one.

        What I also love is:

        A. I demand a trade!
        B. I demand who that trade is to!

        I’m not sure you get to have it both ways, buddy. If you want out, you can’t demand the ONE team you get to go to. If I’m Yzerman, I’d say, “Then you’re not getting traded, simple as that.” St Louis has the NMC, but Yzerman doesn’t have to trade him at all!

        I wonder if he’s also going to tell Yzerman what he is supposed to be traded for! LOL “You will trade me, and it’s going to be to the Rangers for Hagelin, a 3rd rounder and a d-man prospect!”

  8. IF Kesler is traded, they will actually get a nice return in terms of a quality draft pick, and a nice youngster and a good “now” vet, but it is clear to me that the Canucks are not in a position of strength in this departure and for the Canuck fans to think this is “rosy” goodbye, by all means it is not. Kesler will get to decide on the group of teams, and when you start with that, you limit teams that are WILLING to go that deep into their system even if it is for a great player like Kesler.
    I belive Kesler knows as a UFA he can pick a contender and even contenders are not given their best kids up where they gut their future (like the Canucks did by having few prospects).

    When I read the daily reporst on how teams like the Red Wings “could” sent Nyquist and other rosetred youngster for this guy and that guy, I don’t fall for it…these teams are not stripping their developing pros for veterans, it just is not how they have done business in the past…and MOST teams now follow that tredn to not trade developing players unless they have lots of warts and are already view as low end non-impact guys.

    In two years, the Salary cap will be at 125 mil and ALLOW even the top echelon teams the money to take on the Kesler contract ( a reasonable 5 mil until the end on 2016).

    MOST NHL TEAMS WOULD BE CRAZY NOT TO RECOGNIZE THE ON AND OFF ICE VALUE Ryan Kesler has, and few would not pick up the phone.

    But at this juncture during the latter part of 2014 (with good teams close to no cap room),
    a servicable pro and promising prospect is the return,
    not”close to impact” NHL player and top prospect.

    • How and why did you come up with 125 mil cap in two years. Just a tad high don’t you think. That would mean the floor would be to high for a dozen teams to even think about icing a team.

      • 2 years 76-78 mill for the cap considering the rate of growth this year and the cap rising nearly 7 mill in one. With all those outdoor games Im not sure expecting 7-8 mill jumps in years is actually feasible over 2-3 years in a row. Now by the next time the new cba rolls around I could see 100 million as a possibility but 125 is way way high.

        • Agree with Shticky. Way to high. $100 million sounds about right, minus a few $$$$.

      • New HNC contract, outside revenues, etc…
        Don’t question, just watch….

    • Funny I speak my piece about Kesler holding the cards, and at noon, TSN legal analyst Eric Macramalla, says the same…smaller return when the player holds the cards.

      The new revenues are goping to bump it in the stratosphere…don’t question it, just watch

      • 3 words….Sagging Canadian Dollar
        It may jump 3 mill or so with that tv deal but it wont jump 35 mill. At 88 cents on the dollar that TV revenue you are talking about goes from 4.9 billion to 4.5 even tho the deal is 5.2 billion Canadian. Its almost a difference of 500 million dollars att 88 cents which is still a relatively strong Canadian dollar compared to where it has been in the past. You are counting your eggs way to soon and making way to high an evaluation saying the cap is going to jump 50 %. Of what it is now in just 2 years.

        • Well said Shticky.

  9. Re: St. Louis
    No one can dney what he brings night in and night out.
    Steve Yzerman and his Team Canada staff made decisions, and feeling got hurt.

    I, for one, see Yzermans stepping down from his Olympic managerial duties as a way to let Marty St. Louis that he was sorry, but part of a managerial team, but he wasn’t gonna get caught in that situation again.

    Out of respect for a player who has been with you that long and WON a Cup there, I think you try to iron things out but if Marty St. Louis is set, you take the loss.

    And again it will be a trade where the return is not commensurate his presnet value to his Tampa club. He is 38 years old and the team getting him will be happy to pay next season’s 5.625 mil but is gonna be leery of getting in bed with Marty on another longer deal.
    So that means the Rangers or ANY NHL club are GOING to offer soon to be UFAs and lesser prospects, NOT BOTH, or more UNLESS they are going to throw all their chips on the table that St. Louis makes their NHL close to the best contender for the Cup…and not sure (as I said above) the top Cup challengers are handing over their rostered salaried Cup players to ADD Marty….

    • Seriously?? You think Stevie Y stepped down to say sorry to St Louis? Not in a million years.

      • Agreed, he just needs to concentrate on his TB managing duties.

  10. This time of year is especially irksome to me. Hockey fans have to listen to stories on TSN from guys like Bob Mackenzie about players being traded here, players being traded there. The story about Ryan Kesler was really over the top.

    I wonder how much of this story Mackenzie makes up? How much has he actually heard from real sources about a possible trade involving Kesler. I get the real impression that Mackenzie goes through team rosters, picks a name and runs a story. It seems impossible that he could have heard from a reliable source that Vancouver is interested in trading Kesler, and more impossible that the teams and players he talks about in return for Kesler would confirm their interest.

    It really is all made up to fill time on air.

    As for the Leafs involvement, that was completely made up by Darren Dreger “as the dark horse” in the “Where will Ryan Kesler end up” segment last night on TSN.

    When will these guys stop the rumor mongering – in this case completely making it up – and start reporting actual stories?

    • MacKenzie doesn’t make things up. If guys like MacKenzie and Dreger made up stories and claimed to have sources, all of their real sources would disappear in an awful hurry. The “dark horse” statement is simply Dreger thinking outloud and stating the obvious – every team in need of a center would be in on Kessler, and Toronto is very often mentioned as being in on these types of conversations. He didn’t say “I’ve heard from a reliable source that Toronto is talking with Vancouver”
      These guys do have an ear on the inside, but that doesn’t mean that everything they discuss is going to happen.
      Also – you’re on this site reading about trade rumours, so obviously it works on you, right?

      • In last night’s commentary regarding Kesler, Bob Mackenzie did not even state that he heard from sources that Kesler was in play. The whole piece sounded like Mackenzie was musing aloud. Do I want to hear Bob Mackenzie’s musings? Absolutely not. It comes off as cheap sound bites designed to fill a few minutes on TSN.

        What I want to hear are the rumors that reporters and pundits can trace back to sources on the inside. That is something altogether different. There is a huge difference between Mackenzie’s off the top of his head speculation, and rumors that can be reported to actual sources. I find Mackenzie’s comments of no value when it comes to discerning what trades are actually in play, which are hypothetical and which are pure fantasy. The whole Kesler thing at this point is Mackenzie and fantasy.

        I am not on this website because of TSN and Mackenzie, so no, they didn’t work on me.

        And yes, Dreger did make up the comment on the Leafs as the darkhorse in a hypothetical trade situation involving Kesler. And if you read Schticky’s very first post, “Oh gawd no…. cue Kessler to the Leafs lol” those types of comments have a habit of gaining a life of their own.

    • How about when people stop watching and listening and responding?

    • Bob Mackenzie is like the MOST reliable guy about rumors and such. He’s got real guys on the inside that give him the scoop. Eklund and those hockeybuzz guys are the ones who you have to look out for. He’s actually usually always the first to report anything true. Like St. Louis demanding a trade or Pominville giving a list of 8 teams to Buffalo to explore a trade. If you don’t want to hear “musings” of the analysts on TSN why don’t you change the channel during he intermission?

      Also I’ll ask you the same thing Leafssssss did; why are you on this site? This site is all about “musings.”

  11. The hard part about St. Louis is figuring out his true motivation for wanting to be traded:

    If it is ill feelings with Yzerman and how he has been treated he would be less selective with destination.

    If it is about playing for a contender this year, he is already with a strong team, so that is almost a wash.

    If it is about finishing his playing years close to the Connecticut area where his wife is from, the Rangers are one option, and in terms of being on a contender and close to the Connecticut area it is the best, but I am going to throw out another suggestion and duck. The Islanders. Yes I know the Islanders are 15 points behind the Rangers and a loss for this year, but if location is the highest motivation, the Islanders would probably extend him for another 7 years so he could play with Tavares, and they have the cap space. And if you are going to exchange goal scorers, does that work for Vanek, being able to play with Stamkos when he returns? I know there would be other parts involved, but do the Lightning want another very expensive hard playing injury prone centre to hold a spot until Stamkos returns, or a goal scorer to be on his wing when he returns and play for another 5 to 7 years together? Both are rentals for this year, but both have valid reasons for moving, and staying. This could make sense especially if the Islanders are able to use McDonald to help get an upgrade in net. Preparing to be lit up in 5..4..3…2…1.

    • @Murph, JMO, but no team is going to sign MSL to a 7 year contract, he’s 38 years old and not many player’s can play or want to play into their 40’s and be effective. Vanek will more than likely sign a 7 year deal but he’s only 30. I can’t see many teams ponying up what the Islanders want for Vanek to be a rental, they may get nothing, Snow will more probably have to take something instead of what he really wants/needs.

    • 7 years????? EEEK! He will be getting his AARP card and still playing?

  12. I would LOVE to see Chris Stewart go to Montreal. I’m not sure if the Habs have anything to offer in exhange but he is exactly the type of player this team has been crying for the past several seasons.
    Make this rumour catch on!

    • Never happen. They do not have anything real to offer the Blues. Sorry to say.

  13. how about kesler to the flyers. clarke tried to sign him to an offer sheet years ago and i imagine there is still interest there. how about a package including the schenn brothers for kesler and edler?

    • Ya had me till you threw in Edler. Schenns for Kessler? Hmmm maybe…

      • all depends if van is still interested in trading edler , philly would obviously have to sweeten the pot a little. Kessler, simmonds and lecavalier on 2nd line, NICE…. draft in philly this year …they will set themselves for a couple of deals for that day to make a hometown splash.

        • Huge overpayment for an injury prone center…especially when we are deep at center.

          The Flyers need a true number one dman, more than a Kesler type player.

          • The deep at center is a good point not sure Kessler fills any needs in Philly.

  14. If the Rangers could swap Richards+? for St Louis and Callahan for Kesler…keep Girardi…but won’t happen.

    • Would love to keep Girardi but talks are going south.. Cally and Girardi to Van. for Kesler and Bieska or Edler, could work

      • Again I think you are over valuing Callahan by quite a bit he is not a 5-6 million dollar guy and as a rental knowing thats his demands he is not going to land a huge return. Girardi has more value imo, but together as a package 2 ufas are not going to get a top pairing D man and a very good second line center, what would happen if they both walked Gillis would look like a moron, and really he would have very little, next to no leverage in negotiations with them.

  15. If there’s any way that the Kings can land Kesler by the deadline, they should do it. He’s exactly the type of player the Kings need.

    • Yep but got a feeling that he would be expensive and I doubt Kings want to break up current lineup so they would have to give up youth. Forberg / Pearson / Pick ?

      • Then salary would be an issue.

  16. Stevie Y is solely to blame for this whole situation. Marty has been everything you could ever hope for in a player and much more! We all know he’s the defending Art Ross winner, team Captain and he’s single-handedly carried the Lightning this year since Stammer went down but that’s not enough for your own GM?!? The real victims here are Tampa’s fans! He has every right to feel unappreciated by the franchise he’s given absolutely everything for!

    • Right On!!!

  17. Kessler and Hansen to the Blues for Stewart and Berglund.

    Elder, Diaz and Weber to the Rangers for Girardi and Klein.

    • “Elder, Diaz and Weber to the Rangers for Girardi and Klein.” Not happening.

      • Why not?

        • That’s way to much pretty much for just Edler. Weber and Diaz are paper weight IMO. Edler’s not as good as you are portraying him to be. I’d probably take Klein over both Diaz and Weber.

          • I agree Jes. Outside of Elder there is nothing to that trade. The Rangers just gave MDZ away to get Klein, Initially I thought the Rangers could get a little more than a Klein for MDZ. However, after watching Klein he was exactly what they were looking for and needed. His salary cap hit is pallet-able for the next few years. If there is ANY chance they are losing Girardi, they aren’t going to add to the problem and ship Klein out with him. Not to mention the Rangers are carrying 7 Roster D-men all year, Why would they want to carry 8?

  18. PFP (Potential Firestorm Post!):

    I’d say there is NO WAY the Canucks are trading Kesler. But if they are, I think the Canucks might not be better for it, long-term.

    Kesler is a great hockey player, but I’m not sure he’s the player he was. As patrick noted above, he was totally unbelievable against the Preds that year, all-world for sure. But I note than in his past 16 playoff games he has 2 goals and is a horrific -9.

    In fact, outside of the Nashville series, his career playoff stats are 51GP, 7G, -4. Not exactly mind-blowing. (and before anyone says “he plays the tough defensive matchups”, that’s true… but they’re paying him $5M to score some goals, too!)

    He has a pretty big attitude, which makes him be a great hockey player – but also can cause friction with coaches, as it has done more than once. And if he did demand a trade? Further fuel.

    As a GM, I’d want him on my hockey team. 100%. Absolutely. And at $5M, he’s still a steal. But if the Canucks *were* to trade him, I actually think it might not be such a bad thing for the club!

    Bring on the flaming… haha

    • Queue the Bolland for Kesler rumours? That’s an E5

    • * I meant, “might BE better for it”. So… the exact opposite of my thesis statement. lol

  19. To Detroit; Ryan Kesler

    To Vancouver; Stephen Weiss
    Anthony Mantha
    Landon Ferraro

    • Gillis if he has half a brain in his head wants no part of Weiss for the rest of that contract and I’m not sure the Wings would give up 2 of their better forward prospects with an aging group. IMO it would need to be more of a hockey deal for the Wings. This deal doesnt make a whole bunch of sense from either perspective.

      • It actually makes plenty of sense for both teams. Ferraro hasn’t developed quite as planned ( 3 seasons in AHL ), he’s from BC and a fresh start might be what he needs. Yeah Mantha is a high end prospect that would be tough to give up but you have to give up something to get something and giving up Mantha do get rid of Weiss but be something Detroit is willing to do. I’m guessing Vancouver would jump at the chance to get Mantha even if it meant dealing Kesler, and Weiss is 30 and may be worth the risk at 4.9 million especially when the cap rises. Kesler from being from Michigan and having Datsyuk and him as your 1 and 2 centres would be awfully enticing for Detroit, plus Detroit has lots of young guys on the roster that have done well this year like Nyquist (24), Tatar (22), Andersson (24), Sheahan (21) and Jurco (20). The deal makes nothing but sense and I don’t see how you could get more of a hockey deal. You can’t be too quick to judge.

        • Im sure there is a better deal out there if by your own words Weiss is a risk Ferarro hasnt worked out as planed and Mantha from the perspective of the Canucks and Mantha (so basically Mantha for Kessler? No thanks) is probably the one or 2 only high ceiling type almost sure top line prospects the got on. A team with Datsyuk Alfredsson Kronwall and Zetterberg being the only players over 30 points and all in the twilight of their career I understand Nyquist and Tartar are going to be good but a team needs some depth and a few years down the road the Wings are going to be in trouble if the give away youth for more vets. I understand that the wings may want a center but What about a package around a good D man like DeKyser?who is good but the Wings have a stockpile of good D upcoming more than top notch forwards anyway and with Edler probably on his way out there could be room for a good young cost controlled D man. No one is going to take anykind of offer with Weiss seriously.

          • Trading Mantha is hardly trading away their youth, and yep in my own words Weiss is a risk, a risk that perhaps Detroit wants to move, but maybe a risk that Vancouver is willing to take off their hands if it means they get Mantha, and who know Weiss could rebound and be a decent 2nd line center for 4.9 mil. Yes that’s right Ferraro hasn’t worked out as planned, which is why a fresh start in his home province might be just what he needs. No way they trade DeKyser when every rumour you hear about Detroit has them looking for D-man. I agree with the Wings needing some depth which is why I suggested Kesler and the age of the Red Wings is way over blown their average age is like 28 years old the same as 11 other NHL teams and again they have some really good talent on the roster like Nyquist (24), Tatar (22), Andersson (24), Sheahan (21) and Jurco (20) who maybe don’t have more than 30 points this year but what do you expect when you have the tops lines that Detroit does getting the minutes that they do.

    • Wow really?

      Why would Detroit do this? Makes no sense in acquiring a Band-Aid of a player in Kesler for two of your very best prospects. Weiss I think they wish they never signed.

      • Ferraro is hardly one of their best prospects, and I wouldn’t say Kesler is quite at the Band-Aid stage yet, plus if he is available there will be teams lining up to try and aquire him.

  20. @ Thunder and NYI4LIFE,

    I would not sign Marty to 7 years, but Garth might. This franchise makes a habit of long term signings that do not make sense when the think they have hit paydirt. Alexei Yashin. Rick DiPietro. And Marty has been and is more dependable than either of those two. Likely will not happen, but…

    • I wouldn’t mind it on one of those fluctuating contracts. Like first year or two pay him 5-6 and then gets lower and lower from there on.

  21. St. Louis needs to get over himself. I can’t believe somebody that has had to battle so hard to get where he is today is acting like such a spoiled brat. Its no wonder he and Tim Thomas are best friends they are perfect for each other.

  22. It’s a very risky business to offer a first draft pick for a defensemen who is UFA at the end of this season. But who knows really ? If a contender team feel that MAcdonald could be sign through couple of years at a reasonable price and be valuable for a playoff run… Why not ?

    Pittsburgh, Detroit, Saint Louis or either Colorado could be a good fit for a minute muncher and blocking shot machine like Macdonald.