NHL Morning Rumor Mill (Part Two) – February 26, 2014

Check out the latest trade rumors involving the Flames, Oilers, Senators, Canucks and Jets.

Could the Flames re-sign Mike Cammalleri before the trade deadline?

Could the Flames re-sign Mike Cammalleri before the trade deadline?

CALGARY HERALD: George Johnson reports Flames winger Mike Cammalleri dodged questions about his future amid reports the Flames made him an offer. Cammalleri only admitted he’s been talking with Flames management and credited president of hockey operations Brian Burke for the respectful, professional tone of the conversatons.

CALGARY HERALD/CALGARY SUN: Flames GM Brian Burke expects a flurry of activity leading up to this year’s trade deadline. Cammalleri and other pending Flames UFAs (Lee Stempniak, Chris Butler, Reto Berra) could become trade targets. Burke also said he’s open to hockey deals as well.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pending UFAs are usually the players moved by the deadline. I expect Cammalleri will be moved for draft picks and/or prospects. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Oilers GM Craig MacTavish intends to be aggressive in the trade market leading up to the deadline. He expects to be subtracting rather than adding, meaning pending free agent players like Ales Hemsky could be on the move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Kings, Penguins, Devils and Senators could have interest in Hemsky at the trade deadline.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Wayne Scanlan reports Senators GM Bryan Murray continues to shop for the right deal. He admitted speaking with his nephew, Sabre GM Tim Murray, about a possible deal. It’s believed the Senators GM prefers to retain his veteran players as his club pushes for playoff contention. Ken Warren reports Senators pending UFA winger Milan Michalek is unconcerned over recent trade speculation involving him.

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan reports Senators defenseman Chris Phillips acknowledged the possibility he could be moved at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As long as the Senators gain ground in the standings between now and next Wednesday I believe they’ll be buyers, not sellers. 

VANCOUVER SUN: Iain MacIntyre reports on speculation suggesting the Canucks could trade Ryan Kesler, whose recent hand injury could hurt his trade value. MacIntyre also reports GM Mike Gillis says none of his core players have given an indication they want a trade. The recent speculation about Kesler and defenseman Alex Edler could merely be the result of other clubs “circling the floundering Canucks like sharks”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I daresay that’s largely the reason behind the Canucks rumors. Even if they were to shop Kesler or Edler, they won’t get a good return at the trade deadline. The off-season is the best time for such moves, if that’s the route the Canucks wish to take, and if either guy waives their no-trade clauses.

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe reports the Jets have to decide if they’ll buy, sell or stand pat by the trade deadline. If they become sellers, pending UFAs like Olli Jokinen, Mark Stuart, Devin Setoguchi and Al Montoya could be available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’ll depend on where the Jets are in the standings by deadline day. They’re currently four points out of a playoff berth but were among the hottest teams in the league heading into the Olympic break.


  1. Now that Claude Noel is gone, is there any chance that Burmistrov is coming back to take Jokinen’s place?
    Jokinen could fetch a nice return.

    • Jokinen for Franson and a 4th? (just joking on that one, I had to do it)

      • Gags, Yakapov, Petry, plus a 1st for Shea Weber!!!!
        Who wouldn’t take that trade…….

        • Nashville wouldn’t.

      • Well its more than a draft pick…lol

  2. Callahan and Girardi to Van. for Kesler and Bieska

    • Van is already tight on salaries why would they trade 2 of their better players for pending UFA that want more more money than Kesler and Bieska would be earning for the next 2-3 seasons.

    • Yeah, I think Vancouver would have no chance re-signing either player. Money/cap space aside. The players were sick of Torts bs in NY, So I don’t see them jumping on board in a different city.

  3. If I were the Jets GM I’d resign Montoya.

  4. Stepniak resigned I believe. Trade cammy to Montreal for fucale. While I love his game, you would get a boatload for giordano. With bus age and respectable contract ther will be a lot of teams lining up to trade for him. Calgary is out working teams right now, they will. Be exponentially worse next year. I love the team but it is the truth. Keep restocking the cupboards with great prospects and continue the rebuild. Adding by subtracting is their best avenue for now

    • Habs won’t trade Fucale.

    • The best fits for hemsky are Pittsburgh n Detroit because of style. Prospect or 3rd pick

      Kessler n elder aren’t be traded. They fit well with torts, I would say guys like burrows, garrison are more likely be moved for Callahan,otts. Their style fits coach

      • No thanks..I’d rather Ray go after David Moss from Coyotes, and maybe see about Macdonald from the Islanders

      • Kesler hates that idiot Tortarella, there is a good chance he gets traded, maybe to the Wings or Flyers, but it would be up to him because he has a NTC.

    • Gio wont be going anywhere, he’s a heart and soul guy. Cammi will be shipped out. Stempniak might actually be resigned, you need veterans with good work ethics to help mold the future Flames. Reto Bera is not a terrible goalie, he has to calm down and not be all over the place, hopefully they do resign him and let Ortio develop in the minors for a couple more seasons

    • Like the Oilers?

    • Stajan resigned with the Flames. Maybe that is who you are thinking of.

    • Cammi was dealt out of Montreal so not sure they would want him back. Course Montreal could use another small forward :) I think they could get more than Fuc all Eh for Cammalleri.

      • I dunno Gio and Briere could probably use a winger to play with 😉

        • They’re both wingers……….

          • They’re both wingers……….

  5. I wonder how serious the Rangers are about trading Callahan that they have not traded him yet and in doing so are risking to have him injured in the next games.

    • I can’t see a Callahan trade to anyone. As long as he insists on a ridiculous salary to re-sign, who would give anything of consequence for him? I’m sure the Rangers don’t think of him as a rental to other teams in terms of his cost, but that’s just what he is.

      • Callahan will make a great rental, to the New York Rangers.

    • If you were a GM, would you trade assets for a pending UFA who is asking for too much? Don’t get me wrong, Callahan is good, and a heck of a leader, but that contract demand will still have to be dealt with regardless of what team he is on.

      If were a GM I’d be hesitant to trade for him because of that. Overpaying a UFA is one thing, but overpaying a UFA and giving up an asset to do so is worse.

  6. I like the idea of Vancouver trading Kesler and Bieska but to Toronto for Kadri, Gardiner and Kuli.

    • You didn’t want to through in any other spare parts for TO? Perhaps Vancouver could offer to pay half of Clarksons salary as well and leave him with the Leafs?

    • Kulemins a free agent. Kesler is worth more than Kadri and Gardiner by himself. Plus Vancouver wants to add a winger to play with Kesler.

      I’d love to see Montreal trade Bourque plus Murray for Kesler, but I know that’s a ridiculous trade that wouldn’t even happen in a video game.

    • This is probably make or break for gillis. If he doesn’t get good value for these guys he’s a goner. Needs to moved one of Kessler, elder, beiksa for at least to young ready to step in guys. Like a Gardiner and Kadri but if I’m leafs I wouldn’t make that trade.

  7. Is Burke the official GM of the Flames now? I thought his job was to find them a new GM, not rebuild the franchise in his image. What if a new GM comes in from the ownership who doesn’t like his players/picks?

    • @49etc then clearly that guy isn’t the right GM for the Flames :) Suspect that it would be a delicate position to be in with Burke as your boss, perhaps that’s why they haven’t had a lot of takers to date on the job.

      • Any takers? That’s not how this works.

  8. If Ottawa could get Moulson to play alongside Speeza I think they could move Michalek (who can be a productive player, but seems streaky and in a rut of late, ever since his big goal season). I could see some kind of 3 way deal where Michalek and futures (IE pick/prospect) go to Buffalo, then Buffalo move Michalek to a contender like say a Pittsburgh for more futures, while Ottawa gets Moulson.

    • Murray won’t do that. If the price for Ott is a 1st, what do you think Moulson would be? Ottawa needs a top six forward, not to trade one and get a maginally better winger. There are extra D men in Ottawa that will go before Michalek will as Conacher, Condra, Greening and Neil have produced zero.

      • I had the impression they wanted Zijanebad and Conacher to step into the top 6 so moving a player out for a upgrade didn’t seem so bad

  9. One for Leaf fans:

    From Leafs: Franson, Kadri Gardiner and a pick.
    From Tampa: Martin St. Louis.

    I’d do it if I was Steve Yzerman.

    Toronto gets that first line setup guy, granted old, and has one year left on his contract.

    Tampa gets Kadri, a bonafied 2nd liner, and 2 d prospects.

    I actually can see this as a fair payment for both sides.

    However, Leafs wouldn’t want an old guy for that package, and B. Tampa can’t take on all that salary.

    Can’t see any team ponying up a first a top liner and a prospect for MSL….

    • What would the Leafs be left with on D though? Surely theyd need to bring one in to replace at least one of those guys

      • Pass… If I’m leafs what benefit does this give them? First line set up guy for? Jvr kessel and bozak are pretty much a set line… I’d take St. Louis for his leadership and points but it will cost to much..

      • No thanks, Would love to see St. Louis centering Kessel and JVR but the cost is going to be way too high, he would be a better pick up for a team whose window to win a cup was coming closer to an end than a younger team who is still atleast a year or 2 away from being considered any kind of legitimate threat . No matter who Toronto traded for him it would leave them thin some where.

        • Exactly.

    • Not sure if your trade would be worth it for both sides and the salaries don’t match either….

    • Lightning have Filppula as a second line center and is having a career year. Franson would be great on their second D pairing and PP though. The trade doesn’t really help Toronto’s defensive problems though

    • Gary…your dumb, end of story!!

      • z chef says:
        February 27, 2014 at 4:00 am
        Gary…your dumb, end of story!!

        Who the hell do you think you are, son?

        I feel the proposed trade is even player for package. Dollars don’t match up, and I state that.

        I get ragged on all the time here for saying Leaf players are overrated.
        I propose a trade where the leafs get a top line player…and it gets shot down….

        ever hear of reverse psychology?

        Go jump in the creek

  10. Edmonton don’t have a 2nd or 3rd pick in this years draft, so look for them to fill those voids.

    To Edmonton: Callahan + Girardi + 1st + 2nd
    To Rangers: Eberle + J.Schultz + 1st

    • Wow, I’m kinda relieved to see you don’t just suggest bad trades for the leafs :) Why on earth would Edmonton want either of those guys? They are both UFA’s and if there were any hope they’d sign in Edmonton then why not just wait til the off season and make a pitch? It’s not like the Oil are gonna make a late push for 27th in the league.

      • With Callahan and Girardi, they get the grit, toughness and experience needed on a very young team. Ference and Girardi would work wonders at helping Nurse, Klefbom and Belov at becoming good dmen. Same goes for Callahan for the forward core (Hall, RNH). The Rangers would get younger. As for Callahan and Girardi being UFA’s soon, they both are looking for a good pay raise with a long term contract, I’m sure MacTavish would quickly sign them to close to what they want.

        • Belov looked very good at the Olympics (one of the few Russians that really stood out) last year he was the best defense man not in the NHL, perhaps the only reason he isnt looking as good so far in Edmonton is that it takes time to adjust to playing (especially playing defense) in North America I wouldnt think he needs a mentor. If Mac T signs them for what they want he needs his head read. Neither are worth their demands. Callahan in particular.

        • I agree these are the perfect type of players oilers need but they should just wait till offseason. No need to give up assets to get them now when oilers are already out of the playoffs. But they will probably end up having to over pay at free agency to get them just like they tried to do with clarkson.

          • Now if I’m oilers I may be interested in doing something around a gagner for Bickel +

          • That seems like it could be a good option, Hawks would need to a little more dough tho. Fits both teams other than that.

        • He can sign them when they are UFA why give up players for rentals.

          • Don’t know where people keep coming up with the crazy ideas about the Wild. The Wild WILL NOT TRADE FOR VANEK OR MILLER, PERIOD. They will not sign Vanek in the off season either. Just because he has ties to the area does not mean he will be here next year. First, he wants way too much and Second, Yeo doesn’t tolerate cruising the blue line waiting for a pass when the puck is deep in our end. Even if he was a point a game player, Yeo wouldn’t go for that.

          • @Wildman, I totally disagree, Vanek would be a nice addition to the Wild, and who cares what YoYo thinks, he’s a 1 dimensional coach that doesn’t have a clue, he has a minor league mentalitly, hopefully he wont be the coach next year! As far as Miller goes, I don’t believe the Wild will go for him either, there are rumors going around about getting Halak and Stewart from the Blues. Wishful thinking IMO.