NHL Morning Rumor Mill (Part Two) – February 25, 2014

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Would the Oilers be willing to part with Taylor Hall to acquire Shea Weber?

Would the Oilers be willing to part with Taylor Hall to acquire Shea Weber?

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson wonders what it would cost the Edmonton Oilers to acquire Shea Weber from the Nashville Predators. He notes the Predators lack a top-six forwards and two very good young defensemen in Seth Jones and Roman Josi. He speculates the Predators could ask for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or Taylor Hall as part of the return, and believes the Oilers first round pick is in play if they can’t land Barrie Colts blueliner Aaron Ekblad. Matheson also feels the Oilers could add a defenseman in the deal (except for Justin Schultz). He also guesses the Philadelphia Flyers will be bidding for Weber this summer, possibly offering Brayden Schenn and Jakub Voracek as part of the return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Predators won’t be shopping Weber by the trade deadline. If they do decide to move him (again, big “if”) it’ll be this summer. It could come down to a bidding war between the Oilers and Flyers, who really, really need a top defenseman. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL/EDMONTON SUN: Winger Ales Hemsky is expected to be skating on the Oilers second line when they face off against the Minnesota Wild on Thursday. Coach Dallas Eakins denies this is being done to showcase Hemsky for a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If he plays well it’ll certainly help his trade value. I think Hemsky’s Olympic performance (3 goals, 4 points) also helps. The Oilers might have to absorb part of his remaining salary to facilitate a deal.

CALGARY HERALD: Scott Cruickshank reports pending UFAs like Mike Cammalleri and Lee Stempniak heads the list of players the Flames could use as bargaining chips heading toward the trade deadline. The Flames would love to move defenseman Shane O’Brien, who carries a $2 million cap hit through next season. Cruickshank also suggests moving defenseman Dennis Wideman, signed through 2016-17 at a cap hit of $5.25 million, also wouldn’t hurt. Their untouchables list has expanded to include the recently re-signed Matt Stajan, improving center Mikael Backlund and rookie star Sean Monahan.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames were willing to re-sign Cammalleri but I’ll be very surprised if he decides to stay. They might get some interest in Stempniak, and maybe O’Brien. Good luck moving Wideman and that big-ass contract. Maybe in the summer but not now. 

CTV MONTREAL: Brian Wilde believes Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin faces a difficult decision over pending UFA defenseman Andrei Markov. He’s reportedly offered Markov a one-year, $6 million contract extension, but if the blueliner rejects it Bergevin must decide if he’ll trade Markov or keep him for the playoffs and hope to re-sign him before July 1.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens and Markov’s agent are still reportedly negotiating and no agreement has been reached. He apparently seeks a three-year deal. Whatever happens, I expect Bergevin won’t move Markov at the deadline.

NBC SPORTS: Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis would like to add a player to help Ryan Kesler but noted that could be an expensive proposition.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks don’t have sufficient assets to part with for a rental player, and they’ve also got too many underachieving forwards on expensive contracts.  Unless they move one of their defensemen for a top-six forward who’s also under contract beyond this season, I don’t think they can address their needs by the deadline.

TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger reports Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis doesn’t expect to make any major moves by the trade deadline. The imminent return of center Dave Bolland is akin to adding a player via trade at the deadline, only without giving up any assets in return.

TSN.CA: Dave Bolland, a pending UFA this summer, isn’t concerned over his contract status.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs were on a hot streak heading into the Olympic break and are coming out of it with a healthy lineup. What you see of their current roster is what you’ll get for the rest of the season, Leafs fans. Bolland won’t be moved at the trade deadline. Neither will Nazem Kadri or Jake Gardiner.


  1. I’d like to see the Leafs add Andrew MacDonald from the Isles. If they could arrange a contract for MacDonald before finalizing the deal, I think Franson and Leivo/3rd rounder could get the deal done. What would be even better is if Snow would be willing to go MacDonald for Clarkson (wishful thinking I know).

    • why would he be willing to pick up that abortion of a contract for MacDonald, who he won’t pay $5 million for per year.

      Another Franson offer….. Leaf fans..get over it. Franson is worth a draft pick. That’s it.

      Let me guess..lets try Reimer for MacDonald? Reimer is a back up who has only played 4 games since the middle of January, and has lost 2 of those games. He also has a GAA of 3.25…….ouch. Remind me how he is a top flite goalie with major potential?

      • Franson is in the top 30 (tied for 17 in assists) for points in D men leads the league in hits was in the top 10 last year yes he is not great defensively but a team looking for a d man who can lead a power play or needs production from the blueline would probably be willing to give up more than a draft pick for Franson. Again with the hate Gary…lol

        • Not hate Shticky.

          Look at the bigger picture..a dman that doesn’t play defence.

          It’s like a sniper that isn’t scoring.

          I don’t see anything special about Franson. He plays offenseively on a team.

          Franson has 27 points, yes..but is a staggering -14.

          Timonen has 19 points, but is an even 0 on +/-

          Does that mean that Timonen will garner a top flite player? Of course not.

          Again, I ask. If he is such a clutch player, who is a game breaker and top this and top that, why is he one of the first players named in any Leafs offer proposed by fans?

          He is a contract dispute about to happen, and does not play his position.

          Franson has played 58 games this year, and is at a 46.5 % points per game.

          Meszaros from Philly has played 35 games and has 16 points…and is a plus 3…his ppg: 45.7.

          Is Mes going to garnish you a MacDonald in the highly competitive trade market? No way.

          17 of Fransons points are on the PP….so he plays poorly in 5 on 5 situations. Not the kind of talent that is going to land a top player.

          Neither will Franson.

          Get over yourself Shticky…he is not that good.

          • Who said Franson was getting a “top flight” player?

          • @Shticky….

            I don’t like to bash. I like to talk real scenarios.

            Only Leaf fans come up with these ludicrous trades that are so one sided…

            I respond when I see a fan over valuing their player.

            I see you have no response to the Meszaros/ Franson comparison.

            Because you have no defense.against it. I say what I see..and I see a bunch of Leaf fans expecting big returns for average players. Numbers and facts prove what I say, and when you can’t defend what I have entered, you start bashing and name calling.

            Expect to be grilled with these stupid trade offers. It is not going to happen. The offer was actually Franson and either a third or Leivo for MacDonald..one of the hottest names in the trade deadline. I don’t see that happening. I stated why.

            I also jump on Hab and Canucks rumors…as their fans do the same thing. I am guilty of doing it with the Flyers….It is expected.

            If you where the NYI…would you take Meszaros and a third for MacDonald? or would you look for something that actually fills a need on your team.

            I am sure their will be better offers than that out there for MacDonald.

            ANd if the NYI main reason for trading MacDonald isn’t his play, but his future salary…why would they want Franson, who is going to ask for the same kind of dollar figure?

            Just don’t see it. Franson has points…big deal…he can’t play his position. And come playoff time..power plays opportunities are fewer and farther in between, and sound defensive play is at a premium.

            Franson does not fit that bill.

          • I didnt respond about Meszaros because he has absolutely nothing to do with the conversation, Im not comparing them, simply stating Franson is worth more than a pick. Not saying he is getting “top flight ” 40 goal guy or anything of the sort. He could land a third liner perhaps maybe a D man that plays more of a defensive role that could play in a 4-5 role, it wouldnt be the first hockey deal where an offensive D man was traded for a more defensive option to a team thats powerplay sucks. Whats not real about a scenario like that? Again Franson is worth more than a pick.

        • Franson is def not worth MacDonald and a 3rd. Try again my friend…

          • No one said Franson is worth McDonald and a third. The deal was Franson Levio and third for McDonald, and Im not saying anything about that deal Im saying Franson has more points than some teams have from a d man he is worth more than a pick. Gary just likes to bash.

          • Sorry Shticky forgot to correct myself. But no Franson and 3rd or Leivo will not get you MacDonald.

            He’s got 27 points so what? He plays on a very offensive team. Look at Ehrhoff he played on a very offensive team in Vancouver and when he came to Buffalo he has not been the same offensively gifted player. Highly unlikely Franson puts up those numbers on the Island.

          • I’m going to defend Schticky here. The Islanders would jump at the chance to a warm body with nice upside (Franson) for a guy they are certain to lose as a free agent. Franson would immediately become their PP QB. By the way, MacDonald is not as good as many of you make him out to be. Many Isles fans will be happy to see him go.

    • @leafsmedic I seriously doubt that even Garth Snow would go for that deal. He may consider it if it was the Leafs 1st in 2015 along with the spare parts you mention but that would only happen if he didn’t get better offers from someone else. Fanson is going to be a headache come contract time that I suspect few GMs are going to want to deal with. Leivo looks like a solid 3rd liner somewhere down the road.

      The Isles have one of the more highly coveted D men available at the deadline. There are a lot of teams looking for help on D and not a lot of sellers. I suspect the Isles will get a first round pick from someone for Amac or a very good looking prospect. If it were me I’d be asking the Bruins for Subban and offering Macdonald plus for him.

      • MacDonald (UFA) is definitely not worth Franson a first and Levio. I would think maybe a late first and a very good prospect or a good young affordable roster player some top team will probably over pay for him for a cup run, (really I think Subban and a second kinda makes some sense, but if bidding goes higher maybe a first)
        I understand people will be interested and someone may over pay but using Garys logic that a guy being -14 no matter any other stats is only worth a draft pick, MacDonald is -16.
        MacDonald is not a top pairing D manor even top 2. He is not worth a regular roster player a good prospect and a first round pick.

        • @shticky In some ways I agree. The thing that may boost his value is the shortage of available players and the number of teams looking. As an Isles fan I of course would love to see an overpay for him. I suspect the Leafs first would be mid to late in 2015 and don’t really see much value in the other two pieces. If the Isles could get Subban I’d be thrilled. I know that some Leafs fans love Franson, some don’t. The Leafs give up an unbelievable number of shots and haven’t been great on D. For these reasons I don’t know that a depth D man like Franson has a whole lot of value. The real value would need to be a pick or top flight prospect coming back.

          • POTVIN SUCKS!!!! Hahahahahaha… Just messin with ya styx!

      • you guys are making it sound like MacDonald is the next coming of Chris Pronger…..which he is nowhere close! You keep saying Franson is a headache waiting to happen come contract time….hate to break it to you but MacDonld is an UFA and is looking for 5 million a season….Franson is a RFA and will ask for 3.75 million a seaosn…4 million tops! He’s younger, can move the puck and hits!! the fact that the leafs would throw in Leivo and a 3rd would be more than enough to get that deal done….this coming from a Pens fan!

    • macdonald isn’t worth that much

      • Wow…I think some leaf haters here actually way under value Franson and way over value AMac…Neither of them are ever going to be superstars in this league. But each bring something to the table that the other team needs. Franson is a good PP QB, and AMac is a solid shot blocker. Its a hockey trade, not a franchise player for a bag of pucks deal. Franson would get the opportunity to play in AMacs spot on the Isles (top minutes) which he wouldn’t get in TO and could very easily pass the 45 pt mark regularly. AMac would take a more shutdown role in TO, and would return to his normal point totals of roughly 20/season.
        Because its a deadline deal, and would help shore the Leafs up for a playoff run, thet would have to give a little more than Franson. If any team is dumb enough to give up a first round pick ++ for an above avg Dman, having a good season, on a contract year….well have at er boys…AMac is all yours.

        • and Jes…seriously, if I was a ridiculous Leaf fan over rating my team, I would have brought Weber in the conversation.

          • Gary and Jes just bash, none of it makes sense. Franson (who is a little more cost controlled RFA) has more points is in the top 20 D men in points over the past 2 seasons, more hits and a better plus minus than MacDonald is only worth a draft pick, Yet somehow MacDonald (UFA seeking 5 mill) Who has less points worse plus minus less hits, is some how worth more than player a prospect and a pick. Ridiculous

          • I don’t just bash Shticky…

            There is a lot of info and solid stats in what I type out. I also look at the needs of other teams, and most Leaf proposed trades on this board make no sense for both teams. They only benefit the Leafs.

            I also bash Vancouver, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Ranger rumors also.

            Most just don’t make sense.

            You do overrate Franson.

            You are pulling some stats, but not the whole picture Shticky, and when you look at the whole picture on Franson…he just isn’t very good.

          • By saying a guy in the top 20 points for his position in the NHL is worth more than a draft pick? How is that over valuing? You cant be any more under valued unless you say you think he should be on waivers. MDZ got Klien Liles got Gleason who has looked good so far these are guys who were scratches most nights that got more than a draft pick yet Franson isnt worth that?
            You call his plus minus minus out as the reason for his low value and say he must be no good if someone mentions him in a trade scenario, well Kulikov dosemt have a great plus minus mentioned in trades once in a while think he is only getting a pick? What about Buf you honestly think he is only getting a pick if traded? Again MacDonald who you are lauding for being a “top flight player” is minus 16 and worth more than a player prospect and a pick, there is no balance to your opinion.
            Gary there is no getting around the fact that you under value Leaf players as much if not more than most of the crazy leaf fans over value them.

    • I know this blog is all in good fun so take my retort in jest when I say “Are you smoking something down in Mom’s basement there Leafsmedic???????
      First of all, Clarkson has not had a good year but neither did Dustin Brown when LA won the cup. Clarkson is the type of player teams look for going in to the playoffs.
      Don’t discount how he has been used vs. his own suspensions/injuries. A healthy Clarkson will be a huge plus.
      Franson/Leivo+ for MacDonald?? Seriously? Come on. It is that type of short term thinking that got the Leafs in trouble for the last generation.
      MacDonald offers us nothing that we are not already developing in our own system for cheaper money.
      Leivo will start with the Leafs next year when Kulimen leaves as a UFA. That succession planning is key in the salary cap world.

  2. You don’t give up one corner stone of franchise to get another. Hall, eberle & rnh are NOT goin anywhere. If yak, gags, prospects, picks and a roster d man aren’t enough to land weber then you have to look elsewhere and let someone else’s reserve get depleted. If weber is willing to go to oilers then there is not many teams able to have a return like oilers can. If philly is in mix one would have to think that pollie should be asking twice as much from philly considering the money and contract Nashville was almost forced into agreeing on weber. If I was Gm of preds, philly would have to give the world up to land weber. I like Edms chances better. The big ? Is will weber want to go to oilers. If gags doesn’t get moved at deadline I like to think that it’s because a deal like this one might be on the back burner til draft. IMO anybody’s guess where weber goes but he won’t be in Nashville this time next yr.

    • To answer your big question, Weber lacks a no-trade clause in his contract. So he doesn’t have a say on were he is traded to.

    • Weber doesn’t get any say in where he is traded.

      • Considering the Pronger mess, Edmonton will want to tread carefully and get the players input.

    • If Weber goes to the Oilers one of Hall, Eberle or RNH will be part of the deal. Yakupov is going through the sophomore slump so his value is down and Gagner is overrated by Oilers fans (if he’s that good why every Oiler fan wants to trade him? ). Even if you add prospects (Nurse?) and picks those two won’t land you Weber.

    • I do that deal all day long. Weber is probably one of the top 2 defensemen in the WORLD. Hall – scores points but sucks defensively. The hardest things to come by are centermen and defensemen of quality. Wingers are easier to come by.

      Weber >>>>>> Hall.

  3. Wouldn’t Nashville be smarter to keep Weber, arguably the best defence man in the world, and move one of their prospects to add scoring? Shea Weber is on track to have a Chris Pronger – type career. Why would you ever get rid of him?

    • I know it sounds foolish but look at all there top D prospects and compare that to an offensively starved team for awhile now. I’d do it if I were getting Eberle or Hall

  4. The only reason I could see Weber wanting to g

  5. The only reason I could see Weber wanting to go to EDM is the proximity to his hometown province BC. Besides that EDM is just garbage.

    • Doesn’t matter if he wants to go there or not, he doesn’t have any kind of protection against a trade in his contract. Well, the $$$s could be a kind of NTC I guess…

  6. I think the Oiler naysayers here are going to be surprised. Yes, they will get Weber this summer because the Oil have tremendous assets they’ll be willing to move for Weber. Yes, they will get him over the Flyers because the Flyers won’t be able to match their offer. And, yes, Nashville will trade him because, A: they’ll get so many pieces in return, B: they have Jones and Justi coming up, and C: that big ass contract of Weber’s handcuffs the Preds for a long time in the future….

  7. Poile is on record unequivocally stating there is no deal out there good enough to trade Weber, period. The Preds have already paid him the lions share of that big contract thanks to what the Flyers thought would be a poison pill. Based on his strong Olympic play, he’s tied in goals by defenseman yet is getting little Norris chatter, can you honestly imagine him being moved?? It’s an absolute fantasy that teams think they have what it takes to get him. I won’t even go in to what he means from a franchise value angle to the Predators.

    he’s not going anywhere.

    • GM’s lie man, wouldn’t be the first time.

    • Yes they’ve paid a lot already but still owe something like 80 mill over the next 12 years.. Still owed a lot of money for a budget team

  8. I can see the Oilers offering a package of Eberle, Gagner, the first pick, A dman like Petre maybe a prospect like Kleftbaum , but not Nug or Hall. The Oilers have been looking for a legit #1 center since they lost Doug Weight, now that they finally got one, I can’t see them giving him up. Hall on the other hand, is looking like the next big start of the Oilers. Mark Messier is grooming the kid and it looks like it has been paying off. The attitude is changing with Hall and the overall skill seems to be getting better. His on ice knowledge continues to grow. Hall has the potential to be the next Messier, so I really don’t see him going anywhere. Yak is not anywhere near where he needs to be for any team to be willing to give true value for him, so that is a no go. Yak may be the most talented of the Oilers young players, just has a LOT to learn before he realizes his potential. Also if Weber is not dealt by July 1st, when he gets his bonus, he isn’t going anywhere. NASH, will not deal him after paying out $13 mil in bonus.

    That being said, to be honest, I think that the oilers will wait and see what happens with Montreal and Subban. Looks like he will be holding out again and if that happens, look to see the oilers give him an offer sheet. I am thinking in the lines of a 7 year, $12-$12.5 Million a season deal. Montreal would be very hard pressed to match and would need to dump some salary to do so. That is what I see the oilers doing.

    • 12 or 12.5 a season for Subban, are you completely bonkers?

      • Agreed 12-12.5 for ANY defense-man is too much.
        Subban MIGHT get $8Mill/season max.
        Realistically he’ll get $7-$7.5Mil, multi-year with an NMC

        • That is too much, but the same thing was said when Philly made the offer for Weber in the first place. If you make an offer for a restricted, it is usually at an overpayment, sometimes vastly overpayment. It seems that Montreal and Subban are at odds again, so this could be another hold out for him. He obviously thinks he’s worth more than what is being offered. A 7×7 offer for him would be matched by Montreal, however a 10-12 x 7 would probably not be. The Oilers did it in the past with Dustin Penner, and I can see them doing it again. This also enables the Oilers to not need to empty the cupboards of all their roster. That would allow them to save Eberle Gagne etc, for another possible trade. The Oilers no longer worry about paying for players, as long as it doesn’t kill them on cap space. I am not saying that it would happen, but it has been put out there in the media here in Edmonton. The Oilers are in big, desperate need for a top flight top 10-15 in the league d-man that can eat up the minutes and Subban fits that bill. He’s also the right age as he is close to the same age as most of the team’s young stars. It would probably be a good fit. They would also still be keeping this years first round pick, unless they trade it before the draft as free agency is not until after. As crazy as that signing seems. When you really think about it and considers it is the Oilers. Maybe it doesn’t sound quite so crazy.

          • Makes sense

      • NO WAY Subban deserves that kind of money, are you insane? Suter, Doughty, Weber etc get around 8M and NO WAY again is he better than those guys. Yikes.

        • Weber makes 14 mil this season and the next few.

          • WAY overpaid!!

    • Montreal would be extremely foolish to match that offersheet.

      • Agreed Anand. I’d take a superstar in the making in Eichel or McDavid before I look at matching an offer sheet like that.

    • That’s just crazy talk. You can’t possibly think that pk, as good as he is, is worth 12.5 per year. But that’s not to say the idea isn’t good. Try a offer sheet of at least 8 million per year, though, cause Montreal would be dumb to not match anything less.

      To Edmonton
      Pk Subban
      Nathan beaulieu
      David Desharnais
      2nd round pick 2014

      To Montreal
      Sam gagner
      Nail Yakupov
      Oilers 1st round pick 2014
      Oilers 2nd round pick 2015

      With gagner to the habs, they will officially have too many small centres and have to include desharnais in the deal. DD is actually better than a lot of people give him credit for, and this is coming from a leafs fan. But the inclusion is necessary. Habs get to chose in the top 3 and then between 17-25 AND reunite galchenyuk and yak. The picks can replenish the d corps. Oilers have one of the best pp combos in the league with Pk and Jus, beaulieu inserts into the 3-6 dman spot, DD becomes the next Martin St Louis
      ( 😉 )

      • if subban and beaulieu desharnais are going to the oilers in this package you can dam bet that one of hall or rhn and eberle are coming back the other way gauranteed beaulieu is a future top4 (starting next season) subban is a norris trophy winner they don’t grow on trees desharnais is our second line center and is currently on a tear gagner,yakupov would get laughed off the phone especially by bergevin….. …

    • So 12-12.5 Million per, plus you’d have to compensate them for signing their RFA, at those numbers, 4 first round picks.

      RFA Offer Sheet Compensation Information for 2013 & 2014:

      $1,110,249 or below – No Compensation

      Over $1,110,249 to $1,682,194 – 3rd round pick

      Over $1,682,194 to $3,364,391 – 2nd round pick

      Over $3,364,391 to $5,046,585 – 1st round pick, 3rd

      Over $5,046,585 to $6,728,781 – 1st round pick, 2nd, 3rd

      Over $6,728,781 To $8,410,976 – Two 1st round Picks, 2nd, 3rd

      Over $8,410,976 – Four 1st Round Picks

  9. RNH isn’t going anywhere. Eberle is the chip to be moved as the key part of a package. His stock value is substantially higher than Yak’s right now and those who feel Yak is a bust…I’d bet a quarter RNH/Hall/Yak will be the #1 line and one of the most potent lines in the league by 2015/16.

    • I can agree with that 100%

      • Finally a common sense comment. Edm can put a way better package together than Philly. And Hall and RNH are not going to be part of the deal. Eberle, Gagner, 1st rounder and Kelfbom is significantly better than anything including Couturier, Schenn, a Philly 1st and whatever else they offer.

        Nashville won’t want Yaks especially since his value is low and their previous experience with Radulov.

        Again, Hall and RNH will not be traded. I do think there is a match though if Eberle was dangled to Pheonix for OEL.

        • While I agree, I still think a deal with phili makes the most sense for Edmonton. Both schenns and Simmonds for rnh and klefbom. I, admittedly am not a huge fan or Hopkins. I don’t doubt his skills just his ability to stay healthy. If possible, add eberle instead of rnh and add another piece. Phili gets goal scoring and a d prospect and Edmonton gets what they seriously need…size on their top six. Edmonton can send a second rounder next year for Reiner and they will explode from the bottom of the western conference. No playoffs but they will be better for it next year

  10. i dont think you move Hall or RNH but why not eberle, klefbom and our next two first rounders as a starting point and negotiate from there? that gives us webber, schultz, nurse and marincin going forward, then you see if gagner and yak can net a big second line center to play with perron.

  11. I think Nonis will be open to adding a locker-room leader or clutch scorer/penalty killer, but only at the right price. Last year’s play-offs with the Bruins showed that this team is close, if they can just stay focused and dedicated to the coach’s plan. They have some smart fast kids, but when it comes to leaders who can walk the walk every night, they need one more quality forward.

  12. the only excitement that we’re going to see this deadline is mckenzie and tsn running around for several hours trying to make news out of dull depth transactions and rumors of trades that won’t materialize.

    this year is going to be a snoozer.

    • just like it is every year it’ll be the annual snooze fest…all the trade will be this weekend or monday,tuesday and on deadline day there wil be nothing! good call man

  13. My thoughts on the Shea Butter to Edmonton…Nope! Not if it means giving up players like Hall or Hopkins. Although, I’m not so sold on Hopkins yet. Maybe he’ll turn out to be this amazing play maker for years to come, but right now, I guess I just expected more from a 1st overall pick. Hall seems to be a type of player the Oilers need up front. I’m a bit concerned over his injury issues. But I still don’t think trading away these young players for Weber would be a great idea for this team. Weber is a good defense man and I’m sure he could make an impact to this team or any. I’m just kinda concerned over his contract which is very long and very expensive. I’d just be worried that it might end up hurting the team down the road? I’m kinda a fan of the Hall-Hopkins-Eberle line and I really don’t want to see that broken up right now anyway. Maybe do you think they could offer up, Yakupov & their first round pick? Or would they need much more? Maybe if they included Sam Gagner as well? I don’t really see that working, that’s just my NHL GM mode thinking here lol I like all the young players on the Oil I think Gordon was a good addition and Scrivens seems to be playing well. I could see a lot of the veteran type’s leaving via trades or the off season. I just hope we can get some decent returns for any trades we do this year and can hopefully sign one or 2 impact players to get this team rolling deep into the playoffs next year and years to come. I’m still hoping we turn into what Chicago & Pittsburg did.

  14. I could easily see the Isles being in on Weber if he were available (as I’m sure most fans of most teams could). He’s a true difference maker and would immediately make any team he plays on better. The Isles have a lot of young assets they could move in a Weber deal including one of the top 5 picks in this years draft if they don’t relinquish it to Buffalo.

    Having said that I find it hard to believe Nashville moves him. They’ve already paid a lot of the front loaded portion of the deal out in signing bonuses so why move him now? They would be better served moving some of those promising young D prospects for forwards if that’s what they feel they need. I suspect they’d get a pretty nice return for Seth Jones if they were crazy enough to want to move him as well.

  15. On the Oilers, I was watching the Carolina vs Buffalo game tonight andWard was in net for the ‘Canes. The guy is a horrible goalie. Oilers fans would be wise to start praying that MacTavish doesn’t bring him into your organization for next seasons. Screivens > Ward.

  16. It would be stupid to keep Markov. You want to build, you need assets, you get assets by giving assets. Which assets do you give? The older ones, not the younger ones. Simple.

  17. Wow start off with Eberle and Yak in any deal here for Weber? No to Yak and Eberle would be your starting piece here. Nashville has historically been a team starved for any offense. If I’m David Poille I’m keeping Weber til the draft, the Oilers are going to most definitely be a lottery team again and the Preds can fill two huge holes there. If the Oilers somehow manage to pick in the top two spots then one can assume this is where the Preds will seriously entertain this offer from Edmonton.

    Eberle, Klefbom and the 1st Rd pick(Sam Reinhart)
    Shea Weber

    The Preds will have their top line set for the next decade, finally have two top line players in Eberle and Reinhart. Klefbom has some real potential and the Preds already have a deep defence core. I think this deal makes the most sense for both teams, Webers huge bonus will be coming out of Katz pocket on July 1st.

  18. I would love to see the leafs sign holland but why pay that much for a second/third line centre. This is the time of year teams may overspend on a guy like that. Move him with kulimen, Lupal and gunner. Play some kids and realize this team will be first round fodder for a team. Let’s some kids get the experience in the nhl. While we have great b rated prospects we need to keep trying to draft offensive prospects. Unless we can add a huberdeau or barkov or guys like that with big deals, draft draft draft

    • Bolland….not holland. Autocorrect strikes again

  19. …and that’s just it. Gagner, Hemsky and the rest of the Oilers “baggage” isn’t enough to get much more than a 2nd round pick. And they’ll be lucky if they get that. How many years have these two players been shopped with no takers??? 3? 4?

    If the Oilers are going to get anyone via trade, one of those big 4 or this year’s draft pick will have to be in play.
    I see RNH as the odd man out.

  20. RNH, Hall, and J Schultze are the only three really untouchables on the Oilers. If any of the young players are going to be traded it will be Yakupove or Eberle, but not both.

  21. I’d agree. If Nashville were interested in trading Weber AND they don’t get a better offer, I’d see the Oil trading RNH + 1st round pick + one or two other working parts for Weber.

    They then move Gagner up to top line centre. Even if he’s not good enough to be a first-liner, I’d say a team with Hall + Gagner + Eberle + Weber has to be better than one with Hall + RNH + Eberle + whatever crap they can get for Gagner.

  22. Jultz is untouchable? Why?

    He’s done jack since he got to EDM other than score a few points and suck horrendously on defense.

  23. RNH is the first C man the Oilers have had in eons. I’d trade any one of Eberle, Yakupov, Hall before him.

  24. Wow man how many have you had tonight? You’d get rid of basically a superstar in Hall rather then RNH? Hmmm…

  25. Read a rumor from Millers agent stating that he is off the trade block and would like to re-sign with Buffalo.