NHL Morning Rumor Mill – Saturday, February 23, 2013.

Bruins GM merely “window shopping”, plus the latest on John-Michael Liles and Mark Streit.

BOSTON HERALD: Stephen Harris reports the recent frequent scouting forays of Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli (who’ll be in Washington today watching the Capitals and New Jersey Devils) has prompted speculation he’s poised to make a trade. Chiarelli said he’s always on the lookout for anything to improve his club, but claimed his recent scouting trips were the result of his team not playing a lot lately. He said he’s not in the market for anything right now. If Chiarelli does go shopping later in the season, Harris wondered if he might pursue Calgary Flames winger Jarome Iginla, though he expects the asking price would be steep.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chiarelli will make a move at some point before the trade deadline. For now, his club is playing very well so there’s no rush to make a deal. It remains to be seen if he’ll just add a depth player or pursue a bigger fish like Iginla.

Liles days with the Leafs numbered?

Liles days with the Leafs numbered?

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan noted John-Michael Liles will be a healthy scratch tonight for the fourth straight game. Koshan doubts Liles, who’s earning $3.875 million per season through 2015-16, has played his last game as a Leaf, but wondered where the veteran will fit with younger d-men like Jake Gardiner and Morgan Reilly poised to eventually crack the roster full-time. Koshan also suggested Carl Gunnarsson might not be safe.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Liles also has a modified “no-trade” clause. While I wouldn’t rule out a  trade, his salary could prove tough to move with the salary cap dropping to $64.3 million next season. He could become an amnesty buyout either this summer or next.

ISLANDERS POINT BLANK: Kevin Schultz noted a Swiss report claiming NY Islanders defenseman Mark Streit is seeking a three-year, $10 million deal with the club, and would be interested in a fourth year.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That would work out to $3.333 million per season over those three years, down from the $4.1 million per of his current deal. The Isles might try to squeeze than down to a flat $3 million per. He’s also 35, so a two-three year deal would be a good option, since his salary won’t come off the books if he’s bought out or demoted.


  1. I’m just throwing this out there but the Islanders need goaltending and salary cap so what’s the chance they try and land Louongo. They have some decent prospects in the system and he would shore up their goaltending. Also congrats to the hawks! Would love to see them pick up Iginla.

    • Interesting thought and it would definitely put them in the playoff conversation, but in the past how many players have refused to play for them, I don’t see Lou waiving his no trade.

      • I as well don’t see Luongo waiving his no trade to go to what has to arguably be the cheapest organization in the NHL. Luongo was once an Islander and thanks to GM at the time, Mike “the mouth” Milbury, was traded away.
        Besides, who do the Islanders have, that they would part with, that would help the Canucks?

  2. The only need the Broons have is a third-line LW, assuming Chris Bourque doesn’t start scoring soon. Chris Kelly is also slumping on the third line. Both are playing reasonably well otherwise.

    Look for M Ryder to become a Broon again if Dallas slips.

    • Ryder’s overachieving his third line minutes. Asking price would be steep.

    • I never really thought of Kelly being a true scorer – always figured 25 points was his range based on his history. His play in Boston was elevated last year and it gave us a look at what he can do playing with the right complement of linemates. I wanted the Sabres to pick him up as he reminds me of Hecht, but with more grit, speed and energy. He’s made Paille a better player and he is an above average offensive/defensive player.

      • With no disrespect for Mike Fisher he was the one player I wished the Senator’s hadn’t traded that year. Kelly is a very reliable defensive player who can kill penalties and sub on any line when necessary. I’ve heard he’s a good leader in the locker room as well. His goal scoring abilities may be somewhat limited but that’s not really his role.

    • Totally agree with that.
      Top two lines are set as Is the fourth line.
      Ryder is the guy I would try to get also.He had a good playoff run with us two yrs ago.
      Chia will not go after a big name for a high price. It will be someone we don’t expect.

  3. Leafs need to start moving these vetrans now while teams are interested because as Lyle said the cap drops next year and teams won’t be so interested. There are teams that would love to have Liles for a playoff run and I’m sure he would waive his no trade just to get out of the press box. The Leafs need to try and dump Liles and Komi if possible. Connelly isn’t an issue because his salary is done at the end of this season. Komi will most likely be bought out but it would be nice to find a taker instead.

    • Know one is going to take Komi without a bad contract coming back. Might find a taker for Liles but again would probably have to take a contract back.

    • I didn’t know Liles was making that much until 2016… yeah I doubt either of these contracts get moved.

      • Enough teams need a puck moving damn I can see one taking a chance on Liles, even if its for a 3rd rounder, leafs need to free up the cap space. Komi on the other hand can he be waived to marlies? Figure it be better for him to play in case of injury and he is needed. Otherwise ya he will be bought out. I do like how franson is playing on the pp he takes over for Liles spot too. Going to be interesting to see what they do when all these injured guys come back.

        • Not sure I agree it is all that hard of a contract to move…1 Liles is a fairly decent puck moving D (probably top pairing but…) and unless you trade him for a pick of course some salary is coming back… If you package him right say with a young prospect and/or withheld some salary you may even get a small bit of value out of him…

          • Komi on the other hand has buy out written all over him…but Liles for 3.75 shouldn’t be much of a problem look at Kaberly there’s a habs fan…er sucker born every minute 😉

        • Thirdrounderistoohighforlile.thefifthroundisthisyearsthirdround.

          • Komisarek will be bought out. If they could trade him they would have by now. He has actually played fairly well when in the lineup but unfortunately for him others are younger and have played better. Sending him to the AHL would be a great idea because even if the leafs have injuries he is at least third on the next to play list.
            Both Connolly and Liles could be traded quite easily if the leafs agree to pay for half of their remaining salaries. The leafs don’t need anybody back in return so expect Connolly to go for a third, Komisarek for at best a fifth, and Liles for a third. The team has to be careful though as injuries can all of a sudden cause a shortfall of NHL ready d-men if you trade all of them away.

        • Komisarek has a No Movement Clause meaning he can’t be waived or demoted. In fact, since he a limited no trade contract as well which requires him to supply a list of 12 teams every September that he would agree to be traded to but with his ugly contract, slower speed and deteriorating skills, he’s become a liability. Yep, the ultimate overpaid athlete who’s too expensive to trade, too slow to employ and you can’t send him to the minors either. Your just stuck paying him. Damn I get to get a job like that :)

          • Forgot about that, but if I wanted to play I would much prefer to go to the Marlies than risk getting splinters in my butt.

        • because he has a no trade clause he cant be waived, also say if he were to play and got a concussion at nhl level or ahl the leafs would not be able to buy him out because he is injured. That is why teams are just sitting these guys in the press box and buying them out. NYR did not want redden to play 1 game because if he was injured at the ahl level they would not be able to use one of their buyouts.

  4. I think Iggy HAS to be moved this year. The Flames are a terrible team and they made the mistake of not trading him a few years ago. I’m a HUGE Flames fan but I would love to see them trade away; Iggy, Kipper, Cammy, Tangs, JayBow and anyone else with value.

    Time to start over.

    • Very true!
      the flames need to start the re build this year
      iggy should fetch 1st rounder + good prospect
      kipper 1st rounder + prospect
      jay bo 1st rounder but his salary is steep

    • if they don’t rebuild the people of calgary had better rise up and fire the president (king) and the GM out the window. the flames have people they can trade, but every day they wait their value goes down. they have the chance to accelerate a rebuild with hat should be a one in ten year draft. they are crazy not to

  5. Leafs are gonna wrap komi in bubble wrap so they can buy him out at end of season…. i mean the dummy gets fibreglass in his eye breaking his stick in practice.. only way he plays is if they lose 3 guys in a game on a road trip and cant get the replacement (Gardiner) there in time.