NHL Morning Rumor Mill (Part Two) – February 27, 2014

Latest on the Capitals, Bruins, Maple Leafs, Red Wings and Panthers.

Should the Capitals pursue Dan Girardi.

Should the Capitals pursue Dan Girardi?

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance reports Washington Capitals GM George McPhee refuses to respond to rumors suggesting his club should pursue Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller. Custance believes the Capitals have bigger needs to address, such as the need for a top-four defenseman. He suggests if the Capitals wish to make a bold move they should pursue NY Rangers’ blueliner Dan Girardi.

WASHINGTON POST: Katie Carrera report Martin Erat still wants the Capitals to trade him. GM George McPhee said if Erat still wants to be dealt he’ll try to accommodate him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Trying to acquire Girardi would certainly be a bold move, but I don’t think the Capitals can land him. As for Erat, I don’t think there’s a market for him.

BOSTON HERALD: Stephen Harris reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli was on hand watching his Bruins lose to the Buffalo Sabres 5-4 last night. Harris speculates he may have been scouting Sabres defenseman Henrik Tallinder.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports the Bruins are interested in NY Islanders defenseman Andrew MacDonald but won’t part with a first round pick to get him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tallinder would be a more affordable option than MacDonald.

THE GLOBE & MAIL: James Mirtle lists Dave Bolland, James Reimer, Nikolai Kulemin, Mason Raymond, Jake Gardiner and Nazem Kadri as six Maple Leafs to keep an eye on as the trade deadline nears. Of these, Mirtle suggests Kulemin is the Leaf most likely to be available by the trade deadline. He doesn’t expect Reimer to be dealt until the off-season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Concur with Mirtle’s assessments of these players. If the Leafs make a move at the deadline, Kulemin is the likely Leaf to move.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland would like to acquire a defenseman at the trade deadline but won’t overpay for a rental player. The Wings had interest in Vancouver’s Alexander Edler at last year’s draft before his “no-trade” clause kicks in. A source says they have interest in the Islanders’ Andrew MacDonald.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Elder might be willing to waive his no-trade clause to join the Red Wings but I doubt that’s the kind of move which could happen at the trade deadline. I don’t expect Holland will give up a first round pick for MacDonald.

MIAMI HERALD: George Richards reports Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon insists he won’t engage in a fire sale at the trade deadline



  1. We are 3.5 days since trade freeze was lifted. Can someone make a trade, please, anything ?
    How about trading 2020 7th round draft picks just for the hell of it. All talk – no action

    • A trade was made. The Wild acquired Brad Winchester yesterday from the Blackhawks.

      • Thank You, it’s a start.

  2. Girardi to the Caps? Is Eklund ghostwriting for Custance these days? They’re in the same division. How do guys like Custance collect a salary writing stuff like that? Oh and it’s “Insider” material as well, atta go ESPN.

    • LOL. “insider” where you get to pay espn for the opinions you can read anywhere else for free.

  3. Saw on TSN that Snow is going to wait until the last minute to trade Macdonald and Vanek. I’m guessing that, because it’s the Islanders, both get injured in the next few days.

    • Lol…falling down some stairs in their house.

    • I am Islander fan and I was talking with friends yesterday afternoon about benching Vanek and AMAC for the last 4 games before the deadline so they don’t get injured. Everyone agreed that it was a no brainer since they are out of the playoff chase. Needless to say Vanek was slashed and was icing his hand on the bench by the middle of the first period. Watching Snow and Capuano run this team is like watching Dumb & Dumber on a continuous loop.

  4. Ok, I don’t do trade ideas often but respecting his crazy time of the year…here goes

    Lupal to Dallas for faska and fiddler
    Kulimen to Pitt for a second this year

    Vanek to Montreal for fucale and tenordi

    Callahan to St. Louis for Stewart and a second

    Macdonald to Washington for the right to that Russian kid who’s name alludes me and a third

    Miller goes to Washington for erat and a first. Buffalo is not in a position of strength

    Stuart to Boston for a third rounder and Jordan Caron


    • My thoughts on some of your trades…

      Lupul isn’t worth Faksa & Fiddler

      Kulimen to Pitt might happen

      Mtl will not trade Fucale, even for Vanek

      The Callahan trade to St. Louis might happen

      The Islanders won’t trade for Kunetsov, mainly because the kid is problematic and can only be lured over here if he is coddled by another Russian (OV). IOW, he’s too much of a risk.

      The Sabres might have to bite the bullet and accept that terrible trade for Erat and a 1st. It’s like giving Miller away, but they may have no choice.

      • I completely agree, more or less spitballing. I wonder thoug, if the kesler rumours are true, what it would take the leafs to get him. Have to think it would involve kadri and gardiner. There would be more pieces going back and forth I’m sure but as much as I hate the leafs being team USA….he would make the team stronger. Would also give the leafs he chance to move guys like bolland etc to let guys like Biggs or broll come up and play.

        • Nonis won’t do that. Trade youth for vets. He’s looking for hockey deals. Maybe Lupul for Kesler type deal (same cap hit and both have injury history + or – other parts). That might make sense if Nonis found a deal for a top 3 d-man. That’s where he would trade a Kadri or a Gardiner but the player coming back can’t be a rental veteran player. Tough to do this season.

          Kulimen probably the only deal that happens and they address Bolland in the off season. Doubt Nonis over pays like he did with Clarkson.

    • I would like to see Stuart back in Boston and that trade seems fair.

    • @Matty some of this seems to make sense at least on the surface. Moving Lupal is risky for all concerned given his production when he’s healthy and his struggles to stay healthy. Faksa is a good looking prospect but would Fiddler have to play on the roof?

      Kuleman for a 2nd or 3rd sounds about right. Maybe they get a 2nd in a weak draft like 2014.

      Vanek for Fuc All Eh and Tinordi is interesting. Not sure if Montreal would want to move Tinordi as he looks like he may be very good. Would address Islander needs of a ready D man and a potential goalie of the future.

      Macdonald for Kutznutsoff (sp?) and a third sounds great for the Islaes but I suspect the Caps would balk at moving their best prospect. Course it’s not clear if he’s actually ever going to come over the the NHL so who knows.

      • In the trades you proposed I must say that Miller to Washington is not happening for Erat and a 1st. Murray is asking for two prospects.
        They will keep Miller and try and sign him if they can’t make a deal that is worthwhile.

      • I think he meant Orlov.

  5. Why would a team that will be drafting low be worried about giving up a 1st round pick in a draft that is very weak. If it was next year where the draft looks strong into the second round I could understand.

  6. SPECTOR’S NOTE: Elder might be willing to waive his no-trade clause to join the Red Wings but I doubt that’s the kind of move which could happen at the trade deadline. I don’t expect Holland will give up a first round pick for MacDonald.

    This is the same Holland that gave away a 1st round for Quincey right?

    • He did that because Quincey got his start with the Red Wings. He believed he was getting back an improved version. He won’t make that mistake with a player who didn’t originally come from the Wings system.

    • Edler to Det. could be a potential offseason trade.
      Curious as to who Detroit would give up?

  7. Every Leafs fantasy trade: Kadri & Gardiner + 3rd rounder for ____________ (enter any star player)

    I think Detroit is a good landing spot for Kesler and I would also suggest Philly. Canucks will want a young centre in return and Brayden Schenn would fit the bill. That’s a reasonable framework for a deal.

    • if true, Kesler wants to go to a US team.
      potential landing spots (and potential main player in return, but maybe out-to-lunch)
      Detroit (tatar, nyquist, Abdelkater+ …)
      Philly (B.Shenn, Coutourier, Vorachek, Read-Simmonds)
      CBJ (Johansson, … )
      Chicago (Saad, Pirri)

      • Could you imagine kesler on Chicago. Tight salary wise but wonder if they would do a pirri and bickel?

      • Not to be rude, but i think you are out to lunch with the Wings players you think it would take to nab Kesler…I may be a Leafs fan first, but I’ve also watched the Wings for years…Nyquist and Abdelkater are the future of the WIngs, and they won’t be going anywhere.
        I don’t think I want to see Kesler in a Leafs uni, but with his Team USA connections in TO, it is a possibility for an off season trade. But he is not a superstar player, he is not worth 2-3 roster players. He’s a solid #2 C that would probably bump Bozak out of the No.1 job in TO, thats it.

        • Also just to add fuel to the fire, cause hey…why not…everyone who thinks Kesler is worth a fortune should look at his numbers the past 3 seasons side by side with Kadri’s..

          Kesler – 154GP : 46G : 54A : -4 : 131 PIM : 233H
          Kadri – 126GP : 38G : 55A :+8 : 90 PIM : 204H

          By this logic, Kadri, who is 6 years younger, is worth a lot more than Kesler.

  8. I don’t see any scenario that CBJ would give up Ryan Johansen. He’s already better than Kesler and is far more durable. Younger, cheaper, bigger. Not happening.

    I don’t think Kesler will land any similarly skilled player in any trade. I think the Canucks will want roster players and maybe a prospect, and definitely a centre since they are so thin there and will be worse if this trade happens. Kesler right now will fetch 75 cents on the dollar. Summer would be the best time to do it, and before that Gillis has gotta go.

    Of course I hate the Canucks so if they keep Gillis and allow this train wreck to crash and burn, that would be ok too. Watch them sign 5 mediocre free agents and give them all a NTC.

  9. I can see Kessler ending up in Pittsburgh for Sutter/Young D-man and draft pick. With that trade they can afford him and have effectively replaced Staal.
    If the Nucks are serious then I can see Shero and Gillis talking trade. If Philly pitches Couturier or Schenn then he ends up in Philly. If a fringe team pitches their 2015 first round pick then I can see Gillis looking closely (Cue Garth “I am incompetent” Snow).

    • How do you see Kesler going to Pitt? Kesler cap hit is 5 mil and pens only have 2 mil of cap space. Sutter cap hit is 2, that means they still need to find another 1 mil cap space for that deal. and it leaves them with 0 cap space should anyone go down with a non long term injury.

      Pardon me if I am more than skeptical about your Kesler to Pitt idea, I just don’t see it happening

  10. Habs should think about a potential borque for Erat deal… They won’t get too much interest in borque and Erat has little value at this point for the caps, and Erat could thrive in a change of scenery, especially if put back on the right wing