NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Saturday, February 16, 2013.

The latest on Ryan O’Reilly, Corey Perry, Jay Bouwmeester, Daniel Alfredsson,  and more.

Could the Senators shop Alfredsson?

Could the Senators shop Alfredsson?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports “many believe” won’t move either of Roberto Luongo or Cory Schneider this season, as they’re both playing well…Garrioch  believes the Ottawa Senators could make a pitch for Anaheim Ducks winger Corey Perry if the Ducks fail to re-sign him…There’s talk of the Flames shopping Jay Bouwmeester, but his $6.8 million salary is a concern…The Pittsburgh Penguins would like to add a high-scoring winger before the trade deadline…Garrioch claims there’s rumors Capitals GM George McPhee was so desperate to make changes he might be willing to move “2012 No. 1 pick Filip Forsberg (Sweden) and 2010 top pick Evgeny Kuznetsov.” McPhee couldn’t find any takers for defenseman Roman Hamrlik…The Avalanche’s asking price for Ryan O’Reilly is a top prospect and a top pick. “The Leafs, Sharks, Penguins, Bruins and Senators have shown interest along with several other teams.”…Garrioch’s top five trade deadline targets are Anaheim’s Corey Perry, Calgary’s Jarome Iginla, Ottawa’s Daniel Alfredsson, Florida’s Stephen Weiss and the NY Islanders Mark Streit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Schneider’s not going anywhere. Luongo will be eventually dealt, but I don’t believe it’ll happen this season…The Ducks could move Perry by the deadline if he’s not keen to re-sign, but if they’re still in the playoff race, they’ll retain him and hope to get him under contract prior to July…Bouwmeester’s salary will likely keep him in Calgary for next season, especially since the salary cap is going down to $64.3 million…The Penguins have the cap space for this season, but if they add salary, it must only be short-term. They’ve got to re-sign Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang next year…McPhee earlier this week claimed he wasn’t blowing up his roster. I’m assuming he has no intention of moving his top prospects. No surprise there’s no interest in Hamrlik. This NHL season will be his last…TSN’s Darren Dreger claimed the Avs asking price for O’Reilly was a player and top prospect…Iginla could be shopped, provided he’s willing to waive his no-movement clause. The Senators won’t move Alfredsson, who has made it clear he wants to finish his career in Ottawa…The Panthers insist they want to re-sign Weiss, but those trade rumors won’t go away…The Isles could move Streit if they’re out of the playoffs by the deadline, but never underestimate their ability to confound media expectations by re-signing key players.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika doubts the Dallas Stars could acquire Ryan O’Reilly, as the Colorado Avalanche wish to move him to an Eastern Conference team. Heika also doubts GM Joe Nieuwendyk will consider “blowing up” his roster until late-March.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Stars are out of playoff contention by late-March, Jaromir Jagr, Brenden Morrow, Michael Ryder, Stephane Robidas and Ray Whitney could be dealt.

TSN’s Darren Dreger yesterday claimed the Toronto Maple Leafs “would love to get their hands on Ryan O’Reilly”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs have the depth in promising young talent which would interest the Avs. The question is, who are they willing to part with? And can they out-bid other interested clubs?

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz took note of the San Jose Sharks loss Friday to the Chicago Blackhawks, and of the club’s free fall in recent games, wondering if it might force GM Doug Wilson to shake things up with a trade or two.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg. The Sharks have lost seven straight and in danger of falling out of the Western Conference playoff race. Wilson isn’t the type to panic, but if things don’t turn around soon, he’ll be forced to act.


  1. Reports out of Minny were that Ray Shero was scouting Thursday’s MIN/COL game. Any idea who they may be targeting?

  2. Why does Garrioch still have a job?

    I think that is Jay Bo was officially on the market that there wouldn’t be a problem in trading him. His cap hit is $6.68M for this season and next season. With the new CBA, teams can exchange cap hit proportions.

    If Feaster doesn’t blow this team up this year then I am not sure what he is thinking. Essentially, the Flames have had the same core for the past three years and have been an utter failure for the past three years. It’s time to rebuild and make it known about the rebuild. Trade the vets. Play the young players, and they end up getting a high overall pick in what is seen as a good draft class.

    I still think that the Canucks should trade Luongo. His market value will either go unchanged or go lower because his contract will still remain an issue. But, if he is not getting dealt this season then i definitely think that he will be a Draft Day deal.

    Washington will fire Oates before making any drastic changes on the roster.

    The Avs should trade O’Reilly for quality depth. I doubt they are getting a top prospect in the deal. Any team willing to get O’Reilly knows that his cap hit will most likely be closer to $5M per season. I think the Blue Jackets, Flames, Islanders, Sabres will make a pitch for O’Reilly.

    • Bravo!

      I totally agree.

      Garrioch fabricates scenarios in his mind and makes them come to life!

    • If the Avs didn’t get the top prospect they were looking for, they wouldn’t even trade him and let him sit. “Quality depth” can be gotten by manoeuvring free agency, development, and trading roster players (ie, Kyle Quincy for Steve Downie) and not by trading centers with first line capacity. Like Turris went for Rundblad, O’Reilly is going to go for someone who has first line promise.

  3. It’s funny Gomez signs in San Jose,they start losing,

    • Now you mention it, you’re right on the money. Too funny.

  4. Grabovski and 3rd For O’Reilly
    Bozak,Percey and a draft pick
    Gunnarson ,Biggs

    Im guessing from Colorado’s stand point that they would be after the Frattin ,Kadri or Jake gardiner kind of players In return.
    although the leafs have many options at putting a package togeather thats fair for O’Reilly and the avalanche.
    Either way the leafs need to make this deal happen.

    • lol

    • I’ve been saying all along that O’Reilly is being regarded way to highly. Sure he has potential but the leafs will not give up Frattin, Gardiner or Kadri for O’Reilly. I wouldn’t mind seeing the leafs move Grabovski but they have an abundance of d-men and would prefer to move one of them, and it won’t be Percy as leafs management regard him very highly. Of course they would love to move Komisarik but the avs would laugh at that. Gunnarsson seems the obvious choice because you have to give up quality to get quality and the avs need defensive help badly. Since this years draft is considered deep the leafs may be lothe to give up a second rounder but if a deal hinges on that I’m sure they would go for it. However, as I have stated before I believe some GM will seriously overpay for O’Reilly and the odds of Nonis doing the same is remote.

    • Avs will have no interest in Grabovski, nor do I think the Leafs will be that interested in moving him. I guarantee it won’t happen.

  5. I believe it’s unlikely that Alfredsson moves and there’s no way the organization will push him to do so (I believe he has a no movement clause anyways) however if the team is completely out of contention by the deadline and he has an opportunity to go to a true contender, I’m quite sure the vast majority of Senator fans would love to see him get the opportunity. Depending on how this season unfolds for him there’s nothing saying that he won’t re-sign with Ottawa for one more season after this one.
    I wonder how the impending salary cap reduction for next season will affect teams willingness to move players at the deadline. I imagine some teams may be anxious to shed good players with big contracts while other teams may be reluctant to take these players on yet still having the pressure to win in the playoffs. Could the trade deadline this year consist of more sellers than buyers and if so will it result in diminishing returns for the teams looking unload bodies? Should be an interesting time leading up to the deadline…

  6. If Kipper is not back within the next week and Irving keeps playing the way is, Flames will be at least 12pts back or more and they wont make those up. Trade Iggy and Bouemester. Iggy will go to a team in the East like Boston or Pittsburgh, Bouesmester can be traded and a team would take him on if they have cap room. Boemester is have a really good year under Hartley because he is allowed to be apart of the play in both ends of the ice and he eats up a ton of minutes. He would actually be a good pick up for Ottawa.

    • Bouwmeester

    • I have heard rumor that Buffalo is looking at Iggy – trading Adam, Gerbe and Leopold or Maybe do a deal of Stafford and Leino might work. I think Iggy would bring a little more leadership to the Sabres and be a good mentor to some of our youngsters. Also, since Iggy has an NMC, Regher could be a good salesman regarding Bflo. Or Bflo could maybe look at someone like Ryan or Penner.

      • adam a first and leopold (cap reasons). a bit more may have to go from calgary to make it happen but that’s all i’d take if i were fester. they need young players and draft picks only

  7. I see Iggy going to the Pens by the deadline. I don’t know enough of teams’ farm systems to know what the Pens would need to have to give up, but, man, would that be a perfect fit, slipping him on Crosby’s line. You’d have to think Pens would be instant Cup favourites, or close.

    (and the fact the Pens are in the East helps the likelihood, even if Iggy likely wouldn’t be re-signed by the Pens)

    • They got a bunch of young D men. Unfortunately no forward prospects to offer up, and no they won’t give up Bennett.

      Calgary is years past the point of needing to sell and rebuild. Don’t know if Iginla would consider to move though.

      As the Pens go, I think Chris Stewart would be an ideal fit with Crosby.

    • What would Pittsburgh give up? Would he be just a rental? When does he become a UFA? I thought the penguins were close to the cap so they would have to move some serious salary as Iginla makes 7 mil a year. I don’t think he would be resigned if he is a free agent because the pens are going to give Malkin and Letang keys to the vault next summer. Even though he would look good in Pittsburgh I seriously doubt it will happen.

      • Iginla is an unrestricted free agent after this season. Pittsburgh has just over $9.5 million in cap space for this year, thanks to the Staal and Michalek trades. So they’d have no problem whatsoever if – and that’s a HUGE “if” – Shero wants to go that way. I just don’t see it because Iginla isn’t a “Shero kind of trade.” He tends to either go after young wingers who aren’t reaching their full potential where they are, or established veteran rentals for whom he doesn’t have to give up much, and Iginla is neither of those. The only real exception that comes to mind was Marian Hossa…and I expect that the way that turned out was enough to turn Shero off of giving up significant assets for guys who will potentially walk away 4 months after the trade.

        As of this moment, the Pens have just shy of $52.8 million committed for next year, with their only unrestricted free agents this summer being Cooke, Adams and Dupuis (they can start negotiating with Letang and Malkin this summer, but neither is actually a free agent until July of 2014). So they can pretty well do whatever they want at this trade deadline.

        It’s the year after next…2014-15…that’s going to be the challenge for the Pens. UFAs for that year are Malkin, Kunitz, Glass, Vitale, Orpik, Letang, Niskanen, Engelland and Vokoun.

    • I don’t see Iginla going anywhere. Playing an entire career with one team still means a lot to certain players and organizations.

  8. 3 Moves Flames should consider:
    J Bo to Blues for Ty Rattie
    Iggy to Pens for Derrick Pouliot and 1st (2013) [Conditional]
    Johnny Gudreau + 1st (2014) to Aves for Ryan O’Reilly and 2nd (2013)

    • I tend to think there’s pretty much a zero percent chance of the Pens scenario you suggest working out. Two first rounders…one of whom (Pouliot) who came to the Pens just this summer…for a rental would be way out of character for Shero. He tends to stockpile assets (and by that he seems to mean young defensemen who he expects to have a disproportionately high trade value at some point), and then evaluate them pretty thoroughly prior to deciding to keep them or trade them.

      If he’s going to give one of those stockpiled assets up for a forward (and he’s shown that he’s willing to do that for the right return), I think it’s got to be a James Neal kind of scenario: a younger guy who’s in that 25 goal range right now, but whom Shero thinks will break out in Pittsburgh, and whom he will at least have a good shot at keeping around for a chunk of time.

  9. “Pens want to add a high scoring winger”…

    How do they always have money to spend on these players? Amazing they can still makes moves with the talent they already have. Well managed team, they are.

    • Garrioch again!
      From his mind. Like they don’t have scoring now?

      Remember this man doesn’t work under the pseudonym of Eklund…
      he actually gets paid by the Ottawa Sun and gets away with this conjuring…

      • I don’t bother reading when I see his name. Skip that crap.

    • The Staal and Michalek trades at the draft this year freed up the better part of $10 million in cap space. They wanted to use that room to snag Suter and/or Parise…but that didn’t happen. So they’ve been sitting on over $9 million in cap room since June, and they still have that flexibility. They can literally afford pretty much anyone in the League for at least this year and next. Which should kind of scare the daylights out of defensemen and goaltenders in the Eastern Conference if they truly are looking for a sniper to play with Crosby.

      By way of illustration…Corey Perry is making $5.3 million this season. If the Ducks can’t re-sign him, the Pens could easily absorb his salary for this season. They could then almost double his pay for next year on a one season deal, if he’d be interested in signing a one year contract to quickly pad his bank account, then knocking down a longer term deal ofter that. Heck…Ovechkin is making $9.53 million. The Pens have $9.50 million in cap space at this point.

      Not that either of those two guys is destined to be a Penguin…just saying that almost no contract would be impossible for them to take on at the deadline this season. And because their only UFAs to deal with this summer are Adams, Dupuis and Cooke, they actually have pretty much that same flexibility for neaxt season, too.

    • Actually, now that I look at it, the Pens may actually have even more flexibility than I thought, because the assumption has been that no current roster players would go the other way in a trade. But assuming they’re interested in a sniper to play with Crosby…that would make either Chris Kunitz or Pascal Dupuis expendable, as Beau Bennett is going to be in their top 6, and Bennett, Crosby, Malkin, Neal and whoever the new guy would be will take up 5 of those 6 spots. The 6th would be taken up by either Dupuis or Kunitz…leaving the other as the odd man out.

      Dupuis is cheaper and a bit more versatile in my opinion…so let’s for the sake of argument say that the Pens would be willing to part with Kunitz. If they trade him away as part of the deal to bring a scoring wing to Pittsburgh, that gives the Pens another $3.7 million off of their cap totals for this season and and next.

      Bottom line…if Kunitz would be regarded as expendable…the Pens actually have over $13 million in cap space to play with.

      • i think that if iggy goes to pitt it’ll be for a first only. maybe a first and a conditional 2nd or 3rd if he resigns. pitt wouldnt lose any sleep over losing a first considering their stockpiling of defensive prospects over the past 2 years

  10. Bouwmeester has a no trade clause and likes to stay in Western Canada. Weiss has a no trade clause and told Dale Tallon when Tallon became GM that he wanted to stay in Florida and get the team turned around unlike Horton who was shipped out. Most likely Bouwmeester and Weiss stay with their respective teams.

  11. Somebody’s clock is off.

    • oh you mean Richardson’s clock. Lol, I thought you were talking about Garrioch at first.

  12. Bravo to those who have said “Why does Garrioch still have a job?” I couldn’t agree more. His rumors make no sense at all. Yes stranger things have happened but wow totally out of nowhere do some of his things come from.
    Anyone else think that since Ottawa has lost all those players for the year they consider just blowing up this season? Imagine Seth Jones with Erik Karlsson. How about Nathan MacKinnon or Jonathan Drouin on Spezza’s wing next year. There is also a home grown Ottawa 67 playing in your backyard that would be good too.
    Ottawa should do what the Leafs never do when an opportunity like this comes along.
    They have every reason to say next season. I am not a fan of tanking but look at the odds and injuries they have, never have a better chance for a quick retool then now.

    • Completely agree with you on Ottawa. They should just sit tight and let the season play out. Even if they make a trade and try to get in the playoffs they aren’t going far with the lack of depth. Some people are saying trade Anderson and play lehner. That is stupid and should not be done. Yes they should now play lehner more but keep Anderson what happens if lehner has a set back next year. Like you said imagine a jones, Drouin, or mackinnon. It’s a deep draft so even a top 10 pick could turn into a benefit for the sens. 3 years from now this season may actually benifit the sen.

  13. For those of you addressing the Calgary situation, Feaster has his hands tied by the President (Ken King) and the owners. He was hired to do what he could to make this team a contender. The moves he has made have been to work towards that result. Obviously, we all agree it isn’t working. If the team is in its current position weeks leading up to the deadline, you will see moves from this team that will show the realization from the owners and management that a drastic change is required. As a Flames fan, I am really torn about Iginla’s situation. You always like to see a guy you have a lot of respect for, finish his career with your team. He does however, deserve a chance at a Stanley Cup. With no guarantee of that result, I can see him traded to a team with the strongest of chances to accomplish that goal. Don’t expect a lot to come back the other way for Iginla. He will altimately make the decision of which team (if any) he will go to. This drastically reduces Feasters bargaining power. I can’t see Iginla’s trade value as high as it may have been in years past, so that will likely play a part as well. It will be interesting to see what changes are in store for this team moving forward.

    It is also a little disconcerning to see what the team is doing to Leland Irving. It seems he is getting the short end of the stick on this false sence from the team that they will indeed make the playoffs. I feel he has played quite well for the Flames and deserves more games, not so much for results for this season but for the IMO, it really makes no difference what goalie is on the ice, the results for this team will be relatively the same. Might as well give him some experience to help him move forward.

    Just a few thoughts from this humble Flames fan. GFG

    • i agree with you. although i think you could get a first for iggy at the deadline depending on how many teams think they are close and need him to maybe put them over the top. i live in calgary and hear the craziness comming from their front office in every newspaper. it is brutal. i live the team, but they have been brutal for years now. there is nothing positive about being, at best, first round fodder. they honestly need to trade everyone, including ken king