NHL Morning Rumor Mill (Part One) – June 29, 2013.

Updates on Vincent Lecavalier, Kris Letang, Sergei Bobrovsky, Braydon Coburn, Rich Peverley and more.

CALGARY HERALD/MONTREAL GAZETTE: George Johnson believes it would be a step in the wrong direction for the Flames to pursue Vincent Lecavalier (he also doesn’t want the Flames to pursue Daniel Briere, Mike Komisarek or Ilya Brygalov). Pat Hickey doesn’t believe Lecavalier would be a good fit with the Montreal Canadiens, believing the time has passed where the ageing Lecavalier could’ve helped the Habs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with both pundits. The Flames are in the midst of a massive roster rebuild, and adding Lecavalier won’t help them at all. Not that I believe Lecavalier would be interested in joining the Flames, but if he were, Feaster should pass and focus on rebuilding with affordable youth. As for the Canadiens, yes, I know, the idea of Lecavalier in a Habs jersey is a sexy one for many Canadiens fans, but his addition would be similar to when they added Alex Kovalev nearly ten years ago. Like Lecavalier, Kovalev was a talented, popular but ageing veteran, who ultimately did nothing to make the Canadiens a Cup contender.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Rob Rossi reports the math isn’t adding up for the Pittsburgh Penguins to re-sign defenseman Kris Letang, who recently rejected a eight-year deal worth $7 million per season, seeking instead $7.75 million per.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As more than one observer has suggested, this is starting to feel like Jordan Staal’s situation all over again, and we all know how that ended.

Blue Jackets not shopping Sergei Bobrovsky.

Blue Jackets not shopping Sergei Bobrovsky.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH’s Aaron Portzline reported via Twitter the Blue Jackets aren’t considering trading Sergei Bobrovsky’s rights, remaining intent on re-signing the RFA goalie.

STLTODAY.COM/BND.COM:  The St. Louis Blues are considering their options regarding their goaltending. The Blues currently have Jaroslav Halak, Brian Elliott and Jake Allen, and could consider moving one of them for depth at another position, or perhaps swap one for an established starter (Buffalo’s Ryan Miller, Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo, Anaheim’s Jonas Hiller). The Philadelphia Flyers have reportedly expressed interest in Halak.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s also possible they could move one of those goalies for a defenseman or forward, then make a separate deal to bring in another established starter. Or, they could do nothing at all. Hopefully, we’ll have the answer very soon.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli reports Flyers defenseman Braydon Coburn has been floated recently in the rumor mill, linking him to the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames. Coburn has a limited no-trade clause in which he specifies which teams he’d accept being dealt to.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wait a minute, wasn’t the Flyers blueline depth supposed to have been among the reasons they missed the playoffs this season? So how does trading Coburn improve it? The addition of Mark Streit on his own doesn’t magically make the Flyers blueline better, nor should it make Coburn expendable, unless they’re bringing in a better d-man as his replacement. 

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa believes the likely scenario for the Bruins to free up cap space to re-sign their key free agents is to trade forward Rich Peverley ($3.25 million).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Peverley could be dealt as early as this weekend.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Bryan Murray has so far been unable to move up in the opening round of this year’s draft. The asking price has been high, as Garrioch reports one team wanted the Senators to part with Kyle Turris and their first round pick to move up in the draft order.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports the Detroit Red Wings will explore the option of signing Vincent Lecavalier but won’t get into a bidding war for his services. Panthers center Stephen Weiss, Minnesota’s Matt Cullen and New Jersey’s Patrik Elias are other options. The Wings are also interested in Jarome Iginla, but don’t appear to be interested in Nathan Horton or David Clarkson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sounds like the Wings would prefer experienced talent they can sign to shorter-term deals (two or three seasons) rather than younger stars who’d seek five to seven years.

TWINCITIES.COM: Chad Graff reports the Minnesota Wild could consider a buyout for defenseman Tom Gilbert ($4 million) if unable to find a trade partner.


  1. Honestly, I just want this Letang situation solved already. It’s the same deal with Staal. Put him on the market, and trade to the highest bidder. I’m confident he will get a gigantic return. If he doesn’t want to take $7 million for nearly a decade to be on a consistent cup contender with the 2 best players in the world, he should be moved. Maybe I’ve just accepted the fact that Letang is gone, and just want him moved already.

    • He didn’t help matters by being a turnover machine against the Bruins … plus, he’s not physical and somewhat injury-prone … I am a Pens fan as well, but want to caution you about your expectations … a gigantic return? I would want multiple draft picks to restock the system and offer Rob Scuderi a 3 year deal to return … and Bylsma needs to start playing all of these up and coming young defensemen that have been highly touted … this core of d-men have proven that they can’t compete beyond a few playoff rounds …

      • Yes, he would get a massive return. Think of something like the Carter trade as a comparable. A top-6 C/W for a young top-6 W and a top-10 pick. A top-4 D for a young top-4 D and a top-10 pick. I still think Letang for Schultz and the #7 pick makes a ton of sense, but I don’t know if they would trade Schultz 1 year after winning the sweeps for him.

        • Would that ever P-off Schultz, after all he put the Ducks thru last year

        • Letang for the 7 and Schultz? Not happening why would the oilers do that? Again Letang plays with a stacked team which helps his numbers dramatically Schultz can move the puck and skate to and dosent cost nearly 8 million dollars a year They need to have cap room in the next few years to sign RNH Yaks already paying Hall and Ebs 6 mill Ganger RFA ,MPS RFA, and after next year they only have a hand full of guys under contract 8 mill will cripple the Oilers

          • Letang is what Schultz hopes he becomes. He probably won’t, because he doesn’t have the grit of Letang. And again, Letang is asking for $7.5 million a season. Get your facts straight. And it’s dumb to think the Oilers can’t keep Letang. at $7.5 million, if the Pens could keep him at $7 million with $19.2 combined to 2 players, the Oilers can keep Letang. For the start of the 14-15 season, their team would be (with a Schultz and the 7th trade):

            Gagner: $4.5 million
            Letang: $7.5 million
            Hall: $6 million
            Eberle: $6 million
            Yakupov: $3.75 million (still on ELC)
            Dubnyk: $4.5 million
            Smid: $3.5 million
            RNH: $5.25 million
            Petry and Paajarvi I’m not sure on, I’ll say $6 million total.

            So that’s




            That’s $48 million combined for 6 F, 4 D and a goalie. The cap by then will be around $68 million. That’s $20 million to get a 3rd and 4th line, a 2nd pair D, a 3rd pair D and a backup goalie. On the Pens at the start of last year, those added up to around $14 million dollars. It can easily be done.

          • So 20 mill to sign 10 players and no cap room left at all providing your numbers are right which you your self say your not sure about…Hmmm nope still can’t see it being Schultz and the 7 pick sorry

          • Did you even read the last paragraph? A good 3rd line costs $6 million or so and a good backup costs $2 million or so. You have $12 million to get a 4th line (which won’t be more than $3 million), a 2nd pairing D and a 3rd pairing D. If your GM isn’t an idiot with contracts, he could do it.

          • And I said I wasn’t sure on Paajarvi and Petry, the others are pretty easy to guesstimate. You’re just a homer.

          • I think to get maximum value for Letang now that Gms know the type of money he will be looking for in a long term deal you could maybe keep him to the trade deadline and watch the market go thru the roof for the guy as a rental. Who dosent want a guy like that going into the playoffs that they could just let walk if it dosent turn out…providing he is healthy this early in the year I can’t see his value being as high as you think with people knowing he just turned down a 7 mill extension.

          • I doubt MacTavish gives up the 7th overall in a really deep draft … plus, he keeps saying he wants the Oilers to get bigger … that isn’t Letang at all. I’d love to get Smid but I don’t see the Oil as players in the Letang sweepstakes. It will all be sorted out by tomorrow night.

          • Homer? I’m not the guy asking for some ones best D prospect (who is signed to a very affordable deal) plus a top 10 pick in a great draft year for a guy in a contract dispute over an 8 year 56 million dollar extension when he was giving pucks away like candy on halloween 3 weeks ago. Yes Letang is a very good hockey player I just think he is getting a little bit over valued by his agent and in turn Shero is now stuck having to deal him.

          • Sorry but no way jose
            The oilers will not make that deal they are the next penguins with all that talent they dont want 7.5 million dollar players that will do the same job schultz will do for half the price regardeless of the 7 th pick … lets be honest here if pitt isnt giving him .5 more and willing to trade him then hes not worth it period and honestly paying any defenceman that type of money is ridiculous 6 million tops maybe 6.5 but never 7 or more … also for everyone thinking pk is going to get that type money 7.5 is out of their mind unlike pitt mtl could tell him sign or sit because he’ll be a rfa if mtl signs him long term then 6 to 6.5 max nothing more …. letang should be traded to a garbage team like nashville or colombus and see how that works for him but i think the islanders will get him and nidderrator will be packaged in since they lost
            Streit and they have a lot of prospects and could afford to over pay

      • I think Bylsma will get a wake-up call on what Letang will fetch and what GM’s will be willing to give up. Considering what the Pens are up against with regards to the cap, all other 29 GM’s will wait it out like they have with Vancouver and the Louongo situation for a much more reasonable deal. Time is Pitts enemy.

        • “But i think the islanders will get him and nidderrator will be packaged in since they lost Streit and they have a lot of prospects and could afford to over pay.”

          True, the Isles have a surplus of prospects and youth but, Snow will not spend silly money or deplete his prospect pool on Letang.
          Also, the Isles have a lot of D coming up in the next 3 seasons and they do not want to deviate from their rebuild from within plan.

  2. Letang needs to move. The idea of having so many puckmovers on the blueline was truly a detriment in the later rounds of the playoffs, and it also showed against Philly last year… What PIT would be wise to do would be cut ties with Letang, bolster the blueline with some stay-at-home minute eaters, and re-sign Dupuis/re-up Brooks Orpik.

    I’m fairly certain that Letang will bring a good haul of players/prospects/picks, and with the contracts of Crosby, Malkin and Flower, signing Letang at over 7m/yr is cap suicide.

    • There were rumors (just rumors) that said that Letang could go to Edmonton for a package including Smid, which would be nice. He’s under a fantastic contract as well, and he’s a good shutdown D.

  3. Reports Cory Schneider in Play ……and the Oilers are perfect trade partners …..

    Canucks have been seeking a true center for some time now and it would make sense to swap Shnieder for Gagner and Edmontons first Rounder this year maybe other pieces may include some quality Defense Canucks have that they are shopping and Edmonton is searching for also !!

    This would be a perfect trade for both teams !

    As a side note …Gagners father is high up in Vancouver organization……this could come together !

    • Gagner is a free agent so I wouldnt do that deal unless I knew forsure he would sign to a 4 – 5 year contract. If I was VAN I would want Elberle and maybe a 2nd.

      • As stated Gagners father is in the organization and it could be a sign and trade

        • You can’t sign a player and then trade him. That is an NBA move.

          • Yes you can. Why can’t you? The new 8 year deals from your own team and 7 in FA are encouraging sign and trades.

          • Unless it changed in the new CBA, teams weren’t allowed to trade a player right after signing them. I can’t think of one instance ever where it has happened in the NHL.

      • From an Oiler perspective I wouldn’t trade Eberle straight up for Schneider let alone adding a 2nd round pick. Why pay that much when they could potentially sign Bryz or Emery without sacrificing any assets?

        Gagner for Schneider straight up might be fair but Canucks would want a new contract in place for Gagner and the Oilers would have to have a new 2nd line center in place from trade or free agency as they don’t have one in their system.

        • First off Schnieder is worth way more than a 2nd round pick. Eberle they won’t get. But he’s worth more than Gagner alone. But Schneider to Ed would be stupid for van to do. Trade him out of conf.

        • @Mawman. Sorry I read your statement wrong. Yes Eberle and a 2nd is to high for Schneider. And I can’t see Eberle being traded from ed.

    • If Schneider is in play, Gillis is a dead man walking.

      • Agree with BC leaf fan

        • He’s would finally be doing something right. Trade Schneider. Improve the team. There isn’t much difference in both goalies really. Both are talented. But Luo gets nothing in return. Trade Schneider just not to Edmonton.

          • yes schneider is a good goalie… but i wouldn’t give that much up when you can just force gillis’ hand with the luongo situation. luongo has publicly stated he isn’t going to continue with this sharade next season so just be patient…. plus the 7th overall can give the oilers the defenseman in nurse or ristolatiaen that they desperately need…

  4. I like Bolland, he excels in the 3rd line role in CHI, but was pretty ineffective on the 2nd line. With Frolik and Kruger playing well in that role Bolland has become expendable. Imagine he made his way to VAN to play with the Sedins….I think with his salary and experience there should be a few suitors for him. I would take a 2nd round pick or a good prospect. I think at this stage in his career Lecavalier would execpt a lower salary for a chance to go to a contender. He just got a huuuge payout so money shouldnt be an issue. He would fit in nicely on the 2nd line in CHI for maybe same salary as Bolland. I like Leddy but his defensive game is pretty bad. He made a few to many mistakes in the playoffs. I think he would be a good sign and trade. He does have good potential and would probably be a top 3 or 4 on most teams.

    • Lecavalier did not get all that money upfront. Its spread out over 14 years. He might sign for slightly less to go somewhere he cares about, but he’s not gonna be like Redden or Gomez and sign for something tiny. He is still a solid player. The more money he makes right now the more he’ll make later being able to invest it now.

  5. Why would the Flyers trade for Halak? A guy with a 899 save percentage and who had run ins with the coach- sound familiar?

  6. Grabo is as good as gone now. He played well in the Boston series but was constantly pushed around and forced into mistakes with the puck. He tried as hard as he could, but I’m glad that he was kinda exposed. Should make getting rid of home easier.

    • Good as gone where? Trade? Buyout? Nobody will take Grab’s unless the Leafs retain salary which make it not worth moving him and a buyout isn’t an option on him this year. Leafs will give him the chance to bounce back and if not will buy him out next summer with a compliance deal.

      • I still think you could deal him and get something as long a a bad contract came back in the deal he is over priced right now but if it was just a bad year his contract might be reasonable in a year or 2. Grabo and Gunnarson and a second or third for Ryan Malone and Eric Brewer kinda thing maybe

        • I would think any team would want Grabo if they felt they were paying him $4M by having the Leafs retain salary or by sending a bad contract the other way. I just don’t see the Leafs wanting to do it. I figure Nonis will keep his second buyout provision for next summer and see how Grab’s does this year UNLESS he can trade him. No way I see him buying out Grabo this year…

          • Not disagreeing for sure he won’t be bought out this year, and like I said if a bad contract came back for him and some kind of package someone may send something we could use back even if it was a second round pick lots of bad contracts out there that are not necessarily getting bought out. Ryan Malone is a prime example. Gunnarson would be a cheaper younger alternative to Brewer the second to help them in the future we get a big D man for some depth and if he stayed healthy Malone can produce and would be cheaper then Clarkson same type player, saves them some money even tho they Take Grabo who could provide them with some scoring depth, they get younger with the pick and Gunnarson not that this is a deal I could see Nonis doing now but is an example how a contract like Grabo could be moved I think

          • Malone would look good here.

    • Leafs are going to have a hard time moving him and they should after that silly contract. I expect “Grabo” to be bought out or in a Leafs uni next season. Tough trade ahead…

  7. Only thing feaster should do is either draft with all three firsts or trade his two in 20’s to move up if possible. Sign some plugs and focus on a rebuild. No big UFA’s. Let Bad contracts run out in the next year or two.

    Its hard to tell what Vinny is going to do. I’d like to see him sign with a new team to finish out his career as I just don’t see the bolts getting that much better in the next few years so a return would not be ideal.

  8. Re: Calgary
    Can someone explain to me what’s going on in Calgary ? Heard yesterday that owner expects flames to make playoff’s next year, is that true ? If yes, what planet is he living on. Many of us have been saying for several years that they need to rebuild and finally they started the process this past trading deadline. What do they think that with their 3 #1 picks they will get Crosby, Chara and Lundqvist ready to go. And Fester implying he is willing to deal on one or more of his picks for an established player, what the hell is he thinking ? Have read that there is 40-60 quality players in this draft, use them and get at least 3 quality prospects and if possible trade the 22 or 28th pick for two high #2’s and maybe you can get 4 of the top 40.
    I get the feeling that Calgary will screw this up. Stuck on Stupid.

    • An owner can’t let the fans know he does not expect them to compete at all this year. Guy has to sell tickets still.

      • True, thought of that but don’t Flames sell out all games anyway ?
        Also, flame fans are not stupid they know this will take time.
        Owner could have kept his mouth SHUT but this seems to me it COULD be a message to Fester than an assurance to the fans.

  9. I just hope the Flyers do their homework when it comes to adding players to the roster. They ignored Bryzgalov’s specter that he cast in the locker room. Irregardless of what Homer says, that factored in. Lyle, Coburn has reached his ceiling. He’s not a top 2 defender which is what the Flyers need. He’s way too inconsistent and they need to shed salary to make room for one if this this year or next year when a lot of contracts on defense expire.

  10. How about Schneider to BUF, NJ, NYI, PHI, FLO. They would all be better than to Ed or Cal.

    • LOL and would make a tone more sense but Gillis isn’t exactly sensible…
      Getting nervous?

      • Maybe Torts kicked Gillis in the ass to make a trade. I’ve been wanting Schneider traded for along time since it was obvious that they wouldn’t get anything for Luo. Schneider for B. Schenn or Couturier makes sense to me for both teams.

        • Yep

    • buffalo doesn’t make sense as we have plenty of goalies in the system….

      nj, phi, nyi and fla do make sense.

      but honestly IMO trade one of them to who ever gives you the best deal. gillis is a bafoon though. he’ll probably end up trading schneider for a nobody. i’m hoping that happens because i hate the canucks lol