NHL Morning Rumor Mill (Part Two) – March 1, 2014

Check out the latest on Shea Weber, Ryan Kesler, David Legwand, Tyler Myers, Ilya Bryzgalov, Ales Hemsky and more.

ESPN.COM: Prior to last night’s Ryan Miller trade, Pierre LeBrun reported there’s no contract extension in sight for David Legwand with the Nashville Predators. Legwand’s no-movement clause limits GM David Poile’s ability to explore the trade market. Poile also once again stated he’s not trading defenseman Shea Weber…The Anaheim Ducks won’t trade Jonas Hiller but could move another goalie, perhaps backup Viktor Fasth…The Capitals are trying to move Martin Erat…Contract talks between Andrei Markov and the Montreal Canadiens are ongoing. LeBrun doubts the Habs shop Markov if he’s unsigned by the trade deadline…The Flyers could have interest in Vancouver Canucks’ center Ryan Kesler and defenseman Alexander Edler. The Penguins also have interest in Kesler. LeBrun believes Detroit and Columbus are obvious fits for Kesler…Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers could be had for the right price…Oilers pending UFAs Ales Hemsky, Ryan Smyth and Nick Schultz could be on the move by deadline day…The Hurricanes are trying to find a taker for Tuomo Ruutu and could move one of their three goalies. LeBrun’s TSN colleague Darren Dreger reports via Twitter: “Tough decisions ahead for Hurricanes. Teams saying Carolina is open to trading any one of its 3 goaltenders, including Cam Ward.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Predators were to shop Weber it would be in the off-season. As for Legwand, it’s up to him if he wants to move and where…If the Ducks trade Fasth I expect they’ll want a roster player to help them in the playoffs…Markov’s not going anywhere at the trade deadline…I expect that “right price” for Myers is quite expensive. The Sabres won’t just give him away… If Kesler’s shopped it’ll be this summer. Ditto Edler. The Canucks won’t get good value for them right now…I expect the Oilers and Hurricanes will be busy by the trade deadline.

Lots of interest in Ryan Kesler.

Lots of interest in Ryan Kesler.

SPORTSNET.CA: Nick Kypreos reports the Flyers, Red Wings, Penguins and Rangers have interest in Ryan Kesler. If Kesler is traded it’s believed it would be to an American-based contender, while GM Mike Gillis would prefer not to move him to a Western Conference club. Kypreos claims the asking price for Kesler is ” a first-round pick, a player, plus a prospect.” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Rob Rossi claims the Penguins made a pitch for Kesler. He reported via Twitter: “Hearing Sutter, Pouliot part of those talks. That was before Letang situation”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Again, if Kesler is traded I expect it’ll be this summer when teams have more cap space and willingness to spend on a player like Kesler. 

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports the Minnesota Wild “has inquired about Cam Ward and Martin Brodeur and has had Ilya Bryzgalov offered to them. There’s also Tim Thomas.”

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples offers up his take on Russo’s report about Bryzgalov. “Either the Oilers aren’t that keen on Bryz or Bryz isn’t keen to stay here, or a bit of both.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wild rookie Darcy Kuemper continues playing well but with Josh Harding still battling multiple sclerosis and Niklas Backstrom now a shell of himself between the pipes they could use an experienced netminder in case Kuemper struggles or is sidelined after the trade deadline. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a move for an affordable veteran goalie. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL/EDMONTON SUN: Oilers winger Ales Hemsky is resigned to the possibility he could be moved at the trade deadline. Defenseman Nick Schultz could also be moved.


  1. Do you see Halak to MIN? What would be the return?

    What return would Ehrhoff bring the Sabres?

    • Moving Ehrhoff is going to be expensive. It will require a few good assets to convince Buffalo to move him as well.
      It’s impossible….Probably a 1st, and a player that is in his first or second year with the team or a high prospect at least.

      • So are you talking about a 1st and lets say Coyle or Granlund for Ehrhoff? That’s way to much and I’m a Sabres fan.

        Looks like Lafontaine just resigned as President of Hockey Operations.

    • The best goaltender that is expendable would be Halak. The Sabres need to address their goaltending of the future through their system. Trading Halak would allow the Sabres to get a draft pick and prospect in return.

      Ehrhoff is difficult to move. It will require a good return of players. prospects and draft picks returning to Buffalo.

  2. “SPECTOR’S NOTE: Again, if Kesler is traded I expect it’ll be this summer when teams have more cap space and willingness to spend on a player like Kesler.” Not sure what you mean here. Both Kesler and Hemsky make $5 million per but you expect Hemsky to be traded by March 5 but a Kesler trade will have to wait until teams have more cap space. The way I see it Hemsky can be had for a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick (certainly not a roster player of value) so a team will take on his salary. For Kesler, a team will have to give up a good roster player so there would be salary going the other way which would dampen the impact of Kesler’s salary. If you mean more teams will be able to put a package together for Kesler in the off-season or the asking price for Kesler is high and teams want time to really consider such a trade will have on their team, I agree.

    • Hemsky is a UFA this summer. Kesler is not.

    • Kesler has 2 more years at $5 mill left on his contract. He is underpaid so whoever gets him will be getting a bargain and will have him for the next 3 playoff seasons.

      He’s still very good and is a power forward. He’s the #1 target right now for teams. He’s a game changer and is a playoff player. The Canucks are far from contending so they should deal Kes and should get a significant return. The deadline is a good time to move him because he might push a contender into legit champion status.

      Everyone tried to low ball the Canucks last year for Luongo. These are the same people that think their goalie is good enough until it comes to the playoffs and that said goalie chokes (hellooooooo Maple Laffs). Maybe if they dealt for Lu, the Laffs could’ve gone further in the playoffs :)

  3. Every year the Oilers hang on to all of their small skilled players is another year wasted. Pretty soon the kids won’t be kids. They have too many wingers and not nearly enough centres. If they are serious about getting better, one of these so called core players has to be moved for the centre the team needs. The GM has to step up and make the tough trade, thats his job. Constantly bringing in bottom 6 players is not going to make this team a play off team. Every year at the end of the season the managment blames the bottom six for a lousy year while the kids get another pass. Time to be a big boy team and do what is needed.

    • Would the oilers be interested in Myers? Perfect age for there group to grow together. I have always liked him even with his regression the last couple years. They’d have to give up a few pieces to get him though

      • Myers and Eberle are friends so he would likely fit in with the Oiler core.

    • I would love to see Myers in a Oiler’s uniform. What would it take?

      Oiler Trades:

      To Buffalo:
      Gagner, & Belov & David Musil 2nd Round in 2015

      To Edm

      To Kings
      Hemsky & Gordon or (Lander)- Oilers retaining salary

      To Edm
      Tyler Toffoli & 3rd Round Pick

      To Pittsburgh
      Nick Schultz & Smyth- Oilers retaining salary

      To Edm
      2nd Round Pick

      New Lines

      Hall – Nuggent – Eberle
      Perron – Toffoli – Yakupov
      Hendricks – Gordon – Jones
      Gazdic – Arcobello – Joensuu

      Extra Forwards- Pitlick & Eager

      Myers – J.Schultz
      Fraser – Ference
      Petry – Marincin

      Extra Dman – Porter


      • The only one not heavily favouring the Oilers is the Pens one.

        The other two? Not even in your wildest dreams man.

        • Oilerfan would you be surprised at waht Tyler Myers ISN’t when he gets regualr time in your backline.
          I really don’t think it is a matter of Myers getting “back on track” like his rookie season…but the fact it took teams that initial year to figure out he has a reach but they could pylon him and go in close and outstick him.
          He was alaway a freak of a mobile guy up ice, and even in junior was “growing a defensive end game.”
          The Sabres mortgage the house with a whopping contract and NOW think some sucker is gonna TAKE THAT CONTRACT for a guy who is susceptible as top two pairing defender.

          Yeah, with time he COULD get better, but in the mean time you are paying BIG money for on the job training.

          So many of the writers want to offer up and match teams and players, but the NHL GMs (for the most part) KNOW what the weaknesses are in all the trade deadline offerings and unless they give little, they are NOT fighting to get at so many of these short term deadline players, many of whom ARE younger, but filled with warts…

          Check out my seven round mock draft at DraftSite….

      • 1st:
        To Buffalo:
        Gagner, & Belov & David Musil 2nd Round in 2015

        Buffalo does not want any of your garbage. Start with Yakupov and 1st.

  4. Ray would be stupid to trade both Sutter and Pouliot for Kesler..he’s overated ( just like Letang!!)
    Despres and 2nd to Islanders for Macdonald,
    Bortuzzo and late pick for Tallinder
    Third rounder to Coyotes for David Moss

    • Shero would never trade Sutter and Poulliot for Kesler. That’s not happening.
      Bortuzzo stays here, why would you give him and a pick for Tallinder. That does not pass the logic test.
      Moss for a 3rd rounder makes sense.

      • It may be too much ..but we are getting an experinced Defensive D-man, Martin is gone Kris ” overated Letang is gone

    • The Canucks aren’t dealing Kesler to the Pens in exchange for Pouliot and Sutter. Not enough for Kes, I’m afraid.

      • Fred are you serious? Wow!! Lol!!

        I believe Fred gets the award for most funny post of the day.

    • More like the Canucks would be silly to start their rebuild with low end players for a real 2nd Line centre.
      If that is what the Pens think will get them Ryan Kesler, a whole lotta other teams need to step because that offer is insulting and does little to help the Canucks…you pony up if you want a true 2nd line centre, this is a return of a 3rd line centre, one of two younger defenders who have proven they couldn’t wrest away even third pair NHL jobs, and two picks in a lousy thin draft – so lousy that the first rounder would be like a late second rounder…lots of warts on most players after slots in the mid-twenties…Insulting!

  5. Gardnier-Oilers

    • and how would the Leafs fit that 5.5 million dollar salary to their already over Cap figure???

    • oh boy….this is bad.

    • So..Yakapov for Gardiner….this is not going to happen.

      Good luck with those wild expectations.

      Gardiner = draft pick, not former #1 overall with huge offensive potential.

    • If Yakapov ends up in Buffalo, why would the Oilers want Gardiner instead of Myers?

    • Absurd trade.

      • Every negative thought I had on this trade scenario has already been posted. lol

  6. Fasth-Cam Fowler
    to Isles for Vanek-Prospect

    After the Buffalo trade i heard Halak might be on the move again….might be the Isles but i hope not

    • I would say Fowler is untouchable

      • I would agree.

    • The Islanders are nowhere near playoff contenders this season. It would be unnecessary to acquire a rental goaltender this season.

      Is Nilsson the leading prospect to become the starting goaltender after Nabokov?

      • Ahhhh Fasth a rental goalie. He’s got a year left on his contract.

  7. I’d like to see Fasth come to Buffalo for Moulson and a 2nd round pick. They we can parlay Halak (along with Stewart) into some real assets.

    • Add more to the deal with Fasth and a trade for Moulson and second-round pick becomes possible.

    • Are you friggin serious Fasth for Moulson and a 2nd? A 2nd alone could probably land Fasth.

  8. I’d love to see Myers as a leaf but I doubt it will happen. If buffalo and Edmonton want to make a deal around yak plus I’d be looking for Myers and folino(sp?). Man I wish I were a sabres fan right now. With their d prospects they already have plus the picks over the next two drafts (plus all the one they still could get) this team will be in great position in a few years

  9. Jes, question for you. Has Myers regressed somewhat from his debut year because his stats certainly seem to say so and watching him a few times this year I can’t say that I’m all that impressed. I realize he is only 24 so you can only expect so much but on the flip side you want to see your player getting better every year not regressing slightly. Please don’t pump the tires on this guy when you respond because no NHL GM’s are coming to this site so you won’t devalue your player to anyone other then us arm chair GM’s. lol
    I’d like a fair assessment on this guy from a Sabres fan.

    • i’ll answer that being a lifelong sabres fan. he has indeed regressed after his stellar rookie campaign. however, this year under the coaching of ted nolan, he is finally starting to turn the corner and play his game again that we were use to seeing with him from that calder trophy winning rookie season. he’s starting to really skate out there again, knowing when to jump in and join a rush. he’s not getting caught on that nowhere near as much. he’s also playing physical and aggressive which is great with that big body he has, and now he’s starting to tally some points up again as well. …hope that answered your question for ya 😉 lol

    • Leafs 24/7 you should first watch the player that you comment on. Myers has played poorly since his rookie season until Nolan took over and provided that much needed confidence.
      Just watch his move on the blue line from last nights game against the Sharks. Myers would not have attempted that move under Ruff & Co.
      The kid is coming in to his own and at the very worst could be another Franson but that reach is every coaches dream for their D-man.
      I applaud Nolan for helping this kid regain the confidence in his own game.
      The notion the Leafs could acquire him is laughable. Murray isn’t about to trade this kid inside his own backyard unless the Leafs are willing to overpay.
      I can see Edmonton

      • While he’s certainly playing better, don’t forget Myers does this every year for a 10-20 game stretch. He’s the epitome of a slow starter (and slow is being kind), with his good stretches not being good enough to overcome his putrid stretch. While still being relatively young, there is still room for growth their honestly, but it really depends on your expectations. In my opinion, he will not be a #1 shutdown guy with offensive upside, rather a #2-3 guy, whom you have to expect some inconsistency and defensive lapses with. His biggest albatross is being compared to Chara due to his size, which is extremely unfair. They are just total opposites, and those comparisons are made by ignorant fans trying to join an educated conversation

        • Chris, Kind of what I was thinking. Thanks

      • Les, That’s why I asked the question… Duh

        • Matt, thanks

    • I’ve been watching him since Kelowna Rocket days. He has taken a couple seasons as a backward step but this season he’s been a force to be reckoned with. Anyone who wants him will have to pay through there nose not like what that one guy offered with Gagner and bunch of nobodies coming to Buffalo. As he has been on a slump before this season he’s regained his form. Ehrhoff will be the defenseman out of the two who gets dealt.

  10. tyler myers and m. grigorenko to the avavlanche for Ryan o’reily , 1stround pick in 2014 and a 1st round pick in 2016

    • Wow it gets worse, Thank you doncos, you make just about every crazy leaf fans trade ideas seem a little more realistic. Keep up the good work.

      • I wouldn’t go that far Shticky. You Leafs fans take it to a whole new level. Everyone on these boards knows that.

        As for Doncos you are Boncos.

    • I love it when fans think they can swindle other GM’s with ridiculous trades.

    • I doubt you get ROR for that package, let alone a first too.

      Just ain’t happening

    • Along with this proposal, I think that they should ask for a date with Joe Sakics wife to make the trade proposal just a little more insulting.

  11. Leafs24/7
    I’ll try to answer the Myers question. He did regress from his Calder season and looked totally lost last year. He has improved considerably this year and most recently has been one of the better players on the ice. If he continues to play like he has lately, I can see him being a dominant player very soon.

    • I would agree with your assessment.

      • But begs the question if he is going to be that good then why listen to offers. You don’t move a 24 year old future #1 Dman.

        • GM Murray has said if someone asks, he will talk. Doesn’t mean he is actively shopping him, but if he can find a deal that helps the team he will do it. Myers seems like a tough guy to trade, big contract, still unsure what type of player he will be. I think it would be hard to gauge his value on the market. But who knows?

  12. In Montreal most journalists don’t expect any major trade. But the name of Travis Moen is often cited. I wonder what kind of return Bergevin would get from trading Moen. He plays well this year, especialy on the PK unit.

  13. If Kesler goes during the off season I can see the Leafs throwing Bozak + w/e it takes at the Canuks to make it happen, not that I really care.

    There is a lot more hype this deadline then last year and it is going to be a massive let down. I really hope to see Winnipeg, Phoenix, and Columbus make some sort of deadline splash this year. Phoenix could use a player like Moulson to add to their scoring, Winnipeg could really use a goalie to shore up their in the pipe situation, and Columbus may look at something like a Vanek or a Moulson to add scoring punch. I don’t know how the trades would break down, but I can see something like

    Moulson -> Phoenix
    Fasth/Peters -> Winnipeg
    Vanek -> Columbus
    Phillips -> Boston
    Stewart -> Ottawa
    MacDonald -> Colorado
    Cammerleri -> Pittsburgh
    Hemsky/Gagner -> LA

    LOL could you imagine. That would actually be a decent deadline.

    • I’m thinking Bozak is never going to be traded. It is the only center Kessel can play with and there has been plenty.

      • Umm he looked pretty good with Pavelski….

        • Until it mattered most then the whole line disappeared. Then again that could just be because Phil is saving it up for the playoffs. lol

          • Kessel thus far is a pretty proven playoff guy.

        • Hey where’s the retweet button.

      • He scored 36 on a line with Marc Savard

    • How do you figure Winnipeg could really use a goalie? Pavelec has played great since Maurice has taken over and got the team playing better defensively in front of him, and Montoya has also been good when called upon to back Pavs up. Plus the Jets have depth in goalie prospects in Pasquale, Comrie, Hellebuyck and Kasdorf.

  14. I am always stunned that LA is in the market for scoring help. They have Kopitar, Williams, Carter, Richards and Brown that can all play in the top 6. Stoll and Toffoli have also shown they can step up offensively in the past.

    One has to think it has to do with coaching a defensive style rather than needing to desperately needing to add a player. They also have d-men who should be able to contribute offensively IE Doughty, Voynov, and Muzzin.

  15. I can’t imagine Buffalo dealing both Stewart and Halak after just dealing for them both,bad enough they will probably deal Moulson.What sense does this make?You need a core group to nurture and stabilize the dressing room don’t you? Dealing Myers would be foolish as well,no wonder these small market teams have such a hard time signing world class free agents and keeping the fan base intact.Icing a platoon of 21 year olds on opening night with second rate goal tending is mindless and under cuts the very reason you play to begin with.The ultimate goal is the Cup,isn’t it?

    • “I can’t imagine Buffalo dealing both Stewart and Halak after just dealing for them both,bad enough they will probably deal Moulson.”…………If this was done on nhl14 on xbox….you would lose a phone!

    • The Sabres need to address their goaltenders. Past Enorth, you have six goaltending prospects in the system. Someone has to come in age and step up in a huge way to guard the net for Buffalo.

      I say several other teams are in need of goaltending help. The next best player available is Halak. He has better value as a reputable player who starts games, has playoff experience and is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

  16. As a Flyers fan I’d be very open to the idea of acquiring Myers, and to a lesser extent Ehrhoff.
    I don’t see a fit in Kesler as we are crowded down the middle as is, I believe the focus for Holmgren and Co. moving forward should be addressing the blueline.

    • the Flyers have enough centers, and they need to upgrade the D but I would love to have Kesler. He would imporve the center position. it’s no secret that Clarke kloved Kesler when he was GM. Clarke is now VP and an advisor to Holmgren. i could see the Flyers kicking the tires on Kesler but with all the interest, the price would be high. I agree that none of the big names will get moved until the offseason

  17. Erhoff or Edler in the offer season as Weber and Myers just aren’t moving IMO. Would be a good point to look at for the Flyers.

  18. How about this blockbuster.
    Boston Erhoff and Moulson
    Buffalo Subban,Bartkowski,Koko 2nd rounder.
    Gives Boston the d-man they need for the playoffs and Moulson would help also.
    Gives buffalo a future #1 goalie descent d-man and possible top six forward.

    • I’d really like the Sabres to get Subban from the B’s. What would it take?

      Ehrhoff (Salary retained) + Ennis for Subban and a pick?

      I want Moulson going to the Kings for Toffoli. Obviously other pieces would be involved in this trade from the Sabres standpoint.

    • I really like that trade. I would even give the Sabres something better to swap Erhoff with Myers. Imagine what Myers could become with Chara mentoring him!

      • I meant I really liked Dave’s suggestion.

        • Would like Myers also but his cap is higher than Erhoffs.
          I know Boston was after Moulson last year.
          Would love to see him for the playoff run.